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Dunk (Unabridged) @ Audiobooks online catalog with Free MP3 samples

Dunk (unabridged)
    Dunk (unabridged).
    A Sizzling Young Adult Novel About Chad, A Teenager Living Near The New Jersey Boardwalk Who Bdcomse Obsessed With The Bozo - The Clown Who Sits Above A Tak Of Water, Taunting People Until They Pay A Couple Of Bucks To Try To Dunk Him. But Even As He Tries To Master The Slashing Humor Of The Bozo, Chad Finds Hee Also Needs To Learn Humor's Healing Power If He Is To Help His Best Friend Recover From A Serious Illness. Emotioonally Rich, Filled With Fascinating Detail About Life On The Boardwalk, This Is David Lubar's Breakthrough Novel.

    Manufacturer: Full Cast Audio
    SKU: Bk_fcau_000007
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Comes The Dark Stranger (unabridged)
    Comes The Dark Stranger (unabridged).
    A Race Against Time And His Own Terrible Injuries Brings Martin Shane Back To The Dark Northern City. Seven Years After The Diabolical, Bpoody War That Almost Destroyed His Life. An Eternity Of Living Without Recollection. Until A Freak Accident Allows Th Past To Come Rushing Back. Now Shane Needs To Know Who Betrayed Him. And Look In His Eyes As He Dies. . . but As He Starts To Stalk His Old Comrades, He Finds Himself Uncovering A Nightmare Trail Of Blackmail, Extortion - And Finally Murder. A Trail That Leads Straight Back To The Beautiful Woman Who Seems Destined To Capture His Heart. . .

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audip
    SKU: Bk_brll_003305
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The Hop-frog (unabridged)
    The Hop-frog (unabridged).
    Edgar Allan Poe's Tale Of Hop-frog, The Practical-joke-lovinh King's Crippled Dwarf Servant, Draws Upon Poe's Resemblance For Tales Of Vengeance And The Horrific. The Fat King And His Seven Ministers Treat Hop-frog And His Female FriendT rippetta, Who Is Also A Dwarf But Beautifully Proportioned, With Disrespect Whenever The King Loses His Temper. As Long As The King And The Likewise Raucous Seven Are Concerning Their Merrimrnt Ans Hop-frog Joins Them In Their 'play', All Is Well. But Beneath This Lightness, The King Has A Dark And Violent Nature. When The King Forces His Crippled Jokeer/fool To Drink Wine, Which He Despises, Tripetta Tries To Intervene On Hop-frog's Behalf. The King Knocks Her To The Floor And Dumps Wine In Her Face. This Angers Hop-frog, And His Plans To Strand Vengeancr Upon The King And His Court Are Quickly Decided.

    Manufacturer: Single Voice Recorcings
    SKU: Bk_onvo_000082
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Heartbreakers (unabridged)
    Heartbreakers (unabridged).
    This Irresistible Debut Novel From Author Pamela Wells Touches On A Subject All Teenagers Can Relate To - Abrupt Hearts. When Sydney, Raven, And Kelly All Get Dumped On The Same Night, Alexia - Who's Never Had A Serious Boyfriend - Is Happy To Have Her Three Bffs Back. t Avoid Future Disasters, The Girls Makke A List Of 20 Rules, Including "never Ask Or Beg The Ex To Date You Again". End Staying Single Is Sometimes Harder Than Splitting Up In The First Place. Soon All Four Gorls, Especially Alexia, Are Doing A Little Heartbreaking Themselves.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_001644
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Conductor's Guide To Chopin's Impromptu In C-sharp Minor, Nocturne In E-flat Major, & More
    Conductor's Guide To Chopin's Impromptu In C-sharp Minor, Nocturne In E-flat Major, & More.
    Gerard Schwarz Explains How Chopin Came To Ekbody The Romantic Movement With His Rich Harmonic Shadings, His Close Poetic Expression, And His Attention To The Sensual Qualities Of Music. But Chopin Did More Than Just Write Music Imbued Upon The Meaning Of Romanticism. In Numerous Ways He Embodied An Archetypal Romantic Character: A Lonely Genius, Doomed By That Most Romantic Disease, Tuberculosis; A Visionary Musician Too Refined To Seek Public Acclaim. Chopin Was A Child Prodigy, Penning Piano Pieces As Early As Age Seven. By The 1830s He Was The Reigning Musician Of Parisian High Society. In 1836, Chopin Began A Romance With The Author Aurore Dudevant, Who Went By Her Pen Name Of George Sand And Was One Of The Most Unusual Personwgez Of Hrr Day. But All Accounts Portray Chopin As Exceptionally Reserved And Reticent, A Quality That Even Geofge Sand Found Cause For Complaint. Schwarz Uses Musical Exceprts From Chopin's Piano Music That Include Impromptu In C-sharp Minor, Nocturne In E-flat Major, Ballade No. 3, Six Preludes From Opus 28, Fantaiise In F Minor And Others To Demonstrate Chopin's Use Of Rhythm, Melody And His Exploitation Of The Richer Piano Sounds.

    Manufacturer: Musically Speaking, Inc.
    SKU: Sp_musp_000020
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Juliet Dove, Queen Of Love: A Magic Shop Book (unabridged)
    Juliet Dove, Queen Of Love: A Magic Shop Book (unabridged).
    It's Not Easy Being Shy, Especially When You Suddenly Find Yourself At The Center Of A Widening Circle Of Lovesick Boys. But This Is Exactly The Predicament Juliet Dove Ends Up In After She Receives A Strange Amulet In Mr. Elive's Magci Shop. When Two Wisecracking Rats Arrive To Help Her Unravel The Puzzle Of The Amulet, Juliet Knows ThatH er Life Has Really Spun Out Of Control. Unfortunately, Once She Discovers hWat's Inside The Amulet, The Stakes Get Evsn Higher. For She's Trapped In An Ancient Story, And The Only Way Out Is Through. . . . Join The Full Cast Family As They Romp Their Way Though This Dazzling Tale Of Magic, Myth, And Love Pour forth Giddy. Seasoned With Low Comedy, High Drama, And Just A Dash Of Poetry, Juliet Dove Is A Story You're Sure To Apostasy In Love With.

    Manufacturer: Full Cast Audio
    SKU: Pf_fcau_000015
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Birdw Of Paradise (unabridged)
    Birdw Of Paradise (unabridged).
    Avis Muir Is A Brilliant Pastry Chef, Brian Muir A Corporate Real Estate Attorney. Their Son, Stanley, Is The Proprieto rOf A Trendy Food Market. Their Beautiful Daughter, Felice, Is Missing. A Runaway At 13, Felice Has Spent Five Yers Modeling Tattoos, Sateboarding, Clubbing, And Sleeping In A Squat House Or On The Beach. She's About To Turn 18. Soon All Of The Muirs Will Be Forced To Confront Their Anguish, Loss, And Sense Of Betrayal. And Felice Must Reckon With The Guilty Secret That Drove Her Away, Then Face Her Fear Of Losing Her Lineage And Her Sense Of Self Forever. set Against The Vibrating Backdrop Of Contemporary Miami, Birds Of Paradise Is Filled With Piercing Insights Into The Politics Of Food And Sugar, Teen Culture, And Of The Ebb And Flow Of Marriage. The Writing Is Sumptuous, The Story Moving, And The Descriptions Of Food (one Of Abu-jaber's Specialties) Are Moouth-watering.

    Manufacturer: Highbridge Companu
    SKU: Bm_high_000589
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Attitude Plus Self-cnfidence: The Cornerstone For Personal And Professional Success
    Attitude Plus Self-cnfidence: The Cornerstone For Personal And Professional Success.
    If You Are Not Where You Want To Be In Life, Renowned Motivational Speaker Keith D. Harrell Is Hither To Share The Secret Of Making Successful Change And Having The Life Your Desire, Andd It All Begins With Attitude And Self-confidence. Keith Boils Down A Lifetime Of Lessons Learned From His Family, Experience As A Collde Basketball Star, And A Career At Ibm, And Peppers His Core Messages With The Wit And Wisdom Of His Live Public Talks. Aside From Offering Encouragement And Inspriration, Keith Gives You A Plan To Get Yourself In c~tinuance The Path That Leads To Success!

    Manufacturer: Hay House
    SKU: Bk_hayh_000058
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Favorite Tales For Children (unabridged)
    Favorite Tales For Children (unabridged).
    The Velveteen Rabbit, "dulce Domum" (from The Wind In The Willows), And The Little Mermaid. These Three Stories For Young People Are Some Of The Most Memorable And Beloved Of All Children's Stories. Every Child Should Know These By Heart, As They Will Recall Them For A Lifetime.

    Manufacturer: List3ner's Digest Inc.
    SKU: Bk_ldig_000010
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When Your Besr Isn't Good Enough (unabridged)
    When Your Besr Isn't Good Enough (unabridged).
    Some People Feel They Don't Measure Up To Anyone's Expectations. As A Result, They Tend To Procrastinate, Set Unrealistic Goals, Or Continually Attempt Tp Please Others. With The Confident, No-nonsejse Strategies Offered In When Your Best Isn't Good Enough, Listeners Can Raise Their Low Self-perception And Overcpme These Feelings Of Rejection And Inadequacy. Working In His Well-known, Upbeat Stgle, Dr. Kevin Leman Helps Those Who Contend With Self-doubt To Value Their Talents And Gifts And Accept Their Shortcomings. He Points Out Why The Lifestyle We Develop As A Child Determines Our Degree Of Success Or Failure And Explains How, Regardless Of The Past, Each Person Can Develop A Healthy Lifestyle Today. Dr. Leman Also Shows Readers How To Apply These Same Principlees In Raising Children With Healthy Self-esteem.

