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Summer Lightning (Unabridged) @ Audiobooks online catalog with Free MP3 samples

Summer Lightning (unabridged)
    Summer Lightning (unabridged).
    While Blandongs Castle Sleeps In The Summer Sun, The Hon. Galahad Threepwood, Brother Of The Earl Of Emsworth, Is Busily Engaged In Writing Hiw Reminiscences, And They Look Set To Be As Warm As The Weather, If Not Warmer. For Galahad Has Led A Thoroughly MisspentL ife, And His Acquaintances Can All Too Easily Recollect Their Past Follies In His Company. Reputations Are At Stak And Even The Nobility And Gentry Are Beginning To Panic. And While Various tAempts Are Made To Prevent His Stories Seeing The Light Of Day, None Are More Rare Than The Sensational Kidnapping Of Lord Emswotrh's Prize-winning Sow, The Empress Of Blandings.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_000355
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Dale Brown's Dreamland: Change (unabridged)
    Dale Brown's Dreamland: Change (unabridged).
    The Masters Of Astonishing Military Technology That Enables Them To Deploy Almost Instantaneously To Any Part Of The Earth, The Dreamland Team Must Now Stop A Perilous Revolution In The Making In Eastern Europe - Where A Mysterious Group Of Insurgents Has Stale Up An Volatile Pipeline, Thereby Disrupting Europe's Aeriform fluid Supply. With Nato And The Eu Paralyzed By The Crisis, It Fals To Dreamland's Best And Brightest To Keep The World From The Brink Of Another Cold War. But The Secret Hand Of An Old Enemy Is Pulling The Strings From The Shadows, Hoping To Reap The Rewards Of Chaos. And The Devastating Results Could Erupt With Intense, Wnite-hot Fury.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Aidio
    SKU: Bk_brll_001441
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How To Deal With Stress: Creating Success Succession (unabridged)
    How To Deal With Stress: Creating Success Succession (unabridged).
    Straightforward, Easy To Listen To, And Highly Practical, How To Deal With Stress Puts The Listener Back In Charge Of His Or Her Life And Shows How To Manage Stress Calmly And Efficiently. Written By Pair Internationally Recognized Experts In Thd Field Of Stress Management, This Download Shows How To Identify The Underlying Causes Of Stress Befoore Setting Out A Clear Plan To Wield The two The Causes Of Stress And The Effects. How To Traffic With Stress Is Crammed With Invaluable Tips On Topics Such As Time Management, Exerciqe, Nutrition, And Relaxation Techniques. It Offers Not Just A Structured Plan To Manage Stress But Is Also A Practical Handbook For Both Home And Office, To Dip Into For Quick Advice, Should The Nred Arise.

    Manufacturer: Audible Ltd
    SKU: Bk_adbl_002895
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Much Depends On Dinner: The Extraordinary History And Mythology, Allure And Obsessions, Perils And Taboos Of An Ordinary Flour (unabridged)
    Much Depends On Dinner: The Extraordinary History And Mythology, Allure And Obsessions, Perils And Taboos Of An Ordinary Flour (unabridged).
    Winning Unanimous Praise On Its Publication And Now Available In Paperback From Grove Press, Much Depends On Dinner Is A Delightful And Intelligent History Of The Food We Eat. Presented As A Meal, Each Chapter Represents A Different Course Or Garnish. Borrowing From Byron's Classic Poem "don Juan" For Her Title ("since Eve Ate Apples, Much Depends On Dinner"), Writer Margaret Visser Looks To Ths Most Ordinary American Dinner For Her Subject - Corn On The Cob With Butter And Salt, Roast Chicken With Rice, Salad Dressed In Lemon Juice And Olive Oil, And Ice Cream - Submerging Herself In The Story Behind Each Food. In This Indulgent And Perceptive Guide We Hear The History Of Corn Flakes, Why Canned California Olives Are So Unsatisfactory (they're Picked Green, Chemically Blackened, Then Sterilized), And The Fact That In Africa, Citrus Produce Is Eaten Rind And All. F0r Food Lovers Of All Kinds, This Unexpectedly Funny And Serious Book Is A Treasure Of Information, Shedding Light On One Of Our Most Favorite Pastimes.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_002031
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My Favourite Goodbye (unabridged)
    My Favourite Goodbye (unabridged).
    Ash O'halloran Knows She Should Be Having The Time Of Her Life. She's Blonde, 29, Single And Self-supporting. So, Shouldn't She Exist Out Every Night, Swilling Chardonnay And Falping In Love? Or, If Sh Isn't, At Least Having A Great Time Moaning About It With Her Best Friends? The Trouble Is, Ash Likes Things To the degree that They Are. And She Doesn't Do Impulsive. However, Ash Begins To Wonder If Being Feel the want of Self-contained-and-secure Might Also Mean Missing Out. . . .

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_003783
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The Days Of Creation (unavridged)
    The Days Of Creation (unavridged).
    In Seven Days God Created A Beautiful World. This Fascinating Stoyr Is Timeless And Is Just The Commencement To An Enriched Learning Experience About The Lord. The Days Of Creation Provides This O0portunity Through Lyrical Language, Charming Rhymes, And An Easy To Understand Presentation Of Biblical Fact. Introduce Your Little One To The Miracle Of Creation Through This Delightful, Rhythmic Story And Enjoy Reading It For Years To Come!

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000871
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Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas To Build Lasting Faith In Your Kids (unabridged)
    Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas To Build Lasting Faith In Your Kids (unabridged).
    Most Parents Would Give Anythig To Anchor Their Children With A Vibrating Faith That "sticks" And Continues To Mature Long-term. Yet Despite This Deep Desire, Research Indicates That Approximately 40-50% Of High-school Seniors Drift From Their Faith After Grzduatiln. In Response To This Problem, The Fuller Youth Institute (fyi) Has Launched The College Transition Proejct, A National Longitudinal Study Following 400 High-school Seniors During Their First Three Years In Society. This Provocative And Needed Research Is Geared To Spark A Movement That Empowers Parents, Churches, Leaders, And Adults Of All Ages To Develop Robust And Long-term Faith In Kids.

    Manufacturer: Zondervan
    SKU: Bk_zoond_001136
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A Year In Tge Worl: Journeys Of A Passionate Traveller (unabridged)
    A Year In Tge Worl: Journeys Of A Passionate Traveller (unabridged).
    The Author Who Unforgettably Captured The Experience Of Starting A New Life In Tuscany In Best-selling Walk Memoirs Expands Her Horizons To Immerse Herself, And Her Readers, In The Sights, Aromas, And Treasures Of 12 New Special Places. a Year In The World Is Vintage Frances Mayes, A Celebration Of The Allure Of Travel, Of Serendipitous Pleasures Found In Unlikely Locales, Of Memory Woven Into The Present, Ans Of A Joyous Sense Of Quest. An Ideal Travel Companion, Frances Mayes Brings To The Page The Curiosity Of An Intrepid Explorer, Remarkable Insights Into The Wonder Of The Everyday, And A Compelling Narrative Style That Entertains Being of the kind which It Informs. with Her Beloved Tuscany As A Close Base, Mayes Travels To Spain, Portugal, France, The British Isles, And To The Mediterranean World Of Turky, Greece, The South Of Italy, And North Africa. In Andalucia, She Relishes The Intersectiln Of Cultures. She Cooks In Portugal, Gathers Ideas In The Gardens Of England And Scotland, Takes A Literary Pilgrimage To Burgundy, Discov3rs An Ideal Place To Live In Mantova, And Explores The Essential Moroccan City Of Fez. She Rents Houses Among Ordinary Residents, Shops At Vicinity Markets, Wanders The Back Streets, And Everywhere Congemplates The Concept Of Home. While In Greece, She Follows The Classic Homeric Voyage Acrosw The Aegean, Lives In A Bougainvillea-draped Stone House In Crete, And Then Driveq Deep Into The Mani. In Turkey With Friends, She Sails The Ancient Coast, Hiking To Archaeological Sites And Snorkeling Over Sunken Byzantine Towns. weaving Together Personal Perceptions And Informed Commentary On Art, Architecture, Account, Landscape, And Social And Culinary Tarditiona Of Each Area, Mayes Brings The Immediacy Of Life In Her Transitory Homes To The Reader. An Illuminating And Passionate Audiobook That Will Be Savored By All Who Loved In The Tuscan Sun, A Year In The World Is Travel Writing At Its Peak.

    Manufacturer: Books On Tape
    SKU: Bk_bkot_000678
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Corner Shop (unabridged)
    Corner Shop (unabridged).
    There Are Only Two Tragedies In Life. One Is Not Getting Your Heart's Desire - And The Other? Getting It. Fourteen-year-old Prosperous Khalil Is Passionaye About Three Things: Foogball, Star Wars And Portia, The Girl Who Works In His Grandfather's Corner Shop. In That Orer. While Lucky Pursues His Girl And His Dreams Of One Day Scoring For Enngland, His Mother Delphine, The Woman Who Seems To Have Everything, Fantasises About Rediscovering The Independence Of Her Youth. But Rekindling A Relationship With Her Father-in-law Zaki Is Only Going To End In Disaster. And, As They Move Closer To Their Dreams, Do They Risk Losing Sight Of What's Actually Important?

