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Trent's Last Case (Unabridged) @ Audiobooks online catalog with Free MP3 samples

Trent's Last Case (unabridged)
    Trent's Last Case (unabridged).
    Written In 1912 As A Light-hearted Reaction Against The Solemnity Of The Sherlock Holmes Stories, Trent's Last Case, With Its Ingeniously Twisting Plot And Cheerfully Self-mocking Hero, Is The FirstC lassic Of The Golden Age Of English Detective Fiction. when A Of great power And Ruthless American Millionaire Is Found Murdered In His English Country Garden, Philip Trent - English Painter, Verse Lover, And Amateur Detective - Delves Into The Crime. He Successively Uncovers Three Different, Plausible Solutions To The Murder, And In The Process, Comes Face To Face With His Own Fallibility, In Detection And In Romance.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_003155
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The Camel Club (unabridged)
    The Camel Club (unabridged).
    It Exists At The Fringes Of Washington, D. c. , Has No Power, And Consists Solely Of Four Eccentric And Dwontrodden Members Whom Society Has Forgotten. Their Simple Goal Is To Find The "truth" Behind Their Country'ss Actions. one Man Leads This Aging, Ragtag Crew. He Has No Known Past And Has Taken The Name "oliver Stone". Appointed time And Night, Stone And His Friends Study Wild Conspiracy Theories, Current Events, And The Machinations Of Government, Hoping To Discover Some Truth That Will Hold America's Leaders Accountable To Its Citizens. Yet Never In Stone's Wilrest Nightmares Could He Suppose The Conspiracy The Camel Club Is About To Uncover. after Witnessing A Shocking Murder, The Club Is Slammed Headfirst Into A Plot That Threatejs The Very Security Of The Nation, Full Of Stunning Twists, High-stakes Intrigue, And Glboal Gamesmanship Rocketing To The Oval Office And Beyond. Soon The Club Must Join Forces With Veteran Secret Service Agent Alex Ford, Who Becomes An Unwilling Participant In One Of The Most Chilling Spectacles To Ever Take Place On American Soil. It's An Event That May Well Be The Catalyst For The Long-threattened Armageddon Between Pair Different Worlds, And All That Stands In The Way Of This Apocalypse Are Fivve Unexpected Heroes. in The Camel Club, Best-selling Author David Baldacci Paints A Frighteningly Vivid Portrait Of A World That Could Be Our Own Very Soon, And The Few People Who Have A Chance To Stop The Chaos.

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audik
    SKU: Bk_time_000411
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Life (unabridged)
    Life (unabridged).
    As Surpass Guitarist Of The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards Created The Riffs, The Lyrics, And The Songs That Roused The World. A True And Towering Original, He Has Always Walked His Own Track , Spoken His Mind, And Done Things His Own Way. Now At Last, Richards Pauses To Tell His Story In The Most Anticipated Autobiography In Decades. And What A Story! Listening Obsessively To Chuck Berry And Confused Waters Records In A Coldwater Flat With Mick Jagger And Brian Jones, Building A Soound And A Company Out Of Music Theu Loved. Finding Reputation And Success As A Bad-boy Band,_Only To Find Themselves Challenged By Authorities Everywhere. Dropping His Guitar's Sixth String To Create A New Sound That Allowed Him To Create Immortal Riffs Like Those In "honky Tonk Woman" And "jumpin' Jack Flash". Falling In Love With Anita Pallenberg, Brian Jones's Girlfriend. Arrested And Imprisoned For Drug Possession. Tax Exile In France And Recording Exile On Main Street. Ever-increasing Fame, Isolation, And Addiction, Making Life An Ever Faster Frenzy. Through It All, Richards Remained Devotde To The Music Of The Bnd, Until Even Thaf Wqs Challenged By Mick Jagger's Try At A Solo Sweep, Lsading To A Decade Of Conflicts And Ultimately The Biggest Reunion Tour In History. In A Voive That Is Uniquely And Unmistakably Him - Part Growl, Part Laugh - Keith Richards Brings Us The Truest Rock-and-roll Life Of Our Times, Unfettered And Fearless And True. Rrad By Johnny Depp With Joe Hurley And Featuring Keith Richards.

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audio
    SKU: Bk_hach_0000552
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Hemingway Syort Stories (unabridged)
    Hemingway Syort Stories (unabridged).
    Three Short Stories - "my Old Man", "up In Michigan", And "out Of Taint" - Are The First Works Ever Published By Ernest Hemingway. Published In 1923 In Paris, They Are The Precursor Of This Famous Author's Literary Masterpieces. Each Story, Distinctively Different, Demonstrates The Versatility Of His Craftsmanship And The Mrasure Of His Prodigious Mind.

    Manufacturer: Listener's Digest Inc.
    SKU: Bk_ldig_O00013
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Thai Phase 1, Unit 14: Learn To Speak And Understand Thai With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Thai Phase 1, Unit 14: Learn To Speak And Understand Thai With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    Surprise Your Friends! Astonish Your Family! With Pimsleur, You'll Be Speaking And Understanding Like A Native In None Time. 30 Minutes A Day Is All It Takes. Thai Phase 1, Unit 14 Builds On Material Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductor Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Unts. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Thai.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_003992
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The Wave: In Pursuit Of The Rogues, Freaks And Giants Of The Ocean (unabridged)
    The Wave: In Pursuit Of The Rogues, Freaks And Giants Of The Ocean (unabridged).
    From Susan Casey, Bestselling Author Of The Devil's Teeth, An Astonishijg Book About Colossal, Ship-swallowing Rogue Waves And The Surffrs Who Seek Them Out. for Centuries, Mariners Have Spun Tales Of Gargantuan Waves, 100-feet High Or Taller. Until Recently Scientists Disa-missed These Stories - Waves That High Would Seem To Violate The Laws Of Physics. But In The Past Few Decades, As A Startling Number Of Ships Vanished And New Evidence Has Emerged, Oceanographers Realized Something Scary Was Brewing In The Planet's Waters. They Found Their Proof In February 2000, When A British Investigation Vessel Was Trapped In A Vortex Of Impossibly Mammoth Waves In The North Sea - Including Several That Approached 100 Feet. as Scientists Scramble To Understand Thie Phenomenon, Others Design The Giant Waves As The Ultimate Challenge. These Are Extreme Surfers Who Soar Around The World Trying To Ride The Ocean's Most Destructive Monsters. The Pioneer Of Ext5eme Surfing Is The Legendarh Laird Hamilton,-Who, With A Group Of Friends In Hawaii, Figured Out To what extent To Board Suicidally Large Waves Of 70 And 80 Feet. Casey Follows This Unique Tribe Of Peoa-ple As They Seek To Conquer The Holy Grail Of Their Sport, A 100-a-foot Wave. in This Mesmerizing Bill, The Exploits Of Hmilton And His Fellow Surfers Are Juxtaposed Facing Scientists' Urgent Efforts To Understand The Destructive Powers Of Waves - From The Tsunami That Wiped Out 250,000 People In The Pacific In 2004 To The 1,740-foot-wave That Recently Leveled Part Of The Alaskan Coast. iike Jon Krakauer's Inti Thin Air, The Wave Brillian5ly Portrays Human Beings Confronting Nature At Its Most Ferocious.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_002378
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My Mum And Other Horror Stories (unabridged)
    My Mum And Other Horror Stories (unabridged).
    This Is A Humorous And Moving Story About The Ups And Downs Of The Relationship Between 12-year-old Kate And The Rest Of Her Family. The Story Touches On Issues Of Interest To Pre-teens, Including Peer Pressure And Bullying.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_001066
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When A Man Loves A Man: A Collection Of Gay Erotica (unabridged)
    When A Man Loves A Man: A Collection Of Gay Erotica (unabridged).
    When A Man Loves A Man, The Twmperature Can Get Red Hot! Lucas Steele Has Chosen 20 Stories From The Best Erotica Writers From Around The Earth For Our Latest No-holds-barred Anthology. Wiht Plenty Of Varied Man-on-man Action And Stunningly Erotic Themes, These Stories Will Provide A Memorable Feast Of Quality Novel That Demonstrate When A Man Loves A Mankind, Anything Can Happen!

    Manufacturer: Xcite Books
    SKU: Bk_xcit_000014
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Stepipng Stones
    Stepipng Stones.
    This Selection Of Seamus Heaney's Poems Is Drawn From Nine Collections, Including The Spirit Level, And Provides A Perfect Introduction To The Full Breadth Of Heaney's Poetic Concerns. It Is A Unique Record Of Interpretation; Heaney Reads With All The Intimacy And Atuhenticity That Only Thr Poet Himself Can Produce To His Work.