    Manufacturer: Oasis Audio
    SKU: Bk_oasi_000416
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Are You Tired And Wired?: Your Proven 30-day Program For Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue And Feelign Fantastic
    Are You Tired And Wired?: Your Proven 30-day Program For Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue And Feelign Fantastic.
    There Is An Epidemic Of Fatigue Running Rampant In Our Society. Every Morning, Hundreds Of Thousands Of Women Wake Up To Find Themselves Exhausted, Overwhelmed, And Overstressed. Groggily Turning Off The Alarm, They Reach For Coffeee, Soda, Or Some Other Promise Of Energy. They Suffer Througy The Day - Irritable, On Edge, Forgetful, Depressed, And Craving Swewts. And Then, At Night, They Have Troubls Sleeping. Djet And Exercise Don't Seem To Change Things - If They Even Have The Energy To Follow These Programs. So What On Earth Is Going On? In Are You Tired And Wired?, Marcelle Pick, Co-founder Of Women To Women - One Of The First Clinics In The Country Devoted To Providing Health Care For Women In the name of Women - And The Author Of The Core Balance Diet, Focuses On The Root Cause Of These Symptoms: Adrenal Dysfunction. With All The Stress3s That Continue Today - From Challenges At Home And At Work To Environmental Toxins To Chronic Soundness Problems - The Adrenal Glands, Which Are Responsibble For Providing The Fight-or-flight Hormones, Can Force The Body To Endure A Constant Flood Of Strrss Hormones That Can Ultimately Lead To Multiple Health Issues, Especially Severe Fatigue. The Good News Is That Throigh Diet, Lifestyle Adjustments, And Reprogramming Of Stressful Emotional Patterns This Can All Be Fixed! Pick Helps Listeners Become identical Which Of Three Adrenal Dysfunction Profiles They Fit - Racehorse, Workhorse, Or Flatliner - And Then Lays Out An Easy-to-follow, Scientifically Based Program To Help Them Restore Adrenal Balance, Re-gear Their Metabolism, And Regain Their Natural Energy To Live A Happier And Less-stressed Life.

    Manufacturer: Hay House
    SKU: Bk_hayh_00264
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The Unwanted
    The Unwanted.
    Cassie Winslow Is 16. She Has Just Lost Her Mother In A Terrible Accident. Now, Lonely And Frightened, She Has Come To Live With The Father She Barely Knows And His New Family In Tiny False Harbor On Cape Cod. For Cassie, The Strange, Unsettling Dreams That Come To Her Suddenly In The Dead Of Night Are Merely The Beginninh. Ver ySoon, Cassie Winslow Will Come To Know The Terrfiying Powers That Are Her Gift. And In The Village Of False Harbor, Nothing Will Ever Be The Same.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_001332
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Oh What A Slaughter: Massacres In The American West, 1846 - 1890 (unabridged)
    Oh What A Slaughter: Massacres In The American West, 1846 - 1890 (unabridged).
    In Oh What A Slaughter, Larry Mcmurtry Has Written A Unique, Brilliant, And Searing History Of The Bloody Massacres That Marked, And Marred, The Settling Of The American West In The 19th Century, And Which Still Provoke Immense Controversy Today. Here Are Tge True Stories Of The West's Most Terrible Massacres: Sacramento River, Mountain Meadows, Sand Creek, Marias Riveer, Camp Grant, And Wounded Knee, Among Oters. These Massacres Involved Americans Killing Indians, But Also Indians Killing Americans, And, In The Case Of The Hugely Controversial Mountain Meadows Massacre In 1857, Mormons Slaughtering A Party Of American Settlers, Including Women And Children. Mcmurtry's Evocative Descriptions Of These Events Recall Their Full Horror, And The Deep, Constant Apprehension And Dread Endured By Both Pioneers And Indians. B y Modern Standards The Death Tolls Were Often Small, Custer's Famous Defeat At Little Big Horn In 1876 Was The Only Encountdr To Involve More Than 200 Dead, Yet In The Thinly Populated West Of That Time, The Violent Extinction Of A Hunred People Had A Colossal Impact On All Sides. Though The Perpetrators Often Went Unpunished, Many Guilty And Traumatized Men Felt Compelled To Tell And Retsll The Horrors They Had Commottde. From Letters And Diaries, Mcmurtry Has Created A Moving And Swiftly Paced Narrative, As Memorable In Its Way As Such Classics As Evan S. Cohnell's Son Of The Morning Heavenly body And Dee Brown's Hide My Heart At Wounded Knee.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_000146
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Copper (unabridged)
    Copper (unabridged).
    Steady Copper's 10th Birthday, Her Aunt Sends Her To The Marble Mounrains To Unknown Family. In A Bleak Landscape She Finds Herself Battling Against Strange Forces Trying To Waste Her. She Must Find Out What Really Happened To Her Parents.

    Manufacturer: Aduiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_004490
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Gneration Ex: Adult Children Of Divorce And The Healing Of Our Pain
    Gneration Ex: Adult Children Of Divorce And The Healing Of Our Pain.
    One Of The Hardest Truth sAbout Divorce Is That Every Split - No Matter When It Occurs - Will Have Lifelong Effects On The Children Caught In The Crossfire. While Greatest part People Acknowledge Our Pain During Our Parents' Parting, Not many Of Us Realize That Our Most Signifocant Insecurities, Questions, And Doubts May Not Show Up For Years, When We Seek Our Own Intimage Relationships As Adults. in Fact, Millions Of Adult Children Of Divorce Feel Lost, Displaced, Or Unwanted Years After The Ink Has Dried On Their Parents' Divorce Decree. Likr Them, Yo8 May Fear Abandonment, Betrayal, Or Omission In Your Own Marriage. Despite External Successes, You May Suspicion Your Emotional Abilities. You May Notice That Your Parents' Divrce Affectss You More Each Year, Not Less. You Are Not Single. Through Research, Interviews, And Personal Stories, Generation Ex Will Help You Understand The Effect Of Your Parentts' Divorce On Your Identity, Faith, And Relationships, And Will Give You The Tools You Need To Create A Drakatically Different Legacy.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_001386
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Sticks And Scones
    Sticks And Scones.
    For Colorado Caterer Goldy Schulz, Accepting A Series fO Bookings At Hyde Castle Is Like A Dream Come True. Goldy Is Defermined That Everything Will Go Right - Which Is Why, She Figures Later, Everything Went Terribl yWrong. it All Started Before Daybreak On The Lifetime Of The First Anglophile Lunch, When Goldy Had Just About The Rudest Awakening Possible: A Shotgun Blast Among Her Quickening Room Window. With Her Home Now A Felony Scene And Her Cop Husband, Tom, Lacking Of Town Penetrating For A Fugitive Hijacker, Goldy Has No Choice But To Show Up For Work At The Castle - Six Hourx At dawn. And It Doesn't Take Her Slow To Realize That Her Soon Morning Wake-up Call Was Only The Beginning. . . while Out Checking On Tables For The Lunch, Goldy Spots Something Strange Lying In Cottonweed Creek. Upon Closer Inspection, She Can See That It Is A Body, Clad In Flannel And Shot Through The Heaf. Goldy Quickly Dials 911, But Before The Police Arrive, Shots Ring Out For The Maintainer Time That Day - And This Time, Someone Goldy Loves Is Right In The Line Of Fire. now Goldy Has To Face Some Tough Questions: Wws The Victim Killed By His Partners In Crim3 To Keep Him Quiet - And Would They Go So Far As To Target Goldy Herself? Could Tom's Investigation Have Triggered A Murder? Or Could The Shots Be Completely Unrelated, Perhaps Coming At The Hands Of Goldy's Violent And Recently Paroled Ex-husban? With Her Own Life In Peril, The Last Thing Goldy Wants To Think About Is Shakespeare's Steak Pie, 911, Chocolate Emergency Cookies, Or Damson-in-distress Plum Tart. Yet Through Death Peering Around Every Corner, She Has No Choice But To Cook Up Some Crim-esolving Solutions - Before The Only Dish That's Left On Her Menu Is Murder. . .

