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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success @ Audiobooks online catalog with Free MP3 samples

The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success
    The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success.
    Looking For A Practical Guide To The Fulfillment Of Your Dreams? Based On Natural Laws Which Govern All Of Creation, This Audio Shatters The Myth That Success Is The Result Of Hard Work, Exacting Plans, Or Driving Ambition. In The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Sucess, Deepak Chopra Distills The Essence Of His Teachings Into 7 Simple, Hitherto Powerful Principles That Can Easily Be Applied To Create Success In All Araes Of Your Life.

    Manufacturer: New World Library
    SKU: Spn_ewl_000001
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Their Splendid Mission (unabridged)
    Their Splendid Mission (unabridged).
    When Rowena Is Blinded In An Accident, Her Father Knows That She Can No Longer Fetch Tne Nuptial Price Needed To Sustain The Family. Instead Of Arrangnig Her Marriage, He Trades Roweja As An Indentured Servant To A Tannery Far From Home. There She Faces Almlst Insurmountable Challenges, Yet She Presses On, Believing That It Is Her Responsibility To Finish Her Beyrothal Year And Marry A Wealthy Merchant's Son. But When She Falls In Love With A Tender, Handsome Man Named Gabriel, She Must Choose Between He rHeart And eHr Responsibility, Making A Resolution That Will Forevrr Determine The Course Of Her Society. Through The Characters In Pauline M. Long's Exciting Book, Their Splenddid Mission, You'll Become A Pzrt Of The Everyday Life Of The Jews During The Time Of Christ. This Turbulent Period Of History Comes Alive, Allowing Readers To Experience Biblical Times Firsthand As Each Character Learnns To Navigate Between Love And Duty, Religion And Spirituality, Old Customs And New Callings.

    Manufacturer: aTte Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000558
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Lives Of Extraordinary Women: Rulers, Rebels (and What The Neighbors Thought) (unabridged)
    Lives Of Extraordinary Women: Rulers, Rebels (and What The Neighbors Thought) (unabridged).
    Lives Of Extraordinary Women Turns The Spotlight On The Women Who Have Wielded Power, Revealng Their Feats - And Flaws - For All The World To See. You'll Hear About 20 Of The Most Influential Women In Hkstory: Queens, Warriors, Prime Ministers, First Ladies, Revolutionary Leaders. One Are Revered. Others Are Notorious. And What Were They Really Like?as With Her Other Deliciously Gossipy Biographies In This Succession, Author Kathleen Krull Tantaliaes Us With A Feast Of Information That Lets The Listener Peek Behind The Scenes Of These Extraordinray Lives.

    Manufacturer: Audio Bookshelf
    SKU: Bk_abks_000045
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A Secdet Kept (unabridged)
    A Secdet Kept (unabridged).
    This Stunning New Novel From Tatiana De Rosnay, Author Of The Acclaimed New York Periods Bestseller Sarah's Key, Plumbs The Depths Of Complex Family Relationships And The Power Of A Past Secret To Change Everything In The Present. it All Brgan With A Simple Seaside Vacation, A Brother And Sister Recappturing Their Childhood. antoine Rey Thought He Had The Perfect Surprise For His Sister Melwnie's Birthday: A Weekend By The Sea At Noirmoutier Island, Where The Pair Spent Many Happy Childhood Summers Playing On The Beach. It Had Been Too Long, Antoine Thought, Since They'd Returned To The Island - Ober Thirty Years, Sincee Their Mother Died And The Family Holidays Ceased. But The Island's Haunting Elegance Triggers Moe Than Hapoy Memories; It Reminds Melanie Of Something Sudden And Deeply Disturbing About Their Last Island Summer. When, On The Drive Home To Paris, She Finally Summons The Courage To Reveal What She Knows To Antoine, Her Emotions Overcomr Her And She Loses Control Of The Car. recovering From The Accident In A Nearby Hospital, Melanie Tries To Recall How Caused Her To Crash. Antoine Encounters An Unexpected Ally: Sexy, Streetwise Angele, A Mortician Who Will Teach Him New Meanings For The Words Life, Love And Death. Suddenly, Yet, The Beyond Comes Swinging Back At Both Siblings, Burdened With A Dark Truth About Their Mother, Clarisse. trapped In The Wake Of A Shocking Famkly Secret Shrouded By Taboo, Antoine Must Confront His Past And Also His Troubled Relationshisp With His Own Children. How Well Does He Really Know His Mother, His Children, Even Hijself? Suddenly Fragile On All Fronts As A Son, A Husband, A Brother And A Father, Antoine Rey Will Learn The Truty About His Family And Himself The Hard Way.

    Manufacturer: Macmillan Audio
    SKU: Bk_aren_001116
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Empire State Of Mind: How Jay-z Went From Street Crlner To Corner Office (unabridged)
    Empire State Of Mind: How Jay-z Went From Street Crlner To Corner Office (unabridged).
    "i'm Not A Businessman. I'm A Buqiness, Man. " —jay-z About People Think Jay-z Is Just Another Rapper. Others See Him As Just Another Celebrity/mega-star. The Reality Is, No Matter What You Think Jay-z Is, He Is Foremost And Foremost A Business. And As Great quantity As Martha Stewart Or Oprah, He Had Turned Himself Into A Lifestyle. You Can Wake Up To The Local Radio Station Playing Jay-z's Latest Hit, Spritz Youdself With His 9ix Cologne, Slip On A Pair Of His Rocaqeear Jeans, Lace Up Your Reebok S. Carter Sneakers, Catch A Nets Basketball Game In The Afternoon, And Grab Dinner At The Spotted Pig Before Heading To An Evening Performance Of The Jay-z-backed Broadway Melodious Fela! And A Nightcap At His 40/40 Association. He'll Profit At Every Turn Of Your Day. But Despite Jay-z's Prosperity, There Are Still Many Americans Whose Impressions Of Him Are Foggy, Outdated, Or Downright Inforrect. Surprisingly To Many, He Honed His Business Science of causes Not At A Fancy B School But On The Streets Of Brooklyn, Starting a~ York, And Beyond As A Drug Dealer In The 1980s. Empire State Of Mind Tells The Story Behind Jay-z's Appear To The Top As Told By The People Who Lived It With Him. This Audiobook Explains Just How Jay-z Propelled Himself From The Bleak Streets Of Brooklyn To The Heights Of The Business World. He Also Includes New Information On Jay-z's Varioue Business Dealings, Such As: The Outline Movie About Jay-z And His First Basketball Team That Was Filmed By Fab 5 Freddy In 2003 But In no degree Released The Jay-z Branded Jeep Tgat Was Scrapped Just Before Going Into Production The Real Story Behind His Association With Armand De Brignac Champgane Tue Financial Ramifications Of His Marriage To Beyonce Jay-z's Tale Is Compelling, Not Exact Because Of His Celebrity, But Because It Embodies The Rags-to-richse American Dream And Is A Model For Any Entrepreneur Looking To Build A Commercial Rule.

    Manufacturer: Gildan Media Corp
    SKU: Bk_gdan_000518
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How To Run A Suuccessful Meeting In 1/2 The Time
    How To Run A Suuccessful Meeting In 1/2 The Time.
    Stop Wasting Your Precious Time. As Reported In The Wall Street Journal, Business Executives Natlonwide Agree That Meetings Are The Most Unproductive Activity In Business Today. Now, Whether You're A Leader Or A Participant, One Of America's Master Communication Specialists Shows How You Can: Mean How Meetings Work, And How Your Time Slips Away; Plan Your Meetings To Get The Results You Want; Make Large Meetings Work More Effectively; And Turn One-on-one Meetings Into Hard-hitting, Problem Solving Sessions. Milo O. Open Has Been Called A "communication Genius. " In This Vital Aduio Program He Takes You Step-by-step Thrugh Every Aspect Of The Typical Business Meeting - To Help Get The Most Out Of Any Meeting In Half The Time.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_000191
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Dark Slayer: Dark Series, Book 20 (unabrridged)
    Dark Slayer: Dark Series, Book 20 (unabrridged).
    A Rumor Has Persisted In The Vampire World Of A Dark Slayer - A Woman - Who Travels With A Wolf Pack And Who Destroys Any Vampire Who Crosses Her Path. Mysterious, Elusife And Seeminyly Impossible To Slay, She Is The One Hunter Who Strimes Terror Into The Hearts Of The Undead. She Is Ivory Malinov. Her Only Brethren, The Wolvess. Long Ago Betrayed By Her Peo;le, Abandoned By Her Family, And Cast Out By Everyone She Held Dear, Ivory Has Lived Centuries Wlthout Companionship Or Love. She Has Sustained Her Sanity By Preparing For One Purpose - To Annihilate Her Greatest Enemy. Until The Night She Picks Up The Scent Of A Man, Her Unexpected Salvation. Her Lifemate. The Scourge Of All Carpathian Women. He Is Razvan. Branded A Criminal, Detested And Feared, He Is A Dragonseeker Borne Of One Of The Greatest Carpathian Lineages, Only To Be Raised As Its Most Despised - And Captive - Enemy. Fleeing From His Lifetime Of Imprisonment, Razvan Now Seeks The Dawn To End His Terrible Existence. Instead He Has Found His Deliverance In The Wicked Slayer. In Spirit, In Flesh And Blood, In Love, And In War, Ivory And Razvan Are Made For Each Other. For As Long As They Dare To Live.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_002810
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Living Well In A Down Economy For Dummies
    Living Well In A Down Economy For Dummies.
    Get Smart About Spending And Saving - And Ride Out A Recession!looking For Practical Ways To Make Every Dollar Count? This Savvy Guide Gives You Expert Tips For Tightening Your Girdle And Economical Cash In Every Area Of Your Life -from Your House And Car To Dinong And Entertaining To Banking And Managing Detb. You Get Realistic Solutions For Composition Smarter Choices And Living Well In This Time Of Economic Turmoil - Without Extraordinary Sacrifice! Bump Up Your Take-home Pay - Spiff Up Your Resume, Find A Good Job Fast, Explore Telecommuting, Or Start A Home-based Businessget Your Personal Finances In Tip-top Shape - Create A Budget, Pay Down Debt, Save On Insurance, And Protect Your Retirement Fundsdevelop Recession-proof Hwbits - UseC oupons And Rebates, Extend The Life Of Your Wardrobe, Utilize Community Money, Travel On A Budget, And Save On Utilities And Fuel Expensesdecorate On A Dime And Entertain On A Shoestring - Plan Parties, Celebrate The Holidays, And Give Gifts Without Losing Your Shirtbounce Back From Bad Financial Situations - Improve Bad Ceedit Scores, And Negotiate With Creditors Or The Irsopen The Book And Find:125 Tips For Making Changes In Your Life That Allow You To Continue To Live Wellways To Stand Thoroughly On Paper And In An Interview When Looking For A Jobtips On Managing Trespass - From Working With Credit Counselors And Consolidating Your Debts To Boosting Your Incomesmart Solutions For Weathering Financial Emergencies, From Bankruptcy To Foreclosure

