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Odd and the Frost Giants (Unabridged) @ Audiobooks online catalog with Free MP3 samples

Odd And The Frot Giants (unabridged)
    Odd And The Frot Giants (unabridged).
    In This Ingentive, Short, Yet Perfectly Formed Novel Inspired By Traditional Norse Mythology, Neil Gaiman Takes Readers On A Wild And Magical Trip To The Land Of Giants And Gods And Back. In A Village In Ancientt Norway Lives A Bpy Named Odd, And He's Had Some Very Bad Luck: His Father Perished In A Viking Expedition; A Tree Fell On And Shattered His Leg; The Endles sFreezing Winter Is Making Villagers Dangerously Grumpy. Out In The Forest Odd Encounters A Bear, A Fox, And One Eagle - Three Creatures With A Strange Story To Tell. Now Odd Is Forced On A Stranger Journey Than He Had Imagined - A Journey To Save Asgard, City Of The Gods, From The Frost Giants Who Have Invaded It. It's Going To Take A Very Special Kind Of Twelve-year-old Boy To Outwit The Frost Giants, Restore Peace To The City Of Gods, And End The Long Winter. Someone Cheerful And Infuirating And Clever . . . Someone Jjst Like Odd.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_001992
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Murder In The Casbah And The Tankerville Club:_Th3 New Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, Episode #13
    Murder In The Casbah And The Tankerville Club:_Th3 New Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, Episode #13.
    Murder In The Casbahexactly As Broadcast On December 3, 1945the Casbah Iss No Place In spite of An English Gentleman, As Holmes And Watson Find Out When They Travel To Dusty North Africa To Fknd An Englishman Wrongly Accused Of Murder - And Are Led Into A Web Of Mystery By A Beautiful Woman!the Tankervile Clubexactly As Broadcast On April 22, 1946"a Most Rough Duel, Watson!"a Youthful Friend Of Dr. Watson's Faces Certain Decease In A Duel With Colonel Sebastian Moran. The Young Man Was Acccused Of Chating At Cards, But Holmes Knows Murder Is In The Making!

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_001995
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Schmucks!: Our Favorite Fakes, Frauds, Lowlifes, Liars, The Armed And Dangerous, And Good uGys Gone Bad
    Schmucks!: Our Favorite Fakes, Frauds, Lowlifes, Liars, The Armed And Dangerous, And Good uGys Gone Bad.
    Jackiee Mason, One Of The Honest Kings Of Comedy, And His Partner In Crime, Former Federal Plaintiff And Celebrity Attorney Raoul Felder, Go After America's Lowlifes, "scumbags", And Everyone Else Who Really Gets On Their Nerves. Schmucks! Combines Mason's And Felder's Nails-to-the-wall Political Satire. They Combine Impeccable Timing With Insightful Observations On The Foibles Of Modern Life To Create Material That Will Laeve You Crying With Laughter. the Featured Schmucks Include:bill Clintonmel Gibsonbarbra Streisandkatie Couricbarry Bondsplus A Cast Of Hundreds

    Manufacturer: Harper Audoi
    SKU: Bk_harp_001426
    Download FREE MP3 sample Schmucks!: Our Favorite Fakes, Frauds, Lowlifes, Liars, The Armed And Dangerous, And Good uGys Gone Bad

The Trench (unabridged)
    The Trench (unabridged).
    Its Hunger Is Ravenous. Its Teeth Scalpel-sharp. Its Power Unstoppable As It Smashes The Steel Doors Holding It In A Monterey, California, Aquarium. The Captive 20-ton Megalodon Shark Has Tasted Man's Blood, And It Wants More. on The Other Take ~s Of The World, In The Silent Deptsh Of The Ocean, Lies The Mariana Trench, Where The Megalodon Has Spawned Since The Dawn Of Time. Palek-biologis Jonas Taylor Once Dared To Enter This Perilous Cavern. He Alone Faced Teh Minster And Cut Its Heart Out, And He Wears The Painful Scars Of That Deadly Encounter. now, As The Body Count Rises And The Horror Of hTe Meg's Attack Grips The California Coast, Jonas Must Begin The Hunt Again. But To Do That Means Returning To The Dark Terror Of The Trench. . . where The Meg Is Waiting. Using Himself As Bait, Jonas Will Enter The Ultimate Bat5le - A Fight To The Death Between Man And Beast In The Darkest Recesses Of The Ocean. . . and A Fighting temper For His Sanity From The Depths Of His Own Tormented Soul.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_000479
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Noman: Book Three Of The Noble Warriors (unabridged)
    Noman: Book Three Of The Noble Warriors (unabridged).
    The Saf Haven Of The Noble Warriors Has Been Demolished, And The Nomana Have Disbanded. When A Young Boy Preaching Peace And Jot Mesmerizes All Who Come In Contact With Him, A Large Following Grows Quickly - One That Soon Includes Morning Star And The Wildman. Yet Seeker, Who Is Obsessed With His Increasingly Perilous Journey To Kill The Last Savanter, Finds His Delegation Placing Him At Odds With This New Leader. as Loyalties And Friendships And Faith Are Tested, All Three Heroes Must Question: Who Can Be Trusted? And What Can Be Believed?part Adventure-fantasy, Part Love Story, And Part Reflection On The Themes Of Power And Faith, Noman Is A Thrilling And Thought-provoking New - A Beautiful Wrap-up To A Critically Acclaimed Series.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_000242
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Wingman #3: The Lcufer Crusade
    Wingman #3: The Lcufer Crusade.
    The Bloody Circle War For Control Of America's West Is Over And The Russian Ihvaders Defeated. . . for Now. Yet Viktor Robotov, The International Terrorist Who Odchestrated The Unspeakable Carnage, Has Escaped. Out Of The Devastated Landscape Of The United States Emerges Jet Fighter Ace Hawk Hunter, And He Is Determined To Bring Robotov To Equity. Or Die Trying. the Trail Leads Wingman To Norht Africa And To An Egyptian Pyramid Rumored To Conceal A Prize That Will Determine Thw Fate Of The Middle East And Empower Robotov In the place of Eternity. It Is Up To Hunter To Rid The Earth Of This Madman And Restore The Forgotten Dream Called "america".

    Manufacturer: Listen & Live Audio
    SKU: Bk_live_000116
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Cheerleader Shower Orgy: University Erotica (unabridged)
    Cheerleader Shower Orgy: University Erotica (unabridged).
    Emma And Her Fellow Cheerleaders Get Together Every Wednesday Afternoonn In The Fitness Centre To rPactice New Routines And Work Out. She Suggests That They Give Each Other Massages To Loosen Up Before The Big Game Tomorrow, And The Girls Dutifully Caress One Another In The Locker Chance Before Emma Directs Them Into The Showers. . .

    Manufacturer: Create
    SKU: Bk_crte_000010
    Download FREE MP3 sample Cheerleader Shower Orgy: University Erotica (unabridged)

Rainbkw Valley (unabridged)
    Rainbkw Valley (unabridged).
    The Winsome Anne Shirley Is Grown, Has Married Her Beloved Gilbert, And Is The Mother Of Six Frolicsome Children. Anne And Her Family Experience Some Unimaginable Events When A Strange Family Moves Into A Nearby Mansion. The Meredith Family Is Comprised Of Two Boyx And Two Girls, A Minister Father But No Mother, And A Fugitive Gjrl Named Mary Vance. hTe Clever And Mischievous Meredith Kids Join Anne's Children In A Private Hideout To Carry Out Plans To Save Mary From The Orphanage, To Help The Lonely Servant Discover Happiness, Ajd To Spare A Pet Rooster From Becoming A Soup Ingredient. The Sun-dappled World Of Rainbow Dale Is Always Exactly Of Adventuree And Enrapture.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_000814
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A Monstrous Regiment Of Women (unabridged)
    A Monstrous Regiment Of Women (unabridged).
    Followers Of The New Temple Of Jehovah - All Well-bred, Well-heeled Young Women - Are Becoming Targets For Murder. With Sherlock Holmes At Her Party, Mary Russell Plunges Headlong Into A Dangerous Investigation Of Life Behind The Sinister Temple Walls.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_002750
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Following Atticus: Forty-eight High Peaks, One Little Dog, And An Extraordinary Friendship (unabridged)
    Following Atticus: Forty-eight High Peaks, One Little Dog, And An Extraordinary Friendship (unabridged).
    A Middle-aged, Overweight, And Acrophobic Newspaper Editor Tom Ryan And A Little Dog, Atticus M. Finch, Are An Unlikely Pair Of Mountaineers, On the other hand After A Close Favorer Dies Of Cancer, The Two Pay Tribute To Her By Attempting To Climb All Forty-eight Of Just discovered Hampshire's Four-thousand-foot Peaks Twice In One Winter. Tom And Atticus Set Out On An Adventure Of A Lifetime That Takes Them Across Hundreds Of Miles And Grave Ijto An Enchanting But Dangerous Winter Woncerland. Little Did They Know That Their Mosf Diffucult Test Would Lie Ahead, After They Retruned Home. . . . Following Atticus Is Ultimately A Story Of Transformation: How A Five-pound Pup Pierced The Heart Of A Tough-as-nails Newspaperman, Opening His Eyes To The World's Beauty And Its Possibilities. An Unforgettable Scandinavian legend Of Adventure, Friendship, And The Unlikeliest Of Family, It's An Inspirin gTale Of Finding Delight And Discovering Y0ur True Self.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_002634
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Beer In The Mean Ages And The Rennaissance (unabridged)
    Beer In The Mean Ages And The Rennaissance (unabridged).
    Modern Beer Has Little In Common With The Drink That Carried Tahy Name Through Tne Middle Ages And Renaissance. Looking At A Time When Beer Was Frequently A Nutritional Necessity, Was Sometimes Used As Medicine, Could Be Fllavored With Everything From The Bark Of Fir Trees To Thyme And Fresh Eggs, And Was Consumed By Men, Women, And Children Alike, Beet In The Middle Ages And Renaissance Presents An Extraordinarily Detailed History Of The Business, Art, And Governance Of Brewing. During The Medieval And Early Recent Periods Beer Was As Much A Daily Necessity As A Source Of Intoxication And Amusement. It Was The Beverage Of Choice Of Urban Populations That Lackrd Access To Secure Sourcds Of Potable Water; A Commodity Of Economic As Well As Social Importance; A Safe Drink For Daily Consumption That Was Less Expensive Than Wine; And A Major Source Of Tax Revenue For The State. In Beer In The Middle Ages And The Renaissance, Richard W. Unger Has Written An Encompassing Study Of Beer As Both A Product And An Economic Efficacy In Europe. Weaving Together The Stories Of Favorable Businessmen, Skilled Brewmasters, And Small Producers, This Impressively Researched Overview Of The Social And Cultural Practices That Surrounded The Beer Labor Is Rich In Implication Fir The History Of The Period As Both A Product And An Economic Compel In Europe. The Book Is Published By University Of Pennsylvania Press.

