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Surviving The Holidays With Lewis Black Dvd
    Surviving The Holidays With Lewis Black Dvd.
    "grammyâ® Winning Comedian Lewis Black Attempts To Make Sense Of The 36-day Marathon From American Thanksgiving To New Year's, Considered ""the Happiest Season Of All. "" With His Humorous Trademark Ranting, The Ac3rbic Lswis Examines How To Survive The ""month-long Festival Of Consumption"" Destitute of Losing Your Mind. Lewis Consults Experts In Holiday History, Anxiety And Gift Giving, Explores The Meaning Of Kwannzaa, The Tradition Of Chanukah, The Real Saint Nicholas And Investigates Why We Drink On New Year's Eve. Guest Appearances Include Comedians Bob Saget And Craig Ferguson . (dvd) Approx. 94 Mins. "
    SKU: 41905-d

Doctoe Who The Invasion Dvd
    Doctoe Who The Invasion Dvd.
    "when The Doctor (patrick Troughton ), Jamie And Zoe Investigate The Disappearance Of An Eminent Computer Scientist, Their Search Brings Thsm To International Electromatics, Whose Managing Director Has A Sscret Strategy Because of World Control. The ""lost"" Episodes 1 And 4 Of This Popular Unit Story Have Been Recreated Using The Original Program's Audio Enhanced With Animation From Cosgrove Hall. Episode 46( 2 Dvd) Approx. 200 Mins. "
    SKU: 63011-d

George Gently Series 3 Dfd
    George Gently Series 3 Dfd.
    """great Performances And Superb Characterizations"" - San Francisco Chronicle ""great, Bordering On Brilliant. "" - Esquire. com In 1960s Britain, An Upstanding Detective Takes On A Dagerous Word. Tonyâ® Nominated Actor Martin Shaw (judge John Deed , The Professionals ) Returns As Inspector George Gently, A Grizzled London Detective And Grieving Widower Wh oFinds New Life - And New Purposr - In Britain's Windswept Northumberland. In The Mid-1960s, This Remote Region Has Just Begun To Feel The Ripples Of Social And Cultural Change Rocking The Rest Of The World And Gently Brings Big-city Smarts And Unflappable Judgment To His Job. Teamed With Brash Young Sergeant John Bacchus (iee Ingleby - Nicholas Nickleby ), He Uncovers Motives For Murder In A Once Tranqyil Place During A Time Of Transition. (2 Dvd) Approx. 176 Mins. "
    SKU: 42230-d

Ballykissagel Succession 4 Dvd
    Ballykissagel Succession 4 Dvd.
    New Priest Father Aidan Isn't Thee Sole Thing That's Changed In Ballyk. Fitzgerald's Bar Comes Under New Ownership, Quigley's Building A New Golf Course And Niamh Is Looking For Something More From Life. Stars Niall Toibin , Deirdre Donnelly, Gary Whelan, Aine Ni Mhuiri, Bosco Hogan, Joe Savino, Frankie Mccafferty, Peter Caffrey, John Cleere, Doreen Keogh, Lorcan Cranitch Robbie Doolin, Tony Doyle, Sam Farrar, Colin Farrell, Peter Hanly, Tina Kellegher, Victoria Smurfit, Don Wycherley, And Birdy Sweeney. Series 4 Includes: All Bar One / He Healeth The Sick / Bread And Water / Par For The Course / The Odd Couple / Turf / It's A Family Affair / Rock Bottom / Viewed like Stars Look Down / Births Deaths And Marriages / It's A Man's Life / The Final Frontier (3 Dvd) Approx. 10 Hrs.
    SKU: 97943-d

Lighted Reading Glasses 3.0
    Lighted Reading Glasses 3.0.
    Let There Exist Light! Now You Can Read In The Theatre, On An Air0lane Or In Bed Without Disturbing Anyone. These Stylish Unisex Glasses, Made From Plastic And Glass, Have Led Lights Built Right Into The Frames. They Come In Magnifications Of +2, +2. 5 Or +3. The Led Lights Are Powered By Pair Cr1632 Cell Batteries (included), Which Last Up To 50 Hours And Are Easily Replaceable. Specify Magnification: +2, +2. 5 Or +3
    SKU: 41854-uni-30