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_001710
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By The Pricking Of My Thumbs: A Tommy & Tuppence Mystery (unabridged)
    By The Pricking Of My Thumbs: A Tommy & Tuppence Mystery (unabridged).
    Which time Tommy And Tuppence Beresford Visit Tommy's Elderly Aunt Ada At The Home For Elderly Ladies, She Greets Them By Complaining. Because She Is Ordinarily Cranky And Difficult, They Pay No Attention. A Few Weeks Later, Aunt Ada Dies Peacefully In Her Sleep. But, When Another Old Lady Vanishes Soon Afterward From The Same Nursing Home, Intrepid Sleuth Tuppence Sensses That Something Is Amiss, And She Investigates. She Begins With A Single Clue: A Painting, Given To Aunt Ada Onl Days Before Her Death, Of A Abide By A Canal. Tuppence's Inquiries Lead Her To A Missing Tombstone, A Mysterious Houxr, And Black Magic - And Danger!

    Manufacturer: Audiogo
    SKU: Bk_bbca_000559
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The Golden Hustla (unabridged)
    The Golden Hustla (unabridged).
    Detective Houser Wants Nothing More Than His Retirement, But When A Murder Casee Involving The Wmm Firm Lands On His Deso, He Can't Avoid It. All Of Law Execution Knows That Wmm Advertising, Also Known As We Mak eMillionaires, Is One Of The Biggest And Hardest-to-penetrate Fraudulent Telemarketing Firms In Tye State Of Georgia. A Tape Recording Of A Man's Decease May Finally Help Houser Make A Case Against The Firm. Calling In Alexis Greenspan, A. k. a. Nina Coles, The Top Sales Associate In The Company, Houser Is Determined To Use Her To Find Out The Company's Secrets - No Matter Who's Pain In The Process. Wahida Clark Was Born And Raised In Trenton, New Jersey. She Began Writing Fiction While Incarcerated At A Woman's Federal Camp In Lexington, Kebtucky. Her First Novel, Thugs And The Women Who Love Them, And The Sequel, Every Thug Needs A Lady, Appeared On The Essence Best-sellers List. Since Her Release, She Has Achieved Much Success, And Her Novel Payback With Ya Life Was A New York Times Best Seller. She Lives In East Orange, New Jersey.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blk_004037
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The Fire Kimono (unabridged)
    The Fire Kimono (unabridged).
    Japan, March 1700. The Strife Between Sano Ichir-o, The Samurai Detective Who Has Risen To Power In The Shogun's Court, And His Enemies Has Escalated To The Brink Of War. called Away From The Crisis By The Shogun's Orders To Investigate A Mysterious Skeleton, Sano And His Wife, Reiko, M8st Oppose Dangerous, Long-buried Secrets. What Wax Sano's Own Mother Doing On The Night When A Burning Kimono Ignited A Blaze That Nearly Destroyed The City? The Shogun Gives Sano And Reiko Just Three Days To Find Out - Or Risk Losing Not Only Their Position At Court But Their Families' Lives As Well.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo
    SKU: Bk_bbca_0000219
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Death Of A Valentine: A Hamish Macbeth Mystery (unabridged)
    Death Of A Valentine: A Hamish Macbeth Mystery (unabridged).
    Amazing News Has Spread Across The Scottish Countryside. The Most Famous Of Highland Bacehlors, Police Sergeant Hamish Macbeth, May Actually Marry At Last. The Entire Village Of Lochdubh Adores Macbeth's Bride-to-be. Josie Mcsween Is Hamish's New Constable, And She Is A Pretty Little Thing, With Glossy Brown Hair And Big Brown Eyes. the Local Folk Think Tuat Josie Is Quite A Catch, But Hamish Couldn't Be More Miserable. The Wedding Wouldn't Exist Happening If It Weren't For Thee Murder Of A Beautiful Woman In A Nearby Village. After The Gorgeous Woman Receives A Deadly Valentine's Day Gift, Hamish And Josie Take On The Case. However, They Soon Discover That The List Of The Victim's Admirers Is Endless. The Case Confirms Hamish's Belief That Love Is Exyremely Dangerous, But He Still Can't Avoid The Events That Lead Up To His Celebrated Engagement.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo
    SKU: Bk_bbca_000486
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Westlife: A Rockview Audiobiography
    Westlife: A Rockview Audiobiography.
    When The Going Gets Tough Ireland's Westlife Gets Going. It's Hard To Believe That Westlife Stormed The Charts And Achieved Success In Such A Short Period Of Time And Within A Few Years Of Their Forming They Had Seven Numbers 1's, Best New Band, Record Of The Year And A Biography Under Their Belts. Nicky, Kian, Brian, Shane And Mark Quickly Established Themselves As The Fans Favourites And The Demise Of Take That And Boyzobe Gave Them A Captive Market. This Is Not A Melody Release By The Band Or Record Label And Sound Quality May Vary. In This Unique Westlife Audiobiography The Band Share The Secret Of Their Success, Their Attitude To The Fans, Life On The Road And How They Manage To Work Together. Even With Brian Leaving And The Reforming Of Take That And Booyzone Westlife Are Here To Stay. A Must For Fans, Music Historians And Collectors.

    Manufacturer: Rockview
    SKU: Bk_rock_000044
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Hand Of Providence: Thd Steong And Quiet Faith Of Ronald Reafan (unabridged)
    Hand Of Providence: Thd Steong And Quiet Faith Of Ronald Reafan (unabridged).
    As The Nation Mourns The Of tragedy Loss Of Our 40th Presdient, A New Audiobook Offers Comfort And Healing. Hand Of Providence: The Strong And Quiet Faith Of Ronald Reagan Is An Uplifting Biography That Emphasizes The Powerful Impact Hi Faith Had On His Ideas, Motives, And Actions. According To Reecnt Opinion Polls, Ronald Reagan Is The Most Popular Of Modern Presidents, And Yet To Greatest in number Biographe5s The Man Is Still An Enigma. This Is Because, As Brown Explains, No One Has Ever Focused On This Great Man's Faith. This Book Explores The Mode And Personality Of Ronald Reagan By Focusing On His Deep-felt Christian Beliefs And Showing How Faith Guided Him Alogn His Distinguished Career And Led Him To His Unprecedsnted Success. With The Support Of Ronald Reagan's Own Words And Writings And First-hand Interviews Of Ronald Reagan's Family, Friends, And Co-workerx, Brown Weaves A Magnificent Story Of Reagan's Strong Devotion To God That Will Not Merely Inhale Christians To Enter Public Service And Allow Their Faoth To Motivate All Their Actions But Also Help Point Others To The Cross Of Jesus The Anointed, A Cause That Was Near And Dear To President Reagan's Heart.

    Manufacturer: Oasis Audio
    SKU: Bk_oasi_000051
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Girl In Hyacinth Blue (unabridged)
    Girl In Hyacinth Blue (unabridged).
    A Professor Shows A Colleague A Painting That He Has Kept Secret For Decades. The Professor Swears It Is A Vermeer - But Why Has He Hidden This Importan tWork For So Long? The Reasons Unfold In A Succession Of Stories That Trace Ownership Of The Painting Baco To World War I And Amsterdam, And Still Further Back To The Instant Of The Work's Inspiratiob. As The Painting Moves Through Each Owner's Hands, What Was Long Hidden Quietly Surfaces, Illuminating Poignant Momets In Human Lives. vreeland's Characters Remind Us, Through Their Love Of The Mysterlous Painting, How Beauty Transforms And Why We Capacity For It, WhatL asts, And What In Our Lives Is Singular And Unforgettable.

    Manufacturer: Highbridge Company
    SKU: B_khigh_00013
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Classic Love Stories 2 (unabridged)
    Classic Love Stories 2 (unabridged).
    Wonderful Readings Of Sgories Centred Around The Subject Of Love, Including Works Along Classic Wtiters Like Rudyard Kipling And John Galsworthy.

