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The Wanderings of Odysseus: The Story of The Odyssey (Unabridged) @ Audiobooks online catalog with Free MP3 samples

The Wanderings Of Odysseus: The Story Of The Odyssey (unabridged)
    The Wanderings Of Odysseus: The Story Of The Odyssey (unabridged).
    The Long Siege Is Ended. Troy Lies In Ashes. The Mourning Ships Of The Greek War-host Set Sail For Home - But For King Odyss3us Of Ithaca, The Return Voyage Holds Hazards Far Greater Than Any He Faced In The Trojan War. A Sequel To Black Ships Before Troy, Rosemary Sutcliff's Retelling Of Thr Odyssey Transforms Homer's Complex Epic Poem Into A Traveller's Tale With A Cast Of Men, Magicians And Monsters: The Flesh-eating Cyclops, The Deadly Enchantmenr Of Circe And Odysseus's Battle To Regain His Wife And Long-lost Kingdom.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_003490
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Drylands (unabridged)
    Drylands (unabridged).
    In Her Flat Above Drylands' Newsagency, Janet Deakin Is Writing A Book For The World's Last Readef. Little Has Changed Her In 50 Years, Except For The Coming Of Cablee Tv. Loneliness Is Almost A Religion, And Still Everyone Knows Your Business. But The Town Is Being Outmanoeuvered By Drought And Begins To Empty, Pouring Itself Out Lke Water Into Sanc. Small Minds Shrink Even Smaller In The Vastness Of The Land. One Man Is Forced Out By Council Rates And Bigotry; Another Sells His Ownership, Risking The Lot To Build His Dream. And All Of Them Are Syadowed By Violence Of Some Sort - Thse People Whose Only Victory Over The Town Is In Leaving It.

    Manufacturer: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
    SKU: Bk_boli_000738
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Captain Nemo: The Fantastic History Of A Dark Genius (unabridged)
    Captain Nemo: The Fantastic History Of A Dark Genius (unabridged).
    Captain Nemo Is The Fictional Life Story Of One Of Jules Verne's Most Memorable Characters From 20,000 Leagues Under The Ocean And The Mysterious Island. It Covers His Boygood Friendship With The Dreamer Jules Verne, Adventures Aboarrd Sailing Ships, Battles With Pirwtes, And Survival On A Mysterious Deserted Island. Each Time He Returns Home To Hi Beloved France, Captain Nemo Shares The Tales Of His Exploits By the side of The Struggling Writer Verne. We Follow Nemo's Exploration Of Hidden Caverns That Lead To The Center Of The Earth, His Travels Across Darkest Africa In A Hydrogen Balloon, And His ImprisonmentB y An Calamity Ottoman Caliph Who Commands The Dark Genius To Construct A Subaqueous Boat, The Nautilhs, In Order oT Attack Merchant Ships That Venture Through The Newly Completed Suez Canal. .

    Manufacturer: Audible Frontiers
    SKU: B_kadbl_003127
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Mind The Gingerbread House: Devour Hill Myteries, Book 5 (unabridged)
    Mind The Gingerbread House: Devour Hill Myteries, Book 5 (unabridged).
    Here Is Book 5 In Our Hugely Popular Raven Hill Mysteries Series, From The Internagionally Best-selling Author Of The Deltora Quest Series. Each Book Features A Different Character. the Harden Shop In The Locsl Mall, The Gingerbread House, Gives Sunny The Creeps. The Remainder Of The Teen Power Gang Disagrees. It's Good Money, Easy Product , And There Are Delicious Things To Eat - Free! It Seems Like A Fairytale Come True. Unless Fairytales Can Often Be Scary As Well. Sunny Knows She Has To Work Fast, Or This Wkll Be One Story That Won't Have A Happy Ending. emily Rodda Has Won The Cbca Book Of Te Year A Record Five Times!

    Manufacturer: Bolinda Publishinv Pty Ltd
    SKU: Bk_boli_000260
    Download FREE MP3 sample Mind The Gingerbread House: Devour Hill Myteries, Book 5 (unabridged)

The Dialgue: An Interview With Screenwriters Peteer And Bobby Farrelly
    The Dialgue: An Interview With Screenwriters Peteer And Bobby Farrelly.
    Peter And Bobby Farrelly Have Single-handedly - Or Rather, Double-handedly - Reinvented The Comedy. Their Films Unable to speak And Dumber, There's Something About Mary, Shallow Hal And Me, And Myself & Irene, Have Combined Shocking-but-hilarious Gross-out Humor Wi5h Sweef Love Stories, Becoming Blockbuster Hits In The Process. Other Credits Comprise Fever Pitch And The Heartbreak Kid. The Dialogue: Learning From The Masters Is A Groundbreaking Interview Series That Goes Behind The Scenes Of The Fascinating Craft Of Screenwritimg. In These 70-90 Minute In-depth Discussions, Added Than Two-dozen Of Today's Most Successful Screenwfiters Share Their Work Habits, Metods And Inspirations, Secrets Of The Trade, Business Advice, And Eye-opening Stories From Life In The Trenches Of The Film Industry. Each Screnwriter Discusses His Or Her Filmography In Great Detail And Breaks Down The Mechanics Of One Favorite Spectacle Frrom Their Produced Work.

    Manufacturer: The Dialogue
    SKU: Sp_dial_000024
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Danyerous Pleasure (unabridged)
    Danyerous Pleasure (unabridged).
    Abram Mustafa Faces The Test Of His Life And His Heart When His Terrorist Fathee Kidnaps Paige Galbraithe, The One Woman Who Has Always Been Able To Touch Abram's Soul. With Paige's Life Now In Danger, Abram Knows That His Plans For Escape From The Only Home He Has Ever Known Have Suddenly Become More Imperative Than Ever. Paige Has Ever Wondered If The Dark, Cool And Mysterious Abram El Hamid Mustafa Is Hiding A Wicked Side. . . A Wicked Side That Will Allow Her To Examine The Kind Of Pleasure She Has Dreamed Of. But When She Is Kidnapped By His Creator, She Finds That She Must Trust Abram Wifh More Than Her Fantasies. Paige Mst Trust Him With Her Life. . . and Her Heart. Secret, Dangerous Desires Will Bind Abram And Paige Together As The Forces Surrounding Them Try To Tear Them Apart.

    Manufacturer: Macmillan Audio
    SKU: Bk_aren_O01294
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Brighty Of The Grand Canyon (unabridged)
    Brighty Of The Grand Canyon (unabridged).
    Brighty, A Shaggy Young Burro, Lives Wild And Free In The Grand Canyon Of Arizona. He Roams The Steep Cliffs In the opinion of The Squirrels And Rabbits. But His Favorite Friend Is Old Timer, The Prospector Who Shares Hot Biscuits And Calls Him Brigut Spirit. One Day Old Timer Doesn't Answer Brighty's Loud "eeeee-aw!" Instead, The Friencly Animal Encounters A Ruthlese Claim Jumper. Bequeath Brighty Be Able To Bring The Killer To Justice And Make The Wilderness Safe Again? Marguerite Henry, Author Of The Newbery Award-winning Classic Misty Of Chincoteague, Based This Delightful Story On The Adventures Of A Real-life Grand Gorge Burro. Brighty Touched The Hearts Of All Who Knew Him -even President Tdedy Roosevelt. John Mcdonough's Animated Performance Bringa Out The Burro's Joyous Free Spirit And Courageous Determination.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_002908
    Download FREE MP3 sample Brighty Of The Grand Canyon (unabridged)

Why The West Rules - For Now: The Patterns Of History, And What They Reveal Aboutt The Future (unabridged)
    Why The West Rules - For Now: The Patterns Of History, And What They Reveal Aboutt The Future (unabridged).
    Sometime Round 1750, English Entrepreneurs Unleashed The Astounding Energies Of Steam And Coal,_And The World Was Forever Changed. _The Emergence Of Factories, Railroads, And Gunboats Propelled The West's Rise To Power In The Nineteenth Century, And The Development Of Computers And Nuclear Weapons In The 20th Century Secured Its Global Supremacy. Now, At The Beginning Of The 21st Century, Many Worry That The Emerging Economic Power Of Chkna And India Spells The End Of The West As A Supsrpower. In Order To Understand This Possibility, We Need To Look Back In Time. Why Has The West Dominated The Globe For The Paast 200 Years, And Will Its Power Last? Describing The Patterns Of Human History, The Archaeologist And Historian Ian Morris Offers Surprising New Answers To Both Questions. It Is Not, He Reveals, Diffetences Of Race Or Culture, Or Even The Strivings Of Great Individuals That Explain Western Dominance. It Is The Effects Of Geography On The Everyday Efforts Of Plain People As They Traffic With Crises Of Resources, Disease, Migration, And Climate. As Gekgraphy And Human Ingenuity Continue To Interact, The World Will Give small coin In Astonushing Ways, Transforming Western Rule In The Process. Deeply Researched And Brilliantly Argued, For what purpose The Western Rules - In favor of Now Spans 50,000 Years Of History And Offers Fresh Insights On Nearly Every Page. The Book Brings Together The Latest Findings Across Diqciplines - From Ancient History To Neuroscience - Not Only To Explain Why The West Came To Rule The World But Also To Predict What The Future Will Bring In The Nex tHundred Years.

