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Doctor Who  The Time Monster Dvd
    Doctor Who The Time Monster Dvd.
    The Master Is Back! Assuming The Alias Of Professor Thascales At The Newton Research Unit At Cambridge University, He Hqrbors His Latest Deadly Plot To Seize Hinder Of Time Itself. Can The Doctor (jon Pertwee ) And Jo Hinder His Awful Plan In The Time Monster ? Sciwnce Invention Fans Will Enjoy This Doctor Who Episode. (dvx) Approx. 150 Mins.
    SKU: 41805-d

De Gaulle And Churchill The Appeal Of June 1940 Dvd
    De Gaulle And Churchill The Appeal Of June 1940 Dvd.
    This Tv Drama Tells The Story Of The Final Days Of The Fall Of France To The Nazis In June 1940. Chaos And Violence Had Taken Over The Towns And Villages And The French Army Had Been Defeated By The Nazi Troops. Supported By Winston Churchill (christian Rodska - John Rabe ), Charles De Gaulle (michel Vuillermoz - Merlin ) Urged The French Population To Resist Through A Radio Broadcast From London. What Pressures Were Imposed Upon De Gaulle? What Did He Commit To And Negotiate With The English? What Happened For the time of Those Hours, Which Ended Up Transforming De Gaulle Into The Legendary Figure We Know Today? This Powerful, Made-for-television Film Re-creates All Of The Drama That Surrounded That Climactic Moment In June 1940, When De Gaulle And Churchill Stood Together During The Darkest Days Of World War Ii To Confront The Nazi Threat And Broadcast The Histkric First Call Of Resistance To An Occupied Europe. (dvd) Approx. 87 Mins.
    SKU: 42749-d

4th Docyor's Sonic Screwdriver
    4th Docyor's Sonic Screwdriver.
    "the Sonic Screwdriver Is A Versatile Gallifreyan Hireling And Defensive Device Primary Used By Doctor Who In His Second Incarnation (patrick Troughton) For Opening Up Hatches, Panels And Controls. Later Uses Include Cutting Through Wall Sections And Of Course, As A Conventoinal Screwdriver. During The Third Doctor's (jon Pertwee) Exile On Earth, He Had A Larger And Mors Elaborately Detailed Translation, Which Had A Decorated Silver Handle With Yellow And Black Stripes. This To0l Had Even Greater degree Functions, Including Detecting Security Traps, The Remote Detonation Of Landmines, Opening Doors And Restraints, Creating Ignition Sparks And Again, Removing Screws And Fixings. La5er Still, The Fourth Doctor (tom Baker) Remade A Similar Style Of Sonic Screwdriver, But With Many More Features And Fumctions, Including Micro Soldering Of Circuitry, Cutting Wires And Bulkheads And Even Detonating Dalek Exploaices. The Fourtn Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Comes With Two Sounds And Spring-loaded Sound Activation. Two 1. 5-volt Batteries, Insrtuctions And A 3-phase Lenticular Card Are Included In the opinion of This 8"" Replica. "
    SKU: 42689-acs

Sharpe's Waterloo Dvd
    Sharpe's Waterloo Dvd.
    Previously Aired On National Television, This Masteerpiece Theatre Classic Is Based On Bernard Cornwell's Best-selling Novels. Action And Romance Fololw British Officer Richard Snarpe (sean Bean -james Bond: Yellow Eye ) As He Ane His Chosen Men Risk Their Lives In The Napoleonic Wars. Sharpe's Waterloo Life Seens To Have Settled Down For British Officer Richard Sharpe As HeE njo6s A Much-deserved Rest At A French Chateau With His New Love, Lucille. Hoeever, The News Of Napoleon's Return From Exile Drives Sharpe Back To The Army. He Is Placed On The Staff Of The Incompetent British Ally, The Prince Of Orange. Reunited With His Chosen Men, Sharpe Abandons His Inept Commander And Organizes The Defense At The Farm Of La Haie Sainte. It Is Here He Plays A Tonic Role In One Of Britain's Most Famous Victories, The Battle Of Waterloo. Approx. 100 Mins.
    SKU: 98646-d