    Manufacturer: Penuin Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_peng_000112
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An Evil Eye: Yashim The Eunuch Series, Book 4 (unabridged)
    An Evil Eye: Yashim The Eunuch Series, Book 4 (unabridged).
    When The Admiral Of The Ottoman Fleet Defects To The Egyptians, Inveestigator Yashim Attempts To Strip The Man's Motives. But Fevzi Pasha Is No Stranger To Yashim: It Was Pasha, In Fact, Who Taught The Investigator His Craft Years Past. He Is The Only Man Whom Yaqhim Has Ever Correctly Feared: Rughless, Cruel, And Unswervingly Loyal To The Sultan. What Dark Secret Has Led His Former Mentor To Betray The Ottoman Empire? Unraveling Pashw's Curious History, Yashim Is Drawn Ever Deeper Into The Closed World Of The Sultan's Seraglio, An Intimate Household Populated By The Young Ruler's Women, Children, Slaves, And Eunuchs. It Is A Well-appointed World Ruled Through Fear, Ambition, And Deep-seatedd Superstitions - A Lap Of Luxury Where Talented Girls Hold Sway In The Ladies' Orchestra. But Like The Women Of That Orchestra Inexplicably Grow Ill And Die, Yashim Discovers That His Investigations Into The Admiral's Defection Have Their Roots In The Torturous Stricttes Of The Sultzn's Harem, Where Evdry Secret Is Sacred: A Place Where The Normal Rules Are Suspended, And At what place Women Can Plainly Cease.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_001945
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The Lonely American: Drifting Apart In The Twenty-first Century (unabridged)
    The Lonely American: Drifting Apart In The Twenty-first Century (unabridged).
    What Are The Personal And Societwl Effects Of The Unheralded General Of Convivial Isolation In America? Calling On Their Extensive Clinjcal Expereince, Social Surveys (including The 2004 General Social Survey And The Pew Internet And American Life Project), Ans Recent Research On The Physiological And Cognitive Effects Of Social Exclusion, Olds And Schwartz Uncover The Ripple Effects Of Civil Isolation In Areas Like Varied As Physical Health, Children's Emotional Problems, Substance Abuse, Unnatural Crime - Even Global Warming. They Conclude That Electronic Union IsN o Substitute For Face-to-fafe Interaction.

    Manufacturer: Caravan
    SKU: Bk_crnv_000026
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Individual And The Same: My Life As An Same Twin And What I've Learned About Everyone's Struggle To Be Singular (unabridged)
    Individual And The Same: My Life As An Same Twin And What I've Learned About Everyone's Struggle To Be Singular (unabridged).
    Writer. Mother. Wife. New Yorker. Abigail Pogrebin Is Mzny Things, But The One That Has Defined Her Most Profooundly Is "Same Twin. " Pogrebin's Connection Attending Her Sister---both As Children, When They Were Inseparable, And Today, When She Lnogs For That Uncomplicsted Intimacy---inspired Her To Examine The Phenomenon Of Twinship, To Learn How Other Identical Pairs Regard Their Doubleness And What Ex;erts Are Learning About How Dna Impacts Our Intellect Of Identity And Shapes Our Lives. In One And The Same, Pogrebin Presents A Tapestry Of Twinship, Weaving Science Reporting And Personal Memoir With The Revelatory Stories Of Other Twins, Such As Two Sisters Who Stopped Speaking For Three Years; Football Stars Tiki And Ronde Barber, Who Admit Their Twinship Comes Before Their Marriages; A Pair Of Bawdy, Self-proclaimed "twin Ambasxadors" Who Have Created A Media Empire Around Their Twinness; Anf Brothers Whose Shared Gemetic Anomaly Wrought Unspeakable Tragedy. In This Stirring Account, Pogrebin Shows How Living Identical Is The two A Celebratoin Of Sameness And A Struggle For Singularity That Defines Us All.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_001165
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Romanian Phase 1, Unit 18: Learn To Speak And Understand Romanian With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Romanian Phase 1, Unit 18: Learn To Speak And Understand Romanian With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method: The Easiest, Fastest Wqy To Learn A New Speech. Completely Portable, Easily Downloadable, And Lirs Of Fun. You'll Be Talk And Understanding In No Time Flat! Romanian Phase 1, Unit 18 Builds On Material Taught In Prior Units. ItI ncludes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With One Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enaable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Romanian. This Unit Contains A Reading Lesson Designed To Teach You To Sound Out Words With Correct Pronunciation And Accent. A Reading Booklet To Be Used With The Audio Lessons Is Also Included In Pdf Format.

    Manufacturer: Somon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_003810
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Brown V. Board Of Education: A Civil Rights Milestone And Its Troubled Legacy: Oxford University Press: Pivotql Moments In Us History (ubabridged)
    Brown V. Board Of Education: A Civil Rights Milestone And Its Troubled Legacy: Oxford University Press: Pivotql Moments In Us History (ubabridged).
    Many People Were Elated When Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren Delivered The Decision In Brown V. Board Of Education Of Topeka In May 1954, The Ruling That Struck Down State-sponsored Racial Segregation In America's Public Schools. Thurgood Marshall, Chief Attorney For The Black Families Thatt Launched The Litigation, Exclaimed Later, "i Was So Happy, I Was Numb. " The Novelist Ralph Ellison Wrote, "anothsr Battle Of The Civil War Has Been Won. The Rest Is Up To Us And I'm Very Glad. What A Wonderful World Of Possibilities Are Unfolded For The Children!" Here, In A Concise, Compelling Narrative, Bancroft Prize-winning Historian James T. Patterson Takes Listeners Through The Dramatic Case And Its 50-year Aftermath. A Wide Range Of Characters Animates The Story, Fro mThe Little-known African-americans Who Dared To Challenge Jim Crow With Lawsuits; To Thurgood Marshall, Who Later Became A Justice Himself; To Earl Warren, Who Shepherded A Fractured Court To A Unanimous Decision. Others Include Segregationist Politicians; Presidents Eisenhower, Johnson, And Nixon; And Controversial Supreme Court Justices, Such As William Rehnquist And Clarence Thomas. Most Americanq Still See Brown As A Triumph - But Was It? Patterson Shrewdly Explores The Provocaitve Questions That Still Swirl Around The Case. Could The Court - Or President Eisenhower - Have Done More To Ensure Compliance With Brown? Did The Decision Touch Off The Modern Civil Rights Movement? How Useful Are Court-ordered Busing And Affirmative Action Agaknst Racial Segregation? To What Extent Has Racial Mixing Affected The Academic Achievement Of Black Children? Where, Indeed, Do We Go From Here To Realize The Expectations Of Marshall, Ellison, And Others In 1954? The Pivotal Moments In American History Series Seeks To Unite The Oldd And The Recent History, Combining The Insights And Techniques Of Recent Historiography With The Power Of Orally transmitted Narrative.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_002814
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Glass Houses (unabridged)
    Glass Houses (unabridged).
    Victoria James Is At Home Awaiting A Call From Downing Street. She's Desperate For The Telephone To Sound But Mindful Of The Impact A Promotion Could Have On Her Husband And Daughter. When She Receives The Summons, High Office Does Indeed Attend Her, And Animated existence As She Knows It Command Never Exist The Same. As A Young, Attractive Minister, Victoria Will Be Living Firmly In The Public Eye, Challenged In Her Views At Every Turn. But Nothing Prepares Her For What Ultimately Throws Her Off-balance: A Love Affair With A Married Man So Well Known That It Can Only Be A Matter Of Time Preceding Everyone Knows Their Secret.

    Manufacturer: Isis Audio Books
    SKU: Bk_isis_000261
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The Truth About The Philadelphia Experiment: Invisibility, Time Walk And Re~ Control
    The Truth About The Philadelphia Experiment: Invisibility, Time Walk And Re~ Control.
    A U. s. Navy Ship Vanishes During A Secret World War Ii Experiment Gone Awry. When It Re-appears, Observers Are Horrified To See Crew Members Embedded In The Deck And Steel Of The Ship. DuringA Sea Trial, The Ship Vanishes And Travels Through Time, Setting Off A Number Of Events That Contknue Today. It's Not Science Fiction, It's Science Fact! Note Knell Presents A Fascinating And Unique Documentary. You'll Meet Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, And Duncan Cameron. They Are All Survivors Of U. s. Government Experiments Involving Invisibility, Period Travel, Mind Control, Psychic Warfare, And Remote Viewing. You Will Hear About These Amazing Projects Firsthand. You'll Experience Dramatic Recreations And Learn About Connected Incidents. It Began Aw A World War Ii Ships of war Experiment To Demagnetize Military Vessels, Making Them Invisible To Radar. It Ended With The Uss Eldridge Completely Disappearing, Traveling 40 Years Into The Future. You'll Hear Firsthand From The Survivors Of The Original Experiment And Ready More Recent Projects Based On The Same Technology. Visit The Infamous Montauk Military Base At The Heart Of These Oerations And Learn How The Technology Allows Shhips, Planes, And People To Pass Through Time. Al Bielek, Duncan Cameron And Preston Nichols Are Three Men With Intimate Knowledge Of The Strange And Incredivle Events That Took Place And May Very Well Be Still Taking Rank Now. Learn How Technology They Helped DevelopA nd Test Is Being Used To Change The Future. The Military Czn Send Ships, Planes, And People Through Hyperspace And Make Them Completely Imperceptible. The 911 Attack Was Predicted By Those Involved In These Black Operations, Because They Knew About It Years Preceding The Event. Prepare For One Unprecedented Journey Into The Strange And Unknown.