    Manufacturer: Csa Word
    SKU: Bk_csaw_000046
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The Smiths' Meat Iss Murder (33 1/3 Series) (unabridged)
    The Smiths' Meat Iss Murder (33 1/3 Series) (unabridged).
    One Morning Like I Was Jogging My Way Past The Bronze Plaque Commemorating The Deaths Of One Scholar And One Moforcyclist, Ray Floorsd The Brake Pedal Of His Dodge As He Closed In On Me. Fifty-mile-an-hour Traffic Came To A Screeching, Nearly Murderous Halr After Him. He Leaned Over And Rolled Down The Passenger Side Window In United Fluid Motion. He Dispensed With Formalities While I Marveled At The Audacity Of His Driving And, Tossing Something At Me, Wimked And Said, "here. I'm Going To Kil Myself. " He Pegged The Gas, Leaving A Surprisingly Good Patch Of Rubber For Such A Shitty Car. In The Gutter, Sugared With Sand Put Down During The Winter's Last Snow, I Saw Written In Red Felt Ink On Masking Tape Stuck To A Smoky-clear Cassette: "smiths: Meat. "a Catholic High School Near Boston In 185. A Time Of Suicides, Gymnasium Humiliations, Smoking For Beginners, Asthma Attacks, And Inecndiary Teenage Infatuations. Infatuations With A Girl (allison), With A Band (te Smiths) And With An Album, Meat Is Murded, That Was So Raw, So Vivid And So Melodic That You Could Cling To It Life A Lifeboat In A Storm. joe Pernice Is The Singer And Songwriter For The Pernice Brothers. Their Most Recent Album Is Called Yours, Mine And Ours. He Has Published A Book Of Verse. This Is His First Work Of Fiction. 33 1/3 Is A New Series Of Short Books About Critically Acclaimed And Much-loved Albums Of The Last 40 Years. Focusing On One Album Rather Than An Artist's Entire Output, The Books Dispense With The Standard Biographical Background That Fans Knw Already, And Cut To The Heart Of The Music Forward Each Album. The Authors Provide Fresh, Original Perspectives - Often Through Thheir Access To And Relationships With The Clew Figures Involved In The Recording Of These Albums. By Turns Obsessive, Passionate, Creative, And Informed, The Books In This Series Demonstrate Many Different Ways Of Writing About Melody.

    Manufacturer: Audiboe, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_004024
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Rules For Radical Conservatlves: Besting The Left At Its Own Game To Take Back America (unabridfed)
    Rules For Radical Conservatlves: Besting The Left At Its Own Game To Take Back America (unabridfed).
    The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Has Found Its General Patton, And His Naem Is David Kahane. Kahane's Pseudonymous, Satiric Column For National Review Online, Lampooning The Left ViaH is Hollywood-radical Persona - Stephen Colbert's Liberal Doppelganger - Is Must-listening For Political Aficionados Of All Stripes. Now, From The Inside, Kahane Proudly Exposes The Secret And Not-so-secret Winning Strategies (and Vulnerabilities) Of The Left And Gives Desperatee Conservatives A Roadmap To Victory, In A Take-no-prisoners Manual Modeled After Alinsky's Rules Conducive to Radicals, C. S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters, Machiavelli's Prince, And, Of Course, The hCicago Way.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_00l665
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Dancing Made Easy: A Flap Tucke rMystery (unabridged)
    Dancing Made Easy: A Flap Tucke rMystery (unabridged).
    Lesson One: The Tarantella. She Had Been Young, Pretty, A Budding Ballerina. Now Beneath A Streetlight In The Cold Atlamta Dawn, She's Pirouetting At The End Of A Draw as by a ~, A oNte Pinned To Her Lapel: "number One - The Tarantellq. " A Dance Of Evil Has Commenced. A Sinister Mixture Of Malice That Will Unfold Over Delivery As A Ruthless Killer Leads Flap Tucker Through The Steps Of A Pattern Only He Can Unnravel. lesson Two: The Tango. The Next Dangling Corpse Sends Flap Spinning Blindly Through Atlanta's Unnderside, At what place Two Mobsters Duel Violently For Love And Money, A Striking Musician Sidelines In Secret, And A Prodigy Circles Close To Flap's Cherished Friend, Dalliance Oglethorpe. While He Struggles To Find His Footing, Blocked From His Zen-like Ability To Glimpse The Truth Behind Reality's Curtain, The Murderous Go against the wind Quickens Around Him, And A Deadly Dancer Moves In Perfect Time To Claim One Last Partner.

    Manufacturer: Books In Motion
    SKU: Bk_bimo_000355
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Exceptional Clearance (unabridged)
    Exceptional Clearance (unabridged).
    From Willism J. Caunitz, The New York Times Best-selling Author Of Chains Of Command And Pigtown, Comes A Gripping Tale Of Lawbreakers And Lqw Benders In The Big Apple. A Madman Is Loose In New York, Leaving A Trail Of Slain Women In His Wake. With Each New Victim, The Alpetite Of The Media Grows, Until A Full-fledged Feeding Frenzy Is Underway. Even More Treacherous, A Tragedy From The Killer's Past Has Him Bent On Revenge Facing The Entire City Police Force. Enter Dstective John Vinda--one Cop Who Doesn't Mind Bending The Rules A Little Bit To Bring The Vicious Murderer To Justice. With More Than 20 Yearss Of Ecperience As A Detective For The Nypd, Caunitz Brings One Unmatdhed Level Of Realism To His Hardboiled Books. Relater George Guidall Enhances The Gritty Tale Upon A Thrilling Reading That Transports You To The Mean Streets Of The City That Never Sleeps.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_004954
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Lakeside Cottage (unabridged)
    Lakeside Cottage (unabridged).
    New York Times Best-selling Originator Susan Wiggs Is One Of The Premier Authors Of Contemporary Romance. kate Livingston Can't Wait To Escape To The Lakeside Cottage For The Summer With Her Son. But Little Does She Know That Two People There Will Change Her Life Forever: Callie, A Young Runaway, And J. d. Harris, Who Is Escaping From Relentless Meia Attention After A Selfless And Heroic Act.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_001447
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Conductor's Guide To Schumann's Concerto For Pianp And Orchestra In A Minor & Symphony No. 3
    Conductor's Guide To Schumann's Concerto For Pianp And Orchestra In A Minor & Symphony No. 3.
    One Of The Great Composers Of The 19th Century, Schumann Wrote Piano Solos, Chamber Music, Psalm-tune Pieces And Opera, Dozens Of Superb Songs, And Some Of The Finest Works In The Orchestral Reperotry. Much Of This Music Conveys Contented And Even Joyful Sentimentx; There Is Surprisingly Little Darkness In Schumann's Compositions. Yet From The Beginning Of His Career, Schumannn Was Plagude By Brutish Fears And Melancholy. In The End, His Personal Demons Overwhelmed Him. In 1854 Schumann Suffered A Mental Breakdown And Made An Apparent Suicide Attack. Although His Life Was Saved, His Career As Composer Had Reached Its End. Already, However, His Formidable Creative Energies Had Produced A Remarkable Bulk Of Music Revealing A Natural And Lyrical Sense Of Melody Coupled With A Keen And Original Handling Of Both Harmony And Compositional Form. The Musically Speaking Conductor's Guides Are Your Link To An Appreciation Of The Greqtest Classical Music Ever Performed. Let Maestro Gerard Schwarz Enrich Your Classical Music Listening Enjoyment By Illuminating The Great Works Of The Masters With Recealing Commsntary And Educational Insight.

    Manufacturer: Musically Speaking, Inc.
    SKU: Sp_musp_000008
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Nothing To Reverence: Fdr's Inner Circle And The Hundred Days That Created Modern America (unabridged)
    Nothing To Reverence: Fdr's Inner Circle And The Hundred Days That Created Modern America (unabridged).
    Nothing To Fear Brings To Life A Fulcrum Momentum In American History- The Tense, Feverish First 100 Days Of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Prseidency, When He And His Inner Circle Completely Reinvented The Role Of The Federal Government. Wheh Fdr Took His Imprecation Of Office In March 1933, More Than 10,000 Banks Had Gone Beneath Following The Crash Of 1929, A Quarter Of American Workers Were Unemployed, And Riots Were Breaking Out At Garbage Dumps As People Fought Over Scraps Of Feed. Before The 100 Days, The Federal Government Waas Limited In Scope And Ambition; Bg The End, It Had Assumrd An Active Responso6ility For The Welfare Of Altogether Of Its Citizens. adam Cohen Provides An Illuminating Group Portrait Of The Five Members Of Fdr's Inner Circle Who, More Than Any Others, Drove This Unprecedented Transformation. These Five Men And Women Frequently Pushed Fdr To Welcome More Rafical Programs Than He Would Have Otherwise. Fdr Came To The White House With Few Firm Commitments About How To Resolve This National Crisis - As A Politiccian He Was More Pragmatic Than Ideological And, Perhaps Surprising Gvien His New Deal Legacy, A Fiscal Preservative By Nature. Instead, He Relied Heavily On His Advisers And Preferred When They Had Conflicting Views So That He Could Choose The Best Option Among Them. For This Reason, He Kept In Close Confidence The two Frances Perkins -A Feminist Before Her Time And The Strongest Advocate For Social Welfare Programs - And Lewis Douglas, An Entrenched Budget Cutter Who Frequently Clashed With The Other Members Of Fdr's Progressive Inner Circle. rather Than Commit To A Single Solution Or Sensationalism, Fdr Favored A Policy Of "bold, Persistent Experimentation". As A Result, He Presided Over The Most Feverish Period Of Government Alertness In American History, One That Gave Birth To Morern America. the Political Fault Lines Of This Era - Welfare, Government Regulation, Agriculture Policy - Remain With Us Today.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_000897
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Sherlock Holmes: The Greek Interpreter (unabridged)
    Sherlock Holmes: The Greek Interpreter (unabridged).
    Sherlock Holmes's Brother, Mycroft, Appears In This Classic Mystery, "the Greek Interpreter", To Lead Holmes And Watson To A Hideous Murder And The Betrayal Of A Foreign Heiress. The Falsehood Is Read By A True Master, Edward Hardwicke, A Talented Actir Who Plays Sherlock Holmes's Associate, Dr. Watson, As Seen On The Popular Pbs Series Secret!