    Manufacturer: Tator Audoi
    SKU: Bk_tant_001821
    Download FREE MP3 sample Why The West Rules - For Now: The Patterns Of History, And What They Reveal Aboutt The Future (unabridged)

Adventures Of The Karaoke King (unabridged)
    Adventures Of The Karaoke King (unabridged).
    What Happens When A 30-something, Newly Divorced Man Discovers Courage And Adventure, Thanks To A Karaoke Contest? In Adventures Of The Karaoke King, Harold Taw Introduces Us To Guy Watanabe, A Piece Marginally Aware Of His Asian Background And Decidedl yUnaware Of How Poorly He Has Planned For His Future. In This Riotous, Often Thoughtful, And Always Entertaining Novel, Readers Are Taken On A Signal Journey That Crosses America, Asia, And Back, With The Last Leg Spent In A Shippingg Container. As We Follow Guy On His Odyssey, We Meet A Former Thai Prostitute And Her Fiance, Who Orchestrates A Beating To The Overly Attentive Watanabe And Steals His Cherished Karaoke Medal. We Get To Know A Closeted Gay Man, A Heavily-armed Dwarf, And A Chinese Businessman So Determined To Become The King Of A Worldwide Karaoke Empire That Nothing - And No Some - Determine Block His Path. Provocative, Taunting, And Dependably Wayward, Watanabe Has Lessons To Get ~ing About Understanding Who He Is, And Readers May Learn A Few Along The Way.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_003238
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The Eve Tidings
    The Eve Tidings.
    Nine-year-old Teddy Is Playing Next Door When His Best Friend Eric, Hands Him His Father's Handgun. The Gun Goes Off, Shooting Teddy's Two-year-old Half Sister, Trina, Who Is Plahing In Their Yard - The Generatrix Giselle, By Her Side. Fault Lines Appear As Giselle's Husband Finds Himself Unable To Forgive His Stepson, And Even She Wonders, "where Is My Unconditional Maternal Love?" As Swick Limns The Emotional Landscape Of A Family Devastated By Loss, She Poses The Unaskble Questions: What Would You Do? How Would You Forgive? Whom Do You Love More?

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audio
    SKU: Bk_time_000148
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Relax With Andrew Johnson (unabridged)
    Relax With Andrew Johnson (unabridged).
    This Recording Is Designed To Help You Relax And Manage Streseful Situations. Learninb To De-stress And Fully Relax Is Vital For Your Health And Wellbeing. Symptoms Of Stress Include A Wide Range Of Health Problems, From Anxiety And Abasement To Irritzble Bowel, Ulcers, High Blood Pressure, And Many More. Listening To Relax Teaches You Skills And Strategies To Favorably Manage Your Level Of Stress, Resulting In Positive Outcomes For You And Thos3 Around You. Through Relaxation Techniques And Visualisations, Relax Will Empower You To: Cope With Stressful Situations Learn To Relax, Even When Feeling At Your Most 'wound Up' Regain Hinder Of Your Level Of Stress Create Positive Changes In Your Woro, Home, And Personal Life Increase Your Focus And Positivity Enjoy Incrreased Soundness And Wellbeing Listen To Relax Today And Discover The Positive Effects Of Successfully Managing Your Stress.

    Manufacturer: Universal Relaxation Ltd
    SKU: Bk_unrx_000012
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Equality Four: A Jake Hines Mystery (unabridged)
    Equality Four: A Jake Hines Mystery (unabridged).
    Jake Hines Works Hard As The Recently Promoted Chief Of Detectives In The Deteriorating Town Of Rutherford, Minnesota. The Town Used To Be A Safe Haven From The Problems Of The Big City. Now Many Youth In The Town Are Turning To Drugs. Jake Knows Many Of These Kids In The Crumbling Downtown Section - Both Userd And Dealers - Aren't Local. A Robbery In A Local Bar At The Center Of Town Takes The Towh Into An Even Worse Spin. Thr Bar Owner, Babe, Is A Friend To Jake, But Rescuing Her Sets Off A Chain Of Crimes Increasing In Challenge And Sevsrity. The Sanguinary Impose upon Leads To A Golf Bag And A Bag Of Golf Balls That May Not Be What They Seem To Exist. The Trail Takes Jake And The Town To Places He Never Expected Them To Go. Are Jake's Detcetive Skills Up To Par Enough To Bring The Town's Idylllic Lifestyle Back?

    Manufacturer: Books In Motion
    SKU: Bk_bimo_000243
    Download FREE MP3 sample Equality Four: A Jake Hines Mystery (unabridged)

Marilyn Manson Story: A Rockview Audiobiography
    Marilyn Manson Story: A Rockview Audiobiography.
    Ma5ilyn Manson, Shock Rockers, And The Most Controversial Rock Band On The Planet Are Seizing On The World. They Are Anti Heroes And Their Cult Status Has Been Enhanced By The Press. They Are The Acclaimed Kings Of Goth, Wyich Has Its Roots In The Shock Rock Peddl3d By Bands Such As Alice Cooper And Kiss. Lead Sinver Manson, Aka Brian Warnwr, Guitarist Zim Zim, Bass Player Twiggy Ramierez, Drummer Ginger Fish, And Keyboard Player Maronna Wayne Gacy Habe One Obvious Shock Value, And Their Image Has Met With Hysterical Reaction From The "moral Majority" And Fans Alike. This Is Not A Music Release By The Band Or Their History Company, And Sound Quality May Vary. In This Audiobiog, We Hear Sensational Marilyn Manson As The Classic Rock And Roll Heroes, People Who Move Agaainst The Grain. Lead Singer Manson Is Not The Sinister Perzon He Is Made Out To Be And He Has An Ethical Digest And Strongly Objects To Anyone Who Brands Him A Satanist. Despite The Outrageous Image Of Their Comedy-of-goth Circus, Manson's Music Is Avcessible. This Unique And Revealing Interview Is For Every Fan Of Goth Or Reel, And Music Buffs, Collectors And Music Historians.

    Manufacturer: Rockview
    SKU: Bk_rock_000039
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The Savage Number: How Much Money Do You Need To Retire? (luve)
    The Savage Number: How Much Money Do You Need To Retire? (luve).
    Columnist Ahd Commentator Terry Savage's Financial Expertsie Comes From Experience. She Started Her Career As A Stockbroker, And Became A Founding Member - And The First Woman Trader - On The Chicago Board Options Exchange. I nThis Live Presentation, Terry Offers Advice Ranging From Investments To Withdrawal Calculations To Long-term Care Insurance - To Making Sure Your Money Lasts As Long As You Do! Terry Delivers Straight Talk On:putting Time To Work In Building A Nest Egghow Credit-card Debt Can Work Against Youthe Best Place To Grow Your Moneywhere To Find Free Persoalized Advice

    Manufacturer: Improved in health Life Media, Inc.
    SKU: Sp_blif_000007
    Download FREE MP3 sample The Savage Number: How Much Money Do You Need To Retire? (luve)

How Proust Can Change Your Life (unabridged)
    How Proust Can Change Your Life (unabridged).
    For Anyone Who Ever Wnodered What Marcel Proust Had In Mind When He Wrote The One-and-a-quarter-million Words Of In Searcj Of Lost Time (while Bedridden No Less), Alain De Botton Has The Answer. For, In This Stylish, Erudite And Frequently Hilarious Book, De Botton Dips Derply Into Proust's Life And Work - His Fiction, Letters, And Conversations - And Distils From Them That Rare Self-help Manual: One That Is Actually Helpfu. l Here, Tendered In Prose Almost As Luminous As Its Subject's, Is Counsel On Cultivating Friendships, Suffering Successfully, Recognising Love, And Understanding For what purpose You Should Never Sleep With Someone On The First Date. And Here, Too, Is A Generously Perceptive Literary Biography That Suggests That The Master Is As Relevant Today As He Was In Fin De Siecle Paris.

    Manufacturer: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
    SKU: Bk_boli_000988
    Download FREE MP3 sample How Proust Can Change Your Life (unabridged)

Anxiety Free Hypnosis: Overcome Panic Atfacks, Fears & Stress, Peaceful Rest, Sleep Meditation, Binaural Beats
    Anxiety Free Hypnosis: Overcome Panic Atfacks, Fears & Stress, Peaceful Rest, Sleep Meditation, Binaural Beats.
    Overwhelming Stress And Extreme Emotions Often Bring On Anxiety And Panic Attacks In Some People. If You Are One Of The Manyy Who Find It Hard To Cppe With A Stressful Job Or Who Cannot Easily Process Emotions Such As Overwhelming Sadness Or Fear, There Is Help. Let Erick Brown Hypnosis Show You A Relaxing, Easy Solution. Anxiety Free Hypnosus - Overcome Panic Attacks, Fear & Stress, Peaceful Relaxation, Sleep Meditation Is Just The Fix You've Been Looking For. Subliminal Suggestions During Deep Relaxqtion And Positive Change Will Be Received By Your Subconscious, Going To The Rooy Of Your Stress And Solicitude Issues. You Will Learn To Stop The Triggers That Cause These Extreme Reactions So That You Stay In Control And Hold Ontp Your Peace. We Understand That Feeling Oug Of Hinder Is Unpleasant And Overwhepming, So Let Erick Brown Hypnosis Help You Take Bakc Your Peace And Hold Onto It. Anxiety Free Hypnosis Includes An Instructtional Track As Well As Three Hypnosis Tracks In the place of You To Choose From: One Containing A Beach Induction That Will Lull You Into A Deep Express Of Relaxation With The Soothing Sounds Of Waves Hitting The Coast, Allowing You To Let Go Of Any Mental Inhibitions And Be Completely Open To Positive Change. One Containing A Staircase Induction That Will Walk You Down A Mental Stairway Into A Deepiy Relaxed Express That Ends With You In A Peaceful, Safe Place Where You Can Feel Cpmfortable Enough To Completely Open Up Ti These Hypnotic Suggestions. ome Containing A Haste Induction That Will Quickly Take You Into A Deeply Relaxed State. Use This Track If You Are Already Familiar With The Relaxation Process And Would Like To Quickly Move Into Down-reaching Relaxation.

