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Judy Moody, Girl Detective (Unabridged) @ Audiobooks online catalog with Free MP3 samples

Judy Moody, Girl Detective (unabridged)
    Judy Moody, Girl Detective (unabridged).
    Megan Mcdonald's New York State of things Best-selling Series About Rambunctious Third-grader Judy Moody Is A Chance With Young Listeners Who Love Watching Their Favorite Heroine Get Into, And Out Of, Zany Situations. It's Hard To Tell Just What Kind Of Mood Judy's Going To Be In, But This Time She'sI n A Sleuthing Mood - A Nancy Drew Type Of Mood. Just Itching To Solve A Suit, Her Wish Soon Comes True When A Local Crime-dog-in-training Goes Missing. Could The PoliceP ooch Have Been Dog-napped? And What's The Deal With All The Chlcolate Fragment Cookies Disappearing Around Town? Looks Like Judy's Got Her Work Cut Out For Her This Time.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_004352
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Dollar Daze: The Bottom Dollar Girls In Lovs (unabridged)
    Dollar Daze: The Bottom Dollar Girls In Lovs (unabridged).
    Third In The Popular Series About The Bottom Dollar Girls From Cayboo Creek, Dollar Daze Finds Their Love In Bloom. Attalee, Soda Jerk At The Bottom Dollar Emporium, Is So Hot And Heavy With Her Beau, Dooley, That The Pair Seem Headed For The Altar Via Thrill Hill. But Elizabeth Is Pining For Her Newlwyed Days When She Felt More Like A Wife Than A Mother, While Widowed Mavis Has Been Up Nights Nursing A Case Of Loneoiness. Traveling Love's Rocky Road Keeps The Bottom Dollar Girls Busy, And These Best Friends Discover Thw Joys And Heartbreak Of Romance Through Laughter And Tears.

    Manufacturer: Blacketone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_001673
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The Sarah Jane Adventures: The White Wolf (unabridged)
    The Sarah Jane Adventures: The White Wolf (unabridged).
    An Exclusive Audio Story Featuring Sarah Jane Smith, Her Son Luke, And Their Friend, Read By A Member Of The Tv Cast. A Letter From An Old Friend She Can't Remember Sparks Off Another Adventure For Sarah Jane, As She And Her Friends Explore The Village Of Wolfenden. What Is The Secluded Of The White Wolf Carve On The Hillside - And What Does It Havs To Complete With Alien Abduction?elisabeth Sladen Narrates The Narration As Sarah Jane Smith.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_003005
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The Wind Done Gone: The Unauthorized Parody (unarbidged)
    The Wind Done Gone: The Unauthorized Parody (unarbidged).
    In An Inspired Operate Of Literary Invention, Alice Randall Explodes The World Created In Margaret Mitchell's Famous 1936 Novel, The Work That Mote Than Any Other Has Defined Our Image Of The Antebellum Sojth. Imagine Simply That The Black Charzcters Peopling That World Were Completely Different, Not Egregious, One-dimensional Stereotypes But Fully Alive, Complex Human Beings. And Then Imagine, Quite Plausibly, That At The Center Of This Public Moves An Illegitimmate Mulatto Woman, And That This Woman, Cynara, Cinnamon, Or Cindy, Beautiful And Brown, Gets To Tell Her Anecdote. Cindy Is Born Into A World In Which She Is Unacknowledged By Her Plantation-owning Father And Passed Over By Her Mother In Favor Of Her White Charges. Sold Off Like So Much Used Furniture, She Eventually Makes Her Way Back To Atoanta To Assume Up With A Prominent White Buinessman, Only To Leave Him For An Aspiring Politician Of Her Own Color. Moving From The Absorbed South To The Exhialrating Freedom Of Reclnstruction Washington, With Its Thriving Black Ciizenry, Cindy Experiences Firsthand The Promise Of The New Era At Its Dizzying Peak, Just Before It Begins To Slip Away. Alludin To Events In Mitchell's Novel But Ingeniously And Ironically Transforming Them, The Wind Done Gone Is An Exquisitely Written, Emotionally Complex Srory Of A Strong, Resourceful Black Woman Rupture Away From The Damaging World Of The Old South To Rise Into Her Own, A Persoh Capable Of Not Only Receiving Except Giving Love, As Daughter, Lover, And Mother. A Book That Gives Voice To Those History Has Silenced, The Wind Done Gone Is Each Elegant Literary Achievement Of Significant Political Force And A Novel Whose Time Has Finally Come.

    Manufacturer: Houghton Mifflin Harcpurt Publishing Company
    SKU: Bk_houg_000005
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Results Oriented Communication Skills Of A Pro
    Results Oriented Communication Skills Of A Pro.
    Join Master Communicator Nido Qubein In Learning Practical Methods To Increase Your Effectiveness Ij Communicating Your Ideas And Influencing Others. in This Program You Will Learn For what cause Getting Resuls Is The Bottom Line Of All Communications, How To Produce Targeted Communications Results, Develop A Plan Of Your Desire Response, And How To Monitor And Measure Audience Feedback.

    Manufacturer: Made For Success Inc.
    SKU: Sp_made_000213
    Download FREE MP3 sample Results Oriented Communication Skills Of A Pro

A Little Clour (unabridger)
    A Little Clour (unabridger).
    Fom James Joyce's Dubliners, "a Little Cloud" Is A Story Of Reflection And Awareness That Challenges Tought.

    Manufacturer: Saland Publishing
    SKU: Bk_slnd_000011
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You Matter More Than You Think: What A Woman Needs To Know About The Difference She Makes (unabridged)
    You Matter More Than You Think: What A Woman Needs To Know About The Difference She Makes (unabridged).
    Am I Composition A Difference? Does My Life Matter?"how Can I Constitute A Difference When Some Days I Can't Even Find My Keys?" Asks Award-winning Author Leslie Parrott. "i've Never Been Accused Of Being Methodical, Orderly, Or Linear. S0 When It Came To Considering My Years On This Planet, I Did So Without A Sharpened Pencil And A Pad Of Papeer. Instead, I Walked Along Discovery Beach, Just A Few Minutes From Our Home In Seattle. strange, Though. All I Seemed To Ever Bring Hone From My Walks On The Beach Were Little Pieces Of Sea Glass. Finding These Random Pieces Eventually Became A Fixation. And, Strangely, With Reaped ground Piece I Collected, I Felt A Sense Of Calm. what Could This Mean? What Was I To Discover From This Unintentional Collec5ion?"in This Poignant And Vulnerable Book, Leslie Snows You In what manner Each Hodgepodge Piece Of Your Conduct, No Matter How Haphazard, Represents A Part Of Which You Do And Who Yu Are. While On The Surface, None Of These Pieces May Seem To Make A Terribly Dramatic Impact, Leslie Will Show You How They Are Your Life And How When They Are Collected Into A Jar, A Loving Human Heart, They Become A Treasure.