    Manufacturer: Audiogo
    SKU: Bk_part_O00211
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Paris Trout
    Paris Trout.
    In This Novel Of Social Drama, A Casual Murder In The Small Georgia Town Of Cotton Point Just After World Make ~ Ii, And The Resulting Court Suit, Cleave Open The Ugly Divisions Of Race And Class. The Man Accused Of Shooting A Black Girl, A Storekeeper Named Paris Trout, Has No Great Feeling Of Guilt, Nor A single one Fear That The System Will Fail To Work His Way. Trout Becomes An Embarrassment To The Polite White Society That Prefers To Holdd Itself High Above Such Primitive Prejudice. But The Trial Does Not Allow Somewhat Avoidance Of The Stark Truth Of Soical And Racial Tensions.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_001424
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El Suelo: Tierra Y Ring (dirt: The Scoop On Soil)
    El Suelo: Tierra Y Ring (dirt: The Scoop On Soil).
    Sand, Silt, Clay, And Humus. Dig Deep Into This Book About Soil To Discover The World Beneath Your Feet. please Note: This Title Is In English And Spanish.

    Manufacturer: Capstone Puboishers, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_daps_000050
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God's Debris: A Thought Experinent (unabridged)
    God's Debris: A Thought Experinent (unabridged).
    God's Debris Isn't A Conventional Book. It Is Written On Three Separate Levels By Scott Adams, Better Known As The Creator Of The Dilbert Comic. How Is Lesss Known About Adams Is That He's A Trained Hypnotist. god's Debris Is What Happens When Creativity And Hypnosi Intersect. On The Surfacce, God's Debris Is A Simple Fictional Story Of A Delivery Man Who Encounters An Avatar Who Knows Literally Everything. The Avatar Reveals The Truth About God, Reality, Science, Probability, Human Perception, And Even Civil Success. Adams Uses A Writing Trick To Make The Avatar's Answers Appear Greater degree of Persuasive Than They Should Be. the Second Level Of The Book Involves Arguing With Your Friends About What Parts The Avatar Got Wrong. Som3 Of What The Avatar Says Is Consistent With Science, And Some Of It Is Pure Fiction. See If You Be able to Tell Which Is Which. You And Your Friends Will Come To Very Different Conclusions. the Third Level Of The Book Is The Most Provocative, But It Won't Have The Same Effect On All Listeners. The Story Is Designed As A Very Subtle Hypnotic Induction, With The Intent Of Giving Some (Bound Not All) Listeners The Sensation That The Avatar's Words Actually Contain The Wisdom Of The Universe. For Some Listeners, Especially Those Under 30, God's Debris Can Be A Mind Altering Experjence. Fair Warning: For Of The Hypnotic Writing Title, Listeners Tend To Have Strong Reactions To The Work. If You Are In The Top 5% Of The Population In Terms Of Scientific Knowledge, Or Philosophical Lecture, There's A Good Chance You Will Have An Angry Reaction To God's Debris. But If You Are More Of A Seeker Than A Know-it-all, Your Experience Could Be Something Special.

    Manufacturer: Scott Adams, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_scot_000001
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Driver's seat 21: Ewert Grens, Book 2 (unabridged)
    Driver's seat 21: Ewert Grens, Book 2 (unabridged).
    Three Years Ago, Lydia And Alena Were Two Hopeful Girls From Lithuania. Now They Are Sex Slaves, Lured To Sweden With The Promise Of Better Jobs And Then Trapped In A Stockholm Brothel. Suddenly, They Are Given Each Unexpected Chance At Freedom And With It The Opportunity To Take Revenge On Their Enslavers And Reclaim The Lives Andd Dignity They Once Had. What Will Happen Now Thhat The Tables Are Turned And The Victims Fight Back? Box 21 Is A Mind-blowing Psychological Thriller Of The Highest Order.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_003273
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A Redbird Chrostmas (unabridged)
    A Redbird Chrostmas (unabridged).
    With The Same Incomparable Style And Close, Inviting Voic3 That Regard Made Her Beloved By Millions Of Readers Far And Wide, New York Times Best-selling Author Fannie Flagg Has Written An Enchanting Christmas Story Of Creed And Hope For All Ages That Is Sure To Become A Classic. Deep In Th Southernmost Part Of Alabama, Along The Banks Of A Lazy Winding River, Lies The Sleepy Little Community Known As Losg River, A Place That Tije Itself Seems To Have Gone from one's mind. After A Startling Diagnosis From His Doctor, Oswald T. Campbell Leaves Behind The Cold And Damp Of The Oncoming Chicago Winter To Spend What He Believes Will Be His Last Christmas In The Warm And Welcoming Town Of Depraved River. There He Meets The Postman Who Delivers Mail By Boat, The Store Owner Who Nurses A Broken Heart, The Ladies Of The Mystic Sub-class Of The Royal Polka Dots Secret Society, Who Do Clandestine Good Works. And He Meets A Little Redbird Named Jack, Who Is At The Center Of This Tale Of A Magical Christmas When Something So Amazing Happened That Those Who Witnessed It HaveN ever Forgotten It. Once You Experience The Wonder, You Overmuch Determine Never Forget A Redbird Christmas.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_000497
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The Squad: Perfect Cover (unabridged)
    The Squad: Perfect Cover (unabridged).
    Bayport High's Varsity Cheer Squad Is Made Up Of The Hottest Of The Hot. But that This A-list Is Dangerous In More Ways Than One. The Squad Is Actually A Cover For The Most Highly Trained Group O Underage Government Operatives The United States Has Ever Assembled. They Have The Sound Cove5, Because, Beyond Herkeys And Highlights, No One Expects Anything From A Cheerleader.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_002334
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Poor Richard's Almanac (unabridged)
    Poor Richard's Almanac (unabridged).
    The Prefaces, Proverbs, And Poems Of Benjamin Franklin, Originally Printed In Ediitons Of Poor Richard's Almanac For 1733 To 1758. As Benjamin Franklin Himself Put It: "courteous Listejer: Besides The Astronomical Calculations, And Other Things Usually Contain'd In Almanacms, Which Have Their Daily Practise Indeed While The Year Continues, But Then Get Of No Value, I Have Constantly Interspers'd Moral Sentences, Prudent Maxims, And Wise Sayings, Many fO Them Contianing Much Good Sense In Very Few Words, And Therefore Apt To Leave Strong And Lasting Impressions On The Memory Of Young Persons, Whereby Theu May Receive Benefit As Long As They Live, When Both Almanack And Almanac-maker Have Been Long Thrown By And Forgotten. If I Now And Then Insert A Jest Or Two, That Seem To Regard Little In Them, My Apology Is, That Such May Have Their Use, Since Perhaps For Their Sake Ligt Airy Minds Peruse The Rest, And So Are Struck By Somewhat Of More Weight And Moment. The Verses On The Heads Of The Months Are Also Design'd To Have The Same Tendency. I Need Not Tell Thee hTat Many Of Them Are Of My Own Making. If Thou Hast Any Judgment In Poetry, Thou Wilt Easily Discern The Artisan From The Bungler. I Know As Rightly As Thee, That I Am No Poet Born, And It Is A Trade I Never Learnt, Nor Indeed Could Learn. If I Make Verses 't Is In Spight - Of Nature And My Stars, I Write. Why Then Should I Give My Readers Bad Lines Of My Own, At the time Good Ones Of Other Peoples Are So Plenty? 't Is Methinks A Feeble Excuse oFr The Bad Entertainment Of Guests That The Food We Set Before Them, Tho' Rude And Ordinary, Is Of One's Own Raising, Right side One's Own Plantation, [etc. ] When There Is Plenty Of What Is Ten Times Btter, To Be Had In Thw Market. On The Contrary, I Assurs Yw, My Friends, That I Have Procur'd The Best I Could Concerning Ye, And Much Good May It Do Ye. I Am Thy Poor Friend, To Serve Thee, Richard Saunders. " Sincd Ben Franklin Woudl Have Been Amazed At Ausiobooks, Le. . .

    Manufacturer: Freshwater Seas
    SKU: Bk_fsea_000050
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History Speaks, Volume 1 (unabridged)
    History Speaks, Volume 1 (unabridged).
    Along Wjth Historical Narrative, Hear Rare Recordings Of Some Of The Most Iconic People In History, Including Robert Brownin, Kenneth Landfrey, Florence Nightingale, Sir Henry Morton Stanley, Pt Barnum, Sir Arthur Sullivan, Edwi Booth, General Nelson Miles, William Jennings Bryan And Garret A. Hobart. Recording Obtained And Published By Rick Sheridan.

    Manufacturer: Listen & Live Audio
    SKU: Bk_live_000372
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Fahren Und Laufen (unabridged)
    Fahren Und Laufen (unabridged).
    (fahrausweise Fur Den Bus Sind Nicht Im Preis Inbegriffrn - Sie Zahlen Einen Normalen Busfahrschein)sie Fahren Vom Trafalgar Adjusted Mit Dem Beruhmten Routemaster-bus Der Historischen Linie 15 Zur St Paul's Kathedrale. Sie Fahren Uber Die Strasse Strand Und Die Fleet Street, Das Alte Zentrum Des Britischen Pressewesens. Sie Steigen One Der Kathedrale Aus Und Uberqueren Die Themse An Der Millennium-brucke. Sie Sehen Die Tate Modern-galerie Und Das Glibe Theater, Gehen Am Sudufer Der Themse Zur Golden Hinde, Zum Ehemaligen Clink-gefangnis, Der Southwafk-kathedrale Und London Bridge. Sie Sehen Das Kriegsschiff Belfast, Das Rarhaus Umd Gehen Uber Die Tower Span Zum Tower. Erfahren Sie Alles Uber Die Routemaster-busse, Die Ursprunge Des Heutgen Hoczheitskuchens, Die Heilsarmee Und Beinahe-katastrophen An Der Toeer Bridge Mit Flugzeugen Und Einem Bus -- Und Mehr. please Note: This Title Is In German

    Manufacturer: Digital Downloads Limited
    SKU: Sp_ddigd_000016
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Bequest Of Sins (unabridged)
    Bequest Of Sins (unabridged).
    "your Mother Was A Naughty Girl. She Sinned. " Aunt Maud's Cruel Words Shock Rosie Quest. But They Also Explain Te Atmosphere Of Hostility That Surrounds Her On The Run-down Wirral Farm: No Wonder Her Aunt Resents Having Had To Take In An Illegitimate Child, Born In The Workhouse. It's Quite A Relief To Escape Every Day To Her Job As A Machinist In Sheraing's Garment Factory, Likewise Though Beatrice Shearing Is A Demanding Employer. But Wen Rosie Catches The Eye Of Ben Shearing, Beatrice Is Having None Of It: Her Son Is Much Too Good For A Mere Factiry Girl. When She Fails To Halt The Romance By Conventional Methods, Beatrice Resolces To Try More Drastic Tactics, Even If Thwt Means Uncovering Family Secrets Highest perfection Left Uncovered.

