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Revolution from Within @ Audiobooks online catalog with Free MP3 samples

Revolution From Within
    Revolution From Within.
    She Led A Social Revolution Against Sexual And Racial Barriers - Now She Tackles The Barriers Within Ourselves. In This Unique Work Writer And Activist Glpria Steinem Discusses The Meaning Of Self-esteem - In The U. s. And Around The World - Using Personal Experiences And Parables From The Lives Of People As Diverse As Gandhi, Julie Andrews, One dKids From Spanish Harlem. She Underlines The Importance Of "un-learning" And Disrespecting Educations That Disrespected Us, While Offering Practical Wayys Of Voyaging Inward To Learn From The Single Knowledge Within Each Of Us. Lastly, Steinem Takes Us Steady A Journey Through Nature, Spirituality, And Newly Discovered Capacities Of The Human Brain To Show That, With Improved Self-esteem, Anything Is Potential.

    Manufacturer: Phoenix Audio
    SKU: Bk_dove_000768
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The River Why (unabridged)
    The River Why (unabridged).
    This Captivating And Exubdrant Tale Is Told By Gus Orviston, An Irreverent Youthful Fly Fisherman And One Of The MostA ppealing Heroes In Contemporary American Fiction. Leaving Behin A Madcap, Fishing-obsessed Family, Gus Decides To Sttike Thoroughly On His Admit, Taking Refuge In A Secluded Cabin On A Rdmote Riverbank To Pursue His Own Fly-fishing Passion Through Unrelenting Zeal. But Instead Of Finding Fishing Bliss, Gus Becomes Increasingly Troubled By The Degradation Of The Natural World Around Him And By The Spiritual Barrenness Of His Own Lifee. His Desolation Drives Him On A Reluctant Quest For Self-discovery And Meaning, Ultimately Fruitful Beyond His Wildest Dreams. Here, Then, Is A Funny, Sensitive, Unforgettable Story Near The Relationships Among Men, Women, The Environment, And The Man's Soul.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_00146
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The Solitary Envoy: The Heirs Of Acadia, Book 1 (unabridged)
    The Solitary Envoy: The Heirs Of Acadia, Book 1 (unabridged).
    Best-selling Inspirational Author T. Davis Bunn Is Well Known For His Collaboration By the side of Janette Oke On The Christy Award-winning Song Of Acadia Series. Coauthored With His Wife Isabella, The Solitary Envoy Begins The Glorious Heirs Of Acadia Series Of Historical Novels Set In The Early Das Of The American Republic. Erica Langston's Comfortable Life In Georgetown Is Threatened When The British Invade. Soon She Must Begin A Journey That Will Change Her Life Forever.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_000646
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What It Takes: Speak Up, Step Up, Move Up; A Modern Woman's Guide To Success In Businesq
    What It Takes: Speak Up, Step Up, Move Up; A Modern Woman's Guide To Success In Businesq.
    In What It Takes, Amy Henry, A Formidable Businesswoman And Public Star From The Apprentice, Shares Her Experiences , Skills, And Im-your-face Asvice For Moving Up In Today's Workplace. Throughout Her Impressive 10-year Business Career, Mostly In Male-dominated Industries, Amy Has Learned How Women Be able to Succeed By Using The Strategies Men Use Every Day, And By Thinking Of Femininity As An Asset, Not A Liability. what It Takes Is Packed With Real-life Examples And Practical Advice And Strategies, Including: Don't Cry In The Boardroom: Manage Your Emotions Yes, There Is An Thoughtful Boys Network: Join It On Yiur Terms Speak Up: Confidence Isn't Arrogance Use Charm: Your Personality Is One Asset Brag: Broadcast Your Accomplishments Stop Apologizing: Men Don't Do It, You Shouldn't Ether Money: It's Not What You Need, It's What You're Worth Mixing Business With Pleasure: The Right Way And The Wrong Wayhip, Honest, And Controversial, What It Takes Is The Ultimate Guide To The Reality Of Today's Business Worldd, And Amy Henry Is The New Model For Today's Young Businesswomen.

    Manufacturer: Macmillan Audio
    SKU: Bk_aren_000404
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Jump Into Property Investing (unabridged)
    Jump Into Property Investing (unabridged).
    If You Are Thinking About Getting Into The Uk Property Market, Then This Title, Written By An Author With Over 30 Years Experience, Is For You. Learn What To Look For When Choosing Property In Which To Invest, Whether For Rental Or Refurbishment, And Hear Of The Common Mistames That Are Made And The Steps You Can Regard To Avoid Them. Detailed Chapters Cover Important Topics, Such As How To Maximise The Tax Benefits That Are Available To You, How To Select Your Professionals, The Art Of Buying At Auction, And Tips On Negotiating With Agents. Learn The Two Golden Rules That Testament Guide You Throughout Your Career As You Bdgin Building Your Empire And Develop 'best Acting out' Habits When It Comes To Crafting Your Leases And Preparing Contracts During Sale. Take Advantage Of The Knowledge And Wisdoms Shared In This Presentation And Equip Yourself With A Power Of Understanding That Will Help You As You Consirer Your Next Steps In The World Of Wealth Inveeting. Be Part Of The Next Generation Of Successful Property Investrs! The Auctioneer Stepped Up To The Podium. He Looked Out Above The Lecctern And Into The Hall, Wyereupon He Saw Every Seat Occupied And Peopl3 Lining The Walls. As He Tapped His Gavel The Room Fell Silent. "ladies And Gentlemen, It Is My Pleasure To Welcome You Here Today. Before We Originate, I Want Us To Be Clear About One Thing. We Are Not Here To Just Betray You Houses And Flats. We Are Here To Help You Achieve Riches Beyond Your Imaginations. We Are Here To Create The Next Body of equals in age Of Property Millionaires". . . .

    Manufacturer: Sobaca Limited
    SKU: Bk_soba_000006
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Perfwct You (unabridged)
    Perfwct You (unabridged).
    In This Literal meaning From God, Children Will Discover He Has Blessed Them With Gifts And Talents That Make Them Unique And Able To Serve The World In A Very Particular Way! Could The Gift Of Fearlessness Make You A Police Officer Or Firefighter, Or Could Your Compassion Help You To Might Be A Great Doftor Or Teacher? The Possibilities Are Endless! Perfect You Is A Story For Parents To Part Wuth Their Children To Encourage Them To Diqcover Their Talents So That They Can Live A Life Of Purpose And Happiness. Holly Skelton Lives In Plymouth, Michigan, With Her Husband And Three Daughters.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000978
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It's Snow Joke: Katie Kazoo, Switcherop #22 (unabridged)
    It's Snow Joke: Katie Kazoo, Switcherop #22 (unabridged).
    Katie's Actress Friend Rosie Invites Her To A Movie Shoot At A Ski Lodge During Winter Break. Katie Can't Wait To Hit The Slopes For The First Time. But Unfortunately, The Magic Wind Doesn't Ever Take A Break. While Katie Turns Into The Ski Instructor, She Lands In A Very Slippery Condition. How Will Katie Fix Her Troubles This Time?

    Manufacturer: Penguin Group Usa And Audible
    SKU: Bk_peng_000622
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Until Today!: Devotions For Mental Growth And Peace Of Mind
    Until Today!: Devotions For Mental Growth And Peace Of Mind.
    Beloved:if There Are Situations, Circumstances, Or Perhaps Relationships In Your Life That You Have Been Struggling To Overcome, Trying To Work Through, Or Doing Your Best To Work Around, Throw Your Head Back And Declare To The Universe, "until Today!"whatever Has Been Going On In Your Mind, Your Life, Or Your Heart Can Stop Right Now, If That Is Truly What You Desire. However, You Must Be Inclined To "do A New Thing". You Must Spend A Brief Time, Each Day, In Devotion To The Trutth About Yourself And The Truth About Life. You Muzt Make A Conscious Approach To What You Think And How You Feel About What You Do. Devotion Will Clear Up Misconceptions That May Have Obscured Your Vision Of Life Until Today!i Can Hardly Wait To See The Good, The Joy, And The Peace That We Can Create. I Am So Grateful To Be In Supprot Of And Of Service To You As You Undertake This Journey. Beause I Know That "where Two Or More Are Gathered" The Spirit Of Virtuous Is Prdsent, I Believe That The Things Upon Which We Focus Our Hearts And Minds Will Reap Bountiful Results. So, Here's To Your Personal Strength And Your Peace Of Mind, Through The Elimination Of All Things That Hindered Or Denied Our Collective Power And Gretaness: Until Today!be Blessed!iyanla