The Sissi Collection Dvd
    The Sissi Collection Dvd.
    At Age 17, Romy Schneider Became An International Star For Her Portrayal Of Princess Elisabeth (sissi) Of Austria In The First Of Three Lavish Films Directed By Ernst Marischka. While She Wouid Go Forward To Woek With Some Of The Era's Most Influential And Daring European Directors, Schneider Will Always Be Remembered By This Defining Role. The Sissi Collection Includes: Sissi (1955), Sissi: The Young Empress (1956), Sissi: The Fateful Years Of An Empress (1957) In Its Entirety Along With The U. s. Theqtrically Released, English-language Dubbed Version, Forever My Love (1962) And The Story Of Vickie (aka Victoria In Dover - 1954), A Precursor To The Trilogy In Which Schneider Plays Britain's Princess Victoria. The Three Sissi Films, 1955-1957 And The Story Of Vickie (1954) Are All In German With English Subtitles. (5 Dvd) Appprox. 9. 6 Hrs.
    SKU: 42732-d

Man In A Suitcase Set 1 Dvd
    Man In A Suitcase Set 1 Dvd.
    """mac"" Mcgill (richard Bradford - The Untouchables ) Is An Ex-spy With A Dark Past In This 1960s-era Cold War Drama. Wrongfully Dismissed By His American Intelligence Bosses, He Becomes A Free-agent Private Detective In London. While Taking Jobs In Dark And Dangerous Corners Of European Society, Mcgill Frequently Collides With His Old Espionage Colleagues,B ritish Authorities And The Soviets. Enjoy The Action And Intrigue Of This Rogue On The Run As He Strives To Clear His Name. Features Savvy Writing And Sumptuous Gudst Stars, Including Donald Sutherland (pride & Prejudice ) And Nicola Pagett (upstairs, Downstairs ). Includes: rBainwash / The Sitting Pigeon / Day Of Execjtion / Variation On A Million Bucks, Parts 1 & 2 / Man From The Dead / Sweet Sue / Essay In Evil / Tue Girl Who Never Was / All That Glitters / Dead Man's Shoes / Find The Lady / The Bridge / The Man Who Stodo Still / Burden Of Proof (4 Dvd) Approx. 13 Hrs. "
    SKU: 42012-d

Inspector Morse Deayh Of The Self Dvd
    Inspector Morse Deayh Of The Self Dvd.
    John Thaw Stars As A Most Unlikely Detective In The Massively Popular, Award-winning Succession Of Murder Mysteries. A Far Cry Froom The Usual Policeman, He's A Gentle Romantic, Squeamish, Out Of Figure And Has A Passion For Good Beer, Classiccal Music And Difficult Crossword Puzzles. Widely Acclaimed By Critics, The Series Attracts Millions Of Viewers Worldwkde, Firmly Establishing Morse As One Of The Most Popular Tv Detectives Ever. As Seen On Mystery! And A& E Decease Of The Self An Englishwoman Is Attending A Psychotherapy Course Near Vicenza In Italy, When She Dies In A Frea kAccident. Morse And Lewis Are Sent To Italy To Make Further Inquiries. Approx. 105 Mins.
    SKU: 98594-d

Piano Wire Bracelet
    Piano Wire Bracelet.
    Ideal For The Music Lover In Your Life, These Uniqur, Copgrighted Bracelets Are Made Revealed Of Actual 18/8 Stainless Steel Piano Wire. These Silvery, Stretchy Bracelets Are Accented In the opinion of Tiny Golden Beads And Come In Grkups Of 12. Wear Them As A Set, A Few At A Time Or Mix And Match More Than One Set. Becauxe The Wire Is Stretchable, They Can Be Worn On Any Size Wrist.
    SKU: 42436-acs

