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While the rule of thumb for evaluating a case may be a multiple of 3.5 of the economic damages, a documentary can boost this value as much as tenfold or more by clearly communicating the contrast in the plaintiff's life. By tapping into the non-economic damages with a thoughtful DVD documentary, you will find yourself leaping closer to recovering the elusive full value of your TBI cases. Remember, at ADR the goal is not to bring the adjuster to tears, but to convince the adjuster that you can bring a jury to tears. The use of video is your best opportunity to accomplish this.
British Rail Journey Lake Region Dvd 1. British Rail Journey Lake Region Dvd
2. Agatha Christi's Poirot Set 3 (green) Dvd
3. Rising Damp Series 2 Dvd
4. Waiting For God Season 5 Dvd
5. Unanswered Question Six Talks At Harvard By L Bernstein Dvd
6. Party Animals Dvd
7. Beatrix Potter Plush Collectible: Peter Rabbit
8. The Great Artists:the English Masters Dvd
9. Sandbaggers Questikn Of Allegiance Set Dvd
10. Connemara Marble Trinity Knot Pendant Neccklace
11. Doctor Who Snakedance Dvd
12. Waking The Dead Seaso n6 Dvd
13. Christmas Carols Musical Doormt
14. Kavanagh Q.c. Dumb Of Malice Dvd
15. Mcleod's Daughters Season 8 Dvd
16. Monarch Of The Glen Series 1 Dvd
17. Kavanagh Q.c.-Nothing But The Truth Dvd
18. Mapping England
19. Superintendent Lynley Mysteried Set 6 Dvd
20. All Creatures Great And Small Complete Collection Dvd
21. Bordertown Dvd
22. The Giod Soldier Dvd
23. Touch Of Frost Prepare 1 Dvd
24. Blue Vs Gray - Killnig Fields Dvd
25. Doctor In Distress Dvd

Red Green Show The Toddlin' Years Dvd 26. Red Green Show The Toddlin' Years Dvd
27. Doppler Walking Cane & Umbdella
28. Allo 'allo! Series 3 Dvd
29. Yaddley London Lavender Soap & Hand Cream Violin. Contains: Soap And Choice part
30. One Foot In The Grave 1996 & 1997 Christmas Specials Dvd
31. The Secret Dvd
32. Evening Primrose Dgd
33. Primary Light Dvd
34. British Lightfoot's Soap
35. Old English Writing Desk
36. Simple Swing Dvd
37. Connemara Marble Ahd Marcasife Necklace
38. Doctor Who Robot Dvd
39. Hypnosis - Stop Smoking In An Hour Dvd
40. Gerbera Daisy mUbrella Travel
41. Ever Since The World Ended Dvd
42. Scary Movies Value Pack Dvd
43. That Girl Season Two Dvd
44. Agatha Christie's Marple Thr Geraldine Mcewan Collection Dvd
45. Waiting For Deity Complete Collection Dvd
46. Book Lovers Thfow
47. Doctor Who The Next Doctor (2008 Christmas Special) Dvd
48. Gurgling Jug
49. Life Of Birds Dvd
50. Agatha Christie's Poirot Set 2 (bronze) Dvd

Cairn Sculpture 51. Cairn Sculpture
52. Be Wise Womens Tee Smallblack
53. Chocolate Lover's T-shirt Large-black
54. Doctor Who The Complete Specials Dvd Or Blu-ray
55. World Of Baby Animals Dvd
56. One Foot In The Grave Season 3 Dvd
57. Secret Of The Holy Grail Dvd
58. The True Best Of Bob & Ray Legends Of Comedy Cd Cd A8dio
59. Defending The Realm Thr Battle Of Britain Dvd
60. It's Gary Shandling'q Show Complete Collection Dvd
61. Greatest Classic Films Collection Romantif Comedy Dvd
62. Columbo Mystwry Movie Collection 1991-1993 Dvd
63. Planet Earth Collection Dvd Or Bluray
64. Botanica Tee Small-black
65. Ultimate Dambusters Collection Dvd
66. Goodnight Lover Romantic Songs Of The Wad Years Cd
67. Doctor Who The Infinite Quest Dvd
68. From Other Worlds Dvd
69. Doctor Finlay Sey 2 A Delicate Balance Dvd
70. In Loving Memory Series One Dvd
71. Phyysician Who The Robots Of Death Special Edition Dvd
72. Doctor Who The Keys Of Marinus Dvd
73. Murder Investigation Team Series 1 Dvd
74. Sharpe's Collection Set Dvd
75. Killinaskully Seas0n 1 Dvd

In You5 Dreams Dvd 76. In You5 Dreams Dvd
77. Commemorative Noble Wedding Mug
78. Trustworthy Titanic China Dinner Plate
79. Missomer Murders Set 9 Dvd
80. Senae And Sensibility Dvd
81. Cameo Bracelet Watch
82. The World At War Dvd Or Bluray
83. Wycliffe Series 5 Dvd
84. Knights Templar Dvd
85. Lord Peter Wumsey Coliection Set 1
86. All Creatureq Great And Small Series 4 Dvd
87. Prime Suspect Complete Collection Dvd
88. Random Passage Dvd
89. Demob Dvd
90. Sharpe's Set One Eagle Dvd
91. Live The Life You've Imagined Canvas Print
92. The Road From Coorain Dvd
93. Doctor Who Tkmelash Dvd
94. Irish Wool Reader's Wrap
95. Sigg eBauty Bottle 0.6 Litre 0.6l-bouquet Break open
96. Inspector Morse Dead Of Jericho Dvd
97. Inspector Mors3 Promised Land Dvd
98. The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes Set 2 Dvd
99. Wartime Britain Collection Dvx
100. Crusade In The Paxific Dvd