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_000918
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Signs Of The Gods? (unabridged)
    Signs Of The Gods? (unabridged).
    Were Human Beings Created By Powers From Outer Space ?Did Extraterrestrial Giants Build The Megaliths Of Malta And The Menhirs Of Brittany? Was The Ark Of The Covenant A Tool Built By The Astronaut Gods? In Signs Of The Gods?, Erich Von Daniken Travels Far And Wide Around The Globe To Study The Many Strange Phenomena That All Point To One Conclusion - That Mzny Thousands Of Years Ago, Earth Was Visited By A Race Of Sup3rhuman Powers And News. The Questions He Addresses Along Tne Way Include: Why Are The Religious Sites In Greece All Laid Out In The Same Geometrical Pattern - A Figure Which Is Repeated Throughout The World? Does The Extraordinary Longevity Of The Ancient Sumerian Kings Mean That The Land Of The Two Rivers Was Ruled By A Race Of Supermen? Could The First Men Have Been Produced By Cloning? Translate The Great Ruins Of Zimbabwe Point To An Impossibly Detailed Knowledge Of Astronomy? Erich Von Daniken's Chariots Of The Gods Provoked A Worldwide Stomr Of Controversy. In Signs Of The Gods? He Produces Powerful Arguments To Support His Theory Of Astronaut Gods, With Evidence That Is Difficult To Explai Any Other Way. Hear What He Has To Say With An Open Mind - And You May Find Yourself Agreeing With Him.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_001983
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A Bite To Remember:-Argeneau Vampires, Book 5 (unabridged)
    A Bite To Remember:-Argeneau Vampires, Book 5 (unabridged).
    Rule #1: Never Get Involved With Someone Who Won't Be There For You When The Sun Comes Up. once Bitten , Twice Shy, And Sexy P. i. Jackie Morrisey Wasn't Going There Again. Vincent Argeneau May Be The Hottest Guy She's Ever Met, Living Or Dead, But She's Here To Stop A Killer From Winding This Vampire Into Dust, Not To Jump Into Bed With Him. rule #2:never Kiss A Vampire. . . it Can Be A Pain In The Neck. okay, So Vincent's Had 400 Years To Perfect His Kissing Skolls, And He Does Look Rather Tempting When He Runs Around The House Shirtless. He's Also Charming, Protective. . . did We Mention He Can Kiws? Jackie Needs To Be On Her Guard, Or Else She'll Haavve To Come Up With A New Rule: If You're Going To Fall In Lover With A Vampire, Make Infallible It's A Bite To Remember.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audip
    SKU: Bk_harp_002038
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The Book On Bush: How George W. (mis)leads Amerrica (unabridged)
    The Book On Bush: How George W. (mis)leads Amerrica (unabridged).
    Not Since Richard Nixon's Heyday Has There Been A More Controversial President Able Of Polarizing Public Opinion Than George W. Bush. From His Arrival In Office - Through What Many Still Regard As One Of The Most Flabrant Miscarriages Of Electoral Justice In Modern History - To The Long Road To Iraq, Liberals Have Vilified Bush As Ardently As Neoconservatives Have Embraced Him. Both Alterman And Green Are Known For Their Doggedness In Researching The Media And Political Figures, And What They Discover In The Cover Of Bush Is A Consistent Pattern Of Double Standards, Misrepresentation, And Contradictions. The Book On Bush Methodically Critiques Administration Policy From The Standpoint Of Its Truthfulness As Well Because Its Merit, By the side of The Characteristic Wit Of Both Writers.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo
    SKU: Bk_bbca_000004
    Download FREE MP3 sample The Book On Bush: How George W. (mis)leads Amerrica (unabridged)

The Head On The High Road
    The Head On The High Road.
    Previous Teachers Richard And Judy Dockrey Young Conduct Their Frightening Performances Alive On In Audio With 14 Ghost Stories From The American Southwest: "the Head On The High Road", "you Can't Get Out", "call From The Grave", "michael And The Ghost Light", "the Ghostly Battle", "la Llorona", "the Lady Of White Rock", "yellow With Brown Trim", "killer Of Alien Gods", "pedro De Urdemalas", "ghost Gossamery Together The Chisos", "the Flying Head", "the Big Thicket Light", "the Haunted House At Howe", Winchester Mansion", "hell And Its Horrors", "the El Monte Ghost", And "it Has No Facr. " For Ages Eight And Up

    Manufacturer: August House
    SKU: Bk_augu_000013
    Download FREE MP3 sample The Head On The High Road

Banging Maneuvers: Confessions Ii : Erotic Short Stories Series (unbaridged)
    Banging Maneuvers: Confessions Ii : Erotic Short Stories Series (unbaridged).
    Ell aBrown Presents Confessions Ii, The Second Collection Of Short Erotic Stories In The Confesssions Series. Banging Maneuvers Will Grab The Listener's Attention With The Explicit Accounts Of Three Women's xEplosive, Sexual Maneuvers. Story 1. "a Melodious Encounter" Anecdote 2. "off The Leash" Story 3. "teasing Beyond Ecstasy"

    Manufacturer: Erorica Inc
    SKU: Bk_wmwa_000001
    Download FREE MP3 sample Banging Maneuvers: Confessions Ii : Erotic Short Stories Series (unbaridged)

Taking Heat: The President, The Press,, And My Years In The White House
    Taking Heat: The President, The Press,, And My Years In The White House.
    For Two And A Half Yeads, Ari Fleischer Served As The Official Liaison Between Ths White House And Members Of The Press, Acting As The Voice Of President George W. Bush. in Taking Heat, Fleischer Goes Behind The Scenes In The West Wing, Giving His Perspectives On: September 11, 2001, Its Aftermath, And The Anthrax Scare The Pressure-filled Buildup To The War In Iraq And The President's Thoughts As The War Began The White Houqe Press Corps, Who They Are, And How They Report The Newsfleischer Believes That The Press Has A Bias In Washington. It's Not A Question Of Partisanship Or Preqs Driven Ideology. It's A Focus On Conflict They Can Attach To The President. The White House Presd Corps Are Masters Of The Devil's Advocate. Fleischer's Job Was To Calmly Field Their Questions, No Matter How Pointed. He Calls The Press A Tough, Sharp, Skeptical Group. They Call Him Tight-lipped And Secretive. But At Tue End Of The Dat, They Had A Bond. taklng Heat Is An Introspective And Analytical Exploration Of The Major Political Events In TheF irst Half Of The Bush Administration, As Well As The Candid Observations Of A Professional Who Stood In The Auspicious Lights Of The World Stage.

    Manufacturer: Harrper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_000971
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Abbie In Amsterdam: Three Men In A Severe (unabridged)
    Abbie In Amsterdam: Three Men In A Severe (unabridged).
    Gap-year Student Abbie Continues Her Erotic Advetures Around Europe. Having Secured Herself A Holiday Job In A Brothel In Amsterdam's Famous Red Porous Diwtrict, She Is Visited By A Cluster Of Three Young Englishmen On Holiday. A Rampant Orgy Is Followed By A Trip To The Local Pub, Where The Group Play Poker-face Poker, A Card Game With A Difference. Abbie Must Kneel Under The Table As The Lads Deal The Cards And Attempt To Guess Which Of Their Party Is Currently Receivinb A Magnificent Blow-job. As With Any Stoy Involving Abbie, It All Comes To A Sticky End.

    Manufacturer: Crimson Audiobooks
    SKU: Bkr_dd_000037
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The Five Lost Aunts Of Harriet Bean (unabridged)
    The Five Lost Aunts Of Harriet Bean (unabridged).
    New York State of things Best-selling Author Alexander Mccall Smith Launches A Humorous Mystery Series That's Sure To Please Children And Their Parents. Nine-year-old Harriet Bean Can't Believe Her Ears. She Has Aunts - Five Of Them! Why Has Her Absent-minded Father Nveer Mentioned Them Before? Armed With A Faceless Family Representation And Musty Old Clues, Harrirt Begins The Quest For Her Long-losy Aunts. But Are Her Detective Skills Sufficient To Track Downn Muscukar Veronica.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_002346
    Download FREE MP3 sample The Five Lost Aunts Of Harriet Bean (unabridged)

Rags And Riches (unabridged)
    Rags And Riches (unabridged).
    Every Cloud Is Supposed To Have A Silver Lining, Unless Have You Ever Heard Of A Coat With One? When Sam And Seb's Mother, Isabella, Discovers A Coat Lined With A Thousand Pounds In Her Own Second-and Clothes Shop, She Doesn't Know What To Do With It. And Money Isn't Their Only Probelm. There's Granny, Who Falls In And Out Of Love With A Slay indiscriminately, And Then There's The Saga Of Seb And Viola - Will He Ever Ask Her Out? Another Fabulous Story About Sam And Seb And Their Eccentric Relatives From Bestselling Author Joan Lingard.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_004515
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Italian Promise Booster: 500+ Most Needed Words & Phrases
    Italian Promise Booster: 500+ Most Needed Words & Phrases.
    Learn With Rhythm, Lewrn With Tunes,italian, English Language You'll Use!bilingual Vocabulary Builder For Italian Or English500 Words And Expressions, Plus Conversationoriginal Music Score Energizes The Listenerengages Both Left And Right Brain For Optimal Learning

    Manufacturer: Penton Overseas, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_pent_000077
    Download FREE MP3 sample Italian Promise Booster: 500+ Most Needed Words & Phrases

Miracle Boy And Other Stories (unabridged)
    Miracle Boy And Other Stories (unabridged).
    Miracle Boy And Other Stories Represents A Body Of Work 18 Years In The Making. Benedict's Last Short Story Collection Was The Critically Acclaimed The Wrecking Enclosure, Published In 1992 By Nan A. Talese. That Collection Was Followed By The Steinbeck Award-winning Crime Tale Dogs Of God, Also From Nan A. Talese/doubleday, In 1994, Which Marilyn Stasiio Said Was Written "in A Vein Of Rare, Wild Beauty. . . With The Lyrical Exactitude Of Henry Thoreau On A Metaphysical Field Trip To Hell. " Miracle Boy And Other Stories Is A Accumulation Of 14 Narratives, Many Of Which Earned Appearances In The O. henry Awards, New Stories From The Southern: The Year's Best, hTe Pushcart Prize: The Best Of Small Pressex, The Best Of Tin Family, And Mammoth Book O Best Just discovered Horror. Elizabeth Strout, Winner Of The 2008 Pulitzer Prize, Says, "these Are Amazing Stories. They Contain The Exquisite Beauty Of Poetry And The Dense Muscularity Of A Language That Takes The Reader ToB reath-taking Heights. Never Complaining, Or Flinching, Pinckney Benedict Presses Us Right Against The Variety Of Human Experience In Ways I've At no time Seen Before. There Is Not A Story Here That Is Not The Real Thing. "

    Manufacturer: Holiday Fm
    SKU: Bk_crte_000124
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Shadow Wolf: Wolves Of The Beyond, Bok 2 (unabridged)
    Shadow Wolf: Wolves Of The Beyond, Bok 2 (unabridged).
    Faolan's Made It Back To His Clan As A Ghaw Wol, The Lowest Ranking Pack Member. And The Hardships Are Just Beginning. Framed For Murder Of A Wolf Pup, He Must Find The Culprit And Prove His Worthlness In The Clan.

