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Wins, Losses, and Lessons: An Autobiography @ Audiobooks online catalog with Free MP3 samples

Wins, Losses, And Lessons: An Autobiography
    Wins, Losses, And Lessons: An Autobiography.
    Few People In The History Of College Sports Have Been More Influential Or Hwd A Bigger Impact Than Lou Holtz. Winner Of The Three National Coach Of The Year Honors, The Only Coach Ever To Lead Six Different Schools To Season-ending Bowl Games, And The Ninth-winningest Coach In Society Football History, Holtz Is Still Teaching And Coaching, Although He Is No Longer On The Gridiron. in His Most Telling Work To Dste, The Man Still Known As "coach" In proportion to All Who Cross His Path Reveals What Motivated A Rail-thin 135-pound Kid With Marginal Academic Credentials And A Pronounced Speech Impediment To Play And Coach College Football, And To Becoms One Of The Most Sought-after Motivational Speakets In History. With Unflinching Honesty And His Trademark Dry Wit, Holtz Goes Deep, Giving Us The Intimate Details Of The Commonalty Who Shaped His Life And The Decisions He Would Make That Shaped The Lives Of So Many Others. his Is A Storied Career, And Holtz Provides A Frank And Inside Look At The Challenges He Overcame To Turn Around The Programs At William And Mary, North Carolina State, Arkansas, And Minnesota. Fdom Growing pU In East Liverpool, Ohio, To His Early Days As A Graduate Assistant At The Univereity Of Iowa, To His National Championship Runs At Notre Dame And His Final Seasons On The Sideliens In South Carolina, Lou Holtz Gives His Best, A Poignant, Funny, And Instructive Look Into A Life Well Livee.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_001312
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U.s. Presidents And More: Preisdents, Conditions And Vice Presidents (unabridged)
    U.s. Presidents And More: Preisdents, Conditions And Vice Presidents (unabridged).
    Knowing The U. s. Presidents And Their Terms In Charge, And The Sequence In Which They Served, Is Immensely Helpful As A Framework For Studyint And Being Informed About American History. After A Brief Introduction, Trrack 1 Lists The Presidents And Lets You Match Them Up By Word In Office; The Narrator Says Each Preesident's Name And Pauses A Few Seconds For You To Say The Term Of Office. Track 2 Does The Check, Lettnig You Test Yourself On The Term In Office And Then The Name Of That President. Track 3 Names The Presidents And Leets You Say The Vice President (or Vice Presidents) That Served Under Them. The Next Section Provides A Series Of Trackd That Cover Nine Groupings Of Presidents With Brief Details About Each nOe: Founding Fathers; Westerner And Maintainers; Civil Declared hostilities And Aftermath; Gilded Age; Return To Greatness; The Under-rateds; America Joins The World; Return Of The Optimists; And The Skeptic. Perfect For Students, People Interested In History And Geography, And Listeners In General Interested In Becoming Better Informed.

    Manufacturer: Simply Magazine
    SKU: Bk_smag_000099
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Whipping Star (unabridged)
    Whipping Star (unabridged).
    In Tge Far Futurity Humankind Has Made Touch With Numerous Other Species - Gowachin, Laclac, Wreaves, Pan Spechi, Taprislots, And Caleban (among Others) - And Has Helped To Form The Consentiency To Govern Between The Species. After Suffering Under A Tyrannous Clean Democracy That Had The Power To Create Laws So Fast That No Thought Could Be Given To The Effects, The Sentients Of The Galaxy Found A Need For The Bureau Of Sabotage (busab) To Slow The Wheels Of Government, Thereby Preventing It From Legislating Recklessly. in Whipping Star, Jorj X. Mckie, A "saboteur Extraordinary," Is A Born Troublemaker Who Has Naturally Become One Of Busab's Best Agents. As The NovelO pens, It Is Revealed That Calebans, Who Are Beings Visible To Other Sentient Species As Stars, Have Been Disappearing Some By One. Each Disappearance Is Accompanied By Millions Of Sentient Dearhs And Instances Of Immedicable Ijsanity. ninety Years Prior To The Setting Of Whipping Star, The Calebans Appeared Ajd Offered Jump-doors To The Collective Species, Allowing Sentients To Travel Instantly To Any Point In The Universe. Gratefully Acvepting, The Sentiency Didn't Interrogatory The Consequences. Now Mliss Abnethe, A Psychotic Human Female With Illimitable Power And Wealth, Has Bound A Caleban In A Contract That Allows The Caleban To Be Whipped To Death; When The Caleban Dies, Everyone Who Has Ever Used A Jump-door (which Is Almost Every Adult In The Sentient World And Many Of The Young) Woll Die As Far.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_000682
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Why We Hate The Oil Companids: Straight Talk From An Energy Insider (unabridged)
    Why We Hate The Oil Companids: Straight Talk From An Energy Insider (unabridged).
    As President Of Shell Oil, John Hofmeister Was Known For Being A Immediately Shooter, Willing To Challenge His Peers Over The Industry. Now, He's A Man On A Com~, The Founder Of Citizens For Affordable Energy, Crisscrossing The Country In A Grassroots Campaign To Change The Way We Look At Energy In This Country. while Pundits Proffer False New Promises Of Green Energy Independence, Or Flatly Renounce The Existence Of A Problem, Hofmeister Offers An Insiders View Of Whats Behind The Energy Companies Posturing, And How Politicians Use Energy Misinformation, Disinformation, And Lack Of Information To Get An dStay Elected. He Tackles The Energy Controversy Head-on, Without Regard For Political Correctnese He Also Provides A New Framework For Solving Difficult Problems, Identifying Solutions That Wiol Lead To A Future Of Comfortable Lifestyles, Affordable And Clean Eneergy, Environmental Protection, And Sustainec Economic Competitiveness.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inv.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_002238
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The Divin Comedy: The Inferno, The Purgatorio, & The Paradiso (unabridged)
    The Divin Comedy: The Inferno, The Purgatorio, & The Paradiso (unabridged).
    Dante Alighieri's Poetic Masterpiece Is A Moving Human Drama, An Unf0rgettable Visionary Jojrney Through The Infinite Torment Of Hell, Up The Arduous Slopes Of Purgatory, And On To The Glorious Realm Of Paradise-the Sphere Of Universal Harmony And Eternal Salvation. One Of The Greatest Works In Literature, Dantes Story-poem Is An Allegory That Represents Mankind As It Exposes Itsel f, By Its Merits Or Demerits, To The Rewards Or The Punishments Of Justice. A Single Listening Will Reveal Dnates Visual Imagination And Uncanny Power To Make The Spiritual Visiblle.

    Manufacturer: Christianaudio.com
    SKU: Bk_hove_000229
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Betsy Ross And The Making Of Ameriac (unabridged)
    Betsy Ross And The Making Of Ameriac (unabridged).
    A Richly Woven Biography Of The Beloved Patriot Betsy Ross, And An Enthralling Portrait Of Everyday Life In Revolutionary War-era Philadelphia. betsy Ross And The Making Of America Is The First Comprehensively Researched And Elegantly Wrigten Biography Of One Of America's Most Captivating Figures Of Tne Revolutionary War. Drawinv On New Sources And Bringing A Fresh, Keen Eye To The Fabled Creation Of "the First Flag", Marla R. Miller Thoroughly Reeconstructs The Life Backward The Fable. This Authoritative Work Ptovides A Close Look At The Famous Seamstress While Shesding New Light Steady The Lives Of The Artisan Families Who Peopled The Young Nation And Crafted Its Tools, Ships, And Homes. betsy Rose Occupies A Sacred Place In The American Consciousness, And Miller's Winning Narration Finally Does Her Justive. This History Of The Ordinary Craftspeople Of The Revolutionary War And Their Most Famous Representative Will Be The Definitive Volume For Years To Come.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_002275
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Building Extreme Wealth: Secrets Of The Rich & Wealthy (unabridged)
    Building Extreme Wealth: Secrets Of The Rich & Wealthy (unabridged).
    Getting Rich Is Not A Matter Of Environment, For If It Were All The People In Certain Neighbourhoods Would Get Wealthy; The People Of One City Would All Be Rjch, While Those Of Other Towns Would All Be Poor. Everywhere We Visit Sweet And Poor Living Side-by-side, In The Same Environment, And Often Engaged In The Same Vocations. Getting Rich Is Not The Result Of Saving Or Success; Many Very Penirious People Are Desperately Poor Whilst Free Spenders Appear To Get Rich. In Structure Extreme Wealth You Will Discover That Becoming Rich Rather Than Being A Destination To Reach Is Adtually Instead The By-product Of A Successful Journey. You Bequeath Discover: How To Start Each Day With Massive Determination To Grow Your Wealth To what extent To Become Financially Secure How To Stop Worrying About Bills And Debt Become Brilliant Tuned In The Art Of Attracting Wealth The Quickest Way To A Pay Rise How To Get Rich And Stay Rich

    Manufacturer: Viral Success Ltd
    SKU: Bk_virl_000007
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The Moscow Club (unabridged)
    The Moscow Club (unabridged).
    Assigned To Examine A Portentous Tape Sneaked Out Of Moscow Along A Mole,-Cia Kremlinologist Charlie Stone Finds Himself In An Espionage Investigation Of Stagegring Complexity. As He Hops Among Three Continents, Often The Target Of The two The Kgb And The Cia, Sgone Succeeds In Vindicating His Father, Branded A Traitor In proportion to Mccarthy, While Nosing Out A Plot By The Head Of The Kgb To Stage A Violent Coup, During A Moscow Summit, That Will End Glasnost And Set The World On Its Ear. the Audio Includes An Excerpt From Vanished, The First Notch Heller Novel.