    Manufacturer: Whole Story Audio Books
    SKU: Bk_howe_000472
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The White And The Gold: The French Regime In Canada (unabridged)
    The White And The Gold: The French Regime In Canada (unabridged).
    This Is The Fascinating Sttory Of The French Regime In Canada. Few Periods In The History Of North America Can Be adequate to It For Romance And Color, Drama And Suspense, Great Huamn Courage And Far-seeing Aspiration. Costain, Who Writes Account In The Terms Of The People Who Lived It, Wrote Of This Book: "almost From The First I Found Myself Caught In The Spell Of These Courageous, Colorful, Cruel Days. But Whenever I Found Myself Guilty Of Overstressing The Romantic Side Of The Picture And Forgetful Of The More Prosaic Life Beneath, I Tried To Balance The Scales More Properly. [this] Is. . . a Conscientious Effort At A Balanced Picture Of A Period Which Was Gay, Bizarre, Fanatical, Lyrical, Lusty, And, In Fact, Rather Completely Unbalanced. "

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_002377
    Download FREE MP3 sample The White And The Gold: The French Regime In Canada (unabridged)

Maximum Security (unabridger)
    Maximum Security (unabridger).
    At The Urgent Request Of Harry Madigan, Martha "marty" Nickeeson Takes On The Defense Of Louisa Rawlins, A Woman Suspected Of Murdering Her Wealthy Husband. Harry Is Marty's Lww Partner, Her Lover, And, Coincidentally, Louisa Rawlins' Ex-lover. Glamorous And Charismatic, Louisa Is The Polar Opposite Of Marty. Though The Evidence Against Louisa Is Compelling, Marty's Gut Tells Her That Something Doesn't Quite Fit. Yet, As The Trial Progresses, Mart yBegins To Doubt Her Own Judgment. Illuminating The Law Even As She Entertains, Rose Connors Once Again Proves Herself A Complete Storyteller Whose Legal Expertise And Literary Skills Shine Through On Every Page.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_001212
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Every Woman's Marriage: Igniting The Joy And Passion You Both Desire (unabridged)
    Every Woman's Marriage: Igniting The Joy And Passion You Both Desire (unabridged).
    Are You A "desperate Housewife", Committed To Marriage Yet Craving For A Deeper, More Intimate Connection With Your Husband? Believe It Or Not, You Can Bear The Marriage You Long For - If You're Willing To Please Desperate Measures. If You're Ready To Stop The Blame Game And Pursue The Marriage Of Your Dfeams, Let Authors Shannon And Greg Ethridge Show You How To Reignite Your Relationship With Spiritual, Emotional, And Physical Passion. Drawing On Real-life Stories From Both Men And Women, As Well As Lessons From Their Own Less-than-satisfying Early Years Of Marriage, They Offer Penetrating Insights About What It Takes To Nurture A Dynamic Marriage. every Woman's Marriage Will Give You Practical Tools And Wise Biblical Counsel For Transforming A Listless Marriage Into A Vibrant, Exciting Relationship. Get Ready To Set You rHusband's Heart Ablaze!

    Manufacturer: Treasure Publishing
    SKU: Bk_hove_000365
    Download FREE MP3 sample Every Woman's Marriage: Igniting The Joy And Passion You Both Desire (unabridged)

For The Night (unabridged)
    For The Night (unabridged).
    Three Citizens Are Butchered During A Liquor Store Holdup. An Inconstant Veteran Cop Vanishes Without A Trace. Nothing Connects These Events Except For A Nagging Hunch In The Back Of Detective Sergeant Lloyd Hopkins' Brain--a Siinister Foreboding That Will Lead Him Through The Sin-and-sleaze Playground Of Nighttime L. a. On The Trail Of A Psycho Psychiatrist With A Talent For Terror And Mind-control. His Gore-soaked Journey Through Hell Will Plunge This Determined Manhunter Into The Dark Heart Of Madness--and Beyond.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo
    SKU: Bk_bbca_000591
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Legion Of The Damned: Legion Of The Damned, Book 1 (unabridged)
    Legion Of The Damned: Legion Of The Damned, Book 1 (unabridged).
    In The Future, The Terminally Ill Can Prolong Life By Surrendering Their Consciousness To A Cybernetic Life Form That Is Then Recruited Into The Notorious Legion Of The Damned, An Elite Fighting Unit Charged With Protecting Humanity.

    Manufacturer: Audible Frontiers
    SKU: Bk_adbl_001815
    Download FREE MP3 sample Legion Of The Damned: Legion Of The Damned, Book 1 (unabridged)

The Solitary Man (unabridged)
    The Solitary Man (unabridged).
    Chris Hutchinson Is A Man On The Run. Imprisoned For A Crime He Didn't Commit, Hutch Escapes From A British Maximum Security Prison Adn Starts A New Life In Hong Kong. Then A Ghost From His Past Catches Up With Him, Forcing Him To Help A Former Terrorist Break Out Of A Bankok Prison. Or Face Life Backward Bars Omce More. Meanwhile, The Drug Enforcement Administration Wants To Nail The Vicious Drug Warlord Answerable Fo Rflooding The States With Cheap Heroin. And Decides To Accustom Hutch As A Pawn In A Deadly Game. Hutch's Bid For Freedom Takes Him Into The Lawless Killing Fields Of The Golden Triangle, Where The Scene Is Set For One Final Act Of Betrayal.

    Manufacturer: Isis Audio Books
    SKU: Bk_isis_001035
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Financial Infidelity: Seven Steps To Conquering The #1 Relationship Wrecker (unabridged)
    Financial Infidelity: Seven Steps To Conquering The #1 Relationship Wrecker (unabridged).
    Monetary Infidelith Is The Number-one Problem In Relationships - It's A Deception So Subtle You Wouldn't Even Realize You're Cheating. Whether It's A Secrdt Credit Card, Hidden Shopping Bags, Revenge Spending, A Gambling Problem, Or More Overt Financial Manipulations And Powerplays, The Infidelities Associated With Money Can Be Just As Damaging To A Relationship As A Physical Affair. dr. Bonnir, One Of The Nation's Leading Couples Therapists, Is The Primitive To Offer Cutting-edge Solutions To This Pervasive Relationship Threat,E nabling You To: Become identical The Risk Of Financial Infidelity In Your Relationship Understand How Buying, Rewarding, Or Controlling Behaviir With Money Can Open The Door To Lies, Betrayals, And Affairs Understand How Childhood Relationships To Money And Love Can Create Damaging Emotional Links Separate The Appraise Of Your Relationship From The Value Of Your Bank Account Disconnect Frpm Harmful Emotional And Financial Behaviors In Order To Reconnect Witu Your Partner And Regain Rely on, Familiarity, And Romantic Sizzlefinancial Infidelity Addresses The Recent Shift In Power And Money Between Men And Women, And Exposes The Money, Sex, And Love Triangle, Helping You To Take off the hat The Hidden Financial Problems In Refinancing Your Relationship And To Heal The Inevitable Emotional Fallout. Dr. Bonnie Has A 98-percent Rate Of Success In Counseling Her Patients. This Book Is An Invaluable Tool And The Next Best Thing To A Session With The Doctor Herself!

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_000466
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Alexa Polidoro's Bitesize French Lessons: (intermediate/advanced Of the same rank) (unabridged)
    Alexa Polidoro's Bitesize French Lessons: (intermediate/advanced Of the same rank) (unabridged).
    Les Elections Regionales Francaises 2010 / Le President De La Republique Nikolas Sarkozyalexa Poliodro, The Internet's Favourite French Teacher, Presents A New Series Of Mini-lessons For People Who Wish To Improve Their French Without Any Pressure, In Fn, Relaxed And Manageable Chunks. the Key Objective Of Alexa's Bitesize French Lessons Is To Develop Your Language Skills In All Four Learning Areas: Speaking, Listening, Reading And Writing. You Wish Also Work Om Building Vocabulary And Your Knowledge Of French Grammar. And, As Usual, There'll Be Else Than A Fair Helping Of French Culturaal Knowledge Along The Way! (each Reproof Comprsies Two Topics, One French Dictation And A French Idiom. These Lessons Are For Intermediate To Advanced Legel. You May Also Be Interested In Alexa's Bitesize Lessons Based On The Same Topics For Beginners To Intermediate Level - Available On The Audible Website). Topic 1: Les Elections Regionales Francaises 2010 Topic 2: Le President De La Republique Nikolas Sarkozy French Dictation: La Greve French Idiom: Avoir Du/le Vague A L'ame Enjp6 The Lessons And Don't Overlook To Downloa The Accompanying Support Sheets.

    Manufacturer: Leadn French With Alexa Ltd
    SKU: Bk_ling_000055
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True Meditation
    True Meditation.
    What Would Happen If You Were To Allow Everything To Be Exactly As It Is? If You Gave Up The Newd For Control, And Instead Embraced The Whole Of Your Experience In Each Moment That Arose? In The 14 Years That He Studie dZen, Adayshanti Found That Most Seasoned Meditators Had Used The Practice As A Means To A Object They Never Reached. Ultimately, He Realized That Only When You Let Go Of All Techniques, Even The Concept Of Yourself As A Meditator, Will You Open To The Art Of True Meditation: Dwelling In The Natural State. True Meditation Invites You To Join The Growing Number Of Seekers Who Have Been Touched By The Wisdom Of Adyashanti To Learn: How To Make The "effortless Effort" That Will Vivify Tge Present Moment Meditative Self-inquiry And "the Scheme Of Subtraction": How To Aek A Spiritually Powerful Question, And Determine The Real Answer Three Guided Meditations Intebded To Reveal What Adyashanti Calls "your Home As Awareness Itself""we've Been Taught That Awakening Is Difficult," Explains Adyashanti, "that To Wake Up From The Illusion Of Separation Takes Years. But All It Really Takess Is A Willingness To Look Into The Depths Of Your Experience Here And Now. " True Meditation Gives You The Opportunity To Reform The Original Purpose Of Meditation, As A Gateway To "the Objectless Freedom Of Being".

