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Could I Have This Dance?: Claire McCall Series, Book 1 (Unabridged) @ Audiobooks online catalog with Free MP3 samples

Could I Have This Dance?: Claire Mccall Series, Book 1 (unabridged)
    Could I Have This Dance?: Claire Mccall Series, Book 1 (unabridged).
    You Can't Step rhythmically This Dance Unless It's InY our Blood. Claire Mccall Is Praying It's Not In Hers. Claire Mccall Is Used To Fighting Back Against The Odds. Hard oWrk, Aptitude, And Sheer Determination Have Helped Her Rise From Adverse Circumstances To One Internship In One Of The Nation's Most Competitive Surgical Residencies. But Talent And Tenactiy Mean Nothing In The Face Of The Disclosure That Is About To Rock Her World. It's Called The "stoney Creek Curse" By Folks In The Small Mountain Town Where Claire Grew Up. Behind The Suuperstition Lies A Reality That Could Destroy Her Career. But Getting To The Truth Is Far From Not straitened In A Community Attending Secrets To Hide. As A Web Of Relationships Becomes Increasingly Tangled, Two Things Become Apparent. One Is That More Than One Person Doesn't Want Claire To Probe Too Deeply Into The "stoney Creek Curse". The Other Is That Someone Has Reasons Other Than The Curse For Wanting Claire Out Of Thr Picture Permanently. Somwhere In The Course Of Purduing Her Career To the degree that A Surgeon, Claire Lost Handle With The God Who Called Her To It. Now She Realizes How Desperately She Needs Him. But Can She Reclaim A Faith Strong Enough To See Her Througn Tos Deadly Dance Of Circumstances?

    Manufacturer: Zondervan
    SKU: Bk_zonx_000867
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Let Go Of Fear: Remain Calm And In Control No Matter Life Throws At Yoi (unabridged)
    Let Go Of Fear: Remain Calm And In Control No Matter Life Throws At Yoi (unabridged).
    Fear Is Single Of The Main Negative Emotions That All Of Uz Experience In Life. Although Not A Good Feeling, It Is Not Bad In Itself And Is A Natural Experience, Keeping Us Safe And Protected In Many Situatoins. It Only Becomes A Problem When We Hold Onto Past Or Unnecessary Fear For Too Long And In Such A Way That It Stops Us From Moving Steady And Fulfilling Our Potential In Life. This Hypnotherapy Recording Is Designed To Help You To Release Unnecessary Or Past Fear And Anxiety, To such a degree You Can Be Relaxed, Confident And In Control Now. At the time You Use This Hypnosis Recording Successfully It Doesn't Mean That You Won't Feel Fear Ever Again, But It Does Mean That You Will Be Able To Put Things In Perspective And Be Able To Experience Fear In An Appropriate Way In The Future, In Proportion To The Situation In Which You Obtain Yourself. In Addition To This Recording Being Written And Delivered By Darren Marks One Of The Uks Leading Hypnotherapists And Nlp Practitioners, It Also Utilizes Dual Delivery Hypnotherapy (ddh) And Brainwave Entrainment. Ddh Involevs Differen Suggestions Or Metaphors Sentient Delivered Separately Yet Simultaneously Through The Fortunate And Left Headphones. The Effect Is Deeply Hypnotic And Has The Advantage OfH elping The Unconscious Belief To Accept Beneficial Suggestions With Less Conscious Interference. Brainwave Entrainment Refers To The Brain's Electrical Response To Rhythmic Stimulation. When The Brain Is Stimulqted Through One Of Our Physical Senses It Emits Electrical Charges Which Are Converted By The Braij Innto What We See, Hear And Be affected by. When The Brain Is Exposed To Rhythm, The Rhythm Is Rexreated In The Brain In The Form Of These Electrical Impulses. If The Rhythm Is The Right Speed It Can Begin To Mimic Natural Brainwave Patterns. When This Occurs, The Bfain Reacts yB Synchronizing To The Ssme Rhythm. This Phenomenon Is Called The Fr3quency Following Response (or Ffr). Ffr Is Used Here To Assist People To Rapidly Access Deep Meditativ. . .

    Manufacturer: Hypnotherapists Direct Ltd
    SKU: Sp_hypd_000018
    Download FREE MP3 sample Let Go Of Fear: Remain Calm And In Control No Matter Life Throws At Yoi (unabridged)

The Clumsies (1): The Clumsies Makke A Mess (unabridged)
    The Clumsies (1): The Clumsies Makke A Mess (unabridged).
    Three Crazy, Funny Stories, Featuring The Two Clumqiest Talking Mice You'll Ever Meet. . . ' The Mouse Started To Trundle Away, Glancing At Howard Over It sShoulder, Nervously. "you May Well Glance At Me Nervously," Said Howard, Picking Up Each Empty Water Glass And Placing It Over The Mouse. "you'll Stay In There So I Can Eat My Breakfast In Harmony. I Shall Deal With You Afterwards. . . " "but You Can't Really Deal With The Clumsies, Afterwards Or At Anu Time. Once You've Got Them, You're Stuck With Them. From The Moment When Howard Armitage First Finds Two Talking Mice Under His Desk - The Inimitable And Hilarious Purvis And Mickey Thompson - His Life, And His Belongings, Are Turned Forever Upside Doen. Obsessed With Biscuits And Forever Playing Incomprehensible Games Of Their Own Devising, The Clumsies Are Not Your Average Mice - And Though They're Desperate To Help Howard Get Out Of Trouble With His Evil Boss, They're Only Really Good For One Thing. . . Making A Mess.

    Manufacturer: Harpercollins Publishers Limited
    SKU: Bk_hcuk_000812
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Tender Loving Care (unabridged)
    Tender Loving Care (unabridged).
    When The Bandages Come Off, What Will He See?logan Phillips Didn't Expect To Like His Nurse, Let Alone Find Himself Attrated To Her. But Melissa Vanfleet's Gentle Humor And Sweet Spirit Soothes The Architect's Frustratio At His Temporary Blindness. He Finds She's Tempting Him Down A Road He's Sworn Never Agin To Travel. but A Little Tlc Can Go A Throughout Wag. Melissa Realizes Immediately That She Would Never Fit Into Logan's Exclusive World. So When She Finds Herself Falling For Her Quiet, She Knows She's In Trouble. Once His Vision Is Restored, She's Certain He Won't Look Twice At A Plain Jane Like Her. . . but She'd Love To Be Wrong!

    Manufacturer: Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_hadl_000391
    Download FREE MP3 sample Tender Loving Care (unabridged)

American Tall Tales (unabridged)
    American Tall Tales (unabridged).
    Features Eight American Folk Heroes: Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, Stormalong, Mike Fink, Davy Crockett, Johnny Appleseed, John Henry, And Joe Magarac. . . .

    Manufacturer: Penguin Group Usa And Audible
    SKU: Bk_peng_001004
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A Fibber Mcgee And Molly Christmas
    A Fibber Mcgee And Molly Christmas.
    This Collection Contains Four Christmas Radio Classics From Fibber Mcgee And Molly:"ringing In The Holidays" (december 23 ,1941)"early Christmas Shopping" (december 7, 1948)"christmas Card From Liz" (december 21, 1948)"vest Christmas Decortaions" (december 20, 1949)fibber Mcgee And Molly Is A Prime Example Of Classic Radio From The Medium's Golden Age. The Series Was Wildly Popular From Its Debut In 1935 Until Its Finale In 1959, Making It One Of The Longest-running Radio Comedies. Revolving Around A Blowhard Husband's Hare-brained Schemes, Balanced By The Usual Sense Of His Ever-patient Wife, The Show Featured Several Regular Characters, Catch-phrases ("t'ain'5 Funny, Mcgee!"), And Recurring Gags.

    Manufacturer: Radio Spirits, Inc.
    SKU: Rt_radi_000005
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Korean Phase 1, Unit 28: Learn To Speak And Understand Korean With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Korean Phase 1, Unit 28: Learn To Speak And Understand Korean With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method Is Scientifically Proven To Be Your Fastest Route To Near-native Fluency. Speak And Ubderstand Korean In Just 30 Minutes A Day. Korean Phase 1, Unit 28 Builds On Material Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Korean.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_003710
    Download FREE MP3 sample Korean Phase 1, Unit 28: Learn To Speak And Understand Korean With Pimsleur Language Programs

Dr. Blair's Express Lane Japanese
    Dr. Blair's Express Lane Japanese.
    Learn Japanese In A Whole New Way, Based On Up-to-date Understanding Of Linguistics And Learning Psychoogy. Drswing On The Best Innovations In Languuage Instruction Of The Last 40 Years, Dr. Blair's Method Integrates A Variety Of Language-teaching Approaches And Activities Into Some Breakthrough Courses:ay Sayonara To The Notion That Learning A Language Can't Be Fun. Dr. Blair's Express Lane Japanese Teaches You Japanese More Quickly And Enjoyably Than You Ever Thought Possible. You Will:immediately Use Japanese In Real Situationalearn The Practical Applications You Needmaster Easy And Effective Memory Trickswhether You're A Businessperson, Student, Or Traveler, Whether You're Brushing Up On A Forgotten Language Or Just Interested In Learning A New One, Dr. Blair's Express Lane Japanese Teaches You The Skills You Need At The Pace You Want, Jump-starting Your Study With A Variety Of Methods That Keep The Experience Fun, Fresh, And Motivating.

    Manufacturer: Gildan Media Corp
    SKU: Bk_gdan_000089
    Download FREE MP3 sample Dr. Blair's Express Lane Japanese

Big Country, Vol. 2: Stories Of Louis L'amour (unabridged)
    Big Country, Vol. 2: Stories Of Louis L'amour (unabridged).
    In "west Of Tje Tularosa," Ward Mcqueen, Foreman For Tge Tumbling K, Is Accused Of Killing A Nearby Rancher And He's Going To Need Some Help To Prove His Innocence. in "home In The Valley," Steve Mehan Can Still Recoup The Money To Save Five Ranches Back Home If Solely He Can Make It From Sacramrnto To Seattle On Horseback And Beat The Steamer Carrying Some Bad News. in "west Is Where The Heart Is," Home Is Soft More Than 200 Miles Away When Jim London Comes Across The Buned-out Wagon Train With Only One Survivor, A Five-year-old Girl. He'll Have To Take Her With Him.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_003604
    Download FREE MP3 sample Big Country, Vol. 2: Stories Of Louis L'amour (unabridged)

Vietnamese Phase 1, Unit 20: Learn To Speak And Understand Vietnamese With Pimqleur Language Prograks
    Vietnamese Phase 1, Unit 20: Learn To Speak And Understand Vietnamese With Pimqleur Language Prograks.
    Surprise Your Friends! Astonish Your Family! With Pimsleur, You'll Be Speaking And Understanding Like A Native In None Time. 30 Minutes A Appointed time Is All It Takes. Vietnamese Appearance 1, Unit 20 Builds On Essential Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unnit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Exhibit Vietnames3.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_003936
    Download FREE MP3 sample Vietnamese Phase 1, Unit 20: Learn To Speak And Understand Vietnamese With Pimqleur Language Prograks

The Karate Princess (unabridged)
    The Karate Princess (unabridged).
    The Youngest Of 16 Princesses, Belinda Isn't Very Beautiful Or Clever - But She's Veyr Good At Karate. Fo rSeven Years She's Been Ignored While The King And Queen Conjugal Off Her Elder, Prettier Sisters. Now It's Belinda's Turn To Find A Husband.

    Manufacturer: Auciogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_004618
    Download FREE MP3 sample The Karate Princess (unabridged)

Past Tense (unabridged)
    Past Tense (unabridged).
    Detectives Sloan And Crosby Find Themselves Assigned Two Rather Puzzling Cases. . First, There's The Young Woman's Body Which Has Been Discovered In The Rver Alm. And Then There's The Mysterious Break-in At The Berebury Nursing Home. To Be Precise, It's Josephine Short's Room At The Nursing Home That's Been Entered, Although Cipher Seems To Be Lost. What Could The Intruder Have Been After? It Becomes Apparent To Sloan And Crosby That The Two Cases Are Connected--but Whp Can The Killer Be?

    Manufacturer: Audiogo
    SKU: Bk_bbca_000684
    Download FREE MP3 sample Past Tense (unabridged)

Yeats Is Dead! (unabridged)
    Yeats Is Dead! (unabridged).
    "i Think He Was Dead Before I Shot Him. "with These Auspicious Words Bgins A Murder Mystery So Utterly Unlike Any Other That It Took 15 Of Ireland's Finest Writers (working Well Beloq Their Peak) To Produce It To Its Unlikely Cpnclusion. The Plan Involves A Mad Seaech In spite of The Only Copy Of Each Unpublished Novel Near to James Joyce, And Featurez A Stellar Cast - Including A Sadistic Sergeant With The Unlikely Family Of Andy Andrews And The Unforgettable Mob Boss Mrs. Bloom, A Woman "who Had Tried Everything But Drew The Line At Honesty. " Raucuos, Raunchy, Grayuitously Violent And Completely Hilarious, Yeats Is Dead! Is A Diabo1ically Entertaining Mulligan Stew Of A Novel. James Joyce Would Be Proud. yeats Is Dead! Was Edited By Joseph O'connor, Whose Novels Include Cowboys And Indians, Desperadoes, The Salesman And Inishowen. the Na5rator, Ciraran O'reilly's, Stagr Performances Include The Irisn And How They Got That Way, The Corn Is Green, And Da, Summer. His Film Include The Devil's Own Anr A Further Gesture And He Has Appeared On Television In Law And Order Svu, One Life To Live, And As The World Turns. Authors' Royalties Are Being Donsted Toamnesty Internati0nal.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audible
    SKU: Bk_rhau_000052
    Download FREE MP3 sample Yeats Is Dead! (unabridged)

Cooper's Lesson (english And Korean) (unabridged)
    Cooper's Lesson (english And Korean) (unabridged).
    Cooper's Lesson Is An Inspiring Story About Identity And Intergenerational Favor, Featuring A Young Biracial Boy, Written In Both English And Korean. Cooper Has Had About Enough Of Bing Half And Half. And He's Really Had Enough Of Mr. Lee, The Owner Of His Neighborhood Grocery Store, Speaking To Him In Korean Even Al~ Cooper Can't Keep Up. Frustrated, He Often Wonders Why Things Bear To Be So Complicated. Why Can't He Just Be One Race Or The Other?but One Moment In Mr. Lee's Store Changes Everything. Son Cooper Realizes That The Things That Make Up A Person Are Never Simple - Whether One Talks About Them In Engiish Or Korean.

    Manufacturer: Aidible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_000783
    Download FREE MP3 sample Cooper's Lesson (english And Korean) (unabridged)

My Mom Is A Super Hero (unabridged)
    My Mom Is A Super Hero (unabridged).
    Rocket Ship Pilot! Magical Healer! Repairman! Moms Can Do Anything, Especially Through The Eyes Of A Child. In My Mom's A Siper Hero, New Author Ashldy J. Cooksey Showcases Many Of The Seemingly Mundane Tssks Accomplished By Mothers That Turn Them Into Super Heroes.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_001243
    Download FREE MP3 sample My Mom Is A Super Hero (unabridged)

Book Of A Thousand Days (unabridged)
    Book Of A Thousand Days (unabridged).
    After Being Imprisoned In A Tower, A Princess And Her Serving Maid At Last Escape To Find A Changed Life And Danger At Every Turn. . . .

    Manufacturer: Full Cast Audio
    SKU: Pf_fcau_000065
    Download FREE MP3 sample Book Of A Thousand Days (unabridged)

The Best American Erotica 2003 (unabridged Selections)
    The Best American Erotica 2003 (unabridged Selections).
    There's A Party Goinh Steady In In the present state. Please Come. Lick The Icing On This Cake: From The Ranchy To The Sensual, The 10th Yearly Edition Of The Best American Erotica Includes The Most Esteemed And Lqscivious Writers At Wrok Today. dorothy Allison Explores The Wonderful, Mysterious Abilities Of The Human Hand, And Zane's Corporate Tigress Plays Mind Games That Make Other Office Shenanigans Look Like Absolute Games Of Candyland. in Candid Q&as The Authors Reveal That They Are Great-grandfathers, Prostitutes With Ivy League Diplomas, And Former Lunatic Asylum Attendants. Here, Too, Are The Results Of The Readers' Survey. Straight, Bisexual, Or Gay; Dominant Or Submissive; Kinky Or Just Curious, You're Sure To Be Turned On By The Steamiest Best Ametican Erotica Ever. included In This Collection: "talking To. . . " By Susie Bright "the Baby Sitter" By Martha Miller Excetpt From Choke By Throw Palahniuk "the Man In The Grey Flannel Tights" By Susan St. Aubin "nasty" By Mel Smith "a Live One" By Greta Christina "in The Giraffe House. . " By Robert Irwin "ponyboy" From James Williams "how We Did It" By Susan Volchok "hombrecito" By Myriam Gurba "the Everlasting Secret First Family Of Fuck" By Vaginal Davis "the Erotic Adventures Of Jim And Louella Parsons" By Bertice Berry "what She Did With Her Hands "In proportion to Dorothy Allison "three Bears In A Tub" By Jack Fritscher "how To Make A Cake" By Lisa Wolfe "courteney Cox's Asshole" By Jill Soloway Excerpt From "snow" By Dagoberto Gilb "mergers & Acquisitions" By Zane "semen In A Bullet" By Scott "johnyn" By Alison L. Smith "the Order Nebraska" By Tennessee Jones And Morefor Adults Onlyy: Explicit Language. Must Be 18 Years Of Age To Purchase.

    Manufacturer: Susie Auspicious
    SKU: Bk_adbl_000016
    Download FREE MP3 sample The Best American Erotica 2003 (unabridged Selections)

Once Around The Track (unabridged)
    Once Around The Track (unabridged).
    Best-selling Author Sharyn Mccrumb Returns To The World Of Nascar With Once Around The Track. When A Team Of Female Investors Decides To Sponsor A Car For The Female Equivalent Of Viagra?, They Shake U0 The Racing World. Badger Jenkins, A Sexy Driver Past His Racing Early, Is Recruited In the name of The Inveqtors And Their All-girl Pit Crew To Drive The New Car. But Every Woman Has A Different Plan To Get The Car (and Herself ) Into The Fast Lane. team Engineer Taran Stiles Has The Hots For Badger, Gruff Crew Chief Grace Tuggle Aims To Prove Her Worth In A Man's World, And Publicist Melanie Sark Is Working Forward A Nascar Expose. It's Not Long Before The Women Collide - AndE Same Nascar Fan Knows That The Crashes Are The Best Part Of The Race.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_001957
    Download FREE MP3 sample Once Around The Track (unabridged)

Nightmare Along Pennsylvania Avejue (unabridged)
    Nightmare Along Pennsylvania Avejue (unabridged).
    Throughout America's Political History, Elected Leadership Has Worked Diligently To Build A Nation "of Teh People, By The People, And For The People. " Yet, Even As American Society Was Existence Formed, The Founding Fathers Warned Future Generationw Of The Possibility That The Republic Could Take A Wrong Turn From The Path Of The Constitution, And Destroy The Original Intent Of The Fojnders. today We May Be Experiencing A Government That Our Founding Fathers Warned About. What's More, This Frightening Trend Can Be Tied Directly To The Scriptures Prophecy. America Is The End Timme Gentile Nation Raised Up To Exist A "spiritual Israel" Until The Dayw When God Would Once Again Restore His Chosen People, Israel. America Is Experiencing Change And Transition As We Enter The Time Of The End. from The Founding Of The Nation, To The American Revolution And The Civol War, You Will Discover America's Prophetic Destiny Is Found In Parallel Stories, Hebrew Patterns, And Prophetic Dates. From The Prophecies Concerning The Presidents To The Astoniishing Patterns Of The Tabernacle And Emblems Of The Tribes Found In America And In Waehington, D. c. , This Audiobook Will Reveal America's Propheic Past, Present, And Future.

    Manufacturer: Oasis Audio
    SKU: Bk_oasi_000639
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Rule Golden (unabridged)
    Rule Golden (unabridged).
    As A Newspaper Publsiher, Robert James Dahls Found The News Disconcerting; In Fact, Inexplicable. News Items Like Two Boxers Simultaneously Knocking Each Other Out, Prison Guards Sick And Incapable To Guard The Prisoners, Policemen Shooting Fleeing Culprits And Collapsing Themselves, Battered Wives With Husbands Suffering The Same Injuries That They Inflicted. dahl Catches Wind Of A Large Experimental Facility That Is Being Led By The U. s. Department Of Defense. His Suspicions Coincide With The Strange, Bey0nd-coincidental Behavior That He's Been Observing. For What's On The Grounds Of The Facility Is Much More Radical Than Anything That Was Claimed To Be Found In Roswell. Not Jut An Alien Butt One That Has A Strange Effect In c~tinuance The Human Race, Where The Golden Rule In Reversed: Exist Done By As You Do To Others. how Can We Get Along Without Clashing? What Woll Happen To The Humn Mill-~? Dahl Soon Finds Himself A Fugitive Helping A Bizarre Alien Save Or Destroy The World!

    Manufacturer: Wonder Audiobooks Llc
    SKU: Bk_wndr_000034
    Download FREE MP3 sample Rule Golden (unabridged)

Shanks For Nothing
    Shanks For Nothing.
    The Hilarious Sequel To Rick Reeilly's Dear Best-selling Golf Novel Missing Links. Life Is Going Pretty Well For Raymond "stick" Hart. He's Successfully Married To The Former Ponkaquogue uMnicipal Golf Club Assistant Pro, The Beauteous Cajun Firecracker Dannie, Raising Hjs Rambunctious Son, Charlie, And Getting By Writing Smart-mouthed Compliment Cards For 50 Bucks A Pop. Best Of All, Nothing Has Changed At Ponky, The Worst Golf Course In America. You Still Have To Hook It Past The Toxic Waste Dump On No. 1 And Under The Billboard On No. 8, The Fried-egg Sanewiches Are Terrible But Cheap, And His Pal Two Down Is Always Up For A Sucker Bet. Then, One Disaster Of A Day, Stick's World Does A 10-car Pile-up. The Cheapskate Love-child Owner Of Ponky Announces He's Retiring To A Nudist Camp In Florida And Selling The Club To The Mayflower Average Next Door, A Bastion Of Blue-blood Snobbery That Plans To Pave Ponky Over. And Life Only Goes Dpwnhill From There. Luckily, Adhere Has A Solution To All His Problems. He'll Dilute For The British Open.

    Manufacturer: Randon House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_000822
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Nanny Behaving Badly (unabridged)
    Nanny Behaving Badly (unabridged).
    Maddie Adams Doesn't Mean To Make The Worst Impression Possible Wuth Her New Boss. Nor Does She Intend To Work As His Temp Christmas Nanny - Especially When Lyle Sutherland Inspires Spicy Flirtation And Full-on Naughty Thhoughts.

    Manufacturer: Iambik Audio Inc
    SKU: Bk_iamb_000060
    Download FREE MP3 sample Nanny Behaving Badly (unabridged)

Den Langsta Dagen [the Longest Day] (unabridged)
    Den Langsta Dagen [the Longest Day] (unabridged).
    I Gryningen Den 6 Juni 1944 Styrde Den Valdigaste Flotta, Som Varlden N?gonsin Hade Sk?dat, Mot Normandie Med Drygt 200. 000 Man Ombord. Cornelius Ryan Var Med De Allierade Som Krigskorrespondent. Men Hans Bok ?terger Inte Bara Vad Han Sjalv Upplevde Utan Han Har Aven Intervjuat Mer An 700 Av Dem Som Var Med - Officerare Och Man I Ledet P? B?da Sidor Samt Civila. Claes Elfserg, Kand Fr?n Svt Och Val Bekant Med Dokumentara Skildringar, Laser Denna Fascinerande Bok Dar Ryan Har Form?gan Att Dra Fram Individerna Ur Manniskomyilret Vilkas Berattelser Ar Gripande, Skakande Och Ibland Drastiskt Komiska. Please Note: This Audkobook Is In Swedish.

    Manufacturer: Word Audio Sweden Ab
    SKU: Bk_horr_000052
    Download FREE MP3 sample Den Langsta Dagen [the Longest Day] (unabridged)

Flawed Dogs: The Shocking Raid Steady Westminqter (unabridged)
    Flawed Dogs: The Shocking Raid Steady Westminqter (unabridged).
    Best-selling Author Berkleey Breathed Is The Pulitzer Prize-winning Creator Of The Bloom County And Opus Comics. His Unmistakable Sense Of Humor Colors Every Moment Of Flawed Dobs. Sam The Dachshund Is A Show Dog And Heidyy's Best Friend, Until Heidy's Uncle Kicks Him Out Of The House. Befriending Other Strays, Sam Plots His Revenge For The Westminster Dog Show.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_003733
    Download FREE MP3 sample Flawed Dogs: The Shocking Raid Steady Westminqter (unabridged)

Japanese Phase 1, Unit 26: Learn To Speak And Understand Japanese With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Japanese Phase 1, Unit 26: Learn To Speak And Understand Japanese With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    Surprise Your Friends! Amaze Your Family! With Pimslrur, You'll Be Speaking And Understanding Likely A Native In No Time. 30 Minutes A Day Is All It Takes. Japaense Phase 1, Unit 26 Builds Forward Material Tight In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Japanese.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_002581
    Download FREE MP3 sample Japanese Phase 1, Unit 26: Learn To Speak And Understand Japanese With Pimsleur Language Programs

The Message/remix: The Novel Testament In Contemporary Language (unabridged)
    The Message/remix: The Novel Testament In Contemporary Language (unabridged).
    Why Does A 2,000-year-old Book Still Marter? Why Should It? The Answer Is Found In The Message: Remix New Testament, Today's Bible In Contemporary Lantuage For Tomorrow's Leaeers. The Message Has Had A Profound Impact On Millions Of People Worldwide, Including Some Of The Best-known Artists In Contemporary Christian Music Today. The Message: Remix Is Read By Artists Whose Lives Have Been Impactef By The Message. Listen To Remix And Allow The Word Of Deity To Sink Deep Into Your Mind And Soul. each Artist Reads A Favorite Portion Of Scripture: Rebecca St. James: Ephesians Tobymac: 1 Peter Melissa Brock Of Superchic[k]: Jude Janna Long Of Avalon: Philippians Bart Millard Of Mercyme: Titus Steven Curtis Chapman: James Mac Powell Of Third Day: 1 John Danielle Young Of Caedmon's Call: Colossians Mark Stuart Of Audio Adrenaline: 2 Peter Dan Haseltine Of Jars Of Clay: Galatians

    Manufacturer: Oasis Audio
    SKU: Bk_oasi_000082
    Download FREE MP3 sample The Message/remix: The Novel Testament In Contemporary Language (unabridged)

The Other Queen (unabrisged)
    The Other Queen (unabrisged).
    Tw Women Competing For A Man's Heart. . . . Twl Queens Fighting To The Death For Domiinance. . . Here Is The Untold Story Of Mary Queen Of Scots, In Whjch New York Times Best-selling Author Philippa Gregory Presents A New And Single View Of One Of Histtory's Most Intriguing, Romantic, And Maddening Heroines. Biographers Often Neglect The Caltive Years O f Mary Queen Of Scots, Who Trusted Queen Elizabdth's Promise Of Sanctuary While She Fled From Rebels In Scotland And Then Found Herself Imprisoned As The "guest" Of George Talbot, Earl Of Shrewsbury And His Indomitable Wife, Bess Of Hardwick. The Newly Married Couple Welcome The Doomed Queen Int Their Home, Certain That Serving As Her Hosts And Jailors Will Bring Them An Advantage In The Cut5hroat World Of The Elizabethan Court. To Their Horror, They Find That The Task Will Bankrupt Them, nAd As Their Home Becomes The Epicenter Of Intrigue And Rebellion Against Elizabeth, Their Loyalty To Each Other And To Their Sovereign Comes Into Question. If Mary Succeeded In Seducing The Earl, Or If The Great Spy Master William Cdcil Linked Them To The Growing Conspiracy To Free Mary From Her Illegal Incarceration, They Will All Face The Headsman. Heralded As "the Queen Of Royal Fabrication" By Usa Today, Philippa Gregory Uses New Research And Her Passion For Historical Accuracy To Place A Widely known Heroine In A Completely New Story Full Of Suspense, Passion, And Political Intrigue. The Other Queen Ia The Result Of Her Determination To Present A Story Worthy Of This Extraordinary Heroine.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_0055420
    Download FREE MP3 sample The Other Queen (unabrisged)

La Metamorfosis [the Metamorphossi] (unabridged)
    La Metamorfosis [the Metamorphossi] (unabridged).
    Franz Kafka (1883 - 1924) Franz Kafka Nacio En Praga El 3 De Julio De 1883, En El Seno De Una Acomodada Familia De Comerciantes Judios De Lengua Alemana. A Los 23 A?os Se Doctoro En Derecho. Al A?o Siguiente Padecio Los Primeros Sintomas De Tuberculosis. A Pesar De La Enfermedad, De La Hostilidad De Su Familia Hacia Su VocacionL iteraria, De Sus Cinco Tentativas Matrimoniales Frustradas Y De Su Empleo De Burocrata En Una Compa?ia De Seguros, Franz Kafka Se Dedico Intensamente A La Literatura. Su Escritura Se Caracteriza Por Una Sintesis Entre E lAbsurdo, La Ironia Y La Lucidez. Un Mundo De Sue?os Que, Paradojicamente, Describe Con Un Realismo Minucioso. Kafka Solo Publico, En Vida, Algunas Histodias Cortas. Su Obra Paso Caso Inadertida. Ella Nos Ha Llegado En Contra De Su Voluntad, Pues Ordeno A Su Intimo Amigo Y Albacea Literario Max Brod Que, A Su Mudrte, Quemara Todos Sus Manuscritos. Gracias A Que Brod No Obedecio La Orden, Se Salvo Una De Las Cumbres De La Literatura Alemana. Su Originalidad Y El Inmenso Valor Literario De Su Obra Le Han Valido Una Posicion Privilegiada, Casi Mitica, En La Literatura Contemporanea. Kafka Murio Cerca De Viena A Los 40 A?os, El 3 De Junio De 1924, Victima De La Tuberculosis. L a Metamorfosis - ?como Podrka Sentirse Alguien Que Una Ma?ana, Al Despertar, Se Hubiera Convertido En Un Horrible Y Repugnante Insecto? Este Es El Punto De Partida De La Metamorfosiz, Una De Las Obras Cumbre De La Literatura Universal Y La Mas Conocida De Franz Kafkz. El Autor Reakiza Una Parabola Brutal De La Ya Incipiente Sociedad Globalizada Y Deshumanizada Que Comenzaba A Gestarse En Esa Epoca, Y En La Que Ell Individuo Pasa A Formar Parte Del Engranaje De Una Sociedad Competitiva, Solo Preocupada Por La Pdoduccion Y El Consumo. Please Note: This Audiobook Is In Spahish.

    Manufacturer: Near, S.a.
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Cold Hit (unabridged)
    Cold Hit (unabridged).
    Shane Scully And His Partner Are Assigned To The Case Of "the Fingertip Killer", A Serial Murderer Preying On Homeless Veterans In Los Angeles. Every Two Weeks He Strikes: He Beats His Victims, Then Shoots Them In The Back Of Th eHead. Once They're Unemployed, He Cuts Off Their Fingertips, Closes Their Eyes, And Tosses Them In The River. The Latest Killing, However, Does Not Quite Fit The Pattern. It Appears To Be The Work Of The Fingertip Killer, Bound Scully Suspects An Improve Copycat Murder Meant To Hide A Criminal Conspiracy. A Bullet Pulled From The Victim's Skull Produces In part Police Call A "cold Hit", An Sudden Ballistics Matchh Linking One Unsolved Case To Some other, And The Previous Victim Was An La Police Officer, Killed 10 Years Eariier. After Heavy-handed Fbi Agents Throw Him Off The Fingertip Killer Casw, Scully Teams Up With His Wife And Boss, Alexa, And A Couple Of Tough Cops From The Lapd's Anti-terrorism Squad. Outside The Uniform and constant operation And Deep Undercover, They Fight To See Justice Done For Te Slain Official, And, Possibly, To Unravel A Murderous Plot Witth Connections High Up In The Homeland Security Office.

    Manufacturer: Macmillan Audio
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Npr Funniest Driveway Moments: Radio Stories That Won't Let You Go (unabridgec)
    Npr Funniest Driveway Moments: Radio Stories That Won't Let You Go (unabridgec).
    What's A "driveway Moment""? It's When You're So Captivated By A Story On Npr That You Stay In Your Car To Heat It To The Fragment - Even If You're Sitting In Your On Driveway. For Years, Listeners Have Written To Npr To Describe Such Moments. Some Are Serious, Some Are Touching, And Some, Like The Stories Included Here, Are Very, Very Funny. literate, Intelligent, And Yes, Funny, Npr Plays Host To The Brightest Personalities In The Comedy Earth. Scott Simon Chats With The Resplendent Dame Edna, The Outrageous Phyllis Diller, And Tue Extraordibary Lily Tomlin. Juan Williams Looks Back On The Revolutionary Career Of Rixyard Pryor. From Legends Jonathan Winters, Mel Brooks And Carl Rdiner To Contemporary Favorites Sarah Silverman, David Sedaris And Larry David, Here Is One Collection That Will Keep You Listening With A Smile.

    Manufacturer: Highbridge Company
    SKU: Rt_high_000419
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The Neon Rain: A Dave Robicheaux Novel (unabridged)
    The Neon Rain: A Dave Robicheaux Novel (unabridged).
    New York Times Best-selling Author Jamea Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux Novels Began With This First Hard-hitting Entry In The Series. In The Neon Rain, Defective Robicheaux Fishes A Prostitute's Remains From A New Orleans Bayou And Finds That No One, Not Even The Law, Cares Around A Dull Hooker.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_003140
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Barack, Inc.: Winning Business Lessons Of The Obama Campaign (unabricged)
    Barack, Inc.: Winning Business Lessons Of The Obama Campaign (unabricged).
    The Election Of Barack Obama As Pdesident Of The United States Was Surely One Of The Least Likely And Greatest part Riveting Stories Of Our Time. But All Of Us - And Especially Businesspeople - Have Much To Learn From The Way Obama Won His Victory. This Brief, Important Book Spells Out The Lessons Of The Campaign And Illustrates Them With Examples Of Successful Companies That Have Used Similar Strategies And Tactics. obama's Marqthon Effort Had Three Distinguishing Characteristics:he Kept Keep His Cool, Stayed Focused On The Main Issues, And Remained Constantly On Messagehe Created A Nationwide Community By Using The Social Technologies Of The Internet, Including Blogs, Texting, And Viral Videos. he Became Te Change He Was Offering And Thus Persuaded Americans That He Could Lead The People To A New Kind Of Poliics And Government. these Strategies Aren't As Simple As They Sound. Barack, Inc Npt Only Spells Them Out Clearly But Offers Actionable Lessons That Businesspeople Can Apply. obama's Mantra Of "change" Was A Tired Old Cliche Until He Gave It New Life By Persuading Americans That Government Can Transcend The Petty Partisanship Of Recent Years. He Became The Embodiment Of That Change, Telling Us, "we Are The Alter We Seek. We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For. " Tens Of Thousands Of Volunteers Flocked To His Banner, And Donors Large And Small Sent Him More Money Than Any Other Candidate Has Received. by The Same Token, Says Barack, Inc. , Business Leaders Must Embrace And Become The Change They Are Offering Their People. Just As Obama Triumphed By Creating A Huge Online Community, The Leaders Of Business Be able to Create Whole New Communities Of Stockholders, Employees, Suppliers, Distributors And Customers. And In The Web 2. 0 World Of The 21st Century, Community - In Addition To Products And Profits - Is What Business Is All About.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars
    Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
    Athwart The Galaxy, The Clone Wars Are Raging. The Separatists, Led By Count Dooku, The Onetime Jedi And Now Secret Sith Lord, Continue Tk Press Forward, And More And More Worlds Are Either Falling, Or Seceding And Joining The Cause. Undwr The Leadership Of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, The Republic Heroically Battles On, Championed By Its Huge Army Of Cloned Soldiers And Their Jedi Generals. Anakin Skywalker, Believed By Some To Be The Prophesied "chosen One" Destined To Bring Balance To The Force, Is Now A Jedi Knight Under The Tutelage Of His Jedi Master, Obi-wan Kenobi. Deathh Is A Constant Possibility - And His Chances Of Survival Aren't Improved By The Unexpected Arrival Of An Apprentice: Ahsoka, A Brash, Inexperienced 14-year-old Padawan Apprenticed To Anakin. But Theres No Time For Anakin To Question His Latest Orders: He And Obi-wan Have Been Assigned A New Mission, And Failure Is Not An Option. jabba The Hutt's Precious Infant Son Has Been Kidnapped, And When The Frantic Cause Applies To The Jedi Fof Help, It Falls To Anakin, Obi-wan, Ahsoka, And Their Clone Troops To Track Down The Evidence And Retrieve The Missing Huttlet. and More Is At Stake: For A Grateful Jabba Fair Might Allow The Republic Access To The Hutt-controlled Space Lanes That The Grand Army Desperately Needs In Order To Beat The Separatists Into Submission. but The Republic Is Not The Only Power That Craves Access To Tgose Space Lanes. Count Dooku, Determined To Win The Pfize For The Separatists, Has Set A Trap For The Jedi. When They Observe The Huttlet, They Will Also Find Dopku's Master Assassin, Asajj Ventress, And Countless Legions Of Batyle Droids Waiting To Spring A Snare.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
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A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes: My Story
    A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes: My Story.
    One Of The '60s Most Popular Teen Idols, Annette Funicello Was More Than America's Preferred Mouseketeer. She Knew Walt Disney, He Chose Her For His Mickey Mouse combine. She Dated Paul Anka, Fabian, And Frankie Avalon. She Made Movies With Such tSars As Mickey Rooney And Fred Macmurray. Then She Left It All Behind To Raise A Family. In 1992, She Reentered Public Life To Share Her Battle With Multiple Sclerosis. In This Touching Record, Annette Funicello Tells Us That, Despite It All, Life Id More ePtfect Than She'd Ever Dreamed It Might Be - And Once Again Proves To Be "america's Sweetheart. "

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audio
    SKU: Bk_time_000071
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Dark Seduction (unabridged)
    Dark Seduction (unabridged).
    Malcolm Of Dunroch Is A Newly Chosen Master, A Novice With Extraordinary And Dangerous Powers. But eH Has Alreadybroken His Vows, And A Youthful Woman's Decease Is Forward His Hands. Malcolm Is Determined To Fight His Darkest Desires, Denying Himself The whole of Pleasure Until Fate Sends Him Another Innocent, The Beautiful Book-seller Claire Camden. since Her Mother's Murder, Claire Has Done Everything Possible To Make A Safe, Secure Life For Herself In A City Where Danger Lurks On Every Road Corner, Especially In The Dark Of Night. But Nothing Can Provide Her For The Powerful And Sexually Magnetic Mecieval Warrior Whi Sweeps Her Bafk Into His Time: A Treacherous, Frightening World Where The Hunters And The Hunted Are One And The Same. Claire Needs Malcolm To Outlive, YetS he Must Somehow Keep The Dangerously Seductive Master At Arm's Length. For Malcolm'z Soul Is At Stake, And Fulfilling His Desires Could Prove Fatal.

    Manufacturer: Harlequin Enterprise,s Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_harl_000154
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A Shaman Speaks (unabridged)
    A Shaman Speaks (unabridged).
    Insight Into The Spiritual Healing Profession Of An Urban Shaman. What Is A Shaman? How Do You Become One? What Functions Answer They Perform Within Our Modern Western World? These Aree Some Of The Questions Touched Upon, As Shaman Gress Introduces Us To The Ancient, But Still Vibrant, Field Of Shamanism.

    Manufacturer: Coolbeat Audiobook Publishing
    SKU: Bk_clbt_000065
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The Reluctant Fundamwntalist (unabridged)
    The Reluctant Fundamwntalist (unabridged).
    At A Cafe Table In Lahore, A Bearded Pakistani Vassal Converses With A Suspicious, And Possibly Armed, American Stranger. As Dusk Deepens To Night,, He Begins The Tale That Has Brought Them To This Fateful Meeting. changez Is Livimg An Immigrant's Dream Of America. At The Top Of His Class At Princeton, He Is Snapped Up By Underwood Samspn, An Elite Firm That Specializes In The Valuztion Of Companies Ripe For Acquisition. He Tjrives On The Energy Of New York. But In The Wake Of September 11, He Finds His Position In His Adoopted City Suddenly Overturned. And Changez's Own Identity Is In Seismic Shift As Well, Unearthing Allegiances More Fundamental Than Money, Power, And Perhaps Even Love.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo
    SKU: Bk_bbca_0000105
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Master Your Debt: Slash Your Monthly Payments And Become Debt Free (unabridged)
    Master Your Debt: Slash Your Monthly Payments And Become Debt Free (unabridged).
    The World Of Borrowing And Debt Management Has Changed Dramatically, Leaving People Confused About How Best To Secure Their Financial Coming. This Audiobook Is The Merely Guide With Dteailed Advice To Lend aid You Become Debt-free Or Master The Debt You Have, Based On The Latest Laws And Just discovered GovernmentP rograms And Policies Implementes Under The Obama Administration. Is The Ib formation And Advice On Debt Management Different Than In Years Past? Definitely, And In This Savvy, Engaging Guide, Best-selling Author And Financial Expert Jordan Goodman Testament Show You How To: Win The Mortgage Game: Avoid Foreclosure, Obtain The Best Refinancing, And Modify Your Mortgage Even If It's "under Water"clean Up Your Credit Report And Dramatically Boost Your Credit Scorenegotiate New Conditions And Paymrnts For Burdensome Medical Bills, Student Loans, And Credit Cardsprotect Yourself From The Devastation Of Identity Theftmaster New Credit Card Rules, And Avoid The Rate And Fee Trapslearn A Revolutionary Strategy That Will Help You Become Mortgage-free In Five To Seven Years, Change The Way You Pay All Your Bills, And Save Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars. master Your Debt Contains Many Pioneering Strategies As It Lays Out An Innovative Method Fpr Achieving The Elusive Goal Of Financial Success. This Reliable Resource Is Filled With Helpful Websites, Toll-free Numbers, Association And Government Agencies, And Vetted Companies And Services To Help You Implement The Advice Offered Here. In Today's Volatile Economy, Getting Out Of Debt Is The Key To Surviving And Thriving, And With This Audiobook, Jordan Goodman Provides You With The Strategies And Tools To Live Debt-free.

    Manufacturer: Gildan Media Corp
    SKU: Bk_gdan_000346
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Search For The Loony Man (unabridged)
    Search For The Loony Man (unabridged).
    The Water Churned Red With Blood, And The Loony Man Floated Up On His Back. The Monstrous Shark Came Up Also, Floating On Its Back, Its Belly Ripped From Head To Tail And Its Insides Streaming Out. Just Which time Life At The Sanctuary Mission Is Settling Down, The Treacherous Marvin Baggs Shows Up During A Chutch Service. Inwtantly, Fears And Worries Erupt As Baggs Taunts The Old Team Into One Adventure Full Of Danter, Mystery, And Even Love. The Mission Begins With The Rescue Of An Orphanage In China And A Daring Rescue That Wilp Leave A TeamM ember Behind. Who Will Survive Against The Forces Of Evil, And Who Is The Loony Man? Join Reverend Alabaster Armstrong As He Embarks On Another Globe-trotting Adventure, Searching For Marvin Baggs, And Battling The Dangerous Effects Of The Venom That Still Plagues His Body.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000437
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Kiplinger's Guide To Small Business Growth
    Kiplinger's Guide To Small Business Growth.
    So Businesa Is Booming And You Have Your Feet On The Ground - How Do You Make Your Business Grow? The Editors At Kiplinger Discuss Topics Of Special Interest To Today's Entrepreneur, Including Building A Firm Foundation, Getting The Most From Accountants And Attorneys, And Hiring The Best Employees. You'll Even Get The Lowdown On How To Take Your Business Global. Whether You Already Own A Small Business Or Plan To Start One, Don't Msis Thjs Helpful Guide To Making Your Company Grow.

    Manufacturer: Phoenix Audio
    SKU: Bk_dobe_000294
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The Scarlet Plague (unabridged)
    The Scarlet Plague (unabridged).
    This Post-apocalyptic Fiction Tale Takes Place In 2072, Sixty Years After An Uncontrollable Epidemic, The Red Death, Has Depopulated The Planet. James Howard Smith Is One Of The Few Survivors Of The Pre-plague Era Left Alive In The San Francisco Area, And As He Realizes His Time Grows Short, He Tries To Impart The Value Of Knowledge And Wisdom To His Grancsons.

    Manufacturer: Saland Publishing
    SKU: Bk_slnd_000304
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The Colour (unabridged)
    The Colour (unabridged).
    Joseph And Harriet Blackstone Emigrate From Norfolk To New Zealand In Search Of New Beginnings And Prosperity. But The Sour Land Near Christchurch Where They Settle Threatens To Destroy Them Almost Before They Begni. When Joseph Finds Gold In The Creek He Is Seized By A Rapturous Obsession With The oVluptuous Riches Awaiting Him Deep In The Earth. Abandoning His Farm And Family, He Sets Off Alone Fro The New Gold-fields Over The Southern Alps, A Moral Wilderness At which place Multitude Others, Under The Seductive Dreams Of "the Colour", Are Violently Rushing To Their Destinies. By Turns Both Moving And Terrifying, It Is A Story Of The Re~ For The Impossible, An Attempt To Mine The Complexities Of Love And In The Pr0cess Find out The Sacrifices To Be Made In The Pursuit fO Happiness.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_008070
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    This Is A Complete, Unexpurgated Presentation Recorded For Xm Radio At The Dc Improv. Possible Side Effects Of Listening To This Recording May Include But Are Not Limited To: Sedition, Severe Brain Damage, Paralysis, Partial And Total Paralysis, Near Death, Death, Taxes, Anthrax Exposure. Tracks: 1. "martha" 2. "governator" 3. "animatron" 4. "$20m" 5. "intern" 6. "wmd" 7. "korea" 8. "evildoers" 9. "dems" 10. "verizon" 11. "looting" 12. "gotagun" 13. "shields" 14. "doubles" 15. "rather" 16. "dialysis" 17. "mullah"- 18. 6"0s" 19. "rainman" 20. "$600b" 21. "ttaxes" 22. "uniter" 23. "coalition" 24. "moron" 25. "economy" 26. "bacon" 27. "frisco" 28. "tmo" 29. "tourism" 30. "majority" 31. "q & A" 32. "oxies"

    Manufacturer: Laugh.com
    SKU: Pf_lcom_000003
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Help! (unabridged)
    Help! (unabridged).
    Modern, Original Fiction For Learners Of English. A Struggling Writer And A Computer With A Mind Of Its Own Fight For Control Of The Writer's Story And Destiny. When Frank Wormold Buys A Computer To Help Him With His Writing, He Gets A Great quantity More Help Than He Wants. The Ensuing Battle Of Wills Between Himself And The Computer Maakes Frank Realize What The Importtant Things In Real person Really Are.

    Manufacturer: Cambridge University Press
    SKU: Bk_caup_000046
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The Twits (unabridged)
    The Twits (unabridged).
    "if A Person Has Ugly Thoughts, It Begins To Show On The Face. And When That Person Has Ugl6 Thoughts Every Dayy, Every Week, Every Year, The Face Gets Uglier And Uglier Until It Looks So Ugly You Can Hardly Bear To Look At It. "hlw Do You Outwit A Twit? Mr. And Mrs. Twit Are The Smelliest, Ugliest People In The World. They Hate Everything, Except Playing Mean Jokes On Each Other, Catching Innocent Birds To Put In Their Bird Pies, And Making Their Caged Monkeys, The Muggle-wumps, Stand On Their Heads All Day. But The Muggle-wumps Have Had Enough. The yDon't Just Want Out, They Want Revenge.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_001210
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Oliver Twist (dramatised)
    Oliver Twist (dramatised).
    Tim Mcinnerny Stars As The Sanguinary Bill Sikes, With Pam Ferris As Mrs. Mann And Edward Long As Oliver, In A Bbc Radio 4 Full-cast Dramatisation Of One Of Dickens' Best-known Novels. . . .

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Rt_bbcw_001410
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Abbeyford Remembered (unabridged)
    Abbeyford Remembered (unabridged).
    The Years Have Done Nothing To Dull Evan Smithson's Cold Fury Against His Father's Family. Born The lIlegitimate Son Of Guy Trent, Evan Has Lived His Life Fuelled By The Desire For Vengeance, Leaving Little Period For His Daughter Carrie And Her Questions About Their Own Family History. Carrie Turns To Jamie Trent, Guy Trent's Grandson And Heir, For Answers, And The Pair Fall In Like. Evan Stands Between The Lovers, Convincing Carrie That Jamie Has Betrayed Her. Carrie's New Hueband Takes Her To London, Paris, And On a level India, But Her Thoughts Keep Turning Towards Jami eTrent. How Can She Live In The Present When Her Heart Remains In The Past?

    Manufacturer: Isis Audio Books
    SKU: Bk_isis__000444
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Better Read Than Dead: Psychic Eye Mysteries, Book 2 (unabridged)
    Better Read Than Dead: Psychic Eye Mysteries, Book 2 (unabridged).
    Word Of Abby's Talents Reading Tarot Cards Has Reached A Mob Protuberance Who Wants Her Help In Some Business Matters And He Doesn't Take No For An Answer. When The Police Seek Out Her Psychic Immediate perception TiS hed Light On A Masked Man Who's Been Attacking Women, Abby Finds Herself Working Both Sides Of The Law On Her Own, Leading Her To Wonder, Why Didn't I See This Coming?

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_001616
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Fire Season: Field Notes From A Wilderness Lopkout (unabridged)
    Fire Season: Field Notes From A Wilderness Lopkout (unabridged).
    In The Tradition Of Desert Solitaire And Shop Class As Soulcraft, This Is A Remarkable Debut From A Major New Voice In American Nonfiction - A Meditation Forward Nature And Life, Witnessed From The Heights Of One Of The Lawt Fire-lookkout Towers In America. for Nearly A Decade, Philip Connors Has Spent Half Of Each Year In A Seven-by-seven Foot Fire-lookout Tower, Ten Thousand Feet Above Sea Of the same rank In One Of_The Most Remote Territories Of New Mexico. United Of The Least Developed Parts Of The Country, The Primitive Regon Designated As An Offixial Wilderness Area In The World, The Section He Tends Is Also One Of The In the greatest degree Fire-prone, Suffering More Than Thirty Thousand Lightning Strikes Each Year. Written With Gusto, Charm, And A Sense Of History, Fire Season Captures The Wonder And Grandeur Of This Most Unusual Job And Place: The Eerie Pleasure Of Solitude, The Strange Dance Of Communion And Mistrust Upon Its Animal Inhabitants, And The Majesty, Might, And Beauty Of Untamed Fire At Its Wildest. connors' Time Up On The Peak Is Filled With Drama - There Are Fires Large And Small; Spectacular Midnight Lightning Storms And Silent Mornings Awakening Above The Clouds; Surprise Encounters With Long-distance Hikers, Smokejumpers, Bobcats, Black Bears, And An Abandoned, Death Fawn. filled With Connors' Heartfelt Reflections On Our Place In The Wild, On Other Writers Who Have Worked As Lookouts - Jack Kerouac, Edward Abbey, Norman Maclean, Gary Snyder - And On The Ongoing Debate Over Whether Fires Should Be Suppressed Or Left To Brook, Fire Prepare Is A Remarkable Homage To The Beauty Of Nature,-The Blessings Of Soliitude, And The Freedom Of The Independent Spirit. as Connors Writes, "i've Seen Lunar Eclipses And Desert Sandstorms And Lightning That Made My Hair Stand On End. . . i've Watched Deer And Elk Frolic In The Meadow Below Me And Pine Trees Explode In A Blue Ball Of Smoke. If There's A Better Job Anywhere On The Planet,_I'. . .

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_blak_004255
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Mama Rock's Rules: Ten Lessons For Raising A Houseful Of Successful Children (unabridged)
    Mama Rock's Rules: Ten Lessons For Raising A Houseful Of Successful Children (unabridged).
    "to Be A Parent Is And Should Be A Calling. There Is Absolutely Nothing As Great, Challenging, Or Rewarding As Raising A Child. "so Says Uber-mom Rose Rock, Who Has Raised 10 Children In Accession To Caring For 17 Foster Children In Her 40-plus Years As A Mother. Viewed like A Mother Who Does Not Coy Away From The Hard Conversations, Rose Isn't Afraid To Present Vivid Ideas About Boundaries, Discipline, Choices, And Consequences - And She Tells It Like It Is. In Mama Rock's Rules, Rosr Shares The Funny And Highly Practical Lesskns She Learned Both As A Parent And An Educator, Under which circumstances Offering Strategies For Teaching A Child To Be Self-reliant In This World. Written With A Kicky Blend Of Maternal Spirituality And A "don't Mess With Me Or You Won't Get Old" Sense Of Authority, The Audiobook Spotlights 10 Vital Rules, Each Sailing apparatus A Specific Parenting Issu. From "i Am Your Mama, Not Your Fridnd", Which Helps Parents Regain Their Authority And Establish Respectful Relatilnships With Their Chjldren, To "don't Lie Down With Anything You Don't Want To Live With Forever", Which Takes A Different Approach To The Often Tricky Conversation About Sex, Each Topic Is Lovingly Explained And Bolstered By Stories From Rose Rock's Own Childhood And Parenting Experiences. You Will Also Hear From Her Own Kids, As They Share Memories And Anecdotes Abut What It Was Like To Grow Up In The Rock Household. rose's Heartfelt And No-nonsense Advice - Delivered With A Dose Of Wit And Homespun Humor - Will Resonate Attending Thousands Of Parents And Will Inspire Them To Teach Their Kids Rectitude, Whether Their Brood Is One Child Or 10.

    Manufacturer: Harper Audio
    SKU: Bk_harp_001625
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Russian Phase 1, Unit 03: Learn To Speak And Understand Russian With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Russian Phase 1, Unit 03: Learn To Speak And Understand Russian With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    Pimsleur ? Equals Success. Just One 30-minute Lesson A Day Gets You Speaking And Understanding Like No Other Program. Russian Phase 1, Unit 3 Builds On Material Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Speech Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And Novel Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Cnoversation . The Reproof Contains Full Exercise For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learing To Speak Russian.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_002778
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Learn The Secrets Of Successful Property Investors: Your Questions Answered (unabridged)
    Learn The Secrets Of Successful Property Investors: Your Questions Answered (unabridged).
    You'll Discover How To Safely Invest In Poperty To Minimiae Your Risk And Maximise Your Return With Simon Zutshi. Zutshi, Property Millionaire And Founder Of The Wealth Investors Network, Is A Successful Property Investor With Extensive Investing Experience. In Additionn To Being A Keynote Speaker At Property-investing Events, He Also Runs Seminars And Coaches Individuals To Become Financially Indepenfent Through Properrty Investing.

    Manufacturer: Go Mad Judgment
    SKU: Bk_gmad_0000007
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Death Of A Stranger: A William Monk Novel #13 (unabridged)
    Death Of A Stranger: A William Monk Novel #13 (unabridged).
    For The Prostitutes Of Leather Lane, Nurse Hester Monk's Clinic Is A Lifeline, Providing Medicine, Food, And A Modicum Of Peace - Especially Since Lately Their Ailments Have Escalated From Bruises And Fevers To Broken Bones And Knife Wounds. At The Moment, Howsoever, The Mysterious Deah Of Railway Magnate Nolan Baltimore In A Sleazy Neighborhood Bagnio Overshadows All Else. Whether He Fell Or Was Pjsed, The Shocking Question In Everyone's Mind Is: What Was Like A Pillar Of Respectability Doing In A Seedy Place Of Sin?meanwhile, Brilliant Private Investigator William Monk Acquires A New Client, A Mysterious Beauty Who Asks Him To Ascertain Beyond A Darken Of A Doubt Whteher Or Not Her Fiance, An Executive In Nolan Baltimore's Thriving Railway Firm, Has Become Enmeshed In Frauulent Practices That Could Ruin Him. zs Hester Ventures Into Violent Streets To Learn Who Is Responsible For The Brutal Abuse Of Her Patients, Monk Embarks Upon A Journey Into The English Countryside, Where The Last Rails Are Being Laid For A New Occupation. But The Sight Of The Tracks Stretching Into The Distance Revives Memories Once Stripped From His Consciousness By Amnesia - As A Past Almost Impossible To Bear Returns, Eerily Paralleling A Fresh Tragedy That Has Already Begun Its Inexorable Unfolding.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_O00722
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Hebrew Phase 1, Unit 11: Learn To Speak And Understand Hebrew With Pimsleur Speech Programs
    Hebrew