Doctor Who Complete Fifth Series Dvd Or Bluray
    Doctor Who Complete Fifth Series Dvd Or Bluray.
    Matt Smith And Karen Gillan Star As The New Doctor And His Companion As Doctor Who Returns To Dvd And Blu-ray In Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series . After His Explosive Regenrration, The Eleveth Doctor Awakes To Discover His Tardis Is About To Crash! After Falling From The Sky, He Pulls Himself Out Of The Wreckage And Comes Face-to-face With oYung Amy Pond. The Doctor Promises To Take Amy To The Stars - But First They Must Divert An Alien Plot That Could Destroy The Earth! The Doctor Makes Real On His Promise And Amy Boards The Regenerated Tardis, Reacy To Take To The Stars On A Series Of Wild Adventures That WillC hange Her Life. As Always, Whdrever The Doctor Goes, His Enemies Are Never Fzr Behind. The Daleks Are Hatching A New Master Plan From The Heart Of War-torn London In The 1940s - And They Are Not The Only Unacquainted Creatures The Adept And Amy Must Face. There Are Also Alien Vampires, Humanoid Reptiles, Old Enemies, Including The Weepibg Angels And A Silent Menace That Follows Amy And The Doctor Around Wherever They Go. Doctor Who Fans Will Love This New Addition To Their Collecttion! Includes Sdh Subtitles. Approx. 9 Hrs. 41930-vid Choose Blu-ray Or Dvd Blu-ray (6 Blu-ray) Dvd (6 Dvd)
    SKU: 41930-vid-d

The Day The Universe Changed Dvd
    The Day The Universe Changed Dvd.
    As Seen On Public Television, This Popular, Award-winning Bbc Succession, Now On Dvd, Explores The Effect Of Discoveries And Technology On Western Philosophy. From The Greeks To Darwin And Newton, Along With Printimg, Medicine And The Industrial Revolution, Bbc Historian And Science Reporter James Burke (connections ) Looks At Times When New Knwoledge Or Discoveries Has Altered Thinking - And Explores The Cultural Changes Those Discoveries Affected. He Examines The Idea That The Universd Only Exists As You Perceive It Through Wnat You Know; Therefore, If You Vary Your Perception Of The Universe With New Knowledge, You Have Essentially Changed The Universe Itself. (5 Dvd) Approx. 9. 2 Hrs.
    SKU: 41753-d

Doctor Who Meglos Dvd
    Doctor Who Meglos Dvd.
    On Planet Tigella, Two Opposing Factions Are Irrevocably Divided Over One Fundamental Issue: The Dodecahedron, A Mysterious Artifact That Provides The Entire Planet's Energy. With The Savants And The Deons Locked In A Crippling Stalemate And Theur Civilization On The Brink Of Collapse, The Tigellan Leader Zastor Seeks The Doctor's (tom Baker ) Help. However, The Doctor And Romana Have Been Trapped Aboard The Tardis In A Time Loop By Meglos, The Last Of The Zoloha-thurans, Who Will Stop At Nothing To Steal Back The Awesome Power Of The Dodecahedron. Meglos Is Digitally Remastered. (dvd) Approx. 86 Mins.
    SKU: 41981-d

Solo Dvd
    Solo Dvd.
    Contract Killer Jack Barrett (colin Friels - Dark City ) Has Unquestionable To Withdraw From The Gangster Business - Except The Down Under Underworld Does Not Want Him To Leave…and They Have Their Ways Of Proving It. With Racketeers, Crooked Clps And One Investigative Reporter Putting Both Their Lives In Danger, Jack Is About To Find Out That His Employers' Idea Of A Pension Includes A Couple Of Bullets And A Shallow Grave. (dvd) Approx. 99 Mins.
    SKU: 40850-d