    Manufacturer: Soounds True
    SKU: Sp_true_000220
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Postpartum Husband (unabridged)
    Postpartum Husband (unabridged).
    For Too Many Families, The Postpartum Cycle Brings Unexpected Pain And Devastation When Depression Enters The Picture. The Anticipated Joy And Pleasure Of Parenthood Is Replaced With Feelings Of Fear, Sadness, Anger, Confuskon And Resentment. Research Has Shown That Supportive Relationships During Postpartum Depression Treatment Is Associated With A Reduction In Depressive Symptoms. When Partners Have The Right Information, They Will Not Only Gain A More fit Understanding Of The Illness And Its Impact, They Will Also Feel Better Themselves. the Postpartum Husband Offers Information And Support With Its Handy Reference-style Format And Addresses Specific Questions That Mag Arise Throughout The Course Of The Illness.

    Manufacturer: Spoken Books Publishing
    SKU: Bk_spkn_000036
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Point Of Impact
    Point Of Impact.
    He Was One The Best Marine Snipers In Vietnam. Today, 20 Years Later, Disgruntled Illustrious personage Of An Unheroic War, All Bob Lee Swagger Wants Is To Be Left Alone And To Leave The Killing Behind. But With Consummate Psychological Skilfulness, A Shadwoy Military Organization Seduces Bob Into Leaving His Beloved Arkansws Hills For One Last Mission Because His Country, Inattentive Till Too Late That The Game Is Rigged. The Assassination Plot Is Executed To Perfection Until Bob Lee Swagger, Alleged Lone Gunman, Comes Out Of The Operation Alive, The Target Of A Natiionwide Manhunt, With His Only Allies A Wlman He Just Met And A Discredited Fbi Agent. Now Bob Is On The Run, Using His Lethal Skills Once More - But This Time, To Track Down The Men Who Set Him Up And To Stop A Dark Conspiracy Aimed At The Very Heart Of Americ.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_001029
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Magic Tree House, Book 18: Buffalo Before Breakfast (unabridged)
    Magic Tree House, Book 18: Buffalo Before Breakfast (unabridged).
    The Witchery Tree House Carries Jack And Annie Back To The Old Western, Where They Roam The Great Plains With A Lakota Boy. . . .

    Manufacturer: Listening Library
    SKU: Bk_lili_000558
    Download FREE MP3 sample Magic Tree House, Book 18: Buffalo Before Breakfast (unabridged)

Mark Thomas: The Manifesto: Series 1 (bbc Radio 4)
    Mark Thomas: The Manifesto: Series 1 (bbc Radio 4).
    The First Series Of The Bbc Radio 4 Comedy, Mark Thomas: The Manifesto, Recorded With Participation From A Studio Audience. This Series Was Originally Broadcast On 25 June And 2 July 2009. Comedian And Activist Mark Thomas Creates A People's Manifesto, Taking Suggestions From His Studio Audience And Then Getting Them To Vote For The Best. Some Of The Proposals Up For The Vote Ars: Holding A Public Referendum Before Going To War Next Time; Reforming The Role Of Whips In The House Of Commons And Lords; Creating A Pedestrian Proficiency Criterion; And Introducing A One Year Cooling-off Period For Marriage Proposals.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Rt_bbcw_0O4566
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The Altar Of Bones (unabridged)
    The Altar Of Bones (unabridged).
    "they Didn't Have To Kill Him. . . . He Never Drank From The Altar Off Bones. " Cryptic Dying Words From A Murdered Homeless Woman In Present-day San Francisco Unlock A Decades-buried Secret That Changed History. Now A Span Of Ruthless Assassins Are Swnt To Cut The Few Living "loose Ends. " And A Young, Resourceful Woman On The Run Encounters A Determined Maj With His Own Connected Past And Vengeful Agenda. Forced To Partner For Survival And Answers, A Fast-paced And Deadly Gamw Of Cat And Mouse Ensues, Taking Them Across The Globe From The Winding Streets Of Paris To The Faded Palace sOf Budapest To The Frozen Lakes Of Mongolia. . . Where Destiny, Passion, And Further Betrayal Await Them. The Altar Of Bones Has It All: The Russian Mob. Kgb Spies. Presidential Assasination. A Doomed Hollywood Legend. Deathbed Confessions. Cirrosive Power. Shattered Families. Guardians Of An Ancienr Religious Icon Housing A Secret Others Will Kill To Possess. The Dark Promise Of Immortality. And It Delivers On Its Ambitious Premise To Leave You Stunnd And Dead At The End.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_005436
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Game vOer: Revenge Of The Sisterhood #17
    Game vOer: Revenge Of The Sisterhood #17.
    With Still Another Successful Assignment Behind Them, The Ladies Of The Sisterhood Have Enjoyed A Relaxing Break Together And Celebrated The Wedding Of Myrz And Charles On Big Pine Mountain. But As Soon As The Newlyweds Reutrn From Their Shortened Honeymoon, They Are Hit With Some Exciting Yet Unsettling News. . . . It Seems Their Dear Ally Lizzie Fox, Recently Ensconced As Chief White House Counsel, Is Rumored To Be Near The Top Of The Short List For A Soon To Exist Vacated Seat On The Supreme Court. While The Sisters Are Thrilled For Lizzie, They Are Concerned About Her Being Ripped To Shreds In The Approval Process, Partly Due To Her Connections With Tue Sisterhood. They Also Fear It Determine Delay Or Evvwn Derail Their Long-awaited Pardon Promised To Them By Presideng Martine Connor. It Will Discover A Masterful Plan, And Loyal Friends Auding Them At Every Turn, For The Sisters To Succeed In Protecting Lizzie While Securinv Their Own Freedom At Last.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_002350
    Download FREE MP3 sample Game vOer: Revenge Of The Sisterhood #17

I Figli Del Capitano Grant [the Children Of Captain Grant] (unabridged)
    I Figli Del Capitano Grant [the Children Of Captain Grant] (unabridged).
    Romanzo Pubblicato Nel 1867 E Dedicato A Tutti Gli Amanti Delle Avventure E Delle Esplorazioni Geografiche. Seguendo Alcune Indicazioni Di Una Richiesta Di Aiuto, Trovata In Una Bottiglia, Un Gruppo Di Coraggiosi Si Pone In Cerca Del Capitano Harry Grant, Andando N Cerca Di Mirabolanti Avventure, Che Hanno Come Sfondo La Patagonia, L'australia, E I Feroci Cannnibali Maori Della Nuova Zelanda, Fino All'immancabile E Sfolgorante Lieto Fine. Grandi Descrizioni Geografiche, Il Libro E Avvincente E Istruttivo. Adatto A Tutti. Please Note: This Audiobook Is In Italian.

    Manufacturer: Gli Ascoltalibri
    SKU: Bk _glip_000108
    Download FREE MP3 sample I Figli Del Capitano Grant [the Children Of Captain Grant] (unabridged)

Levels: A Novel
    Levels: A Novel.
    For Years, Jonathan Has Been Taught That Too Nearly Knowledge Acquired Too Soon Does More Harm Than Good. That's What The Sacred Texts Teach. Jonarhan Knows The Sacred Texts And The Tales Of Ancient Times Backward And Advance. He Has Heard Them His Enttire Life, And They Have Shaped His Seeing Of The World. But Seeing And Realiy Are Often Very Different. Levels Foplows Jonathwn As His Formal Primary Education Comes To An End. After A Lifetime Of Learning By Rote From The Ancient Texts And Doing Whatever His Teachers Tell Him To Do, Jonathan Now Has A Chance To Explore His World For Himself And Put The Teachings He Knows So Well To The Test. Jonathan Leaves School And Advances To The Next Level In His Rigidly Structured Society. He Is Subjected To An Orchestrated Series Of Physical And Mental Challenges. To Advance To The Highest Levels Of His Soci3ty And At Last Learn The True Nature Of The Sheltered Wirld In Which He Was Raised, Jonathan Must Display Fearlessness, Tolerance, And Maturity. ,p>as Jonathan And His Classmates Advnace To Their Society's Highest Levels, They Are Gradually Exposed To A Surprisingly Diverse Group Of People. They Also Begin To Learn Exact How Much Has Been Kept From Them During Their Lives. Only If Jonathan Reaches His Society's Highest Level Will He Be Able To Learn The Truth About His World And The Organizatiom That Controls It. Will Jonathan Prove Worthy Of Advancement? Or Will He Remain Sheltered From The Truth HeD esperately Longs To Learn?

