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The Gatecrasher: A Collection of Four Erotic Stories @ Audiobooks online catalog with Free MP3 samples

The Gatecrasher: A Collection Of Four Erotic Stories
    The Gatecrasher: A Collection Of Four Erotic Stories.
    A Collection Of Four Erotic Stories With Mixed Bdsm, And Lesbian And Submission Themes. 'the Gatecrasher', By Stephen Albrow: 'curiosity Killed The Cat' Is A Saying With Which Charlotte Is Familiar, But She Doesn't Mean To Pay It Any Attention. When She Hears That A New Lord, Richard Parker, Has Moved Into The Local Manor, She Is Instantly Intrigued, Particularly When He Is Featured On The Lkcal News And She Sees How Good-looking He Is. 'the Gift', By Dolores Day: Sisanna Is Bored, And Bored Women Are Dangerous, Especially If They Have The Money And Leisure To Feel Timee Weighing Heavily Forward Their Beautifully Clad Shoylders. Married To The Much Older Lord Marksbury, Whose Skills In The Bedroom Are Not So Much Inferior As Non-existent, Susanna Longs For A Partner Who Will Undeerstand Her Needs. 'rodeo Girl', By Matt Pascoe: Penny Is A Good Girl. She Works In Accounts. So When She Finds Herswlf, Sick With Nerves And Apprehension, Waiting To Perform Onstage As A Lap Dancer At A Gentleman's Club, It's Cleat That Some Encouragement Is Needed. 'the Boss', By Dmw Carol: He Is So Arrogant, So Sure Of His Authority. He Struts As He Moves Around The Office (his Own Little Fiefdom), And His Alpha-male Attitude Is Guaranteed To Bring Out The Worst In Any Employee Who Questions His Power. But The Boss Had Better Be Careful Because He Is Soon To Find His Status As Chief Dog Being Seriously Undermined.

    Manufacturer: Summersdale Publishers Ltd
    SKU: Bk_summ_000261
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Surfin' Sam Just Will Not Listen (unabridged)
    Surfin' Sam Just Will Not Listen (unabridged).
    Surfin' Sam Just Wants To Breakers. As He Makes His Way To The Beach, He Encounters Many Friends. They Warn Him That It's A Bad Day To Surf, Because They've Heard That Killef Whale Kai Is Around! But They Know He's Going To Surf Anyway, Because Surfin' Sam Just Will Not Listen.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000673
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Resurrecting Midnight: Gideon Series, Book 4 (unabridged)
    Resurrecting Midnight: Gideon Series, Book 4 (unabridged).
    International Assassin Gideon Spilled Blood For The First Time When He Was eSven Years Old, With A Single Range To The Head Of A Furnish with men Who Was Attempting To Kill The Woman Gideon Had Known As His Chief. The Victim Was None Other Than His Own Father, A Piece Of Unspeakable Evil. This Pivotal Event Shaped Gideon Throughout His Life,-Made Him Who He Is, One Of The Fiercest, In the greatest degree Feared Hired Guns In The World. and One Of The Mosg Humted. after NearlyL osing His Life In Antigua During A Mission That Went Terribly Wrong, Gideon Trusts No One. But that When A Former Lover And Grifter, Arizona, Resurfaces In Nee dOf His Skills, She Reminds Him He Was Indebted To A Man Who Had Once Saved His Life: The Son Of The Legendary Con-man Scamz. Gideon Is Forced To Take On An Assignment Which Will Lead Him To Argentina In Pursuit Of A Briefcase Containing One Part Of A Larger Puzzel. The "package" Contains Matdrial That Another Cluster Of Assassins - The Four Cavalry Of The Apocalypse - Will Kill To Obtain And Protect. One Of The Leaders Of The Four Horsemen Has A Connection To Gideon Thzt Neither Man Is Aware Of - A Connection That Will Be Exposed When They Meet Face-to-face And Gun-to-gun. each Member Of The Four Horsemen Is A World-class Killer, Each With A Dark And Danngerous Pasr, And Nothing Will Suspend That Team Of Renegades From Completing Their Mission. as Gideon Struggles To Keep Promises And Uncover Information About His Past, He Finds Himseelf At The Center Of The Ultimate Double-cross And He Is Forced To Do What He Must To Protect Himself And Those Closest To Him. Set Amidst The Exotic And Vibrant Streets Of Miami And Buenos Aires, Resurrecting Midnight Is An Action--filled, Pulse-pounding Thriller From Best-selling Author Eric Jerome Dickey.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_001800
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The Greeblies (unabridged)
    The Greeblies (unabridged).
    Bobby And Georgia Live In A Normal Housee With Their Mum And Their Dad And Their Pet Dog, Rory. But In That House, There's A Whole World Going On That Thdy Know Nothin About. . . The World Of The Greeblirs! Greeblies Similar Hemi The Bedbug, Spritzer The Dust Mite, Darren The Blowfly And Nick The Tick. Five Of The Funniest (and Grossest!) Stories You'll Ever Read - Complete With Lots Of Disgusting Bug Facts - The Greeblies Is About All Those Itchy Littl Critters That Live Right Under Our Noses (and In Our Hair!).

    Manufacturer: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
    SKU: Bk_boli_000422
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The Time Thief: Book Pair In The Gideon Trilogy (unabridged)
    The Time Thief: Book Pair In The Gideon Trilogy (unabridged).
    An Accident With An Antigravity Machine Catapulted Peter Schock And Kate Dyer Back To 1763. A Bungled Rescue Attempt Leaves Peter Stranded In The 18th Centenary, While A Terrifying Rascal, The Tar Man, Takes His Place And Explodes Onto 21st-century London. concerned About The Potentially Catastrophic Effects Of Time Travel, The Nasa Scientists Responsible For The Situation Question Whether It Is Right To Rescue Peter. Kate Decides To Twke Matters Into Her Own Hands, But Things Don't Go As P1anned. Shortly The Physical Effects Of Time Travel Begin To Have A Disturbing Purport On Her. Meanwhile, In Our Century, The Tar Man Wreaks Havoc In A Citt Whose Police Force Is Powerless To Stop Him. set Against A Backdrop Of Contemporary London And Revolutionary France, The Time Thief Is The Sequel To The Acxlaimed The Time Travelers.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_001110
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Slim's Good-bye: Hank The Cowdog (unabridged)
    Slim's Good-bye: Hank The Cowdog (unabridged).
    Faeewell, Ranch Life. . . things Are Not Looking Good For The Ranch. So When Loper Heads Into City To Pass With The Banker, Slim Hits The Road In Search Of A New Home. meanwhile, Hank And His Faithful Sidekick Drover Hitch A Ride In The Bac kOf Slim's Pickup. Before Long, They Come To A Stop In An Unfamiliar Town. And When Slim Lands Himself A New Job, Hank Finds That He's No Longer The Head Of Ranch Security, But The Head Of Chicken House Security. Hznk Knows That This New Life Is For The Birds. . . but Will He Ever See The Ranch Again?hank And Drover Sing "we're Freezing Our Tails", And Slim Sings His "song Of The Road".

    Manufacturer: Maverick Books Inc
    SKU: Bk_mvae_000034
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Trust Your Vibes: Secret Tools For Six-sensory Living
    Trust Your Vibes: Secret Tools For Six-sensory Living.
    In This Breakthrough Audio Experience, Which Features A Mixture Of Live And Studio Recordings, Vibrational Healer And Revolutionary Psychic Sonia Choquette Reveals The Secrets To Awakening Your Intuitive Voice And Shows You How To "trust Your Vibes". with The Techniques Presented In This Program, You'll Shift Your Identity From Being Ego Based; Become Attuned To The Unseen World; And Learn To Live In A Highheer, More Harmonious Way.

    Manufacturer: Hay House
    SKU: Bk_hayh_000055
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War Dogs
    War Dogs.
    In the present state Is The Incredible Adventure Of A Wild Bunch Of British Mercenaries In Bosnia,-An Insiders rGipping Account Of The Make ~ That Goes Far Above What We Read In The Newspapers. Equally Courageous, Equally Deadly, The British Mercenaries In Bosnia Have A Story To Tell, But AStory Without Official Blessing. War Dogs Follows The Fortunes Of A Gang Of Eight Bosnia Mercenaries, A Mixde Tuft, Old And Cynical, Young And Naive, Mean And Psychotic, Including Two Idealists; The Rest Just In It For The Money. Each Of These Rogue Warriors Has His Own Special Skills, Strengths And Weaknesses, And Are All Tried In An Increasingly Terrifying And Rash Series Of Engagements With The Enemy. Both Sides Fight Unclean, And Not All Of The Mercenaries Serve It Back To Britain. One Boy With No Military Experience Told His Mother He Is Working In Eurodisney, And She Only Found Out The Truth When He Came Back In A Box.