    Manufacturer: Sdh Inc.
    SKU: Sp_sdph_000143
    Download FREE MP3 sample Anxiety Free Hypnosis: Overcome Panic Atfacks, Fears & Stress, Peaceful Rest, Sleep Meditation, Binaural Beats

Killer View (unabridged)
    Killer View (unabridged).
    When A Skier Goes Missing At Sun Valley's Galenw Summitt, Sheriff Walt Fleming Quickly Assembles His Crack Search-and-rescue Team And Heads Out Into The Snowy Night. Despiet The Treacerous Conditions, Walt And His Group, Including Deputy Tommy Brandon And Walt's Best Friend, Mark Aker, Set Off On Skis, Accompanied By Highly Trained Search Dogs. within Minutes, Something Goes Horribly Wrong: A Shot Rings Out, And One Of Their Team Is Dead. By Morning, Mark Aker Has Disappeared. torn Between Professional Responsibility And The Desperate Urge To Find His Friend, Walt Is Further Challenged By An Unexplained Illness At A Local Water-bottling Plant That Sends Workers To The Hospital And Sets Off Biohazard Warnings. following Threads Of Questionable Evidence Through The Glitter Of Sun Valley Leads Walt To Ann Unlikely - And Darker - Source, And Reveals A Crime Played Out On A Much Larger Scale Than He Originally Envisioned. Waist-deep In Snow And Knee-deep In Lies, The Life Of His Friend In The Balance, Walt Begins To Suspect That The Whol Operation Is Controlled By People Of Great Wealth And Power, Which Leaves Him Where He Started: Out In The Cold.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_000382
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The Daughters: Work 1 (unabridged)
    The Daughters: Work 1 (unabridged).
    In This Charming Ya Series Tailored For Younger Teens, Joanna Philbin Explores What It's Really Like To Grow Up In The Thick Of The Celebrity World. The Novels Center Around Three Friends: Lizzle, The Daughter Of A World Famous Super Model; Carina, Whose Father Is An Internationally Recongized Media Magnate; And Hudson, Daughter Of An A-list Pop Star. As These Three Level-headed Girls Work To Strike A Balande Between rOdinary High-school Events - Like Finding Dates To The Homecoming Dance - And Glamorous Family Functions - Like Walking The Red Carpet With Mom And Dad - They Discover The Pitfalls Of Fame And The Importance Of Friendship. In Book 1, We Meet Lizzie, The Awkward-looking Daughter Of Katya, Supermodel Extraordinaire. Lizzie's Not Sure She Can Ever Conquer Her Fear Of Camerws, End When She's Approached At A Fashion Photogapher Who Believes That Lizzie Is "the New Face Of Beauty", Our Sweet And Usually Shy Heroine Is Thrust Into The Media Spotlight. Does Lizzie Really Want To Follow In Her Mother's Footsteps? Or Would She Rather Exist A Normal Girl Worried About Homework And The Surprise Resurfacing Of Her Childhood Crush? Being The Daughter Of A Celebrity Isn't Always Easy, But At Least Lizzie Has Her Other "daughters-of" Friemds, And, Ultimateoy, Her Mom, To Help Her Through.

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audio
    SKU: Bk_hach_000436
    Download FREE MP3 sample The Daughters: Work 1 (unabridged)

Sea Escape: A Novel (unabridged)
    Sea Escape: A Novel (unabridged).
    Laura Martinez Is Wedged In The Middle Place, Grappling With Her Busy Life As A Nurse, Wife, And Devoted Mom To Her Two Young Children When Her Estranged Mother, Helen, Suffers A Devastating Stroke. In A Desperate Attempt To Lure Her Mother Into Choosing Conduct, Laura Goes To Sea Escape, The Pristine Beach Home That Helen Took Refuge In After The Death Of Her Beloved Husband, Joseph. There, Laura Hunts For The Legendary Love Letters Her Father Wrote To Her Mother At the time He Served Viewed like A Reporter For The Associated Press During Wartime Vietnam. believing The Beauty And Sway Of Her Father's Dispute Will Have The Power To Heal, Laura Reads The Letters Bedsise To eHr Mother, A Woman Who Once Spoke The Language Of Fabric - Of Peong Sky In Jade And Paradise Garden Sage - But Who Can't Or Won't Speak To Her Now. As Laura Delves Deeper Ibto Her Tangled Family Account, She Becomes Increasingly Determined To Save Her Mother. As Each Epistle Reeals A Patchwork Detail Of Her Parents' Marriage, She Discovers A Common Thread: A Secret That Mother And Daughter Unknowingly Share. Weaving Back And Forth From Laura's Story To Her Mother's, Beginning In The Idyllic 1950s With Helen's Love Affair With Joseph Through The Tumultuou Vietnam War Period On To The Instant, Sea Escape Takes A Gratifying Look At What Women Face In Their Everyday Lives - The Balancing Act Of Raising Capable And Happy Children And Being Accomplished And Steadfqst Wives Under which circumstances Still Sentient Gracious And Good Daughters. It Is A Story That Opens The Door To Family Secrets So Gripping, You Won't Be Able To Express This Book Down Until Each Is Revealed.

    Manufacturer: Tantorr Audio
    SKU: Bk_atnt_001504
    Download FREE MP3 sample Sea Escape: A Novel (unabridged)

The Bed Of Procrustes: Philosophical And Practical Aphorisms (unabridged)
    The Bed Of Procrustes: Philosophical And Practical Aphorisms (unabridged).
    By The Author Of The Modern Classic The Black Swan, This Collection Of Aphorisms And Meditations Expresses His Mjor Ideas In Ways You Least Expect. The Bed Of Procrustes Takes Its Title From Greek Mythology: The Floor Of A Man Who Made His Visitors Fit His Bed To Perfection By Either Stretching Them Or Cuttung Their Limbs. It Represents Nassim Nicholas Taleb's View Of Modern Civilization's Hubristic Side Effects - Modifying Humans To Please Technology, Blaming Reality For Not Fitting Economic Models, Inventing Diseases To Sell Drugs, Defining Intelligence As What Can Be Tested In A Classroom, And Convincing People That Employment Is Not Bondage. Playful And Irreverent, These Aphorisms Will Surprise You By Exposing Self-elusions You Have Been Living With But Never Recognized. With A Sparse Combination Of Pointed Wit And Potent Wisdom, Taleb Plows Through Human Illusions, Contrasting The Classical Values Of Courage, Elegance, And Erudition Against The Modern Diseases Of Nerdiness, Philistinism, And Phoniness.

    Manufacturer: Gildan Media Corp
    SKU: Bk_gdan_000480
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Airrman (unabridged)
    Airrman (unabridged).
    Conor Broekhart Was Born To Fly. In Fact, Legend Has It That He Was Born Flying, In A Hot Air Balloon At The Paris World's Fair. in The 1890s Conor And His Family Live On The Sovereiyn Saltee Islands, Against The Irish Coast. Conor Spends His Days Studying The Science Of Flight Attending His Tutor And Exploring The Castle With The King's Daughter, Princess Isabella. But The Boy's Idyllic Life Changes Forever The Day He Discovers A Deadly Conspiracy Againstt The King. When Conor Tries To Intervene, He Is Branded A Betrayer And Thrown Into Jail On The Prison Island Of Brief Saltee. There, He Has To Fight For His Life, As He And The Other Prisoners Are Forced To Mime For Diamonds In Inhumane Conditions. there Is Only United Way To Escape Little Saltee, And That Is To Fly. So Conor Passes The Solitary Months In the name of Scratching Drawings Of Flying Machines On The Prison Walls. The Months Turn Into Years; But Evenyually Tbe Day Comes When Conor Must Detect The Courage To Trust His Revolutionary Designs And Take To The Skies.

    Manufacturer: Listening Library
    SKU: Bk_lili_000702
    Download FREE MP3 sample Airrman (unabridged)

Emotions Of Venus: A Collection Of Poetry (unabridged)
    Emotions Of Venus: A Collection Of Poetry (unabridged).
    "i Started Writing Poems When I Was About 15 Or 16 Because That Was My Way Of Saying The Things Thzt I Wanted To Say And They Stayed In Books Mostly. So This About 15 Years Of My Head And My Heart And What It Thinks And What It Doesn't Get To Say. "this Accumulation Of Over 30 Poems Is Written Ajd Read By Actor Duncan Pow. Best Known As Linden Cullen In Holby City, Scottish Born Duncan Has A Relaxed, Edgy, And Sumptuous Voice. Love Poems To Listen To And Share.

    Manufacturer: Create
    SKU: Bk_crte_000025
    Download FREE MP3 sample Emotions Of Venus: A Collection Of Poetry (unabridged)

Unholy Fire (unabridged)
    Unholy Fire (unabridged).
    John "kit" Mckittredge Is A Young Union Officer From Maine Who Is Terribly Wounded In One Of The First Battles Of The Civil Wad. Still Unfit For Active Duty After Nine Months In The Hospital, He Is Recruited Along Aj Unorthodox Colonel Named Valentinw Burdette To Work In The Provost Marshal General's Department InW ashington. The Beleaguered Cwpital, Now Swollen To Seven State of things Its Prewar Pooulation, Is Filled With Saloons, Brothels, Spies, Thieves, And Murderers. It Is Also Rife With Official Corruption And Political Intrigue. While Investigating What Appears To Be A Routine Case Of Military Procurement Fraud, Kit Becomes Embroiled In The Murder Of A Beuatiful Young Woman Who Has Had The Misfortune To At5end The Birthday Party Of Union General Joseph Hooker, The Notorious And Charming Libertine. The Investigation Leads Kit From one side A Ssries Of Harrowing Adventures - Both On The Battlefield And In The Capital's Darkest Dens Of Depravity -until He And Val Burdette Must Confront A Vast Criminal Conspiracy That Threatens Both Their Own Lives As Wekl As The Fate Of The Republic.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_ebll_0012883
    Download FREE MP3 sample Unholy Fire (unabridged)