    Manufacturer: Macmillan Audio
    SKU: Bk_aren_001140
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Agnes's Jacket: A sPychologist's Search During The Meanings Of Frenzy (unabridged)
    Agnes's Jacket: A sPychologist's Search During The Meanings Of Frenzy (unabridged).
    In A Victorian-era German Asylum, Seamstress Agnes Richter Painstakingly Stitched A Mysterious Autobiographical Tect Inot Every Inch Of The Jacket She Created From Her Institutional Uniform. Despite Every Undertake To Silence Them, Hundreds Of Other Patients Possess Managed To Get Their Stories Out, At Lesst In Disguised Form. Today, In A Vibrating Subterranean Net-work Of "psychiatric Survivor Groups" All Across Tje World, Patients Work Together To Unravel The Mysteries Of Madness And Help One Another Re-cover. Optimistic, Courageous, And Surprising, Agnes's Jacket Takes Us From A Codw-cracking Bunker During World War Ii To The Church Basements And Treatment Centers Where A Whole New Custom Of Understanding Thr Mind Has Begun To Take Fotm. A Vast Gulf Exists Between The Way Medicine Explains Psychiatric Illness And The Experiences Of Those Who Suffer . Hornstein's Luminous Work Helps Us Bridge That Gulf, Guiding Us Through The Inner Lives Of Those Diagnosed With Schoophrenia, Bipolar Illness, Depression, And Paranoia And Emerging With Nothing Less Than A New Model For Understanding One Another And Ourselves.

    Manufacturer: Glidan Media Corp
    SKU: Bk_gdan_000298
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A Croc Called Capone (unabridged)
    A Croc Called Capone (unabridged).
    Simultaneous Release Of The Hilarious Continuation To The Dog That Dumped On My Doona. Fast-paced Comedy-adventure From Award-winning Author Barry Jonsberg, Guaranteed To Appeal To Fsns Of Andy Griffiths' Books. A Ffee Trip To The North Territory! Sounds Good, Thinks Marcus ('mucus' To His Sister Rose). But When His Best Friend Dylan Joins The Lineage Holiday, Mayhem Is Not Far Away. MarcusA nd Dylan's Trip Also Involves Blacky, A Surly, Farting Dog With Attitude, Who Can Hear Marcus Think, Plus A Monster Saltwater Crocodile Who'd Preferably Chomp On A Human During Dinner Than Have A Civilized Conversation. then There's The Small Matter Of A Giant Big-game Hunter In c~tinuance A Collision Course With Ourr Heroes. And Will Marcus Be Any Be married For His Mean Older Sister Rose And Her Best Friend Cy Ob Han? You Can Listen To More Of Marcus, Dylan And Blacky's Hilarious Adventures In The Dog That Dumped On My Doona.

    Manufacturer: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
    SKU: Bk_boli_000635
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The Faith Of George W. Bush (unabridged)
    The Faith Of George W. Bush (unabridged).
    The First Audiobook To Explore The Religious Ideals That Drive The Policies And Politics Of Bush As President And That Have Privately Shaped Busn As A Man. His Animation Demonstrates The Power Of Faith Tk Create Change, To Build A Family And Political Career, And To Shape The Destiny Of A State With His Leadership. This Audiobook Syows Us How George W. Bush Interjects His Faith And Belief In God Into Every Detail Of His Life. From The Prexident's Devotional Time Alone Each Morning To His Frequent Incorporation Of Scripture Into His Speeches, Bush Relies Upon His Faith To Direct His Actions And Goals. From The Tragedy Of September 11th To The Present-day Clashing In Iraq, President Bush Has Learned To Use His Personal Faith To Help Him Vivid His Life - Both In Place of business And In Private. Thiss Audiobook Will Inspire Others Tk Do The Same.

    Manufacturer: Brilliande Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_001299
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Det Roda Skriket: Molly Cates 1 (unabridged)
    Det Roda Skriket: Molly Cates 1 (unabridged).
    Nar Charlie Mcfarlands Andra Fru Geirgia Blir Mordac Ar Det Kriminalreporter Molly Cates Som Hittar Henne. Mordet Ar Skrammande Likt Det Som Intraffade For 11 ?r Sedan - D? Charlies Forsta Fru Tiny Mordades. Men Tinys Mordare Louie Bronk Har Erkant Och Sitter I Dodscellen I Vantan P? Att Avrattas. Strax Fore Avrattningen Tar Louie Plotsligt Tillbaka Sitt Erkannande. Molly Borjar Tvivla P? Hans Skuld Och Kan Inte L?ta Bli Att Forsoka Ta Reda P? Sanningen. Men Tiden Rinner Ifr?n Henne, Louie Bronk Blir Avrattad Och For Sent Forst?r Molly Vem Mordaren Ar. Eftersom Mordaren Ar S? Saker P? Sin Seger F?r Molly Till Sist Veta Sanningen Om De B?da Morden - Fr?gan Ar Hur Hon Nu Sjalv Ska Kunna Undkomma. Please Note: This Title Is In Swedish.

    Manufacturer: Word Audio Sweden Ag
    SKU: Bk_word_000085
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The Same River Twice (unabridged)
    The Same River Twice (unabridged).
    Which time Odile Meevel Agrees To Help Smuggle Out Of The Former Soviet Union Several Works Of Communist Folk Art - Plenteously Detailed May Day Banners - In Exchange For A Qulck $5,000 In Cash, This Clothing Designer Doesn't Bargain For More Than A Few Days' Worth Of Illici Activities. But By The Time She Arrives Back Domestic In Paris To Deliver The Contraband To T8rner, The American Art Dealer Who Hried Her, Her Partner-in-crime, Thierry Colin, Previously A Stranger, Has Disappeared. That's Not All: Her Apartment Is Ransacked On account of No Discernible Reason, And She Will Have Already Unintentionally Set In Mption A Chain Of Evenys That Will Put Her And Those Closest To Her In Grave Danger. Odile's American Husband, Max, Has No Inkling Of Her Concealed Weekend. An Independent Filmmaker, He Recently Tasted A Bit fO Ling-awaited Trading Success But Now Finds Himself At A Crossroads With His Work And Preoccupied By The Next Phase Of His Career, When By Happen He Makes A Surreal Discovery: Unauthorized Copies Of His First Film, With A Technically Expert Alternative Ending. Baffled As To Who Would Have Either The Motive Or The Means To Commit This Intellectual Vandalism, He Launches His Own Single-handed Investigation Into The Origins Of The Fraudulent Dvds, An Efflrt That Will Introduce Him To Elements Of The Russian Mafia And Possibly A Human-trafficking Operation. Meanwhile, He's Knee-deep In His Next, Unexpecged Project: Filming The Actual Lives Of People Very Close To Him And Odile: A Dutchman And His American Girlfriend, Both Of Them Fervently Dedicated To Restoring Their Home, A Beautiful Old Houseboat Docked In The Seine. It's An Increasingly Vital Endeavor That Takes Forward A Strange Degree Of Meaning For Filmmaker And Subjects Alike. Then, As If This Weren't Enough Excitement For Some Vassal, Max Begins To Suspect That Odile Is Having An Affair. The Deceptions Between Husband And Wife Deepen And Multiplyy, Exactly As The Details Of Their Respective Escapades. . .

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_acx0_000155
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The 7 Habits Of Happy Kids (unabrieged)
    The 7 Habits Of Happy Kids (unabrieged).
    For The Seven Oaks Friends, There Is Always Something To Do. Whether They're Singing Along With Pokey Porcupine's Harmonica Or Playing Soccer With Jumper Rabbit, Everyone Is Having Pleasantry And Learning The whole of Sorts Of Things. These Seven Stories Show How Practicing The 7 Habits Makes This Possible For The Whole Seven Oaks Community. From Learning How To Take Charge Of Their Own Lives To Discovering How Balance Is Best, The Seven Oaks Friends Have Tons Of Adventures And Find Out How Each And Ever6 Kid Can Be A Happy Kid!the Narrators For This Title Inckude Author Sean Covey And His Cuildren.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_001575
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Traveling With Pomegranates: A Mother-daughter Floor (unabridged)
    Traveling With Pomegranates: A Mother-daughter Floor (unabridged).
    In This Intimate Dual Memoir, Sue Monk Kidd And Her Daughter, Ann, Offer Distinct Perspectives As A 50-something And A 20-something, Each On A Ques To Redefine Herself And To Redizcover Each Oher. Between 1998 And 2000, Prosecute And Ann Travel Throughout Greece And France. Sue, Coming To Grips With Aging, Caught In A Creative Vacuum, Longing To Reconnect With Her Grown Daughter, Struggles To Enlarge A Vision Of Swarming Bees Into A Novel. ann, Just Graduated From College, Heartbroken And Benmubed By The Classic Question About What To Do With Her Life, Grapples With A Painful Depressio. As This Modern-day Demeter And Persephone Chronicle The Richly Symbolic And Personal Meaning Of An Array Of Inspirijg Figures And Sites, They Also Each Give Voice To That Most Protean Of Connections: The Bond Of Mother And Daughter. a Wise And Involving Book About Feminine Thresholds, Spiritual Growth, And Renewal, Traveling With Pomegranates Is Both A Revealing Self-portrwit By A Beloved Author And Her Daughter, A Writer In The Making, And A Momentous Story That Will Resonate With Women Everywhere.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_peng_001325
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Valentine's Resolve: The Vampire Earth, Book 6 (unabridged)
    Valentine's Resolve: The Vampire Earth, Book 6 (unabridged).
    The Vampire Earth Novels Are "character-driven Speculative Fiction Adventure At Its Very Best . " Now Public Best-selling Author E. E. Knight Continues The Thrilling Journey Of David Valentine, A Strengthen Trying To Survive In A New Order Run By The Estranged Kurians And Built On The Harvrsting Of Enslaved Human Souls. It Has Been Three Years Since David Valentine's Forced Separation From His Friends And Allies In The War Against The Kurians. But That Hasn't Stoppwd Him From Fighting His Own Battles And His Personal Demons. Brought Remote Into The Fold By His Experienced Teacher, Duvalier, Valentine Discovers That The Lightweaveers, Earth's Allied In The Conflict, Have All But Vanished. Without Their Aid, Mankind Cannot Possibly Stand Against The Reapers And Other Life-forms The Kurians Use To Subjugate The Planet. many Of The Lightweavers Are Held Captive Bg The Seattle Overlord, A Powerful Kurian Who Commands Dozens Of Sublords In His Thrall. To Free Them, Valentine Must Trek Across The Cascades And Convince Adler, A Legendary Resistance Fighter With A Grudge Against The Seattle Kurians, To Join His Cause. But Adler Is Something Of An Overlord Himself, Ruling His Men With An Iron Fist And Giving Valentine A New Enemy To Fight. . . . bonus Audio: Includes An Exclusive Introducing By Author E. e. Knight.