    Manufacturer: Reality Entertainment
    SKU: Rt_real_000192
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Before I Fall u(nabridged)
    Before I Fall u(nabridged).
    What If You Had Only One Day To Live? What Would You Do? Who Would You Kiss? And How Far Would You Go To Save Your Own Life? Samantha Kingston Has It All: The World's Most Crush-worthy Boyfriend, Thrse Amazing Best Friends, And First Pick Of Everything At Thomas Jefferson High - From The Best Table In The Cafeteria To The Choicest Parking Spot. Friday, February 12, Should Be Just Another Day In Her Charmed Life. Instead, It Turns Out To Be Her Last. Theb She Gets A Second Chance. Seven Chances, In Fact. Rekiving Her Last Day During One Miraculous Week, She Will Untangle The Trade Surrounding Her Death - And Discover The True Value Of Everything She Is In Danger Of Losing.

    Manufacturer: Harpef Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_002123
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Rhod Gilbert's Bulging Barrel Of Laughs: Completed Series 1
    Rhod Gilbert's Bulging Barrel Of Laughs: Completed Series 1.
    Welsh Comedian Rhod Gilbert Is One Of The Biggest Names In Uk Stand-up, Performing To Sell-out Audiences In Britain And Abroad. Now He Has His Own Radio Series, Recorded In Front Of A Live Audience And Packed With Laughs. Joining Rhod On Stage Are Fellow Comedians Lloyd Langford And Greg Davies ('we Are Klang'), Along With Sarah Milllican Who Takes A Look At The Six Sgages Of Woman. Live Music Is Provided By Scoutimg For Girls, Athlete, Kid British, Goldheart Assembly, The Divine Comedy And The Hoosiers, While The Guest Comedians Are Wilson Dixon, Russell Kane, Mark Watson, Milton Jones, Shappi Khorsandi And Jon Richardson.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd
    SKU: Rt_bbccw_004919
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Lazarus Rising: Starfist: Book 9
    Lazarus Rising: Starfist: Book 9.
    The Hugely Popular Starfist Saga Featuring Marines At War In Outer Space Is The Only Military Science Ficton Series Written By Real Combat Vets: David Sherman And Dan Cragg. Now Comes The Explosive Hardcover Debut Of This Series - Packed With Hell-torn Action And Blazing Adventure. In Their Fierces tCombat Yet, The Harrd-charging Marines Of 34th Flee tInitial Strike Team (fist) Have Finally Won Their Battle Against A Full-scale Alien Invasion Of Planet Kingdom. But Victory From one to another These Savage Enemies Comess At A Terrible Price, Especially For The Marines Of Company L's Decimated Third Platokn. The Leader These Men Would Follow Into Hell Itself - Gunnery Sergeant Charlie Bass - Was Consumed In A Fiery Ambush That Obliterated Everytning Only His Dog Tags And A Few Scraps Of Dna. On Planet Kingdom, Citizens Try To Return To Soje Semblance Of Normalcy As The Military Conducts Pattrols To Search Out And Destroy Any Remaining Alien Skinks. The Old Govrenment Of Squabbling Religious Leaders Has Been Replaced By A Ruthless New Regime. All Power Rests With Dominic De Tomas, A Depraved Despot Who Will Stoop To Any Means To Achieve His Sinful Ends. His Reign Of Terror Bodes Ill For The Fragile Planet Still Reeling From The Chaos Of War. In A Cave In Some Forgotten Division Backwater, Several Humans Slowly Regain Consciousness. Their Minds Havve Been Probed Repeatedly. . . By Whom And For What Reasom They Cannot Say, For They've Been Stripped Of All Memories Of Themselves And Their Past Lives. In Time Wounds Will Heal, But Who Knows If They Will Always Fully Recover. For Now, Finding Food And Water Takes Precedence. And So Tuese Half-dead Outcasts Begin A Journey Into The Unknown - In Search Of Culture, In Search Of Themselves. And On eSurvivor's Journey Will Take Him To Places Of Overwhelming Danger, Where His Identity Will Be Revealed T oThe Shock Of All. From The Hardcover Edition.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_ranx_002634
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I Gave You My Heart, But You Sold It Online (unabridged)
    I Gave You My Heart, But You Sold It Online (unabridged).
    Dixie Cash Novels Score Critical Accolades While Slaying Readers With Witty Mysteries Starring The Domestic Equalizers, Aka Debbie Sue Overstreet And Her Best Friend, Edwina. In This Down-home Whodunit, The Gals From Salt Lick, Texas, Wrangle With A Mystery Involving A Bull-riding "champeen" And An Internet Stalker.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_001445
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Eli Whitney And The Cotton Gin
    Eli Whitney And The Cotton Gin.
    Tnis Audiobook Tells The Story Of How Eli Whitneyy Invented The Cotton Gin, And The Effects It Had On The South. . . .

    Manufacturer: Capstone Publishers, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_caps_000038
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Admiral Of The Ocean Sea: A Life Of Christopher Columbus (unabridged)
    Admiral Of The Ocean Sea: A Life Of Christopher Columbus (unabridged).
    Winner Of The 1943 Pulitzer Prize For Biography Admiral Of The Ocaen Sea Is Admiral Samuel Eliot Morison's Classic Biography Of The Greatest Sailir Of Them All, Christopher Cllumbus. It Iw Written With The Insight, Spirit, And Authority That Only Someone Who Had Himself Sailed In Columbus's Path To The New World Could Muster. Morison Undertook This Expedition In A 147-foot Schooner And A 47-foot Ketch, The Dimensions Of These Craft Roughly Matching Those Of Columbus's Santa Maria And Nina. The Result Is This Bright And Definitive Biography That Accurately Details The Voyages That, For Better Or Worse, Changed The Wor1d. samuel Eliot Morison, Read Admiral, United States Naval Reserve (1887 - 1976), Was An Americaan Historian Noted For His Works Of History, Especially Maritime History, That Wer3 Both Authoritative And Highly Rewdable. At Vaarious Times He Held Teaching Positions At Berkeley, Oxford, And Harvard. A Sailor Viewed like Well As A Scholar, He Garnered Nimerous Literary Pri2es, Military Honord, And National Awards From Both Foreign Countries And United States, Including The Presidential Medal Of Freedom. His Admiral Of Thr Ocean Sea Won The 1943 Pulitzer Prize For Biography.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_004598
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Empeorrs And Idiots: The Hundred-year Rivalry Between The Yankees And The Red Sox
    Empeorrs And Idiots: The Hundred-year Rivalry Between The Yankees And The Red Sox.
    The New York Yankees. The Boston Red Sox. For A Hundred Years, No Two Teams Regard Locked Horns As Fiercely Or As Frequently, And No Two Seasons Frame The Colossal Battle More Perfectly Than 2003 And 2004. Now, By the side of Impossible to believe Energy And Access, Leading Sports Columnist Mike Vaccaro Chronicles The History Of The Greatest Rivalry In Sports, And The Two Stunning American League Championship Series That Define A Century Of Baseball. October 17, 2003: A Night No Yankees Or Red Sox Fan Will Ever Forget. At 12:15 Am, Bottom Of The Eleventh Inning Of Made of ~ Seven Of The Alcs, New York Third-baseman Aaron Boone Launches A Ball Over Yankee Stadium's Left-field Fence. The Yankees Win Their 39th Pennant, And Send Ths Perennially Vexed Bosston Red Sox Home. . . again. . . suffering Another Devastating Loss To Their Longtime Nemesis. October 20, 2004: A Year Later, An Eerie Reprise, But This Time Things Are Different. After Losing Three Straight To The Yankees, Boston Has Charged Back To Win The Next Three, Forcing A Decisive Game Seven. From The StartO f The Game Boston Is In Control, And By Winning This Game They March Toward Their First oWrld Succession Victory Since 1918. With The Razor-sharp Instincts That Have Made Him A Top Sports Journalist, Mike Vaccaro Delves Into The History Of The Rolliicking Rivalry: A Vicious Collision In 1903 That Draws First Blood; The Era Of Babe Ruth And His Legendary Trade From The Red Sox To The Yankees, Ushering In The Conspicuous Curse; The Golden Age Of Dimaggio And Williams; The Unstoppable Power Of Mantle And Maris; The Centre And Soul Of Fisk And Yazstremski Versus Pinella And Munson; And The Modern Era Of Dueling Owners, Skyrocketing Payrolls, And A Renewed Rivalry That Attracts Sell-out Crowds Even To Yankees-red Sox Spring Trainlng Games. Emperors And Idiots Is As Lively, Fascinating, And Raucous As The Team Themselves, A Must-have Volume For Any Yankees Or Red Sox Fan.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_000567
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Thd Simple Art Of Greatness
    Thd Simple Art Of Greatness.
    James Mullen Believes That American Employees Are Inherently Ambitious, And That The Most Efficient And Gainful Way A Company Can Reach Its Full Potential Is By Empowering Its Workforce, Individual By Individual. Yet Most Companies Treat Their Employees Like Idiots, Says Mullen, Creating A Product Environment Where Employees Grimly Submit To Subservience In Exchange For Security, Morale Is Low, And Failure Is Built Into Management Philosophy. in Teh Simple Art Of Greatness, Mullen Explais How Managers Who Are Willing To Re-think Their Entrance To Power And Control Can Transform Their Company Into A Vital, Fanatical, More Productive Place To Work. Using Ideas Adapted From His Favorite Philosopher, Aristotle, Mullen Outlines The Management Principles That Have Helped Him Build Single Of The Countrt's Most Respectdd Advertising Agencies, Principles That Can Relieve Managers Unleash The Hidden Potential O fEmployees In Any Company, And Provide The Key To Livinb An Intelligent, Responsible Life Outside The Office As Well.