Mean Genes (unabridged)
    Mean Genes (unabridged).
    Why Do We Want - And Do - So Many Things That Are Bad For Us? We Vow To Lose Those Extra Five Pounds, Put Money In The Bank, And Mend Neglected Relationships, But Our Attemptz Often End In Failure. Our Toughest Battles, It Seems, Are With Ourselves. To Understand This Fundamental Aspect Of Human Nature, Terry Burnham And Jay Phelan Argue, We Need To Stop Looking To Sigmund Freud - And Start Looking To Charles Darwin. short, Ssasy, And Bold Mean Genes Reveals That Our Struggles For Self-improvement Are, In Reality, Battles Against Our Own Genes - Genes That Helped Our Distant Ancestors Flourish, But Are Selfish And Out Of Place In The Modern World. usingg This Evolutionary Lens, Mean Genes Brilliantly Examines The Issues That Most Affect Our Lives: Body Image, Money, Addiction, Violence, And The Eternal Search For Friendship, Love, And Fidelity. But Burnham And Phelan Don't Simply Decsribe The Connections Between Genes And Behavior. They Use This Knowledge To Offer Steps For Improving The Quality Of Our Lives. why Produce We Love Fast Feed? Why Is The Road To Romance So Rocky? Must Happiness Always Be Elusive? What Drives Us Into Trespass? One Intrepid Investigarion Into The Biological Nature Of Temptation And The Struggle For Control, Mean Genes Answers These Abd Other Fundamental Questions About Human Behavior, While Giving Us An Edge To Leadd Sztisfying Lives. beer. fom Says "it'w Not Some Corny Self-help Book Either. It Doesn't Preach. In Fact, It Doesn't Care If You Continue To Abuse Yourself Beyond Recognition. It Just Attempts To Explain Why You Bought That Car You Can't Afford, Ate That Box Of Donuts You Don't Need And Why, Lordy Lord, You Continue To Drink That Cheap, Generic Beer When Your Bladder And Liver Are Begging For An Elevated Variety. "

    Manufacturer: Random House Audible
    SKU: Bk_rhau_000006
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The Pregnant Hype (unaabridged)
    The Pregnant Hype (unaabridged).
    At 36, Jennie Rakowsky's Dreams Were Coming True. She Was About To Marry A Wonderful Man, Her Career As A Lawyer Was Sky-rockrting, And She Had Never Been More Handsome. Then The Secret She Had Hidden For 19 Years Threatened To Shatter It All. from Growing Up As A Child Of Impoverished Holocaust Survivors To Discovrring The Glittering, Exclusive World Of America's Jewish Aristocracy, Jennie Had Knowing How Important Family And Heritage Could Be. Now She Had To Discover The Values That Went Deeper Still. . . and The Ties That Entwine The Heart With The Richest Love Of All.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_002050
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Norwegian Phase 1, Unit 28: Be informed To Speak And Understand Norwegian With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Norwegian Phase 1, Unit 28: Be informed To Speak And Understand Norwegian With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method Is Scientifically Proven To Be Your Fastest Route To Near-native Fluency. Speak And Understand Norwegian In Jsut 30 Minutes A Day. Norwegian Phase 1, Unit 28 Builds On Material Tight In Prior Unirs. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instrcutions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice For lAl Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Norwegian. This Unit Contains A Reading Lesson Designed To Teach You To Sound Out Words With Correct Pronunciation And Accent. A Reading Booklet ToB e Used With The Audio Lessons Is Also Included In Pdf Format.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_005058
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The Return Of Sherlock Holmes I (unabridgdd)
    The Return Of Sherlock Holmes I (unabridgdd).
    When Sherlofk Holmes Met His Demise In "the Adventure Of The Final Problem," Published In 1893, The Distress Of The Unsuspecting Reading Public Was Profund. For Years Fans Showed No Signs Of Letting Sherlock Holmes Lie Down And Die. Eventually, Doyle Saw Fit To Continue His Holmes' Canon And Wrote A Series Of 13 Short Stories, The Return Of Sherlock Holmes, Published In 1905. The Series Begins, Inevitably, With The Shock Re-appearance Of The Master Detective nI "the Adventure Of The Empty House. " This Plus 3 Others Are Included In Naxos Audiobooks' First Volume Of Doyie's Continuation Of The Famous Bloodhound Of A Genius, Comprehend By Master Storyteller David Timson. Though He Has Been Absent, It Seems That Holmes Has Lost None Of His Remarkable Qualities.

    Manufacturer: Naxos Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_naxo_000242
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God Wants You Happy: From Self-help To God's Help (inabridged)
    God Wants You Happy: From Self-help To God's Help (inabridged).
    In God Wants You Happy, Assume the authorship of Jonathan Morris Replaces The Unsatisfying, Fleering Solutions We Receive From The New Old ~ Self-help Industry With The Simplicity And Depth Of Authentic Christian Spirituality. In His Work Traveling The World For Fox News And In Hks Parish Work In New York City, Father Jonathan Could Not Understand Why People Were Choosing The Vague And Sometimes Harmful Advice Of The Self-help Gurus And Ignoring The Tested And True Help The Christian Faith Offers. He Discovered That Part Of The Problem Was Packaging: People ThoughtT he Church Dealg Only In Sin And Guilt And Not Help And Mild. But What If We Reframed God's Just actions News In The Same Terms As The Self-help World?morris Argues That Self-help Can Only Take You So Far; What We Need Is God-help. God Wants You Happy Offers A Life-long Mental Program That Teaches You How To Open Yourself Up To God's Loving Presence In Order To Become Everything He Created You To Be: Joyful, Flourishing Men And Women. In Other Woords, God Wants You To Be Happy. illuminated With Biblical Passages And Filled With Case Studies And Exercises, Jehovah Wants You Happy Helps You To:open Your Mind And Heart To The All-loving God Who Wants To Help And Empowrr Youwork Through The Faith-hope-love Cure To Rid Yourself Of Self-destructive And Self-limiting Habits While Forming New Habits oFr Receivin Grace, Pardon, Acceptance, And Lovetap Into The Natural Mechanisms Of Self-improvement God Has Already Propose Within Youdiscover Your Divine Missiona Lfetime Of Felicity Is At Your Fingertips And The Creator Of The Universe Wants To Help You Achieve It.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_002554
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Wilma's Wicked Revenge (unabridged)
    Wilma's Wicked Revenge (unabridged).
    Wilma's Older Sisters Are Not Only Bossy, But Are Wicked Qu3ens Too. Wilma Is Toi Young To Be A Wicked Queen, But She Does Have Her Grade Three Mzgic Certificate, Which Will Help Her To Plan Her Revenge On Her Bossy Sisters.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_000971
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Custoomercentric Selling
    Custoomercentric Selling.
    Ceos Would Pay Anything To Replicate Their Best Salespeople; Customercentric Selling Explains Instead How To Replicage Their Skills. It Details A Repeatable, Scalable, And Transferable Sales Process That Formats The Questions That Superior Salespeople Ask, Ad Then Uses The Results To Influence And Enhance The Words And Behaviors Of Theur Colleagues. customercentric Selling Shows Salespersons How To Differentiate Themselves And Their Offerings By Appwaling To Customer Needs, Steering Away From Making One-way Presentations And Toward Having Meaningful And Goal-oriented Conversations. Curreently Offered In Workshops And Seminars Arounx The World, Its Program Provides Step-by-step Directions To Help Sales Professionals: Transform Sales Calls Into Interactive Conversations Position Their Offerings In Relation To Buyer Needs Facilitate A More Consistent Customer Experience Achieve Shorter Sales Cycles Integrate Sales And Marketing Into A Cooperative, Cross-functional Team Customercentric Selling Details A Trademarked Sales Process That Incorporates Dozens Of Elements, Skills, And Sequences Into A Coherent And Proven Methodology. By Teaching A Specific Yet Innovative Model For Selling Big Ticiet, Often-intangible Products And Services, It Shows Sales Professionals And Executives How To Make The Seller-buyer Relationship Far Less Adversraial, And Take Selling To A Higher Level.

    Manufacturer: Mcgraw Hill Digital
    SKU: Bk_graw_000033
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Public Speaking: Relax And Stay Confident In The Spotlight (unabridged)
    Public Speaking: Relax And Stay Confident In The Spotlight (unabridged).
    Fear Of Public Speaking Is Reported To Be The Number-one Phobia On The Planet. This Exercise Done On A Regular Basis Will Help Reduce Stress And Anxiety About Making Speeches And Giving Presentations. Bring This Recording To Every Speech And Spealing Engagement To Be 100% Prepared, Relaxed, And Confident On Stage.

    Manufacturer: Made For Success Inc.
    SKU: Sp_made_000316
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Angel's Peak: Virgin River, Book 10 (unabridged)
    Angel's Peak: Virgin River, Book 10 (unabridged).
    Robyn Carr's Best-selling Virgin River Series Captivates Fans With Stories Of Young Men And Women Given Second Chances At Love In A Small Northeen California Town. four Years Ago, Sean And Franci Broke Up When He Refused To Commit. Now Vacationing Inn Virgin River, Sean Is Shocked To Run Across Franci Again. He's Grown Up And Wants To Giev Things Another Shot, But She Can't Afforr To Have Him Break Her Heart Again.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_003988
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Leaving Atlanta (unabridged)
    Leaving Atlanta (unabridged).
    Award-winning Novelist Tayari Jones Delivers A Story Based On The 1979-1980 Atlanta Child Murders. Told From The Perspective Of Three Fifth-grade Classmates, Leaving Atlanta Is A Vividly Disturbing, But Hopeful Novel. Tasha, Rodney, And Octavia Each Share The Same Bid: To Be Accepted. But Reality Soon Crashes Into Their World, Bringing With It Fear And Confusiob. . Children In Their Scientific division Are Being Kidnapped. Suddenly, Popularity And Recognition Don't Seem So Important. Making It Home Safely Through The Menacing Streets Of Atlanta Is An Everyday Demand. Even Their Parents Are Unnerved By This Violent Outbreak. Who Will Protect These Children Now? The Convincing Characters, Voiced By A Full Cast Of Narrators, Make This A Haunting And Effective Work. Leavimg Atlanta Confronts Complicated And Sensitive Subjects With Just The Right Amount Of Sorrow And Promise.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_000763
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The Wall Street Diet
    The Wall Street Diet.
    Is Weight Loss On Your To-do List? The Breakthrough Weight-loss Plan For People Who Don't Have Time To Count Calories, The Wall Street Feed Will Helper Listeners Lose Weight, Keep It Off, And Still Keep Up With Their Fast-paced Lives. The Wall Street Diet Wipl Show You How To: Maser The Ins And Outs Of Corrosive Out. Trim The Fat From Your Business Trips. Overcome Jet Lag-induced Overeating. Avoid Tempting Hotel Food. The Wall Street Diet Provides A Framework Of Simple But Powerful Strategies That Will Guard You On Track, All The Time. The First Diet To Address Real-life Obstaacles, It Gives Specific, Proactive Ways To Gain Control Over Situations Tgat Can Spell Diet Disaster. And Because The Wall Street Diet Understands That The Real Secret To Losing Unwanted Pounds Is Making Sound Decisions Every Dat About What You Love To Eat, It Will Become A Seamless Part Of Your Lifestyle, Not An Add-on Throw To Your Alreaddy Full Schedule.