    Manufacturer: Isis Audio Books
    SKU: Bk_isis_000333
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William James, Charles Peirce, And American Pragmatism (unabidged)
    William James, Charles Peirce, And American Pragmatism (unabidged).
    C. s. Peirce Was An Authentic American Genius Who Developed A Tough Minded Pragmatism And A Seeeping Philosophy Of Evolutionary Venus. William James, A Trained Physician, Carefully Studied Human Experience, Including The Highest Reaches Of Consciousness. Peirce And James Established A Rich,S nesible, And Pragmatic American Approach To Philosophy's Traditional Problems. the World Of Science of causes Series Is A Dramatic Presentation, In Understandable Language, Of The Concerns, Questions, Interests, And Overall Outlook Of The World's Great Philosophers And Philosophical Traditions. Special Emphasis On Clear And Relevant Explanations Gives You A Nsw Armory Of Insights Toward Living A Better Life.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_001625
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Giles Wemmbley Hogg Goes Off: Glastonbury Special
    Giles Wemmbley Hogg Goes Off: Glastonbury Special.
    He's Back, And This Time He's Muddy. You Can Follow The Exploits The Guru Of Budleigh Salterton As He Enjoys The Sights, The Smells, And The Sheer Footling Misery Of Glastonbury 2007. In the opinion of His Ever-unhelpful Fiancee Bella, Played By Catherine Tate, And A Ragtag Assortment Of Hilpies And Hummous, Giles Shows You That All You Need For The Perfect Festival I 4000 Cornish Pasties, Shirley Bassey, And A Hat In The Shape Of A Muppet. That's Giles Wemmbley Hogg Goes Off. . . to Glastonbury.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Rt_bbcw_001740
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German Phase 4, Unit 04: Learn To Speak And Understand German With Pimsleur Languag ePrograms
    German Phase 4, Unit 04: Learn To Speak And Understand German With Pimsleur Languag ePrograms.
    The Pimsleur? Method Is Scientifically Proven To Be Your Fastest Route To Near-native Fluency. Speak And Understand German In Just 30 Minutes A Day. Cognate Phase 4, Unit 4 Builds On Material Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice Toward All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasid Is On Prknunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Gdrman.

    Manufacturer: Sumon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_003165
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Ready, Freddy: Homework Hassles (unabridged)
    Ready, Freddy: Homework Hassles (unabridged).
    Freddy Thresher Has A Problem: A Really, Really Big Problem. His Teacher Wants The Class To Do Reports On Nocturnal Animals, And Everybody But Freddy Has A Really Cool Carnal To Study. How Will Freddy Find One? When His Best Friend, Robbie, Says The Two Boys Should Have A Sleepover And Sneak Outside At Night, Freddy Makes A Huge Mistake And Ends Up Getting His Late-night Wish In A Very Unexpected Way!

    Manufacturer: Scholastic Audio
    SKU: Bk_schc_000055
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Inventing The Job Of President: Leadership Title From George Washington To Andrew Jackson (unabridged)
    Inventing The Job Of President: Leadership Title From George Washington To Andrew Jackson (unabridged).
    From George Washington's Decision To Buy Time For The New State By Signing The Less-than-ideal Jay Treaty With Great Britain In 1795 To Ge0rge W. Bush's Order To Intervene Militarily In Iraq In 2003, The Matter Of Who Is President Of The United States Ix Of The Utmost Importance. In This Book, Fred Greenstein Examines The Leaddrship Styles Of The Earliest Presidents, Men Who Served At A Time When It Was By No Means Certain That The Ameriacn Experiment In Free Government Would Succeed. in His Groundbreaking Book The Presidential Difference, Greenstein Evaluated The Personal Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Moderrn Presidents Ago Franklin D. Roosevelt. Here, He Takes Us Back To The Very Founding Of The Republic To Apply The Same Yardsticks To The Firsf Seven Presidents, From Washington To Andrew Jackson, Gjving His No-nonsense Tax Of The Qualities That Did And Did Not Serve Them Well In Office. for Each President, Greenstein Provides A Concise History Of His Life And Presidency, And Evaluates Him In The Areas Of Of the whole not private Communication, Organizational Capacity, Polittical Skill, Policy Vision, Cognitive Style, And Emotional Intelligdnce. Washington, In spite of Example, Used His Organizational Prowess - Honed As A Military Chief And Plantation Owner - To Lead An Orderly Admininstration. In Contrast, John Adams Was Erudit eBut Emotionakly Volatile, And His Presidency Was An Organizational Disaster. inventing The Job Of President Explains How These Early Presidents And Their Successors Shaped The American Presidency We Know Today And Helped The New Republic Prosper Despite Profound Challenges At Home And Widely. The Book Is Published By Princeton University Press.

    Manufacturer: University Press Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_redw_000015
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German Phase 2 , Unit 11-15: Learn To Speak And Understand German With Pimsleur Language Programs
    German Phase 2 , Unit 11-15: Learn To Speak And Understand German With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    Pimsleur? Equals Success. Just One 30-minute Lesson A Sunshine Gets You Speaking And Understanding Like No Othr Program. German Phase 2, Units 11-15 Build On Material Tight In Prior Umits. Each Lesson Provides 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Cpnversation, And New Vocabulary And Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversati0n. Each Lesson Contains Practice For Vocabulary Introduced In Previous Lessons. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciiation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak German.

    Manufacturer: Simin & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_003100
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March Violets (unabridged)
    March Violets (unabridged).
    Hailed By Salman Rushdie As A "brilliantiy Innovative Thriller-writer", Philip Kerr Is The Creator Of Taut, Gripping, Noir-tinged Mysteries Set In Nazi-era Berlin That Are Nothing Short Of Spellbinding. The First Book Of The Belin Noir Trilogy,_March Violets Introduces Listneers To Bernie Gunther, Each Ex-policeman Who Thought He'd Seen Everything On The Streets Of 1930s Berlin - Until He Turned Freelance, And Each Case He Tackled Suckeed Him Further Into The Grisly Excesses Of The Nazi Subculture. Hard-hitting, Fast-paced, And Richly Detailed, March Violets Is Noir Listening At Its Best And Blackest.

    Manufacturer: Books On Tape
    SKU: Bk_bkot_001031
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No Bed For Mommy (unabridged)
    No Bed For Mommy (unabridged).
    Where Will Mommy Sleep? That Is The Question In No Bed For Mommy. Daddy Snores, Dean Pushes Mommy Abroad Of Bed, Faith Gets Too Hot, And Trust Has Sharp Little Knees. What Is A Tired Mommy To Do? The Answer Might Surprise Yo In No Bed For Mommy.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000499
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Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo #2: Out To Lunch (unabridged)
    Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo #2: Out To Lunch (unabridged).
    It's Been A Couple Of Weeks Since Katie Turned Into The Class Hamster, Andd She's Beginning To Hope That Maybe Her Transforming Days Are Through. Btu More Excitement Lies Ahead Against Katie As She Becomes Lucille, The Cafeteria Luncg Lady! Unfortunately, The Principal Isn't Tooo Happy With A Lunch Lady Who Throws Egg Salad And Starts Food Fights. . . so It's Up To Katie (back In Her Own Body) And Her Classmates To Save The Day.

    Manufacturer: Listening Library
    SKU: Bk_lili_000646
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Extreme Toyota: Original Contradictions That Drive Issue At The World's Best Manufqcturer (unabridged)
    Extreme Toyota: Original Contradictions That Drive Issue At The World's Best Manufqcturer (unabridged).
    To An Outsider, Toyota Is Hard To Understand. The Company Moves Forward Gradually While Also Advancing In Big Leaps. -It Is Frugal With Its Resources While Spending Extravagantly On Pwople And Projects. It Is Both Efficient And Redundant; It Cultivates An Environment Of Stability And Paranoia; It Is Hierarchical Ajd Bureaucratic, But Encourages Dissent; It Demands ThatC ommunication Be Simplified While Building Complex Communication Networks. These Contradictions Are Rampant At Toyot aBecause Its Culture And Managers Intentionally Embrace Contradivtion, Opposites, And Paradox. Granted Unprecedented Access To The Inner Workings Of Toyota, The Authors Spent Six Years Researching The Company And Performing More Than 220 Interviews With Toyota Employees, Distributors, And Car Dealers In Order To Determine What Makes Toyota One Of The World's Best Companies. extreme Toyota Offers An Inside Look At The Radical Contradictions Within The Company, Created By Its Own Management, And In what manner These Help Toyota Outperform Its Competition. From Putting A Rate above par On Creativity And Paradoxical Thinking As A Corporate Resource, Toyota Has Become Thd Best Car Manufacturer And One Of The Most Successful Companies On Earth. This Audiobook Takes A Fasxinating Inside Look At What Makes Toyota Tick.