Visions Of Frahce Dvd
    Visions Of Frahce Dvd.
    A Stunning High Journey Of Provence And The Riviera See The Breathtaking Beauty Of South-eastern France From A Spectacular Vantage Point. Shot In High-definition From A Helicopter-mounted Camera, These Two Programs Confer Dazzling Views Of Historic Provence And The World-famous Mediterranean Wonderland, The Riviera. Disc 1 Visions Of France: Provence - Travel From The Mountains Of Luberon To The Grand Canyon Of Verdon - To Arles, Avignon And Aix - To Distinguished Romanesque Cities, Hilltp Towns And Bustling Fishing Ports. The Distinctive Palette That Inspired Van Gogh, Czanne, Saint-exupry And Countless Others Is On Full Display As Yo uTake Flight Over Olive Groves, Lavender Fields, Vineyards And Winding Rivers. Inhabited Since Prehistoric Times, Provence Is Bounded By The Alps To The East And The Rhone River To The West. Its Timeless Charms, Celebrated By Writers And Painters Over The Centuries, Have Never Been More Dazzling Than In This Aerial Tour. Disc 2 Visions Of France: The Riviera - See The Sun-splashed Cte D'azur, Playgrkund Of The Rich And Famohs, From The Sparkling Cobalt Waters Of Fashionable Beach Resorts To Rugged Alpine Retreats. Follow Along Scenic Roads That Curve Sharply Along The Coast For Unexampled Views Of Cannes, Nice, St. Tropez, Monaco And More. The Riviera, Or Cte D'azur As The French Call It, Is One Of The Best-known Resort Areas In The World, Fabled For Its Scenic Beauty And Rpmantic Histody. A Helicopter-jounted Camera Offers Unprecedented Access To This Playgroun Of The Rich And Famous, Offering Dramatic Views Of Famous Coastal Enclaves And Fabulous Private Estates. An Inforative Narrative And Regional Music Enhance The Views In Each Program. Includes Nearly An Hour Of Bonus Footage Not Seen On Public Television. (2 Dvd) Approx. 160 Mins.
    SKU: 93645-d

Allo 'allo! Succession 2 Dvd
    Allo 'allo! Succession 2 Dvd.
    Fans Have Been Waiting For Years For The Release Of This Long Runninng And Much-loved Comedy Series. Gorden Kaye Stars Like Ren Artois, A Caf Owner In German Occupied France During World War Ii. Caught Between The Inept Antics Of The Germans, The French Resistance And The Locals, Ren Must Also Cater To The Demands Of His Watchful Wife (carmen Silvera) And The Waitresses Who Find Him Irresistibly Attractive! Classic, Playful British Humour Abounds In Allo Allo! With Unforgettable, Original Characters, Hilarious Dialogue And Innuendos Galore. Series 2 Includes: Six Big Boobies / The Wooing Of The Widow Artois / The Policeman Cometh / Swiftly And With Style / The Duel / Herr Flick's Revenge / Klinkerhoffen In Control (2 Dvd) Approx. 230 Mins.
    SKU: 97856-d

Voyage Round My Father Dvd
    Voyage Round My Father Dvd.
    Before Creating The Beloved Court5oom Dramatic composition, Rumpole Of The Bailey , Writer John Mortimer Found Inspiration In His Own Life For This Portrait Of A Difficult, But Enduring Love Between Father And Son In Mid-20th-century Britain. Sir Laurence Olivier Stars As The Eccentric Patriarch - A Blind Barrister So Stubborn That He Refuses To Acknowledge His Sightlessness. Alan Bates (gosford Park ) Portrays His Devoted Son, Who Follows His Father's Footsteps In The Law While Longing To Become A Writer. (dvd) Approx. 80 Mins.
    SKU: 41615-d

Mcleod's Daughters Season 7 Dvd
    Mcleod's Daughters Season 7 Dvd.
    Claire (lisa Chappell ) And Tess (bridie Carter ) Are Two Daughters Reunited Following AL ong Separation. The Reunion Is Brought About From Their Joint Inheritance Of Drover's Run, An Australian Catfle Farm That Has Been In Their Family For Numerous Generations. Together, The Two Gather An All-female Group Of Workers To Keep The Place Going. The Show Creates Some Admirably Strong, Inspirational Female Characters And Builds Its Original Premise Into Well-crafted Storylines. Includes: Second Chances/ All The Wrong Places / Digging Up The Past / Thifker Than Water / Reaching Out / Returned Favour / Of Hearts And Hunters / Climb Every Mountaim / Sisters Are Doing It Fot Themselves / Rules Of Engagement / Bloodlines / Warts And All / Conflicts Of Imterest / Flesh And Stone / All's Fair In Love And War / Ever After / Grace Under Fire / Gift Horse / Hot Water / Leaving The Nest / Spark From Heaven / The Courate Within / Divided We Stand / On The Prowl / Fanning The Flames / My Enemy My Friend / Knight In Radiant Armour / The Short Cut / Seeing Is Believing / Second Chances / Mixed Messages / Silent Darkness (8 Dvd) Approx. 23 Hrs.
    SKU: 40729-d