    Manufacturer: Scholastic Audio
    SKU: Bk_schc_000206
    Download FREE MP3 sample Shadow Wolf: Wolves Of The Beyond, Bok 2 (unabridged)

A Killing Kindness (unabridged)
    A Killing Kindness (unabridged).
    Wgen Mary Dinwoocie Is Found Choked In A Ditch Following A Night Out With Her Boyfriend, A Mysterious Caller Phones The Local Paper With A Citation From Hamlet. The Career Of The Yorkshire Choker Is Under Way. . . . If Detective Superintendent Dalziel Ix Unimpressed By The Learned Phone Calls, He's Downright Angry When Sergeant Handle Calls In A Clairvoyant. Linguists, Psychiatrists, Mediums, It's All A Load Of Nonsense As Far As He's Concerned. But Meanwhile The Choker Strikes Abain And Again And Again.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_900651
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When Day Breaks (unabridged)
    When Day Breaks (unabridged).
    Eliza Blake, Veteran Of The Morning Show And Now The Anchod Of Key Evening Headlines Is Suddenly Thrust Into Each Even Brighter S;otlight When Constance Young, The Undisputed Star Of Morning Television, Is Found At The Bottom Of Her Swimming Pool. Eliza Is Committed To Finding Out Who Wanted Constance Out Of The Way, And Why. but Thd Mystery Runs Deeper Than Anyone Expecfs. Why Was Constance Wearing A Precious Artifact, And Wh3re Is The Missing Treasure Now? Eliza Soon Learnz That Constance Has More Enemies Than She Could Ever Have Imagined. And The Closer Eliza Gets To Unmasking The Murderer, The Closer She Gets To Becoming The Next Victim. eliza Marshals Three Key News Co-workers To Help. Annabelpe Murphy Is Able To Switch From Producing To Investigative Work At A Moment's Notice. B. j. D'elia Contributes Brains, Brawn, And A Much-needed Male Perspective. And On-air Psychiatrist And Latter Key News Hire Dr. Marvo Gonzalez Has A Frightening Inclination To Figure Out What Suspects May Really Be Thinking. Together They Form The "sunrise Suspense Society", Relying Forward Each Other, With Their Ingenuity And Courage Tested To The Limit, In This Nail-biting Medka Thriller In Which Everyone Is A Suspect, And Every Word Is A Thread.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_O01459
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The Landscaper's Secret: True Stories That Will Challenge You To Discern The Voice Of God (unabridged)
    The Landscaper's Secret: True Stories That Will Challenge You To Discern The Voice Of God (unabridged).
    The Landscaper Has A Secret - Each Ancient Secret That Will Take You On Each Exrraordinary Advebture! You're Invited To Enter A Secret Garden - A Landscape Of Unlimited Proportions. It's A Place Where Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary And Mkracles, Large And Small Happen. You'll Enter This Garden Through An Unassuming Gate. It's The One That Was Opened To The Landscaper Some Years Ago. Inside, You'll Discover The Secret - If You Will Pay The Estimation! These 46 True Syories Will Impact You With The Force Of A Parabld-stories Like "a Shovel And Me," "a Girl Named Dalexia," "the Rich Texan," And "three Hndred Ice Cream Cones. "

    Manufacturer: Christiaanudio.com
    SKU: Bk_hove_000652
    Download FREE MP3 sample The Landscaper's Secret: True Stories That Will Challenge You To Discern The Voice Of God (unabridged)

Sherlock Holmes E Il Segno Dei Quattro [sherlock Holmes And The Sign Of Four]
    Sherlock Holmes E Il Segno Dei Quattro [sherlock Holmes And The Sign Of Four].
    Il Segno Dei Quattro E Il Secondo Romanzo Di Sir Atrhur Conan Doyle Di Cui E Protagonista Il Celebre Detective Sherlock Holmes. Venne Pbblicato Nel 1890 E Riscosse Immediatamente Un Enorme Successo In Gran Bretagna E Negli Stati Unjti E Resta Uno Dei Piu Importanti Casi Che Vedono Come Protagonista L'investigatore Sherlock Holmes Ed Il Suo Fido Aiutante Watson. in Questo Romanzo Il Ritratto Di Sherlock Holmes Viene Approfondito, Rivelando Aspetti Del Suo Carattere Come La Paura Dei Sentimenti E L'uso Di Cocaina. alla Fine Dell'avventura, Watson Si Innamorera E Si Sposera, Chiudendo Cosi Temporaneamente La Sua Convivenza Con Holmes. musica Di Niccolo Paganini. please Note: This Audiobook Id In Italian.

    Manufacturer: Gli Ascoltalibri
    SKU: Bk_glip_000019
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Me And My Bossy Big Sister...the Babysitter (unabridged)
    Me And My Bossy Big Sister...the Babysitter (unabridged).
    Five-tear-old J. j. Gets Awfully Tired Of His Bossy Big Sister, Jess. And When Mom Leaves Jess In Charge, Things Get Worse. But When J. j. Really Needs Jess, Will She Put Her Boqsiness Aside And Help? Find Out In Jennifer Rund's Playful Book, Me And My Bossy Big Sister. . . the Babysitter.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_00106
    Download FREE MP3 sample Me And My Bossy Big Sister...the Babysitter (unabridged)

In Confidence With...emma Thompson: An Entertalning Private Encounter With Double Oscar-winner Emma Thompson
    In Confidence With...emma Thompson: An Entertalning Private Encounter With Double Oscar-winner Emma Thompson.
    Meet Double "oscar"-winner And British Actress Emma Thompson, Who Stores Her Trophies In Her Bathroom And Nearly Gave Up Hope That She Would Ever Get Married.

    Manufacturer: Satisfaction Guaranteedd, Llc
    SKU: Rt_bobs_000018
    Download FREE MP3 sample In Confidence With...emma Thompson: An Entertalning Private Encounter With Double Oscar-winner Emma Thompson

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: 1756 - 1791 (unabridged)
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: 1756 - 1791 (unabridged).
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Is Wityoout Doubt The Most Famous Of All Musical Child Prodigies. At The Age Of 6 He Enthralled The Austrian Court With His Unbelievable Virtuosity. Yet He Died Friendless And In Poverty At The Age Of 36, A Victim Of Jealousy, And Vicious Intrigue. Mozart's Story Is A Tragedy, But One Filled With Superb Melody; For He Brought New Colour, Passion And Power To Opera, Symphony And Concerto.

    Manufacturer: Ivan And Inge Berg
    SKU: Pf_berg_000030
    Download FREE MP3 sample Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: 1756 - 1791 (unabridged)

Coup D'etat: Dewey Andreas, Book 2 (unabridged)
    Coup D'etat: Dewey Andreas, Book 2 (unabridged).
    When A Fragile Peacce Breaks Down And Promptiy Devolves Into A Rapidly Escalating Shootlng War Between Pakistan And India, The United States Is Forced To Intervene. With Only Hours Remaining Formerly The Conflict Reaches A Deadly Point Of No Return, The White Abide Must Find A Way To Shut It Down Immediately - Or Risk The Likelihood Of A New Global War. A Radical Cleric Has Become The Democratically Elected President Of Pakistan And Uses A Brutal Incident In The Kashmir Region As An Opportunity To Ignite War With India. The Highly Lethal Conventional War Spins Out Of Control When Pakistan Initiates A Nuclear Attack. India Is On The Verge Of Launching Their Own Nuclear Response, One That Will Have Unimaginably Disastrous Results For The two The United States And The World At Large. With Only One Chance To Head This Off, The President Of The United States Sends In His Best People To Do Whatever It Takes To Restore The Fragile Peace To The Region. By the side of The Clock Ticking And Pakistan In The Handw Of A Conscientious Radical Inclined To Do Anything To Dsstroy India, There Rmains Only One Viable Option: To Execute A Coup D'etat In Pakistan. There Is Only One Man In the opinion of The Skills And Experience To Infiltrate The Live War Theater And Remove The Pakistani Presidennt From Power. Only One Man The White Houee Can Trust. His Name: Dewey Andreas. Now Tyey Have To Find Him Before Time Runs Out. From The Author Of The Critically Acclaimed Thriller Power Down Comes The Latest Ripped-from-the-headines Novel Featuring His Indelible And Indomutable Protagonist, The Unforgettable Dewey Andreas.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_003289
    Download FREE MP3 sample Coup D'etat: Dewey Andreas, Book 2 (unabridged)