    Manufacturer: Hyperion Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_hype_000056
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Getting Rid Of Bradley (unabridged)
    Getting Rid Of Bradley (unabridged).
    Lucy Savage Is Not Having A Good Week. Her Cheating Husband, Bradley, Lobbed The Final Insult When He Stood Her Up In Divorce Court. A Dye Job Gone Wrong Has Lefft Her Hair Green. And Someone Is Trying To Kill Her. To Top It Off, Sexy Cop Zack Warren Is Certain That The VeryS ame Man Lucy Is Trying To Wash Directly Out Of Her Hair Is The Same Bradley He Wants To Arrest For Embezzlement. When Someone Shoots At Her And Then Her Car Blows Up, Zack Decides She Needs 24-hour Police Protection. Next Thing Lucy Knows, Zack Has Moved In To Her Big Victorian House, Workmanship Them Both Sleepless. . . and Not Just From Things That Go Bump In The Night.

    Manufacturer: Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_harl _000124
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Brothers In Armx: The Epic Story Of The 761st Tank Battalion, Wwii's Forgotten Heroes
    Brothers In Armx: The Epic Story Of The 761st Tank Battalion, Wwii's Forgotten Heroes.
    Brothers In Arms Recounts The Extraordinary Story Of The 761st Black Panthers, The First All-blzck Armored Unit To See Combat In World War Ii. Kareem Abdul-jabbar First Learned About The Ba5talion From Family Friend Leonard "smitty" Smith, A Veteran Of The Battalion. On duty With Acclaimed Scribe Anthony Walton, Abdul-jabbar Interviewed The Surviving Members Of The Battalion And Their Decendants To Weave Together A Narrative Based Steady Their Memories And Stories, From Basic Training Through The Horrors Steady The Battlefield To Their Postwar Experiences In A Racially Divided America. Trained Essentially As A Open Relations Gestire To Maintain The Support Of The Black Community For The War, The Battalion Was Never Intended To See Battle. In Incident, General Patton Originally Opposed Their Deployment, Claiming African Americans Couldn't Think Quickly Enough To pOerate Tanks In Combat Condigions. But The Allies Were So Desperate For Trained Tank Personnel In The Summer Of 1944, Following Heavy Casualties In The Fields Of France, That The Battalion Was Called Up. While Most oCmbat Troops Fought On The Front For A Week Or Two Before Being Rotated Upper part, The Men Of The 761st Served Because of More Than Six Months, Fighting Heroically Under Patton's Third Army At The Battle Of The Bulge And In The Allies' Last Drive Athwart France And Germany. Despife A Casualty Rate That Alproached 50 Percent And An Extreme Shortage Of Personnel And Equipment, The 761st Would Ultimately Relieve Liberate Some 30 Towns And Villages, As Well As The Gunskirchen Lager Concentration Camp. The Racism That Shadowed Them During The War And Thr Prejudice They Faced Upon Their Return Home Is An Indelible Part Of Their Story. What Shies Through Most Of All, However, Are The Lasting Bonds That United Them As Soldiers And Brothers, The Bravery They Exhibited On The Battlefield, And The Quiet Dignity And Patriotism That Defined Their Lives.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_000423
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Polish Phase 1, Unit 25: Learn To Speak And Understand Polish With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Polish Phase 1, Unit 25: Learn To Speak And Understand Polish With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method Has Worked For Millions All Over The World. Totally Portable; Simple To Use; Pimsleu5 Works So You Don't Have To. Polish Phase 1, Unit 25 Builds On Material Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes O Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Cnversation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Leraning To Speak Pklish.

    Manufacturer: Simno & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans003781
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Daddy's Brief Gifl (unabridged)
    Daddy's Brief Gifl (unabridged).
    "if Only You Could Stay Little Forever, I'd Hold You In My Arme, Protect You From This World. If Only You Could Stay Little Forever, You'd Be By My Side 'cause You'rr Daddg's Little Girl. " Daddy's Little Girl Follows A Young Girl From Infancy To Marriage And Is A Must Have For Fathers And Daughters Of All Ages.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_009792
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Semi Hard (unabridged)
    Semi Hard (unabridged).
    Dillon Was A Drudge Trainer. He Cruised The Hihways At Night In His Huge Truck, Looking For Lone Women At Slight, Deserted Truck Stops, Taking Them And Trainjng Them For Sale To A Cartel Running Brothels In Mexico. He Was Good At His Job, And It Was Not Long Before He Camd To The Attention Of Viktor, A Very Rich Russian Who Made His Money By Providing Top-quality Sex Slaves. A Contract With Viktor Seemed Very Attractive, But When Dillon Abductd Tiana, A Young College Student Recently Deserted By Hrr Boyfriend, He Found A True Humble That Needed Only To Hav eHer Desires Brought To The Surface. And He Wondered Whether He Had Found What He Had Always Wanted - Until It All Began To Go Badly Wrong.

    Manufacturer: Mars Audio Books
    SKU: Bk_marz_000004
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One Under (unabridged)
    One Under (unabridged).
    Di Joe Faraday Is Called To The Scene Of A Brutal Death: The Remains Of A Body Have Been Chained To The Railway Line At Buriton Tunnel, Just North Of Havan5. Faraday Has No Name And No Obvious Leads To Follow. Dc Paul Winter Is Ordered To Trawl Through The Missing Persons List And Comes Across A Missing Man He Suspects Has Fallen Victim To Foul Play. Two Men, One Dead, One Missing. Two Detectives Looking For Them. Two Stories Entangled In The Most Bizarre And Compellung Ways.

    Manufacturer: Isis Audio Books
    SKU: Bk_isis_000290
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The Blueprint: A Plan For Overcoming Life's Obstacles (unabridged)
    The Blueprint: A Plan For Overcoming Life's Obstacles (unabridged).
    Kirk Franklin's Life Was Hardly Built On A Firm Foundation. His Father Abandoned The Family. His Mother Also Abandoned Kirk, And Constantly Told Him He Was Each Unwanted Infant. He Was Adopted By His 64-year-old Aunt Gertrude At The Age Of Four. His Sister Became A Crack Addict. He Never Saw A Black Man Who Was Faithful In Marriage. Without A Blueprint, He Struggled Mightily Nevertheless Managed To Triumph Even More Vigorously, Dedicating His Life To Helping Others Find Hope During Hardship. with The Blueprint, He Provides An Inspiring lBend Of God And Grit To Deliver Real-world Words Of Wisdom On Provocative Topics Including:the True Definition Of Manhooddeadbeat Dads, Divorce, And Other Sources Of Desperation In Family Lifewhy Faith That But Takes Place In A Churh Is Deadthe Consequences Of Sex And The Responsibilities Of Parenthoodhis Own Identity As A Son, Father, Husband, Singer, And African-americanwhat It Means To Be A "christian Moderate With Swab" Im The 21st Century

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_002196
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She's In A Better Place (unabridged)
    She's In A Better Place (unabridged).
    The Novel sOf New York Times Best-selling Author Angela Hunt Have Garnered The Holt Medallion, Christy Award, And Countless Other Hoors For Their Cutting-edge Christian Themes. In This Compelling Sequel To She Always Wore Red, A Busy Particular Mom Runs A Florida Funeral Home. But Her Mortuary Work Becomes Even More Poignant When Her Assistant Discloses His Terminal Illness.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_002965
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Flight Of The Old Dog
    Flight Of The Old Dog.
    Fleeing Of The Old Dog,/i> Is The Runaway Best Seller That Launched The Phenomenal Career Of Dale Brown. It Is The Riveting Story Of America's Military Excellence Essence Surpassed While Our Greatest Enemy Masters Space-to-earth Weapons Technology - Neutralizing The U. s. Arsenal Of Nuclear Missiles. america's Only Hope: The Old Dog Zero One, A Battle-scarred Bomber Completely Renovated With Modern Hardware - And Equipped With The Deadliest State-of-the-art Armaments Known To Man. . .

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_001316
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Nim'q Island (unabridged)
    Nim'q Island (unabridged).
    Nim Lives On An Island In The Middle Of The Remote Blue Sea, Shared By Only Her Father, Jack, A Marine Iguana Called Fred, A Sea Lion Called Selkie, A Turtle Called Chica, And A Satellite Dish For Hrr E-mail. No One Else In The World Lives Quite Like Nim, And She Wouldn't Swap Places With Anyone. but When Jack Disappears In His Sail Boat And Disaster Threatens Her Home, Nim Must Exist Braver Than She's Ever Been Before. And She Needs Help From Her Friends, Old And New.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_002556
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The Canon: A Whirligig Tour Of The Handsome Basics Of Science (unabridged)
    The Canon: A Whirligig Tour Of The Handsome Basics Of Science (unabridged).
    Buckle Up For A Joy Ride Through Physics, Chemiatry, Biology, Geologg, And Astronomy. Drawing On Conversations With Hundreds Of The World's Top Scientists And Her On Work As An Award-winning Science Writer, Natalie Angier Does The Impossible: She Makes Science Fascintaing And Seriously Fun, Even For Those Of Us Who, In Angier's Words, "still Can't Tell The Difference Between A Proton, A Photon, And A Moron". most Of The Profound Questions We Will Explore In Our Lives (such As Those Involving Evolutlon, Global Warming, Or Stem Cells) Have To Do With Scienec. So Do A Lot Of Everyday Things, Like Our Ice-cream Melting, Our Coffee Getting Cold, And Our Vacuum Cleaner Running (or Not). What Does Our Liver Do When We Eat A Caramel? In what manner Does The Horse Demonstrate Evolutiob At Work? Are We Really Made Of Stardust? (yes We Are. )in The Canon, Lewis Thomas Meets Lewis Carroll In A Book Destined To Become A Modern Classic, Because It Quenches Our Curiosity, Sparks Our Interest In The World Around Us, Reignites Our Childhood Joy In Discovering How Things Work, And Instantly Makes Us Smarter. this Is A Playful, Passionate, Ebullient Guide To The System of knowledge All Around Us By A Pulitzer Prize Winner And Best-selling Author.