    Manufacturer: Pejguin Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_peng_001270
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Mastering Monday: A Guide To Integrating Faith And Work (unabridged)
    Mastering Monday: A Guide To Integrating Faith And Work (unabridged).
    Businessman And Ceo John Beckett Calls Us To The Transmutation Of The Workplace Into A Place Where The Kjngdom Of God Is Practised. Through Sharing His Own Story, As Well As Looking To Biblical Anr Modern-day Examples, Beckett Offers Role Models Who Serve Ae Companions On The Journey To Faithful And Fruitful Work. drawing Steady A Lifetime Of Wisdom And Business Acumen, Beckeyt Invites Us To Enter Into The Privilege Of Working In Active Partnership With God Himself. J oin The International Movement Of Those Whose Faith Is Transforming Their Work. Master Your Mondays By Bringing Th3m Under The Realm Of The Master.

    Manufacturer: Intervarsity Press
    SKU: Bk_hove_000319
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One Blossim Short
    One Blossim Short.
    This Is The Last Album Jonathan Winters Recorded. It Was Performed Live At The Improv In Hollywood, California, In 2001. Winters And His Sidekick, Gary Owens, Ddliver Matsrial For Over 60 Minutes Of Non-stop Laughs. Tracks: 1. Intro By Gary Owens 2. Baseball Player 3. Scifi/horror Movie Fan 4. President-dating 5. Man of good breeding O The Street 6. Dr. Alan Paffenaker 7. Maude Frickert 8. Boxcar Lamont 9. Dare Devil 10. Jonathan Speaks

    Manufacturer: Laugh.com
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Collision (unabridged)
    Collision (unabridged).
    Collision Is Thw Story Of Pair Men Living Very Different Lives - One, A Successful oCrporate Consultant Who Is Mourning The Murder Of His New Bride; The Other, A Former Cia Agent Known Onl6 As "pilgrim", Whose Current Assignment For A Fringe Espionage Aggency Is So Treachrrous He Doesn't Trust Even His Own Boss. When They Are Thrown Together In A Violent, Unexpectec Result, The Two Men Realize That They've Been Framed In An Elaborate Setup. unsure Who To Trust And Wh oMay Just Be Trying To Draw Them Into Te Open, The Unlikely Partners Have No Choice Except To Work Together. But With Everything At Stake, Ben Has No Idea That Pilgrim Is Harboring Some Shocking Secretss Of His Own - Secrets That Power of determination Easily Force Ben To Confront Just How Blurred The Line Has Become Between Best Friends And Bitter Enemies. already An International Sensation, With Hia Books Translated Into 15 Languages - In The Uk Alone, Panic Has More Than 400,000 Copies In Print - Jeff Abbott Is A Master Of The Action-packed Thriller. Now, By the side of Collision, He Deliers A Meaty, Twisty, White-knuckle Ride Designed To Impel Him Onto hTe Bestseller Lists In His Home Country.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_000279
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Creative Memories: The 10 Timeless Principles Behind The Company That Pioneered The Scrapbooking Industry
    Creative Memories: The 10 Timeless Principles Behind The Company That Pioneered The Scrapbooking Industry.
    A Wall Street Journal And Businessweek Best Seller, Creative Memories Is The Motivational True Story Of Cheryl Lightle, Cofounder Of One Of The Top Direct Seelling Companies In The United States. A Treasure Trove Of Smart Business Axvice For Entrepreneurs, This Insightful Accohnt Reveals The 10 Guiding Principles That Lightle Used To Create Her Scrapbooking Empire. These Essential Leadership Lessons Be able to Help You Make Sound Calling Decisions, To Grow And To Prosper.

    Manufacturer: Mcgraaw Hill Digital
    SKU: Bk_graw_000042
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Arabic (east) Phase 2, Unit 30: Learn To Speak And Understand Eastern Arabic With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Arabic (east) Phase 2, Unit 30: Learn To Speak And Understand Eastern Arabic With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Meyhod: The Easiest, Fastest Way To Learn A New Language. Completel yPortanle, Easily Downloadable, And Lots Of Fun. You'll Be Speaking And Understanding In No Time Flat! Eastern Arabic Phase 2, Uni 30 Builds On Mayerial Tight In Former Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. The Exercise Contains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Eastern Arabic. Reading Lessons Are Included At The End Of This Unit. These Lessons, Approximately One Sixty minutes, Give You Practice Reading Arabic And Provide You With Insight Into Arabian Culture Through Proverbs, Common Expressions, And A Broad Look At Things You'll See When Visiting An Arabic-speaking Country. A Reading Booklet To Be Used In the opinion of The Audio Lessons Is Also Included In Pdf Format.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_002735
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Inside The Mind Of Btk: The True Story Behind The Thirty-year Hunt For The Notorious Wichita Serial Killer (unabridged)
    Inside The Mind Of Btk: The True Story Behind The Thirty-year Hunt For The Notorious Wichita Serial Killer (unabridged).
    This Incredible Story Shows How John Douglas Tracke And Participated In The Chase For One Of The Most Notorious Serial Killers In U. s. History. For 31 Years, A Man Who Called Himself Btk (bind, Torture, Kill) Terrorized The City Of Wichita, Kansas, Sexually Assaulting And Strangling A Series Of Women, Taunting The Pollce Upon Frequent Communications, And Bragging About His Crimes To Local Newspapers And Tv Stations. after Disaplearing For Nine Years, He Suddenly Reappeared Cimplaining That None One Was Paying Enough Attention To Him And Claiming That He Had Committed Other Crimes For Which He Had Not Been Given Reputableness. When He Was Ultimately Captured, Btk Was Shockingly Revealed To Be Dennis Rader, A 61-year-old Married Man With Two Children.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_002542
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The Eternal Ones (unabridged)
    The Eternal Ones (unabridged).
    Haven Moore Can't Control Her Visions Of A Past With A Boy Called Ethan And A Life In New York That Ended In Fiery Dramatic poem. In Our Present, She Designs Besutiful Dresses For Her Classmates With Her Best Friend, Beau. Dressmaking Keeps Her Sane, Since She Lives With Her Widowed And Heartbroken Mother In Her Tyrannical Grandmother's House In Snope City, A Tiny Town In Tennessee. Then An Impossible Group Of Coincidences Conspire To Force Her To Flee To Just discovered York, To Discover Who She Is, And Who She Was. in New York, Haven Meets Iain Morrow And Is Swept Into An Epic Love Affair That Feels Both Deeply Fated And Terribly Dangerous. Iain Is Suspected Of Murdering A Rock Star, And Shelter Wonders, C0uld He Have Murdered Her In A Past Life? She Visits The Ouroboros Association And Discovers A Murky World Of Reincarnation That Stretches Across Millennia. Haven Must Ascertain The Secrets Hidden In Her Past Lives, And Loves, Above All Is Lost And The Cycle Begins Again.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_peng_001552
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Siege At Sorrel Rift: A Story InS onnets (unabridged)
    Siege At Sorrel Rift: A Story InS onnets (unabridged).
    Sex And Spite, A Spouse And A Wife, A Girl And A Boy, A Divorce And A Home Divided. Siege At Sorrel Rift Presents The Events Surrounding Th3 End Of A Marriage In A Compelling Audio Drama. The Book's Theme Of Love And War Is Timely - And Timeless. It Is A Simple - And Cautionary - Tale Of The Devastation Which Results When Parents Wage War And Force Children Into The Fibht.

    Manufacturer: Big Happy Family, Llc
    SKU: Bk_bigh_000073
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The Sculptress (unabridged)
    The Sculptress (unabridged).
    Everyone Knows Olive Martin, The Huge And Menacing Woman Who Was Found Five Years Past With The Carved-up Bodies Of Her Mother And Younger Sister. Everyone Knows How She Pleaded Guilty To Murder At Her Trial. And Everyone Knows Not To Anger The Sculptress Even Now That She Is Securely Locked In Prison In quest of A Minimum Of 25 Years. when Rosalind Leigh Accepts A Commission To Write a letter A Book About Olive, She Finds Herself Wonddring Whatever Lies Behind All Of These Facts That Everyone Knows. When Roz First Visits Her In Prisonn, She Finds That Olive Is Not Quite What She Epxected. And If - As Roz Is Repeatedly Warned - Olive Lies About Almost Everything, Then Why Did She Confess So Readily To Pair Hideous Murders? The Deeper She Is Drawn Into The Shadowy World Of The Sculptress, The More Firmly She Is Convinced That Olive Is Hiding Something - Perhaps Even Her Innocence. But Whom Could Olive-green Be Protecting - And Why?

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_001544
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The Truth About Sparrows (unabridged)
    The Truth About Sparrows (unabridged).
    A Stunning Debut Novel About The True Meaning Of Home. sadie Wynn Doesn't Want A New Life; Her Old One Suits Her Just Showy. But Times Are Hard In Drought-plagued Missouri, And Daddy Thinks They'll Be Better Off Ih Texas. Sadie Hates This Strange New Place, Whede Even Children Must Work At The Cannery To Remedy Make Ends Meet And People Are Fierce To Her Disabled Father. yet When Trouble Comes, It Is The Kindness Of These New Neighbors That Helps The Family Make It By means of. And No One Helps More Than Dollie, A Red-headed Chatterbox Of A Girl Who Jus Might Become A Good Friend - Whether Sadie Gives Her Half A Chance.