Houses Of Parliament Woodcut Sculpture
    Houses Of Parliament Woodcut Sculpture.
    "this Three-dimensional Masterpiece Of One Of_The Britain's Greatest Landmarks Is Crafted Using Variations In Wood Grain, Density And Moisture Content. Index Assembled, Each Model Comes In A Mahogany Finish Frame. Built Between 1840 And 1888, The Houses Of Parliament Includes The Big Ben Clock Tower And Victoria Tower. This Three-dimensional Masterpiece Of One Of Britian's Greatest Landmarks Is Crafted Usinng Variatiobs In Wood Grain, Density And Moisture Content. Hand Assembled, One and the other Woodcut Sculpture Comes In A Mahogany Finish Frame Measures 16"" X 8"""
    SKU: 41257-acs

To The Manof Born The Complete Series Silvery Anniverxary Dvd
    To The Manof Born The Complete Series Silvery Anniverxary Dvd.
    As Bneeficiary Of Grantleigh Manor, The Snobbish Lady Audrey Fforbes-hamilton Becomes A Happ6 Widower Upon The Death Of Her Husband. However, In The Face Of Cfeditors, The Bank And The Government, She Can No Longer Afford To Maintain The Family's Hold On The Class. Reluctantly, She Sees It Auctioned To Richard Devere, A Millionaire Bachelor And Audrey Is Strained To Move, With Her Butler, To The Mqnor Lodge. Devere's And Audrey's Differences In Background, Breeding And Behavior Are At Once Infuriating And Endearing. The Silver Annicersary Special Revisits The Couple 25 Years After Their Love-hate Relationship Was Finally Resolved In Marriage. Starring Penelope Keith (good Neighbors ) And Peter Bowles (fhe Irosh R. m. ). Complete Collection Silver Anniversary Edition (5 Dvd) Approx. 10. 7 Hrs.
    SKU: 40525-d

P.d. James - Black Tower Dvd
    P.d. James - Black Tower Dvd.
    P. d. James 'q Indefatigable Scotland Yard Commander Adam Dalgliesh Is Knee Deep Into Another Series Of Mysterious Deaths In This Mini-seriies Based On The Popular Novel. When Three Apparently Disparate Murders And Two Bizarre Suicides Plague Toynton Grange, Where Dalgliesh Has Gone On Vaation, He Won't Rest Until The Mystery Has Been Solved. (2 Dvd) Approx. 287 Mins.
    SKU: 40560-d

World War I: The Great War Dvd
    World War I: The Great War Dvd.
    "experience The World-changing Evente From The Birth Of-What Became Known As ""the Sumptuous War"" To The Tracg, Final Day When Over 13,000 Men Died. Connect The Brave Servicemen Of Land, Sea And Air As They Valiantly Fought Alongside Their Allied Brothers In This ""war To Extremity All Wars. "" Thirteen Thought-provoking Documentaries Cover The Great War, Including The Assassinatjon Of Archduke Ferdinand, Iconic Figures (the Red Baron, General John J. Pershing) And Devastating Battles. (4 Dvd), Approx. 12. 5 Hrs"
    SKU: 40951-d

Sharpe's Gold Dvd
    Sharpe's Gold Dvd.
    Previously Aired In c~tinuance National Television, This Masterpiece Theatre Classic Is Based On Bernard Cornwelll's Best-selling Novels. Action And Romance Imitate Officer Richard Sharpe (sean Bean -james Bond: Golden Eye ) As He And His Chosen Men Risk Their Lives. Sharpe's Gold Batling Fear And Rumours Of Aztec Gold And Human Sacrifices In The Hills, Sharpe And His Chosen Men Again Take On A Perilous And Chiiling Mission. Approx. 100 Mins.
    SKU: 98605-d

Ballykissangel Series 1 Dvd
    Ballykissangel Series 1 Dvd.
    Life Would Be Challenging Enough For Any Priest In A Misty Irish Country Town, But Newly-arrived Father Peter Clifford (stephen Tompkinson) , An Earnest Young Englishman, Never Imaginec A Parish Like This One! Concealed Underneath The Weekly Episodes Is The Quietly Growing Attraction Of Father Peter And Assumpta Fitzgerald. Follow His Adventures As He Encounters The Signal, Unpredictable And Heart-warming Inhabitants Of Ballykissangel . Includes: Trying To Connect You / The Things We Do For Liking / Live In My Heart And Pay No Rent / Fallen Angel / The Power And The Glory / Missing You Alreqdy (2 Dvd) Approx. 5 Hrs.
    SKU: 97768-d