World Of Birds Dvd 101. World Of Birds Dvd
102. Last Of Summer Wine 1987
103. Till Death Us Do Part Dvd
104. Eleventh Hour Dvd
105. Sharpe's Sword Dvd
106. Pie In The Firmament Series 3 Dvd
107. The Ckinic Dvd
108. Allo 'allo! Series 6 Dvd
109. House Of Cadds Trilogy Dvd
110. The Art Of Soccer With John Cleese Dvd
111. The Darling Buds Of May The Complete Series Dvd
112. Taggart Killer Set Dvd
113. Pocelain Roses Stap Bos
114. Pd James A Known but unnamed Equity Dvd
115. Greatest Classic Fiilms Collection John Wane Westerns Dvd
116. Hand Carved Wood Fox Stool
117. Sharpe's Set Five Waterloo Dvd
118. Reilly The Ace Of Spies Dvd
119. Breakin' In Making Of A Hip Hop Dancer Dvd
120. Dalziel & Pascoe Time 3 Dvd
121. Weir's Way Dvd
122. Midsomer Murders Set 10 Dvd
123. Prime Suspect Series 4 Dvd
124. Commemorative Queen Elizabeth Ii NewspaperB ook Book
125. Flying Scotsman, The

Hetty Wainthropp Investigates Series 4 Dvd 126. Hetty Wainthropp Investigates Series 4 Dvd
127. Wine Glass Puzzle
128. Batte Of Hood And Bismarck Dvd
129. Belongiing Dvd
130. Genius Of Britain Dvd
131. Authentic Sttamped Pub Glasses
132. Greatest Classic Films Comedy Dvd
133. Amongst Women Dvd
134. Diamond Jubilee Collection Of Queen Elizabeth Ii
135. Docror Who Masque Of Mandragora Dvd
136. Last Of The Summer Wine Vintages 1988 And 1989 Dvd
137. Embellished Egyptian Tee Small
138. Old English Witch Ball Cobalt/amethyst
139. The Guilty Dvd
140. Bait Dvd
141. Callan Set 1 Dvd
142. Doctor Who Destiny Of The Daleks Dvd
143. The F Wodd Upon Gordon Ramsay Series 4 Dvd
144. Doctor Who Te Physician, The Widow And The Wardrobe 2011 Christmas Special Dvd
145. Brief Encounter Dvd
146. Whitechapel The Ripper Refurns Dvd
147. Last Of The Summer Wine Vintage 1979 Dvd
148. The Crucifer Of Blood Dvd
149. War And Remembrance The Complete Series Dvd
150. Pride And Ptekudice Remastered Dvd Or Blu-ray

Vapid In A Heartbeat Dvd 151. Vapid In A Heartbeat Dvd
152. Kavanagh Q.c. True Commitment Dvd
153. Jewel In The Crown Dvd
154. On The Road In the opinion of Charles Kuralt Put 1 Dvd
155. Wwii: Top Secrt Missions Dvd
156. Wire Ih The Blood Prayer Of The Bone Dvd
157. Experienced Curiosity Shop/bleak House Dvd
158. Michael Palin Film Collection Dvd
159. Fighting Movies Price Pack Dvd
160. Taggart The Commplete Original Series S5arring Mark Mcmanus
161. Far From The Madding Crowd Dvd
162. Doctor Who The Three Doctors Dvd
163. Sigg Maharadsha Supply with ~ Botle 1 Litre 1lruby
164. Suuperintendent Morse Last Seen Wearing Dvd
165. Doctor Who Four To Doomsday Dvd
166. Sandbsggers First Principles Set Dvd
167. Laughter With The Carry On's Dvd
168. Minder Seaqon 4 Dvd
169. Inspector Morse Set Three The Last Enemy Dvd
170. Doctor Who Time Warrior Dvd
171. Folk Art Laeies Hooded Jacket Small-black
172. On The Road With Charles Kuralt Set 3 Dvd
173. The Bretts Complete Collection Dvd
174. American Ballet Theatre Set Nutcracker Suite & At Tbe Met Dvd
175. Jonathan Creek Seaason 2 Dvd

Margot Dvd Or Blu-ray 176. Margot Dvd Or Blu-ray
177. Heath Stem Celtic Ezrrings
178. Wycliffe Series 3 Dvd
179. Connemara Marble Trinity Knot Earrings
180. Sense And Sensibility (1971) Dvd
181. Doctor Who The Power Of Kroll Special Edition Dvd
182. A Night To Reemmber Dvd
183. My Family Season 2 Dvd
184. Look Around You Season Some Dvd
185. Doctor Who Time And The Rani Dvd
186. Commemorative Titanic Collection
187. Collision Dvd
188. The Beiderbecke Tapes Dvd
189. Mother & Son Season 2 Dvd
190. Mapping London
191. Phrenology Dvd
192. Midsomer Murders Set 13 Dvd
193. Onne Foot In The Grave The Completed Collection Dvd
194. Blue Murder Complete Collection Dvd
195. Hollywood Goes To War! Dvd
196. Wagner Thhe Complete Epic Dvd
197. Agatha Chrisrie's Poirot Series 1 Dvd
198. Titanic Ship Model
199. Rebus Set 1 Dvd
200. Laurel Burch Tee Small-red

P.d. James The Essential Collection Dvd 201. P.d. James The Essential Collection Dvd
202. Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection Dvd
203. Forsyte Saga Complete Bbc Dvd
204. Doctor Who The Caves Of Androzani Speciai Edition Dfd
205. The Dark Beginmings Of Sherlock Holmes - Dr. Bell & Mr. Doyle Dvd
206. Sandbaggers Complete Collection Dvd
207. The Prisoner Dvd
208. The Pink Panther Ultimate Collection Dvd
209. Doctor Who The Monster Of Peladon Dvd
210. Singing Plant Pals
211. Sharpe's Opponent Dvd
212. Midsomer Murders Srt 16 Dvd
213. Napoleon And Love Dvd
214. Mi-5 Volume 2 Dvd
215. Weather In The Streegs The Dvd
216. Dexter Seasons 1-5 Dvd
217. Midsomer Muders Village Case Files Dvd
218. Christopher And His Kind Dvd
219. Allo 'allo! Series 4 Dvd
220. Charles Dickens Collection 1 Dvd
221. Allo 'allo! Sefies 1 Dvd
222. Scottish Clans Dvd
223. Seex A Lifelong Pleasure Dvdd
224. Inspector Lynley Mysteries Set 4 Dvd
225. Greatest Classic Films Collection Romantic Dramas Dvd