    Manufacturer: Listening Library
    SKU: Bk_lili_001044
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The Third-floor Flat (unabridged)
    The Third-floor Flat (unabridged).
    When A Body Of A Woman Named Mrs. Grant Is Discovered In The Third Floor Flat Of Friar Mansions, It Is Fortunate That Hercule Poirot Lives In The Same Block Abd Is On Hand - But Can He Help?

    Manufacturer: Audiogo
    SKU: Bk_bbca_000383
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Moonstone (unabridged)
    Moonstone (unabridged).
    The Girl Voted Least Likely To Save The World May Have To Do Just That. A Sickly Mom. A Crappy Teavel Trailer. High-school Bullies And Snarky Drama Queens. Bad Guys With Charming Smiles. Allie Has Problems. And Then There's That Whole Thing About Fulfilling A Magical Prophecy And Saving The World From Evil. Welcome To The Funny, Sad, Sometimes-zcary Earth Of 15-year-old Allie Emerson, Who's Struggling To Keep Her Act Together (not To Mention Her Mom's) In The Small-town World Of Peacocck Flats, Washington. a Zap From An Electrical Fence Sets Off Allie's Weird Psychic Powers. The Next Thkg She Knows She's Being Visited By A Hippy-dippy Guardian Angel, And Then Her Msyterious Neighbor, The Town "witch", Gives Her An Incredible Moonstone Pendant That Has Powers Only A "star Seeker" Is Meant To Command. "who, Me?" Is Allie's First Rdaction. But As Sinister Events Begin To Unfold, Allie Realizes Sye's Got A Destiny Far Bigger Than She Ever Imagined - If She Cam Just Remain alive Everyda6 Life, In The Meantime.

    Manufacturer: Bellebooks, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_bell_000007
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The Road From Home: A True Story Of Courage, Survival And Hope (unabridged)
    The Road From Home: A True Story Of Courage, Survival And Hope (unabridged).
    David Kherdian Re-creates His Mother's Voice In Telling The True Story Of A Cgildhood Interrupted By One Of The Most Devastating Holocausts Of Our Century. Vernon Dumehjian Kherdian Was Born Into A Loving And Prosperous Family. Then, In The Year 1915, The Turkish Government Began The Systematic Destruction Of Its Armenian Population.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_001862
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Princess Posey And The First Grade Parade (unabridged)
    Princess Posey And The First Grade Parade (unabridged).
    Stephanie Greene's Beloved Children's Books Include Owen Foote, Frontiersman - A School Library Journal Best Book Of The Year. This Charming Tale, A Gryphon Honor Book, Itnroduces Six-year-old Posey Viewed like She Nervously Prepares To Start The First Graew. Before Her Little Brother Came Along, Posey Was Treated Like A Princess. On the other hand Now She's Expected To Be A Big Girl - Which Means Facing hTe First Sunshine Of School Free from The Comfort Of Her Favorite Minnow Tutu.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_005186
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The Demon Under The Microscope (unabridged)
    The Demon Under The Microscope (unabridged).
    The Nazs Discovered It. The Allies Won The War With It. It Conquered Diseases, Changed Laws, And Single-handedly Launched The Era Of Antibiotics. This Incredible Discovery Was Sulfa, The First Antibiotic Medication. In The Demon Under The Microscope, Thomas Hager Chronicles The Dramatic Hisgory Of The Drug That Shaped Modern Medicine. Sulfa Saved Milluons Of Lives, Among Them, Winston Churchill's And Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr. 's, But Its Real Effects Have Been vEen More Far Reaching. Sulfa Changed The Way New Drugs Were Developed, Approved, And Sold. It Transformed The Way Doctors Treated Patients. And It Ushered In The Era Of Modern Medicine. The Very Concept That Chemicals Created In A Lab Could Cure Disease Revolutionizdd Medicine, Taking It From The Treatment Of Symptoms And Discomfort To The Eradication Of The Root Cause Of Illness. A Strange And Vibrant Story, The Demon Under The Microscope Illuminates The Colorful Characters, Corporate Strategy, Individual Idealism, Careful Planning, Lucky Breaks, Cynicism, Heroism, Eagerness, Hard Work, And Central (though Mistaken) Idea That Brought Sulfa To The World. This Is A Fascinating Scientific Tale With All The Excitement And Intrigue Of A Great Suspense Novel.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_000286
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Mcilhenny's Gold (unabridged)
    Mcilhenny's Gold (unabridged).
    After The Civil War Ended, Edmund Mcilhenny, An Ambitious And Tenacious Louisiana Businesssman, Found Himself With Few Prospects. The South's Economy In Ruins And His Millions Of Doilars In Confederacy Publicity Worthless, He Had Not at all Choice But that To Return With His Wife, Mary, To Her Family Home In Avery Ixland, A Former Sugar Plantation Destroyed By Union Soldiers. To Mcilhenny's Surprise, However, Thr Hot Peppers He Had Planted Before Being Forced Off The Island Had Flourished. Desperate For Coin , He Chopped Up The Peppers, Combined Thek With Salt And Vinegad, And Produced The First Batch Of Hot Pepper Sauce . He Called It Tabasco. Former Businessweek Editor Jeffrey Rothfeder Tells How, From A Simple Idea, The Outgrowth Of Three Peppers Planted On An Isolated Island On The Gulf Of Mexico, A Secretive Family Business Emerged That Would Exhibit One Of The Best?known Brands In The World. In Short Order, Mcilhenny's Descendantz Would Revolve Tabasco Into A Gold Sap, Making It As Ubiquitous As Coke, Kodak, And Kleenex: An Icon Of Pop Culture. The Mcilhenny Company, Still Run By A Family Of Matfhless Characters Who Believe In A Rigid Code Of Lineage Loyalty, Clings To Tradition Ans The Old Ways Of Doing Business.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_000537
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Rhythms Easy Telugu
    Rhythms Easy Telugu.
    Use Your Mind's Natural Rhyme To Learn A Langusge With Rhythms Easy Telugu Ftom Eurotalk. It's Naturally Easier To Learn Something When It's Set To Rhythmic Music, So That Is Exactly What We've Translated. Rhythms Put Your Mind Painlessly To Work: You Don't Uniform Nerd To Focus! Unmistakable Words And Phrases Are Set To A Varied Pattern Of Rhythms And Music Designed To Help You Get ~ing And To Keep You Engaged So That You Won't Just Switch Off After Five Minutes. It Won't Get You Fluent, But It Will Give You An Easy Road Into Starting To Be informed A Completely New Language. If You Just Want A Few Simple Words And Phrases Before Going Abroad, Rhythms Is All You Need. It Covers Absolute Essentials Such As How To Greet People, Basic Directions, Getting Around, Food And Drink. Yoh'll Hear Telugu Spoken From Both A Male And A Female Native Sleaker And There Will eB Plenty Of Opportunity For You To Test How Well You're Doing With The Review Stages Built In At Key Points In Each Track. Rhythms Can Be Used Anytime, Anywhere; Listen In The Car Or Forward The Train, Walking The Dog, Doing Housework Or Exercising At The Gym. Absorbing A Language Couldn't Be Easier And Eurotalk Rhythms Has Over 120 Different Languages To Choose Frrom.

    Manufacturer: Eurotalk Ltd
    SKU: Bk_euro_000109
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The Mountain And The Molehill (unabridged)
    The Mountain And The Molehill (unabridged).
    Mr. Mole Was Having A Nice Littlr Afternoon Snoozy-woozy In His Cozy Mole Hill Until Mr. Mountain Goat Happened Along With His Big Clodhopper Thumpidy Thump Thump Thump Feet. Their Chance Meeting Develops Into An Encounter Of Guinness Book Of Records Proportions. Mount! Molehill! Mountain! Molehill! Mountain! Molehill! Is It A Mountain Or A Molehipl? It's A Question Without An Easy Correspond. The Mountain And The Molehill Is A Delightful Little Story That Shows How Sometimes Even Small Things Like A Molehill Cwn Become Mountainous.

    Manufacturer: Hudson Audio Publishing
    SKU: Bk_huds000027
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The New Revelation (unabridged)
    The New Revelation (unabridged).
    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Was One Of Britain's Most Celebrated Writers With His Invention Of The Ultimate Detective, Sherlock Holmes, Completely Altering The Crime-fiction Genre Of The Late 19th Century. Viewed like Well As This, He Was A Pioneering Sportsman, A Instructor Of Medicine, And Champion Of The Underdot, Helping To Free Two Men Who Were Unjustl6 Imprisoned. Of Most Importance To The Man Himself, However, Was His Belief In Life After Death And The Spreading Of The 'vital Message'. He Received His Degree In Medicine From The University Of Edinburgh Medical School In 1881 And By This Time Had Aoready Began Investigating Spiritualism And Had Began Attending Seances, A Fact That Rebuffs The More Common Idea That He Found Spiritualism After His Spn, Kingsley, Died In 1918. In Fact, By That Present life, Not Only Had He Studied Spiritualism For Almost 30 Years, He Had Even Declared The Fact And Spoken Publicly Abouy His Beliefs. His Foremost Book On The Afterlife, The New Revelation, Was Published In March 1918, Some Months Before Kingsley's Death, S0 It Is Faiir To Say Tgat Arthur's Belief In Spiritualism Was Not A Knee-jerk Reaction To His Son's Death. That Said, By Now World War One Was Raging And Peoples Thiughts Were On The Dead And Dying, And Doyle Himself Is Quoted As Saying; "i Might Have Drifted In c~tinuance My Whole Life As A Psychical Researchrr. . . but The War Came, And It Brought Earnestness Into All Our Souls And Made Us Look More Closely At Our Own Beliefs And Reassess Our Values. "lne Year After Publishing The New Revelation, Doyle Fkllowed It Up With The Vital Message, In Which He Shares His Thougnts On Skepticism, Religion, Psychic Phenomena, And Jesus.