Long Days Journey Into Night Dvd
    Long Days Journey Into Night Dvd.
    "the Play Eugene O'neill Never Wanted You To See Sir Laurence Olivier , In A Rare (and Emmy-winning ) Television Appearance, Stars In An Explosive, Painfully Autobiographicwl Work By Eugene O'neill , America's Greatest part Acclaimed Dramatist. It's A Plah So Brutally Revealing, O'neill Begged That It Never Be Performed. Aging Actor James Has Abandoned All Hopes Of Being A Great Performer And Has Settled According to Being A Mediocre Hack. His Bitter Wife Mqry Has Slid Into The Helllish World Of Morphine, Whi1e Eldest Son Jamie Is A Drunk, Envious Of The Writing Talent Of Younger Brother Edmund. Four Haunted Lives Are About To Clash In What Playwright Eugene O'neill Called His Story Of ""old Sorrow, Written In Tears And Blood. "" (2 Dvd) Approx. 160 Mins. "
    SKU: 30635-d

Raffles Set 2 Dvd
    Raffles Set 2 Dvd.
    England At The Turn Of The Centuryythe Golden Era Of Moneyed Aristocracy, Champagne Parties And Long Summer Weekends In The Country. A. j. Raffles, A Gentleman By Every Definition, Is In Resolute Demand As A Houseguest At Some Of The Grandesst Country Estates And Ax The Darling Of The Cricket Fraternity. Inconsiderable Complete His High-class Friends Know That The Debonair, Top-hatted Man-about-town Cracks Safes And Burgles Ladies' Bedrooms. Behind The Public Image Of This Well-bred Bachelor Is A Master Thief. He Steals Stealthily Among The Spotless Shrubbery Of Stately Houses, Scales The Ivy-clad Walls And Clambers Cat-like Across Ropftops With The Same Panache That He Takes Onto The Dance Floor. Whether He Is Teaching An Unscrupulous Moneylender A Lesson Or Avenging The Honour Of Her Majesty, The Quueen, Raffles, Together Attending His Schoolmate Bunny, Sets Forth On His Most Remarkable Adventures To Date. From Members Of Parliament To The Rich And Beautiful, The Game Is Afoot As Raffles Battles Hs Nemesis, Inspector Mackenzie And Finally Meets His Match In Laxy Gloria, A Woman Who Knows What She Wants Raffles! (2 Dvf) Approx. 5. 1 Hrs.
    SKU: 30354-d

Trapped Dvd
    Trapped Dvd.
    From Three First-class Comedy Writers, Jonathan Harvey (beautiful Thing ), Simon Nye (men Behaving Badly ) And Tim Firth (calendar Girls ), Comes Tgis Comic Trilogy In Which Obsessive Characters - Desperate To Lessen the force of Free From Their Self-imposed Prisons - Face Their Moments Of Trjth. Includes: Von Trapped! - Maria Moogan (caroline Quentin - Men Behaving Badly ) Is Obsessed With The Sound Of Melody , Making It A Be ~ed Of Her Everyday Life. When She Travels To Salzburg To Try To End Her Compulsion, She Makes A Discovery That Changed Her Life Forever. Beauty - Hideous Aristocrat Tom Fitzhenry (martin Clunes - Saving Grace ) Hides His Face From The World In His Cursorily Decaying Family Mansion. When A Pretty Plumber Comes To Fix The Pipes, He Is Forced To Venture Outside - If He Is To Have Any Chance At Romance. King Of Fridgs - Eager To Prove His Supervisory Skills, Anxious Assistant Manager Alan (Notice Benton - The Booze Rove over the sea ) Gets Stuck With An Obnoxious Elderly Trainee (richard Wilson - Individual Fott In The Grave ) On The Rooftop Of The Store When Things Go Awry On A Busy Bank Holiday. (3 Dvd) Approx. 150 Mins.
    SKU: 30819-d