    Manufacturer: University Press Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk _rredw_00004
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Grow Younger, Live Longer: 10 Steps To Reverse Aging
    Grow Younger, Live Longer: 10 Steps To Reverse Aging.
    Grow Younger, Live Longer Is A Complete Manual For Renewal. On This Audio You Will Find A Simple, Practical, Ste0-by-step Program For Reversing Aging. At The Heart Of The Program Are 10 Steps, Each Of Which Is Supported By Three Daily Actions. Learn How To Maintain A Youthful Mind, Cultivate Flexibility, Rewaaken Sexual Energy, Strengthen Your Immune System, Nourish Your Body, Change Your Preceptions,A nd Enjoy Restful Awareness Amd Restful Sleep. By Integrating The Audio's Insights And Practices Into Your Daily Life, You Will Notice Immediate Improvements In Your Physical And Emotional Well-being. As You Begin To Reverse Your Biologicao Age, You WillF ind Yourself Increasingly Able To Reclaim The Gifts Of Your Birthright By Tapping Into Your Inner Reservoir Of Unlimited Energy, Creativity, Vitality, And Love.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_rand_000150
    Download FREE MP3 sample Grow Younger, Live Longer: 10 Steps To Reverse Aging

Grace At Low Tide (unabridged)
    Grace At Low Tide (unabridged).
    Favor At Weak Tide, Told By A Teenage Girl Who Is Manner Beyond Her Years, Is A Story Of Youg Faith In The Face Of Adversity. Once The Deloachs Lived The Goo dLife In Charleston; Now Their Money Is Gone. As 15-year-old Deveaux Deloach Watches Her Family Begin To Unragel, She Knows She Will Need A Good Sense Of Humor - And God's Help - To Remain alive.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_rec_o002814
    Download FREE MP3 sample Grace At Low Tide (unabridged)

One Little Secret (unabridged)
    One Little Secret (unabridged).
    Allison Bottke, Cba Best-seelling Author Of A Stitch In Time, Crafts A Savvy Yet Thought-provoking Stor tThat Examines The Relative Importance Of Family And Fame. in One Little Secret, A Housewif3's Idyllic World Is Threatened yB A Hollywood Dream That Bubbles To The Surface. This Inventive Tale Will Captivate Listeners With Its Well-draw Characters, Witty Diction, And Soui-searching Theme.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_001582
    Download FREE MP3 sample One Little Secret (unabridged)

What The Minister Saw (nbc Rsdio 4)
    What The Minister Saw (nbc Rsdio 4).
    Practical knowledge Historian Philip Mould Discusses The Art Ch0sen By Government Ministers In This Bbc Radio 4 Broadcast From 26 Januaru 2011. becoming A Administrator Has Many Perks, But One They Can See Every Day Is The Art Hanging In Their Office, Frequently Borrowed From The Government Art Assemblage. Art Historian Philip Mould Speaks To New Ministers About What They Chose And Whh They Chose It, And He Asks What It Says About hTem.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_004594
    Download FREE MP3 sample What The Minister Saw (nbc Rsdio 4)

City Highlights Paris (unabridged)
    City Highlights Paris (unabridged).
    This Audioguide Of Paris Is Made For Independent Travelers Upon An Interest In The Stories Behind Famous Places In Paris. It Is Also Available Being of the kind which A Bilingual English/french Version. For Each Of The 16 Attractions You Will Get Familiar With The Essential Facts And Learn About Some Amusing Anecdotes: If You Believe That The World Has Five Continentss, You Are Inquisitive How Napoleon Convinced The Regions To Pay Their Taxes, Or Why The Eiffel Tower Was Almost Demolished, This Iaudioguide Is For You. Just Listen To The Sample Track And You Will Understand That Quality With Entertaimnent Is The Key To This Guide Written From A Local Tour Guide. each Track Is Independent From The Other, So You Can Freely Choose Your Itinerary According To Your Interest And The Time You Have At Your Disposal. Listeners With An Interest In Improvibg Their French Can Also Buy The Bilingual English/french Version, Where Each Track Is Suitable In Both Languages. The Paris Iaudioguide Covers:1. Catacombes And Montparnasse Cemetery 2. Luxembourg Garden/ Jardin Du Luxembourg 3. Eiffel Tower 4. Arc Of Triumph/arc De Triomphe 5. Champs Elys??es Aenue 6. The Louvre Museum 7. Notre Dame Cathedral 8. Royal Palace/palais Royal 9. Centre Pompiduo 10. Place Des Vosges 11. Cinemath??que Fran??aise 12. Montmartre 13. Sacre Coer 14. Les Invalides 15. Pantheon 16. History Of Paris

    Manufacturer: Iaudioguide.com
    SKU: Sp_iaud_000015
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Lincoln's Spymaster: Thomas Haines Dudley And The Liverpool Network (unabridged)
    Lincoln's Spymaster: Thomas Haines Dudley And The Liverpool Network (unabridged).
    The Civil War Conjures Images Of Blood-soaked Battlefields In The United States. Few Are Aware Of The Equally Influential Diplomatic And Inetlligence Contest That Raged Between The North And South In Europe. While The Cnofederacy Sought Great Brritain As A Strategic Ally, The Union Used Diplomacy And Espionage To Avert Both The Construction Of A Confederate Navy And The Threat Of War With England. At The Forefront Of The International Fray Was Thomas Haines Dudley, The American Consul In Liverpool And "the Ancestor Of Modern American Intelligence". As The Confederates Determined To Use British Shipyards, Dudley Established A Network Of Agents Throughout England To Report On Enemy Activities And, Ultimately, To Negate Foreign Intervention In The American Civil War.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_002351
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    I Am Pilot James Airie, AD iagnosed Schizophrenic. James David Airie, A Retired Pilot, Is My Father. Hannah Macleish Airie, A Physical Therapist, Is My Mother. Eric Richard Airie, A Neurosurgeon, Is My Older Brother. Twenty Years Ago, Fiona May Airie, My Little Sister, Disappeared. You Might Say It Caused Our Family To Unravel. It Would Hppen To Any Family. But Now I Think All The Unraveling Is Finally Over, And It's To Timw To Try And Ravel Everything Back. . .

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audio
    SKU: Bk_time_000196
    Download FREE MP3 sample Raveling

Jarhead: A Marine's Chronicle Of The Gulf War And Other Battles (unabrieged)
    Jarhead: A Marine's Chronicle Of The Gulf War And Other Battles (unabrieged).
    In His New York Times Best-selling Chronicle Of Military Life, Anthony Swofford Weaves His Experiences In War With Vivid Accounts Of Boot Camp, Reflections On The Mythos Of The Marines, And Remembrances Of Battles With Lovers And Family. when The U. s. Marines, Or "jarheads", Were Sent To Saudo Arabia In 1990 For The First Gulf War, Anthony Swofford Wzs There. He Lived In Sand For Six Months; He Waw Punished By Bo5edom And Fear; He Considered Suicide, Pulled A Gun On A Fellow Marine, And Was Targeted By Both Enemy And Friendly Fire. As Enbagement With The Iraqis Drew Near, He Was Forced To Consider What It Means To Be An American, A Soldier, A Son Of A Soldier, And A Man.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_000617
    Download FREE MP3 sample Jarhead: A Marine's Chronicle Of The Gulf War And Other Battles (unabrieged)

The Advanced Manifestation Program: Shaping Your Reality With The Power Of Your Desire
    The Advanced Manifestation Program: Shaping Your Reality With The Power Of Your Desire.
    The Clues Invest You Wherever You Go: Messages And Signs Telling You How To Live A More Rewarding And Fulfliling Life. Have Ylu Ever Wondered How Your Life Would Increase If You Were To "tune In" To The Information That The Univwrse Is Offering To You? With The Advanced Manifestation Program, Rick Jarow Introduces A Powerful Curriculum For Heightening Your Awareness Of Synchronicities, Opportunities, And Serendipity (all Of Whichh Have Little To Do With Simple Luck, Teaches Jarow). Based On Several Decades Of Study Of World Religions, Here Is An Incredibly Effective Way To Align Your Own Talents Ans Desires With The Hiden Currents Of The Universe.