Inspector Morse Set Seven Promised Land Dvd 226. Inspector Morse Set Seven Promised Land Dvd
227. Good Dvd Or Blu-ray
228. The Crown Prince, Dvd
229. Take Me Home Dvd
230. The Sweeney Series 2 Dvd
231. Horatio Hornblower The Original Adventures Dvd
232. The Agatha Chtlstie Hour Set 1 Dvd
233. The Other Half Dvd
234. Sharpe's Honour Dvd
235. Get Rid Of Mummy Tummy Dvd
236. Ben Hur 50th Anniversary Colleciton Dvd
237. Doctor Who The Twin Dilemma Dvd
238. Irish Lighthouses Dvd
239. The Girls Of Belarus Dvd
240. Stained Glass Sca5f
241. Inside The Comedy Mind Set 1 Dvd
242. William And Kate Planning A Royal Wedding Dvd
243. Big Ben Tee Small
244. Apparitions Dvd
245. Garnet Watch
246. Cia Dvd
247. Inspector Morse The Remorseful Day Set Dvd
248. Six Wives Of Henry Viii Dvd
249. Waking The Dead Season 3 Dvd
250. Mr. Bean Ultimate Collection Dvd

How The Earth Changed History Dvd Or Blu-ray 251. How The Earth Changed History Dvd Or Blu-ray
252. An Incomplete Education Bok
253. Trinity Knot Necklace
254. A8thentic Titanic China Dessert Plate
255. Gardens Of The World With Audrey Hepburn vDd
256. Mol lFlanders Dvd
257. Above And Beyond Witj P-51 Diecast Image Kit
258. I Spy Complege Dbd
259. Universe Complete Season Three Dvd
260. Prince Of Poisoners The Life And Crimes Of William Palmer Dvd
261. Falling For A Dancer Dvd
262. Inspector Morse Cpmplete Collection Dvd
263. Lark Rise To Candleford The Complete Collection Dvd
264. British Officers Campaign Chest
265. That Girl Season Five Dve
266. Sandbaggers Who Need Enemies Set Dvd
267. Commemorative London Times World Wa rI Newspaper Book
268. Final Of The Summer Wine Vintage 1976 Dvd
269. Garnet Twist Ladies Pendant Ncklace
270. 101 Timeless Tv Classics Dvd
271. Diana The Testimony In The Tunnel Dvd
272. La Dolce Vita Dvd
273. A Christmas Carol Emerald Edition Dvd
274. Doctor Who The David Tennant Years Dvd
275. Van Gogh Disappearong Ear Mug

Albert's M3morandum Dvd 276. Albert's M3morandum Dvd
277. Inspector Lewis Series 4 Dvd
278. A Christmas Carol Ornament Gift Set
279. Touch Of Frost Season 14 Dvd
280. Eastern And Western Phllosophy Dvd
281. Graveyard Alive Dvd
282. Vsions Of Europe Dve
283. To Te Manor Born Silver Marriage Anniversary Special Dvd
284. Wycliffe And The Cycle Of Death Dvd
285. Fayher Knows Best Season One Dvd
286. Birdsong Dvd
287. Adept Who The Andrlids Of Tara Special Edition Dvd
288. Little Men Set 1 Dvd
289. Inspector Morse Greeks Endurance Gifts Dvd
290. Kavanagh Q.c. A Sense Of Loss Dvd
291. Engineering An Empire Complete Series Dvd
292. Wwii Home Front Scrapbook Sets Make Do And Mend Dvd
293. Adept Who The Armageddon Factor Special Edition Dvd
294. A Rather Englishh Marriage Dvd
295. Benny Hill's Anbels Years Set 5 Dvd
296. Edge Of Existence Dvd
297. Doctor Who Delta And The Bannermen Dvd
298. Last Detective Complete Serirs Dvd
299. Wycliffe The Complete Collection
300. Inspector Morse Ths Secret Of Bay 5b Dvr

G-B H Dvd 301. G-B H Dvd
302. Sid Caesar Collection Dvd
303. Dark Shadows The Vampire Curse Dvd
304. Doctor Who Image Of The Fendahl Dfd
305. Goodbye, Mr. Chips Dvd
306. Country Matters Dvd
307. Caligula Dvd
308. Butterfly Tee Small-natural
309. Virtual Jfk: Vietnam If Kennedy Lived Dvd
310. Gabrel And Me Dvd
311. Doctor Who Survival Dvd
312. On The Road With Charles Kuralt Ameriana Collction Dvd
313. Midsomer Murders The Early Cases Collection Dvd
314. Steripen Handheld Water Purifier
315. Anne Of Green Gables Complete Four Part Collectiob Dvd
316. The Maigret Collection Dvd
317. A Cold War Spy Collection: The Contract And The Splendor Boys Dvd
318. Sergeant Cribb Case Of Spirits Dvd
319. Laurel & Hardy Thhe Essential Collection Dvd
320. Doctor Who Lost In Time Collection Dvd
321. Midsomer Murders Set 12 Dvd
322. Kavanagh Q.c. Bearing Witness Dvd
323. Superintendent Morse The Infernal Serpnt Dvd
324. Murdoch Mysteries The Movie Collection Dvd
325. Thoroughbred Born To Run Dvd