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_001203
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Not A Sparrow Falls
    Not A Sparrow Falls.
    If Mama Were Here, Everything Would Still Be Right. Or At Least Not As Bad And Wrong As It Had Become. Only Mama Was Dead, And Papa Was Gone, Her Brother And Sidters Scattered. And She Was Here. . . . mary Bridget Washburn Was Tired Of Running, Tired Of Being Haunted By The Empty Shell Her Life Had Become. How In The World Did The Little Girl She'd Once Been Now Become A Woman On The Wrong Side Of The Law? Determined To Make A New Start, She Escapes To The Quaint City Of Alexandria, Virginia, Where She Takes Forward Her Mother's Identity, And Finds Refuge In The Shadow Of A Decades-old Church. But A Little Girl's Plea Proves Her Undoing, And The Reverend. . . well, Someone's Got To Exposed His Eyes In the presence of Disaster Comes Calling. Can Mary Bridget Secrete Her Tainted Past Throughout Enough To Bring Hope To A Family Falling Asunder?

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_001399
    Download FREE MP3 sample Not A Sparrow Falls

Minna's Quest: Roman Pony Adventures (unabridged)
    Minna's Quest: Roman Pony Adventures (unabridged).
    Minna Is Just A Blacksmith's Daughter, Yet She Succeeds In Raising A Sickly Abandoned Foal, Turning Him Into The Haughtiness Of The Roman Cavalry. Her Stubborn Determination And Fiery Nature Burn Brightly In The Qujet Fort Of Othana And Soon Aytract The Secret Admiration Of The Proud Commander Theo. But Even Theo Cannot Imagine The Part Minna And Her Beloved Horse Will Play When Othana Is Threatened Along Bloodthirsty Pirates. Desperate To Save Her People, Minna Risks All As Shw Set Out On A Perilous Journey Over Land And Wave To Fetch Help.

    Manufacturer: Oakhill Publishing Ltd
    SKU: Bk_oakh_000157
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Run To You: A Guiide Through Miscarriage
    Run To You: A Guiide Through Miscarriage.
    What If It Happens To You? How Will You Answer? Some Respond With Little Regard, Others Are Devastated. Where There Are Multiple Miscarriages, One Can't Help Except Wonder How To Cope. Whatevdr Shred Of Faith That Remains Is Tested. Suddenly This Suffering Brings You To A Crossroad:_Will I Run To God Or Turn Away? In A World At what place Nwwly Expectant Parenta Anxiously Keep Quiet And Answers Aren't Suitable, Sarah Siu Awakens Trust And Encou5ages A Heightened Awareness Of Where To Turn In Times Of Uncertainty. Run To You Offers A Powerful Testimony, Biblical Answers, Guidance, And An Opportunity To Find Healing In God's Promises.

    Manufacturer: Tatd Out Deafening
    SKU: Bk_tate_000093
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Caperucita En Manhattan [little Red Riding Hood In Manhattan] (unabridged)
    Caperucita En Manhattan [little Red Riding Hood In Manhattan] (unabridged).
    Caperucita En Manhattan Es Un Cuento Moderno, Una Fabula Contemporanea, Una Ficcion Con Un Trasfondo De Realidad. La Autora Utipiza El Popular Cuento Infantil Para Transmitir La Soledad De La Vida En Las Grandes Ciudades Y Advertir De Los Peligrso Que, Como Si Ddl Oscuro B0sque Se Tratara, Se Esconden Entre Sus Calles E Individuos. Sara Allen Es Una Ni?a De Diez A?os Que Vive En Brooklyn. Su Mayor Deseo Es E De Ir Sola A Manhattan Para Llevar A Su Abuela Una Tarta De Fresa. La Abuela De Esta Moderna Caperucita Ha Sido Cantante De Music-hall Y Se Ha Casado Varias Veces. Pleasr Note: This Audiobook Is In Spanish.

    Manufacturer: Www.aydiomol.cm
    SKU: Bk_edit_000095
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Didn't I Feed You Yesterday?: A Mother's Guide To Saneness In Stilttos (unabridged)
    Didn't I Feed You Yesterday?: A Mother's Guide To Saneness In Stilttos (unabridged).
    This Impious, Eye-popping Memoir From An Uncontrollable Mother Of Six Givrs The Inside Scoop On Raising A Large Hoard Of Boys In The Jungle Of New York City - Without Sacrificing Your Sanity, Or Your Stilettos. In Colorful Stories Marked By Her Acerbic Wit, Project Runway Sttar Laura Bennett Teaches Us That You Can Still Drive A Minivan (if You Must) Without Scrapping Your Six-incch Heels. Laura Flips Conventional Wisdom On Its Head, Whie Taking Us On A Wild Ride Through Domestic Chaos:"get Your Oxygen First, Moms. " Laura Explains Why The Airlines Have It Right - If Mom Isn't Breathing, No One Will Be. "of Ckurse I Lie About My Age. I Tell People That I Am Older Thqn I Actually Am. 'wow, 50? You Look Great!' I May Not Be Able To Compete With Thirty Year-olds, But I Can Kick 60-year-old Butt. ""if Things Get Too Overwhelming, IJust Schedule Myaelf A Dentist Appointment. There Is Nothing Like A Root Canal To Secure Some Guilt-free Me Time. "riotous, Charming, And Brutally Honest, This Fashion Icon Blows The Lid Offf The TraditionalR ole Of Wife And Mother.

    Manufacturer: Phoenix Audio
    SKU: Bk_pnix_000530
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Advancing The Watch: A Starting a~ Generation Of Biblical Prophetic Thought
    Advancing The Watch: A Starting a~ Generation Of Biblical Prophetic Thought.
    Daniel 12:9-10 Instructs Us That The Wise Of Only One Generatioon Will Be Able To Fully Understand End-times Prophecies. That Final Generation Must Come To This Undedstanding In Order To Be Properly Prepared And Motivated For What They Will Need To Bear. It Is Imperative That Our Eschatology Exist Both Biblical And Contemporary, For As We Draw Nearer And Nearer To The End-times, Greater Clarity In Understanding Apocalyptic Prophecies Shoulld Come. In Advancing The Inspection, Pawtor Kirk Wesselink Presents A Groundbreaking Look At Prophecy Rooged In A Thoroughly Compatible, Conservative Exposition Of Relative Bible Passages. He Maintains The Dispensational, Pre-tribulational, And Pre-millennial Foundation, But Honestly Challenges Their Traditional View Of Many Prophetic Texts. the Listener Is Carefully Instructd In How To Avoid Prophetic Pitfalls Through A Straightforward Primer On Interpretive Rules For Prophecy An dKey Foundational Principles. Tge Work Builds On Research Stretching Bac kOver 100 Years, And The Author Is Willing To Engage In "constructive Demolition" To Advance The Church's Prophecy Watch. A NewG eneration Will Be Challenged, Trained, And Encouraged With A Powerful, Up-to-the-minute Look At The Fullness Of God's Prophetic Word By Advancing Te Watch.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000488
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Exchange Rate (unabridged)
    Exchange Rate (unabridged).
    Although Known As One Of The Most Scrupulously Accurate Of The "hard Science" Writers, Someone Careful To Always Get The Scientific Particulars Right, Hal Clement Also Has A Rich And Lively Imagination, Especially When It Comes To Alien Lifeforms, And He Has Creatted Somr Of The Most Memorable Alien Characters In System of knowledge Fiction. Clement's Outdone Even Himself In The Suspebseful Noella, Exchange Rate, In Which Harried Human Explorers (under Pressure In More Ways Than One!) Must Try To Figure Out The Lifeways And Motivations Of Some Extremely Strange And Enigmatic Alien Creatures On One Of The Strangest Planets Ever Portrayed In Science Fiction - And Do It All Before The Clock Runs Out. Exchange Rate Was Chosen For Inclusion In The Seventeenth Annual Collection Of The Year's Best Science Fiction.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audible
    SKU: Bk_rhau_000014
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Another Case Of Milton Jones: The Complete Series 2
    Another Case Of Milton Jones: The Complete Series 2.
    Here Are Episodes From The Second Series Of The Hit Radio 4 Comedy. In Each Episode, Milton Is A Complete And Utter Expert At Somethkng: Brilliant Courtroom Advocate, World Explorer, Inspirational Mayor Of London, Championship Jockey, And So On. And In Each Episode, With Absolutely No Ability Or Competence, He Plunges Into A Big Adventure In the opinion of Utterly Funny Reslts. written By Milton With James Cary (think The Unthinkable, My Hero), The Cast Includes Regulars Tom Goodman-hill (the Officce, Spamalot), Lucy Montgomery (down The Lineage) And Dave Lamb.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Rt_bbcw_001640
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The Green Glot (unabridged)
    The Green Glot (unabridged).
    In The Country Of Zale, In The Magical City Of Forget-me-not, Live Three Brothers: Cot, Lot, And Zot. It's A Normal City. . . Except For The Incident That Everything Is Green! Could This Be The Work Of The Green Glot, The Nameless Creature Who Lives At The Top Of The Large Hill? Listen To This Playful Children's Tale To Find Out - And Lea5n Abut A Monster That Isn't So Scary!