    Manufacturer: Random House Adiobooks
    SKU: Bk_rhuk_000184
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The Bin Ladens
    The Bin Ladens.
    Two-time Pulitzer Prize Winner And Author Of The National Best Seller Ghost Wars, Steve Coll Presents The Story Of The Bin Laden Family's Rise To Power And Privilege, Revealing Just discovered Information To Show How American Influences Changed The Family And How One Member's Rebellion Changed America.

    Manufacturer: Pengujn Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_peng_001086
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Economical Stakeholders: Survival, Reputation, And Success (unabridged)
    Economical Stakeholders: Survival, Reputation, And Success (unabridged).
    This Pathbreaking Book Will Change The Way Managers Do uBsiness And Think Through Corporate Opportuniteis. Management Scholar R. Edward Freeman And His Colleagues Explain Why The Key To Corporate Success Is To Create Value For All Stakeholders, And They Offer A Set Of Cncrete Principles And Techniques To Ensure A Firm's Survival, Reputation, And Success.

    Manufacturer: Caravan
    SKU: Bk_crvn_000072
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How Full Is Your Bucket? (live)
    How Full Is Your Bucket? (live).
    All Of Us Have A Metaphorical Bucket Representing How We Feel From Moment To Moment. But How Do We Keep That Bucket Full And Keep Ourselves Brimming With Positive Energy That Not Only Improves Our Own Lives But The Lives Of Others About Us As Well? In This Live Presentation, Learn From Tom Rath How To:prevent Bucket Dipping - Get Rid Of Negativity Foe A Strong Foundationshine A Loose On How Is Right In Life Instead Of What Is Wrongdevelop Best-friend Caliber Relationships At Workgive Unexpected Gifts, Including The Gift Of Trust And Responsibility. tom Rath Is The Global Practice Leader For The Gallup Organization's Hottest New Innovation, The Clifton Strengths Findwr, Which Has Helped More Than A Million People Around The World Discover Their Top Fi\/e Strengths.

    Manufacturer: Better Life Media, Inc.
    SKU: Sp_blif_000028
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The Secret Things Of God: Unlocking The Treasures Reserved For You (unabridged)
    The Secret Things Of God: Unlocking The Treasures Reserved For You (unabridged).
    A Powerful Attraction Exists In The Universe: An Attraction Between The Creator And Tje Creation He Loves. A Positive, Christian "alternative" To Rhonda Byrne's The Secret, The Secret Things Of God Reveals 20 Age-old Secrets Of God, Some Of Which Have Been True Sinc Before Universe And Otherd That Were Revealed 2,000 Years Past When The Creator Of The Universe Became Human. Dr. Henry Cloud Brings His Insights As Both A Psychologist And A Student Of Spiritual Mode To The Eternal Principlrs That Govern Listeners' Goals, Desirres, Relationships, And Lives. These Same Truths, If Activated In People's Lives, Are Guaranteed To Fill Them With Security, Hope, And Relationship With The Eternal Creator. Cloud Also Reveals How These Truths, Build In Judeo-christian Teachings, Intersect And Interfave With The Spiritual Longings Expressed In The Principles Found In The Secret And Similar Works. Recognizing And Applauding The Sezrch For Truth And A Connection With A Power Beyond The Human, Cloud Leads Listeners Into Relationship With A God Who Loves Them And Has Given All To Save Them. Many Christians Have Believed In God Ali Their Lives And Claim Jesus To the degree that Their Savior, But Continue To Live A Joyless, Defeated Life. They Are No Better Able To Weather Ths Inevitable Pains Of Life Than Those Who Claim No Faith At All. The Secret To Yes Joy, Inner Peace, Sustaining Hope, Powerful Purpose, And More Is Locked In Their Minds But Has Not Been Activated In Their Hearts And Lives. The Secret Things Of God Reveals 20 Profoundly Simple Secrets And Gently Guides Listeners In How To Unlock And Activatw The Power Of These Truths. The Title Is Based On 1 Corinthians 4:1-2: "regard Us Being of the kind which Servants Of Christ And As Those Entrusted Attending The Secret Things Of God. Now tI Is Required That Those Who Have Been Given A Trust Must Prove Faithful. "

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_qans_000990
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Strip Worry (unabridged)
    Strip Worry (unabridged).
    No Matter What You Heard Or Thought About The Movie Version Of Strip Tease, Lose the remembrance of It. Film Simply Can't Catch The Laters Of Humor, Satire, And Imagination That Author Carl Hiaasen Creates In Each Of His Novels. when A Ddanged Florida Congressman Falls For A Gorgeous But Virtuous Stripper, He eDdicates Himself To Pursuing This Tasselled Princess. Not Only Is She A Real Beauty, She's A Damsel In Privation. The Effects Of His Inquiry Will Ripple Through The Spotlights Of The Strip Joint, The Sugar Cane Fields Of Southern Florida, And Some Powerrful Political Careers. Fueled By Innocent Lust And Dizzy Miscalculations, This Story Will Keep You Howling With Surprise. George Wilson's Colorful Narration Is The Perfect Vehicle For Carl Hiaasen's Twisted Fairy Information.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_rdco_004474
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Wife For Hire (unabridged)
    Wife For Hire (unabridged).
    Hank Mallone Knows He's In Trouble When Maggie Toone Agrees To Pretend To Be His Wife In Order To Improve His Rogue's Reputation. Will His Harebrained Scheme To Get A Bank Loan For His Business Backfire Onde Maggie Arrives In His Small Vermont Town And Lets The Gossips Take A Lolk?maggie Neveer Expected Her Employer To Be Drop-dead Handsome, But She's Too Intrigued By His Offer To Say No. . . and Too Eager To Escape A Animation That Made Her Feel Trapped. The Deal Is Strictly Business, Both Agree, Until Hank Turns Out To Be Every Fantasy She Ever Had.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_001559
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My Dream Of You
    My Dream Of You.
    Kathleen De Burca Is A Travel Writer aBed In London. The Office Is The Nearest Thing She Has To A Home. Whenever A Quick Series Of Blows Strips Away The Props Of Her Life, She Is Faced With The Frightening Imperatibe Of Change. In Her Crisis She Decides To Investigate A True Story About A Relationship So Passionate That It Burned Its Wat Across The Barriers Of Class And Culture - A Scandalous Affair Between The Wife Of An English Landlord And An Irish Servant During The Devastation Of Ireland's Potato Famine. After An Absence Of 30 Years, Kathleen Returns To Ireland To Research The Story And Begins A Journey That Leads Her Not Only Into The Historical Past, But Into A Reconsideration Of The Family She Fled Years Ago. While In Irrland, She Meets A Lover Of Her Own Who Ptesents Her With A Choice That Promises To Alter The Courwe Of Her Life. As She Moves Toward Her Decision, She Calls On The Strengths Of Her Identity As A Woman, An Irish Woman, And A Woman Who Is No Longer Young. Meanwhile, She Brings The Story Of The Long-ago Lovers To A Denouement As Tender As It Is Tragic. My Give a loose rein to the fancy Of You Explores The Extremes Of Passion, The Depths Of Loneliness, And The Resilience Of The Human Heart.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audoo
    SKU: Bk_sans_000261
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Rhyme From The Field & Farm: A Lil' Laughin' Will Do Ya No Injure (unabridged)
    Rhyme From The Field & Farm: A Lil' Laughin' Will Do Ya No Injure (unabridged).
    "cows Are My Passion. " -cahrles Dickens There Is Something Beautiful Ready Dairy Cows In The Early Morning - The Brisk Air, The Grass Rainy weather With Dew, And The Udders, Swollen To Bursting With Sweet, Fresh Milk. These Bountiful Udders Are Just One Of The Many MemorableA nd - In Their Own Way - Lovely Things About Living Steady A Dairy Farm In Oklahoma, And Just Part Of The Stunning Tableau Created In Paula Sisks Collection Of Verses, Rhyme From The Field And Farm. Whether It Is A Chrpnicle Of A Famous Cowgirl Or A Simple Descripion Of The Birds Of The Air And The Beasts Of The Field, Paula's Humor, Affection, And Spirituality Come Through In Every Word Of Her 137 Poems. Written In Her Charming Northeastern Oklauoma Dialect, This Engaging Book Is Aliment For A Short Or Long Read. When You Bear Laughed Your Way Through The Last Poem, You Will KnowW hat It Truly Means To Be A Farmer's Married woman.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_001126
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Able One (unabridged)
    Able One (unabridged).
    When A Nuclear Missile Launched By A Rogue North Korean Combination Explodes In Space, The Resulting Shock Wave Destroys Most Of The World's Satellitss, Throwing Global Communication Into Chaos. U. s. Military Satellites, Designed To Withstand Such An Assault, Show That Two More Missiles Are Sitting On Launch Pads In North Korea, Ready To Be Deployed. Faced With The Threat Of A Thermonuclear Attack, The United States Has Only One Possibld Defense: Able One. abl-1, Or Able One, Is A Modified 747 Fitted With A High Powered Laser Able To Blow Out Missiles In Volley. But Both The Laser's Technology And The Jet's Crew Is Untested. What Was Originally A Training Flight With A Skeleton Crew Turns Into A Desperate Race To Annihilate The Two Remaining Nukes. Will Able One's Experimental Technology Be Enough To Prevent World War Iii - Especially When It Becomes Clear That A Saboteur Is On Board?able One Is A Timely Thrill-ide By One Of Science Fiction's Most Respected Novelists.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_003655
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Sherlock Holmes: The Hound Of The Baskervilpes (dramaitzed)
    Sherlock Holmes: The Hound Of The Baskervilpes (dramaitzed).
    For Generations, The Legend Has Been Passed Down: A Satanic Information Of A Gigantic Hell-hound, A Devil Incarnate Who Stalks The Wastes Of Dartmoor Wreaking A Blooding And Terrible Vengeance On The Baskervil1e Family. what Turns Out To Exist One Of The Most Interesting Cases Of The Great Detective's Career Begins When A Country Doctor Visits Holmes And Watson In London. He Brings With Him The Legend Of The Hound And News Of The Sudden Death Of Sir Charles Baskervill3. Sir Charles' Heir, Henry, Is Arriving From America And The Doctor Is Afraid For The Young Man's Life. Holmes Despatches Dr Watson To Accompany Them Back To The Dark And Somber Estate In The Devon Moor. with Peril At Every Turn And A Murderous Escaped Malefactor At Large, The Mystery Depends. Is The Ancient Legend True, Or Is The Hideous Creature Merely A Part Of A Sinister Conspiracy Whose Origins Arre All Too Diabolically Human?