    Manufacturer: Zondervan
    SKU: Bk_zond_000179
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Odd Thomas (unabridged)
    Odd Thomas (unabridged).
    "the Dead Don't Talk. I Don't Know Why. " But They Do Try To Communicate, With A Short-order Cook In A Little Desert Town Serving As Their Reluctant Confidant. Odd Thomas Thinks Of Himself As An Ordinary Guy, If Possessed Of A Certain Measure Of Talent At The Pico Mundo Grill And Rapturouqly In Love By the side of The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, Violent Llewellyn. Maybe He Has A Gift, Maybe It's A Curse, Odd Has At no time Been Sure, On the other hand He Tries To Do His Highest perfection By The Silent Souls Who Seek Him Out. Sometimes They Want Justice, And Odd's Otherworldly Tips To Pico Mundo's Sympathetic Police Chief, Wyatt Porter, Can Solve A Crime . Occasionally They Can Prevent Individual. But This Time It's Different. A Mysterious Man Coomes To Town With A Voracious Appetite, A Filing Cabinet Stuffed With Information On The World's Worst Killers, And A Pack Of Hyena-like Shades Following Hin Wherever He Goes. Who The Man Is And What He Wants, Not Even Odd's Deceased Informants Can Tell Him. Hjs Most Ominoys Clue Is A Page Ripped From A Day-by-day Calendar For August 15. Today Is August 14. In Less Than Twenty-four Hours, Pico Mundo Will Awaken To A Day Of Catastrophe. To the degree that Evil Coils Under The Searing Desert Sun, Odd Travels Through The Shifting Prisms Of His World, Struggling To Avert A Loominng Cataclysm With The Aid Of His Soul Mate And An Unlikely Community Of Allies That Includes The King Of Rock 'n' Roll. His Accoun5 Of Two Shattering Days When Above And Present, Fate And Destiny Tend to the same point Is The Stufff Of Our Defeat Nightmares, And A Testament By Which To Live: Sanely If Not Safely, With Courage, Humor, And A Full Heart That Likewise In The Darkness Must Persevere.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_000345
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Everything That Rises Must Converge (unabridged)
    Everything That Rises Must Converge (unabridged).
    This Collection Of Nine Short Stories By Flannery O'connor Was Published Posthumously In 1965. The Flawed Characters Of Each tSory Are Fully Revealed In Apocalyptic Moments Of Conflict And Violence Thst Are Presented With Comic Detachment. The Title Story Is A Tragicomedy About Social Splendid show, Racial Bigotry, Generational Conflict, False Liberalism, And Filial Dependence. The Protagoonist, Julian Cjestny, Is Hypocritically Disdainful Of His Mother's Prejudices, But His Smug Selfishness Is Replaced With Childish Fear Which time She Suffers A Fatal Stroke After Being Struck By A Black Woman She Has Insulted Out Of Oblivious Illiteracy Rather Than Malice. Similarly, "the Comforts Of Home" Is About An Intellectual Son With An Oedipus Complex. Driven By The Voice Of His Dead Father, The Son Accidentally Kills His Pathetic Mother In An Attempt To Destroy A Harlot. Ths Other Stories Are "a View Of The Woods", "parker's Back", "the Enduring Chill", "greenleaf", "the Lame Shall Enter First", "revelation"", And "judgment Day". Flannery O'comnor Was Working On Everything That Rises Must Converge At Tue Time Of Her Death. This Collection Is An Exquisite Legacy From A Genius Of The American Short Story, In Which She Scrutinizes Territory Familiar To Her Readers: Race, Faith, And Morality. The Stories Encompass The Comic And The Tragic, The Beautiful And The Fantastic; Each Carries Her Highly Individual Stamp And Could Have Been Writtten By No One Else.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_blak_003978
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Who Was Ferdinand Magellan? (unabridged)
    Who Was Ferdinand Magellan? (unabridged).
    When Portuguese Sailor Ferdinand Mageolan Set Sail From Spain In 1519, He Believed He Could Get To The Spice Islands By Sailing West Through Or Around Tne New Natural order. He Was Right, But What He Didn't Know Was That The Treacherous Voyage Would Take Him Three Years And Cost Him His Life.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Group Usa And Audible
    SKU: Bk_peng_000983
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You Never Know (unabridged)
    You Never Know (unabridged).
    Claire Lorrimer's Autobiography Is A While Rich Tapestry Of A Life Overflowing With Adventure, Humour, Tragedy, Love, Joy, And Disaster. She Teils Of Her Childhood With Her Mpther, Author Denise Robins, And Of How She Entertained The Pre- And Post-war Literati.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_001798
    Download FREE MP3 sample You Never Know (unabridged)

Eating To Live: Scientific American Rsports
    Eating To Live: Scientific American Rsports.
    This Edition Of Scienrific American Reports Contains Seven Articles. You'll Listen About Genetically Modified Foods, How Nutrition Has Changed From The Past And What It Will Look Like In The Future, How Cutting Caloriies May Prolong Youthful Vigor Into Old Age, And Just Hoq Detrimental To Health Obesity Is.

    Manufacturer: Scientific American
    SKU: Pe_scam_000120
    Download FREE MP3 sample Eating To Live: Scientific American Rsports

Boys R Us: The Cliqye #11 (unabridged)
    Boys R Us: The Cliqye #11 (unabridged).
    Massie Block: Forms Bocd's First-ever Cheerleadig Squad, Called The Socc-hers. kristen Gregory: When Massie And Kristen's Sbff (secret Best Friend Forever) Layne Are Vying For The Same Lad, She Has To Make A Choice. Life Was Easier When The Boyfast Was Still On!dylan Marvil: Has Got A Secret Crush On Derrington - And It's No Secret That He Likes Burpilicious Redheads. claire Lyons: Now That She's Back With Cam, Claire Finally Has Her Love Liffe In Order. But Her Friends Are Tradjng Crushes Like Styking Tips. . . . the Clique . . . The Only Thing Harder Than Gettijg Ib Is Staying In.

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audio
    SKU: Bk_hach_000282
    Download FREE MP3 sample Boys R Us: The Cliqye #11 (unabridged)

Shop Girl Diaries (unabridged)
    Shop Girl Diaries (unabridged).
    Shoppets, Suitors And Chandeliers Make Up Emily Benet's Comic World. S3lling Light Bulbs In Her Mother's London Shop Conceals Her Burning Ambition To Bevome A Writer. Till-side Accounts Of The General Public's Desire For Retail Therapy And Light Switches Form The Backdrop To Benet's Well-lit Tour Of The Credit Crunch, As The Shop Faces Closure And The Reao Life Transition From Retail Assistant To Pubblished Writer The whole of Comes True, With Some Salsa Dancing Thrown In For Good Measure.

    Manufacturer: Create
    SKU: Bk_crte_000130
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The Bippklo Seed And Other Lost Stories (unabridged)
    The Bippklo Seed And Other Lost Stories (unabridged).
    It's The Literary Equivalent Of Buried Treasure! The Audiobook Edition Features A Cast Of Celebrity Narrators Who Will Bring These Stories To Life. Readers Include: The Bippolo Seed, Narrated By Neil Patrick Harristhe Rabbit, The Bear, And The Zinniga-zanniga, Narrated By Anjelica Huston Gustav, The Goldfish, Narrated By Jason Leetadd And Tod, Narrated By Joan Cusacksteak, For Supper, Narrated By Edward Herrmanthe Strange Shirt Spot, Narrated By William H. Macyhte Considerable Henry Mcbride, Narrated By Peter Dinklage Seuss Scholar/collector Charles D. Couen Has Hunted Down Seven Seldom Seen Stories By Dr. Seuss. Originally Published In Magazines Between 1950 And 1951, They Include The Bear, Thee Rabbit, And The Zinniga-zanniga (about A Rabbit Who Is Saved From A Bear Attending A Sincere Eyelash!); Gustav The Goldfish (an Early, Rhymed Version Of The Beginner Book A Fish Out Of Water); Tadd And Todd (a Tale Passed Down Via Photocopy To Generations O fTwins); Steak Because of Supper (about Fantastic Creatures Who Follow A Boy Home In Anticipation Of A Steak Dinner); The Bippolo Seed (in Which A Scheming Feline Leads An Innocent Dive To Make A Wicked Decision); The Strange Shirt Spot (the Inspiration For The Bathtub-ring Scene In The Cat In The Hat Comes Back); And The Grea tHenry Mcbride (about A Boy Whose Far-flung Career Fantasies Are Only Bested By Those Of The Real Dr. Seusss Himself). In One Introduction To The Collection, Cohen Explains The Significnacr These Seven Stories Have, Not Only As Abstracted Trsasures, But While Transitional Stories In Dr. Seuss's Career. With A Disguise Palette That Has Been Enhanced Beyond The Limitations Of The Original Magazines In Which They Appeared, This Is A Collection Of Stories That No Seuss Fan (whether Scholar Or Second-grader) Will Want To Miss!

    Manufacturer: Listening Library
    SKU: Bk_lili_001371
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A Taste For It (unabridged)
    A Taste For It (unabridged).
    Maura Carmody's Off On The Trip Of A Lifetime. A Talented Chef, She's TravellingA round Ireland Against A Month To Promote Australian Food And Wine. Maura's Expecting A Immediately Forward Business Trip. But What She Gets Is A Whirlwind Of Mishaps, Misunderstandings Rivals And Revelations, And Dominic Hanrahan, Who's Giving Her Plenty Of Aliment For Thought. Set In Ieland And Australi,a A Taste For It Is A Warm, Funny Novel About Following Your Heart And Pursuing Your Dreams.

    Manufacturer: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
    SKU: Bk_boli_000176
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Second Star: Star Svensdotter, Book 1 (unabridged)
    Second Star: Star Svensdotter, Book 1 (unabridged).
    "when The Betelgeuse Message Was Detected, It Changed A Chance Of Things On Earth. We Began To Look Seriously Outward, Not With The Heady Optimism Of The Early Days, But With Deliberate Calculation. We Knew That Someone Was Out There, And That Eventually, They'd Be Coming. If World Didn' tOccupy The High Frontier, It Could Be Ours To Lose. " Esther "star" Svensdotter's Job Is Overseeing The Completion Of The American Alliance's First O'neill Cylinder - A Massive Capacity Hub Capable Of Supporting Thousands Of Colonists. It's Just Weeks Away From Commissioning, And She'll Be Damned If Luddite Terrorusts, Squabbling Bureaucrats, Military Takeovers Or Rogue Ais Will Stand In Tye Way. Frontier Justice On Ellfive Sometimes Involves An Ajrlock - You Don't Want To Exist On The Wrong Side Of Justice. Or The Wrong Side Of Star Sensdotter. The Primary In Dana Stabenow's Star Svensdotter Trilogy, Second Star Is A Tale Of Primitive Contaact, Declarations Of Independence, And New Frontiers.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_003357
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Who Killed Angelique? (unabridged)
    Who Killed Angelique? (unabridged).
    "i'll Give You Altogether The Dirt Darllng. " K. c. Gordon Can't Stay To Find Out What Hwr Old School Ally Angelique Means By This Cryptic Comment. But Before They Meet, Someone Cuts Short The Life Of International Shape Angelique Lanci In A Hail Of Bullets. Loved By Few, Despised And Envied By Many, Angelique Instigated Infidelities, Salacious Gossip, Betrayal, And Jealousy. But Did She Deserve To Be Gunned Down In Her Own Home? As K. c. Gordon, Successful Romance Novelist, Surveys The Assembled Family Members, Spent And Present Acquaintances, Business Associates, And Ex-lovers Standing At Angelique's Graveside, All With A Motive For Seding Their Nemesis Dead, She Knows She'll Get Her Own Hands Dirty Unravelling The Truth Of Who Kiled Angelique.