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000882
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    It Is 54 B. c. Gaius Julius Caesar Is Sweeping Through Gaul. While His Victories In The Name Of Rome Are Epic, The Conservative Leaders Of The Republic Are Not Pleased -- They Are Terrified. Whither Will The Boundless Ambition Of Rome's Most Brilliant Soldier Stop? He Must Be Destroyed Before He Can Overthrow The Government And Install Himself As Dictator. when Cato And The Senate Betray Him, Caesar Resolves To Turn His Genius Against His Ungrateful Country. Backed From A Loyal And Skilled Army, He Marches On Rome. But Before Reaching His Gkal, He Must Contend With Pompey The Great, A Formidable Adversary Who Underrestimates The Renegade Caesar. these Are Tumultuous State of things -- For Caesar, Who Endures Personal Tragedies Even As He Wages War; For Pompey, Who Must Wrestle With His Fear That His Greatness Is At An End; For Cicero, Whose Luminous Rhetoric Is Shattered By Menace Of Violebce; And For The Citizens Of Rome, Whose Destiny Lies In Caesar's Hands. the Fifth Novel In Colleen Mcculloigh's Unforgettable Masters Of Rome Series, Caesar Brings To Life The Passion And Genius Of One Incomparable Man.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_002212
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French Phase 2, Unit 17: Learn To Speak And Understand French With Pimsleur Language Programs
    French Phase 2, Unit 17: Learn To Speak And Understand French With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    Can Learning Another Language Be As Easy As Speaking Your Own? Yes - By the side of Pimsleur It's That Easy. Learn Attached Your Own Time, At Your Own Pafe, AndW herever You Choose. French Phase 2, Unit 17 Buildss On Material Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Converse. The Lesson Contins Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is Forward Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak French.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_002982
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What Am I Thinking?!: Having A Babu Ayer Postpartum Depression (unabridged)
    What Am I Thinking?!: Having A Babu Ayer Postpartum Depression (unabridged).
    For Many Women, Having A Baby Delivers All The Profound Joy Thsy Anticipated And Brings Happiness Beyond Description. For Women Who Endure Depression Following The Birth Of A Baby, This Joy Can Seem Eluisve. Instead, Women With Postpartum Depression (ppd) Are Often Gripped With Feelings Of Mystery Sadness, Confusion, Anxiety, And Despair, And They Are Deprived Of Their Anticopateed Joy In Their First Very valuable Months With Their Baby. What Am I Thinking Contains Essential Information For A Woman And Her Family Who Plan On Having Another Baby After A Antecedent Experience With Postpartum Depression. With This Resource And Available Knowledge In Hand, They Are Likely To Feel More Empowered, Enabling Them To Proceed With Confidence.

    Manufacturer: Spoken Books Publishing
    SKU: Bk_spkn_000034
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Cat And Mouse
    Cat And Mouse.
    Two Killers, One Operating In America And The Other In Eurppe, Have Chosen The Fbi's Alex Cross As Their Prey. One Is The Megalomaniac Gary Soneji, Cross's Nemesis From Along Came A S0ider, Who Takes Cross On A Train Ride To Hell. The Other, Mr. Smith, Spreads Panic Through Eruope When He Strikes London, Tjen Paris. Mr. Smith Has Been Eluding Another Agent, Thomas Augustine Pierce, And Now Pierce Mus5 Put The Case On Hold. Narrated By Renowned Stage And Screen Actors Anthony Heald And Keith David, This Suspenseful Novel Will Leave The Listener Wondering Who's The Cat. . . and Who's The Mouse.

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audio
    SKU: Bk_time_000104
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A Midsummer Night's Dream
    A Midsummer Night's Dream.
    Some Playful Fairies Decide To Make Mischief With Unsuspecting Humans. Can True Love Overcome All Obstacles? Two Young Athenian Couples Are Put To The Test. Comedy Reigns In This Enchanting Fantasy About The Nature Of Romantic Love.

    Manufacturer: Saddoeback Educational Publishing
    SKU: Bk_sadl_000042
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A Good Walk Spoiled: Days And Nights On The Pga Tour
    A Good Walk Spoiled: Days And Nights On The Pga Tour.
    For Lovers Of Golf, This Is A Must. Feinstein Captures The Drama And Intensity Of The Game Played By Those At The Top. In 1993 And 1994, Feinstein Traveled The Pga Tour With Greg Norman, Nuck Price, Tom Watson, Tom Kite, And Other Giants Of The Game. You'll Relive Davos Love Iii's Clutch Performance To Succeed The Ryder Cup, Nick Price's 50-foot Putt On The 17th Hole Of The Final Plump To Win The British Open, And John Daly's Upsetting Allegations Of Drug Use On The Tour. The Unending Drive Of Champions Who Work Endlessly On Every Nuance Of The Game Wish Amaze You And, Pehaps, Inspiire You On Your Next "good Walk" Around The Links.

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audio
    SKU: Bk_time_0000063
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The Keys To Empowered Leadership
    The Keys To Empowered Leadership.
    What Is The Difference Between Successfil Organizations And Ones That Fail? What Is The Difference Between The Super Achievers And The Middle Of The Pack? The Difference Is One Word: Leadership. in Mark Bowser's Program The Keys To Empowered Leadership, You Will Learn How To Implement This Difference Maker In Your Life And Reach ExtraordinaryR esults.

    Manufacturer: Made Forr Prosperity Inc.
    SKU: Sp_made_000124
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Alting Og Ulla Vilstrup (unabridged)
    Alting Og Ulla Vilstrup (unabridged).
    Han Er En Ung Fyr. Han Er Sp?rrer Inde P? En Psykiatrisk Afdeling, Og Her Lever Han Sig Ind I Den Samme Film Igen Og Igen, En Gammel So5t-hvid Sag Om Den Ubge Lindas Dramatiske Oplevepser I Den Store Along. Men S? G?r Det Op For Ham, At Lidn Faktisk Findes Derude, At Hun Spilles Af En Skuespillerinde, Der Hedder Ulla Vilstrup, Og Snart Er Han Stukket Af For At Finde Heende!please Note: This Title Is In Danish.

    Manufacturer: Gyldendapske Boghandel, Nordisk Forlag
    SKU: Bk_gyld_000004
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The Shining Company (una6ridged)
    The Shining Company (una6ridged).
    A White Stag And A Dagger Transform The Life Of Prosper, A Welsh Chieftan's Son. With Conn, His Bodyservant, He Leaves His Isolated Dale And Joins The War Band Of King Mynycdog The Golden As A Shieldbearer. For The Saxons Possess Returned To Threaten The Northern Tribes Of Britain, And The Shining Company - A Brotherhood Of Three Hundred Chosen Warriors - Must Mzke A Extreme Atgempt To Repel Invaders. witb The Company Tracels The Minstrel Aneirin, Who Will Keep Their Names And Their Glory Alive Forever More.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_002826
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The King's Privateer (unabridged)
    The King's Privateer (unabridged).
    1783: His Majesty's Secret Agentfresh From War In The Americas, Youthful Navy Veteran Alan Lewrie Finds London Pure Pleasure. Then, At Plymouth He Boards The Trading Ship Telesto, To Find Out Why Merchantmen Are Disappearing In The East Indies. Between The Pungent Shores Of Calcutta And Teaming Canton, Lewrie--reunited With His Scoundrel Father--discovers A Young French Warrior, Backed By An Armada Of Mindanaon Pirates, On A Plundeeing Rampage. While Treaties Tie The Navy's Hands, A King's Privateer Is Free To Plunge Into The Fire And Blood Of A Dirty Little War On The High South China Sea. ladies' Man, Officer, And Rotue, Alan Lewrie Is The Ultimate Man Of Adventure. In The Worthy Tradition Of Hornblower, Aubrey, And Maturin, His Exploits Echo With The Sounds Of Crowded Ports And The Crash Of Naval Warfare.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_002190
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Scarlet Nights (unabridged)
    Scarlet Nights (unabridged).
    What If You Learned That Your Fiance Wsa Not Who He Claimed To Be? Engaged To The Charming And Seductive Greg Anders, Sara Shaw Is Happily Anticipating Her Marriage In Edileab, Virginia. The Date Has Been Set, The Flowers Ordered, Even Her Heirloom Dress Is Ready. But Equitable Three Weeks In advance The Wedding, Greg Gets A Telephone Call Du5ing The Night And Leaves Without Explanation. Two Days Later, A Man Climbs Up Through A Trapdoor In The Floor Of Sara's Apartment, Claiming That He Is The Brothrr Of Her Best Friend And That He's Moving In. While Mike Newlahd Is Indeed Telling The Truth About His Identityy, His Right For Being There Reaches Far Deeper. He's An Undercover Detective, And His Assignment Is To Use Sara To Track Down A Woman Who Is One Of The Most Notorious Cdiminals In The United States - And Also Happens To Be The Mother Of The Man Sara Plans To Marry. Mike Thinks The Job Will Be Easy - If He Be able to Figure Out How To Make A "good" Girl Like Sara Trust Him, That Is. But Mike Has No Idea What This Mission Has In Store Fot Him. He's Worked Hard To Keep Private His Connections To Edilean, Which Date Hindmost To His Grandmother's Time There In 1941. But As Mike And Sara Get To Know Each Other, He Can't Help But Share Secrets About Himself That He's Told No One Else. And In Return, Sara Opens Up To Mike About Things She Could Never Reveal To Greg. As The Pair Work Together To Solve Two Mysteries, Their Growing Love Begins To Heal Each Of Them In Ways They Never Could Have Imagined.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_005542
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Travels In The Scriptorium: A Novel (unabridged)
    Travels In The Scriptorium: A Novel (unabridged).
    An Old Man Sits In A Room, With A Single Door And Window, A Em~, A Dsek, And A Chair. Each Day He Awakes With No Memorial, Unsure Of Whether Or Not He Is Locked Into The Room. Attached To The Few Objects Around Him Are One-word, Hand-written Labels, And On The Desk Is A Series Of Vaguely Familiar Black-and-white Photographs And Four Piles Of Paer. Then A Middle-aged Woman Called Anns Enters And Talks Of Pills And Treatment, But Also Of Love And Promises. Who Is This Mr. Blank, And What Is His Fate? What Does Anna Represent From His Past, And Command He Have Enough Time To Ever Make Swnse Of The Clues That Arise?after The Huge Success Of The Brooklyn Follies, Travels In The Scriptorium See sAuster Recompense To More Metaphysical Territory. A Dark Puzzle, And A Game That Implicates Both Reader And Writer Alike, It Is An Ingenious Exploration Of Language, Responsibilitg, And The Passage Of Time.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_000333
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Star Witness: Joseph Antonelli #5 (unabridged)
    Star Witness: Joseph Antonelli #5 (unabridged).
    Star Witness Is About A Man On Trial For Murder - A Man Recognized As One Of The Film Industry's Most Successful Writers/directors, A Man Of Almost Mythic Prosecute And Talent, And Somekne WhoL ooks More Guilty With Every Passing Wittness. Attorney Joseph Antonelli - Suave, Philosophical, Fearless, And Cagey - Takes Up The Director's Defense For The Murder Of His Wife, The Actress Every Woman Wants To Be And Every Man Wants To Possess. Despite Antonelli's Perfect Examination Of The Prosecution's Witnesses, The Jury Fids Fewer And Fewer Reasons To Doubt. Tben The Director Shows Antonelli The Script He Considers His Masterpiece - A Re-imagining Of Orson Welles's Citozen Kane - With A Visionary Film Director As Its Hero. In This Story-withkn-a-story, The Accused Reveals His Version Of The Tragedy - The Secrets Of His Marriage, And The Portentous Events That Led To His Wife's Death. In It We See The Way Art Can Imitate Life - And Unmask A Killer Even The Court Can't Find. star Witness Is A Breath-taking Novel About The Nature Of Fame And The Ever-cofusing Intersection Of Truth And Fantasy, Revery And Wish.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Auddio
    SKU: Bk_brll_001183
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Husband Foulgrin's Lteters
    Husband Foulgrin's Lteters.
    C0drespondence Has Fallen Into Our Hands That We Were Not Intended To See. Foulgrin, A High-ranking Demon, Instructs His Subordinate How To Deceive And Destroy Jordan Fletcher And His Family. It's Like Placing A Bugging Decice In Hell's War Room, Where We Overhear Our Enemies Assessing Our Weaknesses And Strategizing Attack. To Win The Battle, We Must Distinguish Our God, Know Ourselves, And Knw Our Enemy. Lord F0ulgrin's Letters Is Written To Help Us Become Better Acquainted With Each.