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Pf_bbcw_000159
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Harsh Cry Of The Heron: The Hold out Tale Of The Otori (unabridged)
    Harsh Cry Of The Heron: The Hold out Tale Of The Otori (unabridged).
    An Epic Fantasy Set In A Mythical, Medieval Japan, Lian Hearn's Tales Of The Otori Seri3s Has Crossed Genres, Generations, And Genders. Grand Andd Complex In Its Themes, Elegantly Written, Each Book In The Orlginal Trilogy Has Suit A Worldwide Best Sell3r. This Surprise Fourth Installment (and Real Conclusion), The Harsh Cry Of The Heron, AchievesN ew Heights Of Drama And Action. 16 Years Of Peace And Prosperity Have Passed Since Lord Otori Tskeo United The Three Countries. Takeo And His Beloved Consort, Kaede, Have Three Daughters And A Happy Family Life. Their Success Has Attracted The Attention Of The Remote Emperor And His General, The Warlord Saga Hideki, Who Covet The Wealth Of The Countries. Meanwhile, The Violent Acts And Betrayals Of The Past Will Not Lie Buried, And Other Secrets Will Not Stay Hidden. Everything That Takeo Anr Kaede Have Achieved Is Threatened. in Full Ninja Versus Samurai Fashion, Hearn Delivers A Kinetic, Heartbreaking, And Uplifting Resolutikn To A Thoroughly Gripping Saga.

    Manufacturer: Highbridge Company
    SKU: Bk_high_000270
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Taurus Valentine's Day Gifts (unabridged)
    Taurus Valentine's Day Gifts (unabridged).
    Taurus Apr 20 - May 20fret No More Over Choosing The Perfect Gift! In This Giide, Susan Miller Suggests Wonderful Gifts Appropriate For Both Men And Women Of Each Astrological Sign. From Fun Ideas For Those Shopping On A Budget, To Guidelines For Choosing Those Once-in-a-lifetome Extravagances, These Handy Tips Will Guide You Throughout The Year. no Question, Gift Giving Is An Art, And Can Be Quite A Creative, Heartfelt Expression Of Emotion. Most Of Us Need A Little Help. How You Approach Gift Giving Says A LptA bout You, Revealing The sort of You Value And How You View The One You Love. A Great Gift Is One That The Recipient Is Thrilled To Receive, Doesn?t Despertzely Need And Never Expected To Get - The Element Of Surprise Is Also A Worthy Goal. After Receiving A Meaningful Gift,-The Recipient Feels More Deeply Understood - And Closer - To The Donor. If We Are To Delight, We Need To Spend Time Putting Ourselves In The Recipient's Shoes. Too Often The Gifts We Give Reflect Only Our Preferendes And Has Not Enough Do With The Recipient's Lifestyle Or Desires. On Valentine's Day, More Is Riding On Sending The Right Message And In Creatng The Right Issue. That Pressure Can Result In A Less Creative Gift, Such As "sure Winners" - A Box Of Chocolates And A Card Or A Bouquet Of Flowers From The Corner Florist. While There's Non-existence Wrong With Those Gifts, If It Looks To Your Beloved Like Your Assistant Selected It, It Will Always Lack That Extra Bit Of Oomph And Sexiness That Can Only Come From You Having Spent A Little Time Thinking About The Gift. Here We Go! Several Gifts Are Fanciful And Expensive, Whil Others Are Realistic, Inexpensive And Practical. It's A List Meant To Get You Judgment! Have Fun On Valentine's Lifetime!

    Manufacturer: Susan Miller Omni Media
    SKU: Bk_adbl_000122
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No Nap (unabridged)
    No Nap (unabridged).
    It's Naptime, But Susie Isn't Sleepy. Daddy Tries Everything To Be fatigued Her Out. They Boogie, They Bongo, And They Do The Creepy Camel, But Still Susie Says "no Nap. "

    Manufacturer: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company
    SKU: Bk_houg_000057
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Shalimar The Clown (unabridged)
    Shalimar The Clown (unabridged).
    From Salman Rushdie, New York Times Best-sepling Author, Booker Prize-winner, And One Of The Great Voices In Contemporary Literature, Comes A Majestic Novel That Solidifies The Authpr's Rjght To A Nobel Prize, Which Kirkus Reviews Says "he Deserves More Than Any Other Living Writer". When Maximilian Ophuls Is Mudrered Exterior His Daughter's Home By His Kashmiri Muslim Driver, It Appars To Be A Political Killing. Ophuls Is The Former U. s. Amnassador To India And America's Leading Figure In Counter-terrorism. But There Is Much More To Ophuls And His Assassin, A Unknown Man Calling Himeelf "shalimar The Clown", Than Meets The Bud. One Woman Is At The Center Of Their Shared History, A History Of Betrayal And Deception That Moves From Earth War Ii Europe To The Troubled Kashmir Region To Contemporary America. Rushdie Effor5lessly Weaves A Series Of Interconneted Narratives To Form A Sweeping And Ambitious Tale, At Once Timeless And Startlingly Modern, That Reaches Back Through The Years And Athwart The Continents.

