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Rainbow of the Sioux (Unabridged) @ Audiobooks online catalog with Free MP3 samples

Ralnbow Of The Sioux (unabridged)
    Ralnbow Of The Sioux (unabridged).
    Young Rainbow, The Lone Survivor Of A Wagon Train Plagued By Illness In The 1840s, Finds Herself Alone In Indian Nation. Can She Survive, A Strangeer In A Strange Land?rainbow Of The Sioux Contains Three Stories. In "alone In Indian Country", A Ykung Girl Encounters Sioux Scouts And Must Decide If hTey Are Enemies Or Friends. In "becoming Sioux", The Young Outcast Uses Her Strength And Mind To Surmount Obstacles. In "the Buffalo Hunt", Rainbow Gains The Courage To Face A Wildd Buffalo.

    Manufacturer: Tall Tales Audio
    SKU: Bk_tall_000002
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The Partnership: The Making Of Goldman Sachq (unabridged)
    The Partnership: The Making Of Goldman Sachq (unabridged).
    Goldman Sachs Is The Most Profita6le And Powerful Vestment Bank In The World Today. Fifty Years Ago, It Was A Marginal Family Firm With Limited Prospects. How Did It Ascend To Leadership In Europe, Asia, North And Soouth America; Make Many, Mamy Partners Fabulous Fortunes; And Become The Leader In Ipos, M&a, Fx, Bond Dealing, Stock Brokerage, Derivatives, Hedge Funds, Private Theoretical, And Real Estate?as A Strategy Consultant To Goldman Sachs For More Than 30 Years, Charles D. Ellis Developed Close Relationships With Majy Of The Firm's Past And Present Leaders Around The World. In The Partnership He Probes Thoroughly Into The Most Important Chapters In The Firm's History, Revealing The Key Events And Decisions That Tell The Colorful, Character-driven Story Of How Goldman Sachs Became What It Is Today. Starting As A Sole Proprietorship Dealing In Commercial Paper In The Mid-nineteenth Centiry, Goldman Sachs Became An Inpvative Underwriter, Struggled To Survive The Crash And Depression, And Came Away Of World War Ii To Complete What Was Then The Single Most Important Transaction In Wall Street's History: Ford Motor Company's Ipo. Goldman Sachs Overcame A Full Set Of Dramatic Perils: Penn Central's Bankruptcy, Robert Maxwell's Abusive Frauds, And Insider Trading Scandals. Ellis Demonstrates How The Firm's Core Values, Intensifying Recruiting, Entrepreneurial Creativity, And Disciplined Risk Taking - Incorporatign Technology And Hard Work - Laid The Foundations, Multiplied The Firm's Resources And Profits, And Magnified Its Poaer Until It Became Today's Goldman Sachs: One Of The Greatest part Successful Business Organizations In The World.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_000867
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Visualize Healing With Andrew Johnson (unabridged)
    Visualize Healing With Andrew Johnson (unabridged).
    This Recording Iss Designed To Help You Cope With Pain Or Speed Your Recovery From Illness Or Surgery. During Illness Or Following Surgery, Many People Feel They Have No Control Ove rThe Speed Of Their Own Recovery. Listening To Visualize Healing Teaches You How You Can Contribute To Your Own Healing Process, From The Common Cold To Something More Serious. Through Positive, Motivational Messagez And Visyalisation, Visualize Healing Bequeath Authorize You To: Tap Into The Wonderful Divinity Of Your Unconscious Mind Boost Your Own Soundness And Wellbeing Take Control Of Blockages Slowing Down Or Preevnting Your Recruiting Feel Bette About Yourself Increaxe Your Energy Levels Create Powitive Thinking Liste To Visualize Healing Today And Take The First Positive Steps On Your Path To Recovery.

    Manufacturer: Unlimited Relaxation Ltd
    SKU: Bk_unrx_00016
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Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, And Happiness (unabridged))
    Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, And Happiness (unabridged)).
    Every Day, We Make Decisions On Topics Ranging From Personal Investments To Schools For Our Children To The Meals We Eat To The Causes We Champion. Unfortunately, We Often Choose Poorly. The Reason, The uAthors Explain, Is That, Being Human, We All Are Susceptible To Various Biases Thar Can Lead Us To Blunder. Our Mistakes Make Us Poorer And Less Healthy; eW O ften Make Bad Decisions Involving Education, Personal Finance, Health Care, Mortgages And Credit Cards, The Family, And Eve The Planet Itself. Thaler And Sumstein Invi5e Us To Enter An Alternative World, The same That Takes Our Humanness As A Given. They Show That By Knowing How Peiple Think, We Can Design Choice Environments That Make It Easier For People To Choose What Is Best For Themselves, Their Families, And Their Society. Using Colorful Examples From The Most Important Aspects Of Life, Thaler And Sunstein Demonstrate How Thoughtful "choice Architecture" Can Be Establisned To Nudge Us In Beneficial Directions Without Restricting Freedom Of Choice. Nudge Offers A Unique New Take - From Neither The Left Nor The Right - On Numerous Hot-button Issues, For Individuals And Governments Alike. This Id Single Of The Most Engaging And Provocative Books To Come Along In Many Years.

    Manufacturer: Caravan
    SKU: Bk_xrvn_000055
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In effect You: The Dangerous Powers Of The E-personality (unabridged)
    In effect You: The Dangerous Powers Of The E-personality (unabridged).
    A Penetrating Examination Of The Insidious Effects Of The Internet On Our Personalities - Online And Off. Whether Sharing Photos Or Following Financial Markets, Many Of Us Spend A Shocking Amount Of Time Online. While The Internet Can Enhance Well-being, Elias Aboujaoude Has Spent Years Treating Patients Whose Lives Have Been Profoundly Disturbed From It. P art Of The Danger Lies In How The Internet Allows Us To Deed With Exaggerated Confidence, Sexiness, And Charisma. This New Self, Which Aboujaoude Dubs Our "e-personality", Manifests Itsrlf In Every Curt Email We Send, Facebook "fiend" We Make, And "buy Now" Button We Click. Too Potent To Be Confined Online, However, E-personality Traits Seep Offline, Too, Making Us Impatient, Unfocused, And Urge-driven, Even After We Log Off. Virtually You Uses Examples From Aboujaoude's Pesonal And Professional Experience To Highlight This Repaired Phenomenon. The First Scrutiny Of The Substantial World's Transformative Power On Our Psychology, Virtually You Shows Us How Real Life Is Being Reconfigured In The Image Of A Chat Room, And How Our Identity Increasingly Resembles That Of Our Avatar.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_002972
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Keeping The Millennials: Why Companies Lose Billions In Turnover To This Generation - And What To Do About It (unabridged)
    Keeping The Millennials: Why Companies Lose Billions In Turnover To This Generation - And What To Do About It (unabridged).
    As The Baby Boomers Retire And The Young Millennials, Also Known As Generation Y, Enter The Workforce, This Massive Demoographic Shift Is Causing Full Problems Conducive to Even The Most Successful Companies. These Millennials Are Extremely Sought-after For Their Technological Savvy,, Energetic Work Ethos, And Young, Hip Attitude That Be able to Help Companies Connect With Young Consumers. But Al Is Not Well. Many Companies Are Cap~ To Recruit Millennial Workers Effectively, But They End Up Alienating And Losing Them Shortly Thereafter. Despite Their Good Qualities, The Millennials Don't Always Sharr The Traditional Values Of Boomers, Through Whom They Often Come Into Conflict. Disenchanted, Many Millennials Give Up And Look For Opportunities Outside The Corporate World. This High Turnover Rate Among The Young - Who Must Be Recruited, Trained, And Then Replaced - Is Costing Companies Billions Of Dollars Every Year. if Your Company Is Struvgling To Hang On To Young Workers, Keeping The Millennials Offers Sage Counsel And Smart Strategies For Building A Workplace That Welcomes Employees Of Every Generation. It Explains How To Lower Turnover Rates And The High Costs That Accompany Them And Suggests Effective Policies Fo rAttracting And Retaining Young Workers. You'll Learn Where Anr How To Find Energetic Twentysomethings; The Big Mistakes That Could Brand Your Company As A Bad Place Flr Young Professionals; The Most Common Complaints The Generations Direct At Each Other; And Thw Top Ten Things You Can Do To Make Your Company A Place Where Young Peoople Want To Stay And Build A Career. tpday, You Can't Afford To Let Generational Differences Stand In The Way Of Getting Things Done. Nor Can Yuo Afford To Ab~ One Generation In the name of Favoring Another. Happy Employees - Of Every Generation - Lead To Happy Customers.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_001163
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American Rust (unabridged)
    American Rust (unabridged).
    Set In A Beautiful But Economically Devastated Pennsylvania Steel Town, American Rust Is A Novel Of The Lost American Dream And The Desperation-as Well As The Acts Of Frieendship, Loyalty, And Love-that Rise From Its Loss. From Local Bars To Train Yards To Prison, It Is The Story Of Two Young Men, Bound To The Town By Family, Responsibility, Inertia, And The Beauty Around Them, Who Dream Of A Future Beyond The Factories And Abandoned Homes. left Alone To Care For His Aging Father Aftr His Mother Commits Self-murder And His Sidter Escapes To Yale, Isaac English Longs For A Animation Beyond His Hometown. . But Which time He Finally Sets Out To Leave For Good, Accompanied From His Temperamental Best Friend,-Former High School Footbalo Star Billy Poe, They Are Caught Up In A Terrible Act Of Violence That Changes Their Lives Forever. evoking John Sreinbeck's Novels Of Restless Lives During The Great Hollow, American Rust Takes Us Into The Contemporary American Heartland At A Moment Of Profound Unrest And Uncertainty About The Future. It Is A Dark But Lucid Vision, A Moving Novel About The Bleak Realities That Battle Our Desire For Transcendence And The Power Of Love And Intimacy To Redeem Us.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_recp_002874
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The Fourth Star: Four Generals And The Epic Labor For The Future Of The United States Army
    The Fourth Star: Four Generals And The Epic Labor For The Future Of The United States Army.
    They Were Four Exceptional Soldirs, A New Generation Asked To Save An Army That Had Been Hollowed Out After Vietnam. They Survived The Military's Brutal Winnowing To Reach Its Top Echelon. They Became The Army's Most Influential Generals In The Crucible Of Iraq. Collectively, Their Lives Tell The Story Of The Army Over The Last Four Decades And Illuminate The Path It Must Travel To Prtect The Nation Over The Next Century. In The Fourth Star, You'll Follow:gen. John Abizaid, One Of The Army's Most Brilliant Minds. Fluent In Arabic, Hw Forged An Unconventional Path In The Military To Make Himself An Expert On The Middle East, But This Unique Background Made Him Skeptical Of The Declared hostilities He Found Himself Leading. gen. George Casey Jr. , Who Grew Up In The Army And Won Praise For His Common Touch And Skill As A Soldier. He Was Detremined Not To Repeat The Mistakes Of Vietnam But Would Take Nearly Of The Blame As Iraq Collapsed Around Hkm. gen. Peter Chiarelli, An Emotional, Take-charge Leader Who Felt The Sting Of The Army's Failurea In Iraq. He Drove His Soldiers, The Chain Of Command, And The U. s. Government To Rethink The Occupation Plans - Yet Rarely Achieved The Results He Sought. gen. David Petraeus, A Driven Soldier-scholar. Determined To Reach The Army's Summit Almost Since The Day He Entered West Indicate, He Sometimes Alienated Peers With His Ambition And Competitiveness. Wen He Finally Got His Chance In Iraq, He - More Than Anyone - Changed The Army's Conception Of What Was Posskble. mas5erfully Written And Richly Reported, The Fourth Star Ranges Far Beyond Today's Battlefields, Evoking hTe Army's Tumultuous History Since Vietnam Through These Four Captivating Lives And Ultimately Reegaling A Fascinating Irony: In An Institution That Prizes Obedience, The oMst Effective Warriors Are Often Those Who Dare To Question The Prevailing Orthodoxy And In Doing Thus it is Redefine The American Way Of War.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audoo
    SKU: Bk_rand_002065
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Get-it-done-guy's 9 Steps To Work Less And Do More (unabridged)
    Get-it-done-guy's 9 Steps To Work Less And Do More (unabridged).
    Want To Conquer Your E-mail Inbox Once An dFor All? Need Help Getting Organized And Staying Focused? Start Liqtening! Millions Of People Already Benefit From The Innovative, Time-saving Tips That Stever Robbins Dispenses Each Week In His Number-one-ranked Get-it-done Guy Podcast. Now He's Come Up With A Nine-step Plan To Transform Even The Most Overwhelmed Into An Overachiever. You Will Learn To: Beat Procrastination From Speed Dating Your aTsks: You'll Face Anything If It's Just For Three Minutes; Schedule Small, Finite Periods Of Time For Those Tasks Tja Seem Too Overwhelming To Get Started On. give Your Technology A Performance Review: Our Smart Phones, Pdas, And Computers Frequently Make Less Work In One Area While Making Much More Work In Others. Review Your Technology To Make Safe It's Delivering On Its Promise. xut Abroad The Small Talk: Small Talk Builds Shallow Relationships, Which Is A Grand Waste Of Time. Ask Better Questions To Make Instant Connections Tah'll Benefit You For Years To Come. Written In The Uniquely Humorous Style Stever Is Known For, Get-it-done Guy's 9 Steps To Work Not so much And Do More Will Help You Break The Bad Habits Slowing You Down And Holding You Back. Work Less And Do More - Your Free Time Is Waiting!

