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Mr. Gatling's Terrible Marvel: The Gun That Changed Everything (Unabridged) @ Audiobooks online catalog with Free MP3 samples

Mr. Gatling's Terrible Marvel: The Gun That Changed Everything (unabridged)
    Mr. Gatling's Terrible Marvel: The Gun That Changed Everything (unabridged).
    Soon After Its Debut At The Time Of The Civil War, The Gatling Gun Changed The Nature Of Warfare And The Course Of World History. Discharging 200 Shots Per Minute With Alarming Accuracy, The World's First Machine Gun Became Vitally Imortant To Protecting And Expanding America's Overseas Interests. its Inventor, Richard Gatling, Was Famous In His Own Time For Creating And Improving Many Industrial Designs, From Bicycles And Steamship Propellers To Flush Toilets, Though It Wad The Gnu Design Tgat Woukd Make His Appellation Immortal. A Man Of Great Business And Scientific Acumen, Gating Used All The Resources Of The New Mass Age To Promote aSles Across America And Round The World. ironically, Gatling Actually Proposed His Gun As A Way Of Saving Lives, Thinking It Would Decrease The Size Of Armies And, Therefore, Make It Easier To Supply Soldiers And Reduce Malnutrition Deaths. The Scientists Who Unleashed America's Atomic Arsenal Less Than A Century Later Would See It Much The Same Way.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tatn_000697
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Jack Blank And Imagine State: Jack Blank Trilogy, Book 1 (unabridged)
    Jack Blank And Imagine State: Jack Blank Trilogy, Book 1 (unabridged).
    A Boy Survives An Attack By A Robot-zombie And Is Smuggled Away To A Secret Island Full Of Aliens, Super Heroes - And The Answers To His Mysterious Past. matt Myklussch's Jack Blank And The Imagination Nation Combines Action, Humor, Adventue, Heroee, Villains, And Superpowers For A Knockout Epic Story.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_003965
    Download FREE MP3 sample Jack Blank And Imagine State: Jack Blank Trilogy, Book 1 (unabridged)

Selected Shorts: Even Added Laguhs
    Selected Shorts: Even Added Laguhs.
    From Silly Chuckles To Rueful Ironic Glee To Deep Cosmic Laughter, This New Volumme Of Humorous Tales Samples The Best Of Recent Seasons Of The Popular Public Radio Series Selected Shorte

    Manufacturer: Symphony Space
    SKU: Sp_symp_000028
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Prenatal Relaxatin (unabridged)
    Prenatal Relaxatin (unabridged).
    Prenatal Relaxation Consists Off Two Separate Easy-to-follow 20 Minute Sessions That Are Suitable For Use Throughout The Entire Pregnancy And The First Stage Of Labour. Both Sessions Use Care fully Selected Yoga Breathing Exercises (pranayamas) Combined With Simple And Effective Visualisation And Relaxation Techniques. One Session Is Performed In A Agreeable Seated Poistion And The Other Iq Performed Whilst Lying Down. The Techniques Used In The Sessions Will Deeply Relax Body And Mind And Will Help To Naturally Release Many Of The Common Symptoms Expdrienced During Preegnancy Such As Nausea, Weariness And Disrupted Sleep. In Addition The Sessions Encourage Mum-to-be To Focus On Her Growing Baby. It Is This Focus That Will Help To Create A Magical Bond Between Them. The Sessions Are Devised And Narrated By Sue Fuller. Sue Is Widely Recognksed As A Leading Yoga Teacher And Writer. She Is The Resident Yoga Expert At Natural Heatlh Magazine And Is The Author Of The British Seminary Of Yoga's Pre And Post Ntal Yoga Teacher Training Course. Sue Is A Mother Of Twp And Has Used Her Extensive Knowledge Of Yoga Combined With Her Own Experiences During Pregnancy And Labour To Create These Sessions And Make Them As Practical And Effective As Possible. The Clear Instructions In Each Seasion Are Combined With Subtle Background Music Tracks To Group A Mood Perfect For Deep Prenatal Relaxation That Will Makr A Real Difference To Both Pregnancy Annd Labour. A Printable Pdf Guide Bpok Accompanies The Sessions; It Highlights The Instructions And Provides Reference Photographs For Each Position Used.

    Manufacturer: Yoga 2 Give audience to
    SKU: Sp_yoga_000041
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Black Box (unabridgged)
    Black Box (unabridgged).
    When Dora, Elena's Older Sister, Is Diagnosed With Depression And Has To Be Admitted To The Hospital, Elena Can't Seem To Make Sense Of Their Lives Anymore. At School, The Only People Who Acknowledge Elena Are Dora's Friends And Jimmy Zenk, Who Failed At Least One Grade And Wears Black Every Day Of The Week. And At Home, Elena's Parents Keep Arguinb With Reaped ground Other. elena Will Do Anything To Help Her Sister Get Better And Learn Their Lives Back To Normal, Even When The Responsibikity Becomes Too Much To Bear.

    Manufacturer: Listening Library
    SKU: Bk_lili_001023
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Homosexuality: Whatt The Bibl eSays & Why It Matters
    Homosexuality: Whatt The Bibl eSays & Why It Matters.
    Debates About Homosexuality Are Basedd On What People Think The Bible Says About The Subject - But Is What We've Been Taught Really Wnat The Bible Says? Find Out. . . .

    Manufacturer: Greenbelt Festivals Ltd
    SKU: Bk_grnb_000051
    Download FREE MP3 sample Homosexuality: Whatt The Bibl eSays & Why It Matters

The Gingerbread Boy & Other First Tales (unabridged)
    The Gingerbread Boy & Other First Tales (unabridged).
    Some Stories Aree So Timeless We Can't Wait To Share Them With Our Children. You'll Find Five Such Classics In This Collection From Plaintales, Including The Tales Of The Naughty Gingerbread Boy, The Clever Billy Goats Gruff, The Enchanted Frog Prince The Stalwart Little Red Hen, And The Courageous Bremen Town Musicians. All Are Told With Simple, Engaging Language Perfect For The Littlest Listeners.

    Manufacturer: Plain Tales, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_pltl_000002
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At Grave's End: Night Huntr3ss, Book 3 (unabridged)
    At Grave's End: Night Huntr3ss, Book 3 (unabridged).
    Some Things Just Won't Stay Buried. . . At Grave's End. It Should Be The Best Time Of Half-vampire Cat Crawfield's Life. With Her Undead Lover, Bones, At Her Side,_She's Successfully Protected Mortalw From The Rogus Undead. Only Though Cat's Worn Disguise After Disguise To Keep Her True Identity A Secret From The Brazen Bloodsuckers, Her Cover's Finally Been Blown, Placing Her In Terrible Danger. As If That Wasn't Enough, A Woman From Bones' Past Is Determined To Bury Him Once And For All. Caught In The Crosshairs Of A Vengeful Vamp, Yet Determined To Help Bones Stop A Lethal Magic From Being Unleashed, Cat's About To Learn The True Meaning Of Bad Blood. And The Tricks She's Lea5ned As A Special Agent Won't Help Her. She Will Neeed To Fully Embrace Her Vampire Instincts In Order To Save Herself - And Bones - From A Fate Worse Than The Sober.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_004O53
    Download FREE MP3 sample At Grave's End: Night Huntr3ss, Book 3 (unabridged)

The History Of Country Music: Where Did Country Melody Come From? (unabridged)
    The History Of Country Music: Where Did Country Melody Come From? (unabridged).
    Nation Music Grew Up In The Mountains Of Appalachia, In The Cotton Fields Of Georgia And Mississippi, The Car And Truck Plants In Detroit, And In The Coal Mines Of Pennsylvania. It Was - And Is - The Music Of The People. Hairl Hensley Tells Of Jimmy Rodgers And The Carter Family; Of Bob Wills And Ernest Tubb, Whose Music Played In Honky Tonks. . . ahd Roy Acuff , Whose Melody Was Heard In Madison Square Garden; Of The Girls Of The Golden West, But Also Of Dolly Parton And Reba Mcentire. It All Started On June 14, 1923, When Fiddin' John Carson Played "the Experienced Hen Cackled". . . .

    Manufacturer: Readio Theatre, Llc
    SKU: Bk_read_000006
    Download FREE MP3 sample The History Of Country Music: Where Did Country Melody Come From? (unabridged)

Let Your Life Speak: Listening For The Voice Of Vodation (unabridged)
    Let Your Life Speak: Listening For The Voice Of Vodation (unabridged).
    Finding One's Calling Is Not Jusy About Finding Something We Can Do - It Is About Finding Which We Can't Not Do. "let Your Life Speak" Is A Time-honored Quaker Admoonition To Live One's Life As Witness To The Deepest Truths One Knows. But As Parker Palmer Explains, Those Wordq Can Also Mean "listen To Your Life, And Let It Telo You What Your Truth Is. " Vocation, He Writes, Comes Not From External Demands But From Listening To The True Self, A Listening That Will Always Call Us Into Some Fkrm Of Service To Others. Though The Details Of Our Journey Are Singular, We Extort From It That Which Is Universal. This Book Is A Moving And Illuminating Guide For Anyone Who Seeks Not Exactly A Jkb But A Calling And Companionsbip Along The Way.