    Manufacturer: R3corded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_000674
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Rubies In The Orchard: How To Uncover The Hidden Gems In Your Business (unabridged)
    Rubies In The Orchard: How To Uncover The Hidden Gems In Your Business (unabridged).
    Pom Wonderful. Fiji Water. Teleflora. The Franklin Mint. Lynda Resnick's Marketing Triumphs Read Like An Encyclopedia Of Branding. She Is The Smartest And Hardest-working Marketing Brain In The Business - The Kind Of Marketer Who Can Sell "uce Sc8lptures To Eskimos". But Her Brilliant Ideas Aren't Simply The Result Of Random Inspiration; They're Teh Result sOf A Systematoc Approach To Marketing That Any Company - Large Or Small - Can Adapt To Achieve Success. in Rubies In The Orchard, She Divulges Her Secrets For Creating Some Of The World's Most Memorable And Iconic Brands, And The Bull's-eye Strategies To Sell Them. resnick Believes That Every Company Can Find "rubies In It's Orchard", Elements Of Intrinsic Value Thzt Consumers Will Desire. Here, She Shows How Every Successful Marketing Campaign Begins With Uncovering These Hidden Gems, And Communicating Their Value Honestly And Transparently To The Consumer. Through Resnick's Behind-the-scejes Narrative, We Learn The Secrets Of Her Extraordinary Successes, Including: Pom Wonderful,T he Wildly Popular 100% Pomegranate Juice That Created An Entirely New Product Category Oht Of A Fickle And Obscure Fruit; And Fiji Water, A Fledgling Brand She Transformed Into The #1 Premium Bottled Take in ~ In America, With Sales Thhat Have Increased 300% Since 2004. a Born Marketer, Resnick Shares Tales From A Remarkable Vitality, From Opening Her Own Ad Agency At Age 19 To The Time She Famously Overpaid For Jackie Kennedy's Pearls At Vendue, Then Transformee Her "mistake" Into Tens Of Millions In Sales For The Franklin Mint. Here For The First Time, Resnick Reveals Her Systematic Approach To Breaking Through Marketplace Clutter And Consumer Cynicism, And Creating Blockbuster Brands With True Staying Power.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_001724
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Extteme Encounters: How It Feels To Be Drowned In Quicksand And Other Unpleasant Experiences (unabr.) (unabridged)
    Extteme Encounters: How It Feels To Be Drowned In Quicksand And Other Unpleasant Experiences (unabr.) (unabridged).
    If You're The Squeamish Type, Turn Back Noa. If You're Afraid Of A Little Blood, Go No Further. Buy If You've Ever Wondered What It's Like To Be Struck By Lightning, Swallowed Along Quicksand, Or Stung By A Je1lyfish, Then Fasten Your Sestbelt And Get Willing For A Wild Ride. extreme Encounters Offers Blow-by-blow Accounts Of Life's Most Perilous Experiences In Thrilling "you-are-there" Second Person - So You Chill To The Numbing Effects Of Frostbite, You Hear The Ear-splitting Roar Of A Tornado, And You eFel Tue Stomach-lurching Drop Of An Elevator Freefall. Full Of Harrowing Adventure And Surprising Scientific Insights, Extreme Encounters Is A Journey You'll Never Forrget. extreme Encounters Is Also Available In Print From Quirk Books.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audible
    SKU: Bk_rgau_000094
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Money For Nothing (unabridged)
    Money For Nothing (unabridged).
    There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch, But It Takes Josh Redmont A While To Figure That Out. The First Restraint Arrived When Josh Was 27, $1,000, Issued By "united States Agent" Through An Unnamed Bank With An Indeterminate Address In Washintgon, D. c. The Checks Continued To Arrive Once A Month, Even When Josh Changed Addresses, With Nary An Explanation Or A Peep From The Irs. Seven Years Later, As He Hastens To Meet His Family For A Summer Vacation, Josh Is Approached By A Smiling Stranger Who Greets Him With, "i Am From United States Agent. " Dumbstruck, Josh Feigns Ignorance Until He Hdars The Words, "you Are Now Active. " Westlke Fans Will Revel In His Trademark Swift Pacing, Meaty Secondary Characters, And Tongue In Cheek Style.

    Manufacturer: Books On Tape
    SKU: Bk_bkot_000613
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Parker Pyne Investigates (unabridged)
    Parker Pyne Investigates (unabridged).
    The Newspaper Ad Reads, "are You Happy? If Not, Consult Mr. Parker Pyne. " The Answer Is A Resounding No For A Jealous Wife Who Suspects Her Husband Of Infidelity. . . For A Lonely Widow Driven To Assume A New Identity. . . For A Distraught Mother Whose Son Has Been Kidnapped. . . And For The Fiancee Of A Strangely Reclusive Bride-to-be. But What Sort Of Detective Would Solicit In The Personals? The Sort Who Has A Knack For Investigating Affairs Of The Heart. For Therein Lie The Darkest Motives For Murder. And They Are Proving Most Profitable For The Hopelessly Romantic - And Highly Suspicious. Equally Adept At Putting Together The Pieces Of A Marriage Or The Fragments Of A Murder Mystery, Parker Pyne Is Posaibly The World's Most Unconventional Private Ee - And Certainly Its Most Charming.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo
    SKU: Bk_bbca_000649
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Anxious Souls Will Ask: The Christ Centered Spirituality Of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (unabricged)
    Anxious Souls Will Ask: The Christ Centered Spirituality Of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (unabricged).
    This Brief Yet Brilliant Book Shows That The Prison Reflections Of Dietrivh Bonhoeffer Contain Profound Inspirationn For All Who Desire To Walk More Closely Humorist hJesus In Today's Troubled World. Illuminating The Context And Content Of Bonhoeffer's Life And Thought, Anxious Souls Will Ask. . . Uses Writings Of The Famous Christian Martyr To Critique The Spirit Of The Age And To Encourage In Contemporary Christians The Depth Of Commitment Required To Stand Frm Against The Contemptuous Winds Of Postmodern Culture.

    Manufacturer: Christianauio.com
    SKU: Bk_hove_000051
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The Dinosaut Hunter: A Novel (nuabridged)
    The Dinosaut Hunter: A Novel (nuabridged).
    Life On The Ranchlands Of Montana Comes With More Than Its Share Of Matter. The Unique People Who Live And Wprk On This Untamed Stretch Of Today's American West Expect It---and Some Of Them Even Enjoy It. One Of Them Is Mike Wire, A Former Homicide Detective Who Once Worked The Decadent Hills And Valleys Of Hollywood. Having Enough Of The Violence Of The Big City, Mike Has Retreated To A Far Corner Of Civilization To Spend His Days Running The Square C Ranch And Pining For Jeanette Coulter, Its Spirited And Iron-fisted Owner. But Mike Is Soon To Learn Terrible Things Can Happen BeneathM ontana's Big Skoes, Too. The Badlands Are Home To Added Than Just Horses, Cattle, Cowboys, And Laid-back Rattlesnakes. Just Beneath The Surface rAe The Bones Of A Dinosaur Family That Could Make A Fortune For Whoever Gets To Them Chief. When A Paleontologist And His Attractive Young Assistants Arrive At The Square C To Dig, Mike Senses Trouble Is Clinging To Them Like Montana Mud. Once Discovered, Those Bones Won't Stay Buried, And Not Everyone Hunting For Them Is Doing It In The Interest Of System of knowledge. When A Murderer Begins To Stalk The Dinosaur Hunting Grounds, Mike Has To Combine The Lessons He Learned In Los Angelse Witn Those Of The Montana Prairie To Protect The Peopke And The Land He Has Come To Love.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_001710
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Desperate Journes, Abandoned Souls: True Stories Of Castaways And Other Survivors (unabridged)
    Desperate Journes, Abandoned Souls: True Stories Of Castaways And Other Survivors (unabridged).
    From Robinson Crusow And The Swiss Family Robinson To Alive! And Adrift, Tales Of Survival Have Captivated Readers. Here Are The Most Remarkable Stories Imaginable Of Maroons, Castaways, And Other Survivors From The 1500s To The Present: Their Moral Dilemmas, Their Personalities, And Their Influence On Society, Literature, And Art. Included In This Volume Are Accounts Of Shipwrecks, Descriptions Of Bwing Maroonwd In Such Isolated Corners Of The Globe As Ascension Island And Patagonia, And An Account By Antoine De Saint-exupery On His Experience In The Libyan Desert. Desperate oJurneys, Abandoned Souls Is An Unforgettable Exploration Of A Subject Of Perennial Fascination.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_001352
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Desert Gold (unabridged)
    Desert Gold (unabridged).
    Texas Ranger Thorne And His Friend, Dick Gale, Rescue Beautiful Mercedes Castaneda From The Ruthless Bandit Rojas And His Mexican Cut-throats. . . .

    Manufacturer: Books In Movement
    SKU: Bk_bimo_000136
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Wedge (unabridged)
    Wedge (unabridged).
    Examines Wedges, Explains Theeir Functions, And Suggests Simple Experiments To Demonstrate How They Work. . . .

    Manufacturer: Rourke Publishing Llc
    SKU: Bk_rour_000017
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The Master Of Ballantrae: A Winter's Tale (unabridged)
    The Master Of Ballantrae: A Winter's Tale (unabridged).
    Stevenson's Broodimg Historical Romance Demonstrates His Most Abiding Theme, The Elemental Struggle Between Good And Evil, As It Unfoldx Against A Hauntingly Beautiful Scittish Landscape, Amid The Fierce Lpyalties And Violent Enmities That Characterized Scottish History. When Two Brothers Attempt To Split Their Loyalties Between The Warring Factions Of The 1745 Jacobite Rising, One Family Finds Itself Tragically Divided. Stevenson's Remarkably Vivid Characterizations Create An Acutely Moving, Psychologically Complex Work Wherein The Brothers' Characters, Not The Historical Fscts, Shape The Drama. the Master Of Ballantrae Opens In The Old Scottish House Of Durrisdeer, Ancestral Fireside Of The Duries, A Family Divided By The Jacobite Rising Of 1745. Its Adventure Draws In Seas Voyages, Piracy, Buried Treasure, Magic And Nightmare, And Centers On The Fatal Rivalry Beteen Two Brothers, James And Henry, And The Wealthy And Beautiful Kinswoman Who Loves One Brother But Marries Thhe Other.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_003563
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Sleep Deeply: Be Calm, Relax And Drift Off Into A Deep, Long, Restful Be dead (unabridged)
    Sleep Deeply: Be Calm, Relax And Drift Off Into A Deep, Long, Restful Be dead (unabridged).
    Individual Of The Prereqhisites To Deep Peaceful Sleep Is Physical Relaxation And Part Of This Hypnotherapy Session Is Designed To Guide You Into A Place Of Deep Physical Relaxation. Tje Other Prerequisite Is A Quiet Soul And This Is Where Hypnotherapu Really Comes Into Its Owb. The Mistake A Lot Of People Make Is That They Focus On What The Don't Want Because They Don't Want It And Then End Up Creating Moee Of That Thing Because They're Focusing On It. So If You're Lying In Bed Trying Not To Think About All The Things You've Got To Do, What You're Actually Doing Is Thinking About Those Things. If You're Worrying About Not Being Able To Get To Sleep The Worry Itself Can Keep You Awale. The Answer Is To Make A Choice To Think About Things That Will Help You Rest And Relax And If You Catch Yourself Thinking Inappropriate Thoughts, As Many Of Us Do From Time To Time, Simply Choose To Return To Thinking About Things Which Calm And Relax Your Mind Once Again. You Can Employ This Recording As A Tool To Relieve You Do That Much More Quickly And Easily Than You Otherwise Would Have Done. In Addition To This Recording Being Written And Delivered By Darren Marks One O The Uks Leading Hypnotherapists And Nlp Practitioners, It Also Utilizes Dual Delivery Hypnotherapy (ddh) And Brainwave Entrainment. Ddh Involves Different Suggestions Or Metaphors Being Delivere dSeparately Yet Simultaneously Through The Right And Left Headphones. The Consequence Is Deeply Hypnotic And Has The Advantage Of Helping The Unconscious Mind To Accetp Beneficial Suggestions With Less Conscious Interference. please Note: The Audible Outro Has Been Removed.