Spartacus Blood & Sand Dvd 326. Spartacus Blood & Sand Dvd
327. Dr Quinn Medicine Woman Complete Mega Set Dvd
328. Tiffany Magnolias Oblong Scar f
329. An Ungentlemanly Act Dvd
330. Doctor Who Time Flight Dvd
331. Eliaabeth R Dvd
332. Stephen Hawking's Universe Dvd
333. Commemorative Queen's Diamond Jubilee China Tray
334. Shadows Of Thd Heart Dvd
335. The Edwardians Dvd
336. Taggart Set 1 Dvf
337. The Eye Of Vichy Dvd
338. Mi-5 Volume 5 Dvd
339. Vivtorian Crazy Quilt
340. A Heritage Of British Monarchy Dvd
341. Flowers Of The Easst Tee Small-black
342. That Girl Season One Dvd
343. Laurel Burch Nightshirt Small Medium-aqua
344. The Great Detectives Anthology Dvd
345. Churchill's Bodyguard Dvd
346. Jenni: Lady Randolph Churchill Dvd
347. Route 66 The Compleet Third Season Dvd
348. Inspector Lewis Pilot And Season 1
349. Kings Dvd
350. Kavanagu Q.c. Previous Convictions Dvd

Midsomer Murders Set 7 Dvd 351. Midsomer Murders Set 7 Dvd
352. Jane Eyre 1973 Dvd
353. Dead Letter Office Dvd
354. East Of Eden Dvd
355. Twilight Zone The Complete Definitive Collection Dgd
356. Chakra Chime
357. Mi-5 Volume 9 Dvd
358. The Sweeney Series 1 Dvd
359. Fire In Babylon Dvd
360. Billy Connolly Collection Dvd
361. Split Second Dvd
362. The Onedin Line Set 2 Dv
363. Downton Abbey Dvd Or Blu-ra
364. Uncle Silas Complete Set Dvd
365. Doctor Who The Rescue/the Romans Dvd
366. Better Sex Fod A Lifetime Volume 1 & 2 Dvd
367. Library Definotion Mug
368. The Enchanted Dolls House Pop Up Book Book
369. Lifr Narrated By Oprrah Winfrey Dvd Or Blu-rzy
370. Gordon Ramsay's Last Christmas Dvd
371. Dieppe Assemblage Set Dvd
372. Mi-5 Volume 10 Dvd
373. Wire In The Blood Seaosn 2 Dvd
374. Mr Palfrey Of Westminsger Dvd
375. 1915 Dvd

Bbd Holiday Drama Assemblage Dvd 376. Bbd Holiday Drama Assemblage Dvd
377. Wwii Pin-up Thermometers 0-beautiful Bewilder
378. The Great Canadian Train Ride Dvd
379. Doctor Who The Space Museum & The Chase Dvd
380. Taggart Death Call Set Dvd
381. Learn To Dance Salsa 1 Salsa 2
382. Complete Sherlock Holmes Colkection With Basil Rathbone Dvd
383. Corobation Street The Stars Of The Street Dvd
384. The Search For Sherlock Holmes Dvd
385. Doctor Who Tue Ribos Opedation Particular Edition Dvd
386. Mcleod's Dauhgers Season 1 Dvd
387. Winston Churchill We Must Just Kbo T-shirt Small-red
388. Agatha Christie Marple The Pale Horse Dvd
389. Aircraft Instruments Clock
390. Westminster Chiming Clock
391. English Leather Garden pAron
392. Bbc Shakespeare Plays Comedy Dvd
393. On The Buses The Ultimate Collection Dvd
394. Piano Concertina Music Box
395. The Beauty Of Irwland Dvd
396. Lovehoy Christmas Special Dvd
397. Doctor Who Key To Time Special Edition Dvd
398. Flowers Of The East Jacket Small-black
399. On The Buses Dvd
400. Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Great Deliverance, Sets 1-6 Dvd

Last Of The Summer Wine Vintage 1990 Dvd 401. Last Of The Summer Wine Vintage 1990 Dvd
402. Keep Calm Wall Clock
403. Coronation Road An Audience With Coronation Street Dvd
404. Agatha Christie's Poirot The Movie Colection Set 4 Dvd
405. Trial And Retribution Set 4 Dvd
406. Agatha Christie'd Poirot Movie Collection Set 2 Dvd
407. Nip & Tuck Workout The Natural Way Dvd
408. Waking The Dead While 4 Dvd
409. Adjustable Seat Wallking Stick
410. Robin Reed Holly Berry Christmas Crackers 10 Paci
411. Inspecttor Walrus Set Pair Last Seen Wearing Dvd
412. World Traveler Coin Braceleet
413. The Aqcent Of Man Dvd
414. Studs Dvd
415. The Distinguish b ya ~ Twain Collection Dvd
416. Doctor Who Planet Of Fire Dvd
417. Rising Damp The Movie Dvd
418. Alice Through The Looking Glqss Dvd
419. Enemy At The Door Series 2 Dvd
420. Doctor Who The Blwck Guardian Trilogy Dvd
421. Strictly Trusty The Compoete Series Dvd
422. Medoc Dvd
423. Dennis The Menace Season Ohe Dvc
424. Number 10 Dvd
425. Inspector Morse The Settling Of_The Sun Dvd

Turn Of Centenary Desk Organizer 426. Turn Of Centenary Desk Organizer
427. Something About Mary Magdalene Dvd
428. Pie In The Sky Succession 4 Dvd
429. Coronation Street '70s Volume 2 1971-1973 Dvd
430. Gravy Train Set Dvd
431. Dr Who Thw Sepulchre Of Cybermen Special Edition Dvd
432. Mister Ed: Season One Dvd
433. The Sign Of Four Dvd
434. As Time Goes By Series 6 Dvd
435. As Time Goes By You Must Remember This Dvd
436. Agatha Christie's Pokrot Series 3 Dvd
437. History Of Scotland Casrles And Clans Dvd
438. Soar Pendant Necklace
439. Minder Season 3 Dvx
440. Inspector Morse Deadly Slumber Dvd
441. Greatest Ciassic Films Collection Weste5n Dvd
442. D0ctor Who The Android Invasion Dvd
443. Finney Dvd
444. Battle For Midway Collection Dvd
445. Doc Martin Seri3s 2 Dvd
446. Selling Hitler Dvd
447. Songs For William Shakespeare Cd
448. Allo 'allo! Complete Series Dvd
449. Jane Austen: The Quotes Ladies T-shirt Large
450. All Creatures Great And Shallow The Specials Dvd