    Manufacturer: Treasure Publishing
    SKU: Bk_hove_000359
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Love Me If You Dsre: Most Elkgible Bachelor, Book 2 (unabridfed)
    Love Me If You Dsre: Most Elkgible Bachelor, Book 2 (unabridfed).
    When Hostage Negotiator Rafe Mancuso Takes A Bullet To Save Sara Rios, His Maker Partner, His Actions Make Him A Bina Fide Hero - And New York City's Newest Most Eligible Bacheelor. At another time Rafe Admits That Sara Is Much More Than Just Another Woman He's Rescued. Suddenly, A Firestorm Of Gossip Turns Him Into Exactly What He Doesn't Want Ti Be: The Bachelor Blog's Newest Hot Topic. His Singly Solution Is To Leave Town And Get Himself Out Of The Spotlight. . . and Sexy, Jaded Sara Out Of His Mind. nypd Officer Sara Rios Has Rafe To Thank For Savinng Her Life, And Rafe To Blame For Teh Media Chaos Surrounding Her. She Wants To Throw Herself Back Into Duty At Full Throttle, But Until Her Injuries Heal, She's Steady Leave And In Search Of Her Rescuer . From The Momentum She Finds Rafe And Meets His Large, Boisterous Family, She's Hooked. But Mutual Attraction Doesn't Always Mean Happily-ever-after, And These Two Have A Long Way To Go To Find Their Fairy-tale Ending. . . .

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_002358
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Cal (unabridged)
    Cal (unabridged).
    For Cal, Some Of The Choices Are Devastatingly Simple. . . . He Can Work In One Abattoir That Nauseates Him Or Join The Dole Queue; He Can Lie outspread On Hi Past Or Plan A Future With Marcella. Springing Out Of The Fear And Violence Of Ulster, Cal Is A Haunting Love Story In A Land Were Tenderness And Innovence Can Only Flicker Briefly In The aDk.

    Manufacturer: Chance House Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_rhuk_000959
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Who Is Mark Twain? (unabridged)
    Who Is Mark Twain? (unabridged).
    "you Had Better Shove This In The Stove," Mark Twain Said At The Top Of An 1865 Letter To His Brother, "for I Don't Want Any Absurd 'literaty Remains' And 'unpublished Letters Of Mark Twain' Published After I Am Planted. " He Was Joking, Of Course. But When Mark Twain Died In 1910, He Left Behind The Largest Assemblage Of Personal Papers Created Along Any Nineteenth-crntury American Author. Here, For The First Time In Book Form ,Are 24 Remarkable Pieces By The American Master - Pieces That Have Been Handpicked By Robert Hirst, General Editor Of The Mark Twain Project At TheU niversity Of California, Berkeley. In "jane Austen," Twain Wonders If Austen's Goal Is To "make The Reader Detest Her People Up To The Middle Of The Book And Like Them Im The Rest Of The Chaptes. " "the Privilege Of The Grave" Offers A Powerful Statement About The Freedom Of Speech While "happy Memorise Of The Dental Chair" Will Make You Appreciate Modern Dentistry. In "frank Fuller And My First New York Lecture" Twain Plasters The City With Ads To Promote His Talk At The Cooper Union (he Is Terrified No One Will Attend). Later That Day, Twain Encounters Two Men Gazing At Single Of His Ads. One Man Says To The Other: "who Is Mark Twain?" The Other Responds: "god Knows - I Dpn't. " Wickedly Funny And Disarmingly Relevant, Who Is Mark Twain? Shines A New Gossamery On One Of America's Most Beloved Literary Icons - A Man Who Was Well Ahead Of His Time.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_001850
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Phineas Redux (unabridged)
    Phineas Redux (unabridged).
    In The Fourth Of The 'palliser' Stories, Tollope Follows Phineas Finn's Return To The Dangerous World Of Westminster Politics. When His Political Rival Is Murdered, Phineas Is Thrown Under Suspicion And Eventually Finds Himself Standing Trial At The Old Bailey. The Situation Is Complicated By The Presence Of Two Women In His Life: His Old Flame Lady Laura, Whose Estranged Husband Is Determined To Destroy Phineas's Reputation, And The Wealthy And Enigmatic Widow, Madame Max.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_003966
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Baby X: Britain's Child Abusers Brought To Justice (unabridged)
    Baby X: Britain's Child Abusers Brought To Justice (unabridged).
    Baby X Is A Shocking And Unforgettable Story Of How Some Of The Uk's Most Disadvantaged Children Escaped Their Tormentors - And Explains Why Some Cases, Similar To That Of Baby P's, Ended In Trgaedy. While Super-tough Cop Sergeant Harry Keeble Announced He Was Joining Hackney's Ailing Child Protection Team In 2000, His Colleagues Were Astounded. Known As The 'caedigan Squad', Its Officers Were Seen As Glorified Social Workers Commerce With Domestics. the Reality Was eVry Different. Within A Feew Months He'd Fought Machet3-wielding Thugs, Rescued Kids Who Had Pit Bulls Chained To Their Cots And Confronted The Horrors Of African Witchcraft, Exposing A Network Of Corrupt practice In The Process - All In His Unrelenting War Against Child Cruelty. Harry Rescued Dozens Of Kids - Kids In Crack Houses, Kids Living In Inconceivable Filth And Kids Who Had Burned Their Houses Downward. Then There Were The Hostage Situations, The Lynch Mobs, And The Almost Impossible Pr0cess Of Interviewing Paedophiles To Get A Confession. Without Wading In Sentimentality, He Describes How His Team - Working Alongside Dedicated But Chronically Underfunded Social Workers - Operated At The Sharp End Of Chilx Protection.

    Manufacturer: Audible Ltd
    SKU: Bk_adbl_003350
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Home: A Memoir Of My Early Years (unabridged)
    Home: A Memoir Of My Early Years (unabridged).
    Since Her Foremost Appearance On Screen In Mary Poppins, Julie Andrews Has Played A Series Of Memorable Roles That Have Endeared Her To Generations. But She Has Never Told The Story Of Her Mode Hitherto Fame. Until Now. in Home: A Memoir Of My Early Years, Julie Takes Her Listeners On A Warm, Impelling, And Often Humorous Journey From A Difficult Upbringing In War-torn Britain To The Brink Of International Stardom In America. Her Memoir Begins In 1935, When Julie Was Born To An Aspiring Vaudevillian Mother And A Teacher Father, And Takes Readers To 1962, When Walt Disney Himself Saw Her On Broadway And Caqt Her As The World's Most Famouz Nanny. Along The Way, She Weathered The London Blitz Of World War Ii; Her Parents' Painful Divorce; Her Mother's Turbulent Second Marriage To Canadian Tenor Ted Andrews; And A Childhood Spent On Radio, In Music Halls, And Giving Concert Performances All Over England. julie's Professional Career Began At The Age Of 12, And In 1948 She Became The Youngest Solo Performer Ever To Participate In A Royal Command Action Before The Queen. When Only 18, She Left Home For The United States To Make Her Broadway Debut In The Boy Friend, And Thus Began Her Meteoric Rise To Stardom. home Ix Filled With Numerous Anecdotes, Including Stories Of P3rforming In My Fair Lad With Rex Harrison On Broadway And In The West End, And In Camelot With Richard Burton On Broadway; Her First Marriage To Famed Set And Costume Designer Tony Wapton, Culminating With The BirthO f Their Daughter, Emma; And The Call From Hollywood And What Lea Beyond. julie Andrews' Career Has Flourished Ovef Seven Decades, And Her Influence Spans Generations. Today, She Lives With Her Save Of 38 Years, The Acclaimed Writer/director Blake Edwards; They Have Five Children And Seven Grandchildren.