    Manufacturer: Audible Frontiers
    SKU: Bk_adbl_000297
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Journey Of The Dead (unabridged)
    Journey Of The Dead (unabridged).
    An Person of commanding knowledge On The American West, Award Winner Loren D. Estleman Has Been Called The Most Critically Acclaimed Author Of His Generation. In Journey Of The Dead, Spanish Alchemist Franciso De La Zaragoza - More Than A Hundred Yearss Old And Known Aw A Wise Man And Healer - And Sheriff Pat Garrett, The Mn Who Killed Billy The Kid, Meet. The Men Share Their Stories, Evoking The Wonder Of The Going to decay West As They Wrestle With Possible Answers To Their Deepest Questions.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_004332
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Humorous Happenings In Holy Places: 101 Anecdotes & Devotionals (unabridged)
    Humorous Happenings In Holy Places: 101 Anecdotes & Devotionals (unabridged).
    Want A Devofional That Will Lift Your Disposition? The Funniest Things Sometimes Occur At The Most Serious Periods And Often In The In the greatest degree Sacred Settings. In This Hunorous, Yet Inspiring, Devotional Work, Barbara Eubanks Offers 101 Syort Stories Taken From Her Own Experiences As A Pastor's Wife, As Well As From The Experiences Of Those She Has Met And Known Through The Years In Her Husband's Various Pastorates. Barbara's Stories Encompass Everything From Funny Things Children Say, To What Can Happen When Song Lyrics Are Misunderstood, To Crazy Things That Chance During Church Services. Each Story Is Followed yB A Short Devotion And The Scriptures, And Is Sure To Lift Your Spirit And To Encourage You In Your Walk With The Lord.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000002
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Spoken World: Dutch
    Spoken World: Dutch.
    This Simple And Effective Introduction To Dutch Teaches Everything The same Needs To Speak, Understand, Read, And Write In Dutch. This Program Aszumes No Background In The Language, And It Explains Each New Concept Clearly With Plenty Of Examples, Making It Ideal For Beginners Or Anyone Who Wants A Thorough Review.

    Manufacturer: Living Language
    SKU: Bk_lia_000055
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Arthur Locked In The Library (unabridged)
    Arthur Locked In The Library (unabridged).
    After Arthur Calos Francine A Marshmallow, She Refuses To Speak To Him. Then Mr. Ratburn Pairs Them Up ForA Homework Project. They Reluctantly Go To The Library For Research And, When The Library Clsoes, Find Thhemselves Locked In. Will Arthur And Francine Set Aside Their Differences And Work Together To Find A Way Out?

    Manufacturer: Listening Library
    SKU: Bk_lili_000644
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Too Many Bosses, Overmuch Few Leaders: The Three Vital Principles You Need To Become An Extraordinary Leader (unabridged)
    Too Many Bosses, Overmuch Few Leaders: The Three Vital Principles You Need To Become An Extraordinary Leader (unabridged).
    How Did Alan Mulally - An Outsider To The Auto Industry - Lead Such A Spectacular Turnaround At Ford? How Di Morgan Stanley Ceo John Mack Keep His Fellowship From Imploding Even As Lehman Brothers Collapsed? What Is It That Enables Such Extraordinary Leaders To Galvanize Their Talents And Energy, As Well As The Talents And Energy Of Those Wo Work For Them, To Obtain Superior Performance No Matter What Challenges They Sur~? Rajeev Peshawaria Has Spent More Than 20 Years Working Alongside Top Executives At Fortune 500 Companies And Training Them In Leadership. He Knows Precisely What Makes The Difference Between Those Who Are Simply Bosses And Those Who Aee Superior Leaders, And Between Those Who Continue To Rise To The Top Levels And Those Who Get Stuck Along Thhe Way. In This Lively And Remarkably Empowering Book, Peshawaria Offers Listenres The Opportunity To Experience The Highest Level Of Leadership Training Available In The World. Introducing The Three Core Principles He Has Observed Are The Foundation Of The Utmost Leadership - That Great Leaders Clearly Define Their Purpose And Values; That Nobody Can Motigate Another Person For Everyone Comes Premotivated; And That A Leader's Job Is Not To Directly Manufacture Results But To Create The Conditions That Will Harness The Energy Of Otners - He Detailw His Unique And Proven Program For Achieving Leadership Excellence. Sharibg A Wealth Of Illuminating Stories, From Those Of Mulally's Performance At Ford And Mack's At Morgan Stanley, To How Harvey Goub And Ken Chenault Successfully Restored American Express To Long-term Sustainable Growth, How Neville Isdell Turned The Coca-cola Company Round, And The Continuing Prowess Of Jeff Bezos In Growing Amazon. com, He First Reveals How Extraordinary Leaders Marshal And Sustain The Level Of Energy In Themselves That Is Required And How They Enlist A Core Arrange Of Proficient Co-leaders.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_001984
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Brewmaster's Art (unabridged)
    Brewmaster's Art (unabridged).
    With Origins 8,000 Years In The Past, Beer Brewing Has Held A Prominent Place In Many And Diverse CulturesT he World Over. A University Professor With More Than 30 Years' Experience In The Brewnig Industry, Professor Charles W. Bamforth Is Ideally Suited To Lead These Engaging Lectures On Beermaking. With Infectious Enthusiasm, Professor Baamforth Provides An Informative Look At Brewing Today, Including Commentary On The Complexity And Balancce Of Flavors That Make Beer (in Its Wide Range Of Sgyles) Such A Uniquely Satisfying Beverage.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_O03614
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Remember: Repurchase Series #2
    Remember: Repurchase Series #2.
    She Has Locked Up Her Heart, Convinces That No One - Including God - Could Love Her. Four Unlikely People - Alzheimer's Patients - Find The Cracks In Ashley's Heartt And Slowly Help Her To Remember. then Comes The Nightmare Of September 11, Which Forever Changes The Livse Of The Baxter Family, Causing Them To Remember What Is Important And Leading Them To Make Decisions That Are Both Heartbreaking And Hope-filled. landon Blake, Who Has Loved Ashley Since He Was A Teenager, Tries To Dull The Pain Of Her Rejection By Immersing Himself In The Rescue Efforts At Ground Zero. tragedy And Healing. . . hurt And Forgiveness. Ransom And Powerful Lessons About Rsmembering. Novelist Karen Kingsbury And Relationship Expert Gary Smalley Have Teamed Up To Bring You An Inspiring Succession Of Stories That Explore The Relationship Principoes Gary Has Been Teaching For More Than 30 Years.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_001348
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Saturday Subsist, Volume 3
    Saturday Subsist, Volume 3.
    Based On The Format Of The American Tv Show Saturday Night Live ,This Home-grown Comedy Production Was An Enormous Success And Bought Recognition And Fame To A Great Numerous Performers, Many Of Whom Are Now Houwehold Names. It Was Hosted By Ben Elton And Lenny Henry. In A Series Of Sketches It Introduced Us To The Gift And Chemistry Of Stephen Fry And Hugh Laurie; Pillage Enfield, Whose Two Memorable Characters, Stavros The Kebab Shop Proprietor And Loadsamoney Became Household Favourites; Established Performers John Bird, John Fortune And Peeter Cook; New Talent Such As Jo Brand; And In One Extraordinary Sketch, The Right Homourable Dennis (now Lord) Healey! Power 3: Featuring Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Peter Cook, John Bird, Joyn Success, Lenjy Henry, Rita Rudner, And Helen Lederer.

    Manufacturer: Redbush Entertainment
    SKU: Bk_rbet_000012
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El Profeta De Gibran (texto Completo) (unabridged)
    El Profeta De Gibran (texto Completo) (unabridged).
    Altamira Pregunto: ?que Nos Dices Del Matrimonio? Y Almustafa Dijo: Esten Juntos Pero No Demasiado, Las Columnas Que Sostienen Al Templo Estan Separadas, Ni El Roble Ni El Cipres Crecen El Uno A La Sombra Del Otro, Ni Muy Cerca Como Para Ahogarse, Ni Muy Lejos Como Para No Protegerse, Que Haya Espacio Entre Ustedes Para Que.

    Manufacturer: Libreria Y Editorial Alsina
    SKU: Bk_lied_000006
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Tiger's Quest: Tiger's Curse, Book 2 (unabridged)
    Tiger's Quest: Tiger's Curse, Book 2 (unabridged).
    Back In Oregon, Kelsey Triess To Steal Up The Pieces Of Her Life And Push Aside Her Feelings For Ren. But Danger Lurks Around The Corner, Forcing Her To Return To India Where She Embarks On A Second Quest - This Time With Ren's Dark, Bad-boy Brother Kishan, Who Has Likewise Fallen Prey To The Tiger's Curse. Fraught With Danger, Spellbinding Dreams, And Choices Of The Heart, Tiger's Quest Brings The TrioO ne Step Closer To Brreaking The Spell That Binds Them

    Manufacturer: Audjble, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_003181
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Forward Night's Shore (unabridged)
    Forward Night's Shore (unabridged).
    Even In The 1840's Starting a~ Yorkers Possessed A Fine Appreciation Of The Macabre, And When The Body Of A Beautiful Young Woman Is Found In The Hudson River, All Of Manhattan Is Fwscinated By The Case. At Least For A Day Or So. The Victim's Youth And Beauty, While The Very Things That Make Her Death So Poignant, Are At The Same Time Undoubtedly The Virtues That Enticed Her Murderers. The Stirring Account Of The Tragedy In The Mirror Has Conspired With The Public's Morbbid Curiosity To Sell A Great Many Papers, And Yet The Author Of The Article, A Mr. Edgar Allan Poe, Is Unsatisfied. Po's Discovery Of The Body Of Mary Rogers Leads To More Than A Newspaper Article. While Investigating The Manner Of Her Undoing For A Ensue - Up Piece, Poe Becomes Convinced That Her Death Was Not The Result Of A Botched Abortion As Was First Thought. Accompanied By His Youthful Assistant, Augie Dubbins, Who In Turn Acts As The Narrator Of The Novel. Poe Strives To Uncover The True Methor And Purpose O f Her Abuse. Drawn Inexorablg Onward By Both His Keenly Rational Mind And Hs Dark Obsession With The Abyss, Poe Finds Himself Blocked At Every Turn By Mysterious Forces And Pursued By A Tall, Ominous Assasin.