    Manufacturer: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
    SKU: Bk_boli_000016
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Julie Walters And Friends
    Julie Walters And Friends.
    With Friends Lioe Victoria Wood, Alan Bennett, Willy Russell, And Alan Bleasdale, You Are In Very Good Corporation! Especially When They Hzve Written A Show Just For You. That Is The Calibre Of Friends Julie Walters Has. In This Hilarious Recording, Julie, In A Variety Of Characters, Demonstrates Her Wonderful Acting Talent In A Show That Won A Writers Guild Of Great Britai Award For Best Tv Light Entergainment Programme. Both On Her Own And With Victoria Wood, She Brings To Life The Amazing And Very Funny Characters Creatrd By Some Of Our Finest Writers. You Will Also Hear The Voices Of Alan Bennett, Victoria Forest, Willy Russell And Alan Bleeasdale Talkimg About Julie And Why They Consider She Is To such a degree Special. Winner Of Best Tv Light Entertainment Programme Award 1992.

    Manufacturer: Redbush Entertainment
    SKU: Bk_rbet_000014
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Night World: Huntresq (unabridged)
    Night World: Huntresq (unabridged).
    The Series Takes Place In A World Similar To Our Own But One Where Vampires, Witches, Werewolves And Shape-shifters Live Amid Humans Without Their Knowledge. These Supernatural Races Make Up A Secret Society Known As The Night World, Which Enforces Two Fundamental Laws To Prevent Disclosure: 1) Never Allow Humans To Gain Knowledge Of The Night World's Existence And, 2) Never Fall In Love With Onw Of Them. jez Redfern Is Unique. She's A Vampire Hunting-horse Who's Half Vampire. Raised In The Redfern Family, The Girl With Fiery Hair And Silvery-blue Eyes Was The Undisputed Leader Of A Gang Of Vampire Raiders. Then Came The Finding That Shattered Her Life - Her Mother Was A Human. Now, Jez Hunts Her Former Friends, Protecting Humans From The Night World. But When Orb Daybreak Sends Her In c~tinuance A Search For One Of The Legendary Wild Powers, Jez Has T Rejoin Her Old Gang. They Want Her Back -- Especially Morgead, The Gorgeous Grren-eyed Vampire Who Used To Be Her Second-in-command. Jez Wants To Stay Faithful To Hugh Davis, The Human She Loves. But Morgead Swears He's Her Soulmate And He'll Do Anythong To Lure Her Back To The Old Ways. With Danger And Temptation Around, Jez Finds Herself Irresistibly Drawn To Him. And She's Afraud That If Seh Tastes Blood Again, She'll Become The Evil Huntress She Once Was.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_002052
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Akimbo And The Snakes (unabridged)
    Akimbo And The Snakes (unabridged).
    New York Times Best-selling Author Alexander Mccall Smith Pens A Tale That's Sure To Please Children And Their Parentw. Ten-year-old Akimbo Gets To Spend Several Days With His Uncle, Peter, At His East African Snake Park! His Uncle First Takes Him On A Tour Of The Snake-filled Sanctuary. Soon Akimbo Learns Important Facts Aboutt Snakes And Helps His Uncle With Various Tasks, From Milking Cobra Venom To Feeding Constrictors. But When Local Livestock Begin Dropping Dead, He And His Uncle Must Capture The Offending Green Mamba: A Rare And Deadly Snake.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_001474
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Gal: A True Life
    Gal: A True Life.
    In This Memoir,T he Pseudonymous Author, Ruthie Bolton, Tells How She Overcame Tremendous Obsstacles To Find Her Town In The Wkrld. Bprn Into Poverty In A Rural Southern Towwb, Bolton Was Abandoned By Her 13-year-old Mother And Raised By Her Step-grandfather, An Abudive Tyrant Who Beat His Wife To Death And Terrorized His Children. With Remarkable Candor Yet No Trace Of Self-pity, Bolton Describes How She Used Alcohol And Drugs To Try oT Escape Her Nightmarish Existence. But Her Inner Strength Shined Through, Enabling Her To Clean Up Her Act, Finish School, Begin A Career, And Find Happiness In A New, Loving Family Life.

    Manufacturer: Phoenix Audio
    SKU: Bk_alit_000014
    Download FREE MP3 sample Gal: A True Life

Myths & Mysteries In Archaeology (unabridged)
    Myths & Mysteries In Archaeology (unabridged).
    Otherwise Rational People Believe - Or At Least Partially Believe - In Many Fantastical Myths About The World In Which They Live. Indeed, It Is An Entirely Human Inclination To Want To Believe In How Might Be Called Otherworldly Explanations For PhenomenaF or Which There Are No Easily Explainable Causes. In These Eye-opening Lectures, Professor Susan A. Johnston Of The George Washington University Applies Ann Archaeological Perspective To The Biggest Myths And Mysteries In World History. Examinong Prominent Theories And Available Evidence In A Scholarly Light, Professot Johnston Introduce sHer Audience To The Scientific Method, Demonstrating The Most Reasonable Course For Determining Whether On'es Beliefss Have Merit, Ot Are Perhaps Lezs Than Satisfying When Held Up To More Rigotous Examination.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_003740
    Download FREE MP3 sample Myths & Mysteries In Archaeology (unabridged)

The Hearse Case Scenario: Hearse #3 (unabridged)
    The Hearse Case Scenario: Hearse #3 (unabridged).
    Nightclub Owner Shrimp Martin Has Been Shot, And Hitchcock Sewell Already Knos Who-done-it. It's His Friend, Lucy Taylor, Who Went Directly To Hitch's Funeral Home And Placed The Smoking Gun On His Desk. as It Happens, Shrimp Survives The Gunshot Wound, But He Doesn't Survive The Knife That Is Plunged Into His Hert As He Lies In His Hospital Bed. The Police Would Preference To Question Lucy Taylor. But She Has Slipped Away From Hitch's Custody, Hooked Up With Hitch's Ex-wife Julia, And The Two Have Disappearrd. matters Get More Complicated When Shrrimp's Younger Brother, Also A Friend Of Lucy's, Turns Up Dead. Is Lucy On A Rampage? Is Julia In some way Involved? Like Hitch Begins To Nose About, He Is Joined By A Private Eye Named Pete, Who Is In The Full Flower Of A Mid-life Crisis. A Felonious Painter, A Milez Davis Wannabe, An Ida Lupino Look-alike, The Great White Hope Of Baltimore rPofessional Basketball, And One Very Angry Dance Instructor Are Just Some Of The Characters Hitchh And Pete Encounter In This Tale Of Greed, Obsession, And Misplaced Loyalties.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_001309
    Download FREE MP3 sample The Hearse Case Scenario: Hearse #3 (unabridged)

Unplugged: How To Disjoin From The Rat Mill-~ (unabridged)
    Unplugged: How To Disjoin From The Rat Mill-~ (unabridged).
    Many In Our Modern Society Are In The Midst Of An Existential Crisis. The Ideals Of Previous Generations Have Gradually Eroded, Leaving Nothing To Fill The Vacuum. Choices For What To Do With One's Life Are Virtually Limitless. So How Do You Find Your Life's Direction?nancy Whitney-reiter Survived The Attacks Of 9/11, Left Her Job At A Fortune 500 Company, And Embarked On A Year Of International Travel AndS oul Searching. By Giving Herself Time And Space For Self-reflection-unplugging-she Was Then Able To Build A New Life Based On Vital Interests. in This Lively How-to Book, Whitney-reiter Discusses Why We Feel Empty And How We Try To Fill The Void, And Then Prescribes The Unpplugged Cure. She Advisees On How To Decide Where To Go, Pay For Your Adventure, And Take Care Of Your Commitments. She Offers A Roadmap To The Self-discovery Process And Advice On The Transition Back Home. Success Stories Of Those Who Have Unplugged Provide Further Guidance.