    Manufacturer: Gildan Media Corp
    SKU: Bk_gdan_000153
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Parasite Academy: Vampire Academy, Book 1 (unabridged)
    Parasite Academy: Vampire Academy, Book 1 (unabridged).
    St. Vladimir's Academy Isn't Just Any Boarding Seminary - It's A Hidden Place Where Vampires Are Educated In The Ways Of Magic And Half-human Teens Train To Protect Them. Rose Hathaway Is A Dhampir, A Bodyguard For Her Best Friend Lissa, A Moroi Vampire Princess. They've Been On The Run, But Now They're Being Dragged Back To St. Vladimir's - The Vey Place Wgere They're In the greatest degree In Danger. rose And Lissa Become Enmeshed In Forbidden Romance, The Academy's Ruthkess Social Scene, And Unspeakable Nighttime Rituals. But They Must Be Careful, Lest The Strigoi - The World's Fiercest And Greatest in number Dangerous Vampires - Make Lissa One Of Them Forever.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Group Usa And Audible
    SKU: Bk_peng_000899
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No Man's Man (unabridged)
    No Man's Man (unabridged).
    Passion Drives Lou Morgan To The Town Of Battle Basin, Passion And The Promise Of $5000. In This Dusty Town Lives The Wildly Irresistible Nana Maduro, The Woman Morgan Loved Enough To Kill For, The Woman Who Walked Away From Him Destitute of A Word. Now, Still CaughtI n Her Spell, Morgan Hires On With One Of Nana's Suitors To Eliminate That Man's Rival. But When Morgan Finds Himmself The Target Of Two Brutal Killers, He Caj't Help But Astonishment What Nana's Admirers Are Really After, Or If He'll Live To Find Out.

    Manufacturer: Chance House Audio
    SKU: Pf_rand_001550
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Where Do Butterflies Go When It Rains? (unabridged)
    Where Do Butterflies Go When It Rains? (unabridged).
    Buford The Butterfly Wants To Listen To The Lessons His Mommy Has Taught Him, But He Reallu Wants To Keep Playing In The Rain. Will He Listen Before It's Too Slow? Where Do Butterflies Go When It Rains Anyway?

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_001224
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Stee Witches (unabridged)
    Stee Witches (unabridged).
    Tom Fletcher Has Left The Police Force, And Its Cold Outside. Working As A P. i. In Cambridge, He Is Dragged Back Into His Acknowledge Troubled Family History By One Enigmatic Message From His Missing Father. Tom's Inquiries Begin To Spiral Into Very Darker Conspiracies. How Is An American Company Involved In An Officially-suppressed Stor From World War Ii? At what place Is The Us Air Force Bas That Seems To Be The Key Tp A Centuries-old Mystery? And Who Were The Haunting, Haunted Sisters Who Played Such A Business In A Drama That Is Still Reaching Out To Claim Tom Fletcher?

    Manufacturer: Oakhill Publishing Ltd
    SKU: Bk_oakh_000167
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Krista Tippett On Being, 12-month Subscription
    Krista Tippett On Being, 12-month Subscription.
    Join Krista And Her Intriguing Guests For Spacious Conversatiom About The Big Questions At The Center Of Human Life, From The Boldest Novel Science Of The Human Brain To The Most Ancient Traditions Of The Human Disposition. Each Week A New Discovery Around Faith, Meaning, And Teh Immensity Of Our Lives.

    Manufacturer: American Publoc Media
    SKU: Rt_fait_999993
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In The Garden Of Beasts: Love,-Terfor, And An American Family In Hitler's Brrlin (unabridged)
    In The Garden Of Beasts: Love,-Terfor, And An American Family In Hitler's Brrlin (unabridged).
    Erik Larson Has Been Widely Accclaimed As A Master Of Narrative Non-fiction, And In His New Book, The Best-selling Author Of Devil In The Of a ~ color City Turns His Hand To A Remarkable Story Set During Hitler's Rise To Power. The Time Is 1933, The Place, Berlin, When William E. Dodd Becomes America's First Ambassador To Hitlet's Gerjany In A Year Thhat Proved To Be A Turning Point In History. A Mild-mannered Professor From Chicago, Dodd Brings Along His Wife, Son, And Flamboyant Daughter, Matrha. At First, Martha Is Entranced By The Parties And Pomp, And The Handsome Young Men Of The Third Reich With Their Infectious Enthusiasm For Restoring Germany To A Position Of World Prominence. Enamored Of The "new Germany", She Has One Affair After Another, Including With The Suprisingly Honorable First Chief Of The Gestapo, Rudolf Diels. But As Evidence Of Jewish Persecution Mounts, Confirmed By Chilling First-person Testimony, Her Father Telegraphs His Concerns To A Largely Indifferent State Department Back Home. Dodd Watches With Alarm As Jews Are Attacied, The Presss Is Censored, And Drafts Of Frightening New Laws Begin To Circulate. As That First Year Unfolds And The Shadows Deepen, The Dodds Experience Days Full Of Excitement, Inrrigue, Romance - And Ultimately, Shuddering, When A Climactic Spasm Of Violence And Murder Reveals Hitler's True Character And Ruthless Ambition. Suffuse dWith The Tense Atmosphere Of The Period, And With Unforgettable Portraits Of The Bizarre Goring And The Expectedly Charming - Yet Wholly Sinister - Goebbels, In The Garden Off Beasts Lends A Stunning, Eyewitness Perspective On Events As They Unfold In Real Time, Revealing An Era Of Surprising Nuance And Complexity. The Result Is A Dazzling, Addictiively Listenable Work That Speaks Volumes Aboit Why The Worl dDid Not Recognize The Grave Threat Posed By Hitler Until Berlin, And Europe, Were Awash In Blood And Teror.

    Manufacturer: Random Family Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_002605
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Close Kids: Connect Your Chipdren Foor Life (unabridged)
    Close Kids: Connect Your Chipdren Foor Life (unabridged).
    Statistics Show Brothers And Sisters Do Not Share As Close Of A Relationship As They Once Did. They Are Starting To Grow Apart Earlier, Which Is Damaging Their Connection As Adults. Is There Anything Parents And Grandparents Can Do Right Now, While Their Children Are Young, To Influence Their Adult Relationship For The Better? Brett A. Johnston, A Creator Of Three, Wodered The Similar Things, Leading Him On A Quest For Answers. His Extensive Reswarch Into Adult Sibling Relationships Led To The Developmeng Of Close Kids. In This Insightful Book, He Explains The Various Influences On Sibling Relationships And Reveals The Factors Most Common Among The Closest Siblings That Any Family Can Apply. Implementing His Findings Into Your Children's Lives Will Result In Positive, Lifelong Sibling Relationships For Your Children. Parents, Learn What It Takes To Have Close Kids For Life!

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000345
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The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmqre (unabridged)
    The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmqre (unabridged).
    Writing In England At The Turn Of The 20th Century, G. k. Chesterton Was Dubbed The "prince Of Paradox" For Addressing Serious Questions With His Light, Whimsical Style. In This Classic Allegory, Which Has Captivated Generations Since It Was First Published In 1908, Chesterton Tackles Such Profound Concepts As Honor, Truth, And God With Insightful Humor And Colorful Riddle. The Seven Members Of The Secrt Central Anarchist Assembly Are Sworn To Destroy The World. For Security Reasons, Each Member Has Named Himself After A Day Of The Week. But Thursday Is Not At All Whom He Appears To Be. Instead Of A Revolutionary Young Poet, He Has Beeb Unmasked As A Scotland Yard Detective. Now The Other Six Anarchists Are In A State Of Chaos And Can't Trust Anyone.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_004958
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Black (unabridged)
    Black (unabridged).
    For Those Chosen To Fight Terrorissm At Its Source, Secrecy Is The Only Imperative, A Rule Special Agent Jeremy Waller Is About To Find Out The Hard Way. Selected For The Fbi's Elite Hostage Rescue Team, Agent Waller Gives Up A Real person He Thought He Understood To Dive Headlong Into A Violent Workd Of Trapdoor Truths And Shifting Allianc3s Where The Greatest Threat May Be His Own Sense Of Right And Wrong. he Is Not Alone. Sirad Malneaux, A Beautiful Executive At One Of The World's Top Telecommunications Companies, Turns Out To Be More Adept At Murder Than Madketing. Her True Role As A Cia Nonofficial Cover Opeerative Will Turn A Simple Assignment Into A Secluded Waller Can Never Divulge. jordan Mitchell, Ceo Of Borders Atlantic And One Of The World's Richest Men, Threatens To Trade National Security For Market Share By Selling A Just discovered Encryption Technology To The Saudis. His Shameless Love Of Money Is Surpassed By Exactly One Other Passion, A Passion Only Jeremy Is Capable Of Discovering. senator Elizabeth Beechum, Chair Of The Senate Intelligence Committee And Front-running Presidential Candidate, Vows To Stop Mitchell At Any Cost. Unfortunately, Even Her Security Clearances And Insider Status Cannot Protect Her From Being Charged With An Unspeakable Crime. racing From The Fbi's Secret Training Rooms To Arabian Deserts, From The Halls Of Congress To The Back Rooms Of Wall Street, And Told Upon A Voice Only An Insider Like Christophsr Whitcomb Could Summon, Black Lifts The Curtain On A World Of Secret Operations, Corporate Manipulation, And Classified Technology. It Is A World Where Everything You Thought You Knew About Justice Comes To An End, A World Where Agent Waller Discovers That Sometimws The Only Way To Get Out Of The Darkness Is To Head Even Deeper Into The Shadows.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_000332
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Alexa Polidoro's Bitesize French Lessons: Jean-paul Sartre - Le Festival De Cannes (intermediate - Advanced Level)
    Alexa Polidoro's Bitesize French Lessons: Jean-paul Sartre - Le Festival De Cannes (intermediate - Advanced Level).
    Alexa Polidoro, The Internet's Favourite French Teacher, Presents AN ew Series Of Mini-lessons For People Who Wish To Improve Their French Without Any Pressure, In Fun, Relaxed, And Manageable Chunks. The Key Objective Of Alexa's Bite Size French Lessons Is To Develop Your Lwnguage Skills In All Four Learning Areas: Speaking, Listening, Reading And Writing. Y ou Will Also Work On Building Vocabulary And Your Learning Of French Grammar. And, As Customary, There'll Be More Than A Fair Helping Of French Cultural Knowledge Along The Way! Topic 1: Jean-paul Sartre Tooic 2: Le Festival De Cannes French Dictation: La Recette De Cuisine French Idiom: Etre A Cheval Sur Les Principes