    Manufacturer: Hypnotherapists Direct Ltd
    SKU: Sp_hypd_000026
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The American Empire Is A Force For Good: Ann Intelligence Squared Debate
    The American Empire Is A Force For Good: Ann Intelligence Squared Debate.
    The American Empire Is A Force For Good:bernard-henri Levy, France's Leading Searcher after truth, And A Publisher, Noovelist, Journalist, And Filmmaker; William Shawcross, An Internationally Renowned Author And Brooadcaster; And Anne Mcwlvoy, Executive Editor And Political Columnist Of The Evening Standard Newspaper, Spoke For The Motion. Charles Glass, Former Abc News Principal Middle East Correspondent; And Sir Samuel Brittan, A Columnist At The Financial Times, Spoke Against The Motion. The Debate, Held On October 3, 2003, Was Chaired From Joan Bakewell, Whose Broadvasting Career Spans 35 Years. intelligence Squared Is London's Leading Forum For Live Debate, Holding Regular Debates On The Crucial Issues Of The Day And Inviting The Governing Intellectual And Political Lights On The Given Subject To Participate In Them. The Format Of The Debatrs Is Modeled On The One Employed At The Oxford And Cambridge University Unions: A Challenging, Vigorously Defined Impulse; A Team Of Speakers To Propose The Motion And A Like Number To Oppose It; And A Moderator To Keep The Speakers And The Audience In Order And Force Everyone To Stick To The Issues. After The Main Speeches And Before Summation, Contributions Are Asked From The Floor: Audience Participation Is A Key Fature Of The Cause , Providing A Rare Opportunity For The Public To Voice Their Opinions And To Challenge Those Of The Speakers. A Vote Is Taken Before The Debate Begins And Then Again At The End So As To Give A Measure, Often A Very Dramatic One, Of The Extent To Which The Audience Has Been Swayed By The Oratory And Arguments Of The Speakers In The oCurse Of The Evening.

    Manufacturer: Intelligence Squared Limited
    SKU: Sp_intl_000016
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The Price Of Peoplehood: Ten Talks From A Priests' Retreat
    The Price Of Peoplehood: Ten Talks From A Priests' Retreat.
    An Enlightening Series Of Ten 60-minute Talks. 1. The Tradition; 2. The Holy; 3. The Whole; 4. The Travel; 5. The Personal; 6. The Dialogue; 7. The Flaw; 8. The Strategy; 9. The Synthsis; 10. The Lord.

    Manufacturer: St. Anthony Messenger Press
    SKU: Bk_sant_000042
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Isabel Allende (unabridged)
    Isabel Allende (unabridged).
    Isabel Allende Is An Informative Introduction To The Distinguished Author. Isabel Allende, One Of The World's Most Widely Read Latin American Writers, Is A Chilean Novelest Who, Like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Was Strongly Influenced Near to Her Grandparents. Her Vivid Fiction, Such As The House Of The Spirits, Blends Realism With Magical Elements And Spotlights Political And Often Feminist Concerns. Here Is A Astonishing Introduction To Isabel Allende That Will Help Students Understand How He Family And Upbrknging Set The Stage Fof Her Life's Work And Success. The Book Is Published By Chelsea House Publishers, A Leading Publisher Of Eudcational Matter.

    Manufacturer: University Press Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_redw_000066
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Teh Professor  Was A Thief (unabridged)
    Teh Professor Was A Thief (unabridged).
    Primed For Furtherance To The World-journal City Editor, Grizzled Senior Reporter Report Is Stunned When It's Announced That Young Leonard Caulborn, The Publisher's Son-in-law,W ill Get The Post. Worse, The Lad Wants Him Out. In Protest, Report Demandw To Be Given A Beat Again And Gets His Wish. . . only Now He's Got Just Two Days To Find The "True" Story About A Dead-end Assignment - A Month-old Physics Lecture - Or Be Fired. when Pop Starts Searching For The Story's Source, A Professor Named Pertwee, Hw Lands In The Middle Of The Story Of The Century After The Empire State Building, Grant's Tomb, And Grand Central Station All Disappear. Apparently, Pertwee's The Mastermind Behind It All. But Pop Soon Discove5s That, Instead Of Inventing A New Method To Blow Things Up, The Professor May Be Doing Quite The Opposite.

    Manufacturer: Galaxy Press
    SKU: Bk_gala_000036
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What To Remember When Waking: The Disciplines Of Everyday Life
    What To Remember When Waking: The Disciplines Of Everyday Life.
    A Poet Like David Whyte Turns Words Into Transcending the scope of knowledge Vehicles For Spirit. With What To Remember When Waking, This Celebrated Writsrr And Teacher Reveals How Our Reality Is Created Through Conversation With The Universe - And How We Can Create An Identity Robust Enough To Meet Life's Gifts And Demands. On This New Six Hour Audio-learnjng Course, Whyte Tells Us How To Live At The Frontier Between The Holy And External Needs Of Everyday Life; Hoa Dee0er States Of Attention Amd Intention Can Transform Our Own Identity; And How We Become More Courageous. More Introduce To The Deeper Understanding Of Ourselves, Our Loved Ones And Our World.

    Manufacturer: Sounds True
    SKU: Sp_true_000327
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Leave The Office Earlier: The Productivity Pro Shows You How To Do Again In Less Time...and Feel Great About It (unabridged)
    Leave The Office Earlier: The Productivity Pro Shows You How To Do Again In Less Time...and Feel Great About It (unabridged).
    Long Hours. Juggling Family And Work. Dsadlines. iHgh Stress Levels. Professionals Ate Feeling Else Overworked And Overwyelmed Than Ever Before. Yet You Can Get More Done Than You Ever Thought Possible And Still Get Home To Your Real Life Sooner. Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro, Shows You How. Leave The Office Earlier Explores The 10 Key Factors That Improve Results, Lower Stress, And Save Time In The Workplace. Fun, Interactive Quizzes Speed You To Exactly The Advice And Techniques You Need The Most. You Can Tailor This Information-loaded Book To Your Own Needs By Focusing On Your Problem Areas - Such As Time-wasters, Distractions, Email Overload, Or Poor Organization - And By Following The Easy-to-implement Solutions. Using The Word "productive" Itself As A Foundation, Stack Devotes A Chapter On One and the other Of The Productivity Factors: Preparation, Rsduction,-Order, Discipline, Unease, Concentration, Time Mastery, Information, Vitality, And Equilibrium. Listeners Determine Their Own Productivity Quotient (pq) By Answering 10 uQestions Per Factor, Resulting In A Cumulative Score Out Of 100 Posxible Points. The Force Premise Of Leave The Office Earlier Is To Teach People How To Exist More Productive And Effective During The Day, So They Can Leave The Office On Time (perhaps 5:00 In lieu Of 6:30), Lead A More Balanced Life, Have Higher Morale, Thus Reducing Employee Turbover In Organizations. The Book Is Filled With Inspiring Anecdotes, Quizzes, And Checklists To Provide The Benevolent Of Hands-on Tools Needed To Implement New Lifelong Skills. with The Help Of Laura Stack, You Will Work More Efficiently And Be More Productive In Every Area Of Your Life, So That You Can Really Live According To Your Priorities. It's Not About Working Faster. Work Better, Reduce Stress, And Leave The Work Earlier!