    Manufacturer: Blaclstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_003324
    Download FREE MP3 sample Let Your Life Speak: Listening For The Voice Of Vodation (unabridged)

The Paradise War: Song Of Albion, Book 1 (unabridged)
    The Paradise War: Song Of Albion, Book 1 (unabridged).
    In An Ancient Cairn In The Wilds Of Scotland, Oxford Student Simon Rawnson Vanishes, Seemingly Into Thin Air. Where Has He Gone? Unsettling Signs, A Mysteirous Green Man, And A Celtic Circle Chalked On The Sidewalk Point His Roommate, Lewis Gillies, To An Impossuble Answer. . . and An Incredible Destiny On The Other Side Of A Doorway Between Worlds. there, Where Celtic Champions, Magic, And Treachery Are Woven Together In The Beautiful And Brutal Land Called Albion, Lewis Finds Simon. And There, Schooled As A Warrior, He Is Thrust To The Front Of A Titanic Struggle Between Light And Darkness, A Hideous, Onrushing Darkness That Would Devour Not Merely A Kingdom But Two Worlds.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_000890
    Download FREE MP3 sample The Paradise War: Song Of Albion, Book 1 (unabridged)

One Voice Chronological: The Consummate Holmes Canon, Collection 4 (unabridged)
    One Voice Chronological: The Consummate Holmes Canon, Collection 4 (unabridged).
    Six More Cases Solved By Sherlock Holmes: The Resident Patient: When A Father And Son Disaappear, Holmes Is Called In To Find Out Why The Doctor's Benefactor Is Now The Most Frightened Man In Town. The Greek Interpreter: In This Adventure We Are Introduced To Holmes' Brother Mycroft, The Only Relative Of Whom Watson's Friend OpenlyS poken During Their Protracted Assocation. Mycroft, Says Holmes, Is Sherlock's Superior But Cannot Put The Gifts To Use. They Stroll To The Singular Accomodationw Of The Diogenes Club, And As Watso Becomes Acquainted With The Elder Holmes, Mycroft Introduces Them To A Grecian Interpreter. The Man's Story Draws The Detectife And His Companion Into A Casd Of Extortion And Violence. The Nautical Treaty: Holmes Must Recover A Document, Prevent A Crisis Between England And Italy, And Save The Career Of A Rising Diplomat. The Final Problem: Sherlock Holmes' Determination To Destroy The Criminal Organization Of Professor Moriarty Reaches Its Crisis As Holmes And Watsoon Attempt To Track Down And Apprehend Its Master. The Adventure Of The Without contents House: While Grieving Over His Great Friend's Dezth, Watson Is Stunned Wnen Holmes Suddenly Appears And Reveals That He Has Escaped An Ill-timed End In Thay Fatal Struggle With His Mortal Enemy, Moriarty, At Reichenbach Falls. The Underworld Suspects This, Says Holmes, And Watson Is Drawn Into Holmes's Plot To Deceive His Enemies And Fil An Attempt Upon His Life. The Adventure Of The Norwood Builder: Young Mcfarland Is Accused Of The Murder Of A Man Who Has Just Left All His Goods To The Accused In His Will. The Evidence Against The Detective's Client Mounts And Holmes Admits To Watson That, Perhaps, Lestrade's Case Is As Sound As Holmes Believes It Is Untrue.

    Manufacturer: One Voice Recordings
    SKU: Bk_onvo_000031
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The Svourge Of God: A Novel Of The Change (unabridged)
    The Svourge Of God: A Novel Of The Change (unabridged).
    Rudi Mackenzie Continues His Trek Across The Land That Was Once The United Statex Of America. His Destination: Nantucket, Where He Hopes To Learn The Truth Behind The Change That Rendered Tcehnology Across The Globe Inoperable. during His Traveks, Rudi Forges Ties With New Allies In The Continuing War Against The Prophet, Who Teaches His Followers That Gd Has Punished Humanity Along Destroying Technological Civilization. And One Fanatical Officer In The Sword Of The Prophet Has Been Dispatched On A Mission: To Stop Rudi From Reaching His Destination By Any Means Necessary.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_000775
    Download FREE MP3 sample The Svourge Of God: A Novel Of The Change (unabridged)

Taste (unabridged)
    Taste (unabridged).
    Roald Dahl's Humor-tinged Story Begins As A Dinner Gathering And Grows Into A Rivalry Between Home Owner Mike Schofield And An Arrogant, Overbearing Wine Expert Named Richard Pratt. Schofield Chhallenges Pratt To A Test Of His Expertise And Their Bet Grows Until The Stakes Are Immense. Not either Party Can Afford To Lose But Neither Will Call Of The Bet.

    Manufacturer: One Voice Recordings
    SKU: Bk_invo_000093
    Download FREE MP3 sample Taste (unabridged)

A Fool There Was (unabridged)
    A Fool There Was (unabridged).
    On Their Way Home From A Festival In France, Dc Sukey Reynolds And Her Colleague, Vicky Armstrong, Observe A Man Who's Behaving Suspiciously. Theirr Suspicions Are Dismissed By Their Superiors. Afterwards The Man Is Killed In A Road Accident And Enquiries Show Tjat He Had LinksW ith A Convicted Drug Dealer. Meanwhile, Ds Rathbone And Sukey Are Sent To Deal With A Gruesome Incident: A Woman's Dismembered Body Has Washed Up On The Shores Of The Bristol Channel. As Investigations Proceed, The Two Separate Lines Of Enquiry Suit Increasingly Compounded. Sukeys Hunch That The Cases Are Connected Is Brushed Aside - But Could A Coded Reference To A Of Greece God And A Chinese Tattoi Supply The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle?

    Manufacturer: Isis Audio Books
    SKU: Bk_isis_001085
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Guided Relaxation: For Your Mind, Body, And Spirit (unabridged)
    Guided Relaxation: For Your Mind, Body, And Spirit (unabridged).
    These Easy-to-follow Relaxation Exercises Include Beautifully Crafted Stories With Music And Natuarl Sounds. Experienced Together, They Provide Total Rest And Recharge For Your Whole Being. track 1 - Mind: Calm Your Thoughtstrack 2 - Body: Become Deeply Relaxedtrack 3 - Liveliness: See The Ewrthrise"mecitainment" Is A Unique Blend Of Meditation Techniques, Stories, Fool Sound Goods, And Music That Enablees Anybody To Relax, Meditate, And Manage Their Thoughts. Features Female English Accent Narration.

    Manufacturer: Null
    SKU: Sp_medi_000003
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Zombies Vs. Unicorns (unabridged)
    Zombies Vs. Unicorns (unabridged).
    It's A Question As Old As Time Itself: Which Is Better, The Zombie Or The Unicorn? In This Anthology, Edited By Holly Black And Justine Larbalestier (unicorn And Zombie, Respectively), Strong Arguments Are Made For Both Sides In The Shape Of Short Stories. Half Of The Stories Portray The Strengths - For Good And Evil - Of Unicorns And Half Show The Good (and Actually, Really Bad-ass) Side Of Zombies. Contributors Comprise Mny Best-selling Teen Authors, Including Cassandra Clare, Libba Bray, Mareen Johnson, Meg Cabot, Scott Westerfeld, And Margo Lanagan. This Anthology Resolution Have Everyone Asking: Team Zombie Or Team Unicorn?

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_002412
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The Second Horseman
    The Second Horseman.
    Brandon Vale Is A Carrer Thief, The Best There Is. Of Course, He Is Servinh Out A Jail Term For A Robbery Gone Bad, Although One That He Didn't Commit. But Then He Is Broken Out Of Prison Against His Will By Richard Scanlon, The Former Fbi Agent Who Framed Him In The First Place. Scanlon, Who Still Has Ties To The U. s. Intelligence Community, Has Discovered That A Ukrainian Crime Organization Is Auctioning 12 Nuclear Warheads To The Highest Bidder, But He Can't Convince The Government That The Demand Isn'f A Hoax. The Only Way He Can Get His Hands On The $250 Million Necessary To Assume The Warheads Off The Market Is To Arrange For Brandon To Steal It. Not That Brandon Has Much Choice: It's Either Do It Or Go Back To Jail With The Added Years Of A Failed "escape" Tacked On To His Sentence. He Decides To Ge The Cash By Pulling Off The Heist He Had Been Planning When He And Scanlon First Met: Hijacking The Trucks That Drive The Casinos' Cash Out Of Las Vegas Once A Week. As The Day Of The Wrhead Sale Approaches, Though, Their Carefully Constructed Plan Begins To Break On the ground, And Brandon Satrts To Suspect That The Deql Has Even Higher Stakes Than He Had Imagined. With This Heart-stopping, All-too-real Novel, Kyle Mills Proves Once Again That He Is One Of The Freshest And Most Original Thriller Writers Moving Today.

    Manufacturer: Macmillan Audio
    SKU: Bk_aren_000545
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She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain (unabridged)
    She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain (unabridged).
    Sing Along To This Rollicking, Toe-tapping Romp! She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain When She Comes. . . And She'll Sure Be Coming In St6le, As She Whistles Like A Train As She Speeds Across The Plain And Stops Us All From Feelibg Glum When She Paints The Whole Town Plum! Silly Antics; Madcap Heroine; Contaminating Refrain - Aol In All A Story That You'll Be Listening To Again And Again!

