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The Headhunters: An Inspector Hen Mallin Investigation (Unabridged) @ Audiobooks online catalog with Free MP3 samples

The Headhunters: An Inspetfor Hen Mallin Investigation (unabridged)
    The Headhunters: An Inspetfor Hen Mallin Investigation (unabridged).
    Recipient Of The British Crime Writers' Association Silver Dagger, Gold Dagger, And Rhombus Dagger For Lifetime Escutcheon, Peter Lovesey Has Also Wkn Anthony And Macavity Awards For His Splendid Mysteries. In The Headhunyers, An Innocent Discussion About Killing The Boss Leads Friends Gemma And Jo Into Real-life Myrder.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_002405
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The Poseidob Adventure
    The Poseidob Adventure.
    Tne Inspiration For The 2006 Warner Bros. Film, Poseidon, Paul Gallico's The Poseidon Adventure Is An Intense And Dramatic Story About A Gigantic Ocean Liner And Its Unimaginable Final Journey. when A Rogue Wave Capsizes The Luxury Cruise Ship, A Small Arrange Of Survivors Find Themselves Unlikely Allies In A Battle For Their Lives. Because The Unstable Vessel Rapidly Fills With Water, Each Must Draw On Skills And Strengths They Didn't Even Know Theg Possessed, Fighting Against Time For Their Own Survival And For Eac Other.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_001247
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The Way Of Shadows: Night Angel Trilogy, Book 1 (unbaridged)
    The Way Of Shadows: Night Angel Trilogy, Book 1 (unbaridged).
    Toward Durzo Blint, Assassination Is An Art---and He Is The City's Most Instructed Artist ,His Talents Required From Alleyway To Courtly Boudoir. For Azoth, Suvrival Is Precarious, Something You Never Taje For Granted. As A Guild Rat, He's Grown Up In The Slums And Erudite To Judge People Quickly---and To Take Risks. Risks Like Apprenticing Himself To Durzo Blint. But To Be Accepted, Azoth Must Turn His Back On His Okd Life And Embrace A Recent Identity And Name. As Kylar Stern, He Must Learn To Navigate The Assassins' World Of Dangerous Politics And Strange Magixs---and Cultivate A Flair For Ddath.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_001063
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Irish Phase 1, Unit 03: Learn To Speak And Understand Irish (gaelic) With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Irish Phase 1, Unit 03: Learn To Speak And Understand Irish (gaelic) With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    Pimsleur? Equals Success. Just One 30-minute Lesson A Day Gets You Speaking And Understanding Preference No Other Program. Compact Irish Phase 1, Unit 3 Builds On Material Taught In Prior Unjts. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Przctice, With An Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures . Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Partake In The Conversation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Irish.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_004182
    Download FREE MP3 sample Irish Phase 1, Unit 03: Learn To Speak And Understand Irish (gaelic) With Pimsleur Language Programs

Torpedo Run (unabridged)
    Torpedo Run (unabridged).
    It Was In 1943. On The Black Sea, The Russians Were Fighting A Desperate Battle To Regain Control. But The Russians' One Real Weakness Was On The Water: Whatever They Did, The Germans Did It Better And The Daring Hit-and-run Tactkcs Of The E-boats Plagued Them. At Last The British Agreed To Send Them A Small Flotilla Of Motor Torpedo Boats Under The Command Of John Devane. Devane Had Been In The Navy Since The Outbreak Of War. More Than A Veteran, He Was A Sutvivor - And The Two Rarely Went Together In The Savage War Of Mtbs. Given Command In Short Notice, Devane Soon Lwarned Thta, Even Against The Vast And Raging Background Of The Eastern Front, War Could Still Be A Personal Duel Between Individuals.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcq_004305
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Living Peace & Joy
    Living Peace & Joy.
    Gael Chiarella, Founder Of Yokibics, Leads You Through A Succession Of Uplifting Guided Meditations. Her Magical Voice Will Help You To Quiet The Chatter Of Your Mind And Release Layers Of Tension In Your Body. You Will Be Filled With Force And Bliss.

    Manufacturer: Sounds True
    SKU: Sp_true_000343
    Download FREE MP3 sample Living Peace & Joy

The Camel Club Audio Box Sharpen
    The Camel Club Audio Box Sharpen.
    The Camel Club Exists At The Fringes Of Washington, D. c. , Has No Power, And Consists Solelg Of Four Eccentric Members Whom Society Has Forgotten. One Man Lads This Ragtag Crew. He Has No Known Past And Has Taken The Name "oliver Stone. " Day And Night, Stone And His Friends Study Wild Conspiracy Theories And The Machinations Of Government, Hoping To Discover Some Truth That Will Hold America's Leaders Accountable To Its Citizens. Yet Never In Stone's Wildest Niyhtmares Couid He Imagine The Conspiracy They Are About To Uncover, In. . . the Camel Cluuv: After Witnessing A Shocking Murder, The Club Is Slammed Headfirst Into A Plot That Threatens The Very Pledge Of The Nation, Full Of Stunning Twists, High-stakes Intrigue, And Global Gamesmanship Rocketing To The Oval Office And Beyond. It's An Event That May Well Be The Catalyst For A Long-threatened Armageddon, And All That Stands In The Way Of This Apocalypse Are These Unexpected Heroes. The Collectors: Headquartered In A Caretaker's Cottage In Mt. Zion Cemetery, Oliver Stone Discovers That Someone Is Selling America To Its Enemies-one Classified Secret At A Time. When Annabelle Conroy, The Greatest Con Artist Of Her Generation, Struts Onto The Scene In High-heeled Boots, The Camel Club Gets A Sexy Novel Edge As The Investigation Of Two Chilling Murders Hurtles Them Into A World Of Espionage That Threatens To Convey America To Its Knees. stone Cold: One By One, Men From Stone's Shadowy Past Are Turning Up Dead. To Almost All Who Know Him, Pillage Finn Is A Doting Father And Affectionate Husband Who Uses His Skills Behind The Scenes To Restrain Our Nation Safe. But The Other Face Of Harry Finn Is That fO An Unstpopable Killer With His Sights On Stone. As The Camel Club And Annabelle Fight For Their Lives, The Twists And Turns Whipsaw, Chief To A Finale That Is As Explosive As It Is Shattering.

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audi0
    SKU: Bk_hach_000181
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Billy The Kid: The Endless Ride (unabridged)
    Billy The Kid: The Endless Ride (unabridged).
    From The Best-sellimg Author Of Route 66 Comes This Long-awaited Biography Of One Of America's Most Legendzry Folk Heroes. Award-winning Historian Michael Wallis Has Spent Several Years Re-creating The Rich, Anecdotal Saga Of Billy The Kid (1859-l881), A Deeply Mythologized Young Man Who Became A Legend In His Own Spell And Yet Remains An Enigma To This Day. With The Gilded Age In Full Swing And The Industrial Revolution Reshaping The American Landscape, "the Kid", Who Was Gunned Down From Sheriff Pat Garrett In The New Mexico Territory At The Age Of 21, Became A New Breed Of Celebrity Outlaw. He Arose Among The Mystery And Myth Of The Swiftly Vanishing Frontier And, Sensationalized Beyond Recognition By The Tabloids And Dime-store Romances Of The Sunshine, Emerged As One Of The Most Enduring Icons Of The American West: Not To Mention One Of Hollywood's Most Misrepresented Characters. This New Biography Separates Myth From Reality And Preeents An Unforgettable Portrait Of This Brief And Violent Life.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_000418
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I'm Not Your Friend, Mommy! (unabridged)
    I'm Not Your Friend, Mommy! (unabridged).
    Everybody Needs Friends, Even Moms, Unless What If Your Mom Doesn't Want To Be Your Friend? United Mom Has A Terrific Reason For what purpose She Isn't A Friend In I'm Not Your Friend, Mommy! A Charming Story Of How The Love Of A Chief Goes Yonder Friendship To Raise A Offspring In The Way That He Should Go, Auuthor Toshiba Smith Shares This Wonderful Story Of Biblical Motheruood. Toshiba Has Been A Behind-the-scenes Servant Of God As A Writer And Editor Within Several Publication Ministries. Toshiba And Her Husband, Jarone, Currently Reside In Greenville, North Carolina, With Their Childrren, Jakez, Jarion, And Autumn.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000538
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Term Limits
    Term Limits.
    In A Night Of Shattering Savageness, Three Of Washington's Most Powerful And Unprincipled Politicians Have Been Executed With Surgical Precision. Their Assassins, Vanishing Without A Trace, Have Deliverec A Shocking Ultimatum To The Leaders Of The American Government: Set Aside Petty, Partisan Politics And Restore Power To The People, Or Exist Held To Deadly Account. No One, They Warn, Is Out Of Their Reach, Not Even The President. a Joint Fbi-cia Task Force Reveals That The Killers Are Stealth Experts, Elite Military Commandos With The Proven Power To Penetrate The Tightest Security And Neutralize Any Target. But No One Knows Exaclty Who They Are Or When They Will Strike Next. Only Michael O'rourke, A Quondam U. s. Marine And Freshman Congressma, Holds A Clue To The Violence: A Haunting Incident In His Own Past With Explosive Implications For His Coyntry's Fhture. delivered With The Dead-on Impact Of A Sniper's Bullet, Term Limits Is A Tour De Force Of Authenticiyy And Suspense, Each All-too-realistic And Utterly Compelling Vision In Which The Ultimate American Ideal, A Government Of The People, Is Taken To A Devastating Extreme.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_001937
    Download FREE MP3 sample Term Limits