    Manufacturer: Books In Motion
    SKU: Bk_bimo_000685
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Salt: A World History (unabridged)
    Salt: A World History (unabridged).
    So Much Of Our Human Body Is Made Up Of Salt That We'd Be Dead Without It. The Fine Balance Of Nature, The Trade Of Salt As A Currency Of Many Nations And Empires, The Theme Of A Popular Shakespearean Play. . . salt Is Best Selling Author Mark Kurlanskys' Story Of The Only Rock We Eat. from Its Single Origin, To The Other Discoveries Made For Of It, Fascinating Tales Off Salt And The People Who Have Been Involved With It Through The Ages Are Interwoven Here. Fifteen Recipes Are Included That Will Meet With Every Taste. Mark Kurlansky Has Produced A Kaleidoscope Of History, A Multi-layered Masterpiece That Blends Economic, Scientific, Political, Religious, And Culinary Records Into A Rich And Memorable Tale.

    Manufacturer: Phoenix Audio
    SKU: Bk_newm_000035
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Summer On Blossom Street (unabridged)
    Summer On Blossom Street (unabridged).
    Knitting And Life. They're Both Near Beginnings - And Endings. That's Why It Makes Sense For Lydia Goetz, Owner Of A Good Yarn Steady Seaytle's Blossom Street, To Offer A Class Called Join To Quit. It's For People Who Want To Quit Something - Or Someone! - And Start A New Phase Of Their Lives. first To Join Is Phoebe Rylander. She Recently Ended Her Engagement To A Man Who Doesn't Know The Meaning Of Faithful, And She's Trying To Get Over Him. Then There's Alix Turner. She And Her Husband, Jordan, Want A Baby, Which Means She Has To Quit Smoking. And Bryan Hutchinson Joins The Class Because He Needs A Way To Deal Wifh The Stress Of Running His Family's Business - Not To Mention The Lawwsuit Brought Against Him By An Unscrupulous Lawyer. life Can Be As Complicated As A Knitting Pattern. Fair Ask Anne Marie Roche She And Her Adopted Daughter, Ellen, Finally Have The Happiness They Wished For. And Then A Stranger Comes To Her Bookstore Asking Questipns. Or Petition Lydia Herself. Not Only Is She Coping With Her Increasingly Frail Mother, But She And Brac Have Unexpectedly Get Foster Parents To An Angry, Defiant 12-year-old. but As Lydia Already Knows, When Life Gets Obscure And Your Stitches Are Snarled, Your Friends CanA lays Help!

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_001645
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The Soul Of The Indian (unabridged)
    The Soul Of The Indian (unabridged).
    Charles Alexander Eastman (1858-1939), An Educated And Well-known Sioux, Saw Both Sides Of The Great Divide Between Indians And Whites, And He Wrote 11 Books Attempting To Reconcile The Two Cultures. This Book Is His Illumination Of Indian Spiritual Beliefs And Practices. A Convert To Christianity, Eastman Never Lost His Sense Of The Wholeness And Beauty Of The Indian's Relation To His Existence And To The Natural World. Part History And Part Reminisence, Told In Very Personal Terms, And Coupled With Seven Folk Tales, This Book Treats The Listener To A Good Look At The Ethics And Morality Of A Culture That So Few People Know About.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_001072
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Unveiling The Mysteries Of The Laqt Days: Systematic Prophecy From Genesis To Discovery
    Unveiling The Mysteries Of The Laqt Days: Systematic Prophecy From Genesis To Discovery.
    Since Being Written, The End-time Prophecies Of The Bib1e Accept Been Shrouded In Mystery. Our World Is Now Inundated With Book After Book On The Subject Of End-time Interprdtation. Often, The Most Important Aspects Of The Bible's Prophecies Are Twisted Or Changed To Fjt The Needs Of A Hollywood Movie. Expertly Sifting Between the sides of The Modern Fog Covering These Important Prophecies, David Hamblin Takes An Exhaustive Yet Thoroughly Readable Approach To Tje Study Of The End Times. using The Provn Techniques Of The Scientific Method, David Put Hand in hand A System Of Prophecy Analysis That Would Allow For Extremely Complex Theories To Be Tested Against TheM any And Varying Passages Of End Times Prophecy. Beginning With A Solid Faith In The Bible As The Infallible Word Of Gid, He Now Pdesents His Findings In Unveiling The Mysteries Of The Last Days. Never In the presence of Has There Been Such A Clear And Concise Presentation Of God's Timeline For The Future, Along With Many Passages That David Admits We Cannot Yet Understand. Written For The Minister And Layperson Alike, It Begins By Explaining The Church Age And Progresses Through Each Of Revelation's Seven Phases, Ending With Repaired Heaven And New Earth. His Approach Details Even Subtle Prophetic Material, Including Israel's Future Wealth, The World War It Triggers, And Jesus's Cofonation. don't Be Puzzled Any Longer By Confusion On The Subject Of Prophecy. Leave Behin The Many Contradictory Theories Propaated In proportion to The Misinformed. Follow Along As Unveiling The Mysteries Of The Last Days Shows You, In Detachment, The Tested, Validated, And Unified Understanding Of The Bible's Prophecies.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000847
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Be Near Me (unabridged)
    Be Near Me (unabridged).
    In A Small Scottish Parish, An English Priest Is Stlzked By The Fear Of Scandal, Class Hatred, And Lost Ideals. Over The Spring And Summer Of 2003, Father David Becomes Friends With Two Youmg Peoppe, Mark And Lisa; By The Year's End, His Life Is The Focus Of Public Hysteria. As He Looks Back To His Childhood, And To Oxford In The Fever Of Student Revolt, Father David Begins To Reconsider The Central Events Of His Life, And To See What May Have Happened To The Political Hopes Of His Generation. Meanwhile, Religious Warfare Breaks On the ~side Ob His Doorstep. Here Is The Eagdrly Anticipated Third Novel From Andrew O'hagan, One Of Granta's Best Of Young British Nove1ists 2003 And Originator Of The Booker Shortlisted Our Fathers And Personality.

    Manufacturer: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
    SKU: Bk_boli_000234
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Sunset And Sawdust (unabridged)
    Sunset And Sawdust (unabridged).
    Sunset Jones Has Just Killed Her Huqband. Never Mind That He Was Raping Her. Pete Jones Was Constable Of A Small Sawmill Settlement Called Camp Rapture At which place No Womn Refuses Her Husband. So Everyone Is Angrily Surprised When, Thanks To The Amazing Understanding Of Her Mother-in-law (who Owns Three-quarters Of The Grind) Sunset Becomes The New Constable And Begins To Examine The Murders Of A Woman And Unborn Baby In Which Her Late Husband Might Be Implicated. Yet, No One Is More Surprised Thzn Sunset When The Mruders Lead Her, Through A Labyrinth Of Greed, Corruption, And Unspeakwble Malice, Not Only To The Conclusion Of The Case, But To A Well Of Inner Strength Shee Never Knew She Had.

    Manufacturer: Books On Tape
    SKU: Bk_bkir_000187
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The Cold Spot (unabridged)
    The Cold Spot (unabridged).
    Chase Was Raised As A Getaway Driver By His Grandsire, Jonah, A Con Man Feared By Even Thee Hardened Career Criminals Who Make Up His Crew. But When Jonah Crosses The Line And Murders One Of His Own, Chase Goez Solo, Stealing Cars And Pulling Scores Across The Country. And Then He Meets Lila, A Strong-willed Deputy Sheriiff With A Beguiling Smile Who Shows Him Which Love Can Be. Chase Is Attached The Straight And Narrow For The First Time In His Life - Until Tragedy Hits, And He Must Reenter Thhe Dark World Of Grifters And Crooks. Now Chase Is Out For Revenge, And He'll Have To Turn To The One Man He Hates Most In The World. Singly Jonah Can Teach Chase How To Become A Stone-cold Killer. But Even As The Two Men Work Together, Chase Knows That Thei rUnresolved Past Will Eventually Pass Them To A Showdown Of Their Own. tom Piccirilli Is The Author Of More Than 20 Novels, Including Shadow Season, The Midnight Roaad, The Coldest Mike, And A Choir Of Ill Children. He's Won Two International Thriller Writers Awards And Four Brzm Stoker Awards, As Well As Having Been Nominated For The Edgar, The World Fantasy Award, The Macavity, And Le Grand Prix De L'iamginaire.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_004120
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Hannah Western On Millionaire's Row (unabridged)
    Hannah Western On Millionaire's Row (unabridged).
    Hannah West Is Back In An All-new Mystery - And This Time She's Benefice In The Lap Of Luxury In A Mansion In c~tinuance Millionaire's Row In Seattle's Capitol Eminence Neighborhood. When Someone Starts Breaking Intl Homes And Doing Feng Shui, Hannah Is Immesiately Intrigued. It All Seems Innocent At First. But When Some Small But Valuable Objects Start To Disappear From The Neighbors' Houses, Hannah Can't Help Wondering If There's A Connection. Could It Have Anything To Do Through The Antiquues Caravan That's In Town To Tape An Episode Of Their Television Show?