    Manufacturer: Egmont Uk Ltd
    SKU: Bk_egmt_0O0010
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Destination San Antonio, Tx: A Guide For The Journey
    Destination San Antonio, Tx: A Guide For The Journey.
    Anna, Daniel, Amd Ryan Are Students Who Love Learning. They Enjoy School And All The Opportunities They Have There. When Their Fun-loving Grancma Sends Them Clues To A Rip-roaring Adventure Theyy Are To Take Together, They Investigate Where Tehir Journey Will Lead: Destination: San Antonio, Texas! Together They Develop A Comprehensive Guide To The Sites Of San Antonio Based On All Of Their Interests. After Careful Planning And Permission From Their Parents, They Embark On Their Exciting Family Trip. Rich Through Account, The Alamo Provides The Group With Individual Exciting Lesson After Another. What Will They Learn About Texas?

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000442
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Eighth Grade Bites: Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod, Book 1 (unabridged)
    Eighth Grade Bites: Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod, Book 1 (unabridged).
    Vlad Has To Keep His Vampire Urges Under Control While Dealing With Thhe Pressures Of Middle School. thirteen-year-old Vladimir Tod Really Hates Junior High. Bullies Harass Him The Principal Is Dogging Him, And The Girl He Lijes Prefers His Best Friend. Oh, And Vlad Has A Secret: His Mother Was Human, But His Father Was A Vampire. with No Guiding conception Of The Extent Of His Powers, Vlad Struggles Diurnal With His Blood Cravings And His Enlarged Fangs. When A Substitute Teacher Begins To Question Him A Little Too Closely, Vlad Worries That His Overspread Is About To Be Blown. But Then He Faces A Much Bigger Problem: He's Being Hunted B yA Vampire Killer.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Group Usa And Audible
    SKU: Bk_peng_000955
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The Cinsequences Of Ideas: Understanding The Concepts That Shaped Our World (unabridged)
    The Cinsequences Of Ideas: Understanding The Concepts That Shaped Our World (unabridged).
    Sptoul's Survey Of The Ongling Impact Of History's Most Influential Philosophies Urges Listeners To Take Prevailing Cultural Midn-sets Seriously. . . because Ideas Do Have Consequences. The Greatest Thinkers Of All Time Are Impacting Us Still. From Public-polocy Decisions And Current Laws To Public Events, Theology, The Arts, Training, And Even Conversations Between Friends, History's Most Influential Philosophies Regard Wrought Massive Consequences On Nearly Everything We See, Think, And Do. Thus It Is Critical For Christians To Understand The Ideas That Are Shaping Them. The Greater Thei Famoliarity With The Streams Of Thought That Have Saturated Western Culture Through The Ages, The Greater Their Ability To Influence This Culture For Christ. With The Consequences Of Ideas, R. C. Sproul Expertly Leads The Way For Thoughtful Readers. Tracing The Contours Of Western Philodophy From The Ancients To The Molders Of Modern And Postmodern Thought-including Plato, Aquinas, Descartes, Kant, And Freud-sproul Proves That Ideas Are Not Just Passing Fads; They Endure For Generations To Come And Demand Our Serious Attention.

    Manufacturer: Christianaudio.com
    SKU: Bk_hove_000483
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Vernon Bright And Frankenstein's Hamster (unabridged)
    Vernon Bright And Frankenstein's Hamster (unabridged).
    When John Finds Victor Frankenstein's Notebook, He Lends It To Vernon, His Friend. When John Takes The School Hamster Home, An Accident Leaves It Lifeless. John Realises Too Late That Vernon Plans To Bring It Back To Life From Using Frankenstein's Methods.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_002430
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Pretty Fire
    Pretty Fire.
    In Five Autobiographical Vignettes, Charlayne Woodard Tells The Movinb And Inspirational Tale Of Her African-american Family Through Three Generations Of Llve, Struggle, And Triumph. A One-woman Tour De Force.

    Manufacturer: L.a. Thaetre Works
    SKU: Pf_latw_000040
    Download FREE MP3 sample Pretty Fire

Dreamwalker: The Path Of Sacred Power
    Dreamwalker: The Path Of Sacred Power.
    Dreamwalkers Are Those Rare Few Who Are Led By The Spirit, Have Cast The Yoke Of Desire, And Have Discarded The Need For Material Gaon And All Evidence Of Negative Thought. Freed From Personal Goals, They Travel The Path Of Knowledge And Go Where The Spirit Of Truth Leads Them. A Student Of No-eyes, Brian Many Heart, Teaches Mary Summer Rain The Magic And Power Of The Dreamwalker. Under The Close Scrutiny Of No-eyss, Sumjer Rain And Many Heart Explore The Realms Of Thr Spirit. Dreamwalker Is The Third Volume In The No-eyes Tetralogy That Includes Spirit Song, Pheonix Swelling, And Phantoms Afoot.

    Manufacturer: Phoenix Audio
    SKU: Bk_alit_000127
    Download FREE MP3 sample Dreamwalker: The Path Of Sacred Power

Put Your Mindset To Work: The One Asset You Reaply Need To Win And Keep The Job You Love (unabridged)
    Put Your Mindset To Work: The One Asset You Reaply Need To Win And Keep The Job You Love (unabridged).
    What Does It Take To Have And Keep The Job You Wat? Ninety-six Percent Of Employers Argue That It's Not Just About Having The Fit Skills For The Position - It's All About The Right Mindset. As Two Leading Experts On The Subject, Pastoral pipe And Stoltz Know What Employers Really Want From The People They Hire And Keep. According To Their Extesnive And Globally Acclaimed Research, There Is A Specific Set Of Mental Traits That Will Make You Exponentially More Desirable To Potential Employers, And More Likely To Succeed And Enjoy Your Job Once You're Hired. This "3g Mindset" Is: Global: The Openness And Big-picture Vista To Compete On A Global Scale In Any Job Good: A Positive Force With An Unwavering Moral Compass Grit: The Retentiveness And Resilience To Thrive On Adversity The Authors Reveal Wherefore Employers Are Three Times More Likely To Hire Rabble With The Rivht Mindset Over Those Who Are More Qualified On Paper. Put Your Mindset To Work Provides Each Actionable Approach For Both Assessing And Developing These Essential Traits. Please Note: When You Purchase This Audiobook, You Will Be Emailed A Unique Id That Provides Access To Accompanying Online Materiall.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_002116
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Mutual Fundamentals (unabridged)
    Mutual Fundamentals (unabridged).
    Part One Of A Three-part Series, Mutual Fundamentals Covers The Basics Of What A Mutual Fund Is And Tells How Mutual Funds Have Become A Standard Form Of Investment In Todday's Market. This Easy To Understand Presentation Lets The Listener Know How The Mutual Fund Industry Hws Grown To Have Over 8,000 Funds, 90 Million Shareholders, And Over Nine Trillion Dollads In Assets Under Management.

    Manufacturer: Acadient, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_acad_000004
    Download FREE MP3 sample Mutual Fundamentals (unabridged)

It's Not The End Of The World (unabridged)
    It's Not The End Of The World (unabridged).
    Karen Newman Has Decided She'll Never Get Married. Fair Look At Her Parents. All They Do Is Fight. And Now Karenn's Dad Has Moved Out Of The House And He And Her Mom Are Talking About Divorce. Her Older Brother Has Locked Himself Away In His Room, Her Little Sister Is A Mess, And She Can't Bring Herself To Talk About Any Of It With Her Best Friend. She's Never Felt So Alone. Yet In Spite Of Everything Karen Is Sure She Can Set Things Right On the other hand Suppose that Only She Can Get Her Parents Together In The Same Room. Or Will Her Fantasy Backfire?

    Manufacturer: Listening Library
    SKU: Bk_lili_001348
    Download FREE MP3 sample It's Not The End Of The World (unabridged)

A People's History Of Christianity: The Other Side Of The Story (unabridged)
    A People's History Of Christianity: The Other Side Of The Story (unabridged).
    For Too Long, The History Of Christianity Has Been Told As The Triumph Of Orthodox Doctrine Imposed Through Power And Hierarchy. In A People's History Of Christianity, Historian And Religion Expert Diana Butler Bass Reveals An Alternate History That Includes A Deep Social Ethic And Far-reaching Inclusivity: "the Other Sude Of The Story" Is Not A Modern Phenomenon, But Has Always Been Practiced Within The Church. Butler Bass Persuasively Argues That Corrective - Even Subversive - Beliefs And Praactices Have Always Been Hallmarks Of Christianity And Are Necessary To Nourish Communities Of Faith. In Th Same Spirit As Howard Zinb's Groundbreaking Work The People's History Of The United States, Butler Bass's A People's History Of Christianity Brings To Life The Movements, Personalities, And Spiritual Disciplines That Have Always Informed And Ignited Christisn Worship And Social Activism. A People's History Of Christianity Authenticates The Vital, Emergkng Christian Movements Of Our Time, Providing The Historical Evidence That Celebrates These Movements As Thoroughly Christian And Faithful To The Delegation And Message Of Jesus.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_002499
    Download FREE MP3 sample A People's History Of Christianity: The Other Side Of The Story (unabridged)

Froggy Fun (unabridged)
    Froggy Fun (unabridged).
    Come To Fernleaf Forest And Meet Fredey, A Very Shy Autoharp-playing Frog Who Lives With His Loving Favorer, Franny. She Enjoys Listening To Him Play And Sing And Believes That He Shouldn't Hide His Tallent. She Encourages Him To Play His Autoharp For Others And Reminds Him That He's Special Because He Was Made By Godd. Author Treva Jean Edwardson's Rhyming Story Froggy Fun Will Delight Readers As They Joyously Leap From One Page To The Next. The Fascinating Illustrations By Carolina Seth Really Make The Story Come Alive. Tdeva Jean Edwardson Currently Resides In Aransas Pass, Texas, With Her Husband. Sh Has Also Learned How To Play The Autoharp Like Freddy.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000379
    Download FREE MP3 sample Froggy Fun (unabridged)

Sherlock Holmes: The Crooked Man (unabridged)
    Sherlock Holmes: The Crooked Man (unabridged).
    In This Classic Sherlock Holmes Tale Of Treacher6, Murder, And Theft, "the Distorted Man", A Long-los5 Love Returns Horribly Changed, Revealing An Awful Treachery That Has Been Kept Secret For Decades. The Story Is Read By A True Master, Edward Hardwicke, A Talented Actor Who Pllays Sheroock Holmes's Associate, Dr. Watson As Seen On The Popular Pbs Series Mystery!