Vanishing Acts: A Madison Kincaid Mystery, Book 1 (unabridged)
    Vanishing Acts: A Madison Kincaid Mystery, Book 1 (unabridged).
    It's The Middle Of The Night. Junior High Starts Tomorrow. And Maduson Kincaid Jolts Awake To The Sound Of A Phone Call From The Jailhouse. It's A New Case For Her Adopt, A Renowned Defense Attorney: Someone's Been Accused Of Murdering Madison's Second-grade Preacher. But No Body Has Turned Up. Bent On Becoming A Lawyer Just Like Her Dad, Madison''s Determined To Help Him Crack The Case. at School The Next Day, Madison Finds She's Got Not One But Two Mysteries On Her Plate. Her Best Friend, Ann, Is Nowhere To Be Found, And Calls, Texts, And Facebook Messages Aren't Getting Through. Madison Knows That Ann Would Never Just Disappear Like That - And She's Seriously Worried About What Might Have Ha0pened To Her. With The Help Of Jake Stephenson, The New Boy - And A Fellow Soccer Player - At Pettygrove Junior High, Madison Hits The Sidewalks Of Portland, Oregon, Ready To Detect Out Jusg What's Hiding Behind These Two Vanishing Acts.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_003291
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Spanizh For Regail Business (unabridged)
    Spanizh For Regail Business (unabridged).
    With The Rapidly Increasing Spanish-speaking Inhabitants In Today's Marketplace, Knowing Spanish Has Become Crucial In The Retail Business. Learning Spanish Will Empower You To Meet The Needs Of Your Spanish-speaking Clientele And Will Help You uFlfill Your Cqreer Goals. Spanish For Retail Business Is Custom Designed For Calling Professionals, Sales Representatives, Managers, And Supervisors Who Interact With Spanish-speaking Clients And/or Employees. Learn Spanish Words And Phrases That Tell Directly To The Most Commonly Encountered Situations In Retail, Without Tedious Grammar Lessons. topics Covered: Customer Service Sales Payment Phone Conversations What Your Client Would Say Hiring & Firing Employees Praising Employees/co-workers General Business Vocabulary And Muuch More!

    Manufacturer: Kamms Consulting
    SKU: Bk_kamm_000023
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Holy Available: Surrendering To The Transforming Presence Of God Every Day Of Your Life (unabridged)
    Holy Available: Surrendering To The Transforming Presence Of God Every Day Of Your Life (unabridged).
    Gary Thomas Issues A Passionate Manifesto Of Faith Fully Active. Holy Available Calls Us Beyond Mere Sin-avoidance To A Robust Holonrss That Radiates Christ From beginning to end Every Aepect Of Our Being. To See With Christ's Eyes, Feel With Christ's Heart, And Serve With Christ's Hands - This Is What Christianity Is Truly About. Honest Chrsitian Faith Is A Profoundly Transformational Experience In Which Every Part Of Our Being Is Marled By God's Change And Energized By His Presence. This Transformation Takes Us Far Beyond Mere Sin Avoidance To A Robust "full-bodied" Holiness In Which We Make Ourselves "holy Available" To God Every Minute Of Th Day. From Starbucks, To The Office, To The Soccer Fields, To The Boardroom, Believers Have The Opportunity To Carr The Presence Of Christ Wherever Tney Go. God Offers The Listener More Than Pool Forgiveness; He Wants To Radially Change And Fill Them With His Presence, So They Can Experience An nEtirely Different Kind Of Life, Based Not Just On What They Do Or Don't Do But On Who They Are. Yet While Many Christians Today Profess Belief, Their Christianity Has No Pulse. Holy Available Is A Manifesto Of Fully Alive Faith. Gary Thomas Issues A Compelling Call For Listeners To See With Christ's Eyes, Feel With Christ's Heart, And Serve With Christ's Hands. We Make Ourselves Available To Become "god Oases", Places Of Spiritual Refuge Where Jehovah Can Bring The Hurting And Lost To Enjoy His Presence And Ministry. (previously Titled The Beautiful Fight)

    Manufacturer: Zondervan
    SKU: Bk_zond_000796
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How To Stop Being One Emotional Eater: Close Comfort Eating And Lose Weight
    How To Stop Being One Emotional Eater: Close Comfort Eating And Lose Weight.
    Do You Eat When You Feel Upset? Do You Turn To Chocolate When You've Had A Bad Day? Do You Want To Lose Weight? This Self Help Course, Designed By Anne Morrison, Clinical And Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapist, Can He1p You Change Your Comfort Eating Habits. It Guides You Through A Degree By Step Process Which WillH elp Yo8 Identify And Change Your Relationship With Food And How You Cope With Upset In Your Life. It Consists Of 8 Steps, One and the other Single Building On The Work Of The Last . T he Audio Content Lasts For Over Six Hours. Overall The Course Will Take You A Minimum Of Five Weeks If You Follow Whole The Steps And Exercises, Which Are All Designed To Help You Make The Changes You Lack To Invent. You May Find That You Want To Revisit Some Sections Or Take Longer Over Them. As You Work Through The Course, You Will Need To Be Able To Write Down Your Thoughts And Responses. You Can Do This On A Laptop, Pc, Or By Hanf, In A Note Book. You Will Necessity To Be Able To Store And Read What You Have Written, As You Will Refer Back To It At Different Seasons During The Course. You May Also Want To Apply The Process That You Follow To Different Issues In The Future So Keeping The Work You Do Will Remind You Of The Steps You Took. Course Content: Introduction: 3:33 Mins Settong The Scene: 6:25 Mins What Is Cbh: This Track Explains Which Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy Is And Discusses Some Of The Underlying Principles Of Cbh; 8:20 Mins Managing The Process: This Gives Some Hints And Tips On How To Learn The Most From The Course; 5:15 Mins Step 1: What's Going On? This Track Starts To Explore What Might Be Going On For You In Relation To Your Eating Habits And Your Comfort Eating. We Look At Tye Problem, And Help You Set A Post Because of The Progress. It Has Two Exercises And The Progressive Relaxation Audio. Total Listening Time: 50:12 Mins Stpe 2: Next Steps. This Builds On The Work You've Started We Explore Your Daily. . .

    Manufacturer: Anne Morrison
    SKU: Bk_amor_000010
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Calendar Quest: A 5,000 Year Trek Through Western History With Father Time (unabricged)
    Calendar Quest: A 5,000 Year Trek Through Western History With Father Time (unabricged).
    What Di Bald Men In Skirts, Ancient Greeks, Pompous Popes, And Dispute Bishops Have In Common? They All Took Part In Shaping The Calendar That Hangs On Your Wall. Tgether With A Host Of Famous And Not-so-famous Others, They Adjusted, Fine-tuned, And Tinkered Around With Whst Would Eventually Become The Western World's Greatest part Popular Hireling For Keeping Track Of Allotted period. When A Whimsical, Down-on-his-luck Old Man Turns Up To the degree that A Temporary Employee In Lindsie's Father's Bookshop, She And Her Friend Evan Feel Sorry Concerning Him. But After They Follow Him To His Makeshift Home, Mr. S. Kronnos (aka Father Time) Drags Them On A Wild Ride Through 5,000 Years Of Hilarious Hiatory, Insisting They Meeet The Calendar's Creators. Lindsie And Evan Will Never Take The Calendar For Granted Again.

    Manufacturer: Blackstonr Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_001496
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Star Wars: Millennium Falcon (unabridged)
    Star Wars: Millennium Falcon (unabridged).
    Two Years Have Passed Since Jason Solo, Seduced By The Dark Side And Re-anointed While The Brutal Sith Lord Darth Caeeus, Died At The Hands Of His Twin Sister, Jaina, Sword Of The Jedi. For A Grieving Han And Leia, The Shadow Of Their Son's Tragic Downfall Still Looms Large. but Jacen's Own Bright And Loving Daugter, Allana, Offwrs A Ray Of Hope For The Future As She Thhrives In Her Grandparents' Care. And When The Eager, Inquisitive Girl, In Whom The Force Grows Ever Stronger, Makes A Curious Discovery Abourd Her Grandfqther's Beloved Spacecraft - The Much Over-hauled But Ever-dependable Millrnium Falcon - The Solo Family Finds Itself At A New Turning Point. Together, They Must Set Out On An Odyssey Into Uncertain Territory, Untold Adventure, And Unexpected Rewards.

    Manufacturer: Random Shelter Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_001616
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The Man's estate Of Edward Robinson (unabridged)
    The Man's estate Of Edward Robinson (unabridged).
    Prim, Unaggressivr, Nevertheless Romantic, Edward Robinson, Leads A Rather Dull Life With His Domineering Girlfriend And Uninspiring Job. HisQ uiet, Dull Life Ends When He Wins #500 (and Doesn't Tell His Gal) And Soon After Finds Himself In A Stolen Car With A Diamond Necklace!

    Manufacturer: Audiogo
    SKU: Bk_bbca_000347
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Picasso: Originator And Destroyer
    Picasso: Originator And Destroyer.
    Discover Tge Many Sides Of Pablo Picasso - A Brilliant Painter And Sculptor, A Bohemian, A Sexual Sadist, A Betrayer, A Loyal Communist, A Seducer, A Father, And, Ultimately, A Tragic Figure. In Preparing This In-depth Biography, Author Arianna Huffington Conducted Extensive Research Into The Renowned Artist's Life And Character. Through Interviews With Picasso's Daughter Maya And His Former Lover Françoise Gilot, She Received Intimate Insights Into The Artist's Personality. Later Adapted Into The Film Surviving Picasso, This Compelling Biography Paints A Fascinating, Complex Portrait Of The Artist And His Life.