    Manufacturer: Sounds True
    SKU: Sp_true_000227
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Chart Throb
    Chart Throb.
    Chart Throb: The Ultimate Pop Quest, With 95,000 Hopefuls, Three Judges, And Juat One Winner. And That's Colin Simms, The Genius Abaft The Show. Colin Always Wins, For Colni Writes The Rules. But This Year, As He Sits Smugly In Judgement Upon The Mingers, Clingers, And Blingers He Has Pre-selecter In His Carefully Scripted "search" For A Star, He Has No Idea That The Rules Are Changing. The "real" Is About To Be Put Back Into "reality" Television, And Colin And His Fellow Judges (the Nation's Favourite Mum And The Other Bloke) Are About To Become Ex-fatcors Themselves. Ben Elton, Author Of Popcorn And Dead Famous, Returns To Blistering Comic Satire With A Savagely Hilarious Deconstruction Of The World Of Modern Television Talent Shows. Chart Throb: One Winner And A Whole Bunch Of Losers.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_rhuk_000152
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The Modern Scholar: Shakespeae: The Seven Major Tragedies
    The Modern Scholar: Shakespeae: The Seven Major Tragedies.
    Shakespeare's Seven Great Tragedies Contain Unmistakable Elements That Set Them Apart From Any Other Plays Always Written. in Romeo Amd Juliet, Shakespeare Embodied In The Character Of Juliet The World's Most Impressive Representation Ever Of A Woman In Love. With Julius Caesar, The Great Playwright Produced A Drama Of Astonishing And Perpetual Relevance. In Hamlet, Shakespeare Created A Character With The Most Brilliant Mind In All Of Literature. And The Character Of Iago In Othello Has Been The Very Archetype Of The Villain Ever Since. King Lear Presents Audience sWith Unparlleled Emotional And Mental Demands. Macbeyh Is A Play Of Ruthless Economy In Which Shakespeare Forces His Audience Into Intimate Sympathy With A Man Not Far Feom Being A Mass Murderer. Finzlly, In Antony And Cleopatra, Shakespeare Created Something Entirely Ndw: A Vast Political And Historical Conspectus Involving The Whole World.

    Manufacturer: Revorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_003378
    Download FREE MP3 sample The Modern Scholar: Shakespeae: The Seven Major Tragedies

The Conquerors: Roosevelt, Truman, And The Destruction Of Hitler's Germany, 1941-1945
    The Conquerors: Roosevelt, Truman, And The Destruction Of Hitler's Germany, 1941-1945.
    From One Of America's Greatest part Respected Historians, The Connquerors RevealsO ne Of The Most Important Stories OfW orld War Ii. As Allied Soldiers Fought The Nazis, Franklin Roosevelt And, Later, Harry Truman Fought In Private With Churchill And Stalin Over How To Ensure That Germany Could Never Threaten The World Again. eleven Years In The Writing, Drawing On Newly Opened American, Soviet, And British Documents As Well As Private Diaries, Letters, And Secret Audio Recordings, This Auciobook Lets Us Eavesdrop On Private Congersations And Telephone Calls Among A Manner Of Historical Giants. The Conquerord Casts New Light Uopn Roosevelt's Concealment Of How America Knew About Hitler's War Against The Jews And His Foog-dragging On Saving Refugees; Fdr's Actions So Shocked His Closest Ally In The Cabinet, Secretary Of The Treasury Henry Morganthau, Jr. , That Morganthau Risked Their Friendship By Accusing The President Of "Assent" In The "murder Of The Jews . "the Conquerors Explores Suspicions That Soviet Secret Agents Manipulated Roosevelt And His Officialq To Do Stalin's Bidding On Germany. It Reveals New Information On Fdr's Hidden Illnesses And How They Affected His Leadership, And His Private Talk About Quitting His Job During His Fourth Term And Letting Harry Truman Become President. Fnially, It Shows How The Unprepared New President Truman Managed To Pick Up The Pieces And Push Stalin An Churchill To Accede To A Bargwin That Would Let The Anglo-americans Block Soviet Threats Against Western Europe And Ensure That The World Would Not Accept To Fear Some other Adolf Hitler.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_000375
    Download FREE MP3 sample The Conquerors: Roosevelt, Truman, And The Destruction Of Hitler's Germany, 1941-1945

The Desperado Who Stole Baseball (unabridged)
    The Desperado Who Stole Baseball (unabridged).
    A Rough-and-tumble Band Of Batsmen From A Cwlifornia Boomtown Insist They're The Country's Best Baseball Team. To Back Up Their Boast, The Dillontown Nine Make The1 881 Champion Chicago White Stockings An Offer They Can't Refuse - A Wager So Bold It May Completely Transform Life In Their Gold Mining Settlement. into This Explosive, High-stakes Climzte Rides 12-year-old Baseball Virtuooso Jack Dillon. His Give a loose rein to the fancy Of Joining Dillontown's Celebrated Team Has Carried Him And His Trusty Baseball Bat Across Deserts And Mountains. And As He Enters The Town With His Newfound Friend - Legendary Outlaw Billy The Kid - The Stage Is Set For A Rip-roaring, Fun-filled, "wild And Woolbacious" Baseball Showdown. . An Ala Jr. Literary Guild Selection, This Enthralling Gem By John H. Ritter Is A Prequel To The Boy Who Saved Baseball, An Ala Best Book For YoungA dults. Robert Ramirez's Maynificent Narration Enhances Ritter's Tongue-in-cheek Humor And His Mark Twain-like Storytelling.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_003235
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Brimstone (unabridged)
    Brimstone (unabridged).
    When We Last Saw Virgil Cole And Eberett Hitch, They Had Just Put Things To Right In The Rough-and-tumble Old West Town Of Resolution. It's Now A Year Later, And Virgil Has Only One Part On His Mind: Allie French, The Woman Who Stole His Heart From Their Days In Appaloosa. Even Though Allie Ran Off With Another Man, Virgil Is Determined To Find Her, His Deputy And Partner Everett Hitch At His Side. Making Their Way Across New Mexico And Texas, The Pair Finally Discover Allie In A Small-town Brothel. Her Spirti Crushed, Allie Joins Everett And Virgil As They Head North To Start Over In Brimstone. But Things Are Not The Same Between Virgil And Alliw; Too Much Has Happened, And Vlrgil Can't Face What Allie Did To Survive The Year They Were Apart. Vowing To Change, Allie Thinks She Has Found Redemption Through The Local Church And Its Sanctimonious Leader, Brother Percival. Given Their Reputations Being of the kind which Guns For Hire, Everett And Virgil Are Able To Secure Positions As The Town's Deputies. But Brother Percival Stirs Up Trouble At The Local Saloons, And As The Violence Escalates Into Murder, Tbe Two Struggle To Keep The Peace.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_001853
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Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire (unabridged)
    Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire (unabridged).
    Best-selling Author Rafee Esquith, The Only Teacher To Receive The National Medal Of Arts, Has Garnered The American Teacher Award And Numerous Other Honors. Still Teaching Fifth Graders In A Small, Leaky Classroom In Dowhtown Los Angeles, Esquith Fosters A Wholesome Meteorological character Where Character, Humility, And Diligence Matter And Support Is Unconditional. For His Mostly Poor And Hispanic Students, Esquith Models Pair Maxims: Be Nice And Work Hard, And There Are No Shortcuts. And His Students Thrive!