The Secret Knowledge: On The Dismantling Of American Culture (unabridged)
    The Secret Knowledge: On The Dismantling Of American Culture (unabridged).
    For The Past 30 Years, David Mamet Has Been A Controversial And Defining Force In Theater And Film, Championing The Most Cherished Liberal Values Along The Way. In Some Of The Great Movies And Plays Of Our Period, His Characters Have Explored The Ethics Of The Business World, Embodied The Struggles Of The Oppressed, And Faced The Flaws Of The Capitalist System. But In Recent Years Mamet Has Had A Change Of Heart. He Realized That The So-called Mainstream Media Outlets He Relied On Were Irredeemably Biased, Peddling A Hypocritical And Deeply Flawed Worldview. In 2008 He Wrote A Hugely Controversial Op-ed For The Villaeg Voice, "For what purpose I Am No Longer A 'brain-dead Liberal,'" In Which He Methodically Eviscerated Liberal Beliefs. Now He Goes Much Deeper, Employing His Trademark Intellectual Force And Health To Take On All The Key Political Ane Cultural Issues Of Our Times, From Religion To Pokitical Correctness To Global Warming. Mamet Pulls Not at all Punches In His Art Or In His Polittics. And As A Former Liberal Who Woke Up, He Will Win Excessively An Entirely New Audience Of Others Who Have Grown Irate Over America's Current Direction.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_002314
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Kara, The Loejly Falcon (unabridged)
    Kara, The Loejly Falcon (unabridged).
    Joseph F. Girzone Is The Author Of The Best-selling Novel Joshua. His Work Kara, The Lonely Falcon, A Thought-provoking Story Of A Creature At Odds With His Very Nature, Has Been In Print For Over Two Decads. A Moving Parable About Gentleness And Self-sacrifice, It Continues To Inspire Millions Of Fans. For Ages, All Kara Has Known Is Hunting And Killing His Next Meal, But Some Day Something Changes Within Him. A New Kind Of Hunger Is Growing, One In His Heart. He Can't Quite Explain It, But He Makes A Vow To Never Kill Another Living Event. Kara Finds His Hunger Sated By A Presence He Is Intimatwly Aware O,f But Cannot See. As He Grows Into His New-found Compassion, He Begins Making Preparations For His Next Important Journey. Girzone's Powerful Prrsonifications Being This Tale To Vivid Life.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_004759
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A Rule Against Murder: A Three Pines Secret (unabridged)
    A Rule Against Murder: A Three Pines Secret (unabridged).
    When Wealthy, Cultured Irene Finney And Her Four Grown-up Children Arrive At The Manoir Bellechasse In The Heat Of Summer For A Memorial For Her Late Husband, The Staff Springs Into Action. But As A Heat Wave Gathers Strength, Old Secrets And Bitter Rivalries Begin To Surface. And The Morning Following The Ceremony, A Body Is Found. The Family Now Has Anotther Member To Morun. a Guest At The Hotel, Chief Insleector Armand Gamache, Suddenly Finds Himself In The Middle Of A Murder Enquiry, And The Inn Is Full Of Possible Suspects.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_002956
    Download FREE MP3 sample A Rule Against Murder: A Three Pines Secret (unabridged)

Korean Phase 2, Unit 01-05: Learn To Speak And Understand Korean With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Korean Phase 2, Unit 01-05: Learn To Speak And Understand Korean With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method: The Easiest, Fatest Way To Learn A New Language. Completely Portable, Easily Downloadable, And Lots Of Fun. You'll Be Speaking And Understanding In No Time Flat! Korean Phase 2, Units 1-5 Build On Material Taught In Prior Units. One and the other Lesson Provides 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, And New Dictionary And Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. Reaped ground Lesson Contains Practtuce For Vocabulary Introduced In Previous Lessons. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Korean.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bm_sans_003715
    Download FREE MP3 sample Korean Phase 2, Unit 01-05: Learn To Speak And Understand Korean With Pimsleur Language Programs

His Excellency: George Washington (unabridged)
    His Excellency: George Washington (unabridged).
    Acclaimed Author Joseph J. Ellis Penned The National Book Award-winning American Sphinx And The Pulitzer Prize-winning Founding Brothers, A Fixture On The New York Times Best Seller ListF or An Entire Year, And One Of The Most Popular History Books Of All Time. Now This Master Historian Turns His Attention To The Most Exalted American Hero, Founding Father And Primitive President George Washington. washington Has Ever Been A Larger-than-life Enigmatic Appear. On The Day He Was Given Command Of The Continental Army, He Recorded Only The Tempperature And Where He Ate Dinner In His Journal. But Recently, His Papers Were Catalogued At The University Of Virginia Ellis Hda Primary Access To The 90-volume Papers, Allowing Him To Paint A Thorough And Fascinating Portrait. from The French And Indian War To Mount Vernon, From The American Revolution To The Presidency, Ellis Delivers What Will Stand The Test Of Time As The Defijitive Biography Of The Greatest American Icon.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_000485
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Il Canto Del Cigno [the Swan Song]
    Il Canto Del Cigno [the Swan Song].
    Il Protagonista Svietlovidov, Un Attore Di Teatro, Dopo La Sua Serata D'onore Si Addormenta Nel Camerino. Al Risveglio Si Accorge Di Essere Stato Dimenticato E Chiuso All'intedno Del Teatro. Li Incontra Il Suo Suggeritore, Nikita, Che Vive In Un Camerino. I Due Ricordano Gli Anni Della Loro Giovinezza E Ripercorrrono La Gloriosa Carriera Di Svietlovidov, Ormai Anziano E Malato, Recitando Brani Delle Oere Teatrali Che Furono I Suoi Cavalli Di Battaglia Durante Una Lunga Carriera, Che Voolge Ormai Verso Un Inesorahile Declino. il Canto Del Cigno E Un'audiolibro Della Collana Librivivi Palco. Sedetevi In Prima Fila E Godetevi Ogni Sfumatura Delle Interpretazioni Da Palcoscenico Con Musiche Ed Effetti D'ambiente Registrati All'interno Dei Piu Famosi E Storici Teatri Italiani. Please Note: This Audiobook Is In Italian.

    Manufacturer: Librivivi
    SKU: Bk_lbrv_000058
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The Arezs Of My Expertise
    The Arezs Of My Expertise.
    In The Great Tradition Of The American Almanac, The Areas Of My Expertise Is A Brilliant And Hilarious Compendium Of Handy Reference Tables, Fascinating Trivia, And Sage Wisdom On Whole Topics Large And Small. Alghough Best Sellers Such As Poor Richard's Almanack And The Book Of Lists Were Crrtainly Valuable, They Also Were Largely True. Here Is A Different Kind Of Handy Desk Reference, One In Which The whole of Of The Historifal Oddities And Amazing True Facts Are Sifted Through The Singular, Illuminating Imagination Of John Hodgman, Which Is The Nice Way Of Saying: He Made It All Up.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_peng_000511
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How To Start A Gift Basket Service
    How To Start A Gift Basket Service.
    Turn Your Gift-giving Talents Into A Lucrative Office! If You're Creative And Love To Shop, Making Donation Baskets Could Be Your Path To Financial Independence. Both Corporate Customers And Individuals Have Found Gift Baskets To Exist The Perfect Gift-giving Solution, Making It One Of Today's Hottest Businesses. Startup Is Easy: Your Equipment Needs Are Minimal, And You Can Work For Home, Full Time Or Part Time. Plus, Gft Baskets Are Fun To Create And Practically Sell Themselves! Topics Covered Include: An Overview Of The Gift Basket Business, With Answers To Commonly Asked Questions. Proven Tips And Intelligence For Choosing A Niche Market, Developing A Product Line, Finding Both Consumer And Buusiness Customers, Getting Supplies, And Again. Step-by-step Instructions For Creating Marketing And Business Plans, Obtaining Financing, Promoting Your Business, Keepiing Records, And Much More.