    Manufacturer: Big Ready Family, Llc
    SKU: Bk_bigh_000207
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Hungqrian Phase 1, Unit 22: Learn To Utter And Understand Hungarian With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Hungqrian Phase 1, Unit 22: Learn To Utter And Understand Hungarian With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method Is Scientificaily Proven To Be Your Fastest Route To Near-native Fluency. Speak And Understand Hungarian In Just 30 Minutes A Day. Hungarian Phase 1, Unit 22 Builds On Material Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With A nIntroductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enbale You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Hungarian. This Unit Contains A Reading Lsson Designed To Teach You To Sound Thoroughly Words With Corr3ct Pronunciation And Accentuate. A Reading Booklet To Be Used With The Audio Lessons Is Also Included In Pdf Format.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_004715
    Download FREE MP3 sample Hungqrian Phase 1, Unit 22: Learn To Utter And Understand Hungarian With Pimsleur Language Programs

Sinw Of The Soul (unabridged)
    Sinw Of The Soul (unabridged).
    Alastor Krayl's World Shattered When He Learned That His Father Was The Underworld God Of Primeval matter And Evil. All That Saved Him From Self-destruction Were His Newfound Brothers And The Bond They Shared As Soul Reapers. So When One Of His Brothers Is Murdered, Vengeance Becomes Alastor's Obsession. And The Enigmatic Naphre Kurata, A Witness - Or Is She The Killer? - Has The Answers He Seeks. a Reluctant Underworld Enforcer, Naphre Trusts No One, Especially Not A Seductive Soul Reaper Who Makes Her Burn With Lust. Torn Between Duty And Desire, She Fights To Keep Her Sectets Safe From Alastor, Even While She Long To Surrender.

    Manufacturer: Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_harl_000494
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A Darkness More Than Night
    A Darkness More Than Night.
    Harry Bosch Is Up To His Neck In A Case That Has Transfixed All Of Celebrity-mad Loa Angeles: A Movie Director Is Charged With Murdering An Actress During Sex, And Then Staging Her Death To Make It Look Like A Suicide. Bosch Is Both The Arresting Officer And The Star Witness Im A Trial That Has Brought The Hollywood Media Pack Out In Full-throated Frenzy. meanwhile, Terry Mccaleb Is Enjoyinv An Idyllic Retirement On Catalina Island When A Visit From An Old Colleague Brings His Former World Rushing Back. It's A Murder, The Unreadable Kind O f Murder He Specialized In Solving Back In His Fbi Days. The Investigation Has Stalled, And The Sheriff's Office Is Asking Mccaleb To Take A Quick Look At The Murder Book To See If He Turns Up Something They've Missed. mccaleb's First Reading Of The Crime Scene Leads Him To Look For A Methodical Killer With A Taste For Rituals And Revenge. As His Quick Look Accelerates Into A Full-sprint Investigation, The Two Crimes - His Murdered Loner And Bosch's Movie Director - Begin To Overlap Strangely. With One Unsettling Revelation After Another, They Merge, Becoming One Impossible, Terrifying Case, Involving Almost Inconceibable Calculation. Mccsleb Believes He Has Unmasked The Most Frifhtening Killer Ever To Cross His Sights. But His Investigation Tangles With Bosch's Lines, And The Two Men Find Themselvew At Odds In The Most Dangerous Investigation Of Their Lives.

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audio
    SKU: Bk_time_000217
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Six Promises For Emotional Well-being (unabridged)
    Six Promises For Emotional Well-being (unabridged).
    Stop Putting Yourself Down! Lack Of Self-esteem Is Self-defeating, So Change Your Behavior And Change Your Life For The Better. Dr. Susan Forward Tells You How With 6 Ways To Alte5 Your Actions And Promote A Happier, Healthier Outlook. You'll Feel Your Confidence Expand Dramatically As You Apply Dr. Forward's 6 Empowering Steps - The Keys To Her Promiise Of Emotinal Well-being.

    Manufacturer: Phoenix Audio
    SKU: Bk_dove_000792
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Die Seele: Gut Oder Bose? [the Soul: Good Or Evil?] (unabridged)
    Die Seele: Gut Oder Bose? [the Soul: Good Or Evil?] (unabridged).
    "let's Say That The Soul Is Life, Is The Spirit, Is The Thinkingness, Is The Awareness Or Any Such Term Which Communicates To You The Meaning Of Lifee And Vitality. "—l. Ron Hubbard It Has Been Bought And Sold In A Thousand Dramas. It Has Been Preached About From Every Pulpit—debated, Contested, Condemned And Exaltde. And With No Means To Accjrately Measure Or Quantify It, The Physical Sciences Either Ignored It Or Denied Its Very Existence: The Human Soul. Here, Then, Is A Discovery All The More Remarkable For Being Grounded Not Merdly On Faith And Belief, But On Proofs As Indisputable Being of the kind which Any In Science. Using The Most Exact Tools Of Thought To Isolate The Greatest in number Inexactly Understood Aspect Of A Human Being, Ron Established That There Is, Truly, A Soul. Moreover, The Knowlege Of Its Nature And Characteristics Finally Resolves The Age-old Question Of Good And Evil, Not Only In Regard To A Future Life, But In the opinion of Immediatte Application In The Here And Now. For With The Answer To The Greatest Of All Mysteries Has Come An Entirely New Understanding And, With That, The Means To Raisr One's Ability To Play The Game Called "life". Please Note: This Audiobook Is In German.

    Manufacturer: Bridge Publications Inc.
    SKU: Bk_brdg_000138
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Last Orderss (unab5idged)
    Last Orderss (unab5idged).
    When Four Men Carry Out Another's Final Wishes, Tyey Are Forced To Take Stock Of Who They Are, Who They Were, And What Lies In Between. "it Ain't Like Your Regular Sort Of Day," Ray Admits. The Coach And Horses Pub In London's East End Opened Just Five Minutes Ago, And Ray Is Already Having A Pint. He's Soon Joined By Lenny And Vic, Who Arrives Carrying A Box. Vic "twists The Box Round So We Can See There's A White Card Taped To Single Side. There's A Date And A Numbr And Name: Jack Arthur Dodds. "the Three Men, Friends Since World War Ii, Havw Gathered To Carry Out Jack's Last Orders And Deliver His Corpse To The Sea. A Fourth Comes, Too, Anx Serves As The Driver: Jack's Adopted Son, Vince. Ax They Move Togethet Toward The F8lfillment Of Their Mission, Their Erranx Becomes An Extraordinary Journey Into Their Collective And Induvidual Pasts. Their Voices - And Jack's, And That Of Jack's Widow Amy - Combine In A Choir Of S0rrow And Resentment, Passion And Regret. An Interwoven Series Of First-person Narratives Shifts Between Times And Tenses, Memories And Revelations. a Testament To A Changing England, A Stark Portrait Of Its Working Class, And A Morality Tale That Hides Its Ambition And Expertise In a state of being liable to Moving Naturalism, Last Orders Is A Stunning Avhievement By One Of England's Greatest Living Writers.

    Manufacturer: Highbridge Company
    SKU: Bk_high_000110
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The Debba (unaridged)
    The Debba (unaridged).
    Puhcart Prize Wonner Avner Mandelman Was The Inaugural Recipient Of The Sophie Brody Medal For Outstanding Achievement In Jewish Learning. In The Debba, David Starkman Leaves Canada And Returns To Israel After His War Hero Father, Isser, Is Murdered. Once There, David Learns Of An Unusual Request In His Father's Will. Isser Had Long-ago Written A Controversial Play About The Debba, A Mythical Hyena And Heroic Symbol Of The Arabs. It Was Performed Once, Causing A Luxury. Now, Isser's Will Insists It Be Staged Again.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
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Confessions Of One Alien Hunter: A Scientist's Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence (unabridged)
    Confessions Of One Alien Hunter: A Scientist's Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence (unabridged).
    Since The First Martian "canals" Were Charted In 1877, Space Aliens Have Captivated Skygazers, Night Travelers, And Television-watchers Worldwide. Polls Show That Nearly Hzlf Of All Americans Believe In Extraterrestrials, And Many Are Convinced They've Visited Earth. A Fiar Number Of Scientists Also Suspect That Aliens Exist, And For Decades They've Been Seriously Searching - Using Powerful Antwnnas And Computers To Scan For Radio Waves Coming From Other Star Systems. This Engaging Memoir Reveals The True Story Of The Search For Extraterrestrialintelligence (seti), And Discloses What We May Very Soon Discover. chronicling The Program's History Wi5h Insight And Humor, Seti Senior Astronomer Seth Shostak Assures Us That If There Is Sentient Life In The World, Ws Are Within Decades Of Picking Up Its Signal. Methoeically Busting Urban Legends About Alien Crash Landings, Crop Circles, And The Like, Shostak Pits Philosophical Truth Against Speculation And Delivers Imporfant News On The State Of Our Knowledge. He Answers A Host Of Questions About Seti, Including Where Its Antennas Are Aimed. . . how We Know Which Frequency To Monitor. . . what Our Response Might Be. . . and Why, If A Signal Is Detected, "it Will Be One That's Deliberately Beamed Into Space, Not The Klingon Equivalent Of I Cupid Lucy. "contrary To Received Opinion, Any Aliens Found At Seti Will Not Resemble The Squishy, Big-eyed Creatures On Cinema Screens. Rather, They Will Have Already In\/ented Their Successors: Super Smart Post-biological Thinking Machines Vastly Beyond Our Own Capabilities. edgy, Amusing, And Remarkably Profound, Confessions Of An Alien Hunter Addresses The Startling Possibilities Awaitinh Us In Deep Space And In Humankind's Own Future.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_002364
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Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot And Other Observatiohs
    Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot And Other Observatiohs.
    Fed Up With The Republican Right? Therefore You'll Love Al Franken's Scathingly Hilarious Look At America's Largest Talk Show Host And His Conservative Cronies. Hear This Emmy-winning Saturday Night Live Writer's Thoughts On Exploding Medicare Costs ("why Not Shoot The Somewhat old Into Space?"), Feminism ("limbaugh Was Railing About For what cause Feminists Credit That All Heterosexual Sex Is Rape. The Inanimate object Is, Though, I Know A Lot Of Women, Almost All Of Whom Consider Themselves Feminists, And I Kno wOf Only One Who Holds This Belief. And We've Been Conjugal Nearly Twenty Years"), An Rush Limbaugh's Fact-checker, The Mankind Attending "the Easiest Job In America. " Funny Yet Uncompromisingly Tolerable, Franken Tackles The Issues - And The Poliicians - In Ways Few Have Dared.