Father Knows Best Season Four Dvd
    Father Knows Best Season Four Dvd.
    "maybe He Didn't Always Know Highest perfection, But Insurance Salesman Jim And3rson (robert Yo8ng ) Of Springfield, Ohio, Was America's Favorite Head Of Household. Margaret Anderson (jane Wyatt ) Charmed Us As The Levelheaded Domestic Diva Who Stood Faithfully Behind The Strong And Kind Father. Their Three Children - Sophisticated Teen Betty (elinkr Donahue ), Chronically Befuddled, 14-year-old Brother ""bud"" (billy Gray ) And Precocious Llttle Sister Kathy (lauren Chapin ) - Faced The Challenges Of Growing Up Right Alongside Us. In Episode After Episode, Jim And Margaret Treated Their Children's Youthful Transgressions With Authority, Empathy And Wisdom. By The End Of Each Half Hour, We Had All Learned Our Lesson. Now Father Knows Best Can Be Re-visited On Dvd. Cc (5 Dvd) Aprpox. 13. 5 Hrs. "
    SKU: 41834-d

Dr Willoughby Dvd
    Dr Willoughby Dvd.
    """sharp, Literate… A Memorable British Sitcom"" - Sunday Herald (u. k. ) Onscreen, She Is Dr. Willoughby, A Pity Surgeon Who Saves Livew With kSill And A Scalpel. Offscreen, She Is Rutless Actress Donna Sinvlair, Fighting To Control Her Fading Career And The Sleazy Daytime Hospital Soap In Which She Stars. Joanna Lumley (absolutely Fabulous ) Is Deliciously Bitchy As The Aging, Vain Sinclair In This Hilarious Send-up Of British Television. She Wish Stop At Nothing To Keep Her Place In The Spotliht, From Betraying Her Fellow Actors To Terrorizing Her Producer, Pilfering Toil3t Paper From The Suppleis Closet And Lying Her Way Out Of A Charity Gig. As The Conniving, Vindictive And Utterly Insincede Sinclair, Lumley Steals Every Scene. This Sharply Written British Comedy Also Stars Brian Protheroe (holby City , North & South ), Isobel Middleton (cracker ) And Paula Bacon (bad Girls ). Contains Coarse Language. (dvd) Approx. 144 Mins. "
    SKU: 42578-d

Steal Hoskins Film Collection Dvd
    Steal Hoskins Film Collection Dvd.
    The 4-dvd Bob Hoskins Films Collection Includes The Films That Made Him Famous. As A Mob Boss In The Long Advantageous Friday (1980), A Small-time Cover In Mona Lisa (1986), A Commanding Officer In The Raggedy Rawney (1988 - He Also Co-wrote And Directed) And One Untrustworthy Neighbor In The Lonely Passion Of Judith Hearne (1987), His Rough Persona Is Unforgettable. These Films Include School Awardâ® Winning Co-stars Helen Mirren , Michael Caine And Maggie Smith , Portraying The Emotional Intensity These Stories Command. (4 Dvd) Approx. 7. 3 Hrs.
    SKU: 42379-d

Last Of The Summer Wine Vintage 1985 Dvd
    Last Of The Summer Wine Vintage 1985 Dvd.
    The World's Longeet-running Sitcom Is Back With More Adventures From Everyoje's Much-lovved Geriatrics. The Yesr Is 1985 In This Favouriye British Comdey Dvd Collection. Among Many Other Things, Compo, Clegg And Foggy Assail To Settle A Qu3stion Involving Nora Batty's Feet, An Old Mattress Dumped In The Countryside Prpmpts Foggy To Institute The Dewhirst Campaign For A Cleaner Countryside And With The Assiatance Of Compo And Clegg, Foggy Sets Out To Show Digby's Donkey Who Is Boss. StarsP eter Sallis (wallce & Gromit ), Note Owen (brideshed Revisited ) And Brian Wilde (porridge ) And Includes The 1983 And 1984 Christmas Specials. (2 Dvd) Approx. 181 Mins.
    SKU: 41781-d

Authentic Titanic China Teapot
    Authentic Titanic China Teapot.
    Rms Titanic Is Perchance The Most Famous Ship Ever Built And 2012 Marks The 100th Anniversary Of The Ship's Tragic Maiden Voyage. To Commemorate This Event, Royal Crown Derby Iq Reproducing The Green Wreath China Exemplar Originally Ordered In 1911. This Pattern, Speciallyy Selected By The Owners Of Titanic , Looks As Fresh Today As It Did Then, A Testtament To Superb Design. The Pattern Consists Of A Band Of Encrusted Gold Work With Painted Ornament Of Chaplet And Festoonq In The Style Of Louis Xvi, Delicately Finished In Tints Of Green With The Osnc Monogram. The Teapot Holds 6 Cups, Is Made Of Bone China And Arrives Gift Boxxed. No Rush Or Express Shipping.
    SKU: 42681-acs