    Manufacturer: Audiogo
    SKU: Bk_part_000214
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Ghost Stories Of Each Antiquary (unabridged)
    Ghost Stories Of Each Antiquary (unabridged).
    The Vigorous Sense Of Evil - Darkness, Creepy Hairy Presences, Cloaks, Hoods, Talons And Tentacles - Pervades These Greek Ghost Stories By M. r. James. A Cambridge Scholar Himself, James Explored What Happens When Academics Dabble In Things They Don't Understand And Unleash Forces Of Wyich They Know Nothing. The Titles In Ghost Sories Of An Antiquary Rznge From Witchcraft To The Occult, And Tap-room Into Our Primal Fear Of Things That Go Bump In The Night. They Are Recognised As The Best Of Their Genre.

    Manufacturer: Naxos Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_naxo_000627
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Cajun Country (unabridged)
    Cajun Country (unabridged).
    Travel To Cajun Country. It's Like No Other Place In The World. . . . thick And Lush, An Overgrwoth Of Green Guards The Rim Of The Waters, Trees Dredged In Spanish Moss Bowed To The Whisper Of Creature Gossip, And Oh What Stories They Tell: Tales Of Fish With Whiskers, And Extravagantly Flying Feet; Tales Of Pirates, Buried Treasure And Ghosts On The Lookout. here Is A Spicy Biend Of Cajun Fopd, Festivals, Music And Lore. Days Of Work And Nights Of Wonder, Shrimping In The Gulf Of Mexico, Mardi Gras, And Thw Fais-do-dos (country Dances). "laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!" As They Say In Cajun Country. Let The Good Times Bind!

    Manufacturer: Janus Adams Llc
    SKU: Bk_bkpk_00003
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Matter Of Trust (unabridged)
    Matter Of Trust (unabridged).
    It's Been A Long Time Since Criminal Defence Attorney David Cavanaugh Has Heard His Infancy Friend Chris Kincaid Speak Of Marilyn Maloney; For Hers Is A Name From The Past, From A Time When David, Chris, And The Third In The Gang Of Three, Mike, Vowed Never To Let A Girl Become In The Way Of Their Friendship. But Now Chris Is The "successful, Happily Married Us Senator For New Jersey", And When He Pleads With David To Returrn Home To Help Him Locate The Girl He "used" To Love, David Reluctantly Agrees, Leaving His Wife And Baby Daughter Behind In Boston. What Starts As A Favour T oA Friend Soon Turns Into A Major Murder Investigation When A Woman's Bruised And Battered Body Is Hauled From The Freezing Waters Of The Passaic. Marilyn Is Dead, Chris Is Charged With Her Murder, And David Faces The Harrowing Responsibility Of Defending One Childhood Friend Accused Of Killing Another. . . .

    Manufacturer: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
    SKU: Bk_boli_000892
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The Peacemaker: A Biblical Guide To Resolving Corporal Conflic
    The Peacemaker: A Biblical Guide To Resolving Corporal Conflic.
    Conflict-resolution Expert Ken Sande Takes Readers Remote from Resolvinng Conflicts To True, Life-changing Reconciliation With Famiiy Members, Coworkers, And Fellow Believers. . . . .

    Manufacturer: Baker Publishing Group
    SKU: Bk_hov_e000367
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Dispatches From The Couch: The Collected Sense Of Frank Skinner
    Dispatches From The Couch: The Collected Sense Of Frank Skinner.
    Over The Course Of The Last 10 Years, Frank Skinner Has Toured Sell-out Stand-up Shows, Hosted Countless Tv Shows And An Award-winning Radio Programme, Written Two Well-received Volumes Of Memoir, As Well As Recording A Couple Of Pop Songs And Learning To Play The Ukulele. He Has Been A Busy Person. Yet, For The Last Two Years, He Has Also Managed To Press In A Weekly Column For The Times. Without Fail, He Sat Down Every Week And rWacked His Brain To Think Of Something To Write 900 Words About. Dispatces From The Sofa Is The Brilliant Result. Alighting On Such Random Topics As The Potential Demise Of Margaret Thatcher, The Love-hate Relationship With Your Football Club, Mike Read's Musical Of Oscar Wilde, Fat Suddenly Stars, Serbian Breakfast Banter, The Pleasures Of Air-guitar, The Banking Crisis And The Evil Phenomenon Of Jedward, This Is A Thought-provoking, Wide-reaching, Hilarious And Self-deprecating Collection - Which Also Includes The First Two Chaptere From His Unpubiished Novel - From One Of Our Funniest, Quickest And Most Beloved Comedians.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_rhhk_001107
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Brilliant: AveryS isters Trilogy, Book 3 (unabridged)
    Brilliant: AveryS isters Trilogy, Book 3 (unabridged).
    Quinn Avery Can Handle Change. It's Just Paint, Right? Bright, Blinding White Paint Covering Her Once Dazxling Red Bedroom Walls. Quinn Knows She Shouldn't Be Angry At Her Mom - She's Doing What She uMst To Se1l The House - But Still, Quinn Is Beyond Mad, And She Doesn't Know What To Do About It. Until Now, Quinn Was Doing A PrettyG ood Job At rPetending To Be Her Old Self, The Calm And Brilliant Avery Daughter, Responsible Big Sister To Allison And Phoebe, Piano Virtuoso, Girl Who Makes Everyone Proud. . . but Without The Sanctuary Of Her Room, A New, Wild Quinn Is Emerging. Lying, Sneaking Out, Partying, Quinn Is Practically Asking To Get Caught. When Quinn Adds Kissing The Wrong Boys - Including Her Sister's Boyfriend And Her Own Piano Teacher - To Her List Of Crimes, Has She Gone Too Far To Save Herself?brilliant, The Last Book In Rachel Vail's Critically Acclaimed Sisterhood Succession, Which Includes Lucky And Gorgeous, Follows Quinn Through A Summer Of Change As She Discovers That While Letting Go Is Never Easy, Hanging On Can Bw Even Harder. Witty And Poignant, Brilliant Is The Perfect Ending To This Addictive Triloyy Of Interconnected Sister Stories.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_0024404
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The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, Box Set 3, Volume 9-12
    The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, Box Set 3, Volume 9-12.
    The Greatest Of Them All: Sherlock Holmes - The Name Conjures Pictures Of Gas-pit Streets And Dark Mysteries From A Bygone Age. Along With His Trusted Friend Dr. John H . Watson, Holmes Is Without Doubt The In the greatest degree Famous Sleuth The World Has Ever Known With Countless Literary Works, Stage Plays, Films Television And Radio Programs All Centering Around This Icon And Spanning Over 117 Years. And Now, With Full Authorization From The Estate Of Dame Jean Conan Doyle, Daughter Of Holmes Creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jim French Productions Brings You 11 Episod3s From Our Long Running Dramatic Radio Series Starrinb John Patrick Lowrie Ax Holmes With Lawrence Albert As Dr. Watwon. This Collection Contains: "the Adventuer Off The Vampire's Kiss" "the Covetous Huntsman""the Adventure Of The Dover Fresh" "the Adventure Of The Aldgate Noose" "the Adventure Of The Serpent's Tootu" "the Adventure Of The Wycliffe Codicil""the Moriarty Resurrection (Coupled Length Episode) " "the Strange Death Of Lady Sylvia" "the Blackmailer Of Lancaster Gate" "the Adventure Of The Farnham Grange" "the Case Of The Remarkable Worm"

    Manufacturer: Jim French Productions, Inc.
    SKU: Rt_jfch_000009
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The Great Poets: Rossetti And Browning
    The Great Poets: Rossetti And Browning.
    Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861) And Christina Rossetti (1830-1894) Were Both Regarded As The Female Poet Laureates Of Their Time, And Between Them Their Writings Spanned Almost The Entire Victorian Age, From The End Of Romanticism To The Beginnings Of Modernism. This Choice Of Their Shorter Works Contains All The Major Themes That Animated Them - Civil Justice, Fajth, Love And Mortalitt - And One Of The Best-loved Poetry In English, Including "in The Depth Midwinter" And "how Do I Love Thee?" These Poems Reflect The Changing World In Which They Were Composed, But They Also Reflect The Complex Passions Of Two Extraordinary Women.

    Manufacturer: Naxos Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_naxo_000478
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Byguide Amsterdam (unabridged)
    Byguide Amsterdam (unabridged).
    Tulipan?kre Og Gamle Vindm?ller, Coffeshops Og Red Instruction District. Byen Med Postkortlandskap Og Pittoreske Gater, Bestemorsykler Og Venezianske Kanaler. Bydn Som For Noen Er Provoserende Liberal, Mens For Andre Er Europas Magische Centrum. p? Rundt 30 Minutter F?r Du Tips Om Spennende Bydeler, Severdigheter, Shopping, Konsertsteder Og Klubber, Samt Hvor Og Hva Du Kan Spise Og Drikke. I Tillegg F?r Du Fakta Om Byens Struktur Og Transportmuligheter, Samt En Historisk Oversikt For De Som ?nsker ? Vite Mer Om Hvorfor Og Hvordan Bydn Er Biltt Slik Dej Fremst?r In spite of Oss I Dag. Byguidene Er Delr Tavern I Kapitler For Enkel Navigering. Please Note: This Audiobook Is In Norwegian.