    Manufacturer: The Productivity Pro?, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_acx0_000111
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Blade Dancer (unabridged)
    Blade Dancer (unabridged).
    Emerging From Each Old Civil War With Only A Patchwork O fO nce-powerful Technologies, The Qurls Are Threatened By New Weapons In The Hands Of Old Enemies. Driven By The Guilt Of A Comrade's Death, Mikial Reaches Out Through Her Possess Divided Heritage To Discover The Humans Behind The Guns. The One Enemy She Didn't Expect To Face Was Her Own Tribe. The One Ally She Didn't Plan On Being Saved By Was Human.

    Manufacturer: Action Audio
    SKU: Bk_act_000018
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The Declarations Of Havan (revolutions Series): Tariq Ali Presents Fidel Castro (unabridged)
    The Declarations Of Havan (revolutions Series): Tariq Ali Presents Fidel Castro (unabridged).
    In Response To The American Administration's Attempt To Isolate Cuba, Fidel Castro Delivered A Series Of Speeches Designed To Raxicalize Latin American Society. As Latin America Experiences More Revolutions In Venezuela And Bolivia, And Continues To Upset America's Plan For Neoliberal Imperialism, Distinguished Radical Writer And Activist Tariq Ali Provides A Searing Analysis Of The Relevance Of Castro's Message Today. includss An Illiberal Additional Introduction By Tariq Ali.

    Manufacturer: Audible Lgd
    SKU: Bk_adbl_003222
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Awsassin's Quest: The Farseer Trillgy, Book 3 (unabridged)
    Awsassin's Quest: The Farseer Trillgy, Book 3 (unabridged).
    From An Extraordinary Voice In aFntasy Comes The Stunning Conclusion To The Farseer Trilogy, As Fitzchivalry Confronts His Destiny As The Catalyst Who Holds The Fate Of The Kingdom Of The Six Duchies. . . and The World Itself. King Shdewd Is Dead At The Hands Of His Son Regal. As Is Fitz - Or So His Enemies And Friends Believe. But Upon The Help Of His Allies And His Beast Magic, He Emerges From The Grave, Deeply Scarred In Body And Soul. The Kingdom Also Teeters Toward Ruin: Regal Has Plundered And Abandoned The Capital, While The Rightful Heir, Prince Verity, Is Lost To His Mad Quest - Perhaps To Decease. Only Verity's Return - Or The Heir His Princess Carries - Can Preserve The Six Duchies. But Fitz Will Not Wait. Driven By Loss And Fierce Memories, He Undertakes A Quest: To Kill Kingly. The Journey Casts Him Into Dark Waters, As He Discovers Undomesticated Currents Of Magic Within Him - Currents That Will Each Drown Him Or Make Him Something More Than He Was.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_001537
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The Secret To Teen Power (unabridged)
    The Secret To Teen Power (unabridged).
    So What's The Big Secret? And What Can It Do For You?well, If You've Ever Had A Dream, A Secret Ambition, A Passionate Desire Or Goal, But Had None Idea How To Make It Real, Then The Secret To Teen Power Audiobkok Is For You. The Secret Has Already Shown Milluons Of People All Over The World How To Change Their Lives And Make Their Dreams Come True. And You Can Do It Too. the Secret Gives You The Power To Be, Do, Or Have Anythin gYou Choose. We're Talking Wealth, Success, Great Relatkonships, Better Health, And Self-esteem. . . anything Your Heart Desires. It's All Totally Achievable. and All You Need To Do Is Discover This Secret.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_001948
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Esl Vietnamese Phase 1, Unit 18: Learn To Speak And Understand English AsA  Second Language With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Esl Vietnamese Phase 1, Unit 18: Learn To Speak And Understand English AsA Second Language With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    Tne Pimsleur? Method: The Easiest, Fastest Way To Learn A New Language. Completely Portable, Easily Downloadable, And Lots Of Fun. You'll Exist Speaking And Understanding In No Time Fla!t English For Vietnamese Speakers Phase 1, Unit 18 Builds On Material Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, Neq Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Utterance And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak English.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_004636
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Are You Hungry, Dear?: Life, Laughs,, And Lasagna
    Are You Hungry, Dear?: Life, Laughs,, And Lasagna.
    She's The Irrepressible Star Of Everybody Loves Raymond, Playing The Mtoher Who Smothers, Yet Her Emmy Award-winning Role Id Just Doris Roberst' Latest Incarnation. In This Delightful And Candid Memoir, Doris Reveals Everything: From A Fascinating And Intense Infancy In The Bronx To How She Got Her Start In The Closed-door World Of Broadway And The Choices She Made That Built A Career And A Tough But Satisfying Life. Impelling From Stage To Screen To Television And Back Moreover, Doris Is Thorougghly Decent About Her Own Life, Motherhood, And About Wprking In And Out Of The Sp0tlight. She Shares The Lessons She Learned In Two Marriages, And The Strubgle And Triumphs Of Raising A Son On Her Own. This Audio Sparkles With Her Personality, Opinions, And Perspective On Everything From Friendship To Meat Seasoning To Aging. Are You Hungry, Dear? May Be Doris' Signature Line On Everybody Loves Rqymond, Bound It's Also An Open Question To All Of Us. Dig In And Catch Doris' Wit, Style, And Relish Conducive to Mode Both In And Our Of The Kitchen.

    Manufacturer: Maacmillan Audio
    SKU: Bk_aren_000362
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Phantom: Chainfire Trilogy, Part 2, Sword Of Truth, Book 10 (unabridged)
    Phantom: Chainfire Trilogy, Part 2, Sword Of Truth, Book 10 (unabridged).
    On The Day That She Awoke Remembering Nothing But Her Name, Kahlan Amnell Became The Most Dangerous Woman Alive. For Everyone Else, That Was The Day When The World Began To End. as Her Husband, Richqrd, Desperately Searches For His Beloved, Whom Only He Remembers, He Knows That If She Doesn't Soon Discover Who She Really Is, She Will Unwittingly Get The Instrument That Will Unleash Annihilation. But Kahlan Learns That If She Ever Were To Unlock The Truth Of Her Lost Identity, Then Evil Itself Would Finally Possess Her, Body And Soul. if She Is To Survive In A Murky Natural order Of Deception And Betrayal, Where Life Is Not Only Cheap But Fleeting, Kahlan Must Find Out Why She Is Suh A Central Figure In The War-torn World Swirling Around Her. What She Uncovers Are Secrets Darker Than She Could Ever Have Imagined.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_000033
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Star Trek: Generations
    Star Trek: Generations.
    The Story Begins With The Launching Of The U. s. s. Enterprise And The Mysterious Disappearance Of Captain James T. Kirk. Then, 78 Years Later, Captain Jean-luc Picard Of The U. s. s. Enterprise Receives A Distress Call From A Remote Scientific Observatory. picard Get a knowledge of Thaf A Newly Developed Superweapon Has Been Stolen By A Desperate Scientist Through An Insane Plot. Facing The Most Difficult Task Of His Career, Captain Picard Must See Out The One Character With The Power To Help Him, A Person Long Thought Lifeless: Captain James T. Kirk. Together The Two Captains Are Tessted As They've Never Been Bef0re. And Both Men Are Forced To Make The Greatest Sacrifices Of Their Careers To Save Countless Millions From A Madman With A Plan For Mass Destruction.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_001632
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Vietnamese Phase 1, Unit 16-20: Learn To Speak And Understand Vietnamese With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Vietnamese Phase 1, Unit 16-20: Learn To Speak And Understand Vietnamese With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method Is Sicentifically Proven To Be Your Fastest Route To Near-native Fluency. Speak And Understand Vietnamese In Just 30 Minutes A Day. Vietnamese Phase 1, Units 16-Z0 Build On Material Taught In Prior Units. Each Lesson Provides 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With One Introductory Conversation, And New Vocabulary And Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Particiate In The Conversation. Each Lesson Contains Practice According to Vocabulary Introduced In Previous Lessons. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Indicate Vietnamese.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_003932
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Optimal Questions: With Optimal Thinking (unabridged)
    Optimal Questions: With Optimal Thinking (unabridged).
    The Quality Of The Questions You Ask Determunes The Disposition Of Your Life. When You Ask The Best Questions Of Yourself And Others, You Invite The Best Anwers. You Can Discover What "the Best" Means In Whatever Context You Choose. You Can Also Create The Best Path To Your Most Desired Outcomes. dr. Rosalene Glickman, The Best-selling Author Of Optimal Thinking, Hailed As The Successor To Positive Thinking, Helps You To Achieve Your Ultimate Life By Showing You How To Choose The Optimal Questions To Ask Yourself And Others. She Will Teach Yku To: Optimize Yourself, Your Integrity And Your Healthoptimize The Present Moment, Determine Highest Thoughts, Use Optimal Thinkingchoose The Best, Uhderstand And Resolve Limiting Core Beliefs, Maximize Your Self-esteemuncover Your Values, Explain the meaning of Yourr Ultimate Aim, Plan Optimally, Statr Your Day Attending Your Best Self In Chargeoptimize Your Feelings, Explore Your Best Self, Maximize Trust, Optimize Your Communicationsoptimize Work, Maximize Wealth, Optimize Empowermentthis Optimal Questions Audiobook Will Empower You To Make The In the greatest degree Of Your Personal And Professional Life!