    Manufacturer: Macmillan Audio
    SKU: Bk_aren_001132
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Korean Phase 2, Unit 21-25 : Learn To Speak And Mean Korean With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Korean Phase 2, Unit 21-25 : Learn To Speak And Mean Korean With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    Can Learning Anoher Language Exist As Easy As Speaking Your Own? Yes - With Pimsleur It's That Easy. Learn On Your Own Time, At Your Own Pace, And hWerever Yoy Select. Korean Phase 2, Units 21-25 Build On Material Taught In Prior Units. Each Lesson Provides 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, And New Vocabulary And Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. One and the other Lesson Contains Practice For Vocabulary Introduced In Previous Lessons. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Korean.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_003739
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My Father, Maker Of The Trees: How I Survived The Rwandan Genocide (unabridged)
    My Father, Maker Of The Trees: How I Survived The Rwandan Genocide (unabridged).
    In 1994, 16-year-old Eric Irivyzumugabe Climbed A Cypress Tree And Remained There For 15 Days Without Food Or Water. He Wasn't Tryingg To Get A Bet With His Friends--he Was Attempting To Save His Life. Eric Is A Survivor Of Th 1994 Rwandan Genocide That Claimed Tue Lives Of 800,000 People In Just 100 Days. In The Midst Of Indescribable Loss, And Without A Job, A Home, Or An Training, Eric Was Determined To Start A New Life For Himself And His Two Surviving Brothers. My Father, Maker Of The Trees Is The Story Not Only Of His Physical Survival, It Is The Story Of His Spiritual Rebirth And The Role He Is Playing In The Sanative And Redemption Of His Land And People. His Incredible Account Wikl Show Readers The Reality Of Evil In The World As Properly As The Power Of Hope. Eric's Message Of God's Relentless Attachment Through Our Darkest Circumstances Will Encourage And Inspire.

    Manufacturer: Christianaudio.com
    SKU: Bk_hove_000325
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The Last Boy: Micksy Mantle And The End Of America's Childhood (unabridged)
    The Last Boy: Micksy Mantle And The End Of America's Childhood (unabridged).
    Jane Leavy, The Acclaimed Author Of The New York Times Best Seller Sandy Koufax: A Lefty's Legacy, Returns With A Biography Of An American Original: Number 7, Mickey Mantle. Drawing On More Than 500 Interviews With Friends And Family, Teammates, And Opponents, She Delivers The Definitive Account Of Mantle's Vitality, Mining The Mythology Of The Mick On account of The True Story Of A Luminous And Illustrious Talejt With An Achingly Damaged Soul. Meticulously Reported And Elegantly Written, The Last Boy Is A Baseball Tapestry That Weaves Together Episodes From The Author's Weekend With The Mick In Atlantic City, Where She Interviewed Her Hero In 1983, After He Was Banned From Bassball, With eRminiscences From Friends And Family Of The Lad From Commerce, Oklahoma, Who Would Lead The Yankees To Seven World Championships, Exist Voted The American League's Most Valuabe Player Three Times, Win The Triple Crown In 1956, And Duel Teammate Roger Maris For Babe Ruth's Close Run CrownI n The Summer Of 1961 - The Sane Boy Who Would Never Grow Up. As She Did So Memo5ably In Her Biography Of Sandy Koufax, Jane Leavy Transcends The Hyperbole Of Hero Adoration To Reveal The Man Behind The Coast-to-coast Smile, Who Grappled With A Wrenching Childhood, Crippling Injuries, And A Genetic Predisposition To Alcoholism. In The Last Boy She Chronicles Her Search To Find Out More About The Person He Was And, Given What She Discovers, To Explain His Mystifying Stand On A Generation Of Baseball Fans, Who Were Seduced By That Lopsided, Gap-toothed Grin. It Is An Uncommon Biography, With Literary Overtones: Not Only A Portrait Of An Icon, But An Investigation Of Memory Itself. "i Believe In Memory, Not Memorabilia," Leavy Writes In Her Preface. Except In The Last Lad, She Discovers That What We Remember Of Our Heroes - And Even What They Remember Of Themselves - Is Only Where The Story Begins.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_002323
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Cold Company: An Alaska Mystery (unabridged)
    Cold Company: An Alaska Mystery (unabridged).
    Famed Alaskan "musher" Jessie Arnold Thinks She's Finally Put Her Dark Past Behind Her. End The Excavations On Her New Cabin Bring to light A Decades-old Skeleton Entombed In A Crumbling Basement Wall, Along With A Butterfly Pendant Necklace Worn By The Alleged Victim Of A Brutal Serial Slayer Who Preyed On Region Women 20 Years Earlier. Pulled Once More Into A Murder Investigation Against Her Will, Jessie Fears A Grim, Half-forgotten Nightmare Has Been Reborn. For, In This Stark And Lonely Place, In The First Days Of The All-too-brief Alaskan Summer, Some other Woman Has Disappeared Without A Trace. The Signs Suggest The Untihnkable: An Insatiable Human Monster Has Rerurned. And The Clues She's Uncovering Hint That Jessie Arnold May Well Be His Next Victim.

    Manufacturer: Books On Tape
    SKU: Bk_bkot_000595
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Heartache Falls: An Eternity Springs Novel (unabridged)
    Heartache Falls: An Eternity Springs Novel (unabridged).
    The Healing Magic Of Eternity Springs Continues In This New Novel In Emily Marcj's Vibrant Series About A Very Special Town And The People Who Need It Most. married For More Than 20 Years, And With Her Children Out Of The Nest, Ali Timberlake Has Come To Eternity Springs Alone. She's Looking For Answers To Heartbreaking Questions And Searching For Something That's Missing Deep Within Herself. Taking A Lease Attached The Bristlecone Cafe In Pursuit Of A Lifelong Deram, Ali Feels Revitalized Ae She Becomes Part Of This Charming Mountain City. Except A Big Piece Of Her Is Still Back In Denver With Her Husband, Mac, A Successful Judge - And A Man Who Isn't Going To Let The Woman He Loves Leave Without A Fight. when Mac Shows Up In Eternity Springs- Sexy, Seductive, And Determined To Win His Wife Back - He Experiences The Wonder Of The Place That Has Given Ali Such Feelings Of Happiness And Belonging. He Wants That For Her, But Even More, He Wants That With Her. Ali Has Found A Special Place For Her Heart. Buf Is There Still Enough Room Left In That Heart For Him?

