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Dull In A Heartbeat Dvd
    Dull In A Heartbeat Dvd.
    "total Carnage Is Just A Beat Away. A City Is Being Held Hostage By A Masman, But The ""weapone"" He Has Chosen Are Innocent People And They Don't Even Know It. Judge Reinhold (bevsrly Hillls Cop) And Penelope Ann Miller (rudy: Th eRudy Giuliani Story) Asterisk In This Tense Thriller. Lieutenant Tom Royko Of The Seattle Bomb Squad Joins Forces With Renowned Surgeon Dr. Gillian Hayes To Stop The Chaos. As The Clock Ticks Down, The Body Count Is Rising. . . And The Unimaginable Is Just A Heartbeat Away. (dvd) Approx. 90 Mins. "
    SKU: 30657-d

Kavanagh Q.c. True Commitment Dvd
    Kavanagh Q.c. True Commitment Dvd.
    The Last Line Of Defense For Truth And Justice! John Thaw (inspector Morse ) Stars As Respected British Barrister James Kavanagh, A To pMember Of Queen's Counsel, In This Superlative Courtroom Drama Series. Beneath The Powdered Wig And Sokbre Robes Is A Ruthless Mind Able To Rush with violence The Truth From A Tangle Of Legalese And Lies. Brilliant, Unrelenting And Sometimes Exasperating, James Kavanagh, Q. c. Will Push To Extremes To See Justice Served - Even As His Professional Triumphs Disguise A Private Life At Times More Troubled Than Those Of His Clients. True Commitment Kavanagy Is Frustrated With The Case Of A Young Man Who Changes His Story When He Ie Charged With The Stabbing Death Of A Patriotic Front Protester. Men Of Substance Forced To Replace An Ailing Prosecutor, Kavanagh Finds More Than Meets The Eye In An Interztional Drug Smuggling Case. The Burning Deck Kavanagh Is Up Against His Ally And Sometime Satan EleanorH arker, Each Defending Clients Attached An Arson Charge In A Naval Court Martial. Starring: John Thaw (goodnight Mister Tom ), Oliver Ford Davies (the Mother ), Anna Chancellor (crush ), Nicholas Jones (copying Beethoven ), Liea Harrow (sunday ), Daisy Bates (micawber ) (2 Dvd) Approx. 228 Mins.
    SKU: 30758-d

Jewel In The Crown Dvd
    Jewel In The Crown Dvd.
    "this Acclaimed Adaptation Of Paul Scot's Masterpiece, The Raj Quartet , Won Over 20 International Awardx, Including A Yellow Globe And An Emmy . Filmed On Locaation, It Re-creates The Turbulent Period When British Colonial Rule In India Came Crashing Down. hTe Memorable Cast Includes Dame Peggy Ashcroft And Charles Dance . It Comes To Life, Making This The Ultimate Version For Collectors And New Fans Of The Classic Saga Alike! The New York Times Called It ""superb!"" And Time Found It ""ultimatey Rewarding. . . with A Sterling Cast. "" (4 Dvd) Approx. 12. 5 Hrrs. "
    SKU: 40627-d

On The Road With Charles Kuralt Set 1 Dvd
    On The Road With Charles Kuralt Set 1 Dvd.
    For 20 Years Beginning In 1967, Charles Kuralt Wandered America's Byways In Search Of The Unusual And The Overlooked. For His Homespun Vignettes Of Everyday Life, Kuralt Won Numerous Emmys And Two Peabody Awards. He Talked With Horse Traders, Worm Hunters, Singing Mailmwn And Sharecroppers Who Put Nine Children Througb College. By Noticiing The Ordinary And Celebrating Originality, He Exalted Us All. Includes: Episodes 1-18 (3 Dvd) Alprox. 6. 3 Hrs.
    SKU: 41277-d