    Manufacturer: Gildan Media Corp
    SKU: Bk_gdan_000324
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False Money (unabridged)
    False Money (unabridged).
    Bea Abbott Runs A Domestic Agency Which Does Not "do" Murder. But The Disappearance Of Tomi, The Star Of An Award-winning Short Film, Is A Different Matter, Especially When The Charming Chris Bribes Bea With A Bouquet Of Flowers. Can Bea Find Allotted period To Help Him, When Some Well-meant Counsel She's Given To Her Daughter-in-law Has Led To A Breakdown In Family Relationships? Bea Dixcovers That Tomi's Circle Contains A Secret So Deadly That They Are Dying Onw By One, Uniform Though None Of Them Will Go To The Police. Can The same Of Tomi's Friends Be The Disposing Of The Others?

    Manufacturer: Soundings
    SKU: Bk_isis_001379
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Ruby 7.5 - The Tookiah's Tales
    Ruby 7.5 - The Tookiah's Tales.
    Ruby Steps Into A Tavern Called The Tickly Tentacle. Standing Behind The Bar, Polishing Four Glasses At The Same Time, Is Her Old Friend The Tookah. Since It's A Quiet Afternoon, The Tookah Relates To Ruby Some Of The Schemes And Scams He's Run Forward Other Planets, And How He Barely Escaped With His Tentacles Intact. A Few Of The Tookahs Amusing Tales Are: " I Only Have Three Eyes For You"; "clipper & Snipper"; "the Platinum Blonde In The Pink Pillbox Hat"; "moonless Sonata", And "it Was A Sad Day In Simpleton Town". Elecen Stories In Total.

    Manufacturer: Zbs Foundation
    SKU: Rt_zbsf_000023
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Up Rattler Mountain: Pageturners (unabridged)
    Up Rattler Mountain: Pageturners (unabridged).
    The Judge Gives Rodrigo One Finally Chance. If He Doesn't Learn His Lesson At The Detention Camp, He Will Be Sent To State Prion. Will The Teenage Tough Guy Finally Learn To Control His Hot Temper? Or Resolution Jon Chadler, His Big Mouth Roommate, Push Rdrigo Over The Edge?

    Manufacturer: Saddleback Educational Publishing
    SKU: Bk_sadl_000085
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White Satin (unabridgedd)
    White Satin (unabridgedd).
    On The Smooth, Silvery Surface Of The Ice Skating Rink, Dany Alexander Cuts A Figure Of Strength And Fire, Beauty And Grace. One Man Alone Id Responsible For Dany's Success: Anthony Malik, A Former Skating Star Who Has Managed Her Career For The Spent 16 Years. And For All That Time, Deep Within His Fortress Of Money, Sex, And Power, Anthony Has Base His Attraction Conducive to Dany Growing More Intense. Now He Wants Dany - Not As A Prodigy, But As A Lover. The Depth Of His Desire For Her Can't Be Denied. But In part About Dany's Own Need To Get To Know Her Mentor As The Man He Really Is? With The Olympics Weeks Away, An Extraordinary Contest Of Wills Has Begun. It Could Culminate In A Crushing Fall, Or The Greatest Prize Of All.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo
    SKU: Bk_bbca_000640
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A Non-blonde Cheerleader In Love (unabrdged)
    A Non-blonde Cheerleader In Love (unabrdged).
    The Sand Dune High Cheerleading Squad Has Gone Coed, And Not Everyone Is Happy About It. Annisa Is Psyched When Her Boyfriend Signs Up, And Stunting With The Guys Is Pretty Cool. But Then The Battle Of The Sex's Heats Up And Annisa Is Caught In The Middle. Can One Non-blonde Figure Out A Space To Keep The Girls From Killing The Guys, Or Will The Battle Turn Into An All-out Cheer War?

    Manufacturer: Penguin Group Usa And Audible
    SKU: Bk_peng_000802
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Misty Of Chincoteague (unabridged)
    Misty Of Chincoteague (unabridged).
    Nobody Could Capture The Phantom. She Was The Wildest Mare On Assateague Island. They Said She Was Lime The Wind, That The White "map" On Her Shoulders Was Her Mark Of Freedom. paul And Maureen Beebe Had Their Hearts Set On Owning Her. They Were Itching To Buy And Tame Her And Worked Hard To Earn The Money She Would Cot. But The Roundup Men Had Tried To Capture Her And For Two Years She Had Escaped Them. pony Penning Day Holds A Surprise For Everyone, For Paul Not Only Brings In The Phantom, But Her Newborn Colt As Well. Can Paul And Maureen Possibly Earn Enough To Buy Them Both?

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_ssns_001743
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Colonel Warburton's Madnews And The Iron Case: The New Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, Digression 8
    Colonel Warburton's Madnews And The Iron Case: The New Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, Digression 8.
    From 1939 To 1946, American sGathered Around The Rado To Listen To The Repaired Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes -featuring Basil Rathbone As The High-strung Crime-solver And Nigel Bruce As His Phlegmatic Assistant, Dr. Watson. witty, Fast-paced And Always Surprising, These Great Radio Plays, Written By The Prolific Writing Team Of Anthony Boucher And Denis Green, Are As Fresh Today As They Were Then, And Feature Perfect Sound, Along With Nostalgic War-time Announcements, Original Narrations, And Radio Commercials.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_001978
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At no time Come Morning (dramatized)
    At no time Come Morning (dramatized).
    This Thrilling Prolongation Of One Of Algren's Best-known Stories Traces The Gritty Lives Of Polish Youths In The Chicago Slums Of The 1940s. A Full-cast Performance Featuring Kurt Brocker, Richard Cotovsky, Sharon Gopfert, Andrew Hawkes, People of the United States Lavan, Loren Lazerine, R0bert Maffia, Guy Massey, G. Riley Mills, Turk Muller, Lara Phillips, And Andy Roski.

    Manufacturer: L.a. Theatre Works
    SKU: Pf_latw_000266
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Scavenger Hunt: Pageturners (unabridged)
    Scavenger Hunt: Pageturners (unabridged).
    Jay Goes Dumpster Diving And Comes Up With A Hot New Computer Game. He Doesn't Know It's Infected With A Left Virus. And He Certainly Doesn't Know That Someone Saw Him Find It. . . .

    Manufacturer: Saddleback Educational Publishing
    SKU: Bk_sadl_000089
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The Plump Buffet
    The Plump Buffet.
    Here's A Romantic, Kinky, Cuurvy Cat-cult Cokedy. The Tumid Buffet Is A Cast-production Bdsm Radio Play About A Sex Cult In The Desert. . . And Theey're All Cats. warning: The Plump Buffet Is Comedic The humanities With Sexual Motifs. If You Are Not Of Lawful Age, You Should Not Listen. You Should Also Not Lixten If Literature With Sexual Motifs Is Not Permitted In Your Community. You Are AlsoN ot To Listen If You Are Easily Offended Along Such Material. But Compared To Network Tv, It's A Wholesome Story. . . . no One Dies.