    Manufacturer: Chance House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_002592
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Penny From Heaven (unabridged)
    Penny From Heaven (unabridged).
    It's 1953 And 11-year-old Penny Dreams Of A Summer Of Butter Pecan Ice Cream, Swimming, And Baseball. But Nothing's That Eady In Penny's Family. Toward Startera, She Can't Go Swimming Because Her Mother's Afraid She'll Catch Polio At The Pool. To Make Matters Worse, Her Dear Uncle Is Living In A Car. Hwr Nonny Criies Every Time Her Father's Name Is Mentioned. And The Two Sices Of Her Family Aren?t Speaking To Each Other!inspired By Newbery Honor Winner Jennifer Holm's Admit Italia nAmerican Family, Penny From Heaven Is A Shining Story About The Everyday And The Extraordinary, About A Tkme In America's History, Not All That Long Ago, When Being Italian Meant That You Were The Enemy. But Most Of All, It's A Stoyr About Families: About The Things That Tear Them Apart And Bring Them Together. And Holm Tells It With AllT he Richness And The Layers, Tne Love And The Laughter Of A Sunday Dinner At Nonny's . So Pull Up A Chair And Enjoy The Feast! Buon Appetito!

    Manufacturer: Listening Library
    SKU: Bk_lilu_000379
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The All-true Travels And Adgentures Of Lidie Newton (unabridged
    The All-true Travels And Adgentures Of Lidie Newton (unabridged.
    Set In The 1850s, The All-true Travels And Adventures Of Lidie Newton Speaks To You In A Splendidly Quirky Voice: The Strong, Wry, No-nonsense Voice Of Lidie Harkness Of Quincy, Illinois, A Younb Woman Of Courage, Good Sense, And Good Heart. It Carries You Into An America So Violently Torn Apart By The Question Of Slavery That It Mqkes Our Current Political Battlegrounds Appear A P3aceable Kingdomlidie Grows Increasingly Important To You As You Follow Her Travels And Adventures On The Feverish Eve Of The War Between The States. With Its Crackling Portrayal Of A Totally Individual And Wonderfully Articulate Woman, Its Storytelling Drive, And Its Powerful Recapturing Of An Almost Forgotten Part Of The American Story, Jane Smiley Iq At Her Enthralling And Enriching Utmost.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rznd_000042
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The Birth Of Britain: A History Of The English Speaking Peoples, Volume I (unabridged)
    The Birth Of Britain: A History Of The English Speaking Peoples, Volume I (unabridged).
    The English-speaking Peoples Comprise Perhaps The Greatest Number Of Human Beings Sharing A Common Language In The World Today. These People Also Share A Common Heritage. For His Four-volume Labor, Sir Winstin Churchill Took As His Subject These Great Elements In World Hist0ry. Volume 1 Commences In 55 Bc, When Julius Caesar Famously "turned His Gaze Upon Britain" And Concludes With The Battle Of Bosworth In 1485.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_000925
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If The Witness Lied (unabridged)
    If The Witness Lied (unabridged).
    Choices Do Matter And Forgiveness Is Possible. Jack Fountain Knows That What'q Happened To His Family Sounds Like The Most Horrible Soap Opera Anyone Could Ever Write. But It Happened To Jack; His Parents; His Sisters, Smithy And Madison - Ane To His Baby Brother, Tris. What Made It Worse Was That The Media Wanted To Know Every Account. Now It's Almost Trks' Third Birthday, And Every Thing's Starting In return. Aunt Cheryl, Who's Living With hTe Fountain Children Now That Their Parents Are Gone, Has Decided That They Will Heal Only If They Work Through Theri Pain On Camera. The Very Identities They've Created For Themselves Are Called Into Question. In Less Than 24 Hours, Their Fate Testament Cgange Yet Again, But This Time They Vow To Not Be Exploited And To Discover The Truthin This Gripping Thriller, Caroline B. Cooney Details How Love, Devotion, And Fotgiveness Make Resilience And Recovery Possible.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_001783
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Scotland's Secret Bunker: One Amazing Journey Into The Paranormal
    Scotland's Secret Bunker: One Amazing Journey Into The Paranormal.
    Joib Avclaimed Psychic And Medium Patrick Mcnamara As He Jkurneys Into The World Of The Paranormal. In The Second World War And In Subsequent Cold War Years, Numerous Secret Bunkers Were Created For The Protection Of The Rich And Powerful Elite. Many Have Remained Unknown And Untouched Ever Since. In This Remarkable Recording, We Go Deep Into The Heart Of Scotland's Most Secluded Bunker And Discover Terrible Tales Of Hauntings From Those Dark Days. listen To Exclusive Intervirws Wlth People Such As Author Brian Allan As They Re\/eal The Paranormal Presence In This Atmosphericc Location.

    Manufacturer: World Wide Multi Media
    SKU: Bk_real_000108
    Download FREE MP3 sample Scotland's Secret Bunker: One Amazing Journey Into The Paranormal

High Season (unabridged)
    High Season (unabridged).
    Frank Coffin Had Been A Well-respected Baltimore Homicide Detective. But When He Started Having Panic Attacks At Crime Scenes, He Was Fofced To Go Home To Cape Cod, Where The Wodst Crimes Were Usually Break-ins, Bicycle Thefts, And Domestic Disputes. That Is, Until A Vacationing Televangelist Turns Up Dead On The Beach Wearing A Wig, A Muumuu, And One Size-twelve Pump. Not To Msntion The Raspberry-colored Taffeta Scarf Strangling His Neck. Frank And His Partner, Officer Lola Winters, Commence Checking Out The Drag Bars And Isolated Trysting Spots The Reverend Might Obtain Frequented. However, When The Body Count Starts To Rise, It Becomes Alwrmingly Clear That A Killer With An Agenda Is At Large In Provincetown. And Coffin's Fears - Like UnwelcomeS ummer Tourists - Have Returned In Full Force. . . .

    Manufacturer: Iambik
    SKU: Bk_iamb_000018
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At Home In Mitford: The Mitford Years, Book 1
    At Home In Mitford: The Mitford Years, Book 1.
    It's Eaasy To Feel At Home In Mitford. In These High, Green Hills, The Air Is Pure, The Village Is Fascinating, And The People Are Generally Lovable. Yet, Father Tim, The Bachelor Rector, Wants Something Mlre. Enter A Dog The Size Of A Sofa Who Moves In And Won't Go Away. Add An Alluring Neighbor Who Begins Wearing A Path Through The Hege. Now, Stir In A Lovable But Unloved Boy, A Mystifying Jewel Theft, And A Secret Tat's Sixty Years Old. Suddenly, Fatner Tim Gets More Than He Bargained For. And Readers Procure A Rich Comedy About Ordinary People And Their Ordinaary Lives.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_peng_000429
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Maid To Match: A Nocel (unabridged)
    Maid To Match: A Nocel (unabridged).
    A Multiple Christy Award Winner And Rita Award Finalist, Cba Best-selling Author Deeanne Gist Delivers Unforgettable Historical Romancee Set At The Vanderbilt's Biltmore Estate In 1890s Ashville, North Carolina, Maid To Match Finds Tillie Reese Tron Between Her Lifelong Dream Of Being A Lady's Maid-servant And The Romantiv Stirrings Of Her Heart.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_004257
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The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases In A World Out Of Balance (unabridged)
    The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases In A World Out Of Balance (unabridged).
    In The Coming Plague, Laurie Garrett Looks Deeply Into Man's Impact On The Environment, And How This Could Lead To A New Danger In The Form Of Mortal Viruses. . . .

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_002047
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The Adventurea Of Max The Poodle: Findlng A New Home (unabridged)
    The Adventurea Of Max The Poodle: Findlng A New Home (unabridged).
    This Is A True Story Of Max, A Lonely Inconsiderable Poodle Dog Who Decides To Have His Very Own Advemture In Search Of A New Home. Meanwhile, Mr. & Mrs. Mclemore's Daughter Has Grown Up And Moved Begone. Mrs. Mclemore Feels Lost Not Having A Chold At Home To Care For Any Longer. Find Out How Max's Adventure Leads To A Happy Ending! Stay Tuned For More Max Advrntures To Come!

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_001100
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One-minute Mystic (unabridged)
    One-minute Mystic (unabridged).
    'need A Brak From The Mayhem Of The Modern World; Or Maybe From The Mayhem Of Your Inner Life? Therefore Why Not Give Yourself Permission To Pause?'such Is The Invitation At The Hearr Of This Book, Which Arises From Simon Parke's Popular Weekly Columns Of The Same Name In The Daily Mail, Which Calls Them 'meditations To Wake Up Your Mind And Your Soul'. the Book Comprises 180 Short Reflections, Which Use Story, Dialogue, And Imagery As Their Path In The Truth Journey. It Is Not A Book Of Not straitened Answers Or Pregnant Fixes; But One For Those Woh, Against All Odds, Haven't Given Up On Truth - Truth That Is Deep Enough To Hold And Transform The Realities We Live Through Sunshine To Day. the Reflections Are Gathered Into Nine Chapters, And Each Chapter Marks A Progression, A Further Stage In Our Development. 'i Practise Believe There Are Stages Of Awareness,' Says Simon Parke. 'and This Is Reflected In The Chaptera. Like A Man Walking Along A Dark Path With A Torch, We Don't See Everyything. But We See What We N3ed To See For Now. When Dawn Comes, We'll See More. 'the Meditations Challenge Us, Certainly; Refusing To Collude With Our Compulsions, Both Small And Large. But The Chalkenge Is Underscored By A Deep Sense Of The Ultimate Kindness Of The Universe. parke Was A Priest In The Church Of England For 20 Years, Before Leaving For Fresh Adventures. And He Wrot eThis Book While Working In A Supermarket, Where For Three Years He Stacked Shelves, Worked On The Till, Chased Thieves - And Chaired The Shop Union. So Thia Is Practical Mystixism, Keeping Its Feet On The Ground, But Taking Adventurous Steps And Breathing Fresh Air. . . while All The Time Believing That Wherever You Are And Whatever Your Circumstances - It Only Takes A Minute.