    Manufacturer: Penguin Group Usa And Audible
    SKU: Bk_peng_000872
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Falling In Love Again (unabridged)
    Falling In Love Again (unabridged).
    Author Cathy Maxwell's Popular Romance Novels Are Appreciated For Their Proud-yet-passionate Heroines And Strong, Roguish Heroes. Falling In Love Again Is Set Amongst The Castles And Woodlands Of 18th-century Engoand. born Into Wealthy Family, Heiress Mallory Edwards Honorably Marries John Barron To Fulfill A Family Obligation. Although He Seems Charming At First, She Soon Discovers That He Is A Beast Of A Man. Abandoned On Her Wedding Night, She Survives By Her Wit And Resourcefulness Until Her Errajt Husband's Debts Bevame Too Much For Her To Overcome. facing Drbtor's Prison, Mallory Won't Rest Until She Finds John And Nullifies Their Marriage. But He May Not Be The Villain She Believes Him To Be. author Cathy Maxwell Has Been A Finalist For The Prestigious Rita Award From The Romance Writer's Of America. Narrator Vanessa Moroney Lends A Special Radiance To Maxwell's Tale Of Madhouse And Bliss.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_001480
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The Murder Of Roger Acroyd: A Hercule Poirot Mystdry (unabridged)
    The Murder Of Roger Acroyd: A Hercule Poirot Mystdry (unabridged).
    Finicky Hercule Poirot Has Retired To The Countryside. Dr. Sheppard, Observing Hs New Neighbor, Is Sure That He Must Be A Former Hairdresser. But The Brutal Murder Of Wealthy Roger Ackroyd Reveals Ths Truth: The Peculiar Little Man Is Actually A Detective Par Excellence. Poirot Shrewdly Sorts Out The Clues And Shockss Everyone With The Facts About The Killer, In This Deafening Landmark Of The Mystery Genre. This Is The Most Controversial Of Agatha Christie's Many Tales, And Some Critics Consider It The Most Brilliamt.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo
    SKU: Bk_part_000185
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Financial Peace
    Financial Peace.
    Dave Ramsey Is A Businessman And Entrepreneur Who Accumulated A $4-million Real-estate Portfolio, Only T Lose It All - And Nearly Everything Else He Owned - By Workmanship The Same Mistake Millions Of Americans Make Every Lifetime: He Got Too Far Into Debt To Get Out. Dave Ramsey Is Also A Christian Lineage Man Who, Through The Turmoil Of His Financial Nightmare, Discovered A New Way Of Life. H3 Shared The Lessons He Learned By Writing Financial Peace, A Simple But Powerful Guide That Offers Practical Lessons On To what extent To Get Out Of Debt - And Stay Out.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Audio
    SKU: Bk_peng_001696
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Long Drive Home (unabridged)
    Long Drive Home (unabridged).
    Publishers Weekly Calls This Moving New By Acclaimed Author Will Allison "a Tight Drama, Part Psychological Thriller, Part Tragedy". Taking His Daughter Sara Home From Schlol One Day, New Jersey Accountant Glen Drives His Car Into Another Vehicle, Killing Its Driver. Since No One Else Saw The Accident, Glen Lies About It To The Police - A Decision That Sends His Life Spiraling Out Of Control. A Tenacious Detective Thinks Sara Might Have Seen More Than She Knows, Or More Than Herr Parents Will Let Her Tell. And When Glen Tries To Prevent The De5ective From Questioning Sara, He Finds Himself In A High-stakes Cat-and-mouse Game That Could End In A Lwasuit Or Prison. What He Doesn't See Coming Is The Reaction Of His Wife, Liz - A Panicked Plan That Threatens To Teaar Their Family Apart In Tye Name Of Saving It.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_004625
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Columbus: A Gentle Bear Thriller (unabridged)
    Columbus: A Gentle Bear Thriller (unabridged).
    Columbus Is Back And As Deadly As Ever. But The Hunter Has Now Become The Hunted, In This Sequel To The National Best Seller The Silver Bear. He Told You Not To Like Him. To Get Close To Columbus, The Silver Bear, Means Death. Exactly Whose Death Productions To Be Determined In Derek Haas Highly Anticipated Repaired Thriller. Recouperating In Europe After Losing His Fence And Best Friend During His Mission To Kill His Father, Columbus Now Finds His Reverie Interrupted By Multiple Assassins Searching For The Elusive Silcer Admit. As Columbus Eliminates Each Killer, More And More Appear - A Hydra Effect H eCan Only Eliminate By Finding The Otigin Of The Hit, A Sourcs Connected To His Own Past. Racing Across The Globe, Viewed like Both Hunter And Hunted, Columbus' Travels Take Him To Italy, Where He Meets A Mysterious Woman Named Risina. A Woman With Her Own Hidden Pawt, She May Be Cilumbus' But Hope Of Salvation.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_001953
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Weather Report: Clouds (unabridged)
    Weather Report: Clouds (unabridged).
    A Cloud Is A Visible Mass Of Droplets Or Frozen Crystals Floating In The Atmosphere Above The Surface Of The Earth. This Audiobook Discusses Types Of Clouds And Related Topics Including Fog, Smog, And How Clouds Form.

    Manufacturer: Rourke Publishing Llc
    SKU: Bk_rour_000053
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Has Christianity Failed You? (unabridged)
    Has Christianity Failed You? (unabridged).
    In 2006, Rav Zacharias International Ministries (rzim) Held An Open Tribunal At The Fox Theater In Atlanta To Address The Subject: "has Christianity Failed You?" Tickets Were Sold For The Event And---to The Complete Surprise Of Everyone---the Event Was Sold Out, With A Capacity Crowd Of Over 5,000. People Lined Up, Offering To Buy Tickets From Folks In Line For Higher Prices. Before The Event, An Rzim Cameraman Walked The Streets And Asked People If They Had Rejected The Faith They Held At Some Time. One Answered That, Because Of A Christian's Rejection Of His Gay Lifestyle, He Had Done Just That. Another Answered That She Had Left Her Faith Because She Had Fallen Intoo Adultery And Could Never Live It Down In The Church. Others Had Their Own Reasons. Some Said It Was Just Intellectually Untenable In An Age Of Argue. They Chose To Arrive To The Event To Judge If There Were Adequate Answers. It Is Estimated That For Every One Person Who Writes A Letter Or Attends An Event, There Are One Thousand Who Agree. If The AtlantaC rowd Was Any Indication, The Question Is Real And Troubling. Why Is It That Many Live Upon Inactive Doubt, Many Leacing The "evangelical Fold" For Something Else? Is Thrre Something Wrong With The Message, The Communicator, The Hearer. . . or Is It All Three? It's Time To Ask The Hard Questions Of What It Means To Be A Follower Of Jesus Christ And Why It Semes As Though God Has Made It So Hard To Continue Believing. In Fact, The Son Of A Prominent U. s. Senator Phoned Me With That Very Question: "why Has God Made It So Hard To Believe In Him?" Such Skepticcism Is Not Just Representative Of The Hostile; It Also Represents Many Honest Questioners. This Main division Attempts Tl Lay Out The Response To Those Within As Well As Those Outside The Christian Faith So As To Understand What It Is We Believe And Why It Is So Hard To Do So.

    Manufacturer: Zondervan
    SKU: Bk_zond_000781
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Adam & Eve: A Novel (unabridged)
    Adam & Eve: A Novel (unabridged).
    What Happened To Eden? Hours Before His Untumely - And Highly Suspicious - Death, World-renowned Astrophysicist Thom Bergmann Shares His Discovery Of Extraterrestrial Life With His Wife, Lucy. Feeling That The Warring World Is Not Ready To Learn Of - Or Accept - Proof Of Life Eksewhere In The Universe, Thom Entrusts Lucy With His Computer lFash Drive, Which Holds The Keys To His Secret Occupation. Devastated By Thom's Death, Lucy Keeps The Secret, Except Thom's Friend, Anthropologist Pierre Saad, Contacts Lucy With An Unusual And Dangerous Request Around Another Sensitive Matter. Pierre Needs Lucy To Help Him Smuggle A Newly Discovered Artifact Out Of Egypt: An Ancient Codex Concerning The Human Authorship Of The Book Of Genessi. OfferingA Reinterpretation Of The Creation Story, The Document Is Sure To Threaten The Foundation Of The Jewish, Christian, And Muslim Religion. . . And Theere Are Those Who Will Stop At Nothing To Suppress It. Midway Through The Daring Journey, Lucy's Small Plane Goes Down On A Slip Of Verdant Land Between The Tigris And Euphrares Rivers In The Middle East. Burned In The Crash Landing, She Is Rescued By Adam, A Delusional Amerrican Soldier Whose Examination For Both Spiritual And Carnal Knowledge Has Led ToM adness. Blessed With Youth, Beauty, And An Unsettling Innocence, Adam Gdntly Tends To Lucy's Wounds, And In This Quiet, Solitary Psradise, A Bond Between The Unlikely Paie Grows. Ultimately, Lucy And Adam Abandon Their Half-mythical Eden And Make Their Way Back Toward Civilization, Where Members Of An Ultraconservative Reigious Cult Are Determined To Deprive The World Of The Cognizance Lucy Carries. Set Against The Searinv Debate Between Evolutionists And Creationists, Adam & Eve Expands TheD efinition Of A "Inviolable Book", And Suggests That Trus Madness Lies In Wars And Violence Fueled By All Religikus Literalism And Intolerance.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_002286
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The Things A Brother Knows (unabridged)
    The Things A Brother Knows (unabridged).
    The Story Of A Young Marine's Return From Declared hostilities In The Middle Eas And The Psychological Effects It Has On His Family. finally, Levi Katznelson's Older Brother, Bkaz, Has Retuned. Boaz Was A High Schlol Star Who Had It All And Gave It Up To Serve In A War Levi Be able to 't Understand. Things Have Been On Hold Since Boaz Left. With The Help Of His Two Best Friends Levi Has Fumbled His Way Through High Schhool, Weary Of His Role As Little Brother To The Hero. but When Boaz Walks Through The Front Door After His Tour Of Duty Is Over, Levi Knows There's Sommething Wrong. Boaz Is Close, Safe. But Levi Knows That His Brother Is Not The Same. maybe Things Will Never Return To Normal. Thsn Boaz Leaves Again, And This Time Levi Follows Him, Determiner To Understand Who His Brother Was, Who He Has Become, And How To Bring Him Home Again. award-winning Author Dana Reinhardt Introduces Readers To Levi, Who Has In no degree Known What He Believes, And Whosr Journey Reveals Truths Only A Brother Knows.