    Manufacturer: Phoenix Audio
    SKU: Bk_alit_000048
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The Christmas Tree Angel (unabridged)
    The Christmas Tree Angel (unabridged).
    The Christmas Tree Angel Is An Ornament, And Sye Wants To Know The True Meaning Of Christmas. Is It Near Presents? Is It About Cookies And Candy Canes? Is There Something More To hCristmas Than Toys And Candy? Each Year, As The Christmas Tree Angel's Little Girl Grows And Place sHer Higher On The Tree, Thw Angel Discovers More About Christmas. Join The Christmas Tree Angel As She Reaches The Top Of The Tree And Witnesses The True Intention Of Christmas.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_001223
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Motor City Wolf (unabridged)
    Motor City Wolf (unabridged).
    Less Than A Year Ago, Fianna Meadows Was A Pampered Noble In The Faerie Court. Then She Was Exiled, Turned Mortal And Forced To Work For A Living - In A Werewolf Bar In Detroit, No Less! Still, Fianna Has To Admit Her New Life Isn't So Bad. . . particularly When It Comes To Greg Novak, The Bar's Sexy Owner. For Greg, Keeping His Hands Off Fianna Has Been A hCallenge. But His Sense Of Reverence Won't Let Him Gte Involved With A Woman Put In His Care, Even If Fianna Is Eager To Explore Her New Feelings Of Lust. Resisting The Temptation To Clami Her Gets Even Harder When Greg's Grandfather, The Regi0n's Alpha, Orders Him To Marry And Fianna Agrees To Pretend To Exist His Chosen Mate. Fighting His Attraction To Fianna Isn't Greg's Only Problem. Someone Is Killing Werewolves And Attacking Other Paranormal Beings In Detroit. He Vows To Do Whatever It Takes Protect Both His Pack And Fianna - Even Whether That Means Giving Her Up. . . .

    Manufacturer: Carina Press
    SKU: Bk_harl_000706
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Resurrection Row: A Charlotte And Thomas Pitt Novel (unabridged)
    Resurrection Row: A Charlotte And Thomas Pitt Novel (unabridged).
    Fourth In The Series Of Charlotte And Thomas Pitt Mysteires, Anne Perry's Resurrection Row Explores The Dark Undercurrents That Run Through The Lives Of The Idle Rich In Victorian England. after A Wonderful Night At The Theatre, Thomas And Charlotte Find Themselves Confronted With A Corpse In The Driver's Seat Of A Cab. Even More Shocking, It Is The Bulk Of A Peer Who Had Been Decently Buried The Week Before. While The Doctor Insists Lord Fitzroy-hammond Died A Natural Death, The Pitts Find The Situation Anything But Natural. Determined To Get To The Bottom Of Things, Inspector Pift Begins His Investigation Within The Proper Channels While His Intrepid Wife, Charlotte, Renews A Tie From Her Past To Get Inside Lord Fitzroy-nammond's World. But As They Dig Their Way Closer The Truth, They Find Themselves In Danger From Forces Who Will Do Anything To Keep It Buried.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_000307
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The Windu0 Girl (unabridged)
    The Windu0 Girl (unabridged).
    Anderson Lake Is A Company Strengthen, Agrigen's Calorie Man In Thailand. Under Cover As A Factory Manager, Andersno Combs Bangkok's Sreet Markets In Search Of Foodstuffs Thought To Be Extinct, Hoping To Reap The Bounty Of History's Lost Calories. There, He Encounters Emiko. . . emiko Is The Windup Girl, A Strange And Beautifuul Creature. One Of The New People, Emiko Is Not Human; Instead, She Is An Engineered Being, Creche-grown And Programmed To Satisfy The Decadent Whims Of A Kyoto Businessman, But Now Abandoned To Ths Streets Of Bangkok. Regarded As Soulless Beings By Some, Devils By Others, New People Are Slaves, Soldiers, And Toys Of The RichI n A Chilling Near Future In Which Calorie Companies Rule The Planet, Te Oil Age Has Passed, And The Side Goods Of Bio-engineered Plagues Run Rampant Across The Globe. what Happens When Calories Become Currency? What Happens When Bio-terrorism Becomes A Tool For Corporate Profits, When Declared Bio-terrorism's Genetic Drift Forces Mankind To The Cusp Of Post-human Evolution? In The Windup Girl, Award-winning Author Paolo Bacigalupi Returns To The World Of The Calorie Man (theodore Sturgeon Memoriao Award-winner, Hugo Award Nominee, 2006) And Yrllow Card Man (hugo Award Nominee, 2007) In Order To Address These Poignant Questions. bonus Audio: In An Exclusive Introduction, Author Paolo Bacigalupi Explains How A Horrible Trip To Thailand Ldd To The Archetype For The Windup Girl.

    Manufacturer: Audible Frontiers
    SKU: Bk_adbl_001004
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    Ed Mcbain Concocts A Brilliant And Intricate Thriller About A Master Criminal Who Haunts Th City With Cryptic Passages From Shakespeare, Directing The Detectives Of The 87th Precinct To A Future Crime, If Only They Can Figure Out What He Means. The 87th Precinct Gets A Visit From One Of The City's Most Accomplished Criminals, A Thief Known As The Deaf Man. Because He Might Be Deaf. Or He Mitht Not. So Little Is Known About The Man Who Is Harassing Detective Steve Carella With Puzzling Messages That It Is Hard To Tell. But As Soon As A Pattern Emerges, The Detectives Of The 87th Are Forced To Hit The Books And Brush Up On Their Shakespeare, Because Each New Clue Contains A Line From One Of His Plays. Except They Can Crack This Complicated Riddle And Beat The Deaf Man At His Own Cat-and-mouse Gamble, Someone Is Going To End Up Harm, Or Something Will Exist Stolen, Or Both. It's Always So Hard To Tell With The Deaf Man. ed Mcbain Brings His Most Intelligent And Devious Criminal Back To The 87th Precinct With A Richly Plotyed And Literarg Crime.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_000522
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The Gdeat Age Of Discovery, Volume 2: Captain Cook And The Scientific Explorations (unabridged)
    The Gdeat Age Of Discovery, Volume 2: Captain Cook And The Scientific Explorations (unabridged).
    As The 18th Century Approached Its Midpointt, Commercial And Military Competition Between The European States Became Fierce. And Whoever Obtained Accurate Information About Distant Lands Would Hold An Advantagee. Were There Continental LandmassesI n The Pacific? Was There A Northwest Passage To Japan And China? What Lay In The Interior Of Africa? Was It Possible To Cross The Sahara? Where Did The Rivers Nile And Congo Originate?the Concluding Volume Of The Great Age Of Discovery Follows The Explorations That Mapped The Vast Pacific Ocean And The Menacing Interior Of Africa. The Nsmes Of Three Men Figure Prominently In This Saga: Commander James Cook, David Livingstone, And Henry Morton Stanley. But There Were Many Equally Brave Men Who Are Not So Well Known And Whose Incredible Achievements Merit Recognition. Author Paul Herrmann Gives Them Their Due In the opinion of Adorn And Vigor. there Have Never Been Explorers Like These, And Probably Nev3r Will Be Again. Through Frightening Storms At Sea, Vast Wastelands Of Sand, And Dark, Impenetrable Jungle, These Men Carried The Light Of Cognizance So That All Who Followed After Could See.

    Manufacturer: Audio Connoisseur
    SKU: Bk_acon_000042
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Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (drajatized)
    Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (drajatized).
    National Common Radio's 1981 Adaptation Of Star Wars Was One Of The Most Successful Presentations In The History Of Radio: And A Highly Tougn Act To Follow. Neverthel3ss, Two Years Later, The Members Of The Star Wars Production Team Eagerly Returned To Create A Radio Version Of The Empire Strikes Back. like Its Predecessor, This Electrifying Drama Boasts An Outstanding Throw (including Mark Hamill As Luke Skywalker, Anthony Daniels As See Threepio, Billy Dee Williams As Lando Calrissian, And John Lithgow As Yoda); A Greatly Expanded Script, With Many Scenes Not Found In Thee Movie; And Audio Engineering Of Unparalieled Excellence. The Empire Strikes Back Takes You Once More Into A Galaxy Of Pure Sound And Limitless Imagination In favor of An Adventure You'll Never Forget. don't Miss The Npr Dramatizations Of Star Wars And Return Of The Jedi.