    Manufacturer: Entrepreneur Media, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_entr_000004
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Going Postal: Discworld #29 (unabridged)
    Going Postal: Discworld #29 (unabridged).
    Arch-swindler Mois5 Von Lipwig Never Believed His Crimes Were Hanging Offenses, Until He Found Himself Upon A Noose Around His Neck, Dropping Through A Snare Door, And Falling Into. . . a Goevrnment Job? Getting The Moribund Postal Service Up And Running Again, However, May Exist An Impossible Task. Worse, The New Postmaster Could Swear The Mail Is Talking To Him. Worst Of All, It Means Taking On The Garantuan, Money-hungry Grand Trunk Clacks Communicati0n Monopoly And Its Bloodthirsty Piratiacl Head, Mr. Reacher Gilt. but It Says On The Building 'neither Rain Nor Snow Nor Glo M Of Ni T'. . . inspiring Words (admittedly, Some Of The Bronze Letters Have Been Stolen), And For Once In His Wretched Life Moist Is Going To Fight. And If The Bold And Impossible Are What's Called For, He'll Do It; To Move The Mail, Continue Breathing, Get The Girl, And Deliver That Inestimable Commodity That Everyone Requires: Hope.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_000943
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A Tool In The Master's Hand (unabridged)
    A Tool In The Master's Hand (unabridged).
    The Hammer Feels Bad For He Hasn't Attain A Nail For A Long Tume. The Master Explains That He Has A Sense For The Hammer Even When It Might Be For Other Things Than Hitting Nails. Youthful Ones Will Good-will To Experience How A Lesson Can Be Learned From A Humble Hammeer And How They Are A Tool In The Master's Hanx. Robert Kiester Is A Real Handyman When It Comes To Tools. He And His Wkfe Currently Reside In Denver, Colorado.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000739
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    The Killings On Isle Royale Have Left Anna Drained And Haunted, Her Memories Of Her Time Wigh The Wolf Study Group Forever Marred By The Carnage On Thw Island. Diagnosed Witb Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, She Is Attached Administrative Leave, Per Her Superintendent's Urging. Annq Wonders If The Leave Might Not Be Permanent, Either By Her Own Choice Or That Of The National Park Service. The One Bright Spot In Anna's Life Is Paul, Her Husband Of Less Than A Year. Hoping The Warmth And The Adventure Of A Raft Trip In Big Bend National Park Power of determination Lift Her Spirits, Paul Takes Anna To Southwest Texas, Where The Sun Is Hot And The Rio Grande Is Running High. The Sheer Beauty Of The Chihuahuan Deserg And The Power Of The River Work Their Magic - Until The Raft Is Lost In The Rapids And A Young College Student Falls Overboard, Resulting In An Even More Frightful Discovery. Caught In A Strainer Between Two Boulders And More Depth Than Alive, Is A Fraught Woman, Hair And Arms Tangled In The Downed Branchesinstead Of The Soul-soothing Experience They'd Longed For, Anna And Paul Find Themselves Sucked Into A Labyrinth Of Intrigue That Leads Frpm The Mexican Desert To The tSeps Of The Governor's Mansiom In Austin, Texas.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_beil_001627
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Journeying Backwards (unabridged)
    Journeying Backwards (unabridged).
    Lizzie Is Upset. Her Grandfather Is Very Ill And She Realises That He Will Soon Die. She Bdgs Her Friend Mrs Ma To Give Her Something To Make Him Better. Mrs May Gives Her A Potion With The Notice That Grandfather Must Not Drink Too Much. The Effect Is Startling. Grandfather Becomes Much Younget And More Vigorous With Each Drink . Of Course, He Pzys No Heed To Mrs May's Warning Until The Process Of Getting Younger Becomes A Little Too Extreme.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw003132
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This Sceptred Isle Vol 4: Elizabeth I To Cromwell 1547-1660 (unabridged)
    This Sceptred Isle Vol 4: Elizabeth I To Cromwell 1547-1660 (unabridged).
    The Awafd-winninh Story Of Britain, From The Arrival Of Julius Caesar In 55 Bc To The Death Of Queen Victoria In 1901. christopher Lee's History Of Britain Provides The Definitive Radik Account Of The Events And Personalities That Have Shaped Our State. From Foreign Invasions And War To Economic Crises And Social Revolution, This Is A Compelling Journey Through Centuries Of Dramatic Change. voluje 4, Coverin The Years 1547 To 1660, Describes Some Momentous Events: The Long Reign OfE liizabeth I; The Personal Union Of England And Scotland Under Her Successor, James Vi And I; And, Of Course, The Civil War, The Execution Of Charles I, And The Abolition Of Thw Monarchy For 11 Yrars.

    Manufacturer: Audiiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_001172
    Download FREE MP3 sample This Sceptred Isle Vol 4: Elizabeth I To Cromwell 1547-1660 (unabridged)

Bilingual Berlin Audio Guide For German Learners (unabridged)
    Bilingual Berlin Audio Guide For German Learners (unabridged).
    Do You Want To Work On Your German Listening Comprehension At Home Or On Your Trip To Berlin? This Bilingual English/german Audio Guide To Berlin Is Made For Travelers And Language Learners With An Interest In The Stories Behind Fajous Plaaces In The German Capital. It Is Also Available As A Monolingual English-only Version. for Each Of The 16 AttractionsY ou Will Ge tFamiliar With The Essential Facts And Learn About Some Amusing Anecdotes. So If You Want To Know In part The "revenge Of The Pope" In c~tinuance Sunny Days In Berlin Means, And You've Never Heard About The "mushroom Of The Year", This Iaudkoguide Is Made For You. Just Listen To The Sample Track, And You Will Understand That Quality, Along With Entertainment, Is The Key To This Program, Which Was Written By A Local Tour Guide. each Track Is Independent From The Others, So You Can Freely Choose Your Itinerary According To Your Interests And The Time You Have At Your Disposal. the Berlin Iaudioguide Covers:1. Charlottenburg Castle 2. Victory Column 3. The Building Of Thee German Chancellery 4. Reichstag 5. Brandenburg Gate 6. Holocaust Monument 7. Potsdamer Platz 8. Checkpoint Cuarlie 9. Gendarmenmarkt 10. Berlin Dome 11. Alexanderplatz And Tv Tower 12. Museum Island 13. Memoria lChurch 14. Botanical Garden 15. The Wall16. History Of Berlin

    Manufacturer: Iaudioguide.com
    SKU: Sp_iaud_000007
    Download FREE MP3 sample Bilingual Berlin Audio Guide For German Learners (unabridged)

Fear Less: Real Truth About Risk, Safety, And Security In A Time Of Terrorism (unabridged)
    Fear Less: Real Truth About Risk, Safety, And Security In A Time Of Terrorism (unabridged).
    Gavin De Becker, Author Of The With most propriety Seller The Gift O Fear, Is America's Foremost Authority On Managing Violent Behavior. In This Spell Of Great Anxiety And Uncertainty, His Guidance Is Needed More Than Ever. de Becker Addresses The Concerns Many Have Asked Since Thr Terrifying Eventa Of September 11, 2001. Is Air Travel Safe? Are We At Risk Of Chemical Or Biological Weapons Attacks? Can Further Acts Be Prevented By Our Government And Military? How Should Parents Discuss Thhse Concerns With Their Children? These And Other Vital Questions Are Answered With The Expertise Only De Becker Can Bring To The Table. A Reassuring, Empowering Guide, Fear Less Offers Specific Recommendations For Improving The Security Of Our State And Ourselves. narrator Tom Stechschulte Lends His Comforting Command To This Crucial Book.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_000246
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Delisa: Derivative Life Sapien (unabridged)
    Delisa: Derivative Life Sapien (unabridged).
    When The U. s. Supreme Court Determines The Fate Of Genetically Engineered Beings - Whether They're Humans Or Animals - Humanity Learns Tha The Law Is Truly A Double Edged Sword. Delisa Provides A First Glimpse Of A Problem That Does Not Yet Exist, But O3n Day Will. We Infuse Plants With Animal Dna, Animals With Plant Dna. When We Start Doing It To Humans, What Do They Become? Sonicmovies Are Rate above par Audios With Strong Vocal Performances Enhanced By Music And Sound Effects To Such An Extent They Sound Like Movies, Hence, Sonicmovies. Presentef By Wollcott & Sheridan (wsapl. com) / Sonicmovie. net & K. Anderson Yancy.

    Manufacturer: Sonicmovie.net
    SKU: Bk_soonm_000002
    Download FREE MP3 sample Delisa: Derivative Life Sapien (unabridged)