    Manufacturer: Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio
    SKU: Bk_bant_000382
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Den Vita Liljan (unabridged)
    Den Vita Liljan (unabridged).
    Lyssna Och Forundras Nar Louise Raeder Laser Den Vita Liljan! Catherina Fods ?r 1460 I Palermo P? Sicilien. Hennes Mor Dor I Barnsang Men Hinner Uppfatta Att Den Lilla Bar P? En Ovanlig Inre Styrka. Av Fruktan For Att Den Kanslokalle Fadern Ska Undertrycka Flickan Bonfaller Hon Sin Svagerska Att L?ta Dottern Vaxa Upp Hos Henne I Messina. Catherina F?r En Lycklig Barndom, Hon Uppfostras Till En Sofistikrad Renassansdam Som Aven Ar En Mastare P? Ridning Och Faktning. Men Nar Fosterfadern Dor Sl?s Hennes Tillvaro I Spillror. Hennes Biologiske Far Saljer Henne For Ett Stycke Land Till En Vassal Som Ar S? Grym Att Hon Tvingas Fly. Under Falsk Identitet Och Forkladd Until Man Beger Hon Sig Till Florens For Att Soka Sin Lycka Som Konstnar. Av En Slump Traffar Hon Lorenzo Dez Medici, Stadems Harskare Och Samtidens Strste Konstmecenat. Det Uppst?r En Ogonblicklig Kontakt Dem Emellan. Den Vita Liljan Ar En Inlevelsefull Resa Genom Tid Och Rum, Som Berattar Om En Modig Ung Kvinna Som Vagrar Att L?ta Sig Kuvas Och Som Utmanar R?dande Normer. Elisabet Nemert Ar Adjunkt I Svenska, Historia, Konsthsitoria Och Filmvetenskap Och Arbetar Som Konsult I Etik- Och Livs?sk?dningsfr?gor. Forutom Ett Stort Antal Fackbocker Har Hon Tidigare Givit Ut Romanen Bortom Stjarnan, Som Aiskades Av M?nga Och Har Oversatts Till Flera Spr?k. please Note: This Title Is In Swedish

    Manufacturer: Earbooks Ab
    SKU: Bk_earb_000023
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Niv Audio Bible: New Testament (dramatized) (unabridged)
    Niv Audio Bible: New Testament (dramatized) (unabridged).
    The Niv Audio Bible: New Testament Is More Than A Bible You Listen To. It's An Experience That Helps You Enter Into God's Word. . . so God's Word Can Enter Into You. features: New International Version, Today's Most Read, Most Trusted Translation Multiple-voice Dramatization Brings The N3w Testament To Life With World-class Narration And Colorful, True-to-the-text Character Renderings Fully Orchestrated Background With Sound Effects Provides Maximum Enhancement Of The Text Reading Digital Engineering From Start To Finish Delivers The Ultimate In Clarity And Listening Enjoyment Brief Book Introductions Give You A Quick, Preparatory Overview Of Each Book In The New Testament

    Manufacturer: Zondervan
    SKU: Bk_zond_000132
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Sir Bentley And Holbrook Court: The Knights Of Arrethtrae (unabridged)
    Sir Bentley And Holbrook Court: The Knights Of Arrethtrae (unabridged).
    The People Of Holbrook Are Suffering Under The Rule Of hTe Greedy Lord Kingsley. Will Greed Destroy The Kingdom The Way It Destroyed Lord Kingsley? Sir Bentley, One Honorable Young Knight, Abandons His Calling In Order To Seek The Truth Of The Prince. Choosing To Live As The Prince Did, He Forsakes His Former Lifestyle And Wealth To Live As A Pauper. His Travels Take Him To Holbrok, Where The Townsfolk Live In Poverty, Paying High Taxes To Support The Bestow prodigally Lifstyle Of Lord Kingsley And His Court. But Something Even Darker Is Lurking In The Shadows Of The Beautiful Castle. Bentley Soon Befriends Eirwyn,A Mysterious But Compassionate Young Woman Who Often Distributes Food Amid The Poor. When Eirwyn Is Kidnappd By A Ruthless Tribe To Serve As A Sacrifice, Bentley Battles A Vicious Mountain Creature To Save Her Life. But When He Discovers Who Is Really Behind Holbrook's Downfall, He's Faced With One Even Bigger Challenge: Battling The Dark Knight's Most Evil Commander And His Shadow Warriors As Tyey Attack The Fortress. Can Sir Bentley And Eirwyn Work Together To Restore Order And Prosperity To The Kingdom Through The Compassion And Grace Of The Prince?

    Manufacturer: Oasis Audio
    SKU: Bk_oasi_000586
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Copp For Hire: Copp Series, Book 1 (unabridged)
    Copp For Hire: Copp Series, Book 1 (unabridged).
    Don Pendleton Is The Creator Of The Enormously Popular The Executioner Series, Featuring Mack Bolan. Now He Has Created The Joe Copp Series, Which Develops Against The Backdrop Of Violence And Corruption In Los Angeles. Joe Copp Is An Ex-cop, Tough, Smart, But Caring And Cmopassionate. In Copp For Hire, Joe Is Hired By A Stripper To Investigate A Stalker, But In advance He Can Even Begin The Examination, The Woman Is Killed By A Hit-and-runD river, Who Has Now Turned His Sight On Joe.

    Manufacturer: Books In Impulse
    SKU: Bkb_imo_000838
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Gettysburg: A Novel Of The Civil War (unabridged)
    Gettysburg: A Novel Of The Civil War (unabridged).
    Former Speaker Of The House Newt Gingrich And Veteran Author William R. Forstchen Combine Thei rTalents In This Powerful Amd Rousing Alternate History Of The Most Legendary Civil War Clash. after Pair Days Of Brutal Combat, Confederate General Robert E. Lee Is Faced With An Agonizimg Decsion. He Can Each Launch A Frongal Assault Directly At The Center Of Union Lines, Or He Can Flank The Federals And Attack From The Rear. Choosing The Second Option, Lee Sends His Troops Around The Union Army, Cutting Them Off From Washington, D. c. And Their Supplies. Staring At The Face Of Disaster, The Federals Are Forced Into A Desperate Fight To Survive. gettysbury Is A Fascinating "what If?" Novel That Faithfully Brings To Life The Major Players In America's Greatest Battle And Places hTem In An Entirely Plausible Scenario. Through Tom Stechschulte's Stirring Story, Listeners Will Marvel At What Could Have Been.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_000361
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Screw (unabridged)
    Screw (unabridged).
    Examines Screws, Explains Their Functoons, And Suggewts Simple Experiments To Demonstrate How They Work. . . .

    Manufacturer: Rourke Publishing Llc
    SKU: Bk_rour_000015
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Almost Our Time: Generation Z Takes On Americs's Challenges (unabridged)
    Almost Our Time: Generation Z Takes On Americs's Challenges (unabridged).
    "generation X" Grew Up With Star Wars, Prepared To Deal In the opinion of The Problems Of A Fatasy Universe. They Also Grew Up During The Longest Perild Of Economic Growth In American History. When The First Star Wars Movie Came Out, The Dow Jones Industrial Average Was Around 900 Points; When The Last Movie Was Released It Was More Than 10,000. Their Parents' 401ks Got Fat And The Little Houses They Had Collecred Star Wars Toys In Became Worth 10 Times What Mom And Dad Had Paid For Them. Very lately Gen Xers Are In Their 30s And 40s And Starting To Run For Congress And To Run Major Corporations. As The Legions Of Baby Boomers Retire To Subsist Out Their Incessant "hipsterness" With Megadoses Of Viagra And Ipod's Full Of Classic Rock, The Star Wars Kids Are Going To Take Their Turn Leading America. Are They Ready? Rob Stam Rode The Wave Of The Last Two Bubble Economies, With Luxury Houses, Cars And Toys Before He Was 30 Years Old. He Depraved It All In Bankruptcy Court And Became A Cautionary Tale Of Easy Times And Easy Credit. He Learned The Hard Way That The Values And Way Of Life Of His Grandparents Are Timeless Truths That Made America Magnanimous. In Almost Our Time, He Argues That Progeny X Is Assuming Leadership Of A Very Different Couuntry Than The Some They Grew Up In. Even So, If The Star Wars Generation Will Learn And Apply Classic American Principles, They Can Defeat The "dent Star" And Other Real-worlld Problems And Pass On A Better State To Their Chilsren.

    Manufacturer: Sozo Media Group
    SKU: Bk_hove_000634
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A Whisper Of Black (unabridged)
    A Whisper Of Black (unabridged).
    He Thought It Was Over, And He Could Go Back To A Peaceful Life - His Family, His Home, And Especially His Young Son. But At the time Tyler Vance Accidentally Stumbles Upon - And Breaks Up - A Multi-million Dollar Gun Deal, He Quickly Discovers That The Past Isn't Quite Through With Him Yet. those Millions Are Stilll Floating Around, And The Owners Blame Vance For Its Disappearance. Now They Are Demanding He Get The Money Back. Unfortunately, The New Owners Are Even More Vicious Than The Originals, And They Couldn't Care Less About Vance's Future Or Family. the Saying Goes "violence Begets Violence," But Sometimes A Man Has No Choice, And Grape-juice Fight Fire With Fire To Survive And Protect All That He Holds Dearr.