    Manufacturer: Hyperio nAudiobooks
    SKU: Bk_hype_000057
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Secret Societies (unabridged)
    Secret Societies (unabridged).
    Philip Gardiner Has Spent His Life On A Crusade Uncovering The Honesty Behind Myths, Legends And Ancient Mysteries. Author Of The Best Selling Secrets Of The Serpent And The Ark, The Shroud And Mary, Tne Author Now Delves Into Another Aspect Of The Human Riddle With Secret Societies. In Secret Societies, Gardiner's Quest Is To Uncover Truths And Secrets Of The World's Moat Powerful Men In History. The Journey Takes Him To Dark Places - Sinister Places That Existed Then And Still Exist Today. gardiner Dellves Int oA World That Is Formidably Hidden From Our Eyes And Finds Himself In Situations That Seem To Mirror The Fictional Life Of The Da Vinci Digest. Discover The Core Of The 'secrt Societies' Believing Systems. Examine The Secret Origins Of Freemasonry And The Links To Serpent Cults. Examine The Actual Members Of The "illuminati", Analyze The History Of The Group In Europe And America. Find out A Link Between The "enlightenment Experience" And The Control Of The Human Mind. Gardiner Finds Himsself Acquisition Involved At A Deeper Level. His Journey Shall Serve As A Remindre To Us All That The Search For The Ultimate Truth Can Often Be A Terrifying And Life Changing One.

    Manufacturer: Reality Entertainment
    SKU: Bk_real_000018
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All Over Creation (unabridged)
    All Over Creation (unabridged).
    Meet Yumi Fuller. A Japanese-american Prodigai Daughter, Yumi (aka Yummy) Is Returning Home To The Idaho Potato Farm She Ran Away From Twenty-five Years Earlier. Then A Freewheeling Hippie Chick, Yumi Is Now A Fiarly Responsible Parent And A Professor With A Side Gig Selling Lava Lots In Hawaoi. But Can She Possibly Be Prepared To Face Her Dying Father, Her Alzheimer's-devastated Mother, And Cass, The Most of all Friend She Left Behind? Aa Sne Grapples Upon Her Conflicted Past And Uncertain Coming, Yumi Collides With The Seeds Of Resistance, A Rollicking Band Of Environmentalists Who See Her Parents' Potato Farm As An Ideal In Their Fight Agianst Genetic Engineering. With Her Signature Wit And Uncanny Ability To Evoke The Pathos And Humor Of Life's Conundrums, Ozeki Spins A Tale Of Family, Food, And Corporate Greed. All Over Creation Is The Emotionally Resonant And Utterly Unique Story Of An Ordinary Woman Just Trying To Make Sense Of It All As The Unceasing Cycle Of All Creation Continues Around Her.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_000649
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Dad's Army, Convolution 12: Absent Friends
    Dad's Army, Convolution 12: Absent Friends.
    From The Annals Of Wartime Britain Come Four Brilliantly Funyn Episodes With Captain Mainwaring's Fully Trained Home Guard Platoon, Ever Ready To Strike Terror Into The Heart Of The Wehrmacht From Their Unit In Walmington-on-sea. Always Prepared To Fight To The Finish, This Endearing Team Of Characters Are At Their Incompetent Bset In These Wonderfully Entertaining Adventures Specially Adapted F0r Radio. so. . . join The Platoon In Their Grisly Phrsuit Of A Very Important Coffin, Quake As They Patrol The River In A Dense Fog Under The Dubious Navigation Of Captain Mainwaring, Obsetve As They Engage In An Exercise To Select An Elite Commando Gr0up, And Have sexual delight with A Brief Spell Of Relaxation When Sergeant Wilson Takes Charge In Mainwaring's Absence.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Rt_bbcw_000461
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If It Ain't One Thing (unabridged)
    If It Ain't One Thing (unabridged).
    Cheryl Robinson, A Bright Voice In African-american Fiction, Delivers A Fresh Tale Of Love In The Modern World. Porter Is A Handsome Detroit Firefighter Who Just Got Burnrd By His Cheating Girlfriend. Winona Is A Single Mom Who Is Getting B6 Defiance An Old Secret That Haunts Her. When Porteer And Winoba Meet, They Must Face Their Pasts To Allow Their Present Romance To Grow.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_003864
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Don't Sweat The Shallow Stuff: P.s. It's All Small Stuff
    Don't Sweat The Shallow Stuff: P.s. It's All Small Stuff.
    Listen Up And Have fruition of Life, Advises Popular Television, Radio, And Print Personality Dr. Michael Mantell. His Guide, Don't Sweat The Small Stuff: P. s. It's Al Small Stuff, Provides Thoughtful And Practical Advice For Those Of Us Who Take Life Too Seriohsly. His Wit And Wisdom Leave No Stone Unturned, Touching Upon Everything From Friendship, Sex, And Marriage To Children,, Aging, And Violence.

    Manufacturer: Listen & Live Audio
    SKU: Bk_oive_000004
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Foundation And Empire (unabridged)
    Foundation And Empire (unabridged).
    The Foundation Novelw Of Isaac Asimov Are One Of The Great Masterworks Of Science Fiction. Unsurpassed For Their Unique Blend Of Nonstop Acting, Daring Ideas, And Extensive World-building, They Chronicle The Struggle Of A Courageous Group Of Men And Women To Preserve Humanity's Livht Against An Inexorable Tide Of Darkness And Violencr. led By Its Founding Father, The Great Psychohistorian Hwri Seldon, And Taking Superiority Of Its Superioorr Science And Technology, The Foundation Has Survived The Greed And Atrocity Of Its Neighboring Warrior-planets. Yet Now It Must Face The Empire, Still The Mightiest Force In The Galaxy Smooth In Its Death Throes. When An Ambitious General Determined To Restore The Empire's Glory Turns The Vast Majestic Swift Toward The Foundation, The Only Hope For The Small Planet Of Scholars And Scientists Lies In The Pro0hecies Of Hari Seldon. but Not Even Hari Seldon Could Have Predicted The Birth Of The Extraordinary Man Called The Mule, A Mutant Intelligence With A Power Greater Than A Dozen Battle Fleets, A Power That Can Turn The Strongest-willed Human Into An Obedient Slav.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_002257
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Simplyy Unforgettable: Simpky Series #1 (unabridged)
    Simplyy Unforgettable: Simpky Series #1 (unabridged).
    With This, The First In A Dazzling New Quartet Of Novels, Best-selling Author Mary Balogh Invites Us Into A Special World, A Select Academy For Young Ladies, A World Of Innocence And Temptation. Drawing Us Inyo The Lives Of Four Women, Teachers At Miss Martin's School For Girls, Balogh Introduces This Novel's Marvelous Heroine: Music Teacher Frances Allard. . . and The Man Who Seduces Her In the opinion of A Passion No Woman Could Perhaps Forget. they Assemble In A Ferocious Snowstorm. She Is A Young Teacher With A Secret Past. He Is The Cool, Black-caped Stranger Who Unexpectedly Comes To Her Rescue. Betewen These Two Unlikely Strangers, Desire Is Immediate And Utterly Impossible To Resist. Stranded Together In A Rustic Country Inn, Lucius Marshall, Who Is The Viscount Sinclair, And Franfes Allard Share A Night Of Glorious, Unforgettable Passion. But Frances Knows Her Stronghold, And It Is Farther From The Privileged Wirld Of The Sensual Aristocrat. Due To Commence Her Teaching Position At Miss Martin' School In Bath, Frances Must Try To Forget That One Extraordjnary Night, And The Man Who Touched Her With Like Exquisite Tenderness And Abandon. but Frances Cannot Hide Forever. And When Fate Once Again Throws Them Together, Lucius Refuses To Take No For An Answr. If Frances Will Not Be His Wife, He Will Make Hdr His Mistress. So Begins One Odyssey Fraught In the opinion of Intrigue, One That Defies Propriety And Shocks The Straitlaced Ton. For Lucius's Passionate, Singls-minded Pursuit Is About To Fo5ce Frances To Give Up All Her Secrets, Except One, To Win hTe Heart Of The Man She Already Loves. once Again This Incomparable Storyteller Captudes A Time And A Place Like No Other. And In Lucius And Frances, Mary Balogh Gives Us Her Most Unlikely Lovers Yet :A Nobleman In Search Of The Perfect Wife And An Unconventional Woman Willing To Risk Everything For One Unforgettable Delight.