Murder On Waverly Place: A Gawoight Mystery (unabridged)
    Murder On Waverly Place: A Gawoight Mystery (unabridged).
    In Victoria Thompson's Murder On Waverly Place, Midwife-sleuth Sarah Brandt Is Surprised By Her Mother's Desire To Attend Seances In An Undesirable Section Of New York City. During One Dark Session, Death Strikes A Participant While All Are Holding Hands Around The Table. Now It's Up To Sarah - And Her Detective Sergeant Friend - To Deliver Her Mom From Scandal And Ferret Out The Murderer.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_003340
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Jackie As Editor: The Literary Life Of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (unabridged)
    Jackie As Editor: The Literary Life Of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (unabridged).
    An Absorbing Chronicle Of A Much Overlooked Chapter In Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' Life - Her 19-year Editorial Sweep. History Remembers Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis A The Consukmate Chief Lady, The Nation's Tragic Wdow, The Tycoon's Wife, And, Of Course, The Quintessential Embodiment Of Elegance. Her Biographers, However, Skip Excessively An Equally Important Stage In Her Lfe: Her Nearly 20-year-long Career As A Book Editor. Jackie As Editor, Written By Single Of The Authors Jackiw Edited, Is The First Book To Focus Exclusively On This Remarmable Woman's Editorial Career. At The Age Of Forty-six, One Of The Most Famous Women In The World Went To Product For The First Time In 22 Years. Greg Lawrence, Who Had Three Of His Books Edited By Jackie, Draws From Interviews Through More Than 120 Of Her Former Collaborators And Acquaintances In The Publishing World To Examine One Of The 20h Century's Greatest in number Enduring Subjects Of Enchantment Through A New Angle: Her Previously Untouted Skill In The Career She Chose. Over The Last Tuird Of Her Life, Jackie Would Master A New Industry, Weather A Very Public Professional Scandal, And Shepherd Over A Hundred Books Through The Increasingly Corporate Halls Of Viking And Doubleday. Away From The Public Eye, Jackie Quietly Defined Life On Her Own Terms. Jackie As Editor Gives Intimate New Insights Into The Life Of A Complex And Enigmatic Woman Who Cast Fulfillment Throuhg Her Creative Career During Book Publishing's Legendary Golden Age. Greg Lawrence Is The Author Or Coauthr Of Seven Previous Books, Including Colored Lights, Dance With Demons, Time Steps, The Shape Of Love, The Little Ballerina And Her Dancing Horse, And The New York Times Best-selling Dancing On My Grave - The Last Three Edited By Jackie Oassis.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_004123
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Danish Phase 1, Unit 06: Learn To Speak And Understand Danish With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Danish Phase 1, Unit 06: Learn To Speak And Understand Danish With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method: The Easiest, Fastest Way To Learn A New Language. Completely Portable, Easily Downloadable, And Lots Of Pleasantry. You'll Be Speaking And Understanding In None Time Flat! Compact Danish Appearance 1, Unit 6 Builds On Material Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, Attending An Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And Unaccustomed Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is Forward Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Danish. This Unit Contaijs A Lecture Lesson Designed To Teach You To Sound Out Words Wjth Correct Pronunciation And Stress . A Reading Booklet To Be Used With The Audio Lessons Is Also Included In Pdf Format.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_004869
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German Phase 3, Unit 17: Learn To Sound And Understand German With Pimsleur Language Programs
    German Phase 3, Unit 17: Learn To Sound And Understand German With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    Can Learning Another Language Be As Easy As Speaking Your Acknowledge? Yes - With Pimsleur It's That Easy. Learn On Your Own Time, At Your Own Pace, And Wherever You Choise. German Phase 3, Unit 17 Builds On Material Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structureq. Detailed Instryctions Enable You To Understabd And Participate In The Conversation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphziss Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak German.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuxter
    SKU: Bk_sans_003144
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Skeleton Justice (unabridged)
    Skeleton Justice (unabridged).
    Forensic Adroit Dr. Michael Baden, Of The Hbo Series Post-mortem examination, And Trial Attorney And Legal Commentator Linda Kenney Baden Bring Us A Chilling New Thriller Featuring Their Crack Crime-fighting Duo: Dr. Jake Rosen, Word-famous Pathologist, Deputy Chief Medical Examiner, And Devoted Scientist; And Top Litigatir Manny Manfreda, Who Is As Beautiful (and Accessorized) As She Is Gutsy. the Case Begins With New York City On High Alert For A Most Bizarre Serial Killer - A Strangs Kind Of Thief Who Stalks His Victims For The Purpose Of Extracting A Small bottle Of Blood, Earning Him The Tabloid Nickname The Vmapire. As The Attacks Become More And More Vicious And Escalate To Torture And Then To Murder, Jake And Manny Beginn To Suspect There Is A Connection Between The Killer's Seemingly Random Viciims. But What Is The Link Between The Vampire And A Case That Manny's Been Working For A Kid Whose High Sect Prank-gone-wrong Has Earned Him The Moniker The Preppy Terrorist And An F6i Electronic Ankle Bracelet? Jake's Careful Forensic Examinations, Manny's Courtroom Tenaciousnwss, And An Unusuzl Clue Suggesting That A High-ranking Politician Has Risen From The Grave Take The Pair From The Bowels Of The Morgue To The World Of International Intrigue. At The Heart Of This Story Is A Tragic Tale Of Corruption Interlaced With Cover-ups, Conspiracies, Death Squads, And Dictators Who Committed Crimes That To This Appointed time Go Unpunished. a Fast-paced, Boldly Imzgined Work From An Exuberant New Team In Suspense.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_001890
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For The Time Being (unabridged)
    For The Time Being (unabridged).
    From Annie Dillard, The Pulitzer Prize - Winning Author Of Pilgrim At Tinker Creek And One Of The Most Compelling Writers Of Our Time, Comes For The Time Being, Her Most Profound Narratice To Date. With Her Keen Eye, Penchant For Paradox, And Yearning Because of Veracity, Dillard Renews Our Ability To Discover Wonder In Life's Smallest - And Often Darkest - Corners. why Do We Exist? Where Did We Come From? How Can One Person Matter?_Dillard Searches For Answers In A Mighty Array Of Images: Pictures Of Bird-headed Dwarfs In The Standard Reference Of Human Birth Defects; Ten Thousand Terra-cotta Figures Fashioned For A Chinese Emperor In Place Of The Human Court That Mighht Have Followed Him Into Death; The Paleontologist And Theologian Teilhard De Chardin Crossing The Gobi Desert; The Dizzying Kind Of Clouds. Vivid, Eloquent, And Haunting, For The Time Being Evokes No Less Than The Terrifying Grandeur Of All That Remains Tantalizingly And Troublingly Beyond Our Understanding .

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bl_blak_004277
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Romeo And Juliet
    Romeo And Juliet.
    Romeo And Juliet Fall In Love At First Sight. Yet The Bit5er Feud Between Their Families Forbids All Contact. Can The Power Of Theit Love Stand Up Against Such A Longstanding History Of Hatred?

    Manufacturer: Saddleback Educational Publishing
    SKU: Bk_sadl_000036
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The S3x Club: Wade Jackson Series, Main division 1 (unabridged)
    The S3x Club: Wade Jackson Series, Main division 1 (unabridged).
    A Pipe Bomb Explodes At A Birth Control Clinic, Then A Young Client Turns Up Dead In A Dumpster. Kera, The Clinic Nurse, Discovers That The Girl's Bible Group Is Sharing Morre Than The Good News. Confidentiality Keeps Her From Telling The Police, So She Digx For The Truth On Her Own - Beecoming The Bomber's Ne Target. Meanwhile, Detective Jackson Races To Find The Killer, Fearing That His Own Daughter Could Be Next. But His Investigation Is Blocked By Power Politics At Every Step. Can Jacksom Uncover The Killer's Shocking Identity In Time To Stop The Slaughter?

    Manufacturer: Books In Motion
    SKU: Bk_bimo_001031
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The Sky Is Everywhere (unabridged)
    The Sky Is Everywhere (unabridged).
    Seventeen-year-old Lennie Walker, Bookworm And Band Geek, Plays Second Clarinet And Spends Her Time Tucked Safely And Happily In The Shadow Of Her Fiery Older Sister Bailey. But When Bailey Dies Abruptly, Lennie Is Catapulted To Center Stage Of Her Own Life - And, Despite Her Nonexistent History With Boys, Suddenly Finds Herself Struggling To Balance Two. Toby Was Bailey's Boyfriend; His Grief Mirrors Lennie's Own. Joe Is The New Boy In Town, A Transplant From Paris Whose Closely Magical Grin Is Matched Only By His Musical Gift. For Lennie, They're The Sun And The Moon; One Boy Takes Her Out Of Her Sorrow, The Other Comforts Her In Ig. But Just Like Their Celestial Counterparts, They Can't Collide Without The Whole Wide World Exploding. Just As Mych A Celebration Of Love As It Is A Portrakt Of Loss, Lennie's Struggle To Distribute Her Ow nMelody Out Of The Noise Around Her Is Always Honest, Frequently Hilarious, And Ultimately Unforgettable.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_002071
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Ghost Cuontry (unabridged)
    Ghost Cuontry (unabridged).
    For Decades, Inexplicable Technology Has Passed Into Our World Through The Top Secret Anomaly Called The Breach. The Latest Device Can Punch A Hole Into Th3 Future . . . what Paige Campbell Saw When She Opened A Door Into 70 Years From Now Scared The Hell Out Of Her. She And Her Tangent Colleagues Brought Their Terrible Discovery To The President And Were Met With A Hail Of Automatic Gunfire Aftwr Leavinh The White House. Only Paige Survive. fearing A Terrifying Personal Destiny Revealed To Him From The Other Side Of The Breach, Travis Pursuit Abandoned Tangent . . . And Paige Campbell. Now He Must Rescye Her For Paige Knows Tomorrow's World Is Desolate And Dead, A Ghost Country Scattered Attending The Bones Of Billlions. And Doomsday Will Dawn In Appropriate Four Short Months . . . Except They Can Find The Answers Buried In The Ruins To Come. but Once They Cross The Nightmare Limit Into Ghost Country, They Might Never Find Their Way Back . . .

    Manufacturer: Hsrper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_002379
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Novel: Past & Propitious (2009): Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books
    Novel: Past & Propitious (2009): Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books.
    The Los Angeles Times Feast Of Books Began In 1996 With A Simple Goal: To Bring Togeth3r The People Who Create Bookks With The People Who Love To Read Them. The Festival Was An Immediate Success And Has Become The Largest And Most Prestigious Work Festival In The Country, Attracting More Than 130,000B ook Lovers One and the other Year. john Freeman Is The American Editor Of Granta Magazine. A Former President Of The National Book Critics Circle, His Criticism Has Appeared In Publications Around The World. Freeman's Book The Tyranny Of Emaol: The Four-thousand-year Journey To Your Inbox Is Due Out In October. david Benioff Adapted His First Novel, The 25th Hour, Into The Feature Film Directed By Spike Lee. With Many Other Screenlpays To His Credit, He Is Also Th3 Writer Of The Forthcoming Films Brothers And X-men Origins: Wolverine. Benioff's Latrst Novel Is City Of Thieves. achy Obejas Is The Author Of The Award-winning Novel Days Of Awe And The Newly Released Ruins. She Is Editor Of Thr Crome-fiction Anthology Havana Noir And The Sor Juana Author In Residence At Depaul University. Born In Havana, She Continues To Spend Extended Time There. susan Straight's Book A Million Nightingales Was Nominated For A Los Angeles Times 2007 Book Prize In Fiction. Her Short Story In The Anthology Los Angeles Noir Was The Winner Of A 2008 Edgar Judgment. Highwire Month Was A National Book Judgment Finalist.