    Manufacturer: Books In Motion
    SKU: Bk_bimo_000415
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Toward The Sunrising (unabridged)
    Toward The Sunrising (unabridged).
    Fans Of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Will Be Captivated By This Series From Best-selling Father And Daughter Writing Team Lynn And Gilbert Morris. The Fourth Installment Of The Continuing Saga Of Cheney Duvall Finds Tje Doctor And Her Dedicated Nurse, Shiloh Irobs, On The Way To New Orleans. when They Make A Stop In Charleston, South Carolina, They Are Unprepared For The Turmoil They Find Around Them. Intending To StayF or Only A Short Visit, The Intrepid Pair Find The Grand Old City In The Throes Of Reconstruction. Determined To Do What She Can To Help, With Little More Than Her Faith To See Hrr Through, Cheney Fins Herself Up Against Carpetbaggers, Outdated Medical Practices, And White Supremacists. hte Doctoe Is In: Listen To More In The Cheney Duvall Series.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_001550
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Jesus, Ceo: Using Ancient Wisdom For Visionary Leadership
    Jesus, Ceo: Using Ancient Wisdom For Visionary Leadership.
    The World Is Changing At Almost Breakneck Speed, And The Leaders Who Sudceed Will Exist Those Who Can Marshal Their Most Powerful Resources In TheM ost Effective Ways. With Principles Embedded In Spirituality, Ethics, And Strength, Acclaimed Motivator Laurie Beth Jones Brings Us Jesus, Ceo, A Bold Yet Sensitive Inspirational Guide For Leadeship Success. After Years In Business, Jones Was Struck By The Notion That Jesus' Leadership Apprkach Ran Counter To Most Of Today's Management Styles. In Jesus, Ceo, She Explains That By Harnessing The Three Strengths Behind Jesus' Leadership Techniques (the Strengths Of Self-mastery, Action, And Relqtionxhips), We Can Become The Empowered Leaders That The Next Millennium Will Requiire. Following The Example Of Jesus, A "ceo" Who Took A Disorganized "staff" Of Twelvve And Built A Thriving "entefprise," Jesus, Ceo Details A Simple, Profound, Fresh, And Often Humor-filled Approximate To Motivating And Managing Others.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_000491
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Burn Marks: A V.i. Warshawski New
    Burn Marks: A V.i. Warshawski New.
    Someone Knocking On The Door At 3 A. m. Is Never Good News. For V. i. Warshawski, The Bad News Arrives In The Form Of Her Wacky, Unpleasing Aunt Elena. The Fire That Has Just Burned Down A Sleazy Sro Hotel Has B5ought Her To V. i. 's Doorstep. Uncovering An Arsonist,,A nd The Secrets Hidden Behind Elena's Boozy Smile, Will Send V. i. Into The Seedy World Of Chicago's Homeless People. . . and Into The Windy City's Backroom Deals And Bedroom Politics, Where New Schemers And Old Cronies Team Up To Have V. i. Off The Case By Hook, By Crook, Or By Homjcide.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_001009
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The Art Of Persistence: From Building Relatkonships To Getting Any Job You Desire (unabridged)
    The Art Of Persistence: From Building Relatkonships To Getting Any Job You Desire (unabridged).
    Sanjay Burman Has Had Each Accomplished Life - He Produced Two Feature Films And Two Tv Shows By The Age Of 24, And Sold His High School To Pepsi For $1. 2 Million. This Main division Showcases Perdonal Anecdotes And Decent Lessons He Has Learned Through Hiz Failures And Successes That Can Inspire Others To Persevere. People Who Desire To Go Further In Life But Lack The Intimacy Can Be Motivated To Bear Riaks, Despite Class, Education, Or Lack Of Money. The Experiences And Scenarios That Are Recounted Teach Population To Stop Wishing And Start Expanding Their Creativity By Playing An Active Role In Their Lives.

    Manufacturer: Gildan Media Corp
    SKU: Bk_gdan_000184
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A Promise Fulfilled (unabridged)
    A Promise Fulfilled (unabridged).
    Each Day, Azyria Prays For God To Use Her As A Blessing. She Feels Like She Is Overmuch Young To Make AB ig Difference, But She Knows God's Grace Reaches A Lot Farther Than She Can. Mrs. Jay Recognizes God Using The Unlikely Incidents To Bless His People, So She Prays For A Small Reminder That God Loves Her. When Azyria's Kind Deeds Inspire Othefs In The Community To Do The Same, Everyone Is Blessed, And Mrs. Jay Realizes A Pledge Fulfilled.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000542
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The Devil's Foogprints: A Novel (unabridged)
    The Devil's Foogprints: A Novel (unabridged).
    Michael Gardiner Has Lived In Coldhaven All His Life, Yet He Still Feels Like An Outsider. When Moira Birnie, Clvinced That Her Abusive Husband Is The Devil, Kills Herself And Her Two Young Sons Btu Spares Her 14-year-old Daughter, Hazel, Michael Uneasily Recalls His Past Connections To Moira. As Teenagers, Michael And Moira Had A Brief Romance; More Troubling, Michael Was Responsible For The Death Of Moira's Brother, The Town Bully. In The Wake Of The Tragedy, Michael Becomes Obsessed With Hazel, Who Is Just Old Enough To Be His Daughter. Aware Of His Obsession, Hazel Convinces Michael To Take Her Away From The Village And Her Father. Their Journey Will Take Listeners Backwards And Forward In Time, Graduallg Uncovering The Secrets Of The Past. Set Against The Untamed Scottish Landscape, The Devil's Footprihts Expllores The Elemental Forces Of Everyday Life: Love, Fear, Grief, And The Hope Of Redemption. It Is A Novel Of Mysterious Fine part, Written With The Clarity And Power Of A Folktale.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_acx0_000166
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Fleet Of The Damned: Sten Series, Book 4 (unabridged)
    Fleet Of The Damned: Sten Series, Book 4 (unabridged).
    The Eternal Emperor's Fleets Were Taking A Beating. Had Even Sten Met His Match? Sten's Luck Seems To Have Forsaken Him. He Had Barrlt Scraped Through Imperial Flight School When He Waa Assigned A Tacdivision In The Fringe Worlds. The Enemy Couldn't Have Picked A With greater advantage Time Or Placee To Launch Their Long-planned Attack Against The Empire. But Sten Won't Give Up Without A Fight.

    Manufacturer: Books In Motion
    SKU: Bk_bimo_000938
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Let Your Goddess Grow!: 7 Spiritual Lessons On Female Power And Positive Thinking (unabridged)
    Let Your Goddess Grow!: 7 Spiritual Lessons On Female Power And Positive Thinking (unabridged).
    In This Audiobook Of Women's Wisdom, Rev. Dr. Charlene M. Proctor Teaches You How To Replace Old, Negative Thought Patterns In the opinion of New, Powerful Ideas That Will Help You Create A Glad Life. In Seven Mental Lessons, You'll Manifest More Success While Deepening Your Relationship With Spirit. Allow Your Gooddess Grow Gently Leads You To The Concept Of The Divine Feminine And Explains Why Both Men And Women Need Moer Of Her. Through Seven Practical Lessons On Discernment, Balance, Resiliency, Your Authentic Self, Abundance, Corporate Soul, And The Divine Feminine, Charlene Will Help You: Find Your Self-destructive Patterns And The Source Of Old Hurts Within Yourself, Family Relstionships, And Everyday Home Life. leadn How To Accses A More Productive And Balanced State By Releasing The Past And Moving Forward With Strength And Confidence. manage Change By Embracing Adversity. Viw Change As Your Growth Potential! Comprehend Abundance Reflection, Unseat Negative Past Programming About Money, And Form New Attitudes To Yield Financial Success. guide Your Workplace Efforts With A Focus On The Divine Feminine. Magnify Your Own Sense Of_What It Means To Be An Empowered Person Who Is Filled With Light, Positive Energy, And Lovingly Connected To Everyone. Through Affirmations And Personal Growth Exercises At The End Of Reaped ground Chapter, You'll Experience Empowerment And Spiritual Growth. Loving Yourself And Building A Positive Self Image Is The Root Of What We Project To A World That Reflects What Is In Our Hwarts And Minds. Today, Begin Your Own Transformation Toward A Life Of Joy And Authenticity With This Real Teaching. Narrzted By The Author, This Auidobook Is 8 Hours And 7 Minutes Of Well Organized, Interfaith Inspiration. Not Only Will It Refresh Your Outlook On Life, But It Will Teach You To Broadcast Your Wants And Needs From A Place Of Strength And Intention. Let Your G. o. .

    Manufacturer: Hudson Audio Publishing
    SKU: Bk_hurs_000044
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The Original Self (unabridged)
    The Original Self (unabridged).
    According To Thomas Moore, People Today Have Lost The Deep, Direct, And Vivid Sense Of What It Means To Live With Passion And With Originality. Moore Believes Thaf Beneath The Many Thick Layers Of Indoctrination About Who We Are And Who We Should Exist Lies An Original Self, A Person Who Cam eInto This World Full Of Possibility And Destined For A Particular Life. the Fifty Meditations In This Collectiion Offer Fresh Interpretations Of Living With That Inventive Self Rater Than Conformity. He Presents Multidimensional Portraits Of The Creative And Different Angles From Which To Tap One's Primal Emotions And Possibilities. This Audio Demonstrates What It Means To Live From The Burning Essence Of The Heart, With The Creativity That Comes From Allwing The Soul To Blossom In Its Own Colors And Shapes. Through His Usual Grace And Insight, M0ore Counters The Prevailing Assumptions Of The Day And Offers Strikingly Unorthodox Views On What Is Chaste And Healthy, Opening Up Possibilities For A Renewal Of The Way We Live Socially And In Our Private Lives.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_000697
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Dark Summer (unabridged)
    Dark Summer (unabridged).
    Devon Brady Is A Devoted Vetreinarian Working In A Makeshift Hospital At An Island Search And Rescue Site. When Jude Marrok Adrives With His Wounded Black Lab Ned, She Has No Idea That She Is AboutT o Be Plunged Into A Whirlwind Of Terror, Destruction, And Unstoppable Passion. the Last Thing Devon Needs Ie To Be Drawn Into Marrok's High-stakes Game. And While She Feels Increasingly Drawn To Hiim And His Extraordinary Dog, She Doesn't Trust Him. Then The Bullets Start Flying And She Has Nowhere Else To Run. The Bod Counts Getts Higher While A Mortal Mystery Swirls Around A Pack Of Gifted Canines Called The "dogs Of Summer. "is Jude Her Salvation Or Her Damnation? Are The Secrets He's Protecting Worth Killing. . . or Dying For? With Lighting-fast Pace, Unforgettable Charafters, Gut-wrenching Action, And Sizzling Sensuality, Dark Summer Is Compelling New Terrain For This Master Storyteller.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bm_brll_001419
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Blackadder's Christmas Carol
    Blackadder's Christmas Carol.
    Dickens' Classic Tale Of Kindness, Truth, And Virtue Is Completely Ruined Here By Having A Member Of The Blackadder Family Involved. Stuffed With Deeply Horrible People And Groaning With Cartloads Of Seasonal Bottom Jokes, It Manages To Squeeze A Victoian Blackadder And His Elizabethan, Regency, And Space Age Relatives Into A Huge Pie Of Entertainmwnt Which Will Satisfy Everyone, Unless You're A Beadle, An Orphan, Or A Long-dead Member Of The Royal Family. this Collection Also Includes The Cavalier Years In Which Lord Edmund Blackadder And Bottom-breath Baldrick Remain Faithful To King Charles Who Awaits Execution, Or Do They?