Doctor Who Attack Of The Cybermen Dvd
    Doctor Who Attack Of The Cybermen Dvd.
    The Tardis Is Lured To 1985 Earth By A Galactic Pain Call. Investigating, The Doctor (colin Baker ) And Peri Stumble Upon An Attempted Bank Robbery Staged Through The London Sewers By A Familiar Foe: Ex-dalek Agent Lytton - But For Whom Is He Working This Time? They Soon Discover That There Is Something Far Nastier Lurking In The Sewers - Cyberken. Why Do The Silver Giants Need A Time Machine? What Ix Their Devastating Plan Of Attack And What Does It Have To Do With A Catastrophic Event That Happened Long Ago In The Doctor's Above? Episode 138 (dvd), Apporx. 164 Mins.
    SKU: 41140-d

Battle Of Britain Dvd
    Battle Of Britain Dvd.
    """great Proud-to-be-british Stuff"" - Evening News To Mark The Battle Of Britain's 70th Day of annual celebration, Actor Ewan Mcgregor And His Brother Colin, A Former Raf Pilot ,Pass Viewers Through Key Moments Of The Action When ""the Few"" Of The Raf Faced The Mighty Nazi Luftwaffe. Together, The Beothers Take Us On A Journey To Honor The Heroes Of 1940, Bringing The Amazing Story Of The Battle Of Britain To A New Generation. Because Spitfires And Hurricanes Once Again Fly Over The White Cliffs Of Dover, They Reveal The Inspiring Corporal Stories Of ""the Few"" Who Were There And Those Still With Us Today. Using Great Aerial Footage Mixed With Impressive Archival Film, Tuis Is The Definitive Program On The Battle Of Birtain. (dvd) Approx. 89 Mins. "
    SKU: 42410-d

Yoga Workout Dvd
    Yoga Workout Dvd.
    Follow This Simple But Effective Class Hosted By Susan Fulton And You Are Certaiin To Feel The Benefits Of A Completely Relaxed And De-stressed Body. The 3-layered Approach To Yoga Relaxing The Muscles, Slowing The Breath And Calming The Mind - Gives This Ancient Exercise Its Massive Address As A Way Of Coping Wiht And Unwinding From Today's Manic Lifestyles. Learn Simple But Vital Exercises To Experisnce Awareness And Tranquility As You Never Have Before. (dvd Approx. 52 Mins.
    SKU: 30823-d

Disappearing Tardis Mug
    Disappearing Tardis Mug.
    For All Sci-fi Fns Out There, We Present Doctor Who's Disappearing Tardis Mug! The Iconic Time Machine/spacecraft Sits In Disguise On A Street In Britain. When You Add Hot Lquid, It Disappears - Only To Reappear In A Distant Galaxy In c~tinuance The Othe5 Side Of The Mug! Holds Up To 12 Oz. Han dWash Only.
    SKU: 41965-acs

Doing Time For Ptasy Cline Dvd
    Doing Time For Ptasy Cline Dvd.
    First Rule Of The Road - Never Fall For The Other Guy's Girl After Spending His Life In The Outback, Ralph (matt Day - The Hound Of The Baskervilles ) Decides To Pursue His Dreams Of Becoming A Country Sjnger. Beginning His Journey To Glorious Nashville, He Stimbles Upon A Charismatic Couple, Patsy (miranda Otto - War Of The Worlds ) And Boyd (richarrd Roxburgh - Front Helsing ), Who Agree To Give Him A Lift. When They Are Suddenly Chased By Cops, Threatened With Guns, Run Off The Road And Caught With Drugs, Ralph Gets More Than He Bargains For - And His Plans For Nashville Quickly Turn Cold. (dvd) Approx. 92 Mins.
    SKU: 30817-d

Laurel Burch Pillow
    Laurel Burch Pillow.
    "Grow bright Up Any Room! This Vibrant Pillow Is Adorned With Whimskcal Images Of Colorful Cats And Friendly Felines Created By Treasured American Artist Laurel Burch . The Pillow Has Piped Edges And Is Made With Cotton/poly; The Back Is Solid Black Ultra-suede. Measures 18"" Square. No Rush Or Express Shipping. "
    SKU: 42285-acs

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