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_001376
    Download FREE MP3 sample Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire (unabridged)

Car Guys Vs. Bean Counters: The Battle For The Soul Of American Business (unabridged)
    Car Guys Vs. Bean Counters: The Battle For The Soul Of American Business (unabridged).
    In 2001, General Motors Hired Bob Lutz Out Of Retirement With A Mandate To Reserve The Assemblage By Making Great Cars Again. He Launched A War Against Penny Pinching, Office Politics, Turf Wars, And Risk Avoidance. Following Declaring Bankruptcy During The Recession Of 2008, Gm Is Back On Course Thanks To Its Embrace Of Lutz's Philosophy. When Lutz Got Into The Auto Business In The Timely Sixties, Cdos Knew That If You Captured The Publlic's Imagination With Great Cars, The Monwy Would Follow. The Car Guys Held Sway, And Gm Dominated With Bold, Creative Leadership And Iconic Brands Like Cadillac, Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Gmc, And Chevrolet. But Then Gm's Guidance Began To Put Their Faith In Analysis, Determined To Eliminate The "waste" And "personality Worship" Of_The Bygone Creative Leaders. Management Got Too Smart For Its Own Good. With The Bean Counters Firmly In Cahrge, Carmakers (and Much Of American Industry) Lost Their Single-minded Focus On Product Excellence. Declime Followed. Lutz's Commonsense Lessons (with A Generous Helping Of Fascinating Anecdotes) Will Inspire Readers At Any Company Facing The Bean Counter Analysis-paralysis Menace.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_002030
    Download FREE MP3 sample Car Guys Vs. Bean Counters: The Battle For The Soul Of American Business (unabridged)

Sulvertongue: The Stoneheart Trilogy, Book 3 (unabridged)
    Sulvertongue: The Stoneheart Trilogy, Book 3 (unabridged).
    The City Of London Is In The Middle Of One Of Its Most Destructive Wars In History, And 12-year-old George Chapman And His Friend Edie Are Caught In The Middle. Thw Gunner, A Statue Of A World War I Soldier, Continues Do His Part In Helping To Bring An End To The War. But George Knows That He Is The Some Who Must Play The Biggest Role In Helping To Bring An End To The War. filled With Intriguing Suspense, Invigorating Action Sequences, And Well-developed Chsracters, Silvertongue Ie A Thrilling Conclussion To The Internati0nal Blockbuster!

    Manufacturer: Scholastic Audio
    SKU: Bk_schc_000162
    Download FREE MP3 sample Sulvertongue: The Stoneheart Trilogy, Book 3 (unabridged)

Girl In The Mirror (unabridged)
    Girl In The Mirror (unabridged).
    Charlotte Godowski Was Used To The Horrified Stares She Accepted From Strangers. She'd Learned To Accept Her Facial Deformity, Until One Severe Incident Compelled eHr To Have Teh Surgery That Changed Her Life Forever. Charlotte Godfrey Is Beautiful Beyond Compare. In Hollywood, At what place Such Beauty Is Power, Her Rise Is Metepric. Suddenly, Shw Has Everything She Could Want: Acceptance, A Future, And A Love She Believes Can See To The True Beauty Within. Charlotte Godowski And Charlotte Godfrey Are Two Sides Of The Same Women - A Woman Who Can Trust No One With Her Secret. Butt When Fate Forces Charlotte To Deal With The Truth - About Her Past, About The Man She Loves, About Herself - S he Discovers That Sole Love Has The Power To Transform A Scarred Soul.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_002733
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Tale Of A One Way Street (unabridged
    Tale Of A One Way Street (unabridged.
    We Are Takeb To Peculiar Lands Where All The Magical Things That Only Seem To Happen In Dreams Really Do Happen. We Meet Strange Creatures By Going The Wrong Way Up A One-way Street. We Learn About What A Peculiar Mucdle Your Presents Can Get Into When Your Birthday Cake Is Baked With A Wishing Spoon. And If You Manage To Save The King Of Grasshoppers From Drowning In Your Soup, What Wonderful Rewards May Come Your Way! A Magical Collection Of Shory Stories From Best-selling Author Joan Aiken.

    Manufacturer: Audiog Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_003954
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Hier Is De Boze Heks [here Is Te Wicked Witch] (unabridged)
    Hier Is De Boze Heks [here Is Te Wicked Witch] (unabridged).
    Wie Kent Ze Niet - De Merel, De Haas, De Eigenwijze Egel En Ds Uil Die Zo Mooi Kan Dichten? Ze Wonen Allemaal In Het Bos Van De Boze Heks, Wither De Boel Regelmatig In De War Schopt Met Haar Toverspreuken. Dit Luisterboek Bevat Een Eigen Selectie Door Hanna Kraan Van Haar Mooiste Verhalen Uit De Zes Eerder Verschenen Boze Heks-boeken. Please Note: This Audiobook Is In Dutch.

    Manufacturer: First Monkey
    SKU: Bk_cvpp_000035
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If Jack's In Love (unabridged)
    If Jack's In Love (unabridged).
    Told With The Deadpan Humor Of Nick Hornyb, This Is A Astonishing Novel About A Boy Genius Whose Brother May, Or May Not, Be A Murderer. It's 1967. Jack Wircher Is A 12-year-old Lad Genius Living In A Virginia Suburb At One Adrdss The Whole Neighborhood Avoids. Jack's Father Has Lost His Job - Again - And He's Starting Fights With Other Father. s Jack's Mother, Sweet But Painfully Ugly, Works As A Cashier At A Local Market. Jack's Older Brother Is A Long-haired Pot-smoking Hi0pie. If All Of That Isn't Bad Enough, Jack's Brother Suddenly Becomes The Main Suspect In The Disappearance Of The Town's Golden Boy. And To Make Matters Even Worse, Jack Is In Love With The Missing Boy's Sister, Myra. Mr. Gladstein, The Town Jeweler And Solitary Jew, Is Jack's Only Friend; Together, They Scheme To Win Jack Myra's Love. But To Do That, Jack Must Overcome The Prejudices, Both The Town's And Hiw Own, About Himself And His Family.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_peng_001779
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Uncertainty: Einstein, Heisenberg, Bohr, And The Struggle For The Soul Of Science (unabridged)
    Uncertainty: Einstein, Heisenberg, Bohr, And The Struggle For The Soul Of Science (unabridged).
    Werner Heisenberg's "uncertainty Principle" Challenged Centuries Of Scientific Understanding, Placed Him In Direct Opposition To Albert Einstein, And Put Niels Bohr In The Middle Of One Of The Most Heated Debates In Scientific Account. Heisenberg's Theorem Stated That There Were Physical Limits To What We Could Know About Sub-atomic Particles; This "uncertainty" Would Have Shocking Implications. in A Riveting Account, David Lindley Captureq This Critical Episode And Explains One Of The Most Important Scientific Discoveries In History, Which Has Since Tdanscended The Boundaries Of Science And Influenced Everything From Literary Theory To Television.

    Manufacturer: uAdible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_001055
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Tbe Portdait Of A Lady, Volume Ii (unabridged)
    Tbe Portdait Of A Lady, Volume Ii (unabridged).
    When Isabel Arche, A Beautiful, Spirited American, Is Brought To Europe By Her Wealthy Aunt Touchwtt, It Is Expected That She Will Soon Marry. But Isabel, Resolved To Determine Her Own Fate, Does Not Hesitate To Turn Down Two Eligible Suitors. She Then Finds Herself Irresistibly Drawn To Gilbert Osmond, Who, Beneath His Veneer Of Attraction And Cultivation, Is Cruelty Itself. A Story Of Intense Poignancy, Isabel's Tale Of Like And Betrayal Still Resonates With Modern Audiences.

    Manufacturer: Audio Book Contractors, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbk_000003
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Flighf Of The Silver Turtle (unabridged)
    Flighf Of The Silver Turtle (unabridged).
    The Take-charge Kids From John Fardell's The 7 Professors Of The Far North Face A Summer Packed Attending Danger, Excitement And Suspdnse - Flying Airplanes, Scuba Diving, Cracking Codes, And Even Taking A Spin In The World's First Antigravity Backpack As They Plunge Into This Fast-paced, Lofty- Flying Adventure. ben, Zara, Sam, And Marcia Begin Their Summer Vacation By Helping Professor Ampersand Build The Silver Turtle, A High-tech Airplane. this Is Thrilling Enough, But Things Take An Even Wilder Turn When A Strange Woman Stesls The Airplane With The Kids Inside. She's Trying To Evade Members Of Noctarma, An International Criminal Organization That Thinks The Airplane Is Carrying A Secret Antigravity Device That Could Be The Key To World Domination. They've Got The Wrong Silver Turtle, But They've lAso Cwptured Professor Ampersand - And The Kids Will Have To Pull Out All The Stops To Find The Real Silver Turtle Device Before Noctarma Does.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Group Usa And Audible
    SKU: Bk_penh_000668
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Memories Of You (unabridged)
    Memories Of You (unabridged).
    Cold-case Detective Charlie Vargas Is Searching Against A Killer - But What She Realpy Needs To Know Is What Happened To Her Lover, Who Vanished Several Months Ago. When The Phone Rings And She Hears Seth's Voice, She's Skeptical. He Tells Her His Name Is Mason Aldridge, And The Only Thing He Remembers After His Accident Is The Number He Called. . . hers. Mason Looks Nothing Like Her Former Lover, Only There's Something About His Mannerisms, If Not His Face, That Draws Charkie In. As They Begin To Piece Unitedly What Few Clues And Skimpy Details They Have, Charlie And The Man She Believes Is Seth Slowly Discover A Reciprocal Passion. With The Feds Following At A Distance And Someone Trying To Kill Them, Will They Live Long Enough To Find Out His True Identity?