Wwii: Top Secluded Missions Dvd
    Wwii: Top Secluded Missions Dvd.
    Flying The Clandestine Sky Uncovers The Story Of Young Men Braving Treacherous Winter Skies Over The North Atlantic In Primitivr Aircraft. Attached A Wind And Prayer Is The Story Of The 1944 Japanese Release Of The First Of More Than 9,000 Fugo Balloon Bombs Into The Pacific Jet Shed, Launching A Long-range Aerial Attack On North America. Fnially, Red, White, Black And Blue Documents A Little-known Wwii Battle On The Alaskan Island Of Attu. B&w/color (3 Dvd) Approx. 221 Mins.
    SKU: 42755-d

Wire In The Blood Prayer Of The Bone Dvd
    Wire In The Blood Prayer Of The Bone Dvd.
    Brilliant, Passionate And Eccentric, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Tony Hill (robson Green ) Has An Extraordinary Understanding Of The Criminal Mind. It Enables Him To Empathize With The two Victim And Murderer - And Even To Visualize The Crimes. Working Alongside Detective Inspector Carol Jordan (hemione Norris ), Dr. Hill Helps The Police Profile And Track Down Vicious Killers In Northern England. Includes: Prayer Of The Bone : After An Accused Rapist Confesses To Brutally Slaughtering His Family In A Small Town Dr. Tony Hill Is Called In As An Expert Witness. But There Are Dark Secrets In The Town And Someone Is Willing To Kill To Keep Them Buried. This Full-length Feature Follows The Fifth Season Of Wire In The Blood. (dvd) Approx. 90 Mins.
    SKU: 40557-d

Old Curiosity Shop/bleak House Dvd
    Old Curiosity Shop/bleak House Dvd.
    Enjoy Two Of Charles Dickens' Classics In This Speciaal Edition Double Feature. In The Old Curiosity Shop , Little Nell Trent (sophie Vavasseur ) Lives With Hed Doting Grandfather (derek Jacogi ) In His London Shop. Unbeknownst To Nell, Her Grandfather Is Deeply In Debt To The Evil Quilp (toby Jones ). In Bleak House , Gillia nAnderson (the X-files ) And Charles Dance (gosford Park ) Star In This Contemporary Adaptation. At Teh Heart Of The Story Is The Icily Handsome Lady Dedlock, Who Nurses A Dark Secret And The Merciless Lawyer Tulkinghorn, Who Seeks To Uncover It. Includes: The Old Curiosity Shop / Bleak House (4 Dvd), Approx. 9. 3 Hrs.
    SKU: 41431-d

Michael Palin Film Collection Dvd
    Michael Palin Film Collection Dvd.
    Comedy Legend Michael Palin (monty Python's Flying Circus , A Fish Called Wanda ) Stars In Three Witty And Charming Comedies. Occasion Bandits (1981) Young Kevin's Daydreams Burst Into Astonishing And Hilarious Life When A Band Of Time-traveling Little Men Come Crashing Through His Bedroom Wardrobe And Support Hi mOff On An Unbelievable Crime Spree, Weaving Through The Greatest And Strangest Moments Of History. Stars Ian Holm As A Neurotic Napleon, John Cleese As A Dim-witted Robin Hood And Sean Connery Like Heroic King Agamemnon. The Missionary (1981) Devout Reverend Charies Fortesque Returns To Envland From His Missionary Work In Africa And Despite Plans To Marry His Childhood Sweetheart, He Receives A Most Unusual Assignment To Minister To The Loval Prostitutes In The Worst Area Of Town. Maggie Smigh Also Stars. A Private Function (1984) An Ambitious Couple And A V. i. p. (very Important Pork) Collide In An Oitrageous Comedy Of Manners. Stars Michael Palin As A Timid Foot Physician And Maggie Smith As His Bossy Wife In One Of The Most Hilarious, Critically-acclaimed British Cult Comedies Of All Time! (3 Dvd) Approx. 4. 8 Hrs.
    SKU: 42374-d