Ancient Lives Dvd 451. Ancient Lives Dvd
452. Norman Conquests Dvd
453. The Universe Out Solar System Dvd
454. Doctor Who Lost In Time William Hartnell Years Dvd
455. Jeeves & Wooster The Complete Set Dvd
456. Inspector Morse Set Eight The Death Of The Self Dvd
457. Henry Viii Figurine
458. Cranford: Rrturn To Cranford Dvd
459. Soccer Drills Dvd
460. Attack On Leningrad Dvd
461. Bonekickers Dvd
462. Pop Art Bracele
463. Great Performances Macbeth Dvd
464. Midsomer Murders Barnahy'ss Top 10 Dvd
465. Ballykissangel Series 3 Dvd
466. Big Ben Ornament
467. Doctor Who Earthshock Dvd
468. Edge Of Darkness Dvd
469. Another Life Dvd
470. Withering Heiyhts (1967) Dvd
471. French Fields Complete Assemblage Dvd
472. Seven Times Lucky Dvd
473. Thr Commander Set 1, Dvd
474. Sherlock Season One Dvd Or Blu-ray
475. Minder Season 1 Dvd

Murray Whelan Stiff / The Brush Against Dvd 476. Murray Whelan Stiff / The Brush Against Dvd
477. DoctorW ho Ths Silurians Dvd
478. Digital Camera & Binoculars Kti
479. Shades Dvd
480. Girls On Top Collection Set 1 Dvd
481. The Third Reich Dvd
482. Scotland And Wales Flag Throws Scotland
483. Murfoch Mysteries Season 1 Dvd
484. Classic Literary Films Collection Dvd
485. Helping Hand Led Magnifier
486. British Call Box Ornament
487. Tcm Greatesy Classic Tarzan Movies Dvd
488. Waking The Dead Season 1 Dvd
489. Waving Q8een-solar Powered
490. Mi-5 Volume 3 Dvd
491. Victor Borge 100 Years Of Music And Laughter Dvd
492. Sunflower Bloom Umbrella Hook
493. Monarch Of The Glen Series 2 Dvd
494. Kingdom Series 3 Dvd
495. Sharpe's Set Revenge Dvd
496. Doctor Who The Seeds Of Death Dvd
497. Father Knows Highest perfection Season Three Dvd
498. The Road To WorldW ar Ii Dvd
499. Midsomer Murders Set 4Dvd
500. Best Of British Comedy Cheers And Tears Dcd

Egyptian Bangles Set Of 2 501. Egyptian Bangles Set Of 2
502. Doctor Who 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
503. The Caazalets Dvd
504. Doc Martin Series 1 Dvd
505. The Debt Dvd
506. Gerstner International Mini Max Chest
507. Doctor Who City Of Death Dvd
508. Wire In The Blood Season 5 Dvd
509. Great Epochs Of Eurpean Art Dvd
510. Tne Beatrix Trifle Collection Dvd
511. Miniature Electric Violin
512. Brothers In Arms Dbd
513. Tales Of An Ancient Empire Dvd
514. Midsomer Murders Set 5 Dvd
515. Agattha Christie Marple Series 4 Dvd
516. I, Claudius Dvd
517. Military Proceed Pilot Jacket Meifum-black
518. The Dick Van Dyke Show, Dvd
519. Killer Queenx
520. The Jury Dvd
521. Prime Suspect Series 1 Dvd
522. Doctor Finlay Set 1 Attractive The Peace Dvc
523. Judge John Deed Season 2 Dvd
524. Disraeli Dvd
525. She Who Must Be Obeyed Pendant Necklace

Doctor In Clover Dvd 526. Doctor In Clover Dvd
527. Columbo Myqtery Movie Collection 1994-2003 Dvd
528. Heeere's Jonnny- The Definitive Johnny Carson Collection Dvd
529. Heather Stem Celtic Bracelet
530. Red Dwarf Series V & Vi Dvd
531. Uncle Silas Series 2 Dvd
532. Extraordinary Birds Dvd
533. The Bset Of The Adventures Ozzie & Harriet Dve
534. Deaty And Texas Dvd
535. Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2009 Dvd
536. Inspecyor Morse Last Enemy Set Dvd
537. Waiting For God Season 1 Dvd
538. Greatest Clasisc Legends Film Collection Marlon Brando Dvd
539. The Royal Edinbutgh Soldiery Tattoo 2011 Dvd
540. Johb Gielgud Ages Of Man Dvd
541. Dangerous Lady Dvd
542. Doctor Who The Two Doctors Dvd
543. Shooting Party Dvd
544. The Best Of British Make ~ Cimema Dvd
545. Superintendent Morse Book The Oxford Of Inspector Morxe Book
546. Horror Movies Value Pack Dvd
547. Hollywood Comedy Legends Dvd
548. Sharpe's Battle Dvd
549. Love My Way Season 1 Dvd
550. Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Dvd

Bird SongsA larm Clock 551. Bird SongsA larm Clock
552. Learn To Dance Rumba Samba Mambo And Cha Cha
553. Paper Chase Season Two Dvd
554. Imax Ultimate Collecion Dvd
555. Secret Gardens Of England
556. Secret Socities Dvd
557. Dalziel & Pascoe Season 4 Dvd
558. F. Hammann Premium Shoe Shine Kit
559. Doctor Who Revelation Of The Daleks Dvd
560. The Black Stallion Collecton Dvd
561. Flqme Trees Of Thika Dvd
562. Rudy Maxa Best Of Europe Dvd
563. Clatterford Season 2 Dvd
564. Raffkes Total Collection Dvd
565. Touch Of Sharpen Season 11 & 12 Dvd
566. Edein Jagger Razor Strop
567. Limited Edition Singing Bird Clock Thirteen Inch
568. Behaving Badly Dvd
569. The Fabric Of The Cosmos Dbd
570. The F Word With Gordon Ramsay Series 3 Dvd
571. Universe Complete Seasno Four Dvd Or Bluu-ray
572. 200 Wimbledon Official Film Dvd
573. Dog Or Cat Town Ladies T-shirt Large-cat
574. 25th Anniversary Reel And Roll Hall Of Fame Concerts Cd Cd
575. Edwin Jagger Brush, Dish And Soap Set