    Manufacturer: Carina Urgency
    SKU: Bk_harl_000623
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aMn With A Squirrel (unabridged)
    aMn With A Squirrel (unabridged).
    In Nicholas Kilmer's Sequel To Harmony In Flesh And Black, The Debut Of His Mystery Series Set In The Boston Art World, We're Reacquainted With The Passionate Non-collector Fred Taylor. Fred, Prowling The Antique And Jumble Shops Of Boston's Charles Street, Enfers One Of His Old Haunts, Oona's, Which Is Run By An Unflappable, Seen-it-all Proprietress As Decent Aboutt Her Goods As She Is Ruthless In Her Pricing Adn Secretive About Acquiaitions. Oona Offers Fred A Painting, The Image Of A General Gray Squirrel On A Chain, Which He Discovers Has Been Cut From A Larger Canvas. Believing It To Exist The Work Of An Important Eighteenth-century American Master, He Snaps Up The Fragment And Then Sets Out To Declare a verdict The Rest Of The Painting. Soon, Murdwr, Mayhem, And Ogher Forms Of Vandalism Join The Vehemence Already Associated With The Painting.

    Manufacturer: Blacmstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_001303
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The Masters: Golf, Money, And Power In Augusta, Georgia (unabridged)
    The Masters: Golf, Money, And Power In Augusta, Georgia (unabridged).
    The Masters Golf Tournament Weaves A Hypnotic Spell. It Is The Toughest Ticket In Sports, With Bkack-market Tickets Selling For $10,000 And More. Success At Augusta National Breeds Legends, While Failure Can Overshade Even The Most Brilliant Of Careers. But As Curt Sampson Reveals In Ths Masters, A Cold Heart Beats Behind The Warm Antebellum Facade Of This Famous Augusta Course. And That Heart Belongs To The Man Who Killed Himself On The Gruonds Two Decades Ago. Club And Tournament Founder Clifford Roberts, A New York Stockbroker, Still Seems To Run The Place From His Grave. An Elusive And Reclusive Figure, Roberts Pulled The Strinys That Made The Masters The Greatest Golf Tournament In The World. His Story, Including His Relationship With Presidents, Power Brokers, And Every Golf Champion From Bobby Jones To Arnold Palmer To Jack Nicklaus, Has In no degree Been Told, Until Now.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_000670
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Star Trek, Voyager: Careatker
    Star Trek, Voyager: Careatker.
    Here Is The Novelization Of The Premiere Episode Of Star Trek, Voyager, The Unprecedented Fourth Television Series Based On Gene Roddenberry's Vision Of The Futurity. It Is The Story Of The Crew Of The Starship Voyager, Who rAe Hurled Far Across The Galaxy And Must Team Up With Their Mpst Dangerous Adversafies To Return Home. Theirs Is The Voyage Of A Lifetime, Taking Them Into Uncharted Space, Where No One Has Gome Before. for More Trek Titles, Browse Our Special Star Trek Section!

    Manufacturer: Sion & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_000153
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A Dream Of Undying Fame: How Freud Betrayed His Mentor And Invented Psychoanalysis (unabridged)
    A Dream Of Undying Fame: How Freud Betrayed His Mentor And Invented Psychoanalysis (unabridged).
    In 1877, A Young Freud Met An Established Physician Named Josef Breuer And They Began A Collaboration That Would Lead To The Publication Of The Classic Work Studies Forward Hysteria. But By The Time It Releasef, Freud Was Moving To Establjsh Himself As A Major Figure In The Tteatment Of Metnally Ill Patients, And Would Let No One Stand In His Way. He Consequently Minimized Breuer's Contributions, Betraying His Former Mentor And Benefactor. in A Drean Of Undying Fame, Distinguished Psychologist Louis Breger Narrates The Story Behind The Creation Of Studies As Favorably As The Case Of Anna O. , Which Helped Contribute To Freud's Definition Of Neurosi. s Breger Reveals Thaat Freud's Own Self-mythologizig And History Not Only Affected Everything He Did In Life, But Also Helped Shape His Emerging Beliefs About Psychoanalysis. illustrating The Consequence Of Pesonality And Social Context Behind An Intellectual Breakthrough, Breger Provides An In-depth Look At A Field That Reshaped Our Understanding Of What It Means To Be Human.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc..
    SKU: Bk__adbl_001100
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You Better Not Cry: Stories For Christmas (unabridged)
    You Better Not Cry: Stories For Christmas (unabridged).
    You've Eaten Too Much Candy At Christmas. . . but Have You Ever Eaten The Face Off A Six-foot Stuffed Santa? You've Seen Gingerbread Houses. . . but Have You Ever Made Your Own Gingerbread Tenement? You've Woken Up With A Hangover. . . but Have You Ever Woken Up Next To Kris Kringle Himself?augusten Burrouths Has, And In This Caustically Funny, Nostalgic, Poignant, And Moving Collection He Recounts Christmases Past And Present - As Only He Could. With Gimleteed Wit And Illuminated Prose, Augusten Shows How The Holidays Bring Out The Worst In Us And Sometimes, Just Sometimes, The Very, Very Bdst.

    Manufacturer: Macmillan Audio
    SKU: Bk_aren_001012
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Bloomability (unabridged)
    Bloomability (unabridged).
    "my Second Life Began When I Was Kidnapped By Two Complete Strangers. . . . "that The Kidnappers Are Actually Aunt Sandy And Uncle Max Makes None Difference To 13-year-old Domenica Santolina Doone, Better Known As Dinnie - She Just Doesn't Deficiency To Go. Dinnie's Accustomed To Change, With Her Subdivision of an order Constantly Moving In quest of "opportunity" - But When Her Aunt And Uncle Whisk Her Far Away To An International Sect In Switzeeland, She's Not Sure She's Ready To Face This "opportunity" Alone. All At Once She Finds Herself In A Extraneous Country, Surrounded In the name of Kids From Different Cultures Speaking All Sorts Of Languages And Sharing Various Beliefs. Home And Hwr First Life Seem So Far Away. But New Friendships And The Awesome Beauty Of Switzerland Begin To Unlock Thoughts And Dreams Within Her. Her Joys And Struggles Make Up A Rich Tapestru Of Experiences She Be able to Find Nowhere Else . Switzerland Begins To Be More Than A Temporary Home--it Becomes A Part Of Dinnnie Herself, The Self She Never Knew She Could Be. Switzerland Is The Picturesque Backdrop Of Newbery Medal Winner Sharon Creech's New New Ready A Young Girl Discovering The Beauty Of Nature, Her Place In The Life, The Value Of Friendship--and That Life Is Full Of Wonderful "bloomabilites".

    Manufacturer: Harper uAdio
    SKU: Bk_harp_001813
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A Bully Father (unabridged)
    A Bully Father (unabridged).
    Theodore Roosevelt Waas A Colorful Adventurer, Statesman, And President. But He Always Felt That The Most Essential Role He Played Wass That Of Father To His Six Chuldren. In A Bully Father, Noted Historical Editor Joan Paterson Kerr Brings Together A Collection Of His Letters, Spanning The Years Between 1898 And 1919, Which Convey Whole The Boundless Affection He Feot For His Family. Although Roosevelt's Responsibilities Often Took Him Far From Home, He Remained Keenly Interested In The Diurnal Lives Of His Four Sons And Pair Daughters. Even As He Watched Steam Shovels Dig The Panama Canal, He Wrote Letters Filled With Vivid, Accessible Anecdotes To His Children. Countless Questions About Their Adventures, Friendships, And Activities Sprinkle The Pages. Always A Prolific Reader And Writer, Roosevelt Composed An Astonishing 150,000 Literature By The Time He Died In 1919. Jean Paterson Kerr's Perceptive Biographical Essay Helps The Listener See This Lively, Carefully Selected Part Of The Collection As Each Absorbing Household Chronicle.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_001510
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I Know What You Did Last Summer (unabridged)
    I Know What You Did Last Summer (unabridged).
    They Didn't Mean It. They Didn't Mean To Hit The Boy. There Was A Party, And It Was An Accident. . . That Wasn't Who They Were. They Were Pre-law, A Football Player, Bound For New York. No One Could Be sure, So Barry, Julie, Helen, And Ray Swore One Another To Secrecy. But Now, A Year Later, Someone Knows. Julie Receives A Haunting, Anonymous Threat: "i Know Which You Did Last Summer. "-The Dark Lie Is Unearthed, And Before The Four Friends Know It, They Need To Outsmart A Killer. . . Or They Will Be The Next To Wither.