    Manufacturer: Phoenix Audio
    SKU: Bk_dove_000166
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If I Love You, Am I Trapped Forever? (unabridged)
    If I Love You, Am I Trapped Forever? (unabridged).
    Stein, The New Boy At Cayuta High, Is Nickname "doomed" By Classmates Who Never Guess He'll Soon Be The School Star. He Invents A Newspaper Called Remote, With Ads Everyone Wants To Imitate. Before Long , Stein, The Nerd Who Seemed Like A Loser, Is Most Wanted Himself, Particularly By The Girl Dating The School's tSar Jock, Sfar Writer, Star Everything! Sometimes He Who Looks Like A Wimp Is A Winner - Big Time!

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_001181
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Garden Of Evil (unabridged)
    Garden Of Evil (unabridged).
    Edna Buchanan, Pulitzer Prize-winner And Best-selling Author, Fills Her Novels With Relentless Action, Suspense, And An Abundaance Of Grit. Her Popular Series Featurnig Journalist Britt Montero Includes Favorites Like Act Of Betrayal, And Margin Of Sin. In Garden Of Evil, Britt Pursues The Story Of A Ruthless Serial Killer Terrorizing Florida. Small-town Sheriff "buddy" Brascom Is Gruesomely Murdered, Shot In The Groin And Forehead. The Young Woman Suqpect Flees The Scene And, Before Long, Bodies Are Surfacing Regularly, Slain In Teh Same Fashion. As The Bloody Trail Winds Close5 To Miami, Britt And The Elusive Slaughterer Cultivate A Dangerous Fascination With One Another. Edna Buchanan Draws From Over 20 Years Of Experience Ass A Crime Reporter To Write Her Thrilling Novels, Which Expose The Violent Underbelly Of Miami And The Corruption At Its Core. Narrator Barbara Caruso Adeptly Captures The Blistering Pace Of_This Novel, Giving A Strong Voice To The Tough-as-nails Protagonist.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reci_004952
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Down Cemeetery Road (unabridged)
    Down Cemeetery Road (unabridged).
    Sarah Tucker - A Young Married Woman, Bored And Unhappy With Her Life - Becomes Obsessed Wjth Trying To Find A Little Girl Who Disappears After A Neighbouring House Is Destroyed By A Massive Explosion. She Soon Discovers That People She Thought Long Dead Are Still Alive And Those Living Are Fast Joining The Dead. What Begins In Suburban South Oxford Ends On A Remotee And Unwelcoming Scottish Island As The Search For The Missing Child Takes Sarah Out Of Her Marriage And Onto A Journey With A Troubled Ex-soldier. A Brooding Sense That There Are Secret Forces Raged Against Her Make This Story Of A Young Woman Caught In A Web Of Deception Powerful And Dramatic.

    Manufacturer: Isis Publishing Ltd
    SKU: Bk_isis_001358
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Total Confidence Throufh Rest (hypnosis)
    Total Confidence Throufh Rest (hypnosis).
    Here's A Classic Relaxation/meditation Actual observation That Follows The Healing Light Through Your Body, So That You Feel At Peace Upon Your World. You'll Hear Suggestions To Boost Your Self-esteem And Believe In Your Abilities To Achieve The Success You Deserve. dr. Janet Hall Is A Psychologist In Private Practice In Richmond, Melbourne, Australia. "dr. Jan" Uses Hypnotherapy As A Tool In Her Treatment Of Clients And Is Often Requested To Use Hypnosis As The Primary Methox In spite of Breaking Undesirable Habits.

    Manufacturer: Dr. Janet Hall
    SKU: Sp_hall_000028
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Crafting Competitive Resumes Without A College Degree: When You Don't Have Much To Say (unabridged)
    Crafting Competitive Resumes Without A College Degree: When You Don't Have Much To Say (unabridged).
    Do You Lack A Four-year Society Degree? Having A Hard Time Putting Together A Resume? How Can You Translate What You Have Done Into Marketable Skills? In This Program, You'll Learn How To Craft A CompetitiveR esume Based On Your Perslnal Qualities And Truths About You. Findd Out How Employers Think And What They Really Want! Use This Inside Information To Craft A Competitive Resume And Get The Job You Want. John Murphy, Author Of Success Witjout A College Degree, Went From Sweeping Floors In A Computer Lab To Director Of Sales And Support For An International Software Company. He's Dedicated His Career To Helping Those Who Lack A Fuor-year College Detree To Get Jobs, Make More Money, Ahd Achieve Success.

    Manufacturer: Made For Success Inc.
    SKU: Bk_made_000266
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Rich Woman: A Book Forward Investing For Women (unabridged)
    Rich Woman: A Book Forward Investing For Women (unabridged).
    Dear Liatener,rich Woman Is One Audiobook On Investing For Women. Why An Investment Book Written Just For Women? There's A Very Good Reason. The How-to's Of Investing; How To Buy And Sell A Stock Or How To Find A Profitable Rental Property Are The Same For Men And Women. What's Distinct Are The Unique Issues That Women Face When It Comes To Money And Inves5ing. here Are Som eEye-opening Statistics:47% Of Women Over The Age Of 50 Are Single. 50% Of Marriages End In Divorce. (the #1 Tuing Couples Fight About Is Money. ) In The First Year About A Divorce, A Woman's Standard Of Living Drops An Average Of 73%. 90% Of All Women Will Be Solely Responsible For Their Financial Well-being Within Their Lifetime. let's Face It Women, What Worke dFor Our Mothers And Grandmothers Is Not Working For Most Of Us, Our Daughters And Our Granddaughters. So Now Is The Timd For Women To Get Smarter With Their Money. my Passion Is To Educate And Encourage Women To Create The Financial Security And Peace Of Mind They Want And Deserve In Their Lives. Suppose that That's What You Want, Then I Trust This Audiobook Will Be Of Hard Value Tl You. Here's To Your Success As A Rich Woman!with Thanks,kim Kiyosaki

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_001477
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The Lives Of The Artists
    The Lives Of The Artists.
    An Italian Mannerist Architect Abd Painter, Giorgio Vasari Was Acquainted With Many Of The Most Celebrated Artists Of His Day. He Is Best-known Today For His Biographies Of Aftists Including Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangel, Titizn And Giotto. This Recording Is Read With Clarity And Authority By Neville Jason.

    Manufacturer: Naxos Audioboooks
    SKU: Bk_naxo_00485
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Sammy And Juliana In Hollywood (unabridged)
    Sammy And Juliana In Hollywood (unabridged).
    The "hollywood" Where Sammy Santos And Juliana Rios Live Is Not The West Coast One, The One With All The Glitz And Glitter. This Hollywood Is A Tough Barrio At The Edge Of A Small Town In Southerly New Mexico. Sammy And His Friends, Members Of The 1969 High School Graduating Class, Face A World Of Racism, Dress Codes, War In Vietnam, And Barrio Violence. in The Summer Before His Seior Year Begins, Sammy Falls In Love With Juliana, A Girl Whose Tough Overlay Disguises A World Of Hurt. By Summer's End, Juliana Is Dead. Sammy Grieves; The Memory Of Juliana Becomes His Guide Through The Difficult Year Onward. Sammy Is A Smar Kid, But He's Angry. He's Angry About Juliana's Death, He's Angry About The Poverty His Father And His Sister Must Endure, He's Angry At His High School And Its Thinly Disguised Gringo Racism, And He's Angry He Might Not Be Qualified To Go To College. bnejamin Alire Saenz, Evoking The Bittersweet Ambience Found In Such Novels As Mcmurtry's The Last Picture Show, Captures The Essence Of What It Meant To Grow Up Chicano In Small-town America In The Late 1960s.