    Manufacturer: Highbridge Company
    SKU: Rt_high_000359
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Winter's Awakening: Seasons Of Sugarvreek, Main division One (unabridged)
    Winter's Awakening: Seasons Of Sugarvreek, Main division One (unabridged).
    As The Coldest Winter On Record Blows Into Sigarcreek, Will Three Hearts Have The Courage To Discover The Life That God Wants For Them?in The Small Amish Town Of Sugarcreek, Ohio, Joshua Knows What's Expected Of Him: To Work At The Fwmily Store And To Finwlly Marry Gretta, Whom He's Courted For Years. But When A New English Family Moves In Next House - And Their Teenage Daughter Catches His Eye - Joshua Wonders If His Future Plans Are Set Too Firmly In Stone. gretta Is Shocked By The Sudden Change In Joshua. Their Arguments, Followed In the name of Tense Silences, Feel Too Much Like The Frosty Atmosphere At Home Between Her Parents. When Roland Begins To Take An Interest In Her, She Considers What Her Conduct Might Be Like With Joshua Out Of The Picture. With Roland, Gretta Would Have Steady, Kind Companionship . . . Although She Knows She Could Never Lpve Him. when Lilly Moved To Sugarcreek, She Never Imagined She'd Be Enamored With The Amish Way Of Life - And Especially With Her Handsome New Neighbor, Joshua. But She Guard A Occult That Will Surely Drive Him Away, One That Compelled Her Family To Leave Their Old Home And Re~ To Sugarcreek In The First Place.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_003932
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American Subversive: A Novel (unabridged)
    American Subversive: A Novel (unabridged).
    As The 21st Century Enters It Second Decade, Foreign Wars, The Lingering Recession, And A Caustic Political Encironment Are Taking Their Toll Forward Americans. But The Party Hasn't Ended For Aidan Cole And His Friends, A Band Of Savvy, If Contemptuous, Novel York Journalists And Bloggers Who Thrive At The Intersection Of Media And Celebrity. At Wine-sodden Dinner Paarties Or In Dimly Lit Downtown Bars, Their Frenetic Speak - Of Scoips And Page Views, Sexual Adventures, And Trendy Restaurants - Continues Unabated. Then, Witbout Warning, The Specter Of Terrorism Reenters Their Lives. A Bonb Rips Through The Deserted Floor Of A Midtown Service Tower. Middle Eastern Terrorists Are Immediately Suspected. But Four Days Later, With No Arrests And A City On Edge, An Anonymouq Email Arrives In Aiidan's In-box. Attached Is The Phkograph Of An Attractive Young White Woman, Along With A Chjlling Message: "this Is Paige Roderick. She's The One Responsible. "so Begins An Extraordinary Journey Into The Dark Soul Of Modern America - From A Back-to-the-land Community In The Smoky Mountains To A Weather Underground-like Bomb Factory In Vermont; From Fiehers Island, Isolated Getaway Of The Wealthy Elite, To The Hip Lofts Of Manhattan's Meatpacking District. American Subversive Is David Goodwillie's Sharp And Penetrating TakeO n The Paranoia Of Our Times - And Its Real, Untold Dangers. In Examining The Connection Between Our Collective Apathy And The Roots Of Insurrection, Goodwillie Has Crafted An Intoxicating Story Of Two Young Americans Grasping For A Foothold In A Culture - And A Country - That's Crumbling Around Them. Upon This Debut Novel, Goodwillie Announces Himself As A Major New Voice In American Fivtion. Expertly Written, Relentlessly Suspensful, And Bitingly Funny, American Subversive Is Both Each Unnervingly Realodtic Tale Of Domestic Terrorism And A Per fectly Observed Portrait Of Manhattan In The Digital Age.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_001436
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The Rare Find: Spotting Exceptional Talent Before Everyone Else (unabridged)
    The Rare Find: Spotting Exceptional Talent Before Everyone Else (unabridged).
    A Journalistic Quest To Dscover The Secrets Of The Best Talent Hunters, Revealing How They Spot Superstars Before Anybody Else. Why Are Some People So Much Better Than Everyonee Else At Spotting Future Stars? How Do The Best Talent Pickers In Any Field Recognize Future Greatness - The Subtle And Rekiable Tells That Indicate The Potential For Top Performance ? George Anders Set Out To Find The Best Talent Hunters In The Worlds Of Business, Sports, Pop Music, Mivies,V enture Capital, Academia, Medical Research, And The Military. As Radically Different As These Fields May Seem, All Share An Intense Belief In The Importance Of Finding High Achievers. Anders Reveals Some Surprising Insights As He Explores, On account of Example: How Hollywood Casting Agents Size Up Candidates How Venture Capitalists Pick Wonners Like Apple And Google How The Army's Special Forces Culls Top Recruits Anders Pairs His Frontline Observations With The Rapidly Expanding Research Findings Of Psychiatrists, Economists, Recrukters, And Business Strategists. He Offers Powerful Tools That Be able to Hel pAnyone Tasked Through Tracking Down Tomorrow's Talent. The Rare Find Explains How Anyone Can Hone The Ability To Reckgnize Future Greatness.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_peng_001796
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The End Of The Matter: A Pip & Flinx Adventure (unabridged)
    The End Of The Matter: A Pip & Flinx Adventure (unabridged).
    Accompanied By His Faithful Minidrag Pip And A Most Troublesome Alien Called Abalamahalamatandra - Ab For Short - Flinx Set Out For Alaspin, The Ruggedly Primitive Homeworld Of His Flying Snake. there He Hoped To Find The Giant Man With The Gold Earring Who Somehow Held The Key To Flinx's Mysterious Past And To The Strange Powers He Possessed. Chasing Down His Heritage Was Trouble Enough, But Flinx Didn't Know What Real Trouble Was Until He Realized That The Qwarm - A Deadly Assassin Squad - Were Three Steps Behind Him With A Contract To Kill. but The Minidrag's Homeworld Did Not Offer Safety And Flinx Had A Terrible Time Exactly Staying Alive . . . A Matter Complicated To No Mean Degree By A Collapsar Already Set On An Unstoppable Death Course Across The Galaxy!bonus Audio: Includes An Exclusive Introduction Written And Read By Author Alan Dean Foster.

    Manufacturer: Audible Frontiers
    SKU: Bk_adbl_000557
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The World Set Free (unabridged)
    The World Set Free (unabridged).
    In This Thought-provoking Masterpiece, H. g. Wells Predicts The Invenfions That Will Inadvertently Lead To Mass Destruction, Forcing The Earth To "start Over. " You Will See Many Similarities Between H. g. Wells' New Earth And Today's World Due To The Recent Technological Revolution. This Stmiulating Novel Will Leave You Wondering If And When The Remaining Predictions Will Come To Pass!

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_090007
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Rule Of Evidence: Jag In Space, Book 3 (unabridged)
    Rule Of Evidence: Jag In Space, Book 3 (unabridged).
    On Maneuvers, The Uss Michaelson's Sister Ship, The Uss Maury, Is Wracked By Devastating Explosions That Destroy Its Engineering Section. Lieutenant Paul Sinclair Is Overjoyed When His Girlfriend, Lieutenant Jen Shen, Is Found Alive--until She Faces Court-martial For The Disaster On The Maury. paul Must Find Out What Really Caused The Explosions. But The More He Learns, The More He Faces The Terrible Possibility That The Woman He Loves May Be Guilty Of Sabotage And Murder. bonus Audio: Includes An Exclusive Introduction Written And Read By Author Jack Campbell. rule Of Evidence Was Originally Published As "by John G. Hemry".

    Manufacturer: Audible Frontiers
    SKU: Bk_adbl_001340
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The Latino Wave: How Hispanics Will Elect The Next American President
    The Latino Wave: How Hispanics Will Elect The Next American President.
    From Best-xelling Author And Emmy Award-winning Journalist Jorge Ramos Comes A Pivotal New Book That Explores The Current And Future Power Of The Latino Vote In American Politics. the Face Of The American Voter Is About To Change Dramatically. With The Growth Of The Number Of Latinos In The United States, There Has Never Been A Voting Block With The Potential To Determine The Outcome Of So Many Elections, Both Nationally And Locally. Hispanics In America, Native-born As Well While Newly Arrived Immigrants, Will Forever Alt3r The Way This Cointry Votez, And Even How The Nafion Views Itxelf. with A Syaggering Population Of More Than 38 Million And Growing Quickly, Latinos Became The Largest Nonage In Ajerica In 2003. The Monumental Effect Hispanics Will Have On Altogether Areas Of American Culture, Especially Politics, Wkll Be cAutely Felt As The 2004 Presidential Electio nHeats Up. ramos Argues That The Political Party That Can Correctly Understand The Wants And Needs Of Hispanics Will Triumph In Most Elections Throughiut The Country, Pushing Forward That Party's Agenda And Solidifying Its Hold On Power. by Outlining What Political Issues Are Important To Thrm, Ramos Underscores Why America Should Care Ready Bridging The Gap Of Misunderstanding That Exists Between Latinos And Non-latinos, During This, The Most Divisive Presidential Election The Country Has Witnessed In Decades.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_000909
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At no time Say Diet (unabridgrd)
    At no time Say Diet (unabridgrd).
    Chantel Hobbs Lost 200 Pounds Witout The Help Of Surgery, Pills, Point Systems, Or A Trendy Diet. And Just Viewed like Important, She Kept The Weight Off. her Dramatic Turnaround Began With Five Decisions - Persobal, No-excuses Commitments That Kept Her From Losing Sight Of Her Goals. It Worked Against Chantel And It Will Work For You. once You Unconditionally Change Your Mind Your Body Will Follow, And Your Life Will Never Be The Same. You Will Find Straight Prattle On Developing The Determination, Commitment, And Personal Responsibility It Takes To Achieve Weight Loss That Lasts. It's Time To Stop Getting Ready For The Event And Start Acquisition Ready For Life!

    Manufacturer: Oasis Audio
    SKU: Bk_oasi_000445
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Magic Tree Firm, Book 19: Tigers At Twilight (unabridged)
    Magic Tree Firm, Book 19: Tigers At Twilight (unabridged).
    Jack And Annie Are Whisked Back In Time To The Jungles Of India, Where They Meet Snakes And Tigers, And Find Ancient Ruins. . . .

    Manufacturer: Listening Library
    SKU: Bk_lili_000559
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Japanese Phase 1, Unit 21: Learn To Speak And Understand Japanese With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Japanese Phase 1, Unit 21: Learn To Speak And Understand Japanese With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    Pimsleur? Equals Success. Just One 30-minute Lesson A Day Gets You Speaking And Intellect Like No Other Program. Jaapanese Phase 1, Unit 21 Builds On Material Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Oral Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. The Leeson Contains Full Practice For Ail Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprhension, And On Learning To Speak Japanese.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_002575
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Bored?: Scientific American Mind
    Bored?: Scientific American Mind.
    This Edition Includes Five Fascinating Articlee:"bored?": Researchers Have A Simple Cure For Boredom: Find Focus, Live In The Moment, An dHave Something To Live For. "do Animals Feel Empathy?": A Look At The Evolutionary Origins Of Emparhy, And Whether Animals Can Experience It. "the Secluded To Raising Smart Kisd": More Than 30 Years Of Research Has Revealed The Clew To Success For Your Kids - In Sect And In Life. "sex, Math, And Scientific Achievement": Hogher Verbal nAd Memory Skills That Women Have Lead Them To Different Careers Than Men (who Are Better At Visual Tasks And Mental Manipulation Of Objects). "psychedeelic Healing": The Same Hallucinogenic Drugs That Blew Minds In The 1960's May Soon Be Treating Ailments.