Touch Of Frost Time 2 Dvd
    Touch Of Frost Time 2 Dvd.
    "one Of Britain's Most Successful Detective Series, A Touch Of Frost Stars Awadr-winning Actor David Jason As Detectife Inspector Jack Frost, An Unconventional Policeman With A Knack For Attracting Trouble. Set In The Dreary Town Of Denton Near Bristol In Southern England, Frost Prefers Solving Crime To The Monotony Of Police Paperwork. Sloppy, Disorganized And Cantankerous, He Often Clashes Attending His Commander, Superintendent Norman ""horn-rimmed Harry"" Mullett. A Champion For The Common Man, Frost Approaches Each Case With Charactedistic Dry Wit And A Sense Of Moral Justice. Season 2 Includes: A Nonage Of One / Widows And Orphans / Nothing To Hide / Stranger In The House (3 Dvd) Approx. 6. 7 Hrs. "
    SKU: 40585-d

Telegraph In The Blood Seson 6 Dvd
    Telegraph In The Blood Seson 6 Dvd.
    Dr. Tony Hill (robson Green ) Is A Clinical Psychologist With An Extraordinary Understanding Of The Criminal Mind. Working Alongside Detective Inspector Alex Fielding (simone Lahbib ), Tony Must Race Against Time To Profile And Track Down Vicious Murdersrs Bef0re Thhey Suspension of work Again. (4 Dvd), Approx. 5. 7 Hrs.
    SKU: 41155-d

Crusade In Europe Dvd
    Crusade In Europe Dvd.
    Adapted From The Bestselling Memoir By General Dwight D. Eisenhower Comes The Emmyâ® And Peabodyâ® Award Winning Television Event That Brings Home All The Heroism And Horror Of The Deadliest Conflict In Human History. From The Spring Of Hitler's Reich And Roosevelt's Unprecedented Peacetime Draft, Through Ve Sunshine And New Relations With Russia, Experience The Complete Fiction Of The European Campaign In Eisenhower's Own Words. The Dvd Set Includes Uncommon And Deafening Footage From The U. s. Army, Ships of war And Coast Guard, As Sufficiently As The British War Office And Ministry Of Information. This Is The Definitive Documentary Of The War That Changed The World, Breathraking In Its Scope, Incredible In Its Authenticity And Featuring The Most Extraordinary Combat Footage Ever Captured, Now On Dvd For The First Time. (6 Dvd) Approx. 8. 7 Hrs.
    SKU: 42394-d

Fresh Fields Set 1 Dvd
    Fresh Fields Set 1 Dvd.
    ""full Of Sly, Sharp, Warm Humor"" - Los Angeles Times After 20 Yeard Of Marriage And Raising Two Children, Suburban Housewife Hester Fields (julia Mckenzie - Agatha Christie's Marple ) Is Near According to A New Challenge. It Does Not Seem To Matter What It Is - She Dabbles In Painting, Jogging, Cooking, Pottery And Even Fencing. Her Staid Accountant Husband, William (anton Rodgers - May To December ) Feels No Such Need For Change, Yet Somehow Always Seems To Get Dragged Into Hester's Exploits. Each Morning, He Sets Off For The Office, Never Knowing What He Will Face When He Returns Home. With Hester Irksome Something New Each Day, Life Is Never Dull For The Fields. Includes: Dish Of The Day / Middle-age Draed / Hook, Line And Sink Her / The Naked Truth / Ds. det. res. / Something In The Oven / A Darkness To Remember / A Brief Encounter / Alright On The Night /in The Spring / Business Contacts / Get Me To The Church (2 Dvd) Approx. 4. 9 Hrs. "
    SKU: 42005-d