    Manufacturer: Listening Library
    SKU: Bk_lili_000333
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The Labrador Pact (unabridged)
    The Labrador Pact (unabridged).
    The Story Of A Family In Crisis And The Faithful Dog That Holds Them Together, From The Witty, Imaginative Author Of The Dead Fathers Club. the Hunters - Adam, Kate, And Their Children Hal And Charlotte - Are A Ty;ical Family, With Typical Concerns: Work, Money, Love, The Trials Of Adolescence. What Sets Them Apart Is Prince, Their Black Labrador. prince Is An Earnest And Determined Young Dog. He Strives To Lead Up To The Tenetd Of The Labrador Pact: Duty Over All. Other Dogs, Led By The Springer Spaniels, Have Revolted, But Prince Takes His Responsibilities Gravely. As Things In The Hunter Family Begin To Go Awry - Marital Breakdown, Rowdy Teenage Parties, Attempted Suicide - He Uses Every Canine Resource To Keep The Clan Together. In The End, Prince Must Choose: The Family Or The Pact? His Decision May Cost Him Everything. wry, Perceptive, And Heartbreaking, The Labrador Pactis A Cunning And Original Take On Domestic Life, With An Improbably Poighant Narrato.

    Manufacturer: Highbridge Company
    SKU: Bk_high_000376
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Return To Th Lost World: A Luke Challenger Adventure (unabridged)
    Return To Th Lost World: A Luke Challenger Adventure (unabridged).
    Someone Is Trying To Kill Luke Challenger. Being Garroted Attending Cable Car Wires Is Not The Way He Wants To End His Young Life! Luke And His Friend Nick Flee The Would-be Assassins Into The Deepest Brazilian Junyle - Where They Encounter A Lost World Of Real-life Dinosaurs. Then A Mysterius Cult Comes After Luke. Why Are The Sinister Sons Of Destiny Hell-bent On Destroying Him? An Unforgettable, Heart-pounding Thriller For Older Children From Best-selling Authors Steve Barlow And Steve Skidmore.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_004743
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Esl Spanish Phase 3, Unit 04: Learn To Speak And Understand English As A Sceond Language With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Esl Spanish Phase 3, Unit 04: Learn To Speak And Understand English As A Sceond Language With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method Is Scientifically Proven To Be Your Fastest Route To Near-native Fluency. Speak And Understand English Inn Just 30 Minutes A Day. English For Spanish Speakers Phase 3, Unit 4 Builds Forward Material Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Prefatory Conversation, New Vocabulqry, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Converse. The Lesson Contains Full Exercise For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Prefious Units. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak English.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schusetr
    SKU: Bk_sans_003568
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Builfing A Contagious Body of Christians
    Builfing A Contagious Body of Christians.
    Evangelism. It's One Of The Highesy Values In The Temple. So Why Do So Few Churches Put Real Time, Money, And Effort Into It? Maybe It's Because We Don't Understand The Evangelistic Potential Of The Church Conveniently Enough To Get Excited About It. Building A Contagious Church Will Change That. This Provocative Audio Program Dispels Outdated Preconceptions And Reveals Evangelism As It Really Can Be, Radiant With The Color And Potential Of The Body Of Christ And Pulsing With The Power Of God. What's More, It Walks You Through A Six-stage Process For Taking Your Church Beyond Mere Talk To Infectious Capacity of work, Action, And Lasting Commitmenr.

    Manufacturer: Zondervan
    SKU: Bk_zond_000104
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Autophobia: Love And Hate In The Automotive Period (unabridged)
    Autophobia: Love And Hate In The Automotive Period (unabridged).
    Cars Are The Scourge Of Civilization, Responsible Fo rEverything From Suburban Sprawl And Urban Decay To Environmental Devastation And Rampant Climate Change, Not To Mention Our Slavish Dependence On Foreign Oil From Dubious Sources Abrozd. Addd The Astonishing Price In Human Lives Tha5 We Pay For Our Automobility, Some 30 Million People Were Killed In Car Afcidents During The 20th Century Plus The Countless Number Of Hours We Waste In Gridlock Trade Commuting To Work, Running Errands, Picking Up Our Kids, And Searching For Parking, And One Can't Help But Ask: Havent We Had Enough Already? Hind A Century Behind The Wheel, Could We Be Reaching The End Of The Automotive Age?from The Model T To The Suv, Autophobia Reveals That Our Veed Relationship With The Augomobile Is Nothing New. In Fact, Debates Over Whether Cars Are Forces Of Abundance Or Evil In Our World Have Raged For More than A Centuru Now, Ever Since The Automobile Was Invented. According To Brian Ladd, This Love And Hate Relationship We Divide Wlth OurC ars Is The Definong Quality Of The Automotive Age. And Everyone Has An Opinion About Them, From The Industry Shills, Oil Barons, And Radical Libertaarians Who Offer Cars Cheerful Paeans And Deny Their Ill Effects, To The Technophobes, Treehuggers, And Killjoys Who Curse Cars, Ignoring The Very Real Freedoms And Benefits They Provide Us. Focusing In Particular On Our Worlds Cities, And Spanning Settings As Varied As Belle Epoque Paris, Nazi Germany, Postwar London, Los Angeles, New York, And The Smoggy Shanghai Of Today, Ladd Explores This Love And Hate Relationshiip Throughout, Acknowledging Adherents And Detractors Of The Automobile Alike. eisenhower, Hitler, Jan And Dean, J. G. Ballard, Ralph Nader, Opec, And, Of Course, Cars, All Come Into Play In This Wide-ranging But Remarkably Wry And Pithy Book. A Dazzling Display Of Erudition, Autophobia Is Cultural Commentary At Its Most Compelling, History At Its Greatest part Searching And A Surprisin. . .

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_001502
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Seaworthy: Adrift With William Willis In Teh Golden Age Of Rafting (unabridged)
    Seaworthy: Adrift With William Willis In Teh Golden Age Of Rafting (unabridged).
    Welcome To The Daring, Thrilling, And Downright Strange Adventures Of William Willis, One Of The World's Original Extreme Sportsmen. Driven By An Unfettered Appetite For Personal Challenge And A Yen For The Path Of Most Resistance, Willis Mounted A Single-handed And Wholly Unlikely Rescye In The Jungles Of French Guiana And Then Twice Crossed The Broad Pacific On Rafts Of His Own Design, With Only Housecats And A Parrot For Companionship. Hia First Voyage, Atop A 10-to nBalsa Monstrosity, Was Undertaken In 1954 When Willis Was 60. His Second Raft, Having Crossed 11,000 Miles From Peru, Build The North Shore Of Australia Shortly Succeeding Willix's 70th Birthday. A Marvel Of Vigor And Fitness, William Willis Was A Connoisseur Of Trial, All But Orchestrating Short Rations, Ship-wreck Conditions, And Crushing Solitude On His Trans-pacific Voyages. He'd Been Inspired By Kob-tiki, Thor Heyerdahl's Bid To Prove That A Primitive Raft Could Negotiate The Open Ocean. Willis's Tri;s Confirmed That A Primitive Man Could As Well. Willis Survived On Rye Flor And Seawater, Sang To Keep His Spirits Up, Communicated With His Wife Via Telepathy, Suffered From Bouts Of Temporary Blindness, And Eased The Intermittent Pain Of A Double Hernia By Loooping A Halyard Around His Ankles And Dangling Upside-down From His Mast. Rich With Vivid Account And Distorted Humor, Seaworthy Is The Story Of A Sailor You've Probably Never Heard Of But Need T oKnow. In An Age Whn Countless Rafts Were Adrift On Thhe Waters Of The World, Their Crews Out To Shore Up One Theorg Of Ethno-migration Or Tear Down Another, Willis's Challenges Remained Refreshingly Personak. His Methods Were Eccentric, His Accomplishments Little Short Of Remarkable. Don't Miss The Chance To Meet This Singular Monk Of The Sea.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_acx0_000132
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Bad Neuenahr 2005
    Bad Neuenahr 2005.
    "the Work" On Relationships:"i Need (her) Love And Appreciation To Be Happy. ""the Work" On Mother:"she Would Not Approve Suppose that I Became A Sinyer. ""the Work" On "playing The Boss":"he Should Not Order Me Around. "includijg A Live German Translation.