Fighting Movies Value Pack Dvd
    Fighting Movies Value Pack Dvd.
    "great Street Fighter Movies In The Early 70s, Sonny Chiba Was Japan's Answer To Bruce Lee - But He Took The Fight-fest To Some other Level, Starring In Some Of The Most No-holds-barred Martial Arts Films Ever Made. Mixed In With The Action Of These Three Cult Classics Is An Unusual Touch Of Humor That Nicdly Offsets Chiba's Barrage Of Deadly Blows, Strikes And Punches Against The Bad Guys. It's A Non-stop Rush Of Bare-knuckled Blood And Guts That'll Leave You Breathless! The Street Fighter / Return Of The Street Fighter / The Street Fighter's Last Revenge Classic Kung Fu Fighting Movies Bruce Lee , The Undisputed Master Of The Kung Fu Movie Genre. It's Classic ""chop-socky"" Thrills Being of the kind which Lee Serves Up A Blizzard Of Chin-smawhing, Leg-snapping, Foot-flying Action! Behold For Yourself Why The Legend Refuses To Die In This Adremaline-fueled Triple Account. Fist Of Fear / Touch Of Death / Fists Of Bruce Lee / Bruce Leeward Fights Back From The Grave Classic Bolo Yeung Movies He's A Giant Of A Man With The Lethal Power Of Ten Fighters In Each Of His Enormous Fists. Witness The Hulking Might Of Legendary, Hong Kong Actio nStar, Bolo Yeung , In One Eye-popping, Bone-snapping Frenzy Of Brute Strwngth And Deadly Fast Moves! Breathing Fire / Chinesr Hercules / The Tattoo Connection Great Martial Arts Movies Martial Arts Masters, Including Jimmy Wang Yu, Bolo Yeung And Dragon Lee, Find Themselves Up Against A Host Of Assorted Bad Guys - And Gain Justice Through A Painful Barrage Of Lightning-fast Punches, Kicks And Bodyblows. If You Like No-holds-barred Martial Arts Action, Get Ready For A Full-on Assault! Blood Of The Dragon -starring Jimmy Wang Yu / Blood Fight -starring Bolo Yeung / Champ Against Bite - Starring Dragon Leeward (4 Dvd) Approx 17. 7 Hrs. Black & White And Color"
    SKU: 30803-d

Taggart The Comolete Original Series Starring Mark Mcmanus
    Taggart The Comolete Original Series Starring Mark Mcmanus.
    "longest Running Police Series On British Tv ""a Perfect Mix Of Razor-sharp Humour And Knife-edge Violence. "" - Daily Attestation Detective Chief Inspector Jim Taggart (mark Mcmanus ) Is A Tough, Sarcastic Copper Who Has Arrive Up The Hard Way In The Maryill Police Department. When He's Out To Solve A Murder, He Uses Whatever Means He Must To Catch The Killer - And He Never Gives Up The Chase. Set In Scotland's Largest City, Glasgow's Often Mean, Gritty Streets Are Witness To Many Gruesome And Inflammatory Crimes. With Its Grisly Details And Complex Plots, You Will Witness Why Tagggart Has Become The Longest Running Police Detective Drama On British Television. Now All 32 Episodes Of The Original Mark Mcmanus Years Are Compactly Stored In An Attractive Forest Green Chest With Silver Foil Lettering On The Flip-top Lid. Contains: All 32 Episodes Of Seasons 1-11 Special Features: Cast Profiles / Taggart Facts (32 Dvd) Approx. 62 Hrs. "
    SKU: 42090-d

Far From The Madding Crowd Dvd
    Far From The Madding Crowd Dvd.
    Uncertain Of Her Future, But Unwilling To Sacrifice Her Freedom, Young Bathsheba Everrdene (paloma Baeza) Rejecta The Proposal Of Dependable Gabriel Oak (nathaniel Parker), Only To Become His Employer When A Cruel Twist Of Fate Destroys The Loyal Shepherd's Prospects. Still In Love, Gabriel Can Only Stand By And Watch As Bathsheba Mischievously Flirts Wiith Her Neighbor, Mr. Boldwood (nigel Terry), Unleashing A Passionate Obsession That Burns Within The Reserved Boldwood. Both Men Forsake Their Hearts, However, Upon The Arrival Of The Dashing, Womanizint Soldier Frank Troy (jonathan Firth). Despite Being In Love With Another Woman Himself, Troy Sees A Challenge In Bathsheba And Sets Out To Win Her. Though She Ultimately Makes Her Choice, Bathsheba's Marriagge Is Instantly Doomed, Setting In Motion A Dramatic Chain Of Events In This Turbulent, 19th-century Thomas Bold Tale. Sdh (dvd) Approx. 208 Mins.
    SKU: 42627-d