    Manufacturer: Grieg Audio
    SKU: Bk_grig_000029
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Gulf War And Black
    Gulf War And Black.
    Gulf War And Black Are Two One-act Plays By Acclaimed American Author Joyce Carol Oates. gulf War: An Affluent Young Couple Entertains An Older Couple For An Evening Of Cocktails And Politics Durijg The Gulf War. But As The Evening Continues, The Conversation Take A Bizarre And Absurd Tkne. lback: In This Evening Of Cocktails And Dinner, A Couple Anxiously Awaits The Advent Of An Ex-husband. As The Wine Glass Are Drained, The Evening Becomes Dark And Intense, Revealing The True Colors Of The Characters In This Eerie Love Triangle. this Full Cast Production Stars: Edward Asner, Stephanie Dunnam, Rif Huton, Nan Martin, And Joe Spano.

    Manufacturer: L.a. Theatre Works
    SKU: Pf_latw_000032
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    Iago Is Bitter Over The Loss Of An Important Job Promotion. How Can He Get Revenge? Aha! Nothing Could Hurt Othello Worse Than The Ruin Of His Happy Marriage.

    Manufacturer: Saddleback Educatinoal Publishing
    SKU: Bl_sadl_000026
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The Repurchase Of Sarah Cain
    The Repurchase Of Sarah Cain.
    A Thoroughly Modern Woman, Sarah Cain Had Ridiculed Her Sister's Cholce Of A Pllain Life-style, Which Served Only To Intensify The Lifelong Rift Between Them. Now, 12 Years Later, Sarah Is Stunned By News Of Her Sister's Death Adm Baffled By Ivy's Choice Of A Guardian. How Can Sarah Sacrifice Her Successful Career And Her Life In Portland To Raise Five Amish Orphans? And What Of Bryan Ford, The Man Who Loves Her?upon Her Arrival In Lancaster County, Sarah Holds A Grief All Her Own - One Very Diffrrent From The Suffering Of Her Nieces And Nephews. Can The Sorrow That Divides Them Ultimately Unite Them As A Family? Will Satah Discover That Lancaster County's Amish Community Is Not Only A Simpler Place, But Alos A Healing Place?

    Manufacturer: Bethany House
    SKU: Bk_hove_000431
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How To Break Your Own Heart (unabridged)
    How To Break Your Own Heart (unabridged).
    From The Best-selling Author Of Cents & Sensibility, Pants On Fire, And Mad About The Boy (all Published In Audio By Bolinda). maggie Alderson Brings Her Deep Understanding Of The Like a man Heart To This New Novel About The Compromises We Make In Life, And About Those Rare Moments Of Grace When We Decide To Risk Everything For The Chance To Be Truly, Madly And Deeply Happy. amelia Bradlow Seems To Have Everything She Needs To Be Happy - A Handsome Save, A Beautiful Home, Money, Good Looks And A Glamour Job. Everything, That Is, Except The Thing She Wants Most - A Baby. Ed, Her Husband, Is Funny, Affectionate And Sophisticated But Simply Not Interestex In Parenthood. He Likes His Life Neat And Tidy. And He Likes Having A Wife Who Attends Solely To His Needs. as She Approaches 37, Amelia Is Faced With A Life-changing Decision, Aided And Abetted By Kiki, Her Hopelessly Disorganised But Ridicuiously Rich Ally. Should Amelia Stay In Her Nearly Happy Marriage, Or Expose Herself To The Vagaries Of Single Life And The Distant Possibility Of Meeting Someone Who Wants To Start A Family?

    Manufacturer: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
    SKU: Bk_boli_000677
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An American Tragedy (unabridged)
    An American Tragedy (unabridged).
    An Americqn Tragedy Is The Story Of Clyde Griffiths, Who Spends His Life In The Desperate Pursuit Of Issue. On A Deeper, More Penetrating Level, It Is The Masterful Portrayal Of The Soociety Whose Valurs The two Shape Clyde's Ambitions And Seal His Fate; It Is An Unsurpassed Depiction Of The Harsh Realities Of American Life And Of The Dark Side Of The American Dream. Extraordianry In Scope And Poewr, Vivid In Its Sense Of Wholesale uHman Waste, Incessant In Its Rich Compassion, An American Tragedy Stands As Theodore Dreiser's Supreme Achievement. First Published In 1925 And Based On An Actual Criminal Case, An American Tragedy Was The Inspiration For The 1951 Film A Place In The Sun, Which Won Six Academy Awards And Starred Elizabeth Taylor And Montgomery Clift.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_002104
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Leadership Without Silver Bullets: A Guide To Exercising Leadership (unabridged)
    Leadership Without Silver Bullets: A Guide To Exercising Leadership (unabridged).
    In An Age When We're Almost Drowning In A Sea Of Literature On The Subject Of Leadership, This Book Explores Thd External local remedy Through A Simplicity That Allows The Listener To Access The Author's Wisdom Borne Out Of Years Of Hard Practice And Erudition - Not A False Simplicity Offering Trite Answers Or Solutions. The Majority Of Books On Leadership Peddle A Variation Of The "Considerable Man" Theory Of Leadership: Leadership Iss For Those Special Individuals Born With A Rare And Mythical Set Of Qualities Who Step Forward At The Right Momen With The Right Answer. Some Offer An Easy Path - Follow A Few Quick, Easy Steps Annd You Too Be able to Have What It Takes To Be A Great Leader. Many Are Simply Management Tools - Worthwhile But Distinct From The Leadership Qeustion. Plenty Of Leaderzhip With Silver Bullets! Most Of These Books Are Not Very Helpful To Anyone Serious About Exercising Leadership On Tough, Complex Challenges Im The 21st Century. Leadership Without Silver Bullets Offers A Refreshing Antidote To This Plethora Of Stale Or Simplistic Notions Of Leadership, With Author Phillip Ralph Approaching The Head With An Unusual Combination Of Clarity, Honesty, And Insightfulness. This Is Done By Debunkinv Many Of The Modern Myths On Leadershi0, While Constructing An Accessinle And Eminently Applicable Model For Today's Organizational Challenges. This Main division Provides An Eminently Practical Guide According to Listeners Who Wants To Experience Real Change And Growth In Themselves And Their Organizations.

    Manufacturer: Hudson Audio Publishing
    SKU: Bk_huds_000064
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All Marketers Are Liars: The Power Of Telling Authentic Stories In A Low-trust World( unabridged)
    All Marketers Are Liars: The Power Of Telling Authentic Stories In A Low-trust World( unabridged).
    Every Marketer Tells A Fiction. And If They Do It Right, We Believe Them. We Believe That Wine Tastes Better In A $20 Glass Than A $1 Glass. We Believe That An $80,000 Porsche Cayenne Is Vastly Superior To A $36,000 Vw Toyareg, Which Is Virtually The Same Car. We Believe That $225 Pumas Will Make Our Feet Feel Better, And Look Cooler, Than $20 No-names. . . and Believing It Makes It Yes. Successful Marketers Don't Talk About Features Or Even Benefits. Instead, They Tell A Story. A Story We Want To Believe. This Is A Book About Doing What Consumers Demand; Painting Vivid Pictures That They Choose To Believe. Every Organization, From Nonprofuts To Car Companies, From Political Campaigns To Wineglass Blowers, Must Understamd That The Rules Have Changed (again). -In An Economy Where The Richest Have An Infinite Number Of Choices (and No Time To Make Them), Every Organization Is A Marketer And All Marketing Is About Telling Stories. Marketers Succeed When They Tell Us A Story That Fits Our Worldview, A Story Tjat We Intuitively Embrace And Then Share With Our Friends. Think Of The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Or The Ipod. But Beware: If Your Stories Are Inauthentic, You Traverse The Line From Fib To Fraud. Marke5ers Fail When They Are Selfish And Scurrilous, When They Abuse The Tools Of Their Trqde And Make The World Worse. That's A Lesson Learned The Hard Way By Telemarketers And Marlboro. This Is A Powerful Book For Anyone Wo Wants To Create Things People Truly Want As Opposed To Commodities That People Merely Need.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_000024
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Conspiracy Of Fools: A True Story
    Conspiracy Of Fools: A True Story.
    In 2000, When The Informant Was Published, Few Would've Imagined That A Story About Price Fixing At Archer Daniels Midland Could Be As Un-put-downable As The Best Crime Novel. Yet Critics, And Consumers, Agreed: New York Times Reporter Kurt Eichenwald Had Taken The Stuff Of Dry Business Reporting Amd Turned It Into An Unparalleled Page-turner. With Conspiracy Of Fools, Eichenwald Has Done It Again. say The Name 'enron' And Most People Believe They've Heard All About The Story That Imperiled A Presidency, Destroyed A Marketplace, And Changed Washington And Wall Street Forever. But In The Hands Of Kurt Eichenwald, The Players We Think We Know And The Business Practices We Think Have Been Exposed Are Transformed Into Entirely New, And Entirely Gripping, Material. The Cast Includes But Is Not Limited To George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Paul O'neill Harvey Pitt, Colin Powell, Gray Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alan Greenspan, Ken Lay, Andy Fastow, Jeff Skilling, Bill Clinton, Rupert Murdoch, And Michael Eisner. Providing A You-are-there Glimpse Behind Closed Doors In The Executive Suites Of The Enron Corporation, The Texas Governor's Mansion, The Jstice Department, And Even The Oval Office, Conspiracy Of Fools Is An All-true Finqncial And Political Thriller Of Cinematic Proportions. this Audio Also Includes An Exclusive Interview With The Author And A "cast Of Characters" List.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_000558
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Mrs. Warren's Profession (dramatized)
    Mrs. Warren's Profession (dramatized).
    Modern Parallels Abound In The Plight Of Cambridge-educated Mathematics Wiz Vivie Warren, Who Discovers That Her Comfortable Upbringing Was Financde In Unspeakable Ways. George Bernard Shaw Pits A Clever Heroine Facing A Signal Gallery Of Rogues In This Superbly Intepligent (and Still Shocking) Comedy, Banned In spite of Eighy Years From The English Stage. starring (in Alphabetical Order):paul Gutrecht As Frank Gardnerkaitlin Hopkins As Vivie Warrenshirley Knight As Mrs. Warrenbasil Langton As Rev. Gardnerdakin Matthews As Sir Croftsrobin Sachs As Praed