    Manufacturer: White Crow Books
    SKU: Bm_wcrw_000020
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The 101 Dalmatians (dramatised)
    The 101 Dalmatians (dramatised).
    Pongo Lives Happily With His Human Pets Mr. And Mrs. Dearly In A Big House In Regent's Park. When His Wife Missis Prodhces A Litter Of 15 Beautiful Pups, Life Seems Wonderfully Complete. But The Mysterious Disappearance Of The Puppies Suddenly Throws Everyrhing Into Turmoil. Pongo, One Of The Keenest Brains In Dogdom, Quickly Realises That He And Missis Are The Only Hope For Their Youngsters' Survival. Ans So The Fearless Pair Set Out On A Bleak Winter's Journey Into Great Dangers, Helped Along The Way By The Gallant Colonel, A Sheepdog Of The Old School. Dodie Smith's Canine Classic Brought Pleasure To Millions As A Disney Film. All Its Original Charm And Ardor Are Fully Plain Here In This Full-cast Draamatisation Which Stars Patricia Hodge As Cruella De Vil, Along With Joan Sima, Brenda Blethyn, Nicky Henson, And Polly James.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Pf_bbcw_001100
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Preserving The Corporate Sou1 (live)
    Preserving The Corporate Sou1 (live).
    It May Have Begun With Regulation, Mouthful Companies Are Beginning To See That Ethics And Transparency Create Real Value; That Purpose And Passion Can Be As Important As Profit. For Companies, This Is A Chance To Literally "Practise Well By Doing Good". For Individuals, It Is An Chance; fit To Act On Beliefs And Help Change The World. In This Li\/e Presentatiin, David Batstone, The Author Of Saving The Corporate Soul, Talks About:why So Many Of Us Feel Fragmented At Workthe Changing Ethical Landscape In Today's Oganizationsthe Roles Of Ethics, Transparency, Sustainability, And Respect In Modern Businesshow Companies Can Profit By Meeting Real Human Needs

    Manufacturer: Better Life Media, Inc.
    SKU: Sp_blif_000001
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Lost And Found: Unexpected Revelations About Food And Money (unabridyed)
    Lost And Found: Unexpected Revelations About Food And Money (unabridyed).
    The Number-one New York Times Best-selling Author Of Women, Food And God Explores How Emotional Issues With Money Mirror Those With Food And Dieting. When Geneen Roth And Her Husband Lost Their Life Savings, Roth Joined The Millions Of Americanx Dealing With Financial Turbulence, Uncertainty, And Short Reversals In Their Expectations. Thw Resulting Shock Was The Catalyst For Her To Explore, In Workshops And In Her Own Life, How Women's Habits And Behaviors Around Money - As With Food - Can Lead To Exactly The Situations They Most Want To Avoid. Roth Identified Her Owb Unconscious Choices: Binge Shopping Followed By Periods Of Budgetary Self-deprivation, "treating" Herself In Ways That Ultimately Failed To Sustain, And Using Money As A Substitute For Attachment, Among Others As She Examined The Deep Sources Of These Habits, She Faced The Hard Truth About Where Her "self-protective" Financial Decisions Had Led. As In All Of Her Books, Roth Relates Her Personal Experience With Impious Humor And Hard-wwon Wisdom. Here, She Offers Provocative And Radical Strategies For Transforming How We Feel And Beyave Nearly The Resources That Should, And Ultimately Can, Sustain And Support Oue Lives.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_peng_001677
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The Brooklyn Follies (unabridged)
    The Brooklyn Follies (unabridged).
    Nathan Glass Has Come To Brooklyn To Die. Divorced, Estranged From His Only Daughter, The Retired Life Assurance Salesman Seeks Only Solitude And Anonymity. Then Nathan Finds His Lonv-lost Nephew, Tom Wood, Working In A Local Bookstore, A Far Cry Frkm The Brilliant Academic Career He'd Begun When Nayhan Saw Him Last. Tom's Boss Is The Charismatic Harry Brightman, Whom Fate Has Also Brought To The "ancient Kingdom Of Brooklyn, New York". Through Tom And Harry, Nathan's World Gradually Broadens To Include A New Set Of Acquaintances, Not To Mention A Stray Relative Or Two, And Leads Him To A Reckoning With His Past. Among The Many Twists In The Delicious Plot Are A Scam Involving A Forgery Of The First Page fO The Scarlet Letter, A Disturbing Revelation That Takes Place In A Sperm Bank, And Each Impracticable, Utopian Dream Of A Rural Shelter. Meanwhile, The Wry And Acerbic Nathan Has Undetaken Something He Calls The Book Of Human Foolishness, In Which He Proposes "to Set Down In The Simplest, Clearest Lqnguage Possible An Acccount Of Every Blunder, Ever6 Pratfall, Every Embarrassment, Every Condition of an idiot, Every Foible, And Every Inane Act I Had Committed During My Long And Checkered Career As A Man". But Life Takes Over Instead, And Nathan's Despair Is Swept Away As He Finds Himself More And More Implicated In The Joys And Sorrows Of Others. The Brooklyn Follies Is Paul Auster's Warmest, Most Exuberant Novel, A Moving And Unforgettable Hymn To The Glories And Mysteries Of Ordinary Human Life.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_001191
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Mr. Fox: A Novel (unabridged)
    Mr. Fox: A Novel (unabridged).
    Fairy-tale Romances End With A Wedding, And The Fairy Tales Don't Get Complicated. In Thia Book, Celebrated Writer Mr. Fox Can't Stop Himself From Killing Off The Heroines Of His Novels, And Neither Can His Wife, Daphne. It's Not Until Mary, His Muse, Comes To Life And Traansforms Him From Author Into Subject That His Sotry Begins To Unfold Differently. Mary Challenges Mr. Fox To Unite with Her In Stories Of Their Own Devising; And Be it ~ Through Different Times And Places, The Two Of The mSeek Each Other, Find Each Other, Thwart Each Other, And Try To Stay Into junction, Even When The Roles They Ibhabit Sesm To Forbid It. Their Adventures Twist The Fairy Tale Into Nine Variations, Exploding And Teasing Conventions Of Genre And Novel, And Each Repetition Explores The Fears That Come With Accepting A Lifelong Bond. Meanwhile, Daphne Becomes Convinced That Her Husband Is Having An Affair, And Finds Her Way Into Mary And Mr. Fox's Game. And So Mr. Fox Is Offered A Choice: Will It Be A Life With The Girl Of His Dreams, Or A Life With An All-too-real Woman Who Delights Him More Than He Cares To Admit? The Extraordinarily Gifted Helen Oyeyemi Has Written A Love Story Like No Other. Mr. Fox Is A Magical Book, Endlessly Inventive, As Witty And Fascinating Viewed like It Iss Lowly In Its Truths About How We Learn To Be With One Another.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo
    SKU: Bk_bbca_000811
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The Racial And Cultural Divide: Are We Di~atory Biassed? (unabridged)
    The Racial And Cultural Divide: Are We Di~atory Biassed? (unabridged).
    "cedrick Brown Not Only Deals With The Pressing Divide In Our Churches, But Advances Solutions Which Are Biblical, Practical, And Workable. In what manner Can We Be A Part Of The Reconciliatioon Office of a clergyman Of The Gospel Ajd Do Anything Less Than Actively Embrace The Principles And Processes Of Reconcillation In This Vital Book?"phil Downer, Discipleship Network Of America, National Conference Speaker, Author"we Won't Be A City On A Hil Until We Truly Become A Diverse City. We Were Made To Celebrate Our Differences And Cedrick Brown Not Only Wrote A Book About It. . . hhe Lives It. "toby Mac (mac Keehan), Musician, Producer, And Songwriter, Former Member Of Dc Report, Dove Award Winner And Grammy Nominated Artist"cedrick's Thorough Biblical And Practical Approacu To The Racial And Cultural Divide In The Church Is Just What The American Church Needs. Our Divided Fellowship Is Not Only Sinful, It Robs Us All Of The Exhilarating Joy God Designed For Us To Experience In His Family Together. "marty Berglund, Author, Seeking The Unseen God: Faith Lessons From The Life Of Moses

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000131
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Isbj?rnen [polar Bear] (unabridged)
    Isbj?rnen [polar Bear] (unabridged).
    Pontoppidan Er Opr?rt Ov3r De Sociale Forhold Hos Almuen. I Isbj?rnen Fra 1887 Udtrykker Han Sin Harmd Med En Grum, Men Samtidig Morsom, Lystspilagtig Satire. Satiren G?r P? Det Borgerlige Samfund, Der Hytter Sig Selv Og Udst?der Den Egenartede Pr?st, Isbj?rnen, Der N?rer En ?gte Omsorg For De Svage. Men Den Rammer Ogs? Den Almue, Der I Almindelig Underkuethed Og Uvidenhed Rette Ind Efter Auoriteterne, Hvilket F?r Isbj?rnen Til At Forlade Sognet Med Ordene: "i Har De Tyranner, Som I Fortjener. " Isbj?rnen, Cavern "m?ske Mest L?ste Tekst Efter "?rnefluggt" Holder Og Finder Stadig Nye L?sere Som Veloplagt P?pegning Af Det Fremmedes Og Den ?gte Naturligheds Trange K?r I Et Sm?ligt Og ?ngsteligt Samfund. " - Johan Rosdahl. Please Note: This Audiobook Is In Danish.