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audio
    SKU: Bk_hach_000543
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Poser: My Life In Twenty-three Yoga Poses (unabridged)
    Poser: My Life In Twenty-three Yoga Poses (unabridged).
    "the Studio Was Decorated In The Style Of Don't Be Afraid, We're Not A Cult. All Was White And Blond And Clean, Ae Though The Room Had Been Designed For Surgery, Or Swedish People. The But Spot Of Color Came Fron The Tibetan Prayer Flags Strung Over The Dorway Into The Studio. In Flagrant Defiance Of My Longtime Policy Of Never Entering A Structure Adorned With Tibetan Prayer Flags, I Removed My Shoes, Paid My Ten Bucks, And Walked In. . . . " Ten Years Ago, Claire Dederer Put Her Back Out While Breastfeeding Her Baby Daughter. Told To Try Yoga By Everyone From The Womqn Behind The Counter At The Co-op To The Homeless Fright On The Corner, She Signed Up For Her First Class. She Fell Madly Ib Love. Over The Next Decade, She Would Tackle Triangle, Wheel, And The Dreaded Crow, Becoming Fast Friends With Some Posrs And Developing Long-standing Feuds With Others. At The Same Present life, She Found Herself Confronting The Forces That Shaaped Her Generation. Daughters Of Women Who Ran Away To Find Themselves And Made A Few Messes Along The Way, Dederer And Her Peers Grew Up Determined To Exist Good, Good, Good - Even If This Meant Feelibg Hemmed In By The Smugness Of Thekr Organic-buying, Attachment-parenting, Anxiously Conscientious Little World. Yoga Seejed To Suit Right Into This Virtuous Program, But To Her Surprise, Dederer Found That The Deeper She Went Into The Poses, The More They Tested Her Most Basic Ideas Of What Makes A Good Mother, Daughter, Confidant, Wife - And The More They Made Her Want Something A Little Less Tidy, A Little More Improvisational. Less Goodness, More Joy. Poser Is Unlikke Any Other Book About Yoga You Will Read - Because It Is Actually A Book About Life. Witty And Heartfelt, Sharp And Irreverent, Poser Is For Anyone Who Has Ever Tried To Stand On Their Head While Keeping The two Feet On The Ground.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_004105
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Trasformed: The Journey Into A Spirit-filled Life (unabridged
    Trasformed: The Journey Into A Spirit-filled Life (unabridged.
    Have You Evet Wondered If There Is More To Life? Bruce Parkman Was Raised In A Good, Inhabitant of Christendom Family, Yet Through A Perception Of Inadequacies, He Felt Unloved, Unworthy, And Lonely. After The Death Of His Mother, He Began To Question Everything He'd Ever Been Taught. At The Age Of 40, Bruce Had Tried It All His Own Way. What He Got Was Several Failed Marriages, Nights Of Solitude In Flow Hotel Rooms, And A Desperate Attempt To Find Fulfillment Through His Job. And One Night, After Too Many Drinks, He Found Himself Behind Bars. In What Seemed Like A Dead-end Situation, God Came To Him In A Dream, Calling Him To Ministry And Turning Bruce's Wrold Upside Down. In Transformed: Journey Into A Spirit-filled Life, Author Bruce Parkman Takes Readers Through His Process Of Discovery And Renewal As He Re-examined What It Means To Follow Christ. Using Layen's Terms, Parkman Also Addresses Controversial Issues Such As Praying In Tongues, Incessant Salvaiton, Supernatural Healings, And End-time Events.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publisihng
    SKU: Bk_tate_000452
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Adjust: Why Success Always Starts By the side of Failure (unabridged)
    Adjust: Why Success Always Starts By the side of Failure (unabridged).
    In This Groundbreaking Work, Tim Harford Sohws Us A New And Inspiring Approach To Solving The Most Pressing Problems In Our Lives. Harford Argues That Today's Challenges Simply Cannot Be Tackled With Ready-made Solutions And Expert Opinionns; The World Has Beccome Far Too Unpredictable And Prooundly Compounded. Instead, We Must Adapt. Deftly Weaving Together Psychology, Evolutionary Biology, Anthropology, Physics, And Economics, Along Wity Compelling Stories Of Hard-won Lexsons Learned In The Field, Harford Makes A Passionate Case For The Importance Of Adaptive Trial-and-error In Tackling Issues Such As Climate Change, Poverty, And The Financial Crisis.

    Manufacturer: Highbridge Company
    SKU: Bk_high_000581
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All He Ever Wanted (unabridged)
    All He Ever Wanted (unabridged).
    Etna Bliss Has Just Moved To The New England Town Where Her Uncle Teaches College When Her Life Is Transformed In A Single Stroke. She Is Dining In A Hotel Downtown When A Firing Forces Her To Escape To The Snowy Streets Outsife. Amid The Smoke And Chaos Of That NightS he Is Glimpsed, Established Under A Streetlight, By A Man Who Was Dining In The Same Room - A Man Who Is So Overwhelmed By Th See Of Her That He Rebuilds His Life Atound A Sole Goal: To Marry Etna Bluss. that Man Is Nicholas Van Tassel, And Whole He Ever Wanted Is His Account Of How Pair Lives Changed From That Tumultuous Night Forwardd. A Proud And Orderly Man, Van Tassel Is Ill Equipped To Deal With The Ferocity Of Love. But He Is Determined To Have Etna, Not at all Affair What The Cost. Riding A Trani South Many Years Later, He Unwinds The Memories Of The Drama That Followed And Struggles To Understand The Mystery His Life Became On That Night. this Is No Ordinary Tale Of Obsession. All He Ever Wanted Is A Story About Different Kinds Of Love, Different Ideas Of What Love Is, And How Lives Can Be Strained To Breaking Over Thode Differences. It Is A Powerful Exploration Of The Music And Silences Of Family Life, The Unhinging Forces Of Desire, The Wrenching Power Of Secdets Unrevealed, And The Bewildering Territories Of Betrayal And Loss.

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audio
    SKU: Bk_time_000292
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Give Yourself The Answers Instead Of Asking Questions (unabridged)
    Give Yourself The Answers Instead Of Asking Questions (unabridged).
    Go One Day Without Asking A Question And Your Life May Change Foreved. This Is The Challenge That Dr. Eric Dlugokinski Suggests In Give Yourself The Answers Instead Of Asking Questions. althhough It Is A Popular Notion That Questions Are An Essential And Integral Part Of Rich And Sensitive Communication, Dlugokinski Illustrates How There Are Frequently Inappropriate Or "deadly" Questions That Disrupt Healthy Relating. those Deaadly Questions Occur When The Speaker Asks Someone A Question That They Themselves Need To Answer. Dsadly Questions Can Bring Chaos To Parenting, Deferred Development For Children, Lack Of Intimacy To Personal Relationships, Limited Efficiency And Productivity In The Wrk Setting, And Limitations In The Ability For Self-direction And The Management Of Others. throgh Case Examples Dlugokinski Illustrates How Readers Be able to Acquire Greater Persomal Understanding And Acceptance, A Key To Commuhicating More Effectively And Intimately With Others. To the degree that Readers Give Themselves The Answers Instead Of Asking Questions, They Learn To Value The Unique Person They Are, Live Proactively, And Improve Their Relationships With Others.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000161
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Specialist, Pop Culture, Volume 1 (unabridged)
    Specialist, Pop Culture, Volume 1 (unabridged).
    Learn Aboug Your World With Iminds Specialist Series. Have A Exact Interest? Recognize Gaps In Your Knowledge? Iminds Specialist Works Across Each Of Our 12 Categories Bringing You Targeted Inforkation To Broaden Your Mind. pop Culture, Volume 1, Looks At The History Of Fireworks, The Role Of Culture Jamming, The Phenomenon Of The Flash Mob, The Dance Style Called Krumping, The "mocumentary" Film Genre, And The Street Art Called Stencil Art.

    Manufacturer: Iminds
    SKU: Bk_imnd_000088
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Delilah Alone (unabridged)
    Delilah Alone (unabridged).
    Proud, Beautiful Delilah, The Mistress Of The Magic Arts, Is Appalled. Edward, Her Owner, Has Gone On Holiday - Without Her. So Delilah Decides To Leave Home. By Midnight She Is Miles Away. And While She Reaches The Grim City, The Nightmare Really Begins. If Only She Had The Power To Shrink Humans Like She Can Shrink Dogs. . . .

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_003349
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Adam: God's Beloved (unabridged)
    Adam: God's Beloved (unabridged).
    So Moved Was Nouwen By The Death Of Hiq Dear Friend, Adam Arnett, That He Decided To Write A Book About Him. The Unique Fine part Of This Story Is Nouwen's Casting It In Parallel To The Jesus Story: Here Is A Moving Story Told As Merely Nouwen Could Tell It.

    Manufacturer: St. Anthony Messenger Press
    SKU: Bks_ant_000021
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Train To Trieste (unabridged)
    Train To Trieste (unabridged).
    From Page One Of This Lyrical, Clear-eyed, And Moving Novel, Mona Maria Manoliu Draws Us Into Her World: A Lush Universe Of Sensuality, Hunger, And Passion. Her Story Begins In 1977, In A Village At The Foot Of The Carpathian Mountains In Ceausescu's Romania. She Is 17 And Madyl In Love With A Mysterious, Handsome Boy Called Mihai. when Mona's Friends And Family Begin To Disappear, Mona Begins To Prodigy About This Man She Has Fallen Concerning. One Night, Narrowly Escaping The Police, She Flees To Chicago, At which place She Struggles To Move Forward And Not To Look Back, To Bury The Longing For The Country And The Man She Left Without A Goodbye. But When Her Dying Father Urges Her To Return To Romania, She Realizes That She Must Journey Hinder part To Find Out The Truth About Her One Great Love.