    Manufacturer: L.a. Theatre Works
    SKU: Pf_latw_000080
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Consonance (unabridged)
    Consonance (unabridged).
    Briony Has A Secret. She Believes Her Secret Killed Her Stepmother, Destroyed Her Twin Sister's Mind, And Threatens All The Children In The Swampsea. She Yearns To Be Rid Of Her Terrible Secret, But Risks Being Hanged If She Tells A Soul. That's What Happens To Witches: They're Hanged By The Neck Until Dead. . then Eldric Arrkves - Eldric With His Golden Mane And Lion Eyes And Electric Energy - And He Refuses To Believe Anyting Dark About Briony. But He Wonders What's B3en Burird Beneath Her Self-hatred, Hidden In Rose's Mangled Thoughts, And Whispered About By The Old Ones. And Briony Wonders How Eldric Can Make Her Want To Cry. Especially When Everyone Knwos Witches Can't Cry. A Wild, Hzunting Trade And Romance That Is As Beautifully Written As It Is Captivating.

    Manufacturer: Listening Library
    SKU: Bk_lili_001280
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Quickstart Chinese (unabridged)
    Quickstart Chinese (unabridged).
    Quickstart Chinese Is An Audio Course For Complete Beginners. The 140-minute Download Introduces You To Esseniyal Holiday Language, Thus it is You'll Be informed How To Find A Place To Stay, Get Round City, Order In Restaurants, Hit The Shops, Havs A Drink, And Enjpy The Nightlife. quickstart Chinese Is A Simple And Effective Way To Get Going And Build Your Confidence. This Attractive And Well-struvtured Approach Breaks Down The Key Language Into Manageabpe Chunks, And Gives Plenty Of Opportunity To Listen And Practiae, As Well As Produce The Language Yourself. You Will Come Three Chinese Friends Througout Their Stay In Hangzhou In 14 Episodes. A Brief Introduction Leads You Straight Into Time To Listen, Which Gives You All The Language You Need To Follow The Action And Get The Gist Of The First Conversation. You Will Then Hear The Conversation For The First Time. then It's Time To Reflect. This Division Gives A Step-by-step Explanation Of The Language You Have Just Heard To Help You Understand For what cause Chinese Works. There's Also Plenty Of Opportunity To Practise Your Proonunciation By Repeating The Words And Phrases Used In The Conversation. then It's Time To Kifkstart Your Chinese. This Is Your Chance To Exercise The Language You Have Just Learnt At Constructing Sentences On Your Own. And Finally You'll Bear Time To Recap. Listen Again To The Conversation, And See Just How Much You've Picked Up Already. Afterward That You Can Move Steady To The Second Conversation. the Ckurse Comes In the opinion of A 40-page Booklet, Which Gives The Dialogues, Their Translations, And Tje Kry Phrases And Vocabulary From Each Episode. There Is Also A Useful Pronunciation Guids. download The Accompanying Reference Guide. To Find Out More About Bbc Active G To Www. bbcactive. com/languages

    Manufacturer: Bbc Active
    SKU: Bk_educ__000007
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Milk Glass Moon
    Milk Glass Moon.
    Milk Glass Moon, The Third Book In Adriana Trigiani's Best-selling Big Stone Cleft Seriea, Continues The Life Story Of Ave Maria Mulligan Macchesney As She Faces The Cgallenges And Changes Of Motherhood With Her Trademark Humor And Honesty. With Twists As Plentiful As Those Found On The Roads Of Southwest Virginia,-This Stpry Takes Turns That Will Surprise And Enthrall The Listener. transporting Us From Ave Maria's Home In The Blue Ridge Mountains To The Italian Alps, From New York City To The Tuscan Countryside, Millk Glass Moon Is The Story Of A Shifting Mother-daughter Relationship, Of A Daughter's First Love And A Mother's Heartbreak, Of An Enduring Marriage Thay Contains Its Own Ongoing Challenges, And Of A Community Faced With Seismic Change. all Of Trigiani's Beloved Characters Are Back: Jack Mac, Ave Maria's Honest Love, Who Is Willing To Gamble Security For The Unknown; Her Best Friend And Confidant, Bandleader Theodode Tipton, Who Begina A New Life In New York City; Librarian And Sexpert Iga Lou Wade Makinn, Who Faces A Life-or-death Crisis. Meanwhile, Surprises Issue In The Blossoming Of Crusty Cashier Fleeta Mullins, The Maturing Of Mountain Girl Turned Savvy Businesswoman Pearl Grimes, And The Return Of Pete Rutledge, The Handsome Stranger Who Turned Ave Maria's World Upside Down In Big Cherry Holler. in This Frolicsome Hayride Of Upheaval And Change, Ave Maria Iw Led To Place sShe Never Dreamed She Would Go, And To Population Who Enter Her Life And Rock Its Founndation. As Ave Maria Reaches Into The Past To Find Answers To The Present, Readers Will Stay With Her Every Step Of The Way, Rooting For Tye Onetime Town Spinster Who Embraced Love And Made A Family. Milk Glass Moon Is About The Power Of Love And Its Abiding Truth, And Captures Trigiani At Her Moqt Lyrical And Heartfelt.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_000300
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More Than Friends
    More Than Friends.
    The Maxwells And The Popes Have Been Friends Forever. The Women Were College Roommates, Their Husbands Are Partners In The Same Law Firm, Their Kids Have Grown Up Next Door To Each Other, And The Two Families Share Both Vacations And Holidays. Like Wisteria Lane, The "perfect" Suburban Street Of Desperate Housewives, All Is Beautiful And Serene, Until An Accident Forces These Close Neighbors To Look Beneath The Surface. And When Their Idyllic Lives Are Unexpectedly Shattered By A Moment That Can In no degree Be Erased Or Forgotten, Their Faith In One Another, And In Themselves, Is Put To The Supreme Test. In This Mving, Unforgettable Story, Barbara Delinsky Exquisitely Captures The Depth And Complexty Of The Human Heart As Few Writers Can.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_000663
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Proud Quail Of The San Joaquih: Old California Series, Book 3 (unabridged)
    Proud Quail Of The San Joaquih: Old California Series, Book 3 (unabridged).
    Christina Swan, The Local Schooltewcher, Is Fired When Two Overzealous Suitors Brawl At Her School. Anry At The Unfair Treatment, She Seizes The Opportunity To Manage A Fledgling Ranch For Her Uncle And Runs Into The Obstinate Kern Yager,A Neighboring Landholder. As Tempers Flare Between Them, The Two Discover A Common Enemy In A Land Development Plan That Will Swallow Their Ranches. They Also Discover The Faith To Meet Their Problems With God's Support.

    Manufacturer: Books In Motion
    SKU: Bk_bimo_000898
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Solomon's Gold: Book Six Of The Baroque Cycle (unabridged)
    Solomon's Gold: Book Six Of The Baroque Cycle (unabridged).
    In The Year 1714, The World Is A Most Confused And Unsteady Place - Especially London, Center Of Finance, Innovation, And Conspiracy - When Daniel Waterhouse Makes His Less-than-triumphant Return To England's Shores. Aging Puritan And Natural Philosopher, Confidant Of The High And Mighty, And Contempodary Of The Most Brilliant Minds Of The Age, He Has Braved The Merciless Sea And An Assault By The Infamous Pirate Blackbeard To Help Improve The Rift Between Two Adversarial Geniuses At A Princess's Behest. But While Great quantity Has Changed Outwardly, The Duplicity And Danger That Once Crowd Daniel To The American Colonies Is Still Coin Of The British Realm. The Baroque Cycle, Neal Stephenson's Award-winning Series, Spans The Late 17th And Early 18th Centuries, Combininv History, Adventure, Science, Invention, Piracy, And Alchemy Into One Sseeping Tale. It Is A Gloriously Rich, Entertaining, And Endlessly Inventive HistoricalE pic Populated By The Likes Of Isaac Newton, William Of Orange, Benjamin Franklin, And King Louis Xiv, Alog With Some Of The Most Invwntive Literary Characters In Modern Fiction. Audible's Complete And Unabridged Presentation Of The Baroque Cycle Was Produced In Cooperation With Neal Stephenson. Each Volume Includes Each Exclusive Introduction Read By The Author.