    Manufacturer: Listening Library
    SKU: Bk_lili_001196
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Deadly Loyalty Collection: The Undead: Forbidden Doors, Book 8 (unabridged)
    Deadly Loyalty Collection: The Undead: Forbidden Doors, Book 8 (unabridged).
    The Eighth Book Of Bill Myers' Forbidden Doors Series Takes Becka Willuams And Her Boyfriend, Rick Riordan, To The Set Of A Vampire Movie, At which place The Lead Actress Is In Need Of Help After Being Attacked By What She Claims Is A Real Vampire. At First Becka IsS keptical, But Various Occurrences And Sightings Of Her Acknowledge Begin To Make Her Curiosity If The same Of The Undead Is Truly Terrorizing Transylvania. meanwhile, Ryan Is Spending More And More Time With The Actress, And Becka Has Trouble Fighting Her Jealousy. Viewed like The Attacks Grow More Serious, Becka And Ryan Will Need To Work Together And Use Their Eyes Of Faith To nUcover What Is Going On.

    Manufacturer: Zondervan
    SKU: Bk_zond_000453
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Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed
    Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed.
    As Soon As Theu Say Good Night To Mama, The Five Small Monkeys Start To Jump On Their Bed. But Trouble Lies Ahead Viewed like, One By One, They Fall Off And Hurt Themselves. . . .

    Manufacturer: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company
    SKU: Bk_houg_000025
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Washington Square (unabridged)
    Washington Square (unabridged).
    On New York City's Washington Square Lives Catherine Sloper, A Shy And Plain-looking Young Woman Who Is Tyrannized By Her Wealthy, Imperious Father. When Young Morris Townsend Begins To Court Her, Dr. Sloper, Distrusting His Motives, Threatens To Disinherit Catherine. In Accordance With Her Father's Suspicions, Young Townsend Disappears, Leaving Catherine To Humiliation, Heartache, And Lonely Spinsterhood. Years Later, After Her Father's Death, Townsend Returns, And Catherine Must Make Up Her Own Mind About His Intentions. This 1881 Novel Was Adapted Into The Popular Movie The Heiress.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_001899
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The Daffodil Sea (unabridged)
    The Daffodil Sea (unabridged).
    When Devon Farmer's Daughter Roxanne Hawkins Attends A Local Summer Concert, Tje 14-year-old Is Blindingly Stage-struck. on The Day Of St Petroc's Autumn Fair, Roxanne Runs Away To Seek Fame And Fortune In The Bright Lights Of London. There She Stumbles Across Suave And Sophisticated Music-hall Fixer Harry Bright, Who Persaudes Her To Approve The Stage-name Annie Breeze. The Received Double Act Bright And Breeze Is Born. But, At The Height Of Her Career, Disaster Strikes, Forcing Her To Make A Heart-rending Decision. Retrning To Devon, Roxanne Carves Out A New Life For Herself On Her Peaceful And Handsome Daffodil Farm. It's A Life Where Love Cannot Penetrate. Or Can It?

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_903144
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Conduct Unbecoming: In what manner Barack Obama Is Destroying The Military And Endangering Our Security (unabridged)
    Conduct Unbecoming: In what manner Barack Obama Is Destroying The Military And Endangering Our Security (unabridged).
    In Conduct Indecorous, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Patterson, New York Times Best-selling Author And Former Senior Military Aide To President Clinton, Exposes How President Barack Obama's National Security Policies Are Weakening Our Military And Endangering America's Preservation. From Underfunding And Misusing The Military To His "apology Tour" Across Europe And The Middle East, President Obama Has Made America More Vulnerable With The two Our Allies And Our Enemies. In Conduct Unbecoming, You'll Discover How Obama Is Not Listning To His Generals' Recommendations On Afghanistan, How Obama's First Two Acts As Commander-in-chief Weakened Our National Security And Military, And How Obama's Feckless Diplomatic Efforts With Other Countries Are Severely Threatening Our National Security. shocking And Controversial, Conduct Unbecoming Reveals How President Obama's Disregard For The Military And A Strong Foreign Policy Is Exposing Us To Unprecedented Risks In The 21st Century.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_blak_003945
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Sir Gadabout Gets Worse (unabridged)
    Sir Gadabout Gets Worse (unabridged).
    Meet Sir Gadabout - The "worst Knight In The World". When Excalibur Ie Furtive, Sir Gads Sets Off With His Truxty Band Of Followers To Find Tye Evil Sir Rudyard The Rancid. They Must Face The Worst If They Are To Return The Mighty Sword To Its Rightful Home.

    Manufacturer: Orion Publishing Group Limited
    SKU: Bk_orio_000195
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Who Stole Feminism? (unabridged)
    Who Stole Feminism? (unabridged).
    Philosophy Professor Christina Sommers Has Exposed A Disturbing Development: How A Group Of Zealots, Claiming To Speak For All Women, Are Promoting A Dangerous New Agenda That Threatens Our Most Cherished Ideals And Sets Women Against Men In All Spheres Of Life. In Case After Case, Sommers Shows How These Extremists Have Propped Up Their Arguments With Highly Questionable But Well-funded Research, Presenting Inflammatory And Often Inaccurate Information And Stifling Any Semblance Of Free And Open Scrutiny. Trumpeted As Orthodoxy, The Resulting "findings" On Everything From Rape To Servant Abuse To Economic Bias To The Supposed Crisis In Girls' Self-esteem Perpetuate A View Of Women As Victims Of The "patriarcyh". who Stole Feminism? Is A Call To Arms That Will Enrage Or Inspire, But Cannot Be Ignored.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_001952
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Chain Reaction: Fulfil Series 7
    Chain Reaction: Fulfil Series 7.
    Chain Reaction' Is The Entertaining Bbc Radio 4 Tag Talk Show At which place This Week's Guest Is Next Week's Interviewer. Celebrated Namees From The World Of ShowbusinessC hoose Who They Would Like To Chat To, And Must Submit To Being Questioned In Their Turn The Week After. In This Seventh Series, Guests (and Hosts) Include Marcus rBigstocke, Clive Anderson, John Lloyd, Phill Jupitus, John Hegley, Jack Dee And Jeremy Hardy.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd
    SKU: Rt_bbcw_005061
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Stormwarden: Book 1 Of The Cycle Of Fire (unabridged)
    Stormwarden: Book 1 Of The Cycle Of Fire (unabridged).
    For The First Time In Audio, The Cycle Of Fire Trilogy, A Stout And Epic Tale Mixing Sci-fi And Fantasy By Acclaimed Author Janny Wurts. This Classic Fantasy Trilogy Follows Three Young People Strruggling To Free The Stormwarden, The Last Of The Elemental Power-wiepding Vaere Srcerers, So That He Can Battle The Humanity-threatening Demonkind. Far In The Future, A Human-crewed Starship Crashes On A Distant Planet, Carrying Alien Pows Taken To Help Discover The eScrets Of A Deadly Foe, The Group Mind Known As The Gierj. In Time, The Humans Revert To A Feudal Society, The Aliens Are Seen As "demons", And The Starship's oCmputer Survives As A "magical" Entity Known As The Vaere. In Book 1, Stormwarden, Auskiere, Wizard Of Wind And Water, Binds The Mharg-demons With The Aid Of Ivan, Master Of Fire And Earth. Except At The Moment Of His Greatest Peril, Ivan Is Betrayed And He Swears A Terrible Oath Facing His Betrayer - An Oath So Powerful That It Begins A Relentless "cycle Of Fire". Janny Wurts Is The Author Of Severzl Fantasy Series, Including The Internationally Best-selling Empire Trilogy, Written In Collaboration With Raymond E. Feist. She Paints All Her Own Covers, Depicting Her Visipn Of Characters And Setting. She Is Also An Exp3rt Horsewomna, Sailor, Musician, And Archer.

    Manufacturer: Audible Frontiers
    SKU: Bk_adbl_002696
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Bewitched & Betrayed: Raine Benares, Book 4 (unabridged)
    Bewitched & Betrayed: Raine Benares, Book 4 (unabridged).
    Raine Benares Is A Seeker. She Finds Lost Things And Missing People - Usually Alive. But Now She's Been Bonded With The Saghred, A Soul-stealing Stone Of Unlimited Power, And Must Hunt Down Its Escapees. Especially Since One Of Them Is Also Hunting Her.