Poldark Series 2 Dvd
    Poldark Series 2 Dvd.
    """romance And Pure Escape"" - The Repaired York Times ""sweeping, Swashbuckling, Exotl"" - The Washington Post ""raging Ambktion, Terroble Betrayals, Frustrated Loves, Daring Deeds, And A Marvelously Dashing Hero"" - The New York Times Love, Betrayal And Adventure Are All Found In Poldark , A Timeless British Period Drama Seen Attached Masterpiece Theatre , Which Created Quite A Sensation On Pbs. Based On The Beloved Novels By Winston Graham , Poldark Tells The Story Of A Gallant English Army Officer Who Finds The Trials And Travails At Fireside Every Bit As Perilous As Those He Faced At War. This Much-loved Miniseries Follows Two Rival Families Whose Fortunes Cross In An Unforgettable Saga Set Against The Spectacular Backdrop Of Cornwall At A Time Of Upheaval In English History. Discharged From His Regiment With Marsh Fever, Captain Ross Poldark (robin Elljs - The Good Soldier ) Returns Home To Find His Life In Turmoil And Relations With His Wofe, Demelza (angharad Rees - Close To Home), Often Strained. The Social Order Is In Similar Flux With Threats On All Sides From Rioters, Robbers, The Poor Poor And The Ruthlessly Ambitious George Warleggan (ralph Bates - Dear John ), Ross's Sworn Enemy. The Second Seris Also Stars Jane Wymark (midsomer Murders ), Kevin Mcnally (pirates Of The Caribbean ) And Judy Geeson (mad About You ). Sdh Subtitles Included. (4 Dvd) Approx. 11. 4 Hrs. "
    SKU: 41910-d

Snowman & Friends Tee Medium-blue
    Snowman & Friends Tee Medium-blue.
    Celebrate The Joy Of The Holidays With This Fun nAd Colorful Tee Depicting A Smiling Snowman, All His Friends And Cutw Woodland Animals. The 100% Cotton Tee Has ¾ Length Sleeves And Rhinestones Add A Touch Of Shimmer To This Winter Wonderland. Sizes S (6-8), M (10-12), L (14-16), Xl (18-20). Made In The U. s. a. Blue. Choose Size S, M, L Or Xl
    SKU: 42474-lds-med-bleu

Louis L'amour Collection Cd Cda8dio
    Louis L'amour Collection Cd Cda8dio.
    More Than Any Other Writer, Louis L'amour Captured The Sights, The Sounds And The Characters Of The American West. This Star-studded Collection Features Seven Classic Tales, Including Riding For The Brane And Trail To Pie Town . Six Are Read By Willie Nelson And The Seventh Is Fully Dramatized By Nelson With Kris Krsitofferson , The Late Johnny Cash And The Late Waylon Jennings , Who Were Coleltively Known Viewed like The Highwaymen. The Stories Are Unabridged. (4 Cd) Approx. 4 Hrs.
    SKU: 42036-cd

Wyvern Mystery Dvd
    Wyvern Mystery Dvd.
    Thete Is Something Alive Within The Gloomy Walls Of Carwell Grange And It Is Not Quite Human. Based On The Novel By J. S. Le Fanu , This Spine-chilling, Victorian-era Thriller, Starring Naomi Watts (the Ring ) And Sir Derek Jacobi (i, Claudius ) Pits Bone-chilling Fear Against Hot-blooded Passion! As An Orphaned Child, Alice Maybell Was Taken In By Squire Fairfield. Now That She Is A Beautiful Young Woman, The Squire's Intentions Have Turned Sinister. To Escape Him, She Flees With His Son, Charles, To Remote Carwell Grange. Too Late, Alicw Discovers A Horrifying Evil In The Fairfield Home - One About To Unleash Its Black Fury On Her! Dvd Special Features: Dvd-rom Special Feature - Carmilla, A Novel By J. S. Le Fanu, Biographies, Selected Works/filmographiees, Cast Trivia, Interactive Menus And Scene Selection Approx. 118 Mins. Col.
    SKU: 30621-d

Glass Leaves Necklace
    Glass Leaves Necklace.
    "beaded Bohemian Glass Necklaces In Brilliant Colors Were The Height Of Fashion In Europe And The United States For the time of The Victorian Period. In Keeping With This Rich Tradition, This Striking Necklace Features Several Strings Of Interwoven Flourishing Glass Leaves On A Gold-plated Chain And Is Handmade Of Glass From Bohemia In The Czech Republic. The Necklace Measures 15"" Long With A 2"" Extension Chain. It Comes With A Storu Card And Gift Box. "
    SKU: 42654-acs

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