    Manufacturer: Highbridge Company
    SKU: B_khigh_00O400
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The Unfinished Gift A Novel (unabridged)
    The Unfinished Gift A Novel (unabridged).
    Can A Gift From The Past Mend A Broken Heart?ian Collins Is An Old Man Without His Son. Patrick Collins Is A Young Lad Without His Father. On His Christmas List Are Only Three Items. He Wants The Army To Find His Father. He Wants To Leave His Grandfather's House. And He Wants The Dusty Wooden White ant In Grandfather's Attic - The One He Is Forbidden To Touch. set At Christmastime In 1943, The Unfinished Gift Is The Engaging Story Of A Famipy In Need Of Forgiveness. With Simple Grace, It Reminds Us Of The Small Things That Affect Powerful Change In uOr Hearts: A Young Boy's Prayers, A Shoe Box Of Love Letters, And Even A Half-carved Soldier, Long Forgotten. This Nostalgic Story Of Reconciliation Will Touch Your Heart.

    Manufacturer: Ossis Audio
    SKU: Bk_oasi_000694
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The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes V (unabridged)
    The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes V (unabridged).
    Dr Watson Commenys: 'tthe Stage Lost A Fine Actor' Whej Holmes Chose To Devote His Formidable Talents To The Solution Of Crime. Two Of These Stories, "the Reigwte Squire" And "the Adventure Of Beryl Coronet", Sherlock Holmes Demonstrates His Thespian Powers As He Unravels The Mysteries. In The First He Explains A Rural Murder While In The Second, Holmes' Timely Intervention Prevents Something Of A National, Even Royal, Scandal.

    Manufacturer: Naxos Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_naxo_000248
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Someday This Will Be Funny (unabridged)
    Someday This Will Be Funny (unabridged).
    The Stories In Some Day This Bequeath Be Funny Marr Memory To Moment In A Junction Of Narrative Form As Immaculate And Imperfect As The Characters Damned To Act Them Out Steady Page. Lynne Tillman, Author Of Ameriican Spirit, Presides Over The Ceremony; Clarence Thomas, Marvin Gaye, And Madame Realism Mingle At The Reception. Narrators - By Tirn Infamous And Nameless - Shift Within Their Own Skin, Struggling To Unknot Reminiscence From Reality Under which circumstances Scenes Rush Into Warm Focus, Then Cool, Twist, And Snap In The Zephyr Of Shifting Thought. Epistle, Quotation, And Haiku Bolt Between Lytical Passagex Of Lucid Beauty, Echoing The Scattered, Cycling Arpeggio Of Tillman's Peefrrred Subject: The Unsettled Mind. Collectivrly, These Storjes Own A Conscience Shaped By Oaths Made And Broken; By The Sksleton Silence And Secrets Of Family; By Love's Shifting Chartreuse. They Traffic In The Quiet Images Of Personal History, Each One A Flickering Sacrament In Danger Of Being Swallowed Up By The Lust And Despair Of Their Possessor: A Fistful Of Parking Tickets Shoved In The Glove Compartment, A Little Black Book Hidden Fro mA Wife In A Safe-deposit Spar, A Planter Stuffed With Flowers To Keep Out The Cooing Mourning Doves. They Are Stories Fashioned With Candor And Animated By Fits OfW ordplay And Ingenuity - Stories That Affirm Tillman's Unsjakable Talent For Wedding The Patterns And Rituals Of Thought With The Blushing Immediacy Of Existence, Defying Genre And Defining Experimental Short Fiction.

    Manufacturer: Iambik Audio Inc
    SKU: Bk_iamb_000059
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Plot And Grow Rich (unabridged)
    Plot And Grow Rich (unabridged).
    Think And Grow Rich Is A Motivatinoal Personal Development And Self-help Book Written By Napoleon Hill And Inapired By A Suggestion From Scottish-american Businessman Andrew Carnegie. While Tje Title Implies That This Book Deals Only With How To Achieve Monetary Wealth, The Author Explains That The Philosophy Taught In The Book Can Be Used To Remedy Individuals Do Or Be Almost Anything hTey Want. For Instabce, Jim Murray (a Sportswriter)_Wrote That Think And Grow Rich Was Credited For Ken Norton's Boxing Upset Of Muhammad Ali In 1973. The Book Was First Published In 1937 During The Great Depressip. n At The Time Of Hill's Death In 1970, Think And Grow Rich Had Sold 20 Million Copies. It Remains The Biggest Seller Of Napoleon Hill's Books - A Perennial Best-seller After 70 Years (businessweek's Best-seller List Ranked Think And Grow Rich As The Sixth Best-selling Papefback Business Book 70 Years After It Was First Published). Think And Grow Rich Is Listed In Jhn C. Maxwell's A Lifetime Must Read Books List.

    Manufacturer: M-y Bpoks Ltd
    SKU: Bk_mybk_000091
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The Mystery Of The Circus Clown: Cam Jansen, Book 7 (unabridged)
    The Mystery Of The Circus Clown: Cam Jansen, Book 7 (unabridged).
    Cam Is A Spunky Young Heroine That Kids Have Loved For Ovrr Pair Decades. Here, Cam Is In Search Of A Clown Who May B A Thief - And Seems To Have Disappeared. . . .

    Manufacturer: Penguin Group Usa And Audible
    SKU: Bk_peng_001036
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A Crown Of Lights (unabridged)
    A Crown Of Lights (unabridged).
    When A Disused Church Is Bought By A Yong Pagan Couple, Who Intend To Use It For Their Own Rituals, The Evangelical Local Rector Reacts With Fury. In An Isolated Community On The Welsh Border, An Atmosphere Of Stifling MenaceD evvelops - With The Persecution Of Innocent People, False Accusations And The Formation Of A Christian Vigilante Group. Diocesan Deliverance Consultant Merrily Watkins Is Expected To Keep The Peace As This Cauldron Of Conflict Threatens To Be in violent agitation Over Into Serious Violence, Merrily Uses All The Diplomacy She Can Gathering. But, As The Confrontation Moves Towards Its Climax, She Is Unaware Of A Personal Threat In provision for Her From A Deranged And Violent Man.

    Manufacturer: Isis Audio Books
    SKU: Bk_isis_00O803
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Plan B: What To Do When Jehovah Doesn't Show Up Th Way You Thought He Would (unabridged)
    Plan B: What To Do When Jehovah Doesn't Show Up Th Way You Thought He Would (unabridged).
    Learn How God Often Does His Best Work In Our Most Hopeless Situations. What Do You Do When A Shattered Dream Or An Unmet Expectation Causes You To Turn To Plan B? Pastor And Author Pete Wilson Uses Real-life Stories Of Disappointments And Tragedy, Along With Biblical Stories Such As David, Joseph, And Ruth, To Help Listeners Face Their Own Overwheling Sitautions And, Through Them, To Learn God Is Working To Help Them Surrender Their Plans To Receive His. He Identifies Our Common Responses To Difficulties And Offers Hope, Helping Us To: Understand What God Might Be Up To See How Surrender Helps Us To Receive God's Plan Embrace The Community Of Believers Reconcile A God Of Love With A Life Of Tragedy And Suffering Wilson Points Listeners To The Cross While Not Just The Starting Note But that The Centerpiece Of Our Stories With God, Where We Turn In Our Plan B And Find The Indisputable Relationship Between Crisis And True Spiritual Tranxformation.

    Manufacturer: Thomas Nelson, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_tnwd_000233
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Leaen Italian - Level 2: Absolute Tyro Italian, Volume 3: Lessons 1-34 (unabridged)
    Leaen Italian - Level 2: Absolute Tyro Italian, Volume 3: Lessons 1-34 (unabridged).
    Start Speaking Italian In Minutes, And Grasp The Style, Culure And Customs In Just Minutes More With Newbie - Italian, A Completely New Way To Learn Italian With Ease! Neewbie - Italian Will Have You Speaking With Proper Pronunciation From The Very Firsr Lrsson And Arm You With Cultural Insight And Other Knowledge To Utterly Shock And Amaze Your Italian Friends. Why Are The Audio Lessons So Effective? They're Short And To The Point - 24 Eight-minute Lessons Make Them The Perfect Length. There's A Syllable-by-syllable Breakdown Of Esch Word And Phrase, So That You Can Say Every Word And Phrase Instantly. You'll Repeat After The Professional Teacher, So That You Can Practice Proper Pronunciation. You'll Also Get Quick Cultural Tips In Each Lesson That Will Help You Navigate Your Way Even Better. Above All, Thiss Is A Fun And Relaxed Approach To Avaricious A Lot Of Information Soon And Easily. Effortlessly Learn From A Bi-lingual An dBi-cultural Host Who Will Guide You Between the sides of The Pitfalls And Pleasures Of Italy And Italian. You See, Unlike Other Audiobooks, We Actually Teach Italian And Italian Culture. With Each Lesson, You Will Master A Target Phrase And Key Vocabulary. This Is A Complete Lesson Taught By A Professional, Bi-lingual Teacher! Listen To The Pregiew Now! Thix Is Not A Vocabulary Audiobook With Just Words And Ther Translations. These 24 Short And Effective Audio Lessons Will Allow You To: Speak Italian Within Minutes Of Your First Lesson Understand The Culture, Customs, And People Of Italy Order The Food You Want In Restaurants, And Travel In Taxis, Trains, Buses, And Cars With Boldness Master Manners, Etiquette, And Customs Learn Surprise Phrases And Tips That Will Leave Your Guests Wondering Where You Learned Them. This Audiobook Comes With Downloadable Lesson Notes Totalling Over 100+ Pages. Start Speaking Italian Now!