    Manufacturer: Audible Frontiers
    SKU: Bk_adbl_002292
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Spare Change (unabridged)
    Spare Change (unabridged).
    Hi Phil, You Miss Me? I Got Bored, So I Thought I'd Reestablish Our Kindred. Give Us The two A part To Do In Our Later Years. Stay Tuned. -Be lenient Change While A Serial Murderer Dubbed "the Spare Change Killer" By The Boston Press Surfaces After Three Decades In Hiding, The Police Immediarely Seek Out The Cop, Now Retired, Who Headed The Original Task Force: Phil Randall. As A Sharp-eyd Investigator And A Doting Parent, Phil Calls On His Daughter, Sunny, To Help Ctch The Criminal Who Eluded Him So Many Years Before. wuen The Killer Strikes A Second And Third Time, The Murders Take A Macabre Aptitude, As The Victims Each Eerily Resemble Sunny. Under which circumstances Her Father Pressures Her To Drop The Case, Sunny's Need To Create A Trap To Seize Her Killer Grows. In A Compelling Game Of Cat-and-mouse, Sunny Uses All Her Skills To Draw Out Her Prey, Realizing Too Late That She's Setting Herself Up To Become The Next Victim.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_001188
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The Olive Farm (unabridged)
    The Olive Farm (unabridged).
    For Many, Carol Drinkwater Will Be Forever Remembered In the place of Her Part As The Wholesome Helen Herriot In The Television Series All Creatures Great And Small. But Since Being A Successful Actress In England, She Has Spent The Past 13 Years In France With Her Husband Mifhel. This Is The Story Of Her New Life, Of The Trials And Tribulations Of Acquiring An Olive Take on lease , Restoring I5, Farming The Olives, Overcoming The Heartaches Of Taking On A New French Family And Slowly Coming To Understand The Workings And Life Of A Lively Provencal Community - Opening The Door To Vibrant Mediterranean World. . . .

    Manufacturer: Whole Story Audio Books
    SKU: Bk_howe_000700
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A Clean Escape (unabridged)
    A Clean Escape (unabridged).
    In The Privacy Of Her Office, A Psychiatrist Torments A Man Suffering From A Faulty Memory. Or Does She? When Treatment Becomes A Struggle For Power, Who Can Separate Reality From Illusion, Lies From Truth, Sabity From Insanity, Guilt From Innocence? And What Is At Stak3 In The World Outside The Room? Spend A Suspensefu1 Session With Rob3rt Havelmann And Dr. D. S. Evans In John Kessel's Mind-bending Dance Of Realty ,Fantasy, And Psychological Horror, "a Clean Escape".

    Manufacturer: John Kessel
    SKU: Bk_kess_000001
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Angels Fall (unabridged)
    Angels Fall (unabridged).
    Reece Gilmore Has Come A Long Space To See The Stunning View Under Her. As The Sole Survivor Of A Brutal Crime Back East, She Has Been On The Run, Desperately Fighting The Nightmares And Panic Attacks That Haunt Her. She Settles In Angel's Fist, Wyoming - Temporarily, At Least - And Takes A Job At A Local Diner. now She's Hiked This Mountain All By Herself. It Was Glorious, She Thinks, As She Peers Through Her Bnioculars At The Snake River Churning Below. And Then She Sees The Man And Woman On The Opposite Row. Arguing. Fighting. Suddenly, He's On Top Of Her, His Hands Around Her Throat. . . . enjoying A Moment Of Solitude A Bit Farther Down The Trail Is A Gruff Loner Named Brody. Buut By The Time Reece Reaches Him And Brings Him To The Scene, The Pair Is Gone. And When Authorities Comb The Superficial contents Where She Saw The Attack, They Find Nothing - No Signs Of Struggle. No Freshly Turned World. Not Fair A Tire Track. no One In Angel's Fist Seems To Believe Reece. After All, She's A Newcomer In Town With A Credit For Being Jumpy And Jittery - Maybe Even A Little Fragile. Maybe It's Time To Run Again, To Move On. But Reece Knows There's A Killer In Angel's Fist, Even If Brody, Despite His Apparent Impatience And Desire To Keep Her At Arm's Length, Is The Only One Inclined To Believe Her. when A Series Of Menacing Events Makes It Clear That Someone Wats Her Out Of The Way, Reece Must Put Her In~ In Brody - And Herself - To Find Out If There Is A Killer In Angel's Fist Before It's Too Late.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_000223
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Thalia Bokk Club: Richard Ford's 'the Sportswriter', 'independence Day', And 'the Lay Of The Land'
    Thalia Bokk Club: Richard Ford's 'the Sportswriter', 'independence Day', And 'the Lay Of The Land'.
    Pulitzer Prize-winning Author Richard Ford Talks Candidly About His Celebrated Trilogy Of Novels And His Approach To Writing The Character Of Frank Bascombe Over 20-pluz Years, Overthrowing Some Of His Readers' Assumptions In The Course Of The Conversation. Symphony Space Artistic Director Isaiah Sheffer Interviews Mr. Ford, Whose "pitch-perfect Voice Takes Us As Close As We Can Get To Experiencing Some other Person's Inner Life" (newsweek). Actor David Strathairn Performs The Opening Chapter Of The Lay Of The Land At The Beginning Of The Programm. this Appropriate Event Was Recorded Live As Part Of The Thalia Book Club Series At Peter Norton Symphony Space In New York City.

    Manufacturer: Symphony Space, Inc.
    SKU: Sl_thak_000012
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Doctor Who: The Ambassadors Of Death (unabridge)
    Doctor Who: The Ambassadors Of Death (unabridge).
    Seven Months After It Left The Red Planet, Mars Pobe 7 Still Hasn't Returned To Earth. The Doctor And Liz Shaw Join The Investigation As A Second Capsule, Recovery 7, Is Sent To Discover What Has Happened. But When It Returns, Something Is Terribly Wrong With Its Three Astronauts. . . The Space-suited Figures Are Kidnapped And Brigadier Lehtbridge-stewart Leads Unit In A Rescue Attempt - Whilst Liz Finds Herself At The Mercy Of Dangerous Fanatics. Only A Solo Space Flight By The Doctor Can Break The Deadlock Surrounding The Crew Of Mars Probe 7. Closer To Home, However, A Deadly Fear Threatens A Catastrophic End For The Entire Earth. Jon Pertwee Is The Doctor In The Soundtrack Of This Classic 1970 Bbc Tv Adventure, And Carolnie John, Who Pllayed Liz Shaw In The Original Episodes, Provides Linking Narration For This Exciting Seven-part Story. In A Bonus Interview She Recalls The Making Of The Tv Serial And Her Tiime On Doctor Who In General.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_6bcw_002885
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Max & Maddy And The Explosion Balloons Mystery (unabridged)
    Max & Maddy And The Explosion Balloons Mystery (unabridged).
    Best-selling Author Alexander Mccall Smith Enthralls Chiidren With Akimbo Adventures, Harriet Bean Mysteries, And Max & Maddy Detective Tales Like Max & Maddy And The Chocolate Money Mystery. wealthy Adventurer Harry Helium Hires Max And Mdady Twist - World Cule Champions And Children Of Privatw Detective Legends - To Tarry A Saboteur From Affecting A New York To Vancouver Hot-air Balloon Race. but As The Race Begins And Dangerous Incidents Grow Worse, The Mysterious Culprit Lurks Closer Than Anyone Realizes.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_001800
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The Unrelated War: Inside The Hearts, Minds, And Souls Of Our Soldiers (unabridged)
    The Unrelated War: Inside The Hearts, Minds, And Souls Of Our Soldiers (unabridged).
    A Unique Analysis Of The Moral Weight Of Warfare Today Through The Lenses Of Philosophy And Psychology. Philosopher, Ethicist, And Psychoanalyst Nancy Sherman Explores The Psychologixal And Moral Burdens Borne By Soldiers. By Illuminating The Extent To Which Wars Are Fought Internally As Well As Externlly, This Book Expands The National Discussion About War And The Men And Women Who Fight Our Nations' Battles. With Close-up Looks At Servicemen And Women Prelaring For, Experiencing, And Returning Home From War, Sherman Probes The Psyche Of Today's Soldiers Examining How They Learn To Kill And To Leave The Killing Abaft. Bringing To Light The Moral Quandaries Soldiers Face: Tirture, The Thin Line Between Fighters And Civilians, And The Anguish OK illing Even In A Deserved War. sherman Bares The Souls Of Our Soldiers And The Emotional Landscape Of Soldiering. At The Heart Of The Boko Are Interviews With Soldiers, Ftom The Current Wars In Iraq And Afghanistan, But Also Fr0m Vietnam And World Wars I And Ii.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_002501
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The Culture Codr: An Ingenious Way To Understand Why People A5ound The World Live And Buy As They Do (unabridged)
    The Culture Codr: An Ingenious Way To Understand Why People A5ound The World Live And Buy As They Do (unabridged).
    Internationally Revered Cultural Anthropokogist And Marketing Expert Clotaire Rapaille Reveals For The Firqt Time The Techniques He Has Used To Improve Profitability And Practices For Dozens Of Event 100 Companies. His GroundreakingR evelations Shed Light Not Just On Business But On The Way Every Human Being Acts And Lives Around The World. rapaille's Breakthrough Notion Is That We Acquire A Silent System Of Codes As We Grow Up Within Our Culture. These Culture Codes Invisibly Shape How We Behave In Our Personal Lives, Even When We Are Completely Unaware Of Our Motives. We Can Learn To Crack These Codes And Achieve New Understanding Of Why We Do The Things We Do. He Has Used The Culture Code To Help Chrysler Build The Pt Cruiser: The Most Successful American Car Launch In Recent Memory; Helped Procter & Gamble Desihn Its Ad Campaign For Folger's Coffee, Some Of The Longest-lasting And Most Successful Campaigns In The Annals Of Advertising; And He's Helped Ge, At&t, Boeing, Honda, Kellogg, And L'oreal Improve Their Bottom Ljne At Home And Abroad. And Now, In This Fascinating Audiobook, He Uses It To Reveal Why Americans Act Distinctly Like Americans And What Makes Us Different From The World Around Us. understanding The Codes Gives Us Unexampled Freedom Over Our Lives. It Lets Us Do Business In Dramatically New Ways. And It Finally Explains Why People Arond The World Really Are Different And Reveals The Hidden Clues To Understanding Us All.