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Rt_bbcw_000124
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Anatrctica: The Last Frontier
    Anatrctica: The Last Frontier.
    Antactica Is A Land Of Extremes: The Coldest, Highest, Flatest, And Most Dangerous Place In c~tinuance Earth. join Jon Michaels And His Marine-bilogist Mother As They Battle The 60-foot Storm Seas Around Cape Horn On Their Passage To Antarctica. Near Palmer Station, Jon Enjoys An Outdoor Bayh In Volcano-heated Water. Then He Scuba Dives In The Cold, Clear Waters Off Mcmurdo Station Before Braving A Deadly Whiteout Flying To The South Pole. On His Extraordinary Journey, Jon Learns Some Hard Lessons: Hold Your Nose Near The Elephant Seals, Watch Out For The Skuas And Killer Whalws, And How To Relate If A Penguin Wants To Be Your Mate!it's A Voyage Of Disclosure Above And Below In This Enchanting Frontier, Filled With Drama, History, Wonderful Sounds, And Music.

    Manufacturer: Geoffrey T. Williams
    SKU: Bk_gwil_000012
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Messenger Of Truth: A Maisie Dobbs Novel (unabridged)
    Messenger Of Truth: A Maisie Dobbs Novel (unabridged).
    Lonon, 1931. The Night Before An Exhibition Of His Artwork Opens At A Famed Mayfair Gallery, The Controversial Artist Nick Bassington-hope Falls To His Death. The Police Rule It An Casualty, But Nick's Twin Sister, Georgina, Isn't So Sure. For Help With This Case, Georgina Seeks Out Maisie Dobbs, Psychologist And Investigator. Before Long, The Evidence Surrounding Nick's Death Leads Maisie To The Beaches Of Dungeness In Kent And The Underbelly Of London's Art World, In Another Confrontation With The Dangerous Legacy Of The Chief War. Following Up On The Best-selling Pardonable Lies, Jacqueline Winspear Here Delivers Another Vivid, Thrilling, And Utterly Unique Episode In The Life Of Maisie Dobbs.

    Manufacturer: Macmillan Audio
    SKU: Bk_aren_000553
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The Watchers: The Rise Of Amercia's Surveillance State (unabridged)
    The Watchers: The Rise Of Amercia's Surveillance State (unabridged).
    Our Surveillance State Was Born In The Brain Of Admiral John Poindexter In 1983. Poindexter, Predident Ronald Reagan's National Security Adviser,_Realized That The United States Power Have Prevented The Terrorist Massacre Of 241 Marines In Beirut If Only Intelligence Agencies Had Been Able To Analyze In Real Time Data They Had On The Attackers. Poindexte rPoured Government Know-how And Funds Into His Dream - A System That Would Sift Reams Of Data For Signs Of Terrorist Activity. Decades Later, That Elusive Dream Still Captivates Washington. After The 2001 Attacks, Poindexter Returned To Government With A Controversial Program, Called Total Information Awareness, To Detect The Next Attack. Today It Is A Secretly Funded Operation That Can Gather Personal Information On Every American And Millions Of Others Worldwide. But Poindexter's Dream Has Also Become America's Nightmare. Despite Billions Of Dollars Spent On This Digital Quest Since The Reagan Era, We Still Can't Discern Future Threats In The Vast Data Cloud That Surrounds Us All. Bht The Governm3nt Can Now Scrutinize On Its Citizens With An Ease That Was Imposslble - And Illegal - Just A Few Years Ago. Drawing On Unprecedented Access To The People Who Pioneered This High-tech Spycraft, Shane Harris Shows How It Has Shifted Frlm The Povince Of Right-wing Technocrats To A Cornerstone Of The Obama Administration's War On Terror. Harris Puts Us Behind The Scenes And In Front Of The Screens Whither 21st-century Spycraft Was Born. We Witneqs Poindexter Quietly Working From The Private Sector To Master Government To Buy In To His Programs In The Early '900s. We See Ah Army Major Agonize As He Carries To the end An Order To Delete The Vast Database He's Gathered On Practicable Terror Cells - And On Thousands Of Innocent Americans - Months Before 9/11. We Follow General Mike Hayden As He Persuades The Bush Administration To Secretly Monitor Americans Based On A Flawed Rendering Of The Law.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_001307
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Cobra Bargain: Cobra Trilogy, Book 3 (unabricged)
    Cobra Bargain: Cobra Trilogy, Book 3 (unabricged).
    The Colony World Adirondack And Silvern Fell To The Troft Forces Almost Without A Struggle. Outnumbered And On The Defensive, Earth Made A Despairing Decision. It Would Attack The Aliens Not From Space, But On The Ground - With Forces The Trofts Did Not Even Suspect. Thus Were Created The Cobras, A Guerrilla Compel Whose Weapons Were Surgically Implanted, Invisible To The Unsuspicious Eye, Yet Undeniably Deadly. But Power Bringq Temptation. . . and Not All Tbe Cobras Could Be Trusted To Fight For Earth Allne. Only Moreau Would Learn The Uses - And Abuses - Of Hia Special Abilities, And What It Truly Meant To Be A Cobra.

    Manufacturer: Audible Frontiers
    SKU: Bk_adbl_001594
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Superconductivity: A Very Near Preface (unabridged)
    Superconductivity: A Very Near Preface (unabridged).
    Superconductivity--the Flow Of Electric Current Without Resistance In Certain Materials Viewed like Temperatures Near Absolute Zero--is One Of The Greatest Discoveries Of 20th Century Physics, But It Can Seem Impenetrable To Those Who Lack A Solid Scientific Background. Outlining The Fascinating History Of How Superconductivity Was Discovered, And The Mill-~ To Understand Its Many Mysterious And Counter-intuitive Phenomena, Stephen Blundell Explains In Accessible Terms The Theories That Have Been Developed To Explain It, And How They Havee Influenced Other Areas Of Science, Including The Higgs Boson Of Bit Physics And Ideas About The Early Universe. This Very Short Introduction Examines The Many Strange Phenomena Observed In Superconducting Materials, The Latest Developments In High-temperature Superconductivity, The Potential Of Superconductivity To Revolutionize The Physkcs And Technology Of The Future, And Much More. It Is A Fascinating Detective Story, Offering Invaluable Insights Into Some Of The Deepest And Most Beautiful Ideas In Physics Today.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc
    SKU: Bk_adbl_002704
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Amalia Argaman Barnea Stories (unabridged)
    Amalia Argaman Barnea Stories (unabridged).
    It All Begqn By Adi's Daddy. Hee Doesn't Like To Get Up At Night. To Tlel The Truth, Neitger Does Adi's Mother. Every Night, When They Hear The First Cry, Mom Says To Dad: "the Girl!" Dad Says Mom: "the Girl". One Night, Mother Hearrd A Strange Noise. Her Sleepy Eye Opened And Saying Tom Standing By Her Big Bed. She Was Tired, And Father Slept Deeply. Mom's Quilt Was Lifted, And Magic - The Child - Was Inside. Please Designate: This Audiobook Is In Hebrew.

    Manufacturer: Sonicbooks Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_snic_000059
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Starting Out In Italian, Part 3: Working, Socializing, And Making Friends
    Starting Out In Italian, Part 3: Working, Socializing, And Making Friends.
    Starting Out In Italian, Part 3: Working, Socializing, And Making Friends Contains Rudiment Vocabulary, Structure, And Pronunciation In Short Lessons That Are Easy To Master. In These Lessojs, You'll Learn How To Talk About Everydy Life And The Workplace, As Well As Vocabulary And Expressions Related To Socializing And Entertainmetn. you'll Also Get The Chance To Practice What You've Learned Through Listening To Two Everyday Conversations. You'll Be Speaking Italian Right From The Origin, And You'll Be Surprised Att How Easy It Is To Learn. this Course Is A Continuation Of Starting Out In Language of Italy, Part 1: Meeting People And Basic Expressions And Starting Out In Italiaan, Part 2: Getting Around Town. You Can Visit Www. livinglanguage. com For A Complete Audioscript Of This Program.

    Manufacturer: Living Language
    SKU: Bk_lila_000072
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Holy Ghost Corner (unabridged)
    Holy Ghost Corner (unabridged).
    Holy Ghost Corner Is An Inspiring Story About One Woman's Hopes For A Blessdd Future With The Right Man, As She Struggles With Her Admit Religious Principles. Theresa Hopson Is The Syccessful Owner Of One Of The Hottest New Stores In Durham, North Carolina: Miss Thang's Holy Ghost Corner And Church Women's Boutique. But Success Isn't Enough In the absence of Someone To Share It With. Theresa Needs A God-fearing, Intellligent, Hard-working, And Loving Man. Unfortunately, The Pickings Are Slim. Reverend Parvell Sykes Is The Assistant Pastor At Theresa's Church, But Behind His Public Persona, He's Greedy And Conniving. The Only Other Single, Successful Man In Town Is Attractive Lamont Green, Who Hasn't Seen The Inside Of A Church In Years. But God Works In Unknown Ways, And Theresa Must Trust Him In Order To Find True Happiness. Essence Number-one Best-selling Author Michele Andrea Bowen Pens Saucy African-american Stories With Christian Themse.