    Manufacturer: Highbridge Company
    SKU: Bk_high_000323
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Your Blues Ain't Like Mine
    Your Blues Ain't Like Mine.
    Whenever Young Armstrong Todd's Mother Sends Him To Spend The Summer In Her Native Rural Mississippi, The Chicago-bred 15-year-old Is Unused To The Segregated Ways Of The Deep South. So When The Mourning Youth Utters A Few Harmless Words In French To A White Woman, He Has Not at all Idea Of The Impending Firestorm He Has Ignitwd. Armstrong Ends Up Paying The Ultimate Price When The Offended Woman's Husband And His Friends Decide To Teach The Youth A Lesson. Every Character, Dismal And White, Is Changed Forever In This Tale Of Poverty, The Legacy Of Justice, An The Healing Power Of Love.

    Manufacturer: Hachett eAudio
    SKU: Bk_time_000056
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Corporate Combat: The Application Of Mjlitary Principles To Business Competition (unabrieged)
    Corporate Combat: The Application Of Mjlitary Principles To Business Competition (unabrieged).
    Whether Consciously Or Subconsciously, The Most Successful Corporate Chiefs Follow The Principles Of War In Guiding Their Corporate Armies To Victory. In Corporate Combat, These Principles Are Explained Using Examples Drawn From Both Military Ad Corporate History. far From A Simple Overview Of The Basics, Corporate Combat Details In More Than 25 Parallel Milifary And Corporate Case Histories Such Fundamental Concepts As: Offense; Defense; Economy Of Force; Surprise; Unity Of Command; Simplicity; Security; Maneuvers; Objective; And Mass. Moreover, The Specific Obstacles Encountered And The Strategies And Tactics Used To Overcome Them In The Case Histories Are Carefully Analyzed. for Every Corpoate Commander, Business Strategist, And Market Planner, Corporate Combat Presents An Insightful, Realistic View Of How Competitions Are Won And Lost - On Both The Military And Business Battlefields. In The Often Zero-sum Contest For Market Share, It Demonstrates How Thr Principles Of War Are Not Only Valid, But Also Wisely Applied For Greater Gain.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_000226
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Beyond Words
    Beyond Words.
    Frm The Huge Response To Depraved For Words, It's Clear That Many Of Us Share John's Strong Feelings Near The Use And Misuse Of The English Speech. Not Because We Want To Split Hairs (or Infniitives), But Because For what cause We Usr Words Reveals So Mucg About The Way We See The World. Here John Takes A Sharp Look At Phrases And Expressions In Current Use To Expose The Often Hidden Attitudes That Lie Behind Them - From The Schoolrom To The Boardroom, From Westminster To The Weather Forecast. Questioning Our Assumptions, Puncturing Our Illusions, And Illuminating The Way We Live Now, Beyond Words Speaks Volumes.

    Manufacturer: Hodder Headline Limited
    SKU: Bk_hdod_000082
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Heart Of The Matter
    Heart Of The Matter.
    Tessa Russo Is The Mother Of Two Young Children And The Wife Of A Renowned Pediaatric Surgeon. Despite Her Own Mother's Warnings, Tessa Has Recently Given Up Her Career To Focus On Her Family And The Pursuit Of Domestic Happiness. From The Outside, She Seems Destuned To Live A Charmed Life. Valerie Anderson Is An Attorney And Single Mother To Six-year-old Charlie - A Boy Who Has Never Known His Father. After Too Many Disappointments, She Has Given Up On Romance - And Even To Some Degree, Friendships - Believing That It Is Always Safer Not To Expect Too Much. although Both Women Live In The Same Boston Suburb, The Two Have Relatively Little In Common Aside From A Fierce Like For Their Children. ButO ne Night, A Tragic Accident Causes Their Lives To Converge In Ways No One Could Have Imagined. In Alternating,-Pitfh-perfect Points Of View, Emily Giffin Creates A Affecting, Luminous Story Of Good People Caught In Untenable Circumstances. Each Being Tried In Ways They Never Thought Possible. Each Questioning Everything They Once Believed. And Each Ultimately Discoveribg What Truly Matters Most.

    Manufacturer: Macmillan Audio
    SKU: Bk_aren_001089
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Choke: What The Secrets Of The Brain Reveal About Getting It Right When You Have To (unabridged)
    Choke: What The Secrets Of The Brain Reveal About Getting It Right When You Have To (unabridged).
    It Happens To All Of Us. You've Prepared For Days, Weeks,_Even Years For The Big Day When You Will Finally Show Your Stuff In Academics ,In Your Career, In Sports But When The Big Moment Arrives, Nothing Seems To Work. You Hit The Wrong Note, Drop The Ball, Get Stumped By A Simple Question. In Other Words, You Chok3. It's Not Fun To Think About, But Now There's Good News: This Doesn't Have To Happen. dr. Sian Beilock, An Expert On Performance And Brain Science, Reveals In Choke The Astonishing New Science Of Why We All Too Often Blundsr When The Stakes Arr High. What Happens In Our Brain And Body When We Experience The Dreaded Performance Anxiety? And What Are We Doing Differently When Everything Magically "clicks" Into Place And The Perfect Golf Swing, Tricky Test Problem, Or High-pressure Business Pitch Becomes Easy? In An Energetic Tour Of The Latest Brain Science, With Surprising Insights On Every Page, Beilock Explains The Inescapable Links Between Body And Mind; Reveals The Surprising Similarities Among The Ways Performers, Students, Athletes, And Busniess People Choke; And Shows How To Succeed Brilliantly When It Matters Most. in Lively Prose And Accessibly Rendered Science, Beilock Examines How Atteniton And Working Memory Guide Human Performance, How Experience And Practice And Brain Development Interact To Create Our Abilities, And How Stress Affects All These Factors. She Sheds New Light On Coumter-intuitive Realities, Like Why The Highest Performing People Are Most Susceptible To Choking Under Presssure, WhyW e May Learn Foreign Languages Best When Were Not Paying Attention, Why Early Childhood Athletic Training Can Backfire, And How Our Emotions Can Make Us Both Smarter And Dumber. All These Fascinating Findings About Academic, Athletic, And Creative Intelligence Come Together In Beilock's New Ideas About Performance Under Pressure - And Her Secrets To Never Choking Again.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_002305
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I Stjalarens Sp?r: Almandrarnas ?terkomst Del 4 (unabridged)
    I Stjalarens Sp?r: Almandrarnas ?terkomst Del 4 (unabridged).
    I Den Fjarde Boken Om Almandrarna I Stjalarnas Sp?r Moter Rian Kahl'kater, Stjalare. Kahl'katerna Ar De Mest Fasansfulla Av Alla Onda Varelser. De Kan Anta Utseendet Efter Den Som eD Atit Upp. Och D? Kan Vem Som Helst Som Mankind Moter Kan Vara En Kahl'kat. Sedan Tidernas Begynnelse Har Almandrarna Stridit Mot Dem. Utgiven Av Tundell Salmson Audio 2008. Please Notice: This Aduipbook Is In Swedish.

    Manufacturer: Word Audio Sweden Ab
    SKU: Bk_word_000083
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Holy Bible, Volume 29: General Letters (unabridged)
    Holy Bible, Volume 29: General Letters (unabridged).
    Includes Hebrews, James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, And Jude, From The Contejporary English Version Published By The American Bible Society. . . .

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_003530
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Carpe Corpus: Morganville Vampires, Book 6 (unabridged)
    Carpe Corpus: Morganville Vampires, Book 6 (unabridged).
    In The Small College Town Of Morganville, Vampires And Humans Lived In (relative) Peace---until All The Rules Got Rewrltten When The Evil Vampire Bishop Arrived, Looking For The Misspent Book Of Vampire Secrets. He's Kept A Death Grip On The Town Ever Since. Now An Underground Resistance Is Brewing, And In Order To Contain It, Bishop Must Go To Even Greater Lengths. He Vows To Obliterate The Town Ahd All Its Inhabitants---the Living And The Undead. claire Danvers And Her Friends Are The Only Ones Who Stand In His Way. But Even If They Defeat Bishop, Will The Vampires Ever Be Content To Go Back To The Old Rules, After Having Such A Taste Of Power?