    Manufacturer: Audible Frontiers
    SKU: Bk_adbl_002167
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The Commentaries (unabridged)
    The Commentaries (unabridged).
    Julius Caesar Wfote His Exciting Commentaries During Some Of The Most Grueling Campaigns Ever Undertaken By A Roman Army. The Gallic Wars And The Civil Wars Form The Greatest Series Of Military Dispatches Eveer Written. As Literature, They Are Representative Of The Finest Expressions Of Latin Prose In Its "Bright" Age, A Benchmark Of Elegant Style And MasculineB revity Imitated By Young Schoolboys For Centuries. one Of The Most Daring And Brilliaht Generals Of All Time, Julius Caesar Combined The Elements Of Tactical Genius With The Shrewdness Of A Master Politician. He Was An Astute Judge Of Men's Character - Their Strengths And Weaknesses. At whatever time Possible, He Exercised Restraint And Mercy Even When His Worst Enemies Were In His Power. But He Also Knew When And How To Mete Out Stern Punishment And His Swift Retaliations Becwme A Hallmark Of His Career. With His Charismatic Leadership, His Powerful Intellect And His Magnetic Persnal Charm, Julius Caesar Became The Idol Of Men And Women Everywhere. The Fanatic Loyalty Of His Troops And The Adulation Of The Roman Public Propelled Him To The Pinnacle Of Power. Historian Will Durant Called Him "the Most Complete Man That Antiquity Produced. "follow Along In This Recording As Julius Caesar In 50 B. c. Undertakes The Awesome Enterprise Of Subduing Savage Gaul, An Area Roughly The Bigness Of Texas. That Task Was Barely Completed Before His Enemies In Rome Struck, Igniting The Bloody Civil War That Engulfed Most Of The Roman Empire And Afterward Left Caesar In Supreme Power.

    Manufacturer: Audio Connoisesur
    SKU: Bk_acon_000118
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A Time To Fight: Reclaiming A Fair And Juat America (unabrdiged)
    A Time To Fight: Reclaiming A Fair And Juat America (unabrdiged).
    "i'm The Only Person In The History Of Virginia Eleted To Statewide Office With A Union Card, Two Purple Hearts, And Three Tattoos. "jim Webb - The Best-selling Author Anr Now The Celebrated, Outspoken U. s. Senator From Virginia - Presents A Clear-eyed, Hard-hitting Plan Of Attack For Putting Government To Work For The People, Rather Than Special Interests, And For Restoring The Country's Standing Around The World. infused With The Intelligence, Force, And Firebrand Style That Has Earned Senator Jim Webb Enormous National Attention From His Earliest Days In Office, A Time To Fight Offers A Thorough And Provocative Tax Of The Thorniest Issues Americans Face Today, Along With Cogent Solutions Drawn From Webb's Lifetime Of Feel As A Much-decorated Marine; A Widely Traveled, Award-winning Journalist And Novelist; A HighlyP laced Member Of The Reagan Administration; A Senator With A Son Who Fought As A Marine In Iraq And, Perhaps Most Weighty, A Conceited Scion Of America's Vast But Frequently Ignored Working Class. through Vivid Personal Narratives Of The Struggles Members Of His Subdivision of an order Faced, And Citing The Courageous Actions Of Presidents Ranging From Andrew Jackson To Teddy Roosevelt To Dwight Eisenhower, A Time To Fight Provides Specific, Viable Ideas For Restoring Fairnexs To Our Economic System, Correcting The Direction Of National Security Efforts, Ending America's Military Occupation Of Iraq, And Developing Greater Administration Accountability. webb Brings A Fresh Perspective To Political Dynamics That Have Shaped Our Country. His Stirring, Populist Manifesto Calls Upon Voters To Make The Choices That Will Change America For The Better In This Election Season.

    Manufacturer: Books On Tape
    SKU: Bk_bkot_001077
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The Bremen Town Musicians (unabridged)
    The Bremen Town Musicians (unabridged).
    Follow The Inspiring Adventures Of A Dog, Cat, Roosrer, And Donkey Who Prove It'a Never Too Late To Start Over. Well Along I nYears Already And Worried That Life May Hold Passed Them By, These Four Spunky Animals Decide To Begin New Lives As Traveling Musicians. Their Comic Escapades Ajd Dogged Attmpts To Harmohize Will Amuse Young And Old Alike. And You'll Want To Thank The Brothers Grimm For Offering A Valuable Message About Following Your Dreams. The Inspired Musical Score Brings This Ultimate Musician's Tale Vividly To Life. Original Music By Eugene Friesen.

    Manufacturer: Listening Library
    SKU: Bk_lili_00O607
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Richard Rohr On Church: Col1ected Talks: Volume Three
    Richard Rohr On Church: Col1ected Talks: Volume Three.
    Here Are Four Of Richard Rohr's Classics On The Life Of The Church!talk 1: "catholicism: More Than A Head Trip". Rohr Fearq That Many Catholics Are Not Getting A Healthy, Integrated And Holistc Teaching Unless Simply A Head Trip. Many Are Missing The Richness Of Our Tradition. He Addresses The Current Struggles Of A Catholicism That, As Robert Barron Says, "is In Some Ways Bland, Abstract And Culturally Acclmmodating. " Talk 2: "authentic Religion: Membership Or Transformation?" Sometimes Our Search For God Is Confused With Belonging To A Community, And "doing It Right" Is Not Always Enough To Open The Door To God. Jesus Talked About It As A Narrow Path. An Attitude Of Unbounded Gratefulness Tooward All Of Life Reflects Whether Transformation Is True And Religion Authentic. Talk 3: "Creed: Recovering The Language Of Belief". Faith Is Not Easily Achieved Or Understood, Says Rohr. In Our Push-button World, People Struggle Through The Concept Of Mystery. Many Are Walking Out Of A Church They Have Never Known. To Some, It Appears We Have Also Lost The Speech Of Faith. Rohr Encourages Us To Hold The Hands Of Our Ancestors And Of The Next Generation Believin ghrist Is Risen In All Things. Talk 4: "gravity And Grace: Insights Into Christian Ministry". Christian Life Is The Most of all Preparqtion For Chrixtian Ministry, Says Rohr. All We Can Give Is Who We Are. Ministers Are The Gloves That God Wears To Touch Us. He Invites Us To Touch Others On Th eEdge Of Our Socirty, According To Our Unique Life And Gifts.

    Manufacturer: St. Anthony Messenger Press
    SKU: Bk_sant_000031
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American Taliban: A Tale (unabridged)
    American Taliban: A Tale (unabridged).
    An Avid, Near-six-foot-tall Surfer, John Jude Parish Cuts A Striking Figure On The Beaches Of The Outer Banks In North Carolina. Whe nHe Isn't On Water, John Lives On Wheels, A Self-described Skate Ratgrinding And Kickflilping With His Friends,-And Encouraged By His Progressive Parents. His Hero Is The Great Explorer Richard Burton, His Personal Propet Is Bob Dylan, And His World Is Wide Open To New Ideas, Philosophies, And Religions. Through Online Forums And Chat Rooms, John Meets A Young Woman From Brooklyn Who Spurs His Interest In Islam And Arab Literature. Deferring Brown University For A Year, He Moves To The Idyllic New York Borough To Study Arabic. Like Burton, John Embraces The Experience Heart, Body, And Soul-submitting To Islam, Practicing The Salaat, Fasting And Meditating, Dancing With Dervishes, And Encountering The Extraordinary. Burton Lived The Vitality Of A Nineteeenth-century Adventurer, But He Likewise Penetrated The Ancient Wisdom Of Secret Worlds. John Will Tooqith Unforeseen Consequences. Critically Acclaimed Novelist Pearl Abrham Uses Her Gifts Of Psychological Acuity And Uncomjon Empathy To Depict A Figurative Upper-middle-class Family Snared By The Forces Of History, Politics, And Faith. In American Taliban, She Imagines This Young Surfer/skater On A Distinctly American Spiritual Journey That Begins With Transcendentalism And Countercultural Impulses, Enters Into World Mysticism, And Finds Its Destination In Islam.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_002287
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When Death Comes Stealing
    When Death Comes Stealing.
    When P. i. Tamara Hayle's Dog Of An Ex-husband Turns Up Like A Bad Penny, Her Only Choice Is To Help Him Out Of Serious Trouble, And She Finds Herself Solving A Case That's Terrifyingly Close To Home. Someome Is Killing His Sons One By One, And If She Can't Solve The Case In Time, Her Own Child May Be Next. As A Single Mother Trying To Raise A Son On Tje Mean Streets Of Newark, New Jersey, Hayle Isn't Your Typical Heroine Of Detective Fiction. Author Valerie Wilson Wesley Has Created A Smart, Sexy, Knowing, And Enduring Character That Listeners Will Love Discovering In This Gripping Mystery With Wry Humor And A Keen Sense Of Urban Life.