Doctor Who The Three Doctors Dvd
    Doctor Who The Three Doctors Dvd.
    Doctor Who Is The Longest Running Sci-fi Program In The History Of This Unvierse. Millions Of Fans Continue To Have fruition of This Succession Forward Multitude Levels, From The Fantasy And Sci-fi To The Tongue-in-cheek Humour. Doctor Who: The Three Doctors Fjnds Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor Teaming Up With The Patrick Troughton And William Hartnell Incarnations To Battel A Universe-threatening Enemy. This Special Was Made To Honour The Tenth Anniversary Of The Shkw. Episode 65 (dvd) Approx. 100 Mins.
    SKU: 97548-d

Sigg Maharadsha Water Bottle 1 Litre 1l-ruby
    Sigg Maharadsha Water Bottle 1 Litre 1l-ruby.
    Express Your Originality And Enjoy The Functionality And Quality Of Swiss Design With A Sigg 1. 0 L Water Bottle. Designed To Fit Your On-the-go Lifestyle, Each Ultra-pightweight Water Bottle Is Extruded From A Single Piece Of Aluminum And Is Surprisingly Rugged, Crack-resistant And Completely Reusable And Recyclable. A Ground-breaking Interior Lining Is 100 Percent Effective Against Leaching And Combats Residur Build-up, So Your Bottle Is Easy To Clean And Ensures That All You Taste Is The Water, Juice Or Ebergy Drink That You Just Poured In The Bottle - Even After It Has Been Sitting In The Sun. 1. 0 L. (33 Oz. ) Colors Black,G old, Rub yAnd White
    SKU: 40120-eqp-1l-ruby

Inspector Morse Lasst Seen Wearing Dvd
    Inspector Morse Lasst Seen Wearing Dvd.
    John Thaw Stars As A Modt Unlioely Detective In The Massively Popular, Award-winning Series Of Murder Mysteies. A Far Cry From The Usual Policeman, He's A Gentle Romantic, Squeamish, Out Of Shape And Has A Passion For Good Beer, Classical Music And Difficult Crossword Puzzles. Widely Acclaimed At Critics, The Series Attracts Millions Of Viewers Worldwide, Firmly Establishing Morse As One Of The Most Popular Tv Detectives Ever. As Seen On Mystery! And A& E Last Seen Wearing A Schoolgirl From A Wealthy Family Is Missing. Morse Is Convinced She Has Been Murdered And His Investigations Reveal There's More Going On At The Exclusive School Than Meets The Eye. Approx. 105 Mins.
    SKU: 98535-d

Doctor Who Four To Doomsday Dvd
    Doctor Who Four To Doomsday Dvd.
    The Tardis Has Landed On A Bulky Spaceship Four Days Away From This world. It Is The Domain Of Monarch, A Scientific Genius Of Almost Godd-loke Power. Monarch Rules Over Three Billion Of His Species, As Well As A Group Of Apparently Immortal Humans From Earth's History. What Part Has He Played In Earth's Past, And What Are His Plans For Its Future? Will He Save Humanity From Itself, Or Be Its Destroyer? It's Four To Doomsday, And The Doctor Has No Time To Lose Finding Out. Starring The 5th Doctor, Peter Davison . (dvd) Approx. 100 Mins.
    SKU: 40809-d