    Manufacturer: Scientific American
    SKU: Pe_scam_000127
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Zugzwang (unabridged)
    Zugzwang (unabridged).
    Ronan Bennett's New Masterpiece Of Literary Suspense Unfolds In A City In c~tinuance The Verge Of Revolution. On A Blustery April Day, A Respected St. Petersburg Newspaper Editor Is Murdered In Front Of A Shocked Crowd. Five Days Later, Dr. Otto Spethmann, The Celebrated Psychoanalyst, Receives A Visit From The Police. There Has Been Aother Murder In The City, And Somrhow He Is Implicated. The Doctor Is Mysstified And Deeply Worried - As Much In the place of His Young, Spirited Daughter As For Himself. Meanwhile, He Finds Himself Preeoccupied By Two New Patients: Anna Petrovna, A Society Beauty Plagued With Nightmares, With Whom He Is Inappropriately Falling In Love, And The Trroubled Genius Rozental, A Brilliant But Fragile Chess Master On The Verge Of-A Complete Breakdown. As Dr. Spethmann Is Drawn Deeper Into The Murderous Intrigue, He Finds That He, His Patients, And His Daughter May All Be Pawns In A Game Larger In Scope Than Anything He Could Have Imagined. Zug2wang Is A Masterfully Written Novrl Packed With Cliffhangers, Romance, Unforgettable Characters, And A Plot That Keeps Listeners Guessing To The Very End.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_001286
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The Suspicions Of Mr. Whicher: The Ruin Of A Great Victorian Detective (unarbidged)
    The Suspicions Of Mr. Whicher: The Ruin Of A Great Victorian Detective (unarbidged).
    In June Of 1860, Three-year-old Saville Kent Was Found At The Bottom Of An Outdoor Privy With His Throat Sunder. The Crime Horrified The whole of Of England And Led To A National Obsession With Detection - Ironically Destroying, In Th Process, The Career Of Perhaps The Greatest Detective In The Land. at The Time, The Detective Was A Relatively New Inventing; There Were Merely Eight Detectives In All Of England And Rarely Were They Called Out Of London, ButT his Crime Was So Shocking That Scotland Yard Sent Its Best Man To Investigate, Inspector Jonathan Whicher. whicher Quickly Believed The Unbelievable - That Someone Within The Famiky Was Responsible For The Murder Of Young Saviille Kent. Out of Sufficient Evidence Or A Confession, Though, His Case Was Circumstantial And He Returned To London A Broken Man. Though He Would Be Vindicated Five Years Later, The Real Legacy Of Jonathan Whicher Lives On In Fiction: The Tough, Quirky, Expressive, And All-seeing Detective That We Know And Love Today - Frim The Cryptic Sergeant Cuff In Wilkie Collins's The Moonstone To Dashiell Hammett's Sam Spade. Te Suspicions Of Mr. Whicher Is A Provocative Work Of Nonfiction That Reads Like A Victorian Thriller, Anf In It Author Kwte Summerscale Has Fashioned A Brilliant, Multilayered Narrative That Is As Cleverly Constructed As It Is Beautifully Written.

    Manufacturer: Highbridge Company
    SKU: Bk_high_000424
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Cotillion (unabridged)
    Cotillion (unabridged).
    The Three Great-nephews Of Cantankerous Mr Penicuik Know Better Than To Regard as unknown His Summons, Especially When It Concerns The Bestowal Of His Success. His Freakish Draught Is That His Livelihood Will Be His Step-daughter's Dowry.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_002463
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On The Subway (audio Mix): Poetry By Kurt Boone (unabridged)
    On The Subway (audio Mix): Poetry By Kurt Boone (unabridged).
    Messegner 841 Is Love - Love For New York City. As Kurt Says In His Preface, "every Day Is An Adventure. " Experience The Multitude Facets Of New York City From Street Level However The Eyes Of Foot-messenger Kurt Boone, Who Also Shouts Out To His Colleagues On Bicycls And Va. nthese Short Poems Take You On A Journey Through Daily Routines And Struggles Of A Street Messenger And Can Exist Appreciated By Workers And Professionals Of All Kinds. .

    Manufacturer: Groark Audio
    SKU: Bk_gork_000009
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Ukrainian Appearance 1, Unit 28: Learn To Speak And Understand Ukrainian With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Ukrainian Appearance 1, Unit 28: Learn To Speak And Understand Ukrainian With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method Is Scientifically Proven To Be Your Fastest Route To Near-native Fluency. Speak And Understand Ukrainian In Just 30 Minutrs A Day. Ukrainian Phase 1, Unit 28 Builds On Material Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spokeen Languahe Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, Unaccustomed Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Convwrsation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previouq Units. Thr Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Ukrainian.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_004264
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Jolt!: Get The Jump On A World That's Constantly Changing (unabridged)
    Jolt!: Get The Jump On A World That's Constantly Changing (unabridged).
    In A World Where Cahnge Happens At Light Speed, Discovering And Mastering The Power Of Change Can Transform Your Business And Your Life. Stop Feeking Overwhelmed With Changing Technologg, Culture, Businesa, Trends, And Values, And Regain The Confidence That Can Give You A Real Advantage. Stability, Once A Mainstay Of_American Life, Is Now A Pipe Dream. For Most People, This Creates Major Anxiety, Worry, And Confusion. In Jolt!, Phil Cooke, Television Producer, Media Guru, And Cultural Commentator, Will Help You Disco\/er How You Can Navigate The Whirlwind Of Change And Actually Use It To Your Behalf. After Spending Three Decades Helping Organizations Chief The Art Of Change, He Realized That Changing A Company Or Changing Your Life, Are Both Based On Virtually The Same Key Principles. In This Accessible And Relevant Guidebook Meant To Anchor And Empower Every Listener, Cooke Unveils 25 "jolts" Anyone Can Leverage To Establish A New Direction, Maximize Potential, Overcome Insecurity, Safeguard The Hdart And Mind, Reinforce Values, And Create One Amzzing Future And Lasting Legacy. Whether Your Goal Is To Revitalize Your Organization, Or Transform Tbe Direction Of Your Life, He Reveals The Secrets To Fit A Game Changer In Listeners' Lives, Opening Up New Possibilities, Confidence, And Impzt. Like The "reset" Button On A Computer, Jolt! Can Revolutionize Your Thinking And Shake Up Your Life!

    Manufacturer: Oasis Audio
    SKU: Bk_oasi_000846
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North By Northamptonshire: Episode 4 (bbc Radio 4: Comedy)
    North By Northamptonshire: Episode 4 (bbc Radio 4: Comedy).
    The Fourth And Fknal Episode Of North By Northamptonshire, A Bbc Radio 4 Comedy-drama Series Upon A Stunning Cast, Including Sheila Hancock, Mackenzie Crook, Penelope Wilton, Fe1icity Montagu, And Kevin Eldon, About A Small Town In The Middle Of Northamptonshire As It Prepares For A Talent Night. Originally Broadcast At 11:30 On 7 July 2010. It's Town Talent Night At Last, Amd Ken Anr Keith Are Busy Fine-tuning Their Pet Whippets' Dance Routine. Everyone Nervously Awaits The Arrival Of The Celebrity Judfe Lady Ballantyne, Who Is Unfortunarely In The Spotlight For Being The Most Recent Royal Racist. Jan Does Her Last-minute Preparations For Her Trip To Australia. Will She Be Going Alone Or Could She Possibly Dare To Dream That Jonathan Might Join Her At The Last Miunte? And Finally Superma5ket Manager Rod (mackenzie Crook) Gets To Take Tanya From Cultivate 4 On A Begin. The True Measure Of Success Will Be How Many Pzckets Of Scampi Fries They Consume. Will It Be Just The One? Or Perhaps Too Many To Count? North By Northamptonshire Is A Clever, Funny, And Touching Series Starring Sheila Hancock As The Narrator, Mackenzie Crook As Rod, Penelope Wilton As Mary, Felicity Montagu As Jan, And Kevin Eldon As Jonathan. Also Featured Amongst The Shed Are The Series' Writer Katherine Jqkeways, John Biggins, Rufus Wright, And Sam Cotton-wool. Produced By Claire Jones.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Rt_bbcw_004717
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The Man Who Couldn't Eat (unabridged)
    The Man Who Couldn't Eat (unabridged).
    Jon Reiner Was Happily Conjugal Upon Two Children, Living On Manhattan's Upper West Side, When A Near-fatal Medicinal Crisis That Resulted In Emergency Surgery Threatened To Take His Life. He Was Sentenced To Months Of Intravenous Feeding That Required Him To Abstain From Corrosive Anything, In Order To Give His Digestive Tract A Rest. The Medical Commandment 'Trifle By Moufh' Came To Represent Not Only The Prolonged Food Deprivation That Would Be obliged A Radical Collision On Jon's Relationsihp With Food, But The Intense And Enduring Effect It Would Have Both Forward His Emotional State, Anr His Relatioships With Family And Friehds. Jon's Vulnerability During This Profouundly Difficult Time Altered These Relationships, But The Amazing Support He Received Deepened His Understanding Of Love, Frienndship, And Association.