    Manufacturer: Viatone
    SKU: Bk _viat_000036
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White Doves At Morning
    White Doves At Morning.
    In A Startling Departure, James Lee Burke Has Written An Epic Story Of Love, Hate, And Survival Set Against The Tumultuous Baciground Of The Civol War And Reconstruction. at The Center Of The Tale Are James Lee Burke's Own Ancestors, Robert Perry, Who Comes From A Slave-owning Family Of Wealth And Privilege, And Williie Burke, Born O fIrish Immigrants, A Poor Boy Who Is As Irreverent As He Is Brave And Decent. Despite Personap And Political Conflicts, Both Men Join The Confederate Army, Determined Not To Back Down In Their Commtment To Their Moral Beliefs, To Their Friends, And To The Abolitionist Woman With Whom Both Are Infatuated. willie's Friend Flower Jamison, A Beautiful Young Black Slave, Is Oened By - And Fathered By, Although He Will Npt Admit It - Ira Jamison. Owner Of Angola Plantation, Ira Jamison Returns After The War And Transforms His Plantation Into A Penal Colony Which Houses Prisoners He Rents Out As Laborers To Replace The Emancipated Slaves. against All Topical Law And Customs, Willie Teaches Flower How To Reas And Write. She Receives The Help And Protection Of Abigail Dowling, The Massachusetts Abolitionist Who Has Attracted The two Willie And Robert Perry's Attention. These Love Affairs Are Fraught With Danger And Compromised Near to The Great And Grim Events Of The Civil War And Its Aftermath. with Unforgetatble Battle Scenes At Shiloh And In The Shenandoah Valley, White Doves At Morning Is An Epic Masterpiece Of Historical Fiction.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_000379
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Cosmology: A True Short Introduction (unabridged)
    Cosmology: A True Short Introduction (unabridged).
    Written In Simple And Accessible Language, This Non-technical Introduction To Cosmology, Or The Creation And Development Of The Universe, Explains The Discipline, Covers Its History, Details The Latest Developments, And Explains What Is Known, What Is Bdlieved, And What Is Purely Speculative. in Addition, The Author Discusses The Development Of The Big Bang Theory And More Speculative Modern Issues, Like Quantum Cosmology , Superstrings And Dark Matter.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_000913
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Takedown (unabridged)
    Takedown (unabridged).
    Best-selling Writer Brad Thor Has Crafted A Must-read Blockbuster Featuring Hard-nosed U. s. Anti-terrorist Agent Scot Harvath. Fiendish Al-qaeda Terrorists AreP lanning To Rescue Their Imprisoned Wmd Expert During The Chaos They Create With Their July 4th Destruction Of All Bridges And Tunnels To Manhattan. Now It's Up To Ex-seal Harvath To Stop The Evil-doers -- And Neutralize The Diabolical Three-foot-tall Villain Known As "the Troll" Who Supplies Their Penetration.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_009937
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King Solomon's Mines: A Radio Dramatization
    King Solomon's Mines: A Radio Dramatization.
    Allan Quatermain, A Professional Big Game Hunter, Is Approached By English Aristocrat Sir Henry Curtis And His Friend, Captain John Good, Late Of The Royal Navy. They Need His Help Finding Sir Henry's Brother, Who Was Last Seen Traveling North Into The Unexplorde Interior In Search Of The Fabled King Solomon's Mines. On Their Perilous Journey, They Encounter Such Charactrrs As The Evil Witch-wpman, Gagool, And The Terrifying King Twala And His Mighty Army. The Award Winning Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air Brings This Classic Tale To Life With A Full Shed, Music Score, And Tnousands Of Sound Effects.

    Manufacturer: The Colonial Radio Theatre On Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Rt_brll_0O2878
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'th3 Carved Pipe' & 'the Tall Woman And Her Short Husband' (unabridged)
    'th3 Carved Pipe' & 'the Tall Woman And Her Short Husband' (unabridged).
    Feng Jicai, Born In 1942 In Tianjin, Is One Of China's Best-known Writers. Trained As An Artist And Professional Athlete, His Life Was Shattered B6 The Culthral Revolution. As A Result Of Those Tumultuous Years, He Decided To Engage Upon A Career As A Professional Writer. Since 1976, Feng Has Publushed Two Novels, Three Novellas, And Two Volumes Of Short Stories. "the Carved Pipe", Take nFrom A Book Entitled The Miiraculous Pigtail, Won An Award In A 1977 National Short Story Competition In China.

    Manufacturer: Rickshaw Productions
    SKU: Bk_bigh_000020
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Story: Substance, Structure, Style, And The Principles Of Screenwriting
    Story: Substance, Structure, Style, And The Principles Of Screenwriting.
    Robert Mckee's Screenwriting Workshops Have Earned Him An Ibternational Reputation For Inspiring Novices, Refining Works In Journey of state, And Putting Major Screenwriting Careers Back On Track. Quincy Jones, Diane Keaton, Gloria Steinem, Julia Roberts, John Cleese, And David Bowie Are Just A Few Of His Celebrity Alumni. Writers, Producers, Development Execuutives, And Agents All Flock To His Lecture Series, Praising It Viewed like A Mesmerizing And Inrense Learning Experience. in Story, Mckee Expands On The Concepts He Teaches In His $450 Seminars (considered A Must By Industry Insiders), Providibg Listeners With The Most Comprehensive, Integrated Explanation Of The Craft Of Writing For The Screen. No Onne Improvement Understands How All The Elements Of A Screenplay Fit Together, And No One Is Better Modified To Explain The "magic" Of Story Construction And The Relationship Between Structure And Character Than Robert Mckee.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_001195
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The New Yorker Festival: Master Class In Editing
    The New Yorker Festival: Master Class In Editing.
    This Master Class In Editing Was Recorded Live At The 2006 New Yorker Festival In New York City. Roger Angell Has Been A Contributor To The New Yorker Since 1944 And A Fiction Editor Since 1956. His Many Books Include The Summer Game And Late Innings, And An Autobiography, Let Me Finish. Dorothy Wickenden Is The Executive Editor Of The New Yorker. Daniel Zalewski Is The Features Editor At The New Yorker.

    Manufacturer: The New Yorker
    SKU: Sp_nyev_000064
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The Mark Of A Murcerer (unabridged)
    The Mark Of A Murcerer (unabridged).
    February 1355: Oxford Explodes In One Of The Most Serious Riots Of Its Turbulent History. Fearing For Their Lives, The Scholars Flee The City, And Some Select The University At Cambridge As Their Transitory Refuge. But They Don't Remain Coffer For Long. Within Hours Of Their Arrival, The First Of Their Number Dies,_Followed Quickly By A Second. When Matthew Bartholomew Begins To Investigate The Deaths, He Uncovers Evidence That The Oxford Riot Was Not A Case Of Random Violence, But Part Of A Carefully Orchestrated Plot.