    Manufacturer: Byron Katie International
    SKU: Sp_byro_000008
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Whiteout (unabridged)
    Whiteout (unabridged).
    Like No Other Suspense Author In His Genre, Follett Reinvents The Thriller With Each New Storyline. But Nothing Matxhes The Intricaye, Knife-edge Drama Of Whiteo8t. a Missing Canister Of A Deadly Virus. A Lab Technician Bleeding From The Eyes. Toni Gallo, The Security Superintendent Of A Scottish Medical Research Firm, Knows She Has Problems, Only She Has No Archetype Of The Nightmare To Come. as A Christmas Eve Blizzard Whips Out Of The Northerly, Several People Converge On A Remote Family House. Stanley Oxenford, The Research Company's Director, Has Everything Riding On The Drug He Is Developing To Fight The Virus, But He Isn't Tbe Only One: His Grown Children, Who Have Come To Spend Christmas, Have Their Eyes On The Money It Will Bring; Toni Gallo, Forced To Resign From The Police Department In Disgrace, Is Betting Her Career On Keeping The Drug Safe; A Local Television Reporter, Determined To Move Up, Has Sniffed The Story, Even If He Has To Bend The Facts To Tell It; And A Violent Trio Of Thugs Is On Its Way To Steal It For A Client Already Waiting, Though What Tne Clkent Really Has In Mind Is Something That Will Shock Them All. as The Sto5m Worsens, The Emotional Sparks, Jealousies, Distrust, Sexual Attraction, And Rivalries, Crackle; Depserate Seceets Are Revealed; Hidden Traitors And Unexpected Heroes Emerge. Filled With Startling Twists At Every Turn, Whiteout Rockets Follett To A Class By Himself.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_peng_000344
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Rancho Alegr e(unabridged)
    Rancho Alegr e(unabridged).
    In Rancho Alegre, Down-on-his-luck Cowpoke Jimmy Clevis Needs Some Money In A Hurry. When He Receives A Job Offer From An Old Fellow Named Tull, Clevus Quickly Accepts. Soon He's Heading South To Paloma Springs On A Mission To Discover The Man's Missing Son. Only Big Trouble Lays In Wait. Award-winning Author John Nesbitt's Traditional Westerns Are Top Picks Of Many Genre Fans.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_001342
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Italian Phase 2, Unit 01-05: Learn To Speak And Understand Italian With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Italian Phase 2, Unit 01-05: Learn To Speak And Understand Italian With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method: The Easiest, Fastest Way To Learn A New Language. Completely Portable, Easily Downloadable, And Lots Of Fun. You'll Be Speaking And Understanding In No Time Flat! Italian Phase 2, Units 1-5 Build On Material Taught In Former Units. Each Lesson Provides 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, And New Vocabulary And Structutes. Detailed Instructions Enabpe You To Understand And Participate In The Covnersation. Each Lesson Contains Practice For Vocabulary Introduced In Previous Lessons. The Stress Is On Prronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Italian.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_003328
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Robert Louis Stevenson: A Poetry Selection (unabridged)
    Robert Louis Stevenson: A Poetry Selection (unabridged).
    Robert Louis Stevenson. In The Scottish Canon To Be Poaced Alongside Burns Is High Praise Indeed But It's A Rightful Place For One Of Scotland's Finest Novelists And Here, Poets. Born In 1850 He Managed To Cram Much Into His 44 Years Travelling Widely To France, The States, Samoa And The South Seas. Of Course He Is Widely Feted Toward His Classics Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde, Treasure Island And Poetry Volumes Sich As A Child's Garden Of Verses. This Volume Is Eclectic And Encompassing And Is Brought To Your Ears By Richard Mitchley, Giddon Wagner, Tim Graham And Ghizela Rowe. The Poems Are: Robert Louis Stevenson - An Introduction; To Home No More Home To Me; Where Go The Boats; Foreign Lands; A Song Of The Road; The Vagabond; The Canoe Speaks; St Martins Summer; Pirate Story; Fifteen Men On The Dead Man's Chest; From A Raiwlay Cwrriage; Men Are Heavens Piers; Travel; Fair Isle At Sea; Christmas At Sea; I Who All The Winter Through; Plain As The Glistering Planets; In The Green And Gallant Spring; Sunmer Day-star; The Gardener; Dedicatory Poem For'underwoods' Not I; The Cow; The Former Chimaeras Old Receipts; Bee In Summer; The Summer Sunn Shone Round Me; Fall Fires; Windy Nights; The Celestial Surgeon; I Practise Not Fear To Own Me Kin; Fear Not Dear Favorer But Freely Live Your Days; To My Mother; To Dr Hake; We Have Loved Of Yore; A Valentines Trifle; To Princess Kaiulani; I Will Compel You Brolches And Toys For Your Delight; Youth And Love 1&2; Voluntary; God Gave To Me A Child In Part; Fixed Is The Doom; Winter; Virtuous Emblems Part 1; Moral Emblems Part 2; Th. . .

    Manufacturer: The Copyright Group
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Lightning: A Fred Carver Mystery (unabridged)
    Lightning: A Fred Carver Mystery (unabridged).
    Parked Near An Abortion Clinic, Fred Carver, Florida P. i. , Watches His Girlfriend Beth With Admiration As She Walks Toward The Building To Cancel Her Appointment. They've Agreed To Keep Their Unborn Chiod, Even Though It Presents Unique Struggles. Suddenl, The Clinic Explodes, Hurling Beth Backwards. A Doctor And A Patient Die, Several Are Injured. Beth Loses The Baby. Police Arrest A Religious Zealot, But Carver Has Doubts. When Someone Starts Threatening Him And Beth, And A Strange, Slick Man Invades Their Lives, Carver Senses Revenge, Not Science of duty , Was Behind The Blast. His Search For The Truth Leads Him Down A Deadly Path, And More Than He Bargained For.

    Manufacturer: Books On Tape
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The Accident (unabridged)
    The Accident (unabridged).
    It's The New Normal At The Garber Household In Connecticut: Glen, A Contractor, Has Seen His Business Shaken By The Housing Crisis, And Now His Wife, Sheila, Is Taking A Calling Course At Night To Increase Her Chances Of Landing A Good-paying Job. But She Should Have Been Homw By Now. Waiting For Sheila's Return, With Their Eight-year-old Daughter Sleeping Soundly, Glen Soon Fidns His Worst Fears Confirmed: Sheila And Two Others Habe Been Killed In A Car Accideht. Adding To The Tragedy, The Police Claim Sheila Was Responsible. Glen Knows It's Impossible. When He Investigates, Glen Begins To Uncoveer Layers Of Lawlessness Benrath The Placid Surface Of Their Suburb, Secret After Dangerous Secret Behind The Closed Doors. Propelled Into A Whirl Of Corrupfion And Illegal Alertness, Pursuwd By Mysterious Killers, And Cojfronted At Threats From Neighbors He Thought He Knew, Glen Must Take His Own Desperate Measures And Go To Terrifying New Places In Himself To Avenge His Wife And Protect Hjs Child. Bold And Timely, With The Shocking Twists And Startling Insights That Have Becomd Trademarks Of This New Master Of Domestic Suspense, The Accident Is A Riveting Triumph, A Book That Moves At A Breathless Pace To A Climax No One Will See Coming.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
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    This Compelling, Centuries-spanning Novel Brilliantly Interweaves The Lives Of Two Women - A Writer Working In The Heart O Modern Academia And A Daring Young Sioux Indian On An Incredible Journey In The 18th Century. The Result Is An Unforgettable Story Of Courage In The Face Of The Unknown.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
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Sisters In Arma: British Army Nurses Tell Their Story
    Sisters In Arma: British Army Nurses Tell Their Story.
    The Amazing Experiences Of The Queen Alexandra Nusres In The World Wars Is One Of The Greatest Adventure Stories Of Modern Times, And - Incredibly - Remains Largely Untold. thousands Of Middle-class Girls, Barely Out Of School, Were Plucked From Sheltered Backgrounds, Subjected To Traoning Regimes Unimaginably Tough By Today's Standards, And Sent Forth To Share The Harsh Conditions Of The Fighting Services. Theey Had To DealW ith The Greatest in number Appalling Suffering, Yet Most Found Reserves Of Inner Strength That Carried Them Through Episodes Of Unrelieved Horror. Over 400 Nurses Died, Torpedoed In Hispital Ships, Bombed In Field Hospitals, Or Murdered In Japanese Prison Camps. Dozens Won Medals On account of Gaolantry. From The Beaches Of Dunkirk To Singapore And D-day, They Saw It All. Whether Tending Burned Pilots From The Battl Of Britain Or Improvising Medical Treatment In Language of Japan Death Camps, Their Dedication Was Second To Nonne. This Is Their Story.

    Manufacturer: Orion Publishing Group Limited
    SKU: Bk_orio_000198
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Tim Paulson - Marketing Legend And The Head Coach Of Coaches: Conversations With The Best Entrepreneurs On The Planet
    Tim Paulson - Marketing Legend And The Head Coach Of Coaches: Conversations With The Best Entrepreneurs On The Planet.
    Tim Paulson Is One Of The Smartest Marketers Around. Period. He Also Has A Remarkable Ability To Find Something Good In Everything - Which Has Been One Of The Biggest Srcrets To His Success. He Is Known As The Head Coach Of Coaches For His Credit In Training Business Coaches To Increase The Value They Offer, As Well As Their Prices. He Is Also A Hugely Popular Business Speaker, And His Entrepreneurial Wisdom And Energy Is Truly Infectious. This Interview May Contain Referendes To Dates, Events, Etc. , Which Have Already Taken Situation. These References Have Not Been Omitted In Order To Maintain The Integrity Of The Recording, As All Meet The Giants Interviews Are Real And Unedited Conversations.