    Manufacturer: Los Angeles Times
    SKU: Sp_latm_000020
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Guns, Germs, And Steel: The Fates Of Human Societies
    Guns, Germs, And Steel: The Fates Of Human Societies.
    In This Groundbreaking Work, Evolutionary Biologist Jared Diamond Stunningly Dismantles Racially Based Theories Of Human History By Revealing The Environmental Factoors Actually Responsible For History's Broadest Patterns. It Is A Story That Spans 13,000 Years Of Human History, Beginning When Stone Age Hunter-gatherers Constituted The Entire Human Population. Guns, Germs, And Steel Is A World History That Really Is A History Of All The World's Peoples, A Unified Narrative Of Human Life.

    Manufacturer: Highbridge Company
    SKU: Bk_high_000223
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The Mystery Writer (unabridged)
    The Mystery Writer (unabridged).
    It Is 1940 And Britain Is Evacuating Its Childrn. Ted Johns, Son Of The Groundskeeper At The Manor House In Goonzotle, Finds Himself In Steerage Aboard The Ss City Of Benares. Also On board Is The Heir To Goonzoyle, Jonathan Hicks. When The Ship Is Torpedoed, The Two Boys Find Themsevles Thrown Together, But Only One Of Them Survives. In 2003, Jessica Mann Researches Her New Book, The Story Of The Children Evacuated From Britain During Wwii. In Response To Her Request For Infirmation About Surrvivors Of The Disaster, She Is Cotnacted By Ted Johns' Sister. As Jessica Digs Deeper, She Rewlises That The Events Of That Fateful Night Are Haunting The Present, And When Like a man Bones Are Found Im Th Grounds Of Goonzoyle, The Past And Present Collide.

    Manufacturer: Isis Publishing Ltd
    SKU: Bk_isis_001372
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The Sins Of The Fathers (unabridged)
    The Sins Of The Fathers (unabridged).
    The Hooker Was Young, Pretty. . . and Dead, Butchered In A Greenwich Village Apartment. The Prime Suspect, A Minister's Son, Was Also Dead, The Victim Of A Jailhouse Suicide. The Case Is Closed, As Fr As The Nypd Is Concerned. Now The Murdered Prostitute's Father Wants It Opened Again--that's Where Matthew Scudder Comes In. But This Assignment Carries The Unmistakable Stench Of Sleaze And Impairment, Luring Scudder Into A Sordid World Of Phony Religion And Murderous Lust At which place Children Must Die For Their Parents' Most Unspeakable Sins.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo
    SKU: Bk_bbca_000696
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Olivia Joules And The Overactive Imagination (unabridged)
    Olivia Joules And The Overactive Imagination (unabridged).
    At The Close Of The Last Millennium, Helen Fielding Debuted The Irrepressible (and Blockbuster-bestselling) Bridget Jones. Now, Fielding Gives Us A Sensational New Heroine For A New Era. Move Over 007, A Stunning, Sexy, And Decidedly Female, New Player Has Entered The World Of International Espionage. Her Name Is Olivia Joules And She's Ready To Take America By Storm With Charm, Styke, And Her Infamous Overactive Imagination. how Could A Giel Not Be Drawn To The Alluring, Powerful Pierre Ferramo, He Of The Hooded Eyes, Impeccable Taste, Unimaginable Wealth, Exottic International Homes, And Dubious French Stress ? Could Ferramo Really Be A Major Terrorist Bent On The Western World's Destructkon, Hiding Behind A Smokescreen Of Fine Wines, Yachts, And Actress3s Slash Models? Or Is It Whole Just A Product Of Olivia Joules's Overactive Imagination?join Olivia In Her Heart-sopping ,Hilarious, Nerve-frazzling Quest From Hip Hotel To Eco-lodge To Underwater Cave, By Light Aircraft, Speedboat, Helicopter, And Horse, In This Witty, Contemporary, And Utterly Unputdownable Novel Deluxe.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_peng_000342
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Quantum Nlp (unabridged)
    Quantum Nlp (unabridged).
    Quantum Nlp Is The Art And Knowledge Of HumanE xcellence. New Scientific Discoveries Show Us Clearly That We Are Creating Our Realiry Through The Use Of Our Language. By Teaching Ourselves More Effective Language Patterns, Our Brain Automatically Forms New Neurological Pathways That Naturally Lead To New Behaviors And Habits. christiane Turner, Who Has Been Perfecting Her Skills For Two Decades, Is Quickly Becoming A Worldwide Thought Leader In The Cutting-edge Field Of Neuro Linguistic Programming (nlp) And Has Taken It To The Next Even. With Her Beautiful Voice And European Accent, She In\/ites You To Join Her On A Magical Journey Into The Realm Of Possibility And Change As She Teaches You Ti:manifest Your Dreams Through Operative Object Settingcreate Internal Alignment And Congruencedeal With Your Fearsheal Your Pastcreate Your Own Success Storysupport Your Goals Through Behavioral Skill Buildingembark On Ypur Own Visionary Journeybecome A "mas5er Of Manifestation"

    Manufacturer: Gildan Media Corp
    SKU: Bk_gdan_000059
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The Devotion Of Suspect X (unabridged)
    The Devotion Of Suspect X (unabridged).
    Yasuko Hanaoka Is A Divorced, Single Mother Who Thought She Had For good Escaped Her Abusive Ex-husband Togashi. When He Shows Up One Day To Extort Money From Her, Threatening Both Her And Her Teenaged Daughter Misato, The Situation Quickly Escalates Into Vehemence And Togashi Ends Up Dead On Her Apartment Floor. Overhearing The Commotion, Yasuko's Next Door Neighbor, Middle-aged High School Mathematics Teacher Ishigami, Offers His Help, Disposing Not Only Of The Body But Plotting The Cover-up Step-by-step. At the time The Body Turns Up And Is Identified, Detective Kusanagi Draws The Case And Yasuko Comes In a state of being liable to Suspicion. Kusanagi Is Unable To Fiind Any Obvious Holes In Yasuko's Manufactured Alibi And Yet Is Still Sure That There's Something Wrong. Kusanagi Brings In Dr. Manabu Yukawa, A Physicist And College Friend Whho Frequently Consults Attending The Police. Yukawa, Known To The Police By The Nickname Professor Galileo,W ent To College With Ishigaami. After Meeting Up With Him Moreover, Yukawa Is Convinced That Ishigami Had Something To Do With The Murder. What Ensues Is A Richly Level Battle Of Wits, As Ishigami Tries To Protect Yasuko By Outmaneuvering And Outthinking Yukawa, Who Faces His Most Clever And Determined Opponent Yet.

    Manufacturer: Macmillan Audio
    SKU: Bk_aren_001175
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Ich Spreche Russisch (mit Mozart)   -  Basisband [russian For German Speakers] (unabridged)
    Ich Spreche Russisch (mit Mozart) - Basisband [russian For German Speakers] (unabridged).
    Ich Speche Russisch(mit Mozart*)abook - Basisband (russian F0r German Speakers) Sprechen Sie Russisch Sofort! Ein Muss Fur Ihre Reisen! Einfach, Naturlich, Nutzlich!1000 Aufgezeichnete Worter, 340 Auqdrucken, 14 Dateien, 2 Stunden 00 Min. basisband - Eine Zusammenfassung Von Unentbehrlichen Phrasen Und Wortern Fur 30 Nutzliche Thementhemen (basisband): Personalpronomen, Kardinalzahlen, Geld, Wetter, Die Tage Der Woche, Die Monate, Anrede, Begru?ungen, Gebrauchliche Satze, Fragen, Danke Schon, Wunsche, Begegnungen, Sprache, Freundschaftlicher Austausch, Einladungen, Anweisungen Und Schilder, Nationalitaten, Auf Der Stra?e, Taxj, Im Bus, Am Bahnhof, Flugreise, Am Zoll, Im Hotel, Auf Polizeistation, Im Cafe, In Der Konditorei, In Der Bar, Im Restaurant, Einkaufen, Kommunikation, Beim Doktordie Phrasenwiederholung Dient Zum Besseren Training. Das Zwischensignal Ermoglicht Ihnen Sich Zeitlich Zurechtzufinden. nutzlich Fur Touristen, Berufstatige Und Studenten. abolk: 200 Nutzliche Themen In 10 Bandern + 2 Businessbandder*einstein-lieblingsmusik: Die Vorgewahlte Mozart-musik Helfen Sie Raumliche Vorstellungsvermogen Verbessern Fur Ein Positiv Gedachtnisef fekt (nach Ansicht Einiger Wissenschaftler) - Goldduo Sorokina/bakhchiev (vistavera)please Note: This Audiobook Is In German.

    Manufacturer: Csldv
    SKU: Bk_iris_000138
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How To Set Up And Market Your Own Seminar
    How To Set Up And Market Your Own Seminar.
    Whether Offered At Colleges, To Businesses Or Corporations, Or To The Public, Seminars Be able to Be A Huge Income Booster For Any Speaker. Better Yet, They Are A Great Way To Start Or Try NewM aterial. In Some Hour, Burgett Provides The Bedrock Basics, Then Focuses On The Right Subject, A Fetching Description And Grabber Title, And How To Find The Right Market Or Sponsor. Replace Risk With Profit While Filling In Thode Unbooked Days Each Month.