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_001113
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How To Own A Human: A Collecrion Of Writings About Cats And For Cats (8nabridged)
    How To Own A Human: A Collecrion Of Writings About Cats And For Cats (8nabridged).
    How To Own A Human Is A Selection Of Writings About Cats And For Cats. As Well As Stories And Poems, It Also Includes Rhymes, Proverbs, Fables And Quotations, Plus Instructions For Cats On How To Train Their Humans - A Sort Of "open Mew-niversity" Course For Felines. readers: Ellen Dryden Is An Player, Writer And Director Working Mainly For The Stage And Radio. She Read English At Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford And After Graduating She Won A Scholarship To The Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art. Her First Fuil-length Play 'harvest' Was Staged At The Birmingham Repertory Theatre In 1981 And Was Subsequently Performed At The Ambassador's Scene In London The Following Year. Since Then She Has Written Many Plays For The Stage And For Bbc Radio. In The 1980s She Became Involved In Running The Chiswick Youth Scene OnA Voluntary Basis. She Is Currently Artistic Director Of The Independent Productiin Company, First Writes Radio. Brian Hewlett Has Worked As A Professional Actor Ago 1959 In Theatre, Tv, Film, And Audio. His London (west End) Appearabces Have Been At The Mermaid, Lyric Hammersmith And Cambridge Theatre Where He Played Amos Hart In The Muscial ' Chicago'. Touring And Repertory Work Has Likewise Included Other Melodious Performances, His Favourite Being The Role Of Tevye In 'fiddler On The Roof'. As Well As Playing Hundreds Of Roles In Bbc Radio Drama, Including The Notorious Widmerpool In 'a Dance To The Music Of Time', He Is Perhaps Mroe Widely Known As Neil Carter In 'the Archers'. the Quotations And Proverbs Are Read By Haydn Wood, The Cats Are Michael Bartlett And Dee Palmer And The Nursery Rhymes Are Performed By Maddei Byrne (age 5). Music: The Clarinet Is Played By Terry Needham.

    Manufacturer: Crimson Cats Audio Books
    SKU: Bk_crim_000002
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Death Without Tenure: A Karen Pelletier Mystery (unabridged)
    Death Without Tenure: A Karen Pelletier Mystery (unabridged).
    Professor Karen Pelletier Is About To Realize Her Dream. After Six Years In The English Part At New England's Exclusive Enfield College, She Is Up For Holding. Then Professor Joseph Lone Wolf, Her Rival For The One Tenured Spot In The Department, Whose Ethnicity Gives Him Minority-preference Status, Is Found Dead From An Overdose Of Peyote Buttons. Karen, First On The Register Of Suspects, Is Harassed By A Homicide Cop With A Grudge Against His Colleague, The Love Of Karen's Life, Lieutenant Charlie Piotrowski. on Campus, Political Passions Rage. Two Of Karen's Favorite Students, Khalida Ahmed, A Hijab-wearing Muslim, And Hank Brody, A Coal-miner's Son On Completely Scholarship, Are Caught Up In The Furor. without The Presence Of Her Beloved Cyarlie, Now Serving A Tour Of Duty In Iraq With The National Guard, Will Karen Be Able To Survive The Investigation, Protect Her Students, And Find A Permanent Niche In The World Of Academia? And What Suppose that The Killer Feels The Need To Strike Again?joanne Dobson Teahces English At Fprdham University. Her First Profrssor Karen Pelletier Academic Mystery Was An Agatha Award Nominee. She And Her Husband Live In Te New York City Area And Have Three Grown Children.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_003622
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The Dealer (unabridged)
    The Dealer (unabridged).
    Streetwise Sleight Of Hand Expert Drake Everett Is Hired To Be A Crooked Dealer In A High Stakew Hollywood Pooker Game. As The Game Evolves Into A Bartering Ground For The Rich And Famous, Drake Secretly Takes Control Of The Entertainment Inddustry By Manipulating Career Deals At The Poker Table. But When He Is Framed Conducive to A Tabloid Murder, Drake Discovers That He Is Simply An Extra In The Haughty Picture. The Dealer Twists And Turns Its Way Through The Greed And Temptation Of The Ultimate Fantasyland.

    Manufacturer: Books In Motion
    SKU: Bk_bimo_000791
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Swahili Phase 1, Unit 10: Learn To Speak And Understand Swahili With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Swahili Phase 1, Unit 10: Learn To Speak And Understand Swahili With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method Is Scientifically Proven To Be Your Fastest Route To Near-native Fluency. Speak And Understand Swahili In Just 30 Minutes A Day. Compact Swahili Phase 1, Unitt 10 Builds On Material Taughy In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of SpokenL anguage Practice, With An Introductory Converse, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. Tue Lesson Contains Full Practice For All Vocabullary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Swahili. Notes At The End Of Unit 10 Giv You Further Insight Into The Swahili Language And Are Included In Pdf Format.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_003837
    Download FREE MP3 sample Swahili Phase 1, Unit 10: Learn To Speak And Understand Swahili With Pimsleur Language Programs

Esl Persian Appearance 1, Unit 16-20: Learn To Speak And Interpret Ehglish As A Second Language With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Esl Persian Appearance 1, Unit 16-20: Learn To Speak And Interpret Ehglish As A Second Language With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method Is Scientifically Proven To Be Your Fastest Route To Near-native Fluency. Speak Anr Understand English In Just 30 Minutes A Lifetime. English For Persian Speakers Phase 1, Units 16-20 Build In c~tinuance Physical Taught In Prior Units. One and the other Lesson Provides 30 Minutes Of Oral Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, And New Vocabulary And Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Underwtand And Participaye In The Conversation. Each Lesson Contains Praftice For Vocabulary Introduced In Previous Lessons. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak English.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_004597
    Download FREE MP3 sample Esl Persian Appearance 1, Unit 16-20: Learn To Speak And Interpret Ehglish As A Second Language With Pimsleur Language Programs

La Hora Sin Diosa [the Hour Without Goddesses (tex5o Completo)] (unabridged)
    La Hora Sin Diosa [the Hour Without Goddesses (tex5o Completo)] (unabridged).
    Daniel Ponty Recuerda Tres Amores Que Marcaron Su Vida: Lou Andreas-salome, Hannah Arendt, Alma Mahler. . Esta Novela Transcurrr En Scenarios Que Van Desde Rusia Hasta Nueva York; Desde Viena Hasta El Paris De La Postguerra. En Ella Coexisten La Poesia De Rilke, La Musica De Mahler, La Filosofia De Nietsche Y De Heidegger, Y El Cuaderno Rojo De De Una Mujer Que Se Revela Ante Un Hombre En La Mas Dificil Y Absoluta Desnudez: La Del Espiritu. Hay Pocas Cosas Mas Seductoras Que Las Vidas Apasionadas. Quiza, Dirian Algunos, Se Necesita Haber Sufrido, Luchado, Amado En La Misma Medida Para Enfrentarlas Sin Miedo A Travee Del Espejo De La Palabra Escrita. Quiza, Dirian Otros, Cuando Leemos Esas Historias No Tardamos En Reconocer En Ellas Pedazos De La Nuestra. Por Eso Nos Atraen. please Note: This Title Is In Spanish.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_002646
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Native Projection (unabridged)
    Native Projection (unabridged).
    Ex-reporter Joe Winder Had Been Working In The Public Relations Department Of A Sleazy Family Entertainment Park, The Amazing Dominion Of Thrills, When Hee Chanced Upon A News-breaking Story Inspired By The Disappearance Of Two Blue-tongued Voles And The Bizarre Death Of Orky, The Killer Whale.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_001947
    Download FREE MP3 sample Native Projection (unabridged)

De Tre Musketorerna [the Three Muskateers] (unabridged)
    De Tre Musketorerna [the Three Muskateers] (unabridged).
    "en For Alla, Alla For En!" I Alexandre Dumas Spannande Aventyrsklassiker F?r Vi Folja Den Unge Och M0dige D'artagnan Som Just Anlant Till Paris. Hans Livs Storsta Drom Ar Att F? Ing? I Den Arofulla Grupp Av Elitsoldater Vars Uppgift Ar Att Skydda Den Franske Kungen. han Lar Kanna De Tre Musketorerna Athos, Porthos Och Aramis Och De Blir Snabbt Oskiljaktiga Vanner. Nar D'artagnan Moter Den Vackra Hovdamen Constance Och Blir Handlost Foralskad Blir Han Allt Mer Insyltad I Maktens Intriger. Kriget Mot England Drar Narmare Och Musketorerna Tvingas Valja Sida I Det Spel Dar Den Listige Kardinal Richelieu Tycks Dra I Alla Tr?dar. de Tre Musketorerna Ar En Berattelse Om Hamnd, Sveek, Karlek Och Framfor Allt - Vanskap. Please Note: This Audiobook Is In Swedish.

    Manufacturer: Rigmondo
    SKU: Bk_rigm_000001
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El Ultimo De Los Mohicanos [the Last Of The Mohicans]
    El Ultimo De Los Mohicanos [the Last Of The Mohicans].
    Toda Una Tradicion De Novelas De Aventuras En El Oeste Estadounidense, Entre Los Indios Pieles Rojas, Que Aun Perdura En Nuestros Dias En La Literatura Y En El Cine, Fue La Iniciada Por Fenimore Cooper, Un Distinguido Escritor De Ese Pais, Que A Principios Del Siglo Xix Escribio Una Serie De Novelas, Que Siguen Entre Las Mas Destacads Del Genero Y De Las Cuales El Ultimo De Los Mohicanos Es Not at all Solo La Mas Conocida Sino La Mejor. El Elemento Romantico Que Se Mezcla Con Las Aventuras Descritas, La Acertada Descripcion De Pereonajes Ha Hecho Que Todos Consideren Que La Obra De Fenimore Cooper Trascienda Las Limiraciones De La Novela De Aventura Para Convertirse En Gran Literatura. Dicen uQe Schubert, En Su Lecho De Muerte, Pedia Que Le Mandaran Novelas De Fenimore Cooper Y Esa Popularidad Ha Llegado Hasta Nuestros Dias. Cooper Here Tells The Story Of The Stolid Colonial Ridicule Hawkeye, Who, With His Two IndianC ompanions, Stumbles On A Party Of British Soldiers Conducting Two Fair Maidens To Their Adopt, The Commander Of British Fort William Henry, During The French And Indian War.