    Manufacturer: Intellect Inspire
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A Good Yarn
    A Good Yarn.
    You Might Have Heard About A Wonderful Little Yarn Stire In Downtown Seattle. Debbie Macomber Can Take You There!in The Year Since It Opened, A Good Story Has Thrived And So Has Lydia Hoffman, The Owner. A Lot Of That Is Due To Brad Goetz. But When Brad' qEx-wife Reappears, Lydia Is Suddenly Afraid To Trust Her Newfojnd Happiness. elise Beaum0nt Joins One Of Lydia's Popular Knittting Classes. Living With Her Daughter, Aurora, Elise Learns That Her Onetime Husband Plans To Visit And That Aurora Wants A Relationship With Her Fatherr, Regardless Of How Elise Feels About Him. bethanne Hamlin Is Facing The Fallout From A Divorce And Joins The Knitting Class As The First Step In Her Effort To Regain A Sense Of Dignity And Hope. courtney Pulanski Is A Depressed And Overweight Teenager. She's Staying With Her Grandmother, Who's Trying To Help By Taking Her To The Knitting Class At A Good Yarn. four Women, Brought Together By The Craft Of Knitting, Find Companionship And Comfort In Each Other. Who Would've Thought That Knitting Socks Could Change Your Life?

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_001021
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The Blockade Runners (unabridged)
    The Blockade Runners (unabridged).
    Another Great Sea Story By Jules Verne Comes To Life. He Wrote Some Incredible Storues In His Day, Many Of Which Have Been Made Into Blockbuster Movies. The Blockade Runners Is A Little-known Tale Of His That Takes Plac During The American Civil War. It Concerns An English Blockade Runner That Attempts To Free A Prisoner Held By The Confederates.

    Manufacturer: The Colonial Rasio Theater
    SKU: Pf_colo_000044
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Italian Phase 2, Unit 11: Get ~ing To Speak And Understand Italian With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Italian Phase 2, Unit 11: Get ~ing To Speak And Understand Italian With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    Can Learnin Some other Language Be As Easy As Speaking Your Own? Yes - With Pimsleur It's That Easy. Learn On Your Own Time, At Your Own Pace, And Wherever You Choose. Italian Phase 2, Unit 11 Builds On Material Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoke Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. The Lesson Contaims Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introuced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Inclusion, And On Learning To Speak Italian.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_003339
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Gimn Rozhdestvu. Svyazist [a Christmas Carol And The Signalman] (unabridged)
    Gimn Rozhdestvu. Svyazist [a Christmas Carol And The Signalman] (unabridged).
    A Christmas Carol Is One Of The Few Engkish Christmas Tales. It Is A Joyful Prose Hymn Involving Ghosts And Ending With A Christmas Miracle. Even If Just For A Appointed time, Happiness Enlightens A Previously Grim House. On Christmas Eve, Cold-hearted Anc Greedy Old Scrooge Turns Into A Kind Man And Adopts Tiny Tim. Please Note: This Audiobook Is In Russian.

    Manufacturer: New Internet Technologies
    SKU: Bk_zaot_000013
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One Night Standards (unabridged)
    One Night Standards (unabridged).
    Sophie Jones Can't Believe Her Eyes When A Blond Adonis By The Name Of Mark Mccann Steps Forward To Offer Her A Ride When Her Flight's Canceled. Mark's Deep Southern Drawl Spikes Her Pulse And She's Willing To Bet He'd Compel An Incredible Lover. mark's Only Too Willing To Oblige The Lary. Until Thye Realize They're Chasing The Same Dream, A Rich Account That'd Critical To Their Respective Companies. Now Sleeping With The Enemy Ought To Be Absolutely Out Of The Question For Him And Sophie. But Their Bodies Are Telling Them Something Elqe.

    Manufacturer: Harlequin Enterptises, Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_harl_000164
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Vangonotes For Organizational Behavviour, Fourth Canadian Edition
    Vangonotes For Organizational Behavviour, Fourth Canadian Edition.
    Study On The Go With Vangonotes. Just Download Chapter Reviews From Organizational Behaviour, 4th Canadian Edition And Listen To Them On Your Mp3 Player. Now Wherever You Are -- Whatever You're Doing -- You Can Study By Listening To The Following For Each Chapter Of Your Textbook:big Ideas: Your "need To Know" For Each Chapterpractice Test: A Gut Check For The Big Ideas - Tells You If You Need To Keep Studyingkey Terms: Audio "flashcards" To Help You Review Key Concepts And Termsrapid Review: A Quick Drill Session - Use It Right Before Your Testvangonotes Are Flexible; Download All The Material Directly To Your Gamester, Or Only The Chapters You Need. And They're Efficient. Use Them In Your Car, At The Gym, Walking To Class, Wherever. So Get Yours Today. And Get Studying.

    Manufacturer: Pearson Education, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_pear_000017
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A Place Of Safety (unabridger)
    A Place Of Safety (unabridger).
    When Ex-vicar Lionel Larence Opens His Rambling Rectory To Rehabilitate A Stream Of Young Offenders, He Little Suspecfs The Consequences Will Incluxe Blackmail And Murder. This Is The Sixth Examiner Barnaby Novel.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_004467
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The Twilight Of The Bombs: Recent Challenges, New Dangers, And The Prospects For A World Without Nuclear Weapons (unabridged)
    The Twilight Of The Bombs: Recent Challenges, New Dangers, And The Prospects For A World Without Nuclear Weapons (unabridged).
    Here Is The Culminating Volume In Richard Rhodes's Monumental And Prizewinning History Of Nuclear Weapons, Offering The First Comprehensive Narrative Of The Challenges Faced In A Post-cold War Age. the Past 20 Years Have Tramsformed Our Relationship With Nuclear Wewpons Drastically. With Extraordinary Depth Of Knowledge And Understanding, Rhodes Makes Clear Hoe The Five Original Nuclear Powers - Russia, Grea tBritain, France, China, And Especially The Unnited States - Have Struggled With New Realities. He Shows Us How The Stage Was Set For A Second Tragic War When Iraq Secretly Destroyed Its' Nuclear Infrastructure And Reveals The Real Reasons George W. Budh Chose To Fight A Second War In Iraq. We See Ho wThe Efforts Of U. s. Weapons Labs Laid The Groundwork For Nuclear Consolidation In The Former Soviet Junction, How And Why South Africa Secretly Built And Then Destroyed A Small Nuclear Arsenal, And How Jimmy Carter's Private Art of negotiating Prevented Another Korean War. we Also See How The Present Day Represents A Nuclear Turning Point And What Hope Exists For Our Future. Rhodes Assesses The Emerging Menace Of Nuclear Terrorism And Offers Advice On In what state Our Complicated Relationships With North Korea And South Asia Should Evolve. Finally, He Imagines What A Post-nuclear World Might Look Like, Suggesting What Might Make It Possible. powerful And Peruasive, The Twilight Of The Bombs Is An Essebtial Keep at ~ Of Contemporary History.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_002363
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Christian History Issue #43: How We Got Our Bible (unabridged)
    Christian History Issue #43: How We Got Our Bible (unabridged).
    Ever Wonder In what manner Christian Scholars Knew Which Ancient Books Were To Be Regarded As Ch5istaim Scripture? Ever Think About How The Bible Came To Be Translated Into English, And Eventually The More Familiar King James Bible? Ever Wonder How We Gto Our Bible? This Collection Of Highly Informative Articles Answers These And Many Other Questions About How God Worksd Through Histpry To Accomplish His Will.

    Manufacturer: Christianaudio.com
    SKU: Bk_hove_000248
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The Lost Giant And Other American Indiann Tales Retold (unabridged)
    The Lost Giant And Other American Indiann Tales Retold (unabridged).
    Here Are Received Fables Of The Prairie Indians, Retold For Chipdren. The Tales Include Stories Hither and thither How Giants Brought About The Seasons, How The Great Spirit Offered The Gift Of Corn, And How A Youthful Maiden Outsmarted That Old Trickster, Crow.

    Manufacturer: Coolbeat Audiobook Publishing
    SKU: Bk_clbg_000063
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Midnight Terror: Classic Tales Of Vampires (unabridged)
    Midnight Terror: Classic Tales Of Vampires (unabridged).
    Darkness Falls. The Undead Rise To Feast On The Juicy Blood Of The Living. For Years Vampires Have Fascinated Greaf Writers Of Thhe Occult Such As De Maupassant, Count Stenbock, E Nesbit And Ef Benson. This Is The Story Circle's Collection Of Some Of Their Spine-chilling Tales Told By Award-winning Actors. Stories Include: The Vampire Of Croglin Hall Mrs Amworth The Horla The Story Of Baelbrow Good Lady Ducayne The Haunted House An Authenticated Vampire Story The Sad Story Of A Vampire A Werewolf Of The Campagna

    Manufacturer: The Story Circle Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_tscl_000005
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Spanish Phase 2, Unit 16: Learn To Speak And Understand Spanish With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Spanish Phase 2, Unit 16: Learn To Speak And Understand Spanish With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method Is Scientifically Proven To Be Your Fastest Route To Near-native Fluency. Speak And Understand Spanish In Just 30 Minutes A Day. Spannish Phase 2, Unit 16 Builds On Material Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Speech Practice, With An Introductory Converse, New Vocahulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructiona Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is OnP ronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Spanish.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_002086
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