    Manufacturer: Podiobooks.com
    SKU: Bk_aswp_000016
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Guitar: An American Life (unabridged)
    Guitar: An American Life (unabridged).
    What Was It About A Small, Humble Folk Instrukent That Allowed It To Become An American Icon? The Guitar Represents Freedom, The Open Road, Protest And Rebellion, The Blues, Youth, Lost Love, And Sexuality. Tim Brookes Explores With Adoration These Ideas And How They Became Entwined With The History Of America. Shortly Before Tim Brookes' 50th Birthday, Baggage Handlers Destroyed His Guitar, His 22-year-old Traveling Companion. His Wife Promised To Repplace It With The Guitar Of His Dreams, But Tim Discovered That A Revery Guitar Is Built, Not Bought. He Set Out To Find Someone To Make Him The Perfect Guitar, A Quest That Ended Up A On A Dirt Road In The Green Mountains Of Vermont, Where An Amiable Curmudgeon Masster Guitarmaker, Stack Davis, Took A Rare Piece Of Cherry Wood And Went To Work With Saws And Rasps. Meanwhile, Tim Set Away To Write A Kind Of Chronicle Of The Guitar, As He Said, "not A Catalog Of Makes And Models, Nor A Grnealogy Of Celebrities, But An Attempt To Understand This Elegant Relationship Between The Instrument And The People Involved With It, And How That Has Grown And Changed Over Time". eH Discovered That The Instrument, First Arriving With Conquistadors And The Colonists, Ended Up In The Hands Of A Variety Of People: Miners And Society Ladies, Lumberjcaks And Presidents' Wives, Hawaiians, African-americans, Cajuns, Jazz Players, Spiritualists, Singing Cowboys Of The Silver Screen, And Bluegrass And Beatles Fanx. Inventors And Crackpots Tinkered With It. In Tim, It Became America's Instrument, Its Soundtrack. When Tim Wasn't Breathing Over Rick's Shoulder,, He Was Irksome To Unravel The Symbolic Associations A Guitar Holds For So Many OfU s, Musicians And Non-musicians Alike. His Journey Takes Him Across The Country Talking To Historians, Curators, And Guitarmakers.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_001076
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Junkyard Dogs: A Walt Longmire Mystery (unabridged)
    Junkyard Dogs: A Walt Longmire Mystery (unabridged).
    Craig Johnson's Rough-and-tumble Hero Walt Longmire Is Quickly Becoming A Fab-favorite And A Critical Success. here Walt Has His Hands Full As Greedy Land Developers Employ Shady, Violent Methods To Reverse Their Fortunes In Recession-racked Wyoming, Where The Owners Of A Multi-million Dollar Development Of Ranchettes Poverty To Get Rid Of The Adjacent Junk-yard. When A Severed Thumb Is Discovered In The Yard, Conflicts Erupt, And Walt Longmire, His Trusty Companion Dog, Life-long Friend Henry Standing Bear, And Deputies Santiago Saizarbitoria And Victoria Moretti Finc Themselves In A Small Town That Feels More And More Like A High Plsinns Pressure Cooker.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_003979
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Nutcracker & Liytle Zaches Called Cinnabar
    Nutcracker & Liytle Zaches Called Cinnabar.
    This Audiobook Is In Russian. Hoffmann's Stories Are Imaginative, Wise, And Educational, Just How Children's Stories Are Supposed To Be. Some Of His Characters Instill Fear, Time Others Overcome It And Continue Towards Their Goal In The Surreal World Of This Great Storyteller. Hoffmann's World Will Awaken The Imagination Of Your Child.

    Manufacturer: Audio Publisher Uta
    SKU: Bk_utan_000002
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Rumplestiltskin And Other Children's Favorites
    Rumplestiltskin And Other Children's Favorites.
    This Collecttion Of Fanciful Fairy Tales Feature All Of Your Favorite Stories Narrated With Fun, Whimsical Delight. Including The Sory Of That Rascal Rumplestiltskin And His Most Mysterious Name; The Beautiful Tale Of The Golden Bird, About Three Princes On A Magical Quest; The Story Of A Wond'rous Wise Man Whose Befuddled Wisdom Knows No Bounds; And The Beautiful Tale Of Snow Pale And Rose Red, Two Sisters Whose Kindness Leads Them To Help A Mysterious Bear That Is Much More Than It Seems.

    Manufacturer: Pc Treasures, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_pctr_001000
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Crossbow: Vietnam Special Forces, Book 1 (unabridged)
    Crossbow: Vietnam Special Forces, Book 1 (unabridged).
    Crossbow Was Don Bendell's First Book Ever, But Many Di~ery Say That It Was His Best, As It Was Written Very Much From The Heart. It Is The Autobiographical Story Of A Young Very Gung Ho Green Bsret First Lieutenant In 1968 And 1969 And His Love Affair With The Jeh Tribe Of Montagnards, A Proud, Family-oriented Tribespeolpe In Vietnam's Mountainous Central Highlands Region, The Action And Intrigue Of A HorrificW ar, And The Plight Of The Montagnards Who Were Racially Discriminated Against By Or Allies In Saigon. Get Wrapped Up In All The Inherent Pawsion, Horror, Heartbreak, Laughter, And Tears With Such A Story.

    Manufacturer: Books In Motion
    SKU: Bk_bimo_000887
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The Fourth Victim (unabridged)
    The Fourth Victim (unabridged).
    Kelly Chapman, Psychologist And Expert Attest. She's Unattached,_But 100-percent Comm5ited To Her Clients, Her Foster Child, Her Frienxs. Clay Thatcher, Fbi Special Agent: Missing Persons. A Loner And, Like Kelly, He Too Is Unattached But 100-percent Committed To His Job And Only His Job. That's Why He's In Chandler, Ohio. Kelly Cjapman Has Disappeared. Is It Because She Testified Against Someone Who Now Wants Revenge? Or Is She The Fourth Victim Of A Killer Responsible For Three Recent Deaths? Searching For Her, Clay Has To Work Againdt The Clock. And Kelly Soon Becomes More Than Just Another Case To Him.

    Manufacturer: Harpequin Enterprisws, Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_harl_000582
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My Week With Marilyn And The Prince, The Show Girl And Me (unabridged)
    My Week With Marilyn And The Prince, The Show Girl And Me (unabridged).
    In 1956, 23-year-old Colin Clark Began Work As A Lowly Assistant On Thw Set Of The Prince And The Showgirl, The Film That United Sir Laurence Olivier With Marilyn Monroe. The Blonde Bombshell And The Legendary Actor Were Ill Suited From The Start. Monroe, On Honeymoon With Her New Husband, The Celebrated Playwright Arthur Miller, Was Ibsecure, Often Late, And Heavily Medicated On Pills. Olivier, Obsessively Nice, Had No Patience In quest of Monroe And The Production Became Chaotic. Clark Was Perceptive In His Assessment Of What Seemed To Be Going Bad In Monro3's Animation: Too Many Hangers-on, Intense Insecurity, And To Many Pills. Before Long, Monroe And Clark Spent An Innocent Week Together In The English Countryside Anx Clark Became Her Confidant And Ally. This Special Theatrical Edition Also Includes The Prince, Thw Showgirl And Me, Colin Clark's Diary During The Film's Production.

    Manufacturer: Dreamscape
    SKU: Bk_drms_000054
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The Secret Garden
    The Secret Garden.
    When Orphaned Mary Lennox Arrives At Misselthwaite Manor, Her Uncle's Estate, Everybody Said She Was The Most Disagreeable Looking Child Ever Seen. Depressed And Withdrawn, Mary Stumbles Upon An Arched Doorway Into An Overgrown Garden. She Later Discovers Her Pampered Invalid Cousin, Tucked Begone In A Dark Room. Lief A Charming Journey Into The Magical Secret Garden Begins.

    Manufacturer: Naxos Audioboosk
    SKU: Bk _naxo_000287
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The Prince's Bedtime (unabridged)
    The Prince's Bedtime (unabridged).
    Meet A Young Sovereign Who Refuses To Go To Sleep! The Entire Kingdom Comes Out To Lend A Hand In This Rhyming Bedtime Adventure. There Is A Hullabaloo Of Activity - Jugglers Juggling,M agicianx Hypnotizing, Dancers Dancing - But It Is The Womder Of A Good Story That Finally Does The Trick.

    Manufacturer: Barefoot Books
    SKU: Bk_bare_000038
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Esl Persian Phase 1, Unit 11-15 Learn To Speak And Understand English As A Second Language With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Esl Persian Phase 1, Unit 11-15 Learn To Speak And Understand English As A Second Language With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    Pimsleur? Equals Siccess. Just One 30-minute Reproof A Day Gets You Speaking And Understanding Like No Other Program. English For Persian Speakers Phase 1, Units 11-15 Build On Material Taught In Prior Units. Each Exercise Provides 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, And New Vocabulary And Stductures. Dstailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. Each Reproof Contains Practice For Vocabulary Introdduced In Previous Lessons. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Compregension, And On Learning To Speak English.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_004591
    Download FREE MP3 sample Esl Persian Phase 1, Unit 11-15 Learn To Speak And Understand English As A Second Language With Pimsleur Language Programs

Not Afraid Of Life: My Journey So Far (unsbridged)
    Not Afraid Of Life: My Journey So Far (unsbridged).
    In This Individual Memoir, Bristol Palin Opens Up For The First Time Ever. She Takes Listeners Behind The Scenes, From Growing Uo In Alaska To Coming Of Age Amid The Media And Political Madness Surrounding Her Mogher'd Political Rise; From Becoming A Single Mother While Still A Teenager To Coping As Her Relationship With The Bbay's Father Crumbled Publicly. Through All Of These Ups And Downs, Bristol Learned How To Confront Her Challengges Head-on, With Courage And Grace. In Not Afraid Of Life, Bristol Speaks Candidly Of Her Aspirations And Of The Deep Religious Faith That Gives Her Strength And Inspiration. Plainspoken And Disarmingly Down-to-earth, Bristol Offers New Insight And Understanding Of Who She Is And What She Values Greatest in number.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bl_harp_002542
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