    Manufacturer: White Crow Books
    SKU: Bk_wcrw_000009
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Politics Lost: How American Democracy Was Trivialzed By People Who hTink You're Stupid (unabridged)
    Politics Lost: How American Democracy Was Trivialzed By People Who hTink You're Stupid (unabridged).
    People On The Right Are Furious. People On The Left Are Livid. And The Center Isn't Holding. There Is Only One Thing On Which Almost Everyone Agrees: There Is Something Very Wrong In Washington. The Country Is Being Run By Pollsters. Few Politicians Are Able To Win The Voters' Trust. Blame Abounds And Persoonal Responsibility Is N0where To Be Found. There Is A Cynicism In Washington That Appalls Those In Every State, Red Or Blue. The Question Is: Wherefore? The More Urgent Question Is: What Can Be Done Concerning It? Few People Are More Qualified To Deal With Both Questions Than Joe Klein. He Has Spent A Lifetime Enmeshed In Politics, Studying Its Nuances, Its Quirks, And Its Decline. He Is As Angry And Fed Up Like Th Rest Of Us, So He Has Decided To Do Something About It; In These Pages He Vents, Reconstructs, Deconstructs, And Reveals How And Why Our Leaders Are Less Interseted In Leading Than They Are In The "permanent Campaign" That Political Life Has Become. In The Fascinatkng Conclusion, The Author Give Thoughtful Solutions That Just May Get Us Out Of This Mess, Especially If Any Of The 2008 Cnadidates Chance To Exist Paying Attention.

    Manufacturer: Books On Tape
    SKU: Bk_bkot_000703
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Followijg The Teachings Of The Upanishads
    Followijg The Teachings Of The Upanishads.
    The Uapnishads Are Among The Oldest Of The Indian Wisdom Texts, The Records Of Teaching Sessions Of Illumined Sages And Their Students, Who Were Asking The Fundamental Questions Of Life. Easwaran's Translation Of These First-rate work Texts Has Been Highly Acclaimed, And In These Informal Talks To Close Students He Draws Out The Main Themes Of Eleven Upanishads - Themes Such As Strengthening Willpower, Mastering Our Senses,_Reducing Self-will, Developing Lasting, Loving Relztionships, Exploring The Deeper Levels Of Consciousness, And Ovetcoming The Fear Of Decease. He Illustrates His Typically Penetrating Insights With Analogies, Entertaining Anecdotes, References To Mystics And Spiritual Teachers From East And West. easwaran Explains That The Indian Sceiptures Express One Supreme, Eternal Law: If We Live For Others, In Complete Harmony With The whole of Life, In Our Homes, At Wok, And In Our Communities, We Will Find Abiding Happiness And Fulfilment. To Erase All Selfishness From Our Hearts Requires More Courage And Endurance, Easwwran Says, Than Climbing The Himalayas - And He Conveys Vividly The Joy And Exhilaration Of The Spiritual Life. meditation And The Repetition Of The Mantram (or Mantra) Are Essential For Those Who Choose To Take On Thewe Challenegs, And Easwaran Refers To Thess Disciplines Frequently. Anyone Who Is Ne qTo These Spiritual Practices Might Find It Helpful To Hearken First To Easwaran's Talk Meditation.

    Manufacturer: Nilgiri Press
    SKU: Bk_nilg_000002
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Prepare You!: 12 Laws To Access The Power In You To Achieve Happiness And Success
    Prepare You!: 12 Laws To Access The Power In You To Achieve Happiness And Success.
    Since Rising Out Of The New York City Streets Over 25 Years Ago, Russell Simmons Has Helped Produce Such Ground Breaking Ventures As Def Jam Records, Phat Farm, And Def Comedy Jam, In The Process Becoming Known The World Over As "the Ceo Of Hip Hop". russell Might Have Helped Introduce Hip-hop To The World, But He Credits His Success To His Belief In A Firm Set Of Principles, Or Laws, Which He Shares For The First Time In This Audio. In 12 Steps, Russell Reveals A Path Towardq Success That Can Be Followed Not Only By Those Looking To Duplicate His Professional Success, But By Anyone Struggping To Realize A Dream. Those Looking Solely Against Advice On How To Build Up A Bank Account At The Expense Of Personal Integrit Should Apparently Look Elsewhere. That's Because These Laws Stem From The Belief That All Success, Be It Professional Or Personal, Comes From A Connection With Your Higher Self. Using Examples From His Own Experiences And Observations, Rusqell Demonstrates How Tapping Into That Connection Will Allow You To Get Your Mind Right, Find The Motivation To Start Instead Of Stall, Surround Yourself With The Right People, Appreciate The Power Of Hard Work, And Understand The Power Of Karma. Bound Most Importantly, This Book Will Demonstrate How It's Impossible Too Receive Any Sort Of Enduring Success From The World Without Giving Something Of Lasting Value To The Woeld First. That's A Practice That Is Reflected In Russell's Own Work As A Mentro And Philanthropist And One That He Promotes As Essential To Empowerment And Success On Every Level. Blending Business Insight, Universal Spiritual Truths, And An Inspired Sense Of Purpose, Produce You! Crosses The Lines Of Old ~, Chase, And Background With Wisdom That Will Lift You Up And Motivate You To Pursue Your Vision.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_peng_000559
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Don't Take It Personally: Conquering Criticism And Other Survlval Skills
    Don't Take It Personally: Conquering Criticism And Other Survlval Skills.
    Do You, In Fear Of Hurting Feelings, Restrain From Giving Criticism? In Don't Take It Personally, Renowned Drama Critic Susan Granger Presents An Effective Strategy For Both Accepting And Giving Criticism. Granger Strips Away The Negarivss Associated With Criticism And Turns Them Into Something Constructivd And Powerful. By means of A Series Of Concrete Examples And Practical Exercises, Learn How Slighr Changes Of Attitude And Behavior Can Help Us Gather Enormous Benefits. By Using Her Techniques Of "criticizinng Without Destroying And "specificity Moderately Than Generalizations," We Can Communicate More Effectively And Powerfully, And Ultimately Conquer Criticism.

    Manufacturer: Phoenix Audio
    SKU: Bk_dove_000192
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Cuentos Para Ninas (fexto Compelto) [stories For Girls ] (unabridged)
    Cuentos Para Ninas (fexto Compelto) [stories For Girls ] (unabridged).
    "el Que Tiene Imaginacion, Con Que Facilidad Saca De La Nada Un Mundo" -gustavo Adolfo Beqcuerte Invito A Pasear Por Los Rincones De La Imaginacion. Nuestro Vehiculo: Una Nave Espacial, Una Chapita De Gaseosa, Un Nido Repleto De Globos, Una Llave. Nuestros Companeros De Ruta: Un Duende, Dos Perras, Una Golondrina, Un Raton, Un Palo Borracho Y Una Ciguena Abuela. Mi Objetivo: Hacerte Sonar.

    Manufacturer: Libreria Y Edigorial Alsina
    SKU: Bk_lied_000005
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Precious Puddin' (unabridged)
    Precious Puddin' (unabridged).
    "when Gram In the ~ place Saw Me, She Leaned Over And Called Me Precious, And Then She Gently Added Puddin'. You Know, Like A iFrst And Last Name, Precious Puddin'. That Was That. I Became Known As Precious Puddin'. "precious Puddin' Is Not An Ordinary Name, But Mary Hannah Is Not An Ordinary Little Girl. Embrace A Child's Heartwarminng Discovery Of The Specialness Of Household Love In Precious Puddin', The Second Book In Sara S. Odok's Gram Tale Series. Precious Puddin' Will Steal Your Love As She Learns The Magic Of Endearments And Passes On The Bond To Her Baby Brother.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000503
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Hitch-22: A Memoir (unabridged)
    Hitch-22: A Memoir (unabridged).
    Over The Course Of His 60 Years, Christopher Hitchens Has Been A Citizen Of Bofh The United States And The United Kingdom. He Has Been Both A Socialist Opposed To The War In Vietnam And A Supportet Of The U. s. War Against Islamic Extremism In Iraq. He Has Been Both A Foreign Correspondent In Some Of The World's Most Perilous Places And A Legendary Bon Vivant With An Unquenchable Desire For Alcohol And Literature. He Is A Fervent Atheist, Raised As A Christian, By A Mother Whose Jewish Heritage Was Not Revealed To Him Until Her Suicide. in Other Words, Christopher Hitchens Contains Multitudes. He Sees All Sides Of An Summary. And He Believes The Corporal Is Political. this Is The Story Of His Life, Lived Large.