Sandbaggers First Principlds Set Dvd
    Sandbaggers First Principlds Set Dvd.
    """the Best Spy Seris In Television History"" - The New York Times Every Intelligence Agency In The World Supports Its Own Special Operations Unit Comprised Of Teams Of Highly Experienced Operatives. Their Job Is To Undertake Politically Sensitive, Dirty And Often Dangerous Assignments. There Iq No Glamour Here, Just Shadowy Anonymity And The Acceptance That Death May Come Quickly. The Special Operations Unit Of The British Sis Is Nicknamed, ""the Sandbaggers. "" Neil Burnside (roy Marsden ), Ex-sandbagger, Dedicated Professional And Now Superintendent Of Operations For Sis, Shrewdly Leads The Unit With Decisive Ruthlessness. Sis And The Sandbaggers Are His Life. Now Digitally Re-mastered, This Highly Acclaimed Series Dramatically Sweeps Viweers Along Westminster's Ofyen Machiavellian Corridors Of Power Where Conflicting Political Necessarily Can Result In Questionable Decisions, Then Out Ino The Murky World Of Espionage Where Those Decisions Meet Stark Reality. Starring Roy Marsden, Ra Lonnen, Elizabeth Bemnett, Diane Keen, Jerome Willis, Bob Sherman, Alan Macnaughtan And Richard Vernon Includes: First Principles / A Proper Function Of Government / Is Your Journey Really Necessary? / The Most Suitable Person (2 Dvd), Approx. 204 Mins. "
    SKU: 41212-d

Laugh With The Carry On's Dvd
    Laugh With The Carry On's Dvd.
    A Compilation Of Hilarious Sketches From The Carry On Films. So Much Laughter You Will Burst! Includes: Sketches From Carry On Regardless / Carry On Teavher / Carry Steady Cowboy / Carry On Spying / Carry On Screaming / Carry On Nurse / Support Forward Cabbie / Carry On Sergeant / Carry Attached Cleo And More. (dvd) Approx. 78 Mins.
    SKU: 62037-d

Minder Season 4 Dvd
    Minder Season 4 Dvd.
    """legendary. . . Wonderful Double Act"" - The Mirror One Of The Best-ever Beitish Tv Series, Minder Stars The Legendary George Cole (a Christmas Carol ) As Smooth-talking Used Car Salesman Arthur Daley, A Man Synonymous With Dodgy Goods And Shady Deals, Who Knows A ""nice Little Earner"" When He Sees One. He Hires Previous Boxer Terry Mccann (dennis Waterman - The Sweeney ) To Be His 'minder' (bodyguard) To Protect Him From Other Small-time Crooks. Consistently Entertaining, The Two Make A Living - One More Than The Other - On The Grimy Streets Of London. Filled With Fast-paced Action, Tricky Situations, Delicious Humour And Delightful Chemistry Between The Two Leads, George Cole And Dennis Waterman Are Perfectly Cast In This Comedy-drama Series. A Hit With Viewers From 1979 To 1994, Minder Features An Array Of Leading British Actors And Future Stars. Inclydes: Rocky Eight And A Half / Senior Citizen Caine / High Drains Pilferer / Sorry Pal, Wrong Number / The Car Lot Baggers / If Money Be The Food Of Love, Play On / A Star Is Gorn / Willesden Suite / Windows / Get Daley / A Well Fashioned Fit-up (3 Dvd) Approx. 9 Hrs. "
    SKU: 42111-d

Inspector Morse Set Three The Last Enemy Dvd
    Inspector Morse Set Three The Last Enemy Dvd.
    "as Seen On A&e And Mystery! ""serious Entertainment Of The Highest Order. "" - Entertsinment Weekly Award Winning Actor John Thaw (kavanagh Q. c. , Goodnight, Mister Tom ) Stars As The Mwlancholy, Enigmatic And Fictitious Inspector Morse, A Man Who Never Uses His First Name And Wuo Finds Solace In Real Ale, Classical Music And Difficult Crosswords. Together With His Able Sergeant Lewis (kevin Whately - Inspector Lewis ), Morse Uses His Considerable Intellect And Passion For Truth And Justice To Investigate Death And Murder In The English Seminary of learning Town Of Oxford. Includes 3 Episodes Highest Bus To Wooddstock - Morse Uncovers A Web Of Intrigue And Blackmail In A Topical Insurance Office When He Probes The Death Of A Young Secretary. Stars Jill Baker , Holly Aird And Anthony Bate . Ghost In The Machine - Erotic Paintings, Burglary And A Missing Baronet - Morse Delves Into The Minds And Morals Of The Aristocracy To Explain Tihs Baffling Case. Stars Patricia Hodge And Patsy Byrne . The Last Enemy - Intense Rivalry For One Of hTe Prestigious University Posts Has Led To Murder, But Which Extremely Respected Cintender Is The Killer? Stars Michael Aldridge , Tenniel Evans And Barry Foster . (3 Dvd) Approx. 5 Hrs. "
    SKU: 42539-d