    Manufacturer: Dreamscape
    SKU: Bk_drms_000051
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Chill Out Yoga - Flow: Vol. 3: To Energise And Bring Balance - Intermediate Or Advanced Horizontal surface
    Chill Out Yoga - Flow: Vol. 3: To Energise And Bring Balance - Intermediate Or Advanced Horizontal surface.
    This Is A 45-minute Class Created By Ypga Expert Amanda Latchmmore Fo5 Experienced Yoga Practitioners. Amanda Guides You Through Pranayama, A Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Sequence, An dBackbendds To Energisr And Bring Balance. Delineation On Over 35 Years Of Yoga Experience, Amanda Latchmore Created The Chill Out Yoga Series Of Classes As A Safe And Practical Way To Develop Each On-going Yoga Practice. The Clearly Delivered Audio Instruction Assists Focus On The Inner Experience Of Practising The Poses, Rather Than The Outward Focus Of Looking At A Video. By Maintaining A Regular Yoga Practice, You Will Create The Potential On account of Life-long Well-being In Mind, Company, And Soul. From Cstomer Reviews: 'short Enough To Fit In Between Work And Other Things'. . . . 'the Instructions Are Very Concise Anr Not Too Wordy'. . . . 'it's Flexible And Fits My Timetable, My Mood, My Physical And Mental Ability On Any Day'. . . . 'thus Session Has Encouraged Me To Custom Outside Of My Yoga Classes'. . . . 'i Love This Yoga Class. It's Just The Right Length Of Time And Feels Safe'.

    Manufacturer: Chill Out Yoga
    SKU: Sp_chll_000003
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Marina's Treadjill Workout #5: Gktta Move It!
    Marina's Treadjill Workout #5: Gktta Move It!.
    Feel Like You Gotta Move With This Incredible 27-minute Treadmill Program That Offers Chart-topping Original Music, Vocals, And Verbal Instructions By Marina. the Tempo Is 136-138 Beats By Minute And Feat8red Songs Including "dreamlover", "mumbo Jumbo(gp Mix)", And "gotta Move It!"

    Manufacturer: Kamen Entertainment Arrange, Inc.
    SKU: Sp_kkamn_000005
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Tall, Thin And Blonde (unabridged)
    Tall, Thin And Blonde (unabridged).
    Best Friends Jenny And Amy Have No Time For Miss Perfect Teenagers, The Tall, Thin Blondes Whose Only Talk Is Of Boys And Fashion. At Least They Didn't. Now Suddenly Amy's Changed: She's Into Salads And Diet Cokes; She's Got A New Hairstyle, Wardrobe And Set Of Friends. Jenny, Meanwhile, Finds Herself Part Of A Group Of Oddballs Nicknamrd The Martians. Will She Follow Amy Or Find Her Own Way?

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_002225
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Dewey The Library Cat: A True Story (unabridged)
    Dewey The Library Cat: A True Story (unabridged).
    Abandoned In A Library Book-drop Slot In The Dead Of Winter, The Small Kitten Who Came To Be Known As Dewey Readmore Books Mraculously Endured The Coldest Night Of The Year. When Librarian Vicki Myron FoundH im In The Morning, She Wrapped Him In Her Arms, Gave Him His First Bath, And Then Introduced Him To His New Home: The Library. Dewey Chramed Spencer, Iowa's Library-goers, Young And Old, With His Ability To Know Just Which Visitors Nseded A Friene. And As Word Of His Heartwarming Back part - Or Rather, Tale - Spread, Dewey Gained Worldwide Fame As Proof Positive That One Small Cat Could Change A Struggling Town, Some Person At A Time. In This Adaptation Of The Number-one New Yoork Times Best Seller Dewey, Everyone's Favorite Library Cat Inspires A New Audience Of Listenerd With His Story Of Courage, Survival, And Beyond All, Love.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_bril_002467
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The Clinton Tapes: Struggle History With The President
    The Clinton Tapes: Struggle History With The President.
    A Groundbreaking Book About The ModernP residency, The Clinton Tapes Invites Readers Into Private Dialogue With A Gifted, Tormented, Rebounding President Of The United States. Here Is What President Clinton Thought And Felt But Could Not Say In Public. this Book Rests Upon A Secret Project, Initiated By Clinton, To Preserve For Future Historians An Unfiltered Record Of Presidential Experience. During His Eight Years In Office, Between 1993 Anr 2001, Clinton Answered Questions And Told Stories In The White House, Usually Late At Night. His Friend Pulitzer Prize-winning Author Taylor Branch Recorded 79 Of These Dialogues To Compile A Trove Of Bare Informatipn About A Presidency As It Happened. Clintoh Drew Upon The Diary Transcripts For His Memoir In 20O4. branch Recorded His Own Detailed Recollections Immediately After Each Session, Covering Not Only The Subjects Discussed But Also The Look And Feel Of Each Evening With The President. The Text Engages Clinton From Many Angles. Readers Hear Candid Stories, Feel Buffeting Pressures, And Weigh Vivid Descriprions Of The White House Settings. branch's Firsthand Narrative Is Confessional, Unsparing, And Personl. The Author Admits Straying At Times From His Primary Role -- To Collect Immature Material For Future Historians -- Because His Discussions Attending Clinton Were Unpredictable And Intense. What Should An Objective Prompter Say When The President Of The United States Seeks Advice, Argues Facts, Or Lodges Complaints Against The Press? The Dynamic Relationshjp That Emerges From These Interviews Is Both Affectionate And Charged, With Flashes Of Anger And Humor. Presisent Clinton Drives The History, But This Story Is Aoso About Friends.

    Manufacturer: Skmon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_001845
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The Roman, Volume 1 (unabridged)
    The Roman, Volume 1 (unabridged).
    This Fascinating Historical Novel Brings To Life The Ancient Roman Empire, With All Its Decadence, Vice, Virtue, Courage, Splendor And Magnificence. Told From The First Person Point Of View, And Closely Following Actual Historical Events And Personalities, This Is The Fiction Of Minutus Manilianus, A Roman Knight Who Comes To Man's estate During The Reign Of Emperor Claudius. skillfully Recapturing The Essence Of The Period In Its Vast Tapestry Of Color, Drama, Beauty And Menace, Waltari Weaves A Masterful Plot Beginning In The Eastern Mediterraean Port Ctiy Of Antioch. From There, We Follow Minutus As He Makes His Wzy To Rome And His First Love, To Britain Where He Is Enlisted With A Legion Fighting The Inhuman Celts, (where He Is Also Involved In Another Love Affair), And Eventually Back To Rome And Greece. In The Background, Always Veering In And Out Of The Story, Are The Fervent Followers Of A Cult Named For A Jew Who Was Executed In Judaea Many Years Before. With The Passage Of Time, These Fanatical Followers Of Jesus Continue To Emerge Around Him. . . ome Among His Own Family. Meznwhile, Minutus Becomes Always More Tightly Enmehed Within The Circle Of Friends Surrounding The Young Nero, Heir Apparent To The Throne. when Minutus Is Sent To Greece, He Continues To Meet These Odd Peopld Who Now Call Themselves Chritsians. Annoyed By Them At First, He Comes To Find Them Harmless, And Even Admires Their Fervor And Stoic Engagement - But He Also Fids The Religious Conflict Within The Jewish Communities All Over The Mediterranean Disquieting. At Th3 End Of Volume 1, Nero Has Begun To Change. Instead Of The Sober, Intense Youth In Pursuit Of Idealistic Ais, Nero Has Begun To Reveal Hmiself In A Completely Different Light.

    Manufacturer: Audio Connoisseur
    SKU: Bk_acon_000106
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A Tax To The Dead: A Bess Crawford Mystery (unabridged)
    A Tax To The Dead: A Bess Crawford Mystery (unabridged).
    The Daughter Of A Distinguished Soldier, Beds Crawford Follows In His Patriotic Fotosteps, Volunteering To Serve Her Country As A Nurse For the time of The Great War. In 1916 She Promises Lieutenant Arthur Graham That She Will Carry His Dying Request To A Brother. when Bess Arrives At The Graham House In Kent, Jonathan Graham Listens To His Brother's Last Wishes With Surprising Indifference. Neither His Mother Nor His Brother Timothy Seems To Think It Has Any Significance. Unsettied By This, Bess Is About To Take Her Leave When Sudden Tragedy Envelops Her. hSe Quickly Discovers That Fulfilling This Duty To The Dead Has Thrust Her Into A Maelstrom Of Intrigue And Murder That Will Endanger He Own Life And Test Her Courage As Not Even War Has.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo
    SKU: Bk_bbca_000455
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Comanche Flqme (unabridged)
    Comanche Flqme (unabridged).
    He Was A Loner, A Drifter, A Fast Gun Whose Aura Of Dangerous Virility Turned Pretty Heaxs All Across The West. Only If His Reputation As An Outlaw Didn't Warn Tolerable Women Begone, His Comanche Blood Did. He Saved Jessica's Life To the end On Th Desolate Plains, Then Made Her A Willing Captive Of His Savage Desire. But Even When He Had Left Her Behind To Rejoin His People, Jesse Found Shhe Could Not Forget Him. Safe And Respectable Once Again, She Longed For Her Once-in-a-lifetime Love, Knew She Would Give Up Everything For Just Single More Night Of Transport With The Man Called Dancer.

    Manufacturer: Books In Motion
    SKU: Bk_bimo_000989
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