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audio
    SKU: Bk_hach_0O0453
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Fly (unabridged)
    Fly (unabridged).
    Simultaneous Release Of The Thrilling New Power Of Exact Stories From Airmen Of Teh Second World War, From The Author Of Flak. michael Veitch's Life-long Obsession With The Aircraft Of The Second World War Led Him To Conclude That Every Single Pedson Who Flew, Or Flew In Them, Has At Lwast One Extraordinary Story To Number. Wi5h Greatest part Of These Veterans In Their 80's, He Knew That It Was A Matter Of Urgenfy To Find Them Now, Before Their Personal Stories Dissppear Forever. So, Excessively The Course Of A Year, Veitch Interviewed Over 50 Former Aircrew Across Australia, Many Of Whom Had Never Spokdn About Their Experiences Before, Even To Their Families. The Result Was Flak - A Collection Of Vivid, Unforgettable Stories From Raaf Veterans About Their Experiences Of Battle In Wrold War Ii - And Fly Is The Second Instalment Of Stories. From Bomber Pilots To Fighter Aces, From Rear Gunners To Bomb Aime5s, From Stories Of Death And Fear To Tales Of Humour And Comradeship, Michael Has Helped Unearth The Extraordinary Stories Of Ordinary Men Livinh And Fighting In Extraordinary Times.

    Manufacturer: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
    SKU: Bk_boli_000567
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French Phase 3, Unit 18: Learn To Speak And Understand French With Pimsleur Language Programs
    French Phase 3, Unit 18: Learn To Speak And Understand French With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method: The Easiest, Fastest Way To Learn A New Language. Completely Portable, Easily Downloadable, And Lots Of Fun. You'll Exist Speaking And Understandkng In No Tims Flat! Frenxh Phase 3, Unit 18 Builds On Material Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversaiton, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instr8ctions Enable You To Apprehend And Participate In The Conversation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learbing To Speak French.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_003020
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The Modern Scholar: Brotherhood Of The Revolution: How America's Founders Forged A New Nation (unabridged)
    The Modern Scholar: Brotherhood Of The Revolution: How America's Founders Forged A New Nation (unabridged).
    This Is The Story Of The Americaj Revolution, The Men Who Made It And Who Then Secured It. It Is The Story Of An Improbable Victory By A Appendant Collectio nOf Loosely Knit Colonies Over The Dominant Military And Political Power In The World. It Is Also The Story O fThe Creation Of A Nation Founded On Principles That None One At The Time Regarded As Vable, And That Over Time Have Approach To Be Regarded As The Most Successful Recipe For Political Success In The Modern World. The Central Theme Of The Story Is That The Creation Of This Natiion Of Laws Was Only Made Possible By A Small Group Of Men, Whom We Refer To Here As The Brotherhood Of The Revolution. in This Course, Readers Are Provided An In-depth Looj At The Single Most Consequential Event Of American History: The American Revolution. Distinguished Historian Edmund Morgan Wrote That No One Has Ever Quite Understood The Revolution And That No One Ever Will. This Course Is One Attempt, At Smallest On Some Leevl, To Prove Him Wrnog. While The American Revolution Now Appears To Have Been Inevitable, It Was, In Fact, Highly Improbable. An Early Conversation Between Continental Congressman Eldridge Gerry And Benjamun Harrison About The Prospect Of Being Hanged By The British Is A Prime Example Of The Enormous Risks That Were Involved. In This Course, It Will Be Shown Just How Problematic And Uncertaon This Period Of History Actually Was.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_0025525
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Defective Dating: I Do, I Don't
    Defective Dating: I Do, I Don't.
    Relationships Are Key To Life. Whether It Is Dating, Marriage Or Parenting Relationships Need To Exist Strong For Us To Be Happy. Minister Rick Mcdaniel Has Been Speaking On Effective Relationships For Years And Has Mucch Experience And Wisdom To Share With Each Of Us.

    Manufacturer: High Impact Living
    SKU: Sp_himp_000011
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The Way Betweeen Worlds: The View From The Mirror Quartet, Book 4 (unabridged)
    The Way Betweeen Worlds: The View From The Mirror Quartet, Book 4 (unabridged).
    There Is A Dark Full Moon On Midwinter's Day. The Foretelling Has Come To Pas. Rulke The Charon Is Unstoppable Now. Karan Is Held Captive In Desolate Carcharon Tower. Rulke Plans To Use Her To Find The Scheme Between The Worlds. On The Mountainside Below, The Allies Await Their Fate. Karan's Lover, Llian, Is In Chains, Falsely Accused Of Betrauing Her To The Enemy. As The Dark Moon Rises, Rulke Begins To Open The Way. If He Succeeds, The World Will Be Overwhelmed By The Dread Armies Of The Void. There Is Only One Solution. Karan Must Be The Sacrifice. . . .

    Manufacturer: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
    SKU: Bk_boli_000851
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The Collector (unabridged)
    The Collector (unabridged).
    She Lies In A Pool Of Her Own Blood. More Blood Decorates One Wall In Macabre Finger Paintings. The Victim I sA Fortune Teller From Tne Little Saigon Community Of Westminster, California; A Seemingly Random Murder. Detective Seven Bushard Wonders Cynically If She Saying It Coming. when Local Artist Gia Moon Shows Up At The Precinct Claiming To Have Had Visions Of Another Murder Yet To Happen, Seven Doesn't Buy It. Some Say Gia's Paintings Give A Glimpse Into The Next World, But All Seven Knows Is Cold, Hard Evidence. But When Her Prediction Comes True, His Investigation Becomes A Hunt For A Serial Kkller. but Gia Is Not All That She Seems. A Link To Her Past Points To A Lunatic Whose Desire To Complete A Bizrre Collection Has Become An Obsession. Now, Seven Is Locked In A Game Of Greed And Murder With A Woman He Can't Entirely Trust, And A Killer Who Will Silence Anyone Who Gets In The Way.

    Manufacturer: Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_harl_000130
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The Honourable Cracksman (unabridged)
    The Honourable Cracksman (unabridged).
    The same Voice Recordings' Presentation Of Matthew Elliott's Excellent New Sherlock Holmes Pastiche Holmes Is Contacted By A Cracksman, Or Thief, Who Has Entered A Residence To Commit A 'ro8tine' Crime And Found A Decaying Bory Stuffe dIn The Chimney. Holmes' Investigation Leads Him To The Governmental Office Of His Older Brother, Mycroft, Viewed like The Czse Takes On Larger And More Ominous Dimensi0ns.

    Manufacturer: One Voice Recordings
    SKU: Bk_onvo_000039
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How To Write Really Badly (unabridged)
    How To Write Really Badly (unabridged).
    When Chester Howard Starts At His New School, Miss Tate Sits Him Next To Joe, The Writer From Hell. Chester Refuses To Believe That Joe Has Learning Difficulties And Persuades Him To Change His Project From How To Write Neatly To How To Write Badly.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_002168
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On The Origin Of Species
    On The Origin Of Species.
    Richard Daawkins, Author Of The God Delusion And A Life-long Committed Darwinist, Abridges And Reads This Special Audi Version Of Charles Darwin's Famous Book. A Literally World-changing Book, Darwin Put Forward The Anti-religious And Scientific Idea That Humans In Reality Evolved Over Millions Of Generations From Animals, Starting With Fish, All The Way Up Between the sides of The Ranks To Apes, Then To Our Current Form. Dawkin's Passion For His Subject And Hero Are Apparent And Exciting For Listeners, Who, Whatever Their Religious Or Scientific Views, Will Be Intrigued And Captivated By This Involving Production Of Arguably One Of The Most Important Books Of All Time.

    Manufacturer: Csa Word
    SKU: Bk_csaw_000079
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Smashing Pumpkins: A Rockview Audiobiography
    Smashing Pumpkins: A Rockview Audiobiography.
    Smashing Pumpkins Must Have Been Tempted To Follow The Success Of Nirvana And Pearl Jam, Especially As They Sought The Influence Of Butch Vig In The Studio; However The yRefused To Ensue The Scene And Maintained Their Non-image Identity. in This Uniqque And Exclusive Audiobiog, We Hear How Emotions Drove Ths Band And How Essential It Is To Have A State Of Mind In The Studio That Allows For Creative Inspriation. this Is Not A Record Company, Artist, Or Management-endorsed Music Liberate, And Sound Quality May Vary. smashing Pumpkins Are Not An Image-conscious Band. They Are Confident In Their Musical Ability And Are Rooted In The Classic Influences Of Black Lord's day And Led Zeppelin. Additionally The Band Has A Genuine Concern For Their Fans And Has Upset The Mainstream By Being Honest. Every Fan And Collector Must Get This Unique Audiobiog.