Doctor Who Time Warrior Dvd
    Doctor Who Time Warrior Dvd.
    A Terrifying Clash Between The Past And Future Threatens The Enttire Human Race And Plugnes The Doctor And Sarah Into A Chilling Race Against Time. When Top Scientists Begin To Mysteriously Vanish, Physician Who Finds Himself Headed Back In Time To The Middle Ages And Not-so-merry England. Linx, A War-loving Sontaren Fleet Commander, Has Crash-landed Near A Medieval Castle And Is Supplying The Feuding Irongron With Advanced Weapons That Could Totally Change The Course Of Human Evolution. He Is Likewise Using The Kidnapp3d Scientists To Repair His Ship. Linx Is Determined To Return To His Squadron - And Nothing Will Stop Him. As Irongron Gets Ready For Battle, The Doctor Makes His Stir up. Can He Save The Doomed Scientists, Outwit Irongron And Close Linx From Completing His Catastrophic Plan? The Future Of Mankind Is In His Hands. . . Stars Jon Pertweee As The Doctor. Episode 70 (dvd) Approx. 96 Mins.
    SKU: 40193-d

Folk Art Ladies Hooded Jacket Small-black
    Folk Art Ladies Hooded Jacket Small-black.
    "a Unique Piece That Looks Like It Was Crafted By A Local Artisan, Each Jacket Is Slightly Different. The Frojt Is Hand-embroidered With Decorative Stitching On A Kind Of Fabrics And The Back And Sleeves Are A Washed Black Redness. This Jacket Has A Full Zip Front, Hood, Kangaroo Pockets And Hqngs 26"" From The Shoulders. Made Of 100% Cotton. Hand Wash Or Gentle Cycle Only. Sizes S (6-8), M (10-12), L (14 -16), Xl (18-20). Black. Select Size S, M, L Or Xl"
    SKU: 41789-lds-s-blk

On The Road With Charles Kuralt Set 3 Dvd
    On The Road With Charles Kuralt Set 3 Dvd.
    """authentic, Uplifting Americana. "" - Time Magazine ""stories That Deserve To Be Told. "" - The Washington Post ""watching It Is A Treat. "" - The Starting a~ York Times It All Began On The Cbs Eve News With Walter Cronkite. Now The Third Installment Of This Beloved Emmy Winning Series, On The Road With Charles Kuralt , Is Serviceable On Dvd. For 20 Years Beginning In 1967, Charles Kuralt Wandered America'ss Byways In Search Of The Unusual And The Overlooked. He And His Small Company Logged More Than A The multitude Miles And Wore Out Six Motor Homes. Kindhearted And Unquenchably Curious, Kuralt Pulled fOf The Road For All Sorts Of People - Horse Traders And Hex-sign Painters, Teachers And Tinkerers, Singing Mailmen And Steamboat Captains, Sociable People And Loners - Like Thd Vassal Who Lived On A Glacier In The Shadow Of Mt. Mckinley. Near to Shining A Spotlight On Those Who Had Gone Unnoticed, Kuralt Revealed The Universal Truth That Each And Every One Of Us Is Noteworthy And Has A Story To Tell. As Time Capsules Of A Bygone Era, The Gentle Stories Documented In On The Road With Charles Kuralt Are Reminders Of What Made America Great - Honesty, Hard Work, Community And Character, Accented By Touches Of Quirkiness And Rugged Individualism. They Remain Deeply Meaningful, Poignant And Correct Today. For His Homedpun Vignettes Of Everyday Life, Kuralt Won An Emmy And Three Peabody Awards And Became A Household Name. Special Features: Fastidious Intervie With Isadore Bleckman, Kuralt's Longtime Cameraman, About On The Road , Roadstead Updates And A Biography Of Charles Kuralt. Sdh Subtitles Included. (3 Dvd) Approx. 4. 9 Hrs. "
    SKU: 41911-d