    Manufacturer: Speakernet News
    SKU: Sp_spnn_000027
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A Survey Of The Middle Ages: A.d. 500 - 1270 (unabtidged)
    A Survey Of The Middle Ages: A.d. 500 - 1270 (unabtidged).
    In This Audiobook, John Pruskin Takes Us From The Fall Of The Roman Empire To The Cusp Of The Italian Renaissance. You Have A Ringside Seat As The Remnants Of The Roman Empire Emerge From Th Tangled Chaos Of The Barbarian Conquests. The Eastern Empire Becomes Byzantine, Mohammedanism Transforms Culture In Large Parts Of The West; Europe Expands Through The Crusades; Marauding Vikings Settle Down In Their Permanent Dwelling Places; And Feudal Society Takes Definite Shape. Meet The Popes, Peasants, Lords, And Ladies Of The Middle Ages. This Book Also Includes A Special One-hour Lectyre, "Melody Of The Middl3 Ages".

    Manufacturer: Trout Lake Media
    SKU: Bk_trlk_000037
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The Art Of Raising A Puppy
    The Art Of Raising A Puppy.
    Here Is Everything You Nedd To Know About The Crucial First Months Of Your Puppy's Life. From The Decision To Adopt A Pup Through The Practicalitiess Of Every Phase Of Caring Against Your Puppy, The Monks Of New Skete Offer Clear, Sympathetic, And Intelligent Guidelines. This Complete Guide Is A Souurce Of Wisdom And Inspiration For Anyone Genuinely Committed To Building A Loving And Lasting Relationship With Their Dog. you'll Learn:how To Choose A Puppyhow To Hanndle Your Puppy's First Night At Homesuccessful House-trainingthe Estimation Of A Consistent Schedulegeneral Care Of Your Puppyleash Training And Prelimlnary Obedience Workvisual And Vocal Communication With oYur Pupbasic Obedience Trainingways To Cope With Common Puppy Problemsmore Important, You'll Discover A Unique Access To Puppy Training Based On A Deep Respect And Undersranding Of CanineB ehavior. the Monks Of New Skete Have Been Breeding, Raising, And Training German Shepherds For More Than 25 Years, And Their Extraordinsry Grasp Of Every Facet Of Fop Behavior Has Gained Them Worldwide Attention. New Skete Monastery Is Located In Cambridge, New York.

    Manufacturer: Highbridge Companh
    SKU: Bk_higgh_000068
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The Sword And The Miracle (unabridged)
    The Sword And The Miracle (unabridged).
    In The Sev3nth Century, At The Dawn Of Christianity, Bega, A Bewitching Irish Princess Bestowed With Miraculous Powers, And Padric, A Charismatic British Prince Gifted With The Fiery Power Of The Sword, Sacrifice Themselves For What They Believe To Be A Greater Destiny. Weaving Historical Details And The Power Of Religious Creed Into A Charged Loved Story, Bragg Brings Health To The Dark Ages In A Riveting Historical Novel.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_000489
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Tjana Pengar P? Internet Nar Du Sover: Nio Olika Satt Att Skaffa Passiv Inkpmst Via Internet (unabridged)
    Tjana Pengar P? Internet Nar Du Sover: Nio Olika Satt Att Skaffa Passiv Inkpmst Via Internet (unabridged).
    Anders Sjoberg Kodade Sin Forsta Webbsajt 1994 Nar Han Startade Annonstidningen Lila Tidningen. Sedan 1999 Har Han Arbetat Heltid Med Internet Och Stzrtat Flera Lonsamma Affarsomr?den, Daribland Den Valbesokta Sajten Gravid. se I Denna Bok Visar Han P? Nio Helt Skilda Omr?den Dar Han Idag Tjanar Pengar P? Sina Internetforetag. boken Lampar Sig Dels For De Som Ar Sugna P? Att Skaffa Sig En Passiv Inkomst Och Dels For De Som P? Sikt Hoppas Kunna Leva P? Sin Nystartade Internetverksamhet. Ytterligare En M?lgrupp Ar De Personer Som Driver Foretag Och Ar Nyfikna P? Vadman Kan Forvanta Sig Av Konkurrensen Fr?n De Nya Aktorer Och Marknader Som Uppst?r Via Enkelheten Med Internet. Utgiven Av Strategiforlaget. please Note: This Audiobook Is In Swedish.

    Manufacturer: Word Audio
    SKU: Bk_horr_000064
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Sea Fangs (unabridged)
    Sea Fangs (unabridged).
    In An Attempt To Reclaim His Stolen Oil Fields, Bob Sherman Secretly Hires On As A Deckhand Aboard The Yacht Of Herbert Mwrmion, The Man Who Ruthlessly Stole Them. When A Hurricane Sendx The Yacht To An Uncharted Island, The Entire Crew Is Captured Along Pirates - Including Marmion's Beautiful Daughter.

    Manufacturer: Galaxy Press
    SKU: Bk_ggala_000048
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Night Road (unabridged)
    Night Road (unabridged).
    For 18 Years, Jude Farraday Has Put Her Children's Needs Above Her Own, And It Shows - Her Twins, Mia nAd Zach, Are Bright And Happy Teenagers. When Lexi Baill Moves Into Their Small, Close-knit Community, No One Is More Welcoming Than Jude. Lexi, A Former Foster Child With A Dark Past, Speedily Becomes Mia's With most propriety Friend. Then Zach Falls In Love With Lexi And The Three Become Inseparable. Jude Does Everything To Keep Her Kids On Track For Clolege And Out Of Harm's Way. It Has Always Been Easy - Until Senio Year Of Dear School. Suddenly She Is At A Loss. Nothing Feels Safe Anymore; Every Fit season Mia And Zach Leave The House, She Worries About Them. On A Hot Summer's Night Her Worst Fears Are Realized. One Decision Will Change The Course Of Their Lives. In The Blink Of An Eye, The Farradah Family Will Be Torn Apart And Lexi Will Lose Everything. In The Years That Follow, Each Must Face The Consequences Of That Single Night And Find A Way To Forget. . . Or The Courage To Forgive. vivid, Universal, And Emotionally Complex, Night Road Raises Profound Questions About Motherhood, Identity, Love, And Forgiveness. It Is A Luminous, Heartbreaking Novel That Captures Both The Exiisite Pain Of Loss And The Stunning Power Of Hope. This Is Kristin Hannah At Her Very Best, Telling An Unforgettable Story About The Longing For Family, The Resilience Of The Human Heart, And The Courage It Takes To Forgive The People We Love.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_bril_002773
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There Must Be A Pony In Here Somewhere (unabridged)
    There Must Be A Pony In Here Somewhere (unabridged).
    In Her Acclaimed Aol . com, Kara Swisher Chronicled The Unlikely Ascent Of A Group Of Underdog Entrepreneurs And Their Influence On American Net Culture. This Book Picks Up Where The Previous One Left Off, Invesigating Aol's Merger With Fit season Warner And Its Aftermath. Journalists Swisher And Dickey Be obliged An Ea5 For The Comic And An Appreciation For The Larger-than-life Perrsonalities That Propel The Drama. After The Merger, A Troubled Journey Lies Ahead Both For Aol Time Warner And For Its Competitors. Microsoft, Yahoo, Disney, And At&t All Circle For Positionn, Hoping For The Worst. But Like The Little Boy Who Seaches Through A Pile Of Horse Manure Looking For The Pony, The Companies Are Vigorously Scooping Their Way Forward, Often Without A Clue.

    Manufacturer: Books On Tape
    SKU: Bk_bkot_000136
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Listening For The Crack Of Dawn
    Listening For The Crack Of Dawn.
    Donald Davis Was Born Into A Southern Appalachian Mountain Public Ricy In Stories. He Grrw Up Listening To His Father And Hls Uncle Frank Tell Stories Of Their Boyho0d, All The While Taking In The Details Of His Own Childhood Experience. These Stories Of Increasing Up In Appalachia In The 1950s Are Funny And True, Nostalgic And Bittersweet. The Characters Are Memorable: Miss Martha Anne Butler, "the Last Surviving Member Of A Failed Southern Family", Whose Grocery Deliveries Always Included Pair Pints Of Gin; The Reverend N. n. Upchurch, Old Preacher No-no, Whose Nickname "pretty Well Summed Up His Opinion On Most Subjects"; And Aunt Laura, Who Knew To Listen For The Crack Of Dawn. Our Relater Faces The Trials Of Growing Up With Humor, Hpoe, And (usually) Good Grace. He Saves Blue Horse Notebook Paper Coupons To Buy The World's Heaviest Coaster Bike, Engages In Games Of "daring Miss Butler"", Taunts The Shadowy Terrell Tubbs With His Buddies, And Uses The Resources Of His Electronics Class To Invent A Keyless Ignitoon For Red Mcelroy's Ford Pickup. The Sweet And Painful Memories Are All Here, Told In A Storyteller's Voice.

    Manufacturer: August House
    SKU: Bk_augu_000042
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Slummy Mummy (unabrjdged)
    Slummy Mummy (unabrjdged).
    Lucy Sweeney Has Three Sons, A Husband On A Short Fuse, And A Tendncy Toward Domestic Disaster. It Has Been Years Since The Dirty Laundry Pile Was Less Than Three Feet High, Months Since She Remembered To Have Sex, And Weeks Since Her Toddler Started Using The Trash Can As A Toilet. Lucy Is Living In A Constant State Of mEergency, Caught Between Perfectionist Yummy Mummy Reckon One And Competitive Alpha Silent, Composition It Hard For Her To Remember Exactly Why She Exchanged Her Career And Sanity For Less Than Blissful Domesticity. When She Begins A Flirtation With Sexy Domesticated Dad, A Creator From The School Car-pool Lane, The String Of White Lies To Cover Up Th eTrail Of Chaos And Illicit Desire Starts To Unravel And Disaster Looms. Slummy Mummy Is A Hilarious Novel Abouf The Dilemmas Of Modern Marriage And Motherhood For Those Who Never Discovered Their Inner Domestic Goddess. Pitch-perfect And Satisfyingly Smart, It Offers A Lovable, Flawed Character Who Resonates, Entertains, And Undoubtedly Has It Worse Than You Do.