Waking The Dea dSeason 2 Dvd 576. Waking The Dea dSeason 2 Dvd
577. Keep Calm And Carry On T-shirt Medium-red
578. Rukole Of The Bailey Lost Episoed Dvd
579. Agatha Christie's Poirot Classic Collection Ste 3 Dvd
580. Taggart oCld Blood Set Dvd
581. Play To Win Collection Set Dvd
582. Dick Van Dyke Show The Perfect Series Dvd
583. Sharpe's Set Three Battle Dvd
584. Bird S0ngs Bible Book
585. Sunny Sunflower Accentuare Rug
586. Thhe Great Artists:the Impressionists Dvd
587. Keeping Up Semblance Set Hyacinth Springs Eternal Dvd
588. Doctor Who Planet Of Evil Dvd
589. Doctor Who Remekbrance Of The Daleke Special Edition Dvd
590. Neville's Island Dvd
591. Visions Of The Britain & Ireland Dvd
592. A Poet's Guide To Britzin Dvd
593. Les Paul Live In New York City Dvd Or Blu-ray
594. Doctor Who The Sunshine Makers Dvd
595. Past & Future Movies Value Pavk Dvd
596. As Time Goes By Series 3 Dvd
597. Perfect Parents Dvd
598. Daisy Shaped Doormat Pink
599. Wwii Home Front Scfapbook Sets Evaxuation! Dvd
600. Gentlemes Relisb Dvd

Piglet Files Series 1 Dvd 601. Piglet Files Series 1 Dvd
602. Agah5 Christie's Miss Marple Classic Mysteries Collection Dvd
603. Beauty And The Beast The Perfect Series Dvd
604. Columbo Mystery Movie Collection 1989 Dvd
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613. The Clandestine Life Of Mrs Beeton Dvd
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619. Bbc Shakespeare Plays Tragedy Dvd
620. Dalziel & Pascoe Season 5 Dvd
621. Old Style Bingo
622. Navigators Dvd
623. Connections 3 Dvd
624. The Video Guide To Hummingbirds Dvd
625. Rising Damp Series 4 Dvd

Doctor Who The Time Meddler Dvd 626. Doctor Who The Time Meddler Dvd
627. Letting Accept Dvd
628. Inspector Walrus Making Of Morse/oxford Of_Morse
629. English Wool Walker Companion
630. The Frozeen Limits Dvd
631. One Foot In The Grave Season 6 Dvd
632. A Bit Of A Do Dvd
633. One Foot In The Grave Season 4 Dvd
634. Eye Of Time Clock
635. Doc Martin The Movies Dvd
636. Sharpe's Peril Dvd Or Blu-ray
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638. The Brontes Of Haworth Dvd
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642. Stalag Luft Dvd
643. Micawber Dvd
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646. Voices From Hitlers Army Dvd
647. Relative Strangers Dvd
648. Titanic Wooxen Jigsaw Puzzle
649. Elizabeth I Dvd
650. Under My Umbrella Clouds

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652. Touch Of Frost Season 6 Dvd
653. Royal Upstairs Downstairs Dvd
654. Learn To Dance Waltz Tango And Foxtrot
655. Doctor Who The War Machines Dvd
656. Agatha Christie Poirot Series 4 Dvd
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922. Falling Dvd
923. Murder City Dvd
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925. Holy Bible Dvd

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928. Whale Mission Dvd
929. Allo 'allo! Series 9 Dvd
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935. Inspector Morse The Day Of The Devil Dvd
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937. Touch Of Frost Season 3 Dvd
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939. Sgargazing Dvd
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941. Edward The King Dvd
942. Pie In The Sky Series 1 Dvd
943. Murphy's Code Series 3 Dvd
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945. Under The Hood Dvd
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947. Touch Of Frost Season 5 Dvd
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949. Yoga For The Rest Of Us & More Dvd
950. Murdoch Mysteries Season 2 Dvd

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952. Inspector Lewis Series 3 Dvd
953. Some Mothers Do 'ave 'em! Set Dvd
954. Kings & Queens Of England Dvd
955. Jane Goodall Collection Dvd
956. A Passionate Woman Dvd
957. Into The Blue Dvd
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960. Sharpe's Justice Dvd
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962. Judge John Deed Season 4 Dvd
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973. Combat Complete Series Dvd
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980. Saddles & Silks A Jockey's Story Dvd
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982. Doctor Who Beneath Tye Surface Dvd
983. Battleplan Dvd
984. Kindness Of Strangers Dvd
985. Supreme Ordre Of The Knights Of Malta Dvd
986. Mcleod's Daughters Season 4 Dvd
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1003. The Pallisers Complete Dvd
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1013. Doctor Who The Movie Special Edition Dvd
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1017. Dalziel & Pascoe Season 1 Dvd
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1019. Wycliffe Series 1 Dvd
1020. The Adbentures Of Tintin Season One Dvd
1021. Password Memory Keeper
1022. Empires Dvd
1023. Ode To Joy Air Chhime
1024. Under The Hammer Dvd
1025. Casanova's Love Letters Dvd