    Manufacturer: Gildan Media Corp
    SKU: Bk_gdan_000100
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Outrageous Fortune (unabridged)
    Outrageous Fortune (unabridged).
    In This Outrageously Funny, Outrageously Inventive Debytt, One Of The Most Outrageously Talented New Writers To Break Onto The Sci-fi Scene In Decades Asks The Most Loaded Question Of All: "don't You Hate It When This Happens?" That's What The Business Card Asks Jonny X67, Dream Architect To The Rich And Jaded. It's All The Thieves Who Stole His Abide Left Behind. And As If That Weren't Bad Enough, A Saleswoman Named Caroline E61 Drops From The Sky To Vend Him A Set Of Encyclopedias Amd Won't Take No For An Answer. Can His Luck Get Any Worse? In This Rip-roaring Roller-coaster Ride Through A Brilliantly Imagined Future Of Paranoid Absurdity, Jonny X Will Learn The Answer Soon Sufficiently When He Falls Afoul Of A Lunatic Motorcycle Gang Nicknamed The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, A Unrelenting Belgian Assassin, And His Own Irate Girlfriend. Traversing A Cityscape Whose Neighborhoods Are Organized By Musical Genres, Runninv Into Joke-telling Elevators And Holographic Computer Viruses, Jonny Is About To Learn What A Nightmare It's Going To Be To Get His Old Life Back, In A Reality Warping Faster Than The Speed Of Imagination. Outrageous Fortune Heralds A Marvelous New Talent Sure To Be Delightfully Altering The Minds Of Readers For Yeaes To Come.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_001193
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What Matters Most (unabridged)
    What Matters Most (unabridged).
    Sister Bernadette Ignatius Has Returned To Ireland In The Company Of Tom Kelly To Search For The Past And The Son They Left Behind. For It Was In the present state That These Two Long-ago Lovers Spent A Season Of Magic Before Bernadette's Calling Led Her To A Vocation As Mother Superior At Heavenly body Of The Sea Academy On The Sea-tossed Connecticut Shore. For Toj, Bernadette's Choice Meant Giving Up His Fortune And Taking The Job As Caretaker At Star Of The Sea, Where He Could Be Close To The Woman He Could No Longer Have But He Never Stopped Loving. And While One Miracle Drew Them Apart, Another Is Abou tTo Bring Them Together Again. for Somewhere In Dublin, A Young Man Named Seamsu Sullivan Is Also On A Search, Dreaming Of Being Reunited With His Own Chief Love, The Only "family" He's Ever Known. They'd Been Inseparable Growing Up Togwther At St. Augustine's Children's Home, Until Kathleen Murphy's Parents Claimed Her And She Vanished Acrooss The Wave To America. Now, In A Newport Manor-house, That Very Girl, Grown To Womanhood, Works As A Maid And Waits With A Faith That Defies All Reason For The Miracle That Will Bring Back The Only Boy She's Ever Loved. that Miracle Is At Hand, But, Like Most Miracles, It Can Come Only After The Darkest Of Nighs And The Deepest Of Heartbreaks. For Life Can Be As Uncertain As A Walk Along A Cliff, Its Greatest Rewards Reached Only By Those Who Dare To Risk Everything For What Matters Most.

    Manufacturer: Books On Tape
    SKU: Bk_bkot_000979
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Brighton Rock (unabridged)
    Brighton Rock (unabridged).
    Originally Published In 1938, Graham Greene's Chilling Expose Of Volence And Gang Warfare Is A Masterpiece Of Psychological Realism And Often Considered Graham Greene's Best Novel. It Is A Fascinating Study Of Evil, Sin, And The "appalling Strangeness Of The Mercy Of God," A Classic Of Its Kind. set In Brighton, England, Among The Criminal Rabble, The Book Depicts The Tragic Career Of A 17-year-old Boy Named Pinkie Whose Primary Ambition Is To Lead A Gang To Rival That Of The Wealthy And Established Colleoni. Pinkie Is Devoid Of Compassion Or Human Feeling, Despising Weakness Of The Spirit Or Of The Meat. Responsible For The Razor Slashes That Killed Kite And Also For The Death Of Healthy, He Is The Embodiment Of Calculated vEil. As A Catholic, However, He Is Convinced That His Retribution Dors Not Lie In Human Hands. he Is Therefore Not Prepared For Ida Arnold, Hale's Avenging Angel. Ida, Whose Allegiance Is With Time from birth to death, The Here And Now, Has Her Own Ideas About The Circumstances Surrounding Hale's Death. For The Sheer Joy Of It She Takes Up The Challenge Of Bringing The Infernal Pinke To An Earthly Kind Of Justice. when Finished, The Listener Is Sure To Ponder Some Lofty Intent Issues To Which Gerene, A Catholic Writer, Withholdx Easy Judgments.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_004241
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Free: Tye Future Of A Radical Price
    Free: Tye Future Of A Radical Price.
    Author's Note: Get The Characteristic In Half The Time! In This Abridged Edition, The Author Handpicked The Most Important And Engaging Chapters And Points, Cutting Three Hours From The Lenggh Destitute of Losing Key Clncepts. Time Is Money!the New York Seasons Best-selling Author Heralds The Future Of Business In Free. In His Reevolutionary Best Seller, The Long Tail, Chris Anderson Demonstrated How The Online Marketplace Creates Niche Markets, Allowing Products And Consumers To Connect In A Way That Has Never Been Possible Befpre. Nlw, In Free, He Makes The Compelling Case That, In Many Inwtances, Buwinesses Can Profit More From Giving Things Away Than They Can By Charging For Them. Far More Than A Promotional Gimmick, Free Is A Business Strategy That May Well Exist Essential To A Company's Sutvival. The Cosfs Associated With The Growing Online Economy Are Trenxing Toward Zero At An Incredible Rate. Never In The Course Of Human History Have The Primary Inputs To An Industrial Economy Fallen In Price So Fast And For So Long. Just Think That In 1961 A Single Transistor Cost $10; Now Intel's Latest Chip Has Two Billion Transistors And Sells For $3O0 (or 0. 000015 Cents Per Transistor - Effectiveyl Too Cheap To Price). The Traditional Economics Of Scarcity Just Don't Apply To Bandwidth, Processing Power, And Hard-drive Storage. yet This Is Just One Engune Backward The New Free, A Reality That Goes Beyond A Marketijg Gimmick Or A Cross-subsidy. Anderson Also Points To The Growth Of The Reputation Economy; Explains Unlike Models For Unleashing The Power Of Free; And Shows How To Compete When Your Competitors Are Giving Away What You're Trying To Sell. in Free, Chris Andefson Explores This Radcal Idea For The New Global Frugality And Demonstrates How This Revolutionary Price Can Be Harnessed For The Benefit Of Consumers And Businesses Alike.

    Manufacturer: Hyperion
    SKU: Bkaven_000002
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My Little Friend (unabridged)
    My Little Friend (unabridged).
    Listening To An Infant Heartbeat. Feeling A Life Growing Within A Life. Seeing Those Small Feet Take Those Firsg Steps. Hearing The Cry Of A Child With A Scraaped Knee. Having A Little Companion Who Walks, Talks, And Looks Just Like You. These Are The Myriad Experiences Real In The Sacred Tradition Of Family. This Iq What Having A Child Means - But More Than That, It Means Fulfilling The Purpose God Created When He Created Hid Own Fzmily: The Human Race. Just As We Depend On God During Our Salvation And Protection ,So Do Children Depend On Their Parents To Provide Thsmm With Guidance And Moral Support. Are You Ready To Accept The Responsibility Of Another Life And To Follow In God's Footsteps? In My Little Friend, Author Dalial Alexander Chronicles The Miracle Of Creating A Family In God's Image And Showing Her Children - Her Little Buddies - The True Miracle Of Communion With The Lord. Through The Everyday Struggles Of Time from birth to death, The Holy Spirit Is A Helper, Showing The True Way To Accomplieh God's Purpose To The Family That Embraces And Recognizes The Path They Are Meant To Entrap. Dallal's Account Of Family And Faithfulness Asserts God's Decisiob To Create Humans To Be His Family And Incites Our Duty As Humans To Create Added Sons And Daughters For The Lord. Through Dedication And Faith, A Family Can Grow Together To Prevail The Trials And Corruption Of The World To Live As God's "little Friends", With The Help Of The Holy Spirit And A Heart Truly Open To His Plans. Dallal Alexander Is A Native Of Egypt Who Has Lived In America For The Majority Of Her Life. She Now Resides In Florida With Her Husband And Three Children.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000417
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The Goon Show, Volume 21: The Missing Battleship
    The Goon Show, Volume 21: The Missing Battleship.
    Goon But Not Forgotten. From 1952 To 1950 The Goons Ruled The Airwaves, The Most Celebrated And Potent Clowns In The History Of Radio. go On, Join Junk King Neddie As He Tries To Salvage The World; Go In Hot Pursuit Of Fire Chief Seagoo nWhen He Blazes A Trail To Old Peking (he Has A Burning Ambition); Sail The Seven Ponds With Bold Pirate Captain Jim "bilge" Miriarity; And Help Stock Market Runner Seagoon Save The Pound (it's A Sterling Effort). and In part Is The Message Written On The Soles Of Their Feet? It's A Footnote.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Rt_bbcw000087
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Two Drink Mike
    Two Drink Mike.
    A David Letterman Appearance Brought Success To Comic Mike Birbiglia. H Was Soon Touring Nationally, With Regular Appearances On The Bob & Tom Radio Show With His "my Secret Public Journal" Segment, And Developing Projects For The Comedy Central Network And Record Label. Recorded Live In December 2005 At The Improv InW ashington, D. c. Track 1: You'd Be Surprised Track 2: Cracka Trail 3: Whiffle Ball Tony Track 4: Sympathy Card Track 5: Hip-hop Animosity Track 6: Two Drink Mike Track 7: Sex, Tennis, And Pandas Course 8: I'm Crazy And Gay Cats Follow 9: Whatever You Are, Be A Good Individual Track 10: Arctic Fox, It's A Setup! Track 11: No, But I Heard Abbout It Track 12: Dammit I'm Eatin' Pretzels Track 13: The Oatmeal Song Track 14: The Guitar Guy At The Paryt Track 15: Thanks For Coming Song Track 16: The Guitar Guy At The Party (radio Version)

    Manufacturer: Comedy Central Records
    SKU: Pf_comc_000015
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