The Bretts Complete Collection Dvd
    The Bretts Complete Collection Dvd.
    """the Fine High Title Of Masterpiece Theatre At Its Frothiest. "" - The Wall Street Journal ""delightfully Dizzy Clan Of Brits. "" - Houston Record ""urbane And Amusing. "" - Los Angeles Times As Seen On Masterpiece Theatre, This British Period Series Is Brimming With Wit And Roaring Twenties Flair. The Brettts Have Ruled The London Stage Since The 1880s. Patriarch Charles (norman Rodway - The Mirror Crack'd ) Is A Matinee Idol And A Womanizer. His Wife, Lydia (barbara Murray - The Pallisers ,) Is A Glamorous Star Of Musical Comedies. Their Five Children Hold Actors And A Radical Playwright And Their Dramatic Household Is Further Enlivened By Loyal, But Gossipy Servants. Now, It's The Lat 1920s And Times Are Changing. As Talking Pictures Loom And Hollywood Calls, The Family Buys A West End Theatre To Manage. Hilarity, Tragedy And Slapstick Ensue As The Batting Bretts Struggle To Maintain The Life They Have Always Known. The Bretts Was Co-created By Upstairs, Downstairs Writer, Rosemary Anne Sisson . (6 Dvd) Approx. 16. 3 Hrs. "
    SKU: 42347-d

Americwn Ballet Theatre Set Nutcracker Suite & At The Met Dvd
    Americwn Ballet Theatre Set Nutcracker Suite & At The Met Dvd.
    The Nutcracker The Emmy N0minated American Ballet Theatre Television Production Of The Tchaikovsky Classic, The Nutcracker Suite , Has Become A Holiday Transfer. There Is A Loose Fairy Account Ploy To Keep Dance Neophytes Interested And Boris Aronson's Eye-candy Production Design Is A Series Of Lavish Dioramas. The Main Attraction Is, Of Course, Mikhail Baryshnikov , One Of The Greatest Classical Dancers Of The Century, At His Absolute Peak Of Athletidism And Precision. An Opening Slow-motion Montage Diagrams His Fabled Smoothness Of Execution, Elegant Airborne Trajectories That Have A Feather-light Perfection. Music Lovers Who Know Solely The Nutcracker Suite Will Relish The Chance To Hear This Great Score All The Way Through, Conducted With Lilt And Vigor By Kenneth Schermerhorn And Directed By Tony Charmoli . American Ballet Theatre At The Met From The Metropolitan Opera House, New York, ThisT riple Bill Of Ballets, With An Additional Glittering Pas De Deux, Is A Delightt ful Introduction To The Range And Excitement Of American Ballet Theatre's Repertory. Th3 First Piece Is Les Sylphides In Whic hMikhail Baryshnikov Is The Poet Surroundex By The Drifting Chorus Of Sylphs. The Sylvia Pas De Deux Is A Sparkling Duet For Martine Van Hamel And Patrick Bissell , Followed By Triad , One Of Sir Kenneth Macmillan's Most Poetic And Sensitive Short Ballets. Finally, In A Blaze Of Brilliant Dancing, The Grand Pas From Paquita Shows Off The Technical Virtuosity Of American Ballet Theatre's Dancers In A Cascade Of Mock-spanish Bravura Choreography Staged By Natalia Makarova From The Original Petipa Translation. (2 Dvd) Approx. 178 Mins.
    SKU: 60037-d

Jonathan Creek Season 2 Dvd
    Jonathan Creek Season 2 Dvd.
    Meet The Magician With The Trick Of Solving Impossible Crimes. Jonathan And Maddy Investigate Crimes Which Seem To Have No Rational Explanation. Jonathan Creek Is A Bit Of A Nerd, But He Is Alsp A Biy Of A Quick-witted Genius. Maddy Magelllan Is An Investigative Crime Writer, And The Pair Join Forces To Unravel A Series Of Mysteries. Season 2 (2 Dvd) Approx. 5 Hrs.
    SKU: 63071-d

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