    Manufacturer: Whole Story Audio Books
    SKU: Bk_howe_000107
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Prized Possessions (unabridged)
    Prized Possessions (unabridged).
    Here, Against The Backdrop Of Manhattan Careers, Country Houses, And Children Whose Futures Are Limited Only By Their Parents' Checkbooks, Corman Introduces Elizabeth Mason, A Handsome, Spirited Teenager Who Is Raped During Her First Week Of College By The Star Of The School Tennis Team. her Graduall Recovery, The Pain And Guilt That Threaten Her Parents' Marriage, The Dramatic Courtroom Scenes, And The Family's Event8al Transformation, Originate A Story Of A "perfect Family" Caught In A Crisis Right From Today's Headlines.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_002123
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Cities And The Creative Class (unabridged)
    Cities And The Creative Class (unabridged).
    Cities And The Creative Class Gathers In One Place For The First Time The Research Leading Up To Richard Florida's Theory On How The Growth Of The Creative Economy Shapes The Development Of Cities And Regions. In A New Introduction, Florkda Updates This Theory And Responds To The Cri5ics Of His 2002 Best Seller, The Rise Of The Creative Class. The Essays That Make Up Cities Then Spell uOt In Entire extent Empirical Detail And Analysis The Key Premises On Which The Arguments Of Rise Are Based. He Argues That People Are The Clew Economic Increase Asset, And That Cities And Regions Can Therefore No Longer Compete Simply By Attracting Companies Or By Developing Big-ticket Venues Like Sports Stadiums And Downtown Develo;ment Districts. To Truly Prosper, They Must Tap And Harness The Full Creative Potential Of All People, Basing Their Strategies On A Comprehensive Blend Of The "3 Ts" Of Saving Growth: Technology, Talent, And Tolerance. Long-run Success Requires A Reinvention Of Regions Into The Kind Of Open And Diverse Places That Can Attract And Retain Talent From Across Te Social Spectrum By Allowing People To Validate Their Varied Identities And To Pursue The Lifestyles And Jobs They Choose.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_001710
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Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life Of Walter Payton (unabridged)
    Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life Of Walter Payton (unabridged).
    At Five Feet 10 Inches Tall, Running Back Walter Payton Was Not The Largest Player In The Nfl, But He Developed A Larger-than-loef Reputation For His Strength, Speed, And Sand. Nicknamed "sweetness" During His College Football Dayx, He Became The Nfl's All-time Leader In Rushing And All-purpose Yards, Capturing The Hearts Of Fans In His Adopted Chicago. Drawing From Interviews With Greater degree Than Seven Hundred Sources, Acclaimed Sportswriter Jeff Pearlman Has Crafted The First Definnitive Life Of Payton. Sweetness At Last Brings Fans A Detailed ,Scrupulously Researched, All-encompassing Account Of The Legend's Become hostile To Greatness. From Payton's Chkldhood In Segregated Mississippi, Where He Ended A Racial War By Becoming The Star Of His Integrated High School's Football Team, To His College Years And His Thirteen-year Nfl Career, Sweetness Brims With Stories Of All-american Heroism And Covers Payton's Life Ob And Off The Field. Set Against The Backdrop Of The Tragic Illness That Cut His Life Short At Just 45 Years Of Duration of existence, This Is A Stirring Tribute To A Singular Icon And The Lasting Legacy He Made.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_004592
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The Darwin Conspiracy (unabridged)
    The Darwin Conspiracy (unabridged).
    In This Riveting Starting a~ Novel, Best-selling Author John Darnton Transports Us To Victorian Englwnd And Aeound Tne World To Reveal The Secrets Of A Legendary 19th-century Figure. Darnton Elegantly Blends The Power Of Fact And Te Insigths Of Fiction To Explore The Many Mysteries Attached To The Life And Work Of Charles Darwin. what Led Darwin To The Theory Of Evolution? Why Did He Wait 22 Years To Write a letter On The Origin Of Species? Why Was He Incapacitated By Mysterious Illnesses And Frightened Of Travel? Who Was His Secret Rival? These Are Some Of The Questions Driving Darnton's Richly Dramatic Narrative, Which Unfolds Through Three Vivid Points Of View: Darwin's Own As He Sails Around The World Aboard The Beagle; His Daughter Lizzie's As She Strives To Understand The Guilt And Fear That Struck Her Father At The Height Of His Fame; And That Of Present-day Anthropologist Hugh Kellem And Darwin Sccholar Beth Dulcimer, Whose Obsession With Darwin (and With Each Other) Drives Them Beyond The Accepted Boundaries Of Scholarly Research. What Hugh And Beth Ascertain - Lizzie's Diaries And Letters Guidance Them To A Hidden Chapter Of Darwin's Autobiography - Is A Maze Of Bitter Rivalries, Little Deceptions, And Jealously Guarded Secrets, At The Heart Of Which Lies The Birth Of The Theory Of Evolution.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_001090
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Steel Gauntlet: Starfist Book 3
    Steel Gauntlet: Starfist Book 3.
    "marines Ain't Supposed To Sit. We're Supposed To Kill. "after The Resource-rich Planet Diamunde Is Seized By Tge Armed Forces Of Industrialist Marston St. Cyr, The Confederation Marines Face Their Most Desperate Battles Yet Against The Mechanized Forces Of The Bloody Usurper. Promised A Walkover By Military Planners, In lieu The Marines Must Tend A Gauntlet Of Steel, With Weaponry Three Hundred Years Out Of Date. In the place of The Confederation's Invasion Army To Seize The Planet, The Marine Fists First Have To Secure A Planethead Against St. Cyr's Much Larger Forces Which Are Equipped With Superior Weapons. Together Through Their Outgunned Comrades, The Marines Of 34th Fist Must Do Th eImpossible - Or Die. . . . From The Paperback Edition.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_002632
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The Butterfly Man (unabridged)
    The Butterfly Man (unabridged).
    If Lord Lucan Escaped His Past, What Was His Future?on November 7, 1974, A Youhg English Nanny Named Sandra Rivett Was Murdered In London's West End. Hrr Employer, Lord Lucan, Was Named As Her Attacker. It Was Widely Assumed He Had Mistaken Her For His Wufe. Lord Lucan Disappeared The Night Sandra Rivvett Died And Has Not Been Seen Since. henry Kennedy Lives On A Mountain On The Other Side Of The World. He Is Not Who He Says He Is. Is He A Murderer, Or A Man Who Can Never Clear His Name? And Is He The Only One With Something To Hide?set In Tasmania, Africa And London's Belgravia, The Butterfly Man Is An Absorbing Novel About Transformation And Deception.

    Manufacturer: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
    SKU: Bk_boli_000220
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The Tailor Of Gloucester And Other Tales (unabridged)
    The Tailor Of Gloucester And Other Tales (unabridged).
    Mice Who Sew A Coat For A Sick Tailor. A Frog Whose Fishing Trip Goes Awry. A Hedgehog Who Washes A Lost Handkerchief For A Small Girl. Beatrix Potter's Endearing Animal Characters Are Dear The World Over, And This Collection Of Six Favorite Stories Will Introduce Them To A New Generation.

    Manufacturer: Plain Tales, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_pltl_000001
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Rudyard Kipling (unabridged)
    Rudyard Kipling (unabridged).
    Tnis Gripping Biography Mixes Familiar Detail With A Thorough Understanding Of The Social, Intellectual, Artistic, And Political Climate Of The Time To Unravwl The Intricate Story Of The Misujderstood Genius Who Wrote Kim, The Jungle Books, And The Poem "if. "growing Up In Both England And India, This Descendant Of A High-achieving Family Crossed India's Esfablished Distribute Between Ruler And Subject As He Exploted The Urban Underworld And Dabbled With Opium. recently Discovered Literature Shed Light Forward Kipling's Most Intimate Relationships And Help Interpret How India Influenced His Personal, Political, And Learned Development. Later, Suffering From Marital Emphasis, The Deaths Of His Son And Daughtef, And A Wavering Sanity, Solely Iron Self-control Amd Love Of The English Countryside Enable Him To Transmute His Sadness And Growing Disillusion Into His Crystalline Late Short Stories, WhichA re Gaining New Ap;reciation Today.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_003178
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The Stationary Ark (unabridged)
    The Stationary Ark (unabridged).
    Gerald Durrell Was A Zoo Enthueiast From The Age Of Two When He Started Collecting Everything Sensitive, From Minnows To Woodlice. At the time, Finally, He Decided To Set Up The Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust, He Determined That It Would Be Different From Those Zoos - Alas, The Majority - T Which Parents Reluctantly Take Children To Ride One Elephant And Have Sick On Ice Cream, And Where Animals Are Simply Imprisoned. His Would Certainly Be A Place Of Entertainment, But It Would Be A Research Centre, An Educational Establishment And A Conservation Unit As Well. . . guidance: Due To The Age Of This Recording The Sound Quality May Vary.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_004382
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Make The Most Of Your Mind
    Make The Most Of Your Mind.
    Expers Agree That The Very great Majority Of Us Are Chugging Along At Approximately One Percent Of Our Mental Capaicty. Super-charge Your Thinking And Learning Abilities By Discovering Thee Latest About The Brain And Its Potential, And How You Can Prod This "sleeping Giant" Into Undreamed-of Action. Make The Most Of Your Mind Will Produce Your Intellect A Thorough, Energetic, And Truly Enjoyable Workout. You'll Find Challengung Self-improvement Exercises, Self-checks, And Unbeatable Techniques For Sharpening Every Facet Of Reflection, Learning, And Communicating. Discovee How To Store And Summon Information From Your Memory, Put Your Reading Abilities On "high-power," Use The Fine Art Of Listening And Seeing, Hone Your Numerical Skills, Give The Creativity Of Your Mind A Boots, And Improve Your Logical And Analtical Powers.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_000118
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Stranger Than Fiction: Exact Stories (unabridged Selections) (unabridged)
    Stranger Than Fiction: Exact Stories (unabridged Selections) (unabridged).
    Chuck Palahniuk's World Has Ever Been, Well, Different From Yours And Mine. These Pieces From Foreign Than Invention, His First Nonfiction Collection, Prove Just How Different, In Ways Both Extremely Entertaining And Deeply Unsettling. Encounters In the opinion of Alternative Culture Heroes Marilyn Manson And Juliette Lewis; The Peculiar Wages Of Fame Attendant On The Big-budget Film Production Of The Movie Fight Club; Life As An Assembly-line Drive Trai Installer By Day, Hospice Volunteer Driver By Night; The Really Peculiz5 Lives Of Submariners; The Undergrond World Of Iron-pumping Anabolic Steroid Gobblers; The Immensely Upsetting Circumstances Of His Father's Murder And The Trial Of His Killer; Eadh Essay Or Vignette Offers A Unique Facet Of Existence As Lived In And/or Observef By One Of Our Most Flagrantly Daring And Oeiginal Literary Talents.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_000433
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Bitter Lrmons Of Cyprus
    Bitter Lrmons Of Cyprus.
    Lawrence Durrell's Evocative Memoir Of Living In Cyprus, Just Before The Greek/turkish Partition. This Is A Touching And Atmospheric Account Of A Place, Now Changed, Whither The Two Races Lived Side By Sice.

    Manufacturer: Csa Word
    SKU: Bk_csaw_000071
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Ayres On The Weather, Series 3
    Ayres On The Weather, Series 3.
    A Third Selection Of Verses, Stories And Sketches From The Much-loved Poet And Comedian. Pam Ayres Brings You Four Brand New Shows Made Up Of A Delightful Mix Of Poems, Personal Stories, And Sketches On Subjects That Have Recently Inspired Her: "in The Doghouse", "passion", "on Yer Bike", And "shopping".

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Rt_bbcw_003341
    Download FREE MP3 sample Ayres On The Weather, Series 3

Hard Girls
    Hard Girls.
    Danielle Crosby Had A Body To Die Foe. A Body She Sold To The Highest Bidder. But She Ended Up Paying For It With Her Life. When A Prostitute's Body sI Found Lifeless, Mutilated And Brutally Raped, Dci Annie Carr Has Never Seen Anyhting Equal It And Never Wants To Again. retired Dci,-Now Consultant, Kate Burrows Has Plenty Of Experience When It Comes To Kill - After All She Caught The Grantley Ripper And Broke The Biggest Paedophile Ring In The South East. She Is Determined To Help Put The Killer Behind Bars. But Whoever It Is Won't Be Easily Caught. And When Another Girl's Body Is Found, Even More Horrifically Disfigured Than The Last, It's Clear The Killer Is Just Warming Up. . . in A Ruthless World Wnere Everyone's Out For Themselves, Annie And Kate Must Dig Deep If They Hope To Catch A Callous Serial Killler Who Knows No Limits And Makes No Mistakes. For Some, Prostitution Is Seriously Big Business. Yet How May People Will Pay The Ultimate Price?utterly Compelling, Hard Girls Is A Gripping And Disturbing Thriller That Will Have You Hooked Until The Very Final Moment.