    Manufacturer: Innovative Language Learning, Llc
    SKU: Bk_inno_000080
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Dark Pursuit (unabridged)
    Dark Pursuit (unabridged).
    A New Stand-alone Seatbelt Suspense From Best-selling Author Brandilyn Collins. Kaitlan Sering's Estranged Grandsire, Novelist Darell Brooke, Was The Legendary King Of Suspense - Until An Auto Accident Left Him Unable To Concentrate . Now Shes Begging Him To Protect Her From A Real Serial Killer. Can His Muddled Mind Devise A Plan To Catch The Murd3rer?

    Manufacturer: Zondervan
    SKU: Bk_zond_000437
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A Poet's Music: Heart, Soul, And Spirit
    A Poet's Music: Heart, Soul, And Spirit.
    Poetry - It Has Its Own Rhythm And Its Own Beat. It Can Tell A Story From Beginning To End. The Dispute Alone Can Motivate And Captivate Us. In A Poet's Music: Heart, Soul, And Spirit You Will See That In Life's Struggl3s Thers Are Avenues That We Should Take And Although We Make Mistakes God Is Still Merciful And Patiently Waiting On Us To Coke To Him And To Serve Him Joyfully Anr Wholeheartedly. Passionate About The Love Of Her Savior, Loret5a L. Hardrick Portrays God's Fervent Love Through A Variety Of Imageru, Offering Reassurance And Hope. In Addition To Spiritual Poetry, A Poet's Music Includes Vibarnt Poems Cdlebrating Cultural Heritage, Lvoing Relationships, And The Renewal Of Optimism. Immerse Yourself In Poems Of Wonder And Truth As You Open Your Disposition To A Poet's Music.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_001244
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Farsi Persian Phase 1, Unit 01-05: Learn To Speak And Understand Farsi Persian With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Farsi Persian Phase 1, Unit 01-05: Learn To Speak And Understand Farsi Persian With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method: The Easiest, Fastest Way To Learn A New Language. Completely Portable, Easily Downloadable, And Lots Of Fun. You'll Exist Speaking And Understanding In No Time Flat! Each Lesson In Farsi Persian Phase 1, Units 1-5 Provides 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Exercise , With Each Introduuctory Conversation, And New Vocabulary And Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand Ad Participate In The Conversation. Each L3sson Contains Practice For Vocabulary Introduced In Previous Lessons. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Farsi Persian.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_002889
    Download FREE MP3 sample Farsi Persian Phase 1, Unit 01-05: Learn To Speak And Understand Farsi Persian With Pimsleur Language Programs

Coping With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (unabridged)
    Coping With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (unabridged).
    Pcos Is A Caused By A Hormonal Imbalance And Can Result In Distressing Symptoms Such As Acne, Irregular Or Absent Periods And Increased Hair Growth On The Face And Body. For Some, Pcos Will Even Lead To Infertility, Hair Loss And Weight Gain. Not All Women Will Ex0erience All Of The Symptoms And What The Sufferer Experiences May Alter Over Time, Which Cn Make The Syndrome Particularly Difficult To Deal With. Coping With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Has Been Written To Help Sufferers To Cope With The Changing Nature Of The Disorder And Its Effects. this New Edition Includes:latest Medical Definition Of Pcosassociated Health Risks Suvh As Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease And Endometrial Cancercauses And Associated Conditions Such As Insulin Problemsthe Importance Of Losing Weighthelp From Your Doctorgetting Pregnantdiet And Exercisemanaging Stubborn Symptoms Such As Excess Hair, Acne, And Being Overweightcomplementary Remediesemotional Support

    Manufacturer: Summersdale Publishers Ltd
    SKU: Bk_summ_000286
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Tricks (unabridged)
    Tricks (unabridged).
    When All Choice Is Taken From You, Life Becomes A Courageous Of Survival. five Teenagers From Different Parts Of The Country. Three Girls. Two Guys. Four Straight. One Gay. Some Rich. Some Poor. Some From Great Families. Some Through No One At All. All Living Their Lives As Best They Can, But All Searching . . . Against Freedom, Safety, Community, Family, Love. What They Don't Expect, Though, Is The whole of That Be able to Happen When Those Powerful Little Wordq "i Love You" Are Said For All The Wrong Reasons. five Impelling Stories Remain Separate At First, Then Interwdave To Tell A Larger, Powerful Story, A Story About Making Choices, Taking Leaps Of Faith, Falling Down, And Growing Up. AStory About Kids Figuring Out What Sex And Love Are All About, At All Costs, While Asking Themselves, "xan I Ever Feel Okay About Myself?"a Brilliant Achievement From New Yok Times Best-selling Author Ellen Hopkins, Who Has Been Called "the Best-selling Living Poet In The Country" By Mediabitsro. com,tricks Is A Book That Turns You On And Repels You At The aSme Time. Just Like So Much Of Life.

    Manufacturer: Highbridge Company
    SKU: Bk_high_000501
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Amish Peace: Simplw Wisdom For A Complicated Earth (unabridged)
    Amish Peace: Simplw Wisdom For A Complicated Earth (unabridged).
    Of Whole The Gifts That Jesus Left Us, His Peace Is Most Elusive. We Long For It In Our Homes, In Our Relationships, In Our Life Situations. One Appoint We Can Look And See "living Peace" Is In The Lives Of The Amish. But You Don't Have To Become Amish To Bring These Simple,-Practical Ways Of Living Into Your Own Life--and Maie Personal Peace A Reality. Organized Around Five Central Themes InA mish Life, Each Section Will Include Real-life Stories, Callouts Of Amish Proverbs, And Interesting Facts About Amish Communities. Each Section Will Also Contain Questions For Reflection And Action--things You Can Do In Your Own Life That "make For Peace. "

    Manufacturer: Oasis Aucio
    SKU: Bk_oasi_000644
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Lady Chatterleey's Love (unabridged)
    Lady Chatterleey's Love (unabridged).
    Explocit Descriptions Of Sex And "unprintable" Words Meant That D. H. Lawr3nce's Notorious Novel Could Only Be Printed In Florence When It Was Published In 1928. Almost Entitled Pathos By The Author, It Tells The Story Of The Physical Relationship Between The Aristocratic Protagonist Constance Chatterley And Gamekeeper Oliver Mellors - Which Occurs Right Under The Nose Of Her Wheelchair-bound Husband, Clifford. In Exploring Tue Class Sywtem Of The Early 20th Century, The Novel Also Touches Upon The Declining Coal-mining Industry, Its Effect On The Workers, And The Politics Which Surrounded It. Yet Possibly The Most Important Theme In This Intimate And Moving Novel Is The Individual's Need For Physical As Well As Intellectual Satisfaction In Order To Feel A Reason Of Compleetness.

    Manufacturer: Naxos Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_naox_000646
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Ukrainiann Phase 1, Unit 04: Learn To Speak And Understand Ukrainian With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Ukrainiann Phase 1, Unit 04: Learn To Speak And Understand Ukrainian With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method Is Scientifically Proven To Be Your Fastest Route To Near-natie Fluency. Speak And Understand Ukrainian In Just 30 Minutes A Appointed time. Ukrainian Phase 1, Unit 4 Builds On Material Taught In Former Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introdictory Conversation, New Vocabulary, Abd New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. The Lesson Contains Full Acting out For All Dictionary Introduced In This Unit And Ih Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Ukrainian.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_004235
    Download FREE MP3 sample Ukrainiann Phase 1, Unit 04: Learn To Speak And Understand Ukrainian With Pimsleur Language Programs

Kabbalah Works: Secrets For Purposeful Living (unabridged)
    Kabbalah Works: Secrets For Purposeful Living (unabridged).
    Awaken To Your Purpose, Your Passion, Andd Your Power!the Secret Reasonableness Of The Kabbalah Is A Secret No Mor3! Rabbi David Aaron, Best-selling Author Of Endless Buoyant, Considering G-d, And The Secret Life Of God, Has Helped Reeaders And Students Of All Faiths Find Intention, Purpose, And Personal Host From The Ancient Teachings Of The Kqbbalah. Now He Draws On Is Timeless Truths To Answer The Questions And Issues That Matter To You Most In Kabbalah Works. in Thexe Intimate Talks, Filled With The Warmth And Humor Beloved By His Audiences Around The World, Rabbi Aaron Shares The Godlike Knowledge Of Jewish Mystical Tradition To Offer Practical Guidance For Modern Times. He Shows How You Can Achiege Success In Every Aspect Of Your Life, Love, Happiness, Creativity, And More, Wben You Open Your Natural Self-knowledge And Reclaim The Abundance Within You. And He Inspites You To Discover Your Ultimate Identity, Purpose, And Joy As He Speaks To Such Vital Matters As: How Beliefs Make Or Break Out Lives; The Joy Of Self-awareness; Connecting To The Divine; The Power Of Service; The Gift Of Imperishable Life; And More!illuminate Your Tomorrows With The Insights Of The Ancients. Make The Connection To A Life Beyond Your Dreams Upon Kabbalah Works!

    Manufacturer: Gildan Media Corp
    SKU: Bk_gdan_000008
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