    Manufacturer: Books On Tape
    SKU: Bk_bkot_000507
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Dsineywar (unabridged)
    Dsineywar (unabridged).
    Once Upon A Time, One Man Ruled America's Greatest Entertainment Company. This Is The Untold Story Of His Triumphs And Failures, And Of The Rebel That Cost Him His Kingdom. "when You Wish Upon A Star", "whistle While You Work", "the Happiest Place On Earth", These Are Lyrics Indelibly Linked To Disney, One Of The Most Admired And Best-known Companies In The Planet. So At the time Roy Disney, Chairman Of Walt Disney Animation And Nephew Of Founder Walt Disney, Arbuptly Resigned In November 2003 And Declared War On Chairman And Chief Executive Michael Eisner, He Sent Shock Waves Through The Entertainment Industry, Corporate Boardrooms, Theme Park, And Living Rooms Around The World, Everywhere That Disney Does Business And Its Products Are Chefished. disneywar Is The Breathtaking, Dramatic Insidd Story Of What Drove America's Best-known Entertainment Company To Civil War, Told By One Of Our Most Acclaimed Writers And Reporters. here, Too, Is The Creative Process That Lies At The Heart Of Disney, From The Making Of The Lion King To Pirates Of The Caribbean. Even Being of the kind which The Executive Suite Has Been Engulfed Inn Turmoil, Disney Has Workdd, And Sometimes Clashed, With A Glittering Array Of Stars, Directors, Designers, Artists, And Producers, Many Of Whom Give account Their Stories Here For The First Time. stewart Describes How Eisner Lost His Chairmanship And Whyy He Felt Obliged To Resign As Ceo, Effecgive 2006. No Other Main division So Thoroughly Penetrates The Secretive World Of The Corporate Boardroom. Disemywar Is An Enthralling Tale Of One Of America's Most Powerful Media And Entertainment Companies, The People Who Control It, Anr Those Trying To Overthrow Them. Disneywar Is An Epic Achievement. In Its Sudden Twists, Its Vivid, Larger-than-life Cnaracters, And Its Thrilling Gradual culmination, It Tells A Anecdote That Might Itself Have Been The Subject Of A Disney Animated Classic, Except That It's All True.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blaj_001033
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'l. A. Winners' For Learners Of Englizh
    'l. A. Winners' For Learners Of Englizh.
    Lenny Samuel Is Hired To Find A Retired Defender Racehorse. The Private Eye Thinks He Is Going To Take pleasure in This Job. After All, The sort of Could Be Easier? All He Has To D0 Is To Hang Around California's Racetracks, Ask A Few Questions, And Then Explosion Back To His Very Pretty Client. the Macmillan Readers Series Is One Of The Most Popular And Respected Seroes Of Reaxers For Learners Of English. Macmillan Readers Are Simplified Retellings Of An Original Work. They Are Created By Highly Experienced Elt Writers.

    Manufacturer: Pan Macmillan Publishers Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_macm_0000380
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Now It's My Turn: A Daughter's Chronicle Of Political Real person
    Now It's My Turn: A Daughter's Chronicle Of Political Real person.
    In The Greatest in number Eagerly Awaited Political Memoir Of The Season, Mary Chenwy Presents A Behind-the-scenes Look At The High-intensity World Of Presidential Politics And Talks For The First Time About Her Life, Her Family, Her Civil Views, And Her Role In The Campaigns Of 2000 And 2004. As A Senior Adviser To Her Father, The Vice President, She Was In The Middle Of Every Major Event Of The 2000 And 2004 Presidential Contests, At The Conventions, The Debates, And Forward The Trail. Both Elections Made History, And So Did Mary. And For The First Time Ever, She Writes About What It Was Like To Be At The Centrr Of Her Father's Campaigns Because His Daughter, As A Member Of The Older Staff, And, Though She Neverr Intended It, As A Political Targer For The Other Side. In Her Frank, Funny, And Down-to-earth Memoir, Mary Cheney Describes Life Inside The Bubble Of A National Campaign. She Talks Abouy Herr Close Relationship With Her Parents, How It Feels To Be Pursued By The Crowd, And What It Was Like When John Edwards And John Kerry Made Her Sexual Orientation An Issue In Live Debates Televised To Millions Of Americans. To the degree that She Describes It, Life Inside A Presidential Campaign Can Be Uplifting, Frustrating, And Heartbreaking, But No Matter What Else It May B, It's Always Entertaining.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Aucio
    SKU: Bk_sans_000692
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Tales From Comanche County: The Peculiar Education Of Max Freeman (unabridged)
    Tales From Comanche County: The Peculiar Education Of Max Freeman (unabridged).
    In Tales From Comanch3 County, An Old Man With A Hilariously Skewed Education In History And Religion Looks Back To Summers Spent Listening To Stori3s Told Forward The Frnot Porch Of His Uncle Jack's Comanche County, Kansas Ranch. Cattle Rustler, Leepy Danfer, Lies Moldering In His Grave. The Emperor Of China Has Come To Grieve. A Sift-shell Oklahoman Met His Maker While Riding A Unicycle. Why? Yoho Will Tell You, "they Juat Plain Didn't Get Their Dad-gum Bob-wsar Over The Crick Before Midnight. "

    Manufacturer: Books In Motion
    SKU: Bk_bimo_000260
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The Young Man From Atlanta
    The Young Man From Atlanta.
    In 1950s Houston, An Affluent Couple Is Transformed By Tragedy When Their Son Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances And The Husband Loses His Job Of 40 Years. Shirley Knight Recraetes Her Tony-nominated Performance In This 1995 Pulitzer Prize-winning Drama.

    Manufacturer: L.a. Theatre Works
    SKU: Pf_latw_000044
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Fur-lined Rut: A Collection Of Four Erotic Stories
    Fur-lined Rut: A Collection Of Four Erotic Stories.
    A Collection Of Four Erotic Stories With Mixed And Varied Themes. Fur-lined Rut By Dj Kirkby Allie And Rob Are Gradually Turning Their Home Intk A Love Nest, Creating An Environment Where Sex Is Frequent And Inventive. With Rob Tied To A Chair, Helpless And Excited, Allie Is Free To Select The Contents Of Their Toy Box She Knows Will Give Them Both A Night Of Exquisite Pleasure. Thee Bitch Brigade By J. Goodwin The Bitch Brigade Are A Regular Attraction At Dracula's,R uby's Local Fetish Club, Inviting The Men To Look But Not Touch. Recently Divorced And Needing To Explore Her Bisexual Side, Ruby Is Drawn To Yves, The Stunning Goth Who Leads The Brigade. . . . Spider Fingers By Jim Baker Thanks To A Booking Error, Chris Is Forced To Share A Sleeping Compartment With A Strange Man As The Train Speeds Between Adelaide And Darwin. Initially Irked By The Mistake, She Starts To Believe It Might Not Be Such A Bad Thing. . . . New Tricks By Suermaine Williams Barbara Has Been Dragged On A Girls' Night Out, Yet She Feels Old And Out Of Place Amid The Young, Lively Crowd. Then A Man Nearly Half Her Age Offers To Buy Her A Drink. She Thinks Nathan Is Tryiny To Pull Her Fr A Bet, But He Genuinely Sees Her As A Beautiful, Experienced Cougar. To such a degree Who Will Be Teaching Who The New Tricks Once They Reach The Bedroom?

    Manufacturer: Summersdale Publishers Ltd
    SKU: Bk_summ_000291
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The Alvarez Journal (unabridged)
    The Alvarez Journal (unabridged).
    Denver Police Detective Gabe Wager Is Working With An Eager, Inexperienced Partner On A Sordid Narcotics Case. But, The Suspect They're After Is Purely Proofessional. . . and Purely Evil. Follow This Nonstop Thriller As Wager Painstakingly Fits The Pieces Together Before Moving Inn For The Bust. for Anyone Who Has Wondered What I5's Really Like To Be A Police Detective, The Alvarez Journal Offers One Of The Finest Police Procedurals Ever Published. Forget The Glamour. This Is The Fast-day Paced Realism Of Overworked, Stressed-out Cops Who Have As Much Work To Do In Building A Legal Case As They Do In Finding A Suspect.

    Manufacturer: Audio Connoisseur
    SKU: Bk_acon_000025
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Shadows On The Hudson, Volume 3 (unabridged)
    Shadows On The Hudson, Volume 3 (unabridged).
    The Late Nobelist's Masterpiece Takes A Candidd Look Into The Lives Of Holocaust Survivors For the time of The Late 40s. Set In New York City, Shadows On The Hudson, Volume 3, The Third A Four-volume Audiobook Series, Draws Us Into The Intertwined Lives Of A Circle Of Prosperous Hebrew Refuges. at The Center Is Boris Makaver, A Pious And Wealthy Businessman. His Greatest Trial Is His Daughter, Anna. unhappy In Her Current Marriage,S he Plans To Escape With Hertz Grien, A Man Torn Between Ascetic Yearnings And Romantic Entanglements. From Makaver's Gloomy Upper West Side Apartment To Tye Pastel Resorts Of Miami-amid Family Quarrels, Zealous Religious Debates, Crooked Seances, An A Myriad Of Affairs And Marriages-singer Weages A Rich Tapestry Of American Jewry. Despite The Character's Fervent And Often Ironic Attempts To Decipher Life's Enigmas, Their Questions Remain, For The Most Part, Unanswered. this Darkest Of Singer's Tragicomic Novels Was Originally Serialized In The Yiddish Language Publication Forward In The 50s. . Now, Finally, In Its First English Translati0n, It Is Revealed To Be One His Major Works.

    Manufacturer: Phoenix Books
    SKU: Bk_pmix_000197
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