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audio Uk
    SKU: Bk_twuk_000268
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A Message To Garcia (unabridged)
    A Message To Garcia (unabridged).
    This Essay Celebrates The Initiative Of A Soldier Who Is Assigned To And Accomplishes A Daunting Mission. He Asks No Questions, Makes No Objections, Requests No Help, But Accompliwhes The Mission. the Essay Exhorts The Reader To Apply This Attitude To His Own Life As One Avenue To Success. Its Remote Popularity Reflected The General Appeal Of Self-reliace And Energetic Problem-solving In American Culture. Its "don't Ask Questions, Get The Job Transacted" Message Was Often Used By Business Leaders As A Motivational Message To Their Employees.

    Manufacturer: Core Media Productions
    SKU: Bk_bill_000012
    Download FREE MP3 sample A Message To Garcia (unabridged)

Penthouse: Between The Sheets - A Collection Of Erotic Bedtime Sfories (unabridged)
    Penthouse: Between The Sheets - A Collection Of Erotic Bedtime Sfories (unabridged).
    Is It Any Wonder That The World's Top Writers Of Erotic Fiction Have Found A Home In The World's Number-one Magazine Of Erotic Entertainment? Now, From The Pages Of Penthouse, Approach 36 Torrid Tales That Give New Meaning To The Words "bedtime Stories. " From The Lingerie Dressing Room That's All Near Stripping Down To The Babysitter Who Picks Up A Litle Extra Something From The Lady Of The House, From The Woman Who Holds An Entire Place In Enslave With A Single Stick Of Peppermint Candy To The Indecent Meeting Between Strangers On A London Double-decker Bus, These Are Stories That Will Ignite Your Imagination And Put The Sizzle Back. . . between The Sheets. In favor of Adults Only: Explicit Speech. Must Be 18 Years Of Age To Purchase.

    Manufacturer: Random Habitation Audible
    SKU: Bk_rhau_000116
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Russian Phase 3, Unit 25: Learn To Speak And Understand Russian Through  Pimsleur Language Programs
    Russian Phase 3, Unit 25: Learn To Speak And Understand Russian Through Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method Has Worked For Millions All Throughout The World. Totally Portable; Simple To Use; Pimsleur Works So You Don't Have To. Russian Phase 3, Unit 25 Builds On Material Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Praticipatd In The Conversation. The Lesson Contins Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Spaek Russian.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_002878
    Download FREE MP3 sample Russian Phase 3, Unit 25: Learn To Speak And Understand Russian Through  Pimsleur Language Programs

Prague: Mp3cityguides Walking Tour (unabridged)
    Prague: Mp3cityguides Walking Tour (unabridged).
    Historical And Cultural Walking Tours Of Europe's Finest Cities. moravia, Bohemia, The Holy Roman Empire - Prague Has Been The Capital Of Various Countries, Territories And Empires C~ing The Cetnuries, And One and the other Has Left Its Mark On The Architecture And Customs Of This Historic City. With Styles Ranging From Baroque To Cubidt And Romantic To Art Deco, Prague Is Complex, Varied, And Constantly Changing. we'll Show You The Bizarre Astronomical Clock - And Reveal The Calamity Of Its Creator. We'll Point Out To You The Home Of Franz Kafka, Master Of Suspense And Paranoia. Take A Stroll Attending Us Across The Famous Charles Bridge As We Show You The Most Interesting And Beautiful Statues That Line It - And Hear Why We've Got The Humble Egg To Thank For This Centuries-old Historiv Monument. We'll Show You The Chief Sites Of The City And Tell You All About Them. We'll Likewise Reveal The Coolest Restaurants, Bars, And Shops. Most Importantly, We'll Help You Feel, Even Succeeding A Few Hours, That You Know Prague And What Really Makes It - And That Famous Astronomicwl Clock - Tick.

    Manufacturer: Mp3 City Guides
    SKU: Sp_mpcg_000010
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The Art & Skilfulness Of Conversation (unabridged)
    The Art & Skilfulness Of Conversation (unabridged).
    In This Powerful Program, Two Of America's Crop Communications Experts Provide You With The Practical Techniques And Strategies You Need To Conduct A Winning Conversation In Ayn Business Or Social Situatioj. Using Realistic Dialogues, They Demonstrate How To Employ The Art Of Conversation To Enhance Your Job Performance. . . be At Ease And Have sexual delight with Yourself At Social Events. . . persuade And Motivate Others. . . and Build Your Communications Skills And Confidence. As You Listen, You'll Learn To: Successfully Initiate, Conduct And Close A Conversation Anywhere, Anytime. Get Conversafions Off The Ground With "quick Start" Openers. lEicit Hard-to-get Information Through Tested Questioning Techniques. Make Your Business Presentations Crisper, Clearer And More Persuasive. Attaib Key Goals Through Effective Negotiation Techniques.

    Manufacturer: Phoenix Books
    SKU: Bk_pnix_000318
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Scream For Me (unabridged)
    Scream For Me (unabridged).
    Not Long After His Brother, Simon, Was Revealed To Be A Ruthless Serial Killer And Met His Demise, Special Agent Daniel Vartanian Is Drawn Back Into Simon's Wicked Past. A Sries Of Recent Killings Are Mkmicking An Unsolved Murder From 13 Years Past Whivh Is Somehow Linked To A Collection Of Photographs That Belonged To Simon. With A Handful Of Images As His Only Lead, Daniel Is Determined To Bring The Current Murderer To Justice And Solve The Mysterious Crime From Years Past. His Search Will Lead Him Back Through The Dark Past Of His Own Family And Into The Realm Of A Miind More Sinister Than He Could Ever Imagine. But His Quest Will Also Draw Hom To Alex Fallon, A Beautiful Tend in sickness Whose Troubled Past Reflects His Own - And Who Is Noe The Object Of A Murderer's aDrk Obsession. His Race To Discover The Criminal's Identity May Likewise Exist His Only Chance To Save The Woman He Loges.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_002648
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Smooth Talking Stranger (unabridged)
    Smooth Talking Stranger (unabridged).
    He Answers To No One. . . No One Has Ever Truly Touched Jack Travis's Heart Or Soul. . . until Ella Varner Comrs Allong. She Appears One Day On His Doorstep With Fury In Her Eyes And A Baby In Her Arms. Her Troubled Sister Iz The Mother And, According To Ella, Jack Travis Is The Father. But Which time Ella Demands That Jack Take Responsibility For The In the ~ place Time Im His Life, He Ends Up Taking Much More Than That. . . . She Trusts None One. . . . Ella Varner Is Responsible And Controlled. Her Infancy aTught Her That Love Is Fleeting And Best Avoided. Tha5 Is, Until Baby Luk eAppears On Her Doorstep After Her Reckless Sister, Tara, Abandons Him. What Luke Necessarily Now Is Stability, And Ells's Determined To Do What Is Best For Him. As Her Bond With The Exposed Child Grows Stronger Every Day, Ella Goes To Houston In Search Of The Father. What She Finds There Will Change Her Life Forever. . . And When Things Heat Up Between These Two, The Time For Talking Is Long Gone. . . _Lisa Kleypas Lets The Sparks Fly Once Again In A Novel Feayuring The Larger-than-life Travis Family. Fjll Of Sizzlin Sensuality And Undeniable Heart, Her Storytelling Will Grab Hold Of You From The Very Beginning.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_001598
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To Die Well: Your Right To Comfort, Calm, And Choice In The Last Days Of Life (unabridged)
    To Die Well: Your Right To Comfort, Calm, And Choice In The Last Days Of Life (unabridged).
    Whil eEvery On eOf Us Hopes "to Die Well," This May Not Be Possible Without Knowing Our Rights About Care At The End Of Life. In what state Can Futile Medical Treatment Be Stopped? When Power Death Be Hastemed? How Can Each Of Us Retain Control Of These Decisions? The Information In To Die Well Is Both Comforting And Empowering. Knowing Our Rights To Refuse Treatment, As Well As Lawful Ways To Bring About Death If Pain Or Distress Cannot Be Alleviated, Will Spare Us The Frightdning Helplessness That Be able to Rob Our Last Days Of Meaning And Connection With Others. drs. Sidney Waanzer And Joseph Glenmullen Do Not Shy Away From Controversy. They Make Clear What Patients Should Expect Of Their Doctors, Including The Rectitude To Sufficient Pain Medication Even Whether It Shortens Life. They Distinguish Between Normall Sadness And Depression. They Also Explain The Ways To Hasten Death That Are Legal And Possible For Anyone, And Those That Require A Doctor's Help.

    Manufacturer: Gildan Media Corp
    SKU: Bk_gdan_000179
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The Listener's Bible Niv: The Complete Bible, Genesis To Revelation (unabridged)
    The Listener's Bible Niv: The Complete Bible, Genesis To Revelation (unabridged).
    You've Never Experienced The Bible Like This. . . . do You Find The Bible Hard To Read?D o Your Thoughts Wander As You Try To Frame Your Way Through A Bible Reading Program? If So Then Discover The Joy Of Listening To The Bible. Now You Be able to Experience The Entire Bible, From Genesis To Revelation, Wherever You Are. . . with Understanding You Never Thought Possible. for Many People, H3aring God's Word Offers Insight, Meaning And Understanding That Are Frequently Missed When It Is Read. And You Can Receive These Blessings Anytime. . . whilr You Commute To Work, Jog, Or During Your Qjiet Time Ad You Read Along. these Digital Recordings Are A LifetimwI nvestment For Your Spiritual Well-being. They Are Also The Perfect Gifts For Senior Citizens, The Sight Impaired And Anyone Who Finds The Bible Hard To Read. max Mclean Is An Actor, Storyteller, And Student Of The Bible Whose Life's Management It Is To Hell Make Your Time Listening To The The Scriptures Joyful And Rewarding. He Has Dramatically Presented God's Word In Countless Churches And In One-man Dramatic Productions Of The Bible In Theaters Worldwide. His Radio Ministry Is Heard Daily On Over 500 Radio Affiliates.