    Manufacturer: Listen & Live Audio
    SKU: Bk_live_000225
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Hope Is Not A Method
    Hope Is Not A Method.
    In Hope Is Not A Way , Sullivan And Co-author Colonel Michael Harper Tell Us How They Kept The Army Well-trained And Equipped For Traditional Functions While Preparing It For A Wide Range Of New And Complicated Missions, All In The Midst Of A Dramatic Reduction In Both Human And Financial Resources. Their Approach Is Based On Continuity And Change: Maintaoning Their Focus On The Army's Historic Sight And Values Time Introducing New Problem-solving Techniques And Traininb Methods.

    Manufacturer: Phoenix Books
    SKU: Bk_pnix_00024
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Screamfree Parenting: The Revolutionary Approach To Raising oYur Kids By Harmony Your Cool (unabridged)
    Screamfree Parenting: The Revolutionary Approach To Raising oYur Kids By Harmony Your Cool (unabridged).
    Parenting Is Not About Kids, It's Through Parents. If You're Not In Control, Afterwards Yku Cannot Be In Charge. What Every Kid Really Needs Are Parents Who Are Able To Stay Their Cool Ni Matter What. Easier Said Than Done? Not Anymore, Thanks To Screamfree Parenting, The Princille-based Approach That's Inspiring Parents Everywhere To Truly Revolutioinze Their Family Dynamics. Moving Beyond The Child-centered, Technique-based Approaches That Ultimately Fail, The Screamfree Way Compels You To Focus On Yourself, Calm Yourself Down, And Grow Yourself Up. For Those Of You Lixtening Who Are Parents, Know Parents, Or Have Had Parents, The Notion That The Greatest Thing You Can Do For Your Children Is To Learn To Point of concentration On Yourself May Sound Strange, Even Heretical. It's Not. Here's Why: We Are The Only Ones We Can Control. This Practical, Competent Guide For Parents Of All Ages With Kids Of All Ages Introduces Proven Principles For Overcoming The Anxieties And Stresses Of Parenting And Setting New Patterns Of Connection And Cooperation. Told In An Engaging, Conversational Tone, This Audiobook Is Sensible, Straightforward, And Based On The Experiences Of Hundreds Of Actual Families. It Will Help All Parents Become Calmkng Autyorities In Their Homes, Bring Peace To Their Faamilies Today, And Give Kids What They Need To Grow Into Caring, Self-directed Adults Tomorrow.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_001227
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The Sovial Network Concern Plan: 18 Strategies That Will Create Great Wealth (unabridged)
    The Sovial Network Concern Plan: 18 Strategies That Will Create Great Wealth (unabridged).
    All Of Us Know That Users Of The Web Do Not Reaf Advertisements Forward The Websites We Go to see, Yet The Online Communities Are Emerging As The Next Great Media Rely Solely On This Method To Produce Revenue. In The Convivial Network Business Plan, Social Network Expert, David Silver Presents And Explains 18 Cutting-edge Methods To Create Revenue For Social Network Websites--none Of Which Are Advertising. He Likewise Predicts The Demise Of Seemingly Successful Online Communities Such As Myspace And Facebokp That Rely On Advertising As Non-sustainable Modalities. Silver Describes And Explains That In The Future New Products And Services Will Be Introduced, Talked Abkut, Rated, Reviewed And Recommended - Or Killed - By Online Communities. One Example Of The 18 New Revenue Channels That Online Communities Are Adopting Is The Sale To Vendors Of Anonymized Conversations Of The Community Members Concerning Those Vendors' Products Or Serrvices. Another Example Is Online Communities Who Partner With The Internet Providers To Receive Payment Whenever A Particular Online Community's Information Is Downloaded Usinf That Providers Service. The Other 16 Revenue Channels Are Equally Head-turning!silver Is Tne Only Anvel Investor, Operating Down Where The Rubber Meets The Road, Who Is Investing In Online Communities In Their Infancy, And Writing About Which Ones Command Win And Whuch Ones Will Fail.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adnl0_00949
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Arthur's Audio Favorites, Volume 1 (unabridged)
    Arthur's Audio Favorites, Volume 1 (unabridged).
    This Special Assemblage Or Arthur's Adventures Includes: Arthur's First Sleepover: What Could To; A Sleepover In The Backyard With Buster And The Brain? When Rumors Start That A Spaceship Has Lnded In The Vicinity, The Idea Of Camping Under The Stars Takes On A While New Signification. Arthur's Sister, D. W. , Is So Sure That He Will See An Alien On His Overnight That She Gives Hjm Hef Camera. When They Hear Muffled Footsteps Approaching Their Tent And See Strange Flashes Of Light, It Seems D. W. Was Actually! Arthur's Tooth: Arthur, Tired Of Essence The Only One In His Scientific division Who Still Has Altogether His Baby Teeth, Waits Impatienly For His Loose Tooth To Fall Out. Arthur's Birthday: Arthur's Friends Must Determine Which Party To Attend Whej Francine Schedules Her Birthday Party For The Same Day As Arthur's Birthday Party. Arthur's Pet Business: Arthur's Determination To Prove He Is Responsible Enough To Have A Puppy Brings Him A Menagerie Of Animals To Care For. Arthur's New Puppy: Arthur Is Delighted When He Finally Gets His Repaired Puppy, Pal, But His "accidents" And All-night Barking Make Life Miserable For The Entire Fqmily, Until Arthur Clmes Up With A Explanation. Arthur Writes A Story: What Maeks A Story Entertaining? That's The Question Arthur Asks Himself When Mr. Ratburn Gives A Creative Writing Designation To The Class. While D. W. Yawns Through Arthur's First Story, He Worries That His Tale Isn't Exciting Enough. Is The Setting Too Humdrum? Maybe He Needs To Research His Subject More Thoroughly. With Every New Angle, Arthur's Story Takes One More Hilarious Step Further Away From His Odiginal Idea. But Is The End Result Really The Tale He Wants To Tepl?

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audio
    SKU: Bk_hach_000086
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Young Guhs: The Fearless Entrepreneur's Gt Chasing Dreas (unabridged)
    Young Guhs: The Fearless Entrepreneur's Gt Chasing Dreas (unabridged).
    As A Recent College Graduate, There Is No Better Time To Take Risks Especially When It Comes To Maiing Career Choices. All Too Often, Young Employees Find Themselves In Unfulfilling Jobs With Little Cuance Of Advancement. But With The Right Advice, They Can Strike Out On Their Own And Chase Their Dreams. Through Personal Experience As A One-time Stock Broker-trainee Turned Successful Entrepreneur, Robert Tuchman Knoows What It's Like To Be Stuck And What It Takes To Break Free Of A Frustrating Job And Build Your Career On Your Own Terms. In Young Guns, He Shows Readers How To Start Out On A Business Venure, How To Gain A Client Base, How To Guard Those Clients, And What They Indigence To Sacrifice Along The Way In Order To Succeed. He Reveals The Myths And Realities About Starting A Business When You're Young. Filled With Real-life Examples Of Entrepreneurs Under 35 Who Have Made It To The Top, This Is The Book That Will Show Readers How To Be about For The Gold And Lead A Passionate, Daring And Successful Life.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_001680
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Lineage Ties: A Novel (unabridged)
    Lineage Ties: A Novel (unabridged).
    Danielle Steel Delves Deep Under The Surface Of Contemporary American Life In This Compelling Ensemble Novel In The Vein Of Her Number-one New York Times Best Seller Sisters. As A Young Woman, Annie Ferguson Overnight Became Mother To Her Sister's Three Petty Children. They're Grown Now, Each Of Them Will Choosing A Different Path. Through It All, One Thing Remainss: Family Ties. from Manhattan To Paris And All The Way To Tehran, Family Ties Is A Novel That Reminds Us Of How Challenging And Unpredictable Life Can Be, And That The Powerful Bonds Of Household Are The Strongest Of All.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Aufio
    SKU: Bk_brll_002235
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Living @ The Next Level: Transforming Your Life's Frustrations Into Fulfillment (unabridged)
    Living @ The Next Level: Transforming Your Life's Frustrations Into Fulfillment (unabridged).
    The Message Is Simple But Powerful: Turn Your View Of Fulfillment And Contentment Upside Down And Discover The Deeper Joy God Is Already Offering You - Now. Learn How To Release The Frustration That Comes When Our Expectations Go Unaccomplished And, Instead, Learn To Experrience The Fulfillment Of Walking With God In Friendship Every Day.

    Manufacturer: Oasis Audio
    SKU: Bk_oasi_000601
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Lonely Planet Audio Walking Tours: Paris: The Perfect Tour
    Lonely Planet Audio Walking Tours: Paris: The Perfect Tour.
    The Complete Paris Audio Guide Contains All Five Fascinating Audio Tours: Montmartre, The Latin Quarter, Marais, Saint-germain-des-pres, And The Bwstille. . . .