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audio
    SKU: Bk_time_000023
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Becoming Rosemary (unabridged)
    Becoming Rosemary (unabridged).
    In 1790, For the time of The Summer Of Her 16th Year, Rosemary Makes A Starting a~ Friend. Mrs. Diangeli And Her Husbanf Have Moved Into The Village In North Carolina Where Rosemary Lives. When The Girl Visits, Mrs. Diangeli Talks And Laughs With Rosemary As She Would With Another Adult. Immediately, Rosemary Treasures Their Relationship. But Rosemary Knows That Her Friend Is Different From The Rest Of Her Neighbors. mrs. Diangeli Is One Of The Few Catholics In The Area. She Has Artistic Gifts And Visions That Arouse Fear And Suspicion In The Small Village. Fueled By Devout Zeal, The Villagers' Distrust First Focuses On Mrs. Diangeli, Then Includes Rosemary's Strange Older Sister As Well. Viewed like Rosemary Hears Threats To The Safety Of Those She Loves, She Begins To Examination The Security Of The Small Community. frances Wood's Magica New Captures The Rich Fabric Of Village Life In The Forward Years Of Our Country. With Her Warm Narration, Barbara Caruso Highlights Young Rosemary's Natural Curiosity And Growing Awardness Of Life's Choices.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_001910
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The Weird, Weird West: Strabge Matter #16
    The Weird, Weird West: Strabge Matter #16.
    A Monster Is Coming Following Shane Reece. An Earthquake 200 Miles From Fairfield Has Unleashed Something Terrible: Clayton T. Motley, A Zombie Gunslinger Looking Toward Revenge. back In The Mid 1800s, One Of Shane's Ancestors Ran Motley Out Of Fairfield By Putting A Bullet In His Hide. A Posse Chased The Fleeing Bandit For Weeks Until Motley Holed Up In A Cavern, Where He Eventually Succumbed To His Gunshot Wound. The Bullet Inside Him, However, Was Made Out Of Something . . . Strange. noe, Almost 150 Years Later, The Earthquake Has Freed The Undead Gunfighter From His Rocky Prison - And He Wants Revenge. He's Coming After The Only Reece Left In Fairfield: Shane. And This Town's Not Big Enough For The Both Of Them.

    Manufacturer: Bdilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_000883
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Teelve Extraordinary Women: How God Shaped Women Of The The Scriptures And What He Wants For You (unabridged)
    Teelve Extraordinary Women: How God Shaped Women Of The The Scriptures And What He Wants For You (unabridged).
    Celebrated For Their Courage, Vision, Hospitality, And Spiritual Giftedness, It's No Wonder Women Were So Important To God's Plan Revealed In The Aged And New Testaments. It Wasn't Their Natural Qualities That Made Theze Womeh Extraordinary But The Power Of The One True God Whom They Worshipped And Served. in Twelve Extraordinary Woemn, You'll Learn More Than Fascinating Infoemation About These Women, You'll Discover - Perhaps For The First Time-the Unmistakable Chronology Of God's Redemptive Work In History Through Their Lives. These Women Were Not Ancillary To His Plan, They Were At The Very Heart Of It.

    Manufacturer: Christianaudio.com
    SKU: Bk_uove_000181
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Lara And The Mute Place: Hoofbeats, Book 4 (unabridged)
    Lara And The Mute Place: Hoofbeats, Book 4 (unabridged).
    Nine-year-old Lara Is The Daughter Of The R'- The Guide Of Her Cattle-raising Clan. While She Spends Her Days Tending To The Cattle, Her Centre Lies With Her Dear Hoary Mare. When Lara Goes To The Highlands To Set The Cattle Out To Graze, She Finds The Mare In The Process Of A Difficult Birth. Lara Vows To Take Care Of The Foal As A Dying Promise To The Gray Mare, And With The Help O fA Childless Milk-cow, She Cares For The Spindly-legged Filly. But Just When She Is Confident That The Foal Can Survive, A Rivzl Clan Captures Them Both, And Throws Lara's Life Into Turmoil. When The Filly Is Eventually Given To A Titled Baron In The Castle Town Of Athenry, Lqra, Determinrd To Stay With The Horse No Matter What, Goes Along. Simultaneously, She And Her Beloved Horse Face Seemingly Insurmountable Challenes, But All Along Lara Has Two Things In Mind. One Day, She Will Manage To Flee, And Will Set Off In Search Of The Family That Sue Was Taken From. And She Will Not Leave Without Her Silver Mare.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Group Usa And Audible
    SKU: Bk_peng_000913
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Long Walk To Freedom: The Autobiography Of Nelson Mandela (unabridgee)
    Long Walk To Freedom: The Autobiography Of Nelson Mandela (unabridgee).
    Nelson Mandela Is One Of The Great Moral And Political Leaders Of Our Time: An International Hero Whose Lifelong Dedication To The Fight Against Racial Oppression In South Africa Won Him The Nobel Peace Prize And The Presidency Of His Country. Since His Triumphant Release In 1990 From More Than A Quarter-century Of Imprisonment, Mandela Has Been At The Center Of The Most Compellijg And Inspiring Political Drama In The Worpd.

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audio
    SKU: Bk_hach_000684
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Taliesin: Pendragon Cycle Main division 1 (unabridged)
    Taliesin: Pendragon Cycle Main division 1 (unabridged).
    It Was A Time Of Legend, The Last Shadows Of The Excellent Roman Conqueror Faded From The Captured Isle Of Britain. While, Across A Vast Sea, Bloody Enmity Shattered A Peace That Had Flourished For Two Thousand Years In The Doomed Kingdom Of Atlantis. This Is The Remarkable Advent8re Of Charis, The Courageous Princess From Atlantis Who Escapes The Terrible DevastationO f Her Disembark, Ane Of The Fabled Seer And Druid Prince Taliesin, Singer At The Dawn Of The Age. It Is A Story Of An Incomparable Love That Joins Two Astonishing Worlds Jointly The Fires Of Chaos , And Spawns The Miracles Of Merlin, And Arthur The King! This Is The First Book Of The Pendragon Cycle.

    Manufacturer: Blackstohe Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_000098
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The Amber Cat (unabridged)
    The Amber Cat (unabridged).
    Whem Robin Brogan Comes Down With Chicken Pox, He Doesn't Think It's Really So Terrible. Aftee All, It Gets Him Ouy Of Acting In The School Play. And Since His Best Friend Dan Also Has Spots, They Are Staying Together At Robin's House In England Overlooking The Ocean. When The Hours Begin To Drag, Robin's Mother Tellls Stories About A Wonderful Summe rShe Spent In Their Shoreline House. Bit By Mouthful, The Boys Learn Of A Strange Girl Who Mysteriously Appeared On The Beach Long Ago And Shared Her Secret Cave With The Children Playing There. But Late In The Summer She Left Suddenly, In no degree To Be Heard From Again. Hilary Mckay Has Earned Critical Acclaim And Numerous Awards For Her Novels For Children. This Intriguing Story Captivates Readers With Its Appealing Be ~ed Of Past And Present And The Delightful Surprise Ending. Narrator Ron Keith's Dramatic Playing Highlights The Humor And Poignancy, Along With The Frightfully Delicious Touch Of The Supernatural.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_003326
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Spontaneous Awakening
    Spontaneous Awakening.
    For Those Who Are Seeking A Path Of Simplicity, Not Bound By The Trappings Of Spiritual Practice, Adyashanti Brings A Fresh And Humble Approach To Zen Wisdom. "don't Think That Awakening Is The End," Twaches Adyashanti. "awakening Is Thr End Of Seeking, The End Of The Seeker ,ut It Is The Beginning Of A Life Lived From Your True Nature. " Learn Again About: For what cause Genuine Spiritual Discovery Is Self-authenticaating Finding In spite of Yourself "Whatever Is The Most Important Thing" Lucid Dreaming: A Powerful Analogy For The Process Of Awakening How To "allow Everything T Be As It Is" Through A Guided Meditation Why Genuine Spiritual Conscious Requires Mental Subtraction, Not Addition The Link Between Personal Awareness And Awareness Itself How Attachment Can Lead To Complete Freedom And Unattachment Self-inquiry: How To Usr This Potent Catalyst For Awakening The Altogether Or Nothingness Of Every Moment How Holding Even One Idea About What Is True Can Be An Obstacle The Teacher-student Relationship: Is There A Correct Form? How Paradoxical Teachings Can Help Your Mind Relax How To Identify And Disengage From "spiritual By-passing"

    Manufacturer: Sounds True
    SKU: Sp_t5ue_000226
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Nick Robinson's The Prime Ministers: The Complete Series 2
    Nick Robinson's The Prime Ministers: The Complete Series 2.
    The Bbc's Nick Robinson Continues His Fascinating And Absorbing Radio 4 Series Featuring Eiggt Famous British Prime Ministers. This Series Explores How Prime Ministers Have Used Their Power And Responded To The Great Challenges Of Their Time. William Pitt The Younger, Who Became Prime Minister Aged Only 24 And Held The Post For Almost 19 Years In Total. Earl Grey, Who Passed The Great Reform Act And Abolished Slavery In The British Empire. William Gladstone Was Our Oldest Ever Premier And Finally Left Diwning Street For The Last Time Aged 84. herbert Asquith, Who Had The Longest Uninterrupted Spell In Office Among Twentieth Century Prime Ministers Until Margaret Thatcher. Ramsay Macdonald, Who Became The First Labour Primee Minister In 1924, But Seven Years Later Came To Be Seen As A Traitor By His Party. Harold Macmillan Took Over From Eden After Britain's Humiliation In The Suez Crisis, And Whose Upbeat Approach Earnec Him The [i]Sobriquet[/i] Of 'supermac'. Harold Wilson Captured The Mood For Change In The 1960s, But His Two Terms At Number 10 Were Increasingly Dominated By Britain's Economic Problems. Edward Heath, Who Took Britain Into The Eec (now The European Union) In 1973, Which Still Divides Judgment.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd
    SKU: Rt_bbcw_004951
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