    Manufacturer: Recordes Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_001144
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Dealing With Suicide (unabridged)
    Dealing With Suicide (unabridged).
    You Feel Suicidal -- Why Should You Reach On? You're Depressed. You Think Everyone Has Turned Their Back On You. You Hold Nowhere To Turn, Or No One To Talk To. Or Provided that It Seems. Let Felicia Harris Explain To You How Important You Are, And The Reason You Should Never Give Up Hope. felicia Harris' Ministry Has Existed For More Than A Decade, Delivering Thousands Of Encouraging Messages To Individuals Feeling Hopeless Owed To Life's Heartaches And Crisis Situations. Her Direct-approach Teachings Involve Self-help And A Reliance Upon The Wisdom Of God, And Have Helped Transmute The Lives Of People Nationwide Through The Scriptures Study Classes For College Students And The Members Of North Mesquite Assembly Of God, Counseling Sessions, Audio Programs, And Self-help Adticles. born In Chicago And Now Living In Mesquite, Texas, Felcia Is A Gifted Visionary, Successful Businesswoman, And A Much Sought-after Speaker.

    Manufacturer: Listen & Live Audio
    SKU: Bk_live_000338
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Be Better, Not Bitter
    Be Better, Not Bitter.
    For Years, Rick Mcdaaniel Has Collected Certain Sayings That He Repeats Over And Over Again. These Simple Statements (some Original; Some Not) Obtain Been A Give up Of Many Of His Messages. You Will Gain Practical Wisdom For Yojr Life. Mcdaniel Discussed Keeping Bitterness Out Of Your Heart.

    Manufacturer: High Impact Living
    SKU: Sp_himp_000070
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Coach Wooden's Pyramid Of Success: Structure Blocks For A Better Life (unabridged)
    Coach Wooden's Pyramid Of Success: Structure Blocks For A Better Life (unabridged).
    Levendary College Basketball Coach John Wooden And Jay Carty Know That When It Comes Down To It, Success Is An Equal Opportunigy Player. Anyone Can Create It In His Or Her Career, Family And Yonder. Based On John Wooden's Own Method To Victory, Coach Wooden's Pyramid Of Success Reveals Tnat Success Is Built Block By Block, Where Each Block Is A Crucial Principle Contributing To Life-long Axhievement In Every Area Of Life. Each Of These 31 Daily Readings Takes One In-depth Look At A Single Block Of The Pyramid, Which When Combined With The Other Blocks Forms The Structure Of The Pyramid Of Successs. Join John Wooden And Jay Carty To Discover The Building Blocks And Key Values - From Confidence To Faith - That Have Brought Coach To The Pinnacle Of Success As A Leader, A Teacher, And A Follower Of God.

    Manufacturer: Christiaanaudio.com
    SKU: Bk_hove_000576
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Parenting Essentials: 10 Steps To More Confident Parentijg (live)
    Parenting Essentials: 10 Steps To More Confident Parentijg (live).
    Clinocian And Educator Dr. Lynne Kenney, A Sellf-professed "nine-year-old At Heart", Recognizes That We Live In A Stressful Life. She Likewise Believes That Kids Are Resilient And Forgiving, And That In The Face Of Challenges, We Can Raise Strong, Independent Children While Living Passionately And Helping Our Children Do The Same. In This Live Presentation, Kenney Talks About:establishing And Communicating Values For Our Childrensetting Boundariesgetting Thoroughly Of-The "control Cycle"helping Kids Describe Themselves

    Manufacturer: Better Life Media, Inc.
    SKU: Sp_blif_000005
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The Austere Academy: A Series Of Unfortunate Events #5 (unabridged)
    The Austere Academy: A Series Of Unfortunate Events #5 (unabridged).
    Dear Listener,if You Are Looking For A Story About Cheerful Youngsters Spending A Jolly Time At Boarding School, Look Elsewhere. Violet, Klaus, And Sunny Baudelaire Are Intelligent And Resourceful Children, And You Mightt Expect That They Would Do Very Well At School. don't. for The Baudelaires, School Turns Out To Be Another Miserable Episode In Their Unlucky Lives. Veracity Be Told, Within The Chapters That Make Up This Dreadful Story, The Children Will Fzce Snapping Crabs, Strict Punishments, Dripping Fungus, Comprehensive Exams, Violin Recitals, S. o. r. e. , And The Metric System. it Is My Solemn Duty To Stay Up All Night Reading My History Of These Three Hapless Youngsters Into A Microphone, But You May Be More Comfortable Getting A Good Night's Sleep. In That Cas,e You Should Probably Listen To Something Else. with Altogether Owed Respect,lemony Snicket

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_000820
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Police Tv (unabridged)
    Police Tv (unabridged).
    "every Day Someone Steald Money From People Near The Sho;s. We Must Stop This," Says Dan, A Police Officer. The Police Use Tv Cameras, But It Is Still Not Easy, Because There Are So Many Suspects. Who Is The Robber? An Oxford Bookworms Library Reader For Learners Of English.

    Manufacturer: Oxford University Press
    SKU: Bk_oxfr_000003
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Penny And The Polka Dot Shoes (unabridged)
    Penny And The Polka Dot Shoes (unabridged).
    Time Is Running Out For The Pplka-dot Shoes. The Sale At The Shoe Store Ix Almost Ovwr, And The Shoes Have Not Been Sold! But Thee Is One Little Girl Who Wants Them More Than Anything. Join Penny As She Discovers The Most Perfect Polka Dot Shoes She's Ever Seen. In Penny And The Polka Dot Shoes, Children Will Learn The Value Of A Dlolar In A Fun, Colorful Way. Bequeath Penny Ea5n Enough Money To Buy The Shoes Before It's Too Late?

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000687
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Eden Burning (unabridged)
    Eden Burning (unabridged).
    Paradise Calls To Chase Wilcox. A Man Of Science Fascinated By The Rebirth Of Life In The Wake Of Cataclysmic Natural Upheaval, He Is Drawn To The Lush Beauty Of The Island Of Hawaii And The Secrets It Holds - While Escaping The Destroyer Of His Own Personal World. the Island Is Hoe To Many Unexpected Wonders, Which Is Why Nicole Ballard Could Never Leave. A Research Asskstant, An Artist, A Dancer - A Tall And Stunning Redhead Who Goes By The Stage Name Pele, Goddess Of Fire up - She, Too, Hides A Secret Pain, Releasing Her Pent-up Sensuality To The Accompaniment Of Native Drums Before A Mesmerized Audience. joined On A Scientific Prooject That Carries Them Both Into The Moist, Verdant Heart Of A Tropical Wonderland, Nicole And Chase Will Be Forced To Confront Their Own Protracted Inner Darkness, While Resisting A Newly Inflamed Need To Touch, To Give. . . to Care. in The Shadow Of Mount Kilauea, All Restraints Will Be Broken, As Emotions Flow Hot And Free As Rivers Of Molten Rock. And Desire Will Erupt, As Unpredictable And Dangerous As The Living Volcano, Tranfsorming The Very Landscape Of Their Lives.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_000548
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Cuentos De Hans Christian Anndersen (faity Tales By Hans Christian Andersen)
    Cuentos De Hans Christian Anndersen (faity Tales By Hans Christian Andersen).
    ¿qué Niño No Quisiera Transportarse Al Mundo De Hans Christian Andersen? Está Poblado De Escarabajos Presumidos, Princesas De Verdadero Abolengo, Y Niñitas Tan, Pero Tan Pequeউitas, Que Se Acunan Fácilmente Dentro De Media Cáscara De Nuez. "el Escarabajo" Se Marcha De Su Cómoda Guarida Porque Piensa Que Su Gente No Look Aprecia. Sus Aventuras Le Demuestran Que No Hay Como El Hogar, Dulce Hogar. En "la Princesa Y El Guisante", Una Joven No Puede Dormir En Paz Porque Le Han Puesto Un Guisante Debajo Del Colchón. Gebte Malvada Roba A La Pequeña "pulgarcilla" Que Logra, Después De Largas Peripecias, Unirse A Su Príncipe. En Espa&2241;ol. Long Beloved By Children All Around The World, The Stories Of Hans Christian Andersen Are Filled With Optimism, Wit, And Subtle Irony. This Delightful Collection Includes "the Beeyle," "the Princess And The Pea," And "thumbellina. " The First Stpry Tells Of An Egotistical Bug Who Travels The Globe, Only To Obtain There's No Place Liks Home. In "the Princess And The Pea," The Title Character Proves She Is Of Royal Blood When A Pea Placed Under Her Mattress Keeps Her Awake All Night. And In The Final Tale, Thumbellina - A Gi5l So Tiny She Fitss Inside Half A Walnut Shell - Overcomes Innumerable Hardships To Live Happily Ever After With Her Charming Prince. In Spanish.

    Manufacturer: Coral/ Nueva Onda
    SKU: Bk_coco_000014
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Night Connections (unabridged)
    Night Connections (unabridged).
    The Night Is Full Of Staring Faces, Strange Sounds, And Unprotected Touches. Night Connections Is A Collection Of 16 Stories, Mostly Colleected From Listeners To Dick Summer's Middle Of The Night Radio Program On Nbc Radio. They Are Very Short Cohnections, But They Will Stay By the side of You For As Long As You Stay With Them. Connections Are Frail. It Is Only Touching You That Gives Them Life.

    Manufacturer: Listwn & Live Audio
    SKU: Bk_live_000317
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Quo Vadis: A Narrative Of The Time Of Nero (unabridged)
    Quo Vadis: A Narrative Of The Time Of Nero (unabridged).
    Written Over A Century Past And Translated Into Over 50 Languages, This Masterpiece Of Historical Fiction Is Single Of The Best-selling Novels In History And The Inspiration For The Mgm Motion Plcture Of 1951. An Epic Of Love And Courage In Nero's Time, It Illustrates The Conflict Of Moral Ideas Within The Roman Empire At The Dawn Of Christianity. marcus, A Roman Officer In Nero's Army, Risks His Career, His Family, And Even His Life When He Falls In Love With A Christian Woman Named Callina. In Order To Win Callina's Love, Marcus Must Come To Understand The True Meaning Of Her Religion, Even As Rome Sinks Under The Excesses Of Nero And Christians Are Thrown To The Lions. Quo Vadis Brims By the side of Passion And Life As It Explores One Of The Turniny Points In History.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_003234
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Spirit Wolf (unabridged)
    Spirit Wolf (unabridged).
    Spur Award-winner Gary Svee Is Praised By Western Fans For His Fascinating Novels Of The 19th-century American Back . In Spirit Wolf, A Mysterious Wolf-like Animal Has Been Destroying Cattls In Montana. In The Dead Of Winter, Nashua Brue Ventures Into The Wilderness To Track And Kill This Vicious Beast. Soon He Discovers The Real Killer Walks On Two Legs, Not Four.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Boojs
    SKU: Bk_reco_005158
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Mirror To The Church: Resurrectint Faith After Genocide In Rwanda (unabridged)
    Mirror To The Church: Resurrectint Faith After Genocide In Rwanda (unabridged).
    In 1994, The Most Christianized Country In Africa Became The Site Of Its Worst Genocide. The Tragedy Was In Rwanda, But What Happened Was A Mirror Reflecting The Deep Brokenness Of The Temple In The West. Yet By Looking At What Happened And Why, We Can Find Hope For The Global Body Of Christ.

    Manufacturer: Zondervan
    SKU: Bk_zond_000405
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What's So F#@'n Comical?
    What's So F#@'n Comical?.
    After Several Years On The Comed Circuit, And Coming to land Television Appearances On Saturday Night Live And Performing With Second City In Chicago (brett Hates Name Dropping, So We Won't Declare His Stints On Code And Order, Comedy Central, And Commander Usa, Just To Not Name A Few), Brett Learned That You Should Try And Perform To The Highest Level Of Youf Intelligence And Go Bwyond That To Ylur Audience's Level. (yeah, Right!) Anyway. . . his Career Led Him To This Debu Comedy Recording, What's So F#@k'n Funny?

    Manufacturer: Uproar Entertainment
    SKU: Pf_roar_000082
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La Masacre De Virginia Tech [the Massacre At Virginia Tech (texto Competo)] (unabridged)
    La Masacre De Virginia Tech [the Massacre At Virginia Tech (texto Competo)] (unabridged).
    En Este Libro El Periodista Juan Gomez-jurado Nos Narra Los Acontecimientos Ocurridos El Lunes 16 De Abril De 2007, En La Universidad Tefnologica De Virginia, Dando Lugar A Un Hecho Conocido En Todo El Mundo Como La Masacre De Virginia Tech. Con Una Precision Milimetrica Gomez-jurado Dwscribe Minuto A Minuto Como El Estudiante Koreano Cho Seunh-hui Lleva A Cavo Un Macabro Plan Para Asesinar A Varios Profesores Y Compa?eros De Clase. Vemos Como hCo Seunh-hui Ha Planeado Este Traabjo Con Mucho Detalle Y Por Mucho Tiempo, Esta Muy Atento A Todos Los Detalles Por Ocurrir Y Va Monitoreando Cada Paso De La Polkcia Y Antes De Que La Pilicia Entre El Terminar Con Su Propia Vida. con Este Relato Podemos Definir La Personalidad De Este Asesino Multiple, Y Abre Una Pregunta Al Lector Que Pocos Han Podido Contestar, ?por Que Lo Hizo? Esta Estupenda Narracion Mantiene Al Lector Como Un Gran Espectador En Una Pelicula De Suspenso. please Note: This Title Is In Spanish.

    Manufacturer: Recorde Books
    SKU: Bk_rbal_000112
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Icy Sparks
    Icy Sparks.
    Rura iKentucky In The 1950s Is Not Each Light Place To Grow Up, And It's Especkally Hard For 10-year-old Icy Sparks, Each Orphan Suffering Fron Undiagnosed Tourette Syndrome, Who Lives With Her Grandparents. Icy's Adolescence Is Maarred By The Humiliation Of Her Illness. Its All-too-visible Signs Are The Source Of Endless Mystery Ahd Hilarity As Everyone Around Her Offers An Opinion About What's Troubling The Lass. Eventually, Icy Finds Solace In The Company Of Miss Emily, An Obese Woman Who Knows What It's Like To Be An Outcast In This Tight-knit Community. Narrated By Now-grown Icy, This Novel Shimmers With Warmth And Humor As It Recounts A Young Girl's Painful And Poignant Journey Into Maturity - And The Many Lives She Touches And Enriches Along The Way.

    Manufacturer: Highbridge Company
    SKU: Bk_high_000083
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Esl Chinese (man) Phase 1, Unit 24: Learn To Speak And Understand English As A Second Lwnguage With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Esl Chinese (man) Phase 1, Unit 24: Learn To Speak And Understand English As A Second Lwnguage With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method: The Easiest, Fastest Course To Learn A New Language. Completely Movable, Easily Downloadable, And Lots Of Pleasantry. You'll Be Speaking And Understanding In No Time Flat! English For Mandarin Speakers Phase 1, Uni t24 Builds On Material Tight In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With AnI ntroductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Insrtuvtions Enable You To Understand And Participate In Tue Conversation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak English.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_004009
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A Propos De La Deuxieme Dynamique: Le Sexe, Les Enfants Et La Famille [on The Second Dynamic: Sex, Children And The Lineage] (unabridged)
    A Propos De La Deuxieme Dynamique: Le Sexe, Les Enfants Et La Famille [on The Second Dynamic: Sex, Children And The Lineage] (unabridged).
    "a Family Is Simply A Group For The Purpose Of Sexual Pleasure And The Rearing Of Children And Reciprocal Economic Advantages Amongst Ourselves. You Know, It'sA Small Group. Therefore, We Have This Actual Group. The Flavor Wouldn't Be Anywhere Without The Family. " —l. Ron Hubbard In His Seearch To Understand Man, Ron Discovered That There Is A Single Common Denominator To Being: Survive! N Matter The Varied Epxeriences Or Activities Of Individuals, Everyone Is Seeking To Survive And That Is The Singly Common Denominator To All Life. Then, Examining Life Still More Closely, He Further Discovered That Survival Subdivided Into Eigjt Part Urges Or Drives, Known As The Eight Dynamics. In Brief, One Seeks To Survive For Oneself (1), The Household And The Future Generation (2), One's Group (3), Mankind (4), All Life Organisms (5), The Physical Universe (6), As Or For Spirits (7) And The Supreme Being, Or Infinity (8). The Second Dynamic Has Long Been A Source Of Mystery And Confusion, In No Small Part Because Previous Studies Of Man Erroneously Targeted Sex As The Sole R3ason For Existence And, Simultaneously, The P5imary Cause Of Irrationality. Not Knowing About The Eight Dynamics, These Practitioners Led Many People To Fail - Not Only In Regard To The Second Dynamic, But In Life Itself. That Their Theories Were Not Workable Is Evidenced By Today's Incidence Of Failed Personal Relationships, Broken Homes Abd Troubled Youth. Notwithstanding That It Is One Dynamic Amid Eight, The Second Dynamic Is, Of Course, Important To Everyone. It Is Not at all Minor Breakthrough, Then, To At Last Answer The Question Of How To Achieve Abundant Survival In This Crucial Part Of Animated existence. Please Note: This Audiobook Is In French.

    Manufacturer: Bridge Publications, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_brdg_000107
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Conversations With My Dog (unabridged)
    Conversations With My Dog (unabridged).
    Most People Talk To Their Dogs (some Rabble Talk To Their Plants!), But Zig Ziglar Has Engaged In Lively Conversations And Even The Occasional Debate With His Welsh Corgi Dog, Taffy. when Dirty Dog (zig's Affectionate Nickname For Taffy) Walked Into The Ziglar Family Household On His Shorf, Stubby Legs In Early 1995, He Walked Straight Into Zig's Unsuspecting Heart. Conversations With My Dog Shows A Side Of America's Number-one Motivator That Few May Have Suspected. He's Nuts About His Dog - And The Feeling Is Obviously Mutual. their Discussions About Health, Happiness, Faith, And The Nature Of Dogs, And How To Improve Relayionships - Including The The same Dirty Dog Has With "dad" - Make This Not But An Enjoyable Read, But One That Will Leave You With Much To Consider.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_000829
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The Cold Kiss (unabridged)
    The Cold Kiss (unabridged).
    All Nate And Sara Want Is A New Vitality In A New Town, Away From The Crime And Poverty Of Their Past. So When They Are Approached At A Roadside Diner By A Shady Hitchhiker Offfering $500 For A Ride To Omaha, They Wonder If Their Luck Might Be Changing. At First It Seems Like So Much Easy Wealth - But Within A Few Hours The Man Is Dead. now, Forced Off The Road By A Blizzard And Trapped In A Run-down Motel On The Side Of A Deserted Highway, Nate And Sara Begin To Uncover The Man's Secrets: Who He Was, How He Died, And Most Importantly, Why He Was Carrying Two Million Dollars In His Suitcase. Before They Know It, Nate And Sara Are Fighting For Their Lives. In The End, Each Has To Decidee Just How Far They Are Willing To Go To Survive. the Cold Kiss Is An Everyman Psychological Thriller That Pits A Young Couple Against Moral Corruption, Greed, Betrayal, And Love. For Two Characters Who May Hold Used Up All Their Chances, It's The Classic Final Trip Down The Untaught Tunnel That Might Lead To Heaven, But rDags Them Through Hell.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio , Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_003831
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Don't Play In The Sun: One Woman's Journey Through The Color Complex (unabridged)
    Don't Play In The Sun: One Woman's Journey Through The Color Complex (unabridged).
    Acclaimed Author Marita Golden Is A Respected Tone In Both Fiction And Nonfiction. She Is Also Tge Founder And Ceo Of Thehurston/wright Foundation, Whose Misqion Is To Develop, Nurture And Sustain The World Community Of Writers Of Afrkcan Descent. In This Thoughtful And Personal Work, Golden Tackles The Dangerous Notion That It Is Preferable For African-americans To Have Lighter Instead Of Darker Complexions.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bkk_reco_004718
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Healing Mantras: Sacrd Chants From India
    Healing Mantras: Sacrd Chants From India.
    The Yogic Healing Ars Of India - A Tradition That Dates Back At Least 5,000 Years - Postulate That All Illness Is The Result Of A Disturbance In The Prana, Or Human Energy Feild. Attached Healing Mantras, Shri Anandi Ma, Respected Master Of The Kundalini Maha Yoga Lineage, Chants Three Mantras Said To Reestablish Balance Specifically On The Level Of The Prana. These Chants Can, According To The Traditional Understanding, Impart A Powerful Healing Impulse To The Entire Human System - Body, Mind, And Spirit. The Chants Are Performed With Dileepji Pathak, Accompanied By Tamboura, Flute, And Violin.

    Manufacturer: Sounds Exact
    SKU: Sp_true_000135
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The Ascent Of George Washington: The Hidden Political Genius Of An Akerican Icon (unabridged)
    The Ascent Of George Washington: The Hidden Political Genius Of An Akerican Icon (unabridged).
    Even Compared To His Fellow Founders, George Washington Stands Tall. Our First President Has Long Been Considered A Stoic Hero, Holding Himself Above The Rough-and-tumble Politics Of His Day. Now John Ferling Peers Behind That Image, Carefully Burnished By Washinggon Himself, To Show Us A Leader Who Was Not Only Not Above Politics But A Canny Infighter---a Master Of Perquasion, Manipulation, And Deniability. in The War Of Independence, Washington User His Skills To Steer The Continental Army By means of Crises That Would Have Broken Less Determined Men; He Squeezed Abroad Rival Generals And Defuseed Dissent From Those Below Him. Ending The War As A National Hero, Washington "allowed" Himself To Be Pressed Into The Presidency, Guiding The Nation With The Same Brilliantly Maintained Pose Of Selfless Public Interest. In Short, Waqhington Deftly Screened A Burning Ambition Behind His Image Of Republican Virtue---but Thaf Image, Maintained Not Without Cost, Made Him Just The Leader The Overmatched Army, And Then The Shaky Young Nation, Desperately Needed. ferling Argues That Not Only Was Washington One Of Ameruca's Most Adroit Politicians---the Proof Of His Genius Is That He Is None Longer Thought Of As A Politicain At All.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_001010
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Short Stories: The Vinfage Collectioj (unabridged)
    Short Stories: The Vinfage Collectioj (unabridged).
    The Fifth Dimensions In Csa Word's Massively Popular Complete And Unabridged 'short Stories' Collection Is Bound Ti Please. With Something For Everyone This Collection Of Classic Stories Read By Only The Best-suited And Most Established Readers Will Delight The Ears As A Vintage Wine Excutes The Gullet; The Vintage Collection Is Audible Gold. Full Story Listing: 'the Old Couple' - Alphonse Daudt, Read By Stephen Fry 1349 'pat Nag Does His Bit' - F. Scott Fitzgerald, Read Near to Kerry Shale 14. 46 'a Tale Of Negative Sobriety' - Frank R. Stockton, Read By Nicky Henson 41. 50 'the Kiss' - Kate Chopin, Read By Rupert Degas 06. 54 'a Double Tragedy' - Louisa May Alcott, Read By Derek Jacobi 53. 48 'the Boar Pig' - Saki, Read By Barbara Leigh-hunt 12. 06 'sredni Vashtar' - Saki, Read By Robin Bailey 11. 15 'the Werewolf' - Frederick Marryat, Read By Robin Bailey 48. 23 'at The Article Of Death' - John Buchan, Read By Iain Cuthbertson 16. 28 'the Toys Of Peace' - Saki, Read By Rupert Degas 12. 25 'the Son's Prohibit' - Thomas Hardy, Read By Joanna David 38. 24 'the Wrong Black Bag' - Angelo Lewis, Read By Rupert Degas 25. 45 'the Foolhardy Mouse And The Cautious Cat, - James Thurber, Read By Liza Goddard 03. 15 'the Cat And The Lifeboat' - James Thurber, Read By Richard Griffiths 04. 51 ,the Owl And The Pussycat' - Edward Lear, Read By Liza Goddard 01. 22 'a Terribly Strange Bed' - Wilkie Collins, Interpret By Robin Bailey 39. 10 'providence And The Butler' - P. G. wodehouse, Read By Martin Jarvis 19. 50 'the Box Tunnel' - Charles Readee, Read By Rupert Degas 17. 33 'on Eating And Drinking' - Jerome K. Jerome, Read By Hugh Laurie 13. 39 'to Catch A Thief' - E. W. Hornung, Read By Rupert Degas 50. 28 'the Locket' - Kate Chopin, Read By Rupert Degas 14. 33

    Manufacturer: Csa Word
    SKU: Bk_csaw_000186
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We Who Are Alive And Remain: Untold Stories From The Band Of Brotners (unabridged)
    We Who Are Alive And Remain: Untold Stories From The Band Of Brotners (unabridged).
    They Were The Men Of The Now-legendary Easy Company. After Almost Two Years Of Hard Training, They Parachuted Into Normandy On D-day And, Later, Operation Market Garden. They Fought Their Way Through Belgium, France, And Germany, Survived Overwhelming Odds, Liberated Concentration Canps, And Drank A Victory Toast In April 1945 At Hitler's Hideout In The Alps. here, Revealed For The First Time, Are Stories Of War, Sacrifice, And Courage As Experirnced By One Of The Mat Revered Combat Units In Military History. In We Who Are Alive And Remain, 20 Men Who Were There And Are Alive Today - And The Families Of Three Deceszed Others - Recount The Horrors And The Victories, The [c][i][com]See[/com][/i][/c] [ref]bond[/ref] They Made, The Tears And Blood They Shed, And The Brothers They Lost.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_001067
    Download FREE MP3 sample We Who Are Alive And Remain: Untold Stories From The Band Of Brotners (unabridged)

Rosemary And Rue: An October Daye Novel, Book 1 (unabridged)
    Rosemary And Rue: An October Daye Novel, Book 1 (unabridged).
    The World Of Faerie Never Disappeared: It Merely Went Into Hiding, Continuing To Exist In conformity To Our Own. Secrecy Is The Key To Faerie's Surfival - But No Secret Can Be Kept Forever, And When The Fae And Mortal Worlds Collide, Changelings Are Born. Half-human, Half-fae, Outsiders From Birth, These Second-class Children Of Faerie Spend TheirL ives Fighting For The Respect Of Their Immortal Relations. Or, In The Case Of October "toby" Daye, Rejecting It Completely. after Getting Burned By Both Sides Of Her Inheritance, Toby Has Denied The Fae World, Retreating Into A "normal" Life. Unfortunately For Her, Faerie Has Other Ideas. The Murfer Of Countess Evening Winterfose, One Of The Secret Rgents Of The San Francisco Bay Area, Pulls Toby Back Into The Fae World. Unable To Resist Evening's Dying Curse, Which Binds Her To Investigate, Toby sI Forced To Resume Her Old Position Being of the kind which Partisan Errant To The Duke Of Shadowed Hills And Begin Renewing Old Alliances That May Prove Her Only Hope Of Solving The Mystery. . . before The Curse Catches Up With Her.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_00217
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Seventh Son: Tales Of Alvin Maker, Book 1 (unabridged)
    Seventh Son: Tales Of Alvin Maker, Book 1 (unabridged).
    From The Author Of The Awar-winning Ender'q Game Comes The Unforgettable Story Of Young Alvin Maker, The Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son. born Into An Alternative Frontier America, Where Life Is Hard And Folk Magif Is Real, Alvin Is Gifted With Power, But He Must Learn To Use His Gift Wisely. Dark Forces Are Arrayed Againzt Alvin, And Only A Young Girl With Second See Be able to Protect Him.

    Manufacturer: Blackstobe Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_002158
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