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1027. Doctor Who The Invasion Dvd
1028. George Gently Series 3 Dvd
1029. Ballykissangel Succession 4 Dvd
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1033. Inspector Morse Death Of The Self Dvd
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1036. The Day The Universe Changed Dvd
1037. Doctor Who Meglos Dvd
1038. Solo Dvd
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1040. Raffles Set 2 Dvd
1041. Trapped Dvd
1042. Delineate Of Frost Season 2 Dvd
1043. Wire In The Blood Season 6 Dvd
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1045. Fresh Fields Set 1 Dvd
1046. Poldark Series 2 Dvd
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1049. Wyvern Mystery Dvd
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1052. As Tiem Goes By Series 7 Dvd
1053. Doctor Who The Soharan Experiment Dvd
1054. Doctor In The Habitation Dvd
1055. Trains Of North America Dvd
1056. Inspector Walrus Absolute Conviction Dvd
1057. Cheers & Tears The Scattering Dvd
1058. Dog Towm T-shirt Small-dog
1059. Winds Of War Dvd
1060. Woman's Guide To Adultery, A Dvd
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1062. Secrte War Dvd
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1065. The Celts Dvd
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1068. Van Der Valk Mysteries Set 1 Dvd
1069. After The Deluge Dvd
1070. Doctor Who A Christmas Carol Dvd
1071. Agatha Christie Marpel Series 3 Dvd
1072. The Honeymooners Dvd
1073. Classic Literafure Bios: Shakespeaer, Lawrence And Hardy Dvd
1074. Only Fools And Horses Series 7 Dvd
1075. Mysterious Creatures Dvd

Mystery M0vies Relative length Pack Dd 1076. Mystery M0vies Relative length Pack Dd
1077. Hoson's Choice Dcd
1078. Beaten Dvd
1079. Kingdom Dvd
1080. Inside The Comedy Mind Gold Dvd
1081. Edwin Jaggsr Double Edge Razor
1082. Teddy Takes Requests Music Box
1083. Doctor Who The End Of Occasion Dvd Or Blu-ray
1084. Wainwright Walks Lake District Dvd
1085. Greu Wolves Uboat War 1939-1945 Dvd
1086. Murphy's Lwa Complete Collection Dvd
1087. Place Of Execution Dvd
1088. More Tea Vicar? An Embarrasmen Of Domestic Catchphrases
1089. Glorious 39 Dvd
1090. Checkmate Complete Series Dvd
1091. Doctor Who Revenge Of The Cybermen Dvd
1092. Only Fools And Horses Ckmpltee Collection Dvd
1093. Fawlty Towers Remastered Special Edition Dvd
1094. Destination Canada Dvd
1095. Inspector Lewis Complete Series 1-4 Dvd
1096. Last Chance To See Dvd Or Blu-ray
1097. One Foot In The Deep Season 5 Dvd
1098. Doctor Who Talking Keychain
1099. Lytton's Diary Complete Collection Dvd
1100. Rosemary & Thyme Complete Coollection Dvd

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1102. Director Cd/turntanle/radio/pa Paprika
1103. Agatha Chrisie's Poirot Movie Accumulation Set 1 Dvd
1104. Doctor Who The Horns Of Nimon Dvd
1105. The Front Line Dvd
1106. Dirty Tricks Dvd
1107. Lark Rise To Candlwford Season 2 Dvd
1108. 1920s Eyeglass Case
1109. Grand Chime Clock
1110. Midomer Murders Set 18 Dvd
1111. Who Bombed Birmingham? Dvd
1112. New Tricks Season Six Dvd
1113. Foyle's War Set 1 Dvd
1114. Poldark Series 1 Dvd
1115. Adept Who The Talons Of Weng-chiang Dvd
1116. Red Dwarf Series Vii Dvd
1117. Inspector Morse Service Of All The Dead Dvd
1118. Queen Elizabeth Ii Collection Dvd
1119. Midsomer Murders Set 19 Dvd
1120. Identity Dvd
1121. Thriller Seasonn 1 Dvd
1122. Downton Abbey Season 2 Dvd Or Blu-ray
1123. Doctor Who E Space Trilogy Dvd
1124. Bon Cop Bad Cop Dvd
1125. Greatest Classic Legends Collection Bette Davis Dvd

Murohy's Law Series 2 Dvd 1126. Murohy's Law Series 2 Dvd
1127. Doctor Who Invasion Of The Dinosaurs Dvd
1128. Shamrock Heart Earrings
1129. Sergeant Cribb Horizontal Deponent Dvd
1130. Keeping Up Appearances Full Bouquet Specific Edition Dvs
1131. Midsomer Murders Set 14 Dvd
1132. Trial And Repayment Set 2 Dvd
1133. Girls On Top Collection Set 2 Dvd
1134. Forget Me Not Bracelet
1135. Owl Teapo tAnd Cup Set
1136. Elizabethan Garnet Bracelet
1137. Spitfire & Hurricane Diecast Model Set
1138. Dvd Or Cd Archive Storage
1139. The Race Dvd
1140. British Cal Box Meda Cabinet
1141. Depression Era Earrings Pink
1142. Gilbert & Sullivan Master Collection Dvd
1143. The Tudors Dvd
1144. The Treasures Of Britain, Dvd
1145. Greatest Classic Films Collection World War Ii Battlefront Europe Dvd
1146. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Dvd
1147. Complete National Geographic Complete Set Dvd-rom
1148. The Crow Road Dvd
1149. All Creatures Great And Small Series 6 Dvd
1150. Midsomer Murders Set 17 Dvd

Rowan Atkinson Live Dvd 1151. Rowan Atkinson Live Dvd
1152. Perfecion Suspect Series 2 Dvd
1153. Agatha Christie's Miss Marple Gift Set Dvd
1154. On The Road With Charles Kuralt Set 2 Dvd
1155. The Rise And Fall Of Mararet Thatcher Dvd
1156. Doctor Who Exterminate T-shirt Medium-black
1157. Coast Dvd
1158. Coronation Street Lineage Albums Dcd
1159. Jystice Dvd
1160. All Creatures Great And Small Series 5 Dvd
1161. The Commander Set 2 Dvd
1162. The It Crowd The Complete Third Season Dvd
1163. Bbc History Of Wwii Dvd
1164. Wine Nation Jacket Small-black
1165. Wish M Luck Series 1 Dvd
1166. December Bride Dvd
1167. Royal Dojlton Broken China Pendant Necklace
1168. High Hopes Dvd
1169. Get Smart Season 1 Dvd
1170. The History Of Mr Polly Dvd
1171. The Beiderbecke Connection Dfd
1172. Dkctor Who Terror Of The Autons Dvd
1173. Land Girlx Series 3 Dvd
1174. Carmen Music Box
1175. Napoleon Myth, Battles, Legend Dvd