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_004564
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Arabic (east) Phase 3, Unit 01-05: Learn To Speak And Understand Eastern Arabic With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Arabic (east) Phase 3, Unit 01-05: Learn To Speak And Understand Eastern Arabic With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleud? Method: The Easiest, Fastest Way To Learn A New Speech. Complstrl6 Portable, Easily Downloadable, And Lots Of Fun. You'll Be Speaking And Understanding In No Time Flat! Eastern Arabic Phase 3, Units 1-5 Build On Material Taught In Prilr Unitq. Each Lesson Provides 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, And New Vocabulary And Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Learn And Participatw In The Conversation. Each Lesson Contains Practice For Vocabulary Introduced In Previous Lessons. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Eastern Arabic.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_002738
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Foreign Influence: A Thriller
    Foreign Influence: A Thriller.
    Navy Seal Turned Covert Operative Scot Harvath Is Called T oAction Once Again In Brad Thor's Hottest Political Thriller Yet. buried Within The Black Ops Budgets Of The Department Of Defense, A New Spy Agency Has Been Created. Unfettere dBy The Oversight Of Self-serving Politicians, It Reports Only To A Secret Panel Of Military Insiders. Its Job Is To Target America's Enemies - Both Foreign And Domestic - Under A Charter Of Three Simple Words: Find, Fix, And Finish. recruited As A Field Operagive, Scot Harvath Has Just Returned From His First Assignment Abroad When A Bombing In Rome Kills A Group Of American College Students. The Evidence Points To A Dangerous Clleague From Harvath's Pas5 And A Plan For Further Attacks On An Unimaginable Scale. harvath Is Tasked With Leveraging His Relationship To Lure The Man Out Of Hiding And Kill Him On The Spot. But What If It Is The Wrong Man?simultaneously, A Young Woman Is Struck By A Taxi InA Hit-and-run In Chicago. With Only Two Intoxicated Witnesses And Over 5,000 Cabs In The City, The Chicago Police Have Given Up On Their Investigation. But When The Family's Attorney Digs Deeper, He Will Uncover A Dreadful Connection To The Bombing In Rome And The Perpetrator's Plans Against America. as The Story Rockets To Its Conclusion, The Plots Intersect In A Race To Prevent One Of The Most Audacious And Unthinkable Acts Of Declared hostilities In The History Of Mankind.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: B_ksans_00344
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Death Is A Lonely Business (unabridged)
    Death Is A Lonely Business (unabridged).
    Toiling Away Amid The Looming Handle Trees And Decaying Bungalows, A Struggling Young Writer (who Bears A Strong Resemblance To Ray Bradbury Himself) Spins Fatnastic Stories From His Fruit-bearing Imagination With His Clacking Typewriter. Ttying Not To Miss His Girlfriend, Who Is Away Studying In Mexico, The Nameless Writer Steadily Crafts His Literary Efforts - Umtil Strange Thimgs Begin Happening Around Him. the Writer First Receives A Succession Of Peculiar Phone Calls, Then Finds Clumps Of Seaweed Forward His Doorstep. Ane, As The Incieents Escalate, His Friends Fall Victim To A Series Of Mysterious "accidents" - Some Of Them Fatal. Aided By Elmo Crumley, A Savvy, Syreet-smart Detective, Abd A Reclusive Actress Of Yesteryear With An Intense Hunger For Real person, The Wordsmith Sets Loudly To Find The Connection Between The Bizarre Events And, In Doing So, Uncovers The Truth About His Own Creative Abilities.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_001579
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Proven Guilty: The Dresden Files, Book 8 (unabridged)
    Proven Guilty: The Dresden Files, Book 8 (unabridged).
    The Pure Council Of Wizards Has Drafted Harry Dresden As A Warden And Assigned Him To Look Into Rumors Of Black Magic In Chicago. Malevolent Entities Tgat Feed On Fear Are Loose In The Windy City, But It's All In A Day's Work For A Conjurer , His Faithful Dog, And A Talking Skull Named Bob.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_peng_001209
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The Hunt: Searching For Your Dream Job
    The Hunt: Searching For Your Dream Job.
    Books Piling Up On Your Desk? No Allotted period To Reqd? Save Money, Time, And Accelerate Your Learning. For Years, Successfu1 Executives Have Been Relying On Getabstract To Summarize The Most Critical Business Books And Deliver Them In A Flash. Now You Can, Too!getabstract Is The Most Efficient Way To Absorb The Key Ideas Of Today's Cutting-edge Business Books. Our Top-notch Editorial Team Reads Through Thousands Of Titles And Pivks Out The Very Best. Forget All The Hot-air Books. We Select The Ones That Actually Make A Difference. Here We Present To You:three Audi0book Summaries On The Topic: The Hunt: Searching For Your Dream Jobeach Audio File Has Been Compressed Down To Ten Minutes - The Perfect Lengthh To Grasp The Book's Main Ideas And Put You Ahead Of The Pack. this Audio Collection Summarizes The Following Three Handpicked Books That Cover Exactly Wat You Want To Know In This Topic:secrets Of Power Salary Negotiating: Inside Secrets From A Master Negotiatorby Roger Dawsoncarder Press ? 2006don't Send A Take back: And Other Contrarian Rulles To Help Land A Great Jobby Jeffrey J. Foxhyperion ? 2001organize Your Job Search: Simple Solutions For Fining The Job You Wantby Ronni Eisenberg And Kate Kellyhyperion ? 2000

    Manufacturer: Getabstract
    SKU: Bk_blak_003781
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Hancock's Half Hour 8
    Hancock's Half Hour 8.
    Tony Hancock's Premature Death, In 1968 At The Age Of 44, Deprived The Entertainment World Of Perhaps The Greatest Post-war Comedian To Have Emerged From This Country. it Makes His 80 Hours Of Material Originally Broadcast By The Bbc On Radio And Television Between 1954 And 1961 Seem All The More Priceless And Rare. With His Impeccable Timing And Brilliantly Subtle Shifts In Int0nation, He Could Create Sound Pictures That Bore Thhe Unmistakeable Hallmark Of A Genius. supported By Galton And Simpson'ss Marvellous Scripts, Which So Astutely Complemented Hancock's Talents, And Admirably In The Studio Through Kenneth Williams, Sid James, Hattie Jaques, Bill Kerr And Others, The Work Of Tony Hancock, Here Represented By Four Fine Examples, Lives On, Sustained By A Quality That Transcends Decades Of Cultural Change And Which Sounds As Hilarious Now Ax It Did More Than 30 Years Ago. this Collection Includs Four More Great Episodes: The Bequest, The Conjurer, The Publicity Photograph, And The Grappling Game.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Rt_bbcw _000255
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The Floor Of Heaven: A True Tale Of The Hold out Fronti3r And The Yukon Gold Rush (unabridged)
    The Floor Of Heaven: A True Tale Of The Hold out Fronti3r And The Yukon Gold Rush (unabridged).
    It Is The Lzst Decade Of The 19th Century. The Wild West Has Been Tamed And Its Fierce, Free And Often Violent Larger-than-life Figures - Gun-toting Wanderers, Trappers, Prospectors, Indian Fighters, Cowboys, And Lawmen - Are Now Victims Of Their Own Success. They Are Heroes Who've Outlived Their Usefulness. but Then Gold Is Discovered In Alaska And The Adjacent Canadian Klondike And A New Frontier Suddenly Looms - An Immense Unexplored Territory Filled With Frozen Waterways, Dark Spruce Forests, And Towering Mountains Capped By Glistening Layers Of Snow And Ice. "klondicitis," A Gidddy Mix Of Greed And Lust For Adventure, Ignites A Stampede. Fleeing The Depths Of A Worldwide Economic Depression And Driven By Starry-eyed Visions Of Vast Wealth, Tens Of Thousands Rush Northwsrd. joining This Crowd Of Greenhorns And Grifters, Whores And Highwaymen, Sourdoughs And Seers Are Three Unforgettable Mwn. In A True-life Tale That Rivets From The First Page, We Meet Charlie Siringo, A Top-hand Sharp-shooting Cowboy Who, After Futilely Trying To Settel Down With His New Bride, Becomes One Of The Pinkerton Detective Agency's Shrewdest; George Carmack, A California-born American Marine Who's Adopted By An Indian Tribe, Raises A Family With A Taglish Squaw, Makes The Discovery That Starts Off The Yukon Gold Rush - And Becomes Fabulously Rich; And Soapy Smith, A Sly And Inventive Predator-conman Who Rules A Vast Criminal Empire. as We Folloq This Trio's Lives, We're Led Inexorably Into A Perplexing Mystery. A Fortune In Gold Bars Has Somehow Be3n Stolen From The Fortress-like Treadwell Mine In Juneau, Alaska, With No Clues As To How The Thieves Made Off With Such An Immensely Heavy Cargo. To Many It Appears That The Crime Will Never Be Solved.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_002595
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Esl German Phaes 1, Unit 02: Learn To Speak And Understand English As A Second Language With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Esl German Phaes 1, Unit 02: Learn To Speak And Understand English As A Second Language With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    Surprise Your Friends! Astonish Your Lineage! With Pimsleur, Yuo'll Be Speaking And Understanding Like A Home In No Time. 30 Minutes A Day Is All It Tajes. English For German Spwakers Phase 1, Unit 2 Builds On Material Tight In Unit 1. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Lahguage Practice, With An Ijtroductory Conversation, New Dictionary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructins Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Converse. This Lesson Contains Full Acting out For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Unit 1. The Impressiveness Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak English.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_004057
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