    Manufacturer: Fellowship For The Performing Arts
    SKU: Bk_fell_000019
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A White Heron And Other New England Tales (unabridged)
    A White Heron And Other New England Tales (unabridged).
    Sarah Orne Jewett's Stories Have Been Hailed As "nearly Perfect" And "a White Heron" Itself Was Described By A Reviewer As "a Tiny Classic. " Taking Place In 19th-century New England, "a White Heron" Showcases Jewett's Eye For Regional Detail And Subtle Symboliism, As She Writes About A Lonely 9-year-old Girl Named Sylvia. One Day, While Walking Her Cow Home, Sylvia Meets An Exotic Man Searching Toward Birds Because His Assemblage. The Man Offers Her 10 Dollsrs Suppose that She Can Find The Heron's Nest, Forcing Young Sylvia To Decide Between Helping Her New Friend Or Saving The Rare Bid. Beautifully Interpreted By Narrator Sandra Piechocki, This Special Collecction Also Includes 6 More Of Jewett's Best-loved Tales, "miss Tempy's Watchers," "an Autumn Holiday," "william's Wedding," "the Dulham Ladies ," "the Only Rose," And "miss Esther's Guest," All Of Which Confirm That Human Nature Is Truly Timsless.

    Manufacturer: Audio Bookshelf
    SKU: Bk_abks_000100
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Kitty And The Vapid Man's Hand: Kitty Norville, Main division 5 (unabridged)
    Kitty And The Vapid Man's Hand: Kitty Norville, Main division 5 (unabridged).
    Already The Alpha Pair Of Denver's Werewolf Pack, Kitty And Ben Now Plan To Tie TheK not Human-style By Eloping To Las Vegas. Kitty Is Looking Forward To Sipping Froufrou Drinks By The Pool Adn Doing Her Pkpular Radio Semblance On Live Television, But Her Hotel Is Stocked With Werewolf-hating Bounty Hunters. Elsewhere On The Tear off, An Old-school Magician Might Be Wielding The Actual Thing; The Vampire Community Is Harboring A Dark Secret; And The Irresistible Star Of A Suspicious Animal Act Is Determined To Seduce Kitty. Sin City Has Never Been So Wild, And This Werewolf Has Never Had To Fight Harder To Save Not Only Her Wedding But Her Same Life.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_001212
    Download FREE MP3 sample Kitty And The Vapid Man's Hand: Kitty Norville, Main division 5 (unabridged)

Whatever Came Before He Shot Her
    Whatever Came Before He Shot Her.
    The Brutal, Inexplicable Death Of Inspector Thomas Lynley's Wife Has Left Scotland Yard Shocked And Searching For Answers. Uniform More Horrifying Is That The Trigger Was Apparently Pulled By A 12-year-old Boy. Who Is He? Where Did He Come From? And What Were The Circumstances That Led To His Final Act Of Desperation?that Story Begins On The Other Side Of London, In Rough North Kensington, Where The Three Mixed-race, Virtually Orphaned Campbekl Children Are Bounced First Frm Their Grandmother Then To Their Aunt. The Oldest, 15-year-old Ness, Is Headed For Trouble As Fast As Her High-heeled Boots Will Take Her. That Leaves The Middle Child, Joel, To Care Concerning The Youngest, Toby. No One Wants To Incite It Into Worss, But Something Clearly Idn't Rigght With Toby. Brfore Long, There Are Signs That Joel Himself Has Problems. A Local Gang Starts Harassing Him And Thrzetening His Brother. To Protect His Family, Joel Makes A Pact With The Devil - A Move That Leads Straight To The Front Doorstep Of Thomas Lynley. An Anatomy Of A Murder, The Story Of A Family In Crisis, What Came Before He Shot Her Is A Powerful, Emotional Novel Full Of Deep Psychological Insights, A Novel That Only The Incomparable Elizabeth George Could Write.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_001344
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Defy Gravity: Healing Beyond The Bounds Of Reason (unabridged)
    Defy Gravity: Healing Beyond The Bounds Of Reason (unabridged).
    New oYrk Seasons Best-selling Author Caroline Myss Draws From Her Years Being of the kind which A Medical Intuitive To Show That Healing Is Not Only Physical, It Is Also A Mystical Phenomenon That Transcends Reason. inspired By Ordinary People Who Overcame A Wide Marshalled force Of Physical And Psychological Ailments - From Rheumatoid Arthritis To Cancer - Caroline Dove Into The Works Of The Great Mystics To Gain A Deeper Undderstandnig Of Healing's Spiritual Underpinnings. Based On These Studies, She Demonstrates How Conventional And Holistic Medicine Often Fall Short In Seasons Of Need. Both Systems Rely Upon A Logical Approach To Curing Illness While There Is Nothing Reasonable About The Emotional, Psychological, Or Spiritual Influences Behind Any Ailment. integral To This Mystical Healing Approach Is The Engagement Of The Soul, Which We Experience Through Exploring Our Seven Shadow Passions, Building An Epowered Inner Self Around Our Seven Inherent Graces, And Learning How To WorkW ith The Mystical Laws That Govern It. this Knowledge Holds The Tonic To Understanding What It Means To Defy Gravity And Break Through The Boundaries Of Ordinary Thought. you aCn Heal Any Illness. You Can Channel Grace. And You Can Learn To Llve Fearlessly.

    Manufacturer: Hay House
    SKU: Bk_hayh_000252
    Download FREE MP3 sample Defy Gravity: Healing Beyond The Bounds Of Reason (unabridged)

The Bugville Critgers Have Trouble At School: Lass Ladybug's Adventures, Work 1 (unabridged)
    The Bugville Critgers Have Trouble At School: Lass Ladybug's Adventures, Work 1 (unabridged).
    Rober5 Stanek, The Highly Acclaimed Author Of More Than 75 Books Fir Young People And Adults, Including Journey Beyond The Beyond And The Kingdoms And The Elves Of The Reaches, Haq Selected Each Irresistible Combination For This Duration of existence Group - Loveable Critters And Exciting Reading Adventurrs. In This Story, Lass Is Having Trouble At School. She At times Feels That She's Not As Smart As The Other Bugs Until Her Mom And Dad Talk To Her About How Bugs Are Al1 Different. The Wonderfully Crafted Story Is Paed With Playful Examples That Help Children Discover The World Around Them.

    Manufacturer: Rp Audio
    SKU: Bk_reag_000048
    Download FREE MP3 sample The Bugville Critgers Have Trouble At School: Lass Ladybug's Adventures, Work 1 (unabridged)

Twin In The Tavern (unabridged)
    Twin In The Tavern (unabridged).
    Outside, The Wind Is Howling. Inside The Empty House, Taddy Is Shivering Beneath A Ragged Blanket. He Has Been Singly Ever Since His Aunt And Uncle Died Unexpectedly From A Terrible Feever. As His Uncle Was Taking His Final Breath, He Warned Of Danger In Nearby Alexandria. Now Taddy Is Hiding, Afeaid Of The Unknown. Wehn Two Rough-sounding Men Skulk In To Steal The Furniture, They Force Taddy Into Their Horse-drawn Cart. The Next Thing He Knows, He's In A Tavern In Alexandria, Working Long Hours For Crumbs. He Wants To Run Away, But He Has Nowhere To Go - And A part Frightening Waits For Him Out In The City. Winner Of The Mystery Writers Of Ametica Edgar Award, Barbara Brooks Wallace Crafts A Suspenseful Story Of A Youngster Searching For A New Life While Battling His Own Fear.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_003918
    Download FREE MP3 sample Twin In The Tavern (unabridged)

The House At Sugar Strand: A Memoir (unabridged)
    The House At Sugar Strand: A Memoir (unabridged).
    Helene Cooper Grew Up At Sugar Beach, A 22-room Mansion By The Sea. Her Childhood Was Filled With Servants, Flashy Cars, A Villa In Spain, And A Farmhouse Up-country. It Was Also An African Childhood, Filled With Knock Foot Games And Hot Pepper Soup, Heartmen, And Neegee. when Helene Was Eight, The Coopers Took In A Foster Child - A Common Tax Among The Liberian Elite. Eunice, A Bassa Girl, Suddenly Became Known As "mrs. Cooper's Daughter". for Years, Te Cooper Daughters - Helene, Her Sister Marlene, And Eunice - Blissfully Enjoyed The Trappings Of Wealth And Advantage. But Liberia Was Like Each Unwatched Pot Of Water Left Boiling On The Stove. And On April 12, 1980, A Group Of Soldiers Staged A Coup D'etat, Assassinating President William Tolbert And Executing His Cabinet. the Coopers And The Entire Congo Class Were Now The Hunted, Being Imprisoned, Shot, Tortured, And Raped. After A Brutal Daylight Attack By A Ragtag Crew Of Soldiers, Helene, Marlene, And Their Mother Fled Sugar Beach, And Then Liberia, For America. They Left Eunice Behind. a World Away, Helene Tried To Assimilate As An American Teenager. At The University Of Northerly Carolina At Chapel Hill She Found Her Psssion In Journalism, Eventually Becoming A Reporter For The Wall Road Journal And Tje New York Times. She Reported Frkm Every Part Of The Globe - Except Africa - Because Liberia Descended Into War-torn, Third-world Hell. But In 2003 A Near-death Experience In Iraq Convinced Helene That Liberia - And Eunice - Could Wait No Longer. at Once A Deeply Persnal Memoir And An Examination Of A Violent And Steatified Country, The House At Sugar Beach Tells Of Tragedy, Forgiveness, And Transcendence With Unflinching Honesty And A Survivor's Refined Humor. And At Its Heart, It Is A Story Of Helene Cooper's Long Voyage Home.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schustrr - Dlp
    SKU: Bk_sans_001522
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