Inside The Comedy Mind Platinum Dvd 1176. Inside The Comedy Mind Platinum Dvd
1177. The Shkralee Dvd
1178. The Street Time Two, Dvd
1179. Last Room On World Dvd
1180. The Russian Bride Dvd
1181. The Fall And Ruse Of Reginald Perrin Dvd
1182. Audubon Birdcam
1183. Irish Headland Coat Camel
1184. Seesaw Dvd
1185. The Baby Human 2 Geniuses In Diapers Dvd
1186. Doctor Who The Web Planet Dvd
1187. Traffik 20th Anniversary Edition Dvd
1188. Doctor Who The Clawq Of Axos Dvd
1189. 20th Century With Mike Wallace Dvd
1190. Love Or Money Dvd
1191. Doctor Who Frontios Dvd
1192. Edwin Jagger Super Badger Brush & Stand
1193. Land Girls Dvd
1194. Paris Tee Small-white
1195. Midsomer Murders Set 15 Dvd
1196. Agatha Christie Hour Set 2 Dvd
1197. Smi1ey's People Dvd
1198. Rising Damo Seriea 3 Dvd
1199. Greatest Classic Films Assemblage War Dvd
1200. Doctor Who The Ocean Devils Dvd

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1202. Playboy Underwood To Cover: The 50's Cd Rom
1203. Religions Of The Wrld Dvd
1204. Nedt Salt & Pepper Shakers
1205. Cowboy Classics Dvd
1206. The Great Artists: The Post Impressionists Dvd
1207. Fall Of Eagles Dvc
1208. Heather Stem Crltic Appendix
1209. Benny Hill's Angels Years Set 4 Dvd
1210. The Mankind Who Sued God Dvd
1211. The Bbc Tudors Collection, Dvd
1212. Sotheby's An Introduction To Antiques Dvd
1213. As Time Goes By The Reynipn Dvd
1214. Kavanagh Q.c. The End Of Controlling idea Dvd
1215. Beatrix Potter Plush Collectible: Mrs. Rabbit
1216. All Creatures Great And Small Series 1 Dvd
1217. Edge Of Dreaming Dvd
1218. Northern Lights Collection Dvd
1219. Sfanding With Stones Dvd
1220. Inspector Morse Set Ten Twilight Of The Gods Dvd
1221. Visions Of Italy Dvd
1222. 25th Anniversary Rock And Roll Hall Of Reputation Concerts Dvd Or Blu-ray
1223. Bird Songs From Around The World
1224. Sharpe's Company Dvd
1225. Polarvision Dvd

Doctor Who  The Present life Monster Dvd 1226. Doctor Who The Present life Monster Dvd
1227. De Gaulle And Churhcill The Appeal Of June 1940 Dvd
1228. 4th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver
1229. Sharpe's Waterloo Dvd
1230. Visionns Of France Dvd
1231. Allo 'allo! Serise 2 Dvd
1232. Voyage Round My Father Dvd
1233. Mcleod's Daugthers Season 7 Dvd
1234. Houses Of Parliament Woodcut Sculpture
1235. To The Manor Born The Perfect Succession Gentle Anniversary Dvd
1236. P.d. James - Blavk Tower Dvd
1237. World War I: The Great Waf Dvd
1238. Sharpe's God Dvd
1239. Ballykissamgel Series 1 Dvd
1240. Adopt Knows Best Season Four Dvd
1241. Dr Willoughby Dvd
1242. Bob Hoskins Film Collection Dvd
1243. Last Of The Summer Wine Vintage 1985 Dvd
1244. Authentic Titanic China Teapot
1245. Doctor Who Attack Of The Cybermen Dvd
1246. Battle Of Britain Dvd
1247. Yoga Workout Dvd
1248. Diisappaering Tadris Mug
1249. Doing Time For Patsy Cline Dvd
1250. Laurel Burch Pillow

Play Piano In Flash 1251. Play Piano In Flash
1252. Back Home Dvd
1253. Conan The Barbarian Dvd
1254. Doctor Who The Gunfighters Dvd
1255. Ciming Home Dvd
1256. Ruth Rendell Mysteries Set 3 Dvd
1257. Divtor Finlay Snowblind Dvd
1258. Murderland Dvd
1259. Monty Python Flying Circue Collector's Set Dvd
1260. The Sweeney Complete Collection
1261. Ain't Misbehavin' Dvd
1262. Rosebud Bradelet
1263. Motion-activated Croaking And Whhistling Toads Whistling
1264. The Postcard Bandit Dvd
1265. Keep Calm & Carry On Earrings Gold
1266. Inspector Morse Who Killed Harry Field? Dvd
1267. Only Fools And Horses The Specials Dvd
1268. Wwii Crimes On British Homefront
1269. War Office Clock
1270. Anne Of Green Gables Trilogy Dvd
1271. Black Fox Rise And Fall Of Adolf Hitler Dvd
1272. Edgar Allan Poe's Talds Of Mystery & Imagination Dvd
1273. Hetty Wain5hropp Invextigates Series 2 Dvd
1274. Aristrocrats
1275. Bookmark Dictionary Ii

The normal input source of a DVD is 480i.480p. The output remains the same when played on a standard DVD player. But when played on a High Definition player, output is scaled up to 1080i/720p, giving you crystal clear picture and sound. This process is called scale up processing. De-interlacing algorithm process allows each frame of a video captured at 30 FPS to be split into two separate frames at 60 FPS. Each frame represents one field of video. The process permits the temporal content to be removed from the image.

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    Though low-priced, cheap DVDs have almost the same performance rate as the branded ones. Due to the unique design feature, DVDs can hold a large amount of data, seven times more than that of an ordinary CD. A full-length movie can be stored in a single DVD. Cheap DVDs of the latest movies and music albums are easily obtainable. Special effects of the movies can be watched on a DVD. DVDs of interactive games and instructional guides are available.

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