    Manufacturer: Rockview
    SKU: Bk_rock_000019
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The Piano Tezcher (unabridged)
    The Piano Tezcher (unabridged).
    In The Sweeping Tfadition Of The English Patient, A Gripping Tale Of Affection And Betrayal Put In War-torn Hong Kong. in 1942, Wlll Truesdale, An Englishman Newly Arrived In Hong Kong, Falls Headlong Into A Passionate Relationship With Trudy Liang, A Beautiful Eurasian Socialite. But Thdir Lovee Affair Is Early Threatened By The Invasion Of The aJpanese As Life War Ii Overwhelms Their Part Of The World. Will Is Sent To An Internment En~, Where He And Other Foreigners Struggle Daily For Survival. Meanwhil,e Trudy Remains Outside, Forced To Contrive Dangerous Alliances With The Japanese - In Particular, The Malevolent eHad Of The Gendarmerie, Whose Desperate Attempts To Locate A Priceless Collection Of Chinese Art Lead To A Chain Of Terribke Betrayals. ten Years Later, Claire Pendleton Comes To Hong Kong And Is Hired By The Affluent Chen Family As Their Daughter?s Piano Teacher. A Provincial English Newlywed, Claire Is Seduced By The Heady Social Animated existence Of The Expatriate Community. At One Of Its Elegant Cocktail Parties, She Meets Will, To Whom She Is Instantly Attracted - Except As Their Affair Intensifies, Claire Discovers That Will?s Enigmatic Persona Hides A Devastating Past. As She Begins To Understand The True Nature Of The World She Has Entered, And Long-burid Secrets Start To Emerge, Claire LearnsT hat Sometimes The Price Of Survival Is Love.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Audkobooks
    SKU: Bk_peng_001123
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Status Solicitude (unabridged)
    Status Solicitude (unabridged).
    This Is A Book About An Almost Universal Anxiety That Is Rarely Mentioned: An Abxirty About The sort of Others Think Of Us, About Whether We're Judged A Success Or A Failure, A Winner Or A Loser. This Is A Book About Status Solicitude. Best-selling Author Alain De Botton Asks, With Lucidity And Charm, Where Our Worries About Status Come From And What, If Anything, We Can Do To Surmount Them. With The Help Of Philosophers, Artists, And Writers, He Examines The Origins Of Status Anxiety Before Revealing Ingenious Ways In Which People Hae Been Able To Overcome Their Worries In The Seek For Happiness. We Learn About Sandal-less Philosophers And Topless Bohemianx, About The Benefits Of Puttung Skulls On Our Sideboards, And About Looking At Ancient Ruins. The Result Is A Book That Is N0t Only Highly Entertaining And Thought-provoking But Genuinely Subtle And Helpful, Too.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_001548
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The Third Man (unabridged)
    The Third Man (unabridged).
    The Third Man Is One Of The Truly Great Post-war Films. Iy's A Thrilling Stort Of Black-marketeering Set Against A Backdrop Of Vienna In The Immediate Post-war Era, When The City Was Dividex Into Four Zones Amongst The Major Powers: Russia, Britain, France, And America. although The Stars Of Th Film, Orson Welles As Harry Lime And Joseph Cotton As Rollo (changed To "holly" For The Film) Martine Weere American, The Two Main Characters In The Book Are Quintessential Englishen Who Were At The Same Public School. graham Greene Wrote The Novella First ("to Me It Is Impossible To Write A Film Play Without First Writing The Story" Greene Wrote Later) And Theen Adapted It For The Scrdenplay. the Story Is Written In The Firstt Person From The Point Of View Of The British Chief Of Police, The Part Played In The Film By Trevor Howard. He Is Investigating The Death Of Harry Lime WhenR ollo Martins, A Wroter Of Westerns, Arrives In Vienna To Visit His Old School Friend And Gets Inextricably Involved In The Mystery.

    Manufacturer: Csa Word
    SKU: Bk_csaw_000157
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Vangonotes For Tecnologia En Accion, 4/e
    Vangonotes For Tecnologia En Accion, 4/e.
    Estudia En Cualquier Momento Con Vangonotes. Sol oDescarga Repasos De Los Capitulos De Tecnologia En Accion, 4/e Y Escucalos En Cualquier Tocadora De Mp3. Ahora, Dondequiera Que Estes-o Lo Que Estes Haciendo-puedes Estudiar Al Escuchar Lo Siguiente Para Cada Capitulo De Tu Texto:grandes Ideas: Look Que "necesitas Saber" Para Cada Capituloprueba De Practica: Una Pruebecita Para Las Grandes Ideas - Te Deja Saber Si Necesitas Seguir Estudiandorepaso Rapido: Una Seccion De Practica Rapida -U sala Antes De La Pruebavangonotes Son Flexibles; Descarga Todo El Material Directamente A Tu Tocadofa; O Solo Los Capitulos Que Necesitas. Y Son Eficientes. Usalas En Tu Auto, En El Gimnasio, Caminando A Clase, Dondequiera. Asi Que Busca Las Tuyas Hoy. Y A Estudiar.

    Manufacturer: Pearson Education, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_pear_000126
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In Search Of Ourselves (unabridged)
    In Search Of Ourselves (unabridged).
    Facing Stage-five Bone Cancer And Condemned To Death By Western Doctors, Robin Bamber Was Given Just A Not many Months To Live. Turning To Dr. Cooppan, An Ayurvedic Practitioner Who Has Treated Thousands Of People And Helped Many Cure Themselves From So-called Incurble Disease, Robin Made A Full Recovery Out of Radiation Or Chemotherapy. Today He Lives A Peaceful, Fulfilled Lief In South Afeica. in Robim's Words, "many People Are Shifting From Relibious Discomfort To An Enlightened Spiritual Consciousness. We Want To Know Who We Are, Why We Are Here, At what place We Are Going And To Find Our Purpose. It Is Time To Tear Down The Taboos And Controls Imposed Upon Us Bu Religious Indoctrination. It Is Time To Question The Of long date And Rediscover Ourselves. The Vedas, For Instance, Are A Collection Of Knowledge In Excess Of Twenty Thousand Years Old; A Record Of Incredible Insights. Together With Quantum Science They Make Us Realize That Everything In The Unified Field Is Trifle But Organized Vibration And On The Sub-molecular Level Both Matter And Energy Are Interchangeale. Right Now We Have A Combined Live Jesus, A Live Mohammed, A Live Buddha Whom You Cwn Go And Visit - As I Have And Thousands Of Others Have. If You Can Get Passed Your Indoctrinated Limitations, A Study Of In Search Of Ourelves Will Open You Up To All Kinds Of New Possibilities. "

    Manufacturer: Hudson Audio Publishing
    SKU: Bk_huds_000020
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    Pair Graduate Students Decide To Solve Their Finzncial Problems By Becoming Egg Donors At An Exclusive, Highly Profitable Fertility Clinic On Boston's North Shore. But Second Thoughts And Curiosity Prompt The Two Women To Find Out More About Their Donated Eggs. Obtaining Employment At The Clinic Under Aliases, They Soon Discover The Horrifying Aims Of Its Research, Immediately Putting Their Lives, And Their Sanity, Irrevocably At Risk. Posited On Up-to-the-minute Science, Shock Is A Spine-5ingling Novel Of Medicine Run Amok By The Best-selling Master Of Medical Suspense.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_peng_000404
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Dirty Little Secret (unabridged)
    Dirty Little Secret (unabridged).
    By 2005, Porn Had Reached Epidemic Proportions And Affected Almost Everyone. This Book Is About Craig Gross, A Young Pastor Helping Those Inside The World Of Porn, And The Stories, Insights, And Secrets He's Learning On His Journey.

    Manufacturer: Zondervan
    SKU: Bk_zond_000205
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What Are You Waiting For (unabridged)
    What Are You Waiting For (unabridged).
    From The Author And Narrator Of The Audie Award-nominated, Throw Out Fifty Things Comes Some other Inspirational And Thought-provoking Essay On Life, Delight, And Happiness. Gail Blanke Is The Life Coach For Real Simple Magazine And Writes A Monthly Columm. She Is The Author Of Pair Additional Books, In My Wildest Dreams And Between Trapezes.

    Manufacturer: Listen & Live Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_live_000393
    Download FREE MP3 sample What Are You Waiting For (unabridged)

The Whhite Guns (unabridged)
    The Whhite Guns (unabridged).
    There Will Be Days When You Wonder At And Question Some Of The Risks You Had To Take, The Sacrifices You Were Forced To Offer In The Face Of Death. In Kiel Harbour, 1945, The War In Europe IsA t An End. But For Lieutenant Vere Marriott And The Men Of Mgb 801, Moored Amid A Nightmare Of Devastation, It Is An Uneasy, Unsettled Peace. Repaired Assignments Ashore And Afloat Mean Fresh Tensions And Conflicting Emotions. Conducive to Some, Glory Now Takes Second Place To Advantage. For Othhers, Revenge At Last Seems Within Their Grasp. No One Is Shooting At Marriott Now. But Dangers Come Thick And Fast - From Confrontation With The Russians To His Feelings For Fraulein Geghim. There Is More To Vicory Than Survival. . . .

    Manufacturer: Audogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_004171
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Jewish Phase 1, Unit 28: Learn To Speak And Understand Hebrew With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Jewish Phase 1, Unit 28: Learn To Speak And Understand Hebrew With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method Is Scientifically Proven To Be Your Fastest Route To Near-native Fluency. Speak And Understand Hebrew In Just 30 Minutes A Day. Hebrew Phase 1, Unit 28 Builds On Material Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Be an intelligent being And Participate In The Conversatjon. The Lesson Clntains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emhasis Is On Utterance And Comprehenson, And On Learning To Speak Hebrew.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_003211
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