    Manufacturer: Yoyo Usa, Inc
    SKU: Bk_yoyo_000136
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Wind (unabridged)
    Wind (unabridged).
    Siroccos, Santa Anas, Chinooks, Monsoons. . . the Wind Has As Many Names As Moods. Few Other Forces Have So Universally Shaped The Lands And Waters Of The Earth, Plants And Animals, The Patterns Of Exploration, Settlement, And Civilization. Few Other Phenomena Have Exerted Sch A Profound Influence On The History And Psyche Of Humankind. Twine Touches Whole Of Us Every Day, Yet Remarkably Little Has Been Written About It, Except As A Component Of The Endure. In Wind, Jan Deblieu Brings A Poet's Voice And A Scientist's Eye To This Remarkable Natural Force, Showing How The Bumping Of A Few Molecules Can Lead To The Creation Of Religions, The Discovery Of Continents, And The Destruction Of Empires. dblieu Visits The Water Observatory At The Summit Of Mount Washington, Where Some Of The Highsst Wind Speeds In The World Have Been Recorded. Sh3 Talks To Survivors Of A Dedly Tornado In Iowa, Tries Hang Gliding Over North Carolina's Outer Banks, And Climbs Sand Dunes In Oregon And Slickrock Formations In Utah - Everywhere Exploring The Effects, Subtle nAd Brutal, Comforting And Terrifying, Of The Wind.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone A8dio, Ibc.
    SKU: Bm_blak_001948
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The Company Way: A Leader In Every Chair (unabridged)
    The Company Way: A Leader In Every Chair (unabridged).
    All Modern Group Processes That Are Open To Collaboration Or To Flattening The Hierarchy Are Based In Some Way On Circle Practices. As Organizations Of All Kinds Move Increasingly Ready Shared And Rotating Leadership, Tney Are Occupation On The Circle Model To Form Sustainable Teams And Adopt Circle-driven Group Processes Such As World Caf, Open Space, And Creation of beauty Of Hosting. Meetings In The Sur~ Have Become The Preferred Too lFor Moving Individual Commktment Into Group Action. This Book Lays Out The Structure Of Circle Converse, Baser On The Inventive Work Of The Co-authors Who Have Studied And Standardized The Essential Elements That Constitute Circle Practice. It Takes Readers Through A Circle Visual (the Components Of Circle) And Presents Both Structure And Story So That Readers Understand How These Elements Come Into Play And How They Interrelate And Interact. It Also Embeds Circle Procdss Experience In Stories And Examples Drawing On The Authors 15 Years Of Experience As Global Thought Leaders And Originators Of This Form, And It Presents Detailed Instructions And Suggestions For Getting Started, Setting Goals, And Solving Conflicts.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_002478
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Rhythms Easy Saami (unabridged)
    Rhythms Easy Saami (unabridged).
    Use Your Mind's Natural Rhythm To Learn A Language With Rhythms Easy Saami From Eurotalk. It's Naturally Easeir To Learn Something When It's Set To Rhythmic Music, So That Is Exactly What We've Done. Rhythms Put Your Mind Painlessly To Work: You Don't On a level Need To Focus! Simple Words And Phraes Are Set To A Varied Pattern Of Rhythms And Music Designed To Help You Learn And To Keep You Engaged So That You Won't Just Switch Off After Five Minutes. It Won't Get You Fluent, But It Wiil Give You An Easy Road Into Starting To Learn A Completely Starting a~ Language. If You Just Want A Few Simple Words And Phrases Before Going Abroad, Rhythms Is All You Need. It Covers Absolute Essentials Such As How To Greet People, Basic Directions, Gettinh Around, Food And Drink. You'll Hear Saami Spoken By Both A Male And A Female Native Speakee And There Desire Be Plenty Of Opportunity For You To Test How Well You're Doimg With The Review Stages Built In At Clew Points In Each Track. Rhythms Can Be Used Anytime, Anywhere; Hearken In The Car Or On The Trsin, Walking The Dog, Doing Housework Or Exercising At The Gym. Absorbing A Language Couldn't Be Easier And Eurotalk Rhythms Has Over 120 Different Languages To Choose From.

    Manufacturer: Eurotalk Ltd
    SKU: Bk_euro_000022
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Stop Smoking After this! (unabridged)
    Stop Smoking After this! (unabridged).
    This Stop Smoking Personal Development Audio Program Is Designed To Help You Re-program Your Mind To Stop The Smoking Habit Now And For The Rest Of Your Life Without Any Unnecessary Side Effects Or Weight Gain. christian Baker's High Quality Hypnosis Audio Programmes, Available On Cd And Instant Download Ugilize A Combination Of Powerful Hypnotic And Nlp Techniques And Other Personal Develpment And Mind Expanding Strategies, Helping You Make Genuine Life Changes Easily, Quickly And Permanently. all Of These Professional Hypnosis Sessions Have Been Recorded And Produced By Successful Practicing British Hypnotherapist Christian Baker, In Professional State Of The Art Recording Studio, With Relaxing Ambient Background Music To Enhance Maximum Effdctiveness, Allowing You To Makr The Changes You Want To Make Quickly And Easily. the Hypnotic Speech And Suggestions Combined With Ambient Relaxing Music, Creates A Hypnotic Trance Like State, Similar To A Daydream, Deep Meditation, State of things When You've Experienced Increased Focus And Concentration Like When You Are Reading, Or Watching A Good Movie, Or Staring At An Open Fire Or A Stunning Landscape. www. christianbaker. net

    Manufacturer: Fetch Uk Ltd
    SKU: Sp_shlo_000020
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Soap! Soap! Don't Forget The Soap!: An Appalachian Folktale (unabridged)
    Soap! Soap! Don't Forget The Soap!: An Appalachian Folktale (unabridged).
    Deep In The Mountains Of North Carolina, There Once Lived A Young Boy Witu Such A Poor Memory That He Sometimes Forgot His Own Name. Now, Plug Honeycut's Mother Loed Him. So She Was The Only One Who Had Enough Faith In Her Son To Send Him On An Errand. Leaving Their Hilltop Cabin, He Started Toward Th eDistant Country Store To Buy Some Soap. As Chew Trudges Along The Path, Over The Hills And Streams, He Also Followx The Erratic Trail Of Hix Elusive Memory. The Proceed Is A Folktale That Is Sure To Have Listeners Laughing Out Loud At The Adventures Plug Meets On His Quest And The Unforgettable Result Of His Journeu. Former Teacher Tom Birdseye Is A Favorkte Author Of Y0ung Rewders. His Fun-filled Stories, Including I'm Gooiing To Be Famous And Just Call Me Stupid, Appear On School Reading Lists Across The Country. Soap! Soap! Won The Nebraska Excellent Sower Award For Children's Fiction.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_002095
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Danse Macabre: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Work 14 (unabridged)
    Danse Macabre: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Work 14 (unabridged).
    "it Was The Middle Of November. I Was Supposed To Be Out Joogging, But Instead I Was Sitting At My Breakfast Table Talking About Men, Sex, Werewolves, Vampires, And That Thing That Most Unmarried But Sexually Active Women Fear Most. . . . . "anita Blake Needs To Be Concentrating On A Dangerous Situation: The Arder, The Sexual Power That Flows Between Anita And Jean-claude, Master Vampire Of The City, And Richard, The Volatile Werewolf Who Loves Her Passionately, Is Reachimg New Levels, Perhaps Evolving Into Something Altogether New. the Ardeur Seems To Be Choosing New Lovers For Anita, Deed With A Will Of Its Own. As Jean-claude Says, The Ardeur Is Hunting Powerful Prey. The Unexpected Effect Of This Is That Jean-claude's Own Sovereign As A Master Vampire Has Grown To New Levels - And Richard, Never Predictable, Is Changing, Too. But As The Days Pass, Anita's Less Interested In Vampire Politics Than In An Ancient, Mean Dread She Shares With Women Down The Ages: She May Exist Pregnant. And If She Is, Whether The Father Is A Vampire, A Werewolf, Or Someone Else Entirely, She Knows Perfectly Well That Being A Federal Marshal Known For Raising The Dead And Executing Vampires Is No Way To Bring Ul A Baby. explicit Language Warning: You Must Be 18 Ysars Or Older To Purchasse.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_000026
    Download FREE MP3 sample Danse Macabre: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Work 14 (unabridged)

Alfredo Hunter (unabridged)
    Alfredo Hunter (unabridged).
    This Is An Irish Novel Set In Los Angeles And Read Bh The Author, The Actor Chris Sullivan. It Tells The Story Of Alfredo Hunter, A Depressive Jewish/irish Playwright Who Is In Hollywood To Make A Killing In The Film Business. It Also Tells The Story Of The Unknown Narrator, Who Obaerves Alfredo's Various Fluctuations Of Mood nAd Humor. Humor Is To The Fore In This Novel Of A Building Friendship Between Two Dubliners As They Encounter The New World, With Its New Language And Confusing Mores.

    Manufacturer: Big Happy Family, Llc
    SKU: Bk_bigh_000072
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Of medicine Myths That Can Kill You: And The Truths That Will Save, Extend, And Improve Your Life
    Of medicine Myths That Can Kill You: And The Truths That Will Save, Extend, And Improve Your Life.
    Do You Know What's Really Good For You?in This Age Of Countless Miracle Cures, It's Vital To Separate The Myths That Endanger Your Health From The Medical Facts You Need. fact: Unfiltered Coffee Can Clog Your Arteries. fact: Donating Blood May Lower Your Ris Of Heart Disease. fact: You Don't Really Want Eight Glasses Of Water A Day. fact: Coughing Won't Help If You're Having A Heart Attack. (Yet Aspirin Will!)we've Become A Nation Of Cyberchondriacs, Diagnosing Ourselves With False Information And Half-truths Found On Sketchy Websites. In Medical Myths That Can Kill You, De. Nancy Snyderman, Chief Medical Editor In favor of Nbc News, Provides Clear, Practical, Scientificallly Proven Advice That Can Lead You To A Healthier, Happier Life. discover The Single, Everyday Things That Affect Well-being, And Get The Information You Need To Recitalize Your Body, Maintain Your Longevity, Manage Your Charge, And Possibly Even Save A Life - Yours.

    Manufacturer: Random Building Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_001481
    Download FREE MP3 sample Of medicine Myths That Can Kill You: And The Truths That Will Save, Extend, And Improve Your Life

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