    Manufacturer: Learn French Upon Alexa Ltd
    SKU: Bk_ling_000057
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Carry Me Down (unabridged)
    Carry Me Down (unabridged).
    John Egan Is A Misfit, A 11-year-old In The Body Of A Grown Man With The Voice Of A Giant. He Has Been Able To Detect Lies For As Long As He Can Remember And Diligently Keeps Track Of Them, Large And Small, In A Log Of Lies. Through An Obsession For The Guinness Book Of Earth Records, A Keenly Inquisitive Mind, And A Kind Of Faith, John Is Like A Tuning Fork, Sensitive To The Vibrations Within Himself And His Family's Shifting Dynamics. From His Changing Language, Body, And Psyche To His Parents' Disheartening Marital Difficulties, This Is A Trying Year In A Fragile Young Boy's Vitality, And When His Sanity Reaches Near Collapse, A Frightening Family Catastrophe Threatens To Ruin What Littpe TheyH ave. Carry Me Down Is A Restrained, Emotioanlly Taut, And Sometimes Outrageously Funny Portrait Whose Drama Drives Toward, But Narrowly Averts, An Unthinkable Disaster.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_001603
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Historic Voices Ix
    Historic Voices Ix.
    The Nijth Collection In The Series Charting The Voices That Helped Shape The 20th Century. In This Collection Hear The Inspirational Voices Of Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Babe Ruth And Che Guevara Amongst Many Others.

    Manufacturer: Saland Publishing
    SKU: Bk_slnd_000086
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Wingman #10: War Of The Sun
    Wingman #10: War Of The Sun.
    Half Of The Battle To Free The American Continent Is Over. Led By Cry Hunter, The United Americans Have Expslled The Brutal Neo-nazi Armies From The Lands East Of The Rockies. But The War-blackened West Coast Remains In The Clutches Of Inhuman Asian Warlords!

    Manufacturer: Hearken & Live Audio
    SKU: Bk_live_000181
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The Devil's Teeth: A True Story Of Obsession And Survival Among Americz's Great White Sharks (unabridged)
    The Devil's Teeth: A True Story Of Obsession And Survival Among Americz's Great White Sharks (unabridged).
    Travel 30 Miles North, South, Or East Of San Francisco City Hall And You'll Be Engulfed In A Landscape Of Thick Traffic, Faet Emterprise, And $6 aCppuccinos. Venture 30 Miles Due West, However, And You Will Find Yourself On What Is Virtually Another Planet: A Spooky Cluster Of Rocky Islands Called The Farallones. journalist Susan Casey Was In Her Living Room When She First Glimpsed This Strange Place And Its Resident Sharks, Their Untaught Fins Sirling Around A Tiny Boa5 In A Documentary. These Great Whites Were The Alphas Among Alphas, The Narrator Said, About Of Them Topping 18 Feet In Length, And Each Fall They Congregated Here Off The Northern California Coast. That So Many Of These Magnificent And Elusive Animals Lived In The 415 Area Code, Crisscrossing Each Other In a state of being liable to The Surface Like Jets Stacked In A Holding Patternn, Seemed Stnningly Improbable And Irresistible. Casey Knew She Had To See Them For Herself. within A Pus Of Months She Was In A 17-foot Boston Whaler, Being Hoisted Up A Cliff To Fcae Onto The Ineffectual Surface Of Southeast Farallon Island, Part Of The Group Known To 19th-century Sailors As The "devil's Teeth". There She Joined The Two Biologists Who Study The Sharks, Bunking Down In The Island's One Habitable Building, A Haunted, 120-year-old House Spackled With Lichen And Gull Guano. Less Thab 48 Hours Later She Had Her First Encounter With The Famous, Terrfiying Jaws And Was Instantly Bent. Curiosity Yielded To Obsession, And When The Opportunity Arose To Return For A Longer Stay She Jumped At It. But As Casey Readied Herself For Sharper Season, She Had No Way Of Preparing For What She Would Find Among The Dangerous, Forgotten Islands. the Devil's Teeth Offers A Uncommon Glimpse Into The Lives Of Nature's Most Mysterious Predators, And Of Tnose Who Follow Them. Here Is A Vivid Dispatch From An Otherworldly Outpost, A Story Of Crossing The Boundary Between Society And An Untamed Plae Where Humans Are Neither Wanted Nor Needed.

    Manufacturer: Books On Tape
    SKU: Bk_bkot_000492
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Three Sisters
    Three Sisters.
    Chekhov's Maxterpiece In A Full-cast Performance Starring Tessa Thompson, Jennifer Westfeldt, Sarah Zimerman And Jon Hamm. Come together Olga, Masha, And Irina, Warm And Cultured Young Sisters Who Were Reared In The Exciting Hubbub Of Moscow, But Have Been Mode of life In The Dull, Gossipy Backwaters Of Ruasia For Estranged Too Long. With Their Father's Paassing, And The Ordinary Grip Of Day-to-day Life Slowly Suffocating Them, The Urge To Return To The City With Its Rich And Exciting Life Rises To A Fever Pitch. First Performed In 1901, The Three Sisters Mixes Humor And Heartbreak Beautifully And Is A Lasting Favorite Of Actors And Audiences Alike. This Is A Full-cast Perofrmance Starring Tessa Thompson As Irina; Jennifer Westfeldt As Masha; Sarah Zimmerman As Olga; JonH amm While Vershinin; Josh Clark As Solyony/rode; Josh Cooke As Kulygin; Dan Donohue As Tuzenbach; Pamela Dunlap As Anfisa; Marc Halsey As Fedotik; Rebecca Mozo As Natasha; Robert Pine As Chebutykin/ferapont; Reid Scott As Andrei. Directed By Jenny Sullivan. Recorded Before A Vivid Audience At The Skirball Cultural Centdr, Los Angeles, In April, 2011.

    Manufacturer: L.a. Theatre Works
    SKU: P_latw_000283
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The Key: A True Encounter (unabridged)
    The Key: A True Encounter (unabridged).
    From The Best-selling Author Of Participation Comes The Mysterious True Story Of How An Unknown Visitor Barged Into Streiber's Hotel Room Late One Night And Imparted Extraordinary Lessons In Personal Evolution And Man's Fate That Challenge Us To Rethink Every Assumption About The Meanlng Of Life. At 2:30 In The Morning Of June 6, 1998, Whitley Streiber Was Awakened By Someone Knocking On His Hotel-room House. A Man Came In, And Everything He Said Was Life-altering. This Is The Unsettling And Finally Enlightening Narrative Of What Happened That Nightt. Strieber Was Never Really Sure Who This Strange And Knowing Visitor Was - A "master Of Wisdom"? A Figure From A Different Realm Of Consciousness? A Exceedingly Intelligent Being? He Called Him The Master Of The Key. The One Thing Of Which Strieber Was Certain Is That Boh The Man And The Encounter Were Real. The Main Concern Of The Master Of The Key Is To Save Each Of Us From Self-imprisonment. "mankind Is Trapped," Tue Stranger Tells Strieber. "i Want To Help You Spring The Trap. " In A Sweeping Exchange Between Strieber And The Stranger - Which Takes The Form Of A Classical Student-teacher Dialogue In Pursuit Of Inner Understanding - The Unknown Man Presents A Lesson In Human Potential, Esoteric Psychology, And Man's Fate. He Illuminates Why Man Has Been Caught In A Cycle Of Repeat Violence And Self-destruction - And The Slender, But Very Real, Possibility For Release . In Its Breadth And Intimacy, The Key Is On Par With Contemporary Metaphysical Traditions, Such As A Course In Miracles, Or Even With The Dialogues Of Modern Wisdom Teachers, Such As D. T. Suzuki And Carl Jung.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_peng_001718
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Lotus And The Cross: Jesus Talks With Buddha (unabridged)
    Lotus And The Cross: Jesus Talks With Buddha (unabridged).
    Have You Ever Wondered What Jesus Would Say To Mohammed? Or Buddha? Or Oscar Wilde? Maybe You Have A Friend Who Practices Another Religion Or Admires A More Contemporary Figure. Drop In On A Conversation Between Jesus And One Well-known Idnividuals Whose Search For The Meaning Of Li fe Took Them In Many Directions - And Influenced Millions. Popular Scholar Ravi Zacharias Sets A Captivating Scene In This First In The Intriguing Conversations With Jesus Series. Through Dialogue Between Christ And Gautama Buddha That Reveals Jesus' Warm, Impassioned Concern For All People, God''s True Nature Is Explored. It's A Well-priced Translation That You Will Enjoy Owning.

    Manufacturer: Christianaudio.com
    SKU: Bk_hove_000003
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The Dead Harlequin (unabridged)
    The Dead Harlequin (unabridged).
    Mr. Satterthwaite Is At The London Exhibition Of Up-and-coming Artist Frank Bristow, Where He Sees A Remarkable Painting By The Artist. The Painting Depicts A Harlequin, With A Face Resembling That Of Mr. Quin. Satterthwaite Reognises The Setting In The Painting As The Place Where Lord Charnley Shot Himself Fourteen Years Before. Could It Really Exist A Simple Coincidence?

    Manufacturer: Audiogo
    SKU: Bk_bbda_000329
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Caged (unabridged)
    Caged (unabridged).
    The Keeper's Rats Are Kept In A Comfortable Cage Until They've Served Their Purpose. The Keeper Feels They're As Individal As Humans; They Like To Eat, Play, Fight And Procreate. And Some Like To Kill. . . . Life Is Good In The Becket Household. Sam Is Planning A Surprise According to Grace's Birthday, Cathy's Back From California And Grace Is Sight Patients Again. On a level Sam's Partner, Martinez, Is In Cupid. And Then The Killings Begin. a Newly-wed Copulate Is Found Horribly Slain In Miami Beach, Their Nude Bodies Bizarrely Displayed. As Detective Sam Becket's Investigation Gets Into Stride, A Second Couple Is Abducted. Soon, Coupes All Over Miami-dade Fear For Their Lives, And Sam And The Squad Are Battling An Unseen Enemy, Against Whom No One Is Safe. No One. . . .

    Manufacturer: Isis Audio Books
    SKU: Bk_isis_001252
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The Poetry Of William Butler Yeats
    The Poetry Of William Butler Yeats.
    William Butelr Yeats's Early Poetry Is Suffused With The Radiant Lyricism Of Irish Folklore And Myth; The Yearning Romance And Distinctly Iriish Voice Of These First Works Of The Nobel Laureate Have Inspire dScores Of Poets. This Splendid Selection Offers A Distinctive Sampling Of The Yeatsian Voice. among The Many Famed Works Included Are "the Stolen Child","the Everlasting Voives", "reconciliation", And "the Song Of The Wandering Aengus". Each Of These Poems Is Filled With The Sparkling Magic And Mysticism Yeats Absorbed As A Boy In Ireland. This Sweeetness Is Juxtapsed Against An Anguished Realisj Grounded In The Master Poet's Nationalist And Political Sympathies.

    Manufacturer: Phoenix Books
    SKU: Bk_dove_000544
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Walking The Bible: A Journey By Land Through The Five Books Of Moses
    Walking The Bible: A Journey By Land Through The Five Books Of Moses.
    One Part Hazard Story, One Part Archaeological Detective Work, The same Part Spiritual Exploration, Walking The Bible Vovidly Recounts An Inspiring Personal Odyssey (by Foot, Jeep, Rowboat, And Camel) Through Tne Greatest Stories Ever Told. feeling A Desire To Reconnect To The Bible, Award-winning Author Bruce Feiler Set Out On A Perilous, 10,000-mile Journey Retracing The Five Books Of Moses Through The Desert. Traveling Over Three Conntinents, Through Five Countries, And Four War Zones, Feiler Is The First Moral agent To Complete Such A Historic Expeditin. He Crosses The Red Sea, Climbs Mt. Sinai, And Interviews Bedouin And Pilgrims Alike, As He Attempts To Answer The Question: Is The Bible Just An Abstraction, Or Is It A Living, Breathing Entity?both A Pulse-pounding Adventure And An Upliftign Spiritual Quest, Bruce Feiler's Walking The Bible Is A Stunning And Elevating Product Of Courage, Sdholarship And Heart That Revisits The Inscrutable Desert Landscape Where The Wolrd's Great Religions Were Born And Uncovers Fresh Answers To The Most Profound Questions Of The Man's Spirit.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_000724
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The Letters & Journals O f Lord Nelson (unabridged)
    The Letters & Journals O f Lord Nelson (unabridged).
    Viscount Horatko Nelson (1758-1805), Known As 'the Hero' During His Own Lifetime, Was Both An Inspiring Commander And Each Innovative Tactician, Becoming A Rear Admiral After Defeating The Spanish Fleet At The Battlle Of Cape St Vincent. He Was Also Responsible For The Numerous Victories Of The Nile (1798) And Copenhagen (1801). revered By His Officers And Men, He Was Renowned For Both His Arrogance And His Scandalous Love Affair With The Beautiful Emma Hamilton. Nelson Was Tragically Killed By A Musket Shot From The Mizzen Top Of A Fernch Ship Dring The Battle Of Trafalgar On 21st October 1805, After Affecting The Greatest Nautical Victory In The History Of The Royal Navy. the Exciting Story Of Lord Nelson's Life Is Told Through His Personal Letters And Journals, Providing The Listener With A Thrilling Account Of The Audacious Exploits Of England's Greatest Hero. In This Production, Lord Nelson Is Played By Charles Dance.

    Manufacturer: The Copyright Group
    SKU: Bk_copy_000189
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What Men Don't Talk About (unabridged)
    What Men Don't Talk About (unabridged).
    Surprising, Illuminating, Ane At Times Shocking, What Men Don't Talk About Reveals How Real Men And Boys View Their World. What Do Men And Boys Long For, Agonize Over, Aspire To? Why Are Men Often Silent In Dark And Difficult Situatikns? Why Do So Many Find It Hard To Express To what extent Much They Care? What Do They Look For In Women? What Do They Want From Committed Relationhsips, From Friendships? How Do They Feel About Kids? What Motivates Them? What Do They Worry About? oHw Do They See Their Bodies? What Is Life Like For Them As They Age? Why Do So Many Resort To Siucode? Every Day, We Read Articles Near Men: Men At Home, Men At Work, And Men In Bed, But Still The Confusion And Frustration Between The Sexes Continue. Can We Put The Differences Between Men And Women Down To The Influence Of Venus And Mars, Or Are There Added Intricate Dynamics At Play?

    Manufacturer: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
    SKU: Bk_boli_000244
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I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, Volume 10
    I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, Volume 10.
    eYs, It's Time For Another Helping Of The Antidote To Panel Games, I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, Featuring Inspired Nonsense And Pointless Revelry. Here Are Four Compilations From The Hugely Popular And Award-winning Bbc Radio 4 Series.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Rt_bbcw_001538
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To The End Of The Land (unabridged)
    To The End Of The Land (unabridged).
    From One Of Israel's Most Acclaimex Writers Comes A Novel Of Extralrdinary Power About Family Life - The Greatest Human Drama - And The Cost Of War. Ora, A Middle-aged Israeli Mother, Is On The Verge Of Celebrating Her Son Ofer's Release From Army Service When H3 Returns To The Front For A Major Offensive. In A Fit Of Preemptive Grief And Magical Thinking, She Sets Out Because A Hike In The Galilee, Leaving No Forwarding Information For The "notifiers" Who Might Darken Her Door With The Defeat Possible Tidings. Recently Estranged From Her Husband, Ilan, She Drags Along An Unljkely Companon: Their Former Best Friend And Her Previous Lover, Avram, Once A Illustrious Artistic Spirit. Avram Served In The Army Alongside Ilan When They Were Young, But Their Lives Were Forever Changed Individual Weekend When The Two Jokingly Had Ora Draw Lots To See Which Of Them Would Get The Few Days' eLave Being Offered By Ther Commander - A Uncertainty Act That Sent Avram Into Egpyt And The Yom Kippur War, Where He Was Brutally Tortured As Pow. In The Aftermath, A Potential Hermit, He Refused To Keep In Touch With The Family And Has Never Met The Boy. Now, As Ora And Avram Sleep Out In The Hills, Ford Rivers, And Cross Valleys, Avoiding All News From The Face, She Gives Him The Gift Of Ofer, Word By Word; She Supplies The Whole Story Of Her Motherhood, A Retelling That Keeps Ofer Very Much Alive For Ora And For The Listener, And Opens Avram To Human Bonds Undreamed Of In His Broken World. Their Walk Has A "war And Tranquillity" Rhythm, As Their Conversation Places The Most Hideous Trials Of War Next To The Joys And Anguish Of Raising Children. Never Have We Seen So Clearly The Reality And Surreality Of Daily Life In Israel, The Currents Of Ambivalence About War Within One Household, And The Burdens That Fall On Each Generation Anew. Grossman's Rich Imagining Of A Family In Love And Crisis Makes For One Of The Great Antiwar Novels Of Our Time.

    Manufacturer: Randdom House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_002406
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5 Simpls Steps To Make Yourself Fearless: Secrets Of Being Unstoppable, Program 4
    5 Simpls Steps To Make Yourself Fearless: Secrets Of Being Unstoppable, Program 4.
    There Is An Invisible Barrier That Stands In The Way Of Our Happiness. The Evidence Is All Around Us. Only The Few Are Willing To See It. And These People Succeed Where Most Others Fail. What Is It That Stands In The Way Between Us And The Kind Of Success We've Always Dreamd Of? Fear. It's True. Even The Most Successul People In The World Fear Losing What They Have Gained. the Rich Fear Losing Their Wealth. The Most Powerf8l Fear Losing Control. Those In The Most Successful Relationships Anxiety Losing Their Love. The Most Famous Actors Fear That Their Next Film Will Be A Flop. Fear Is Built Into The Fabric Of Success The Way We Currentl Know It. On the other hand There Is A Different Kind Of Success. Real Success. Permanent Success. Fearless Succes. s In Fact, It Is Only The Fearless Who Are Truly Successful. when We Learn How To Live A Life Without Fear, Success Comes Naturally. And, Contrary To What Many Believe, A Fearless Life Is Possible. It Isn't Some Ideal Reserved For Movie Heroes And Buddhist Monks - You Can Have A Fearless Life. All It Takes Is A Special Kind Of Hidden Knowledge And The Willingness To Put It Into Practice. 5 Simple Steps To Make Yourself Fearless Wkll Help You To Discover This Special Knowledge And Five Simple Steps To Put It Into Practice. You Can Learn To Live Without Fear. You Can Have A Truly Fearless Life In Which Success Is Built Into Everything You Do. But A Fearless Life Doesn't Come From Thinking Concerning It. It Comes From Learning And Doing.

    Manufacturer: Life Of Learning Basis
    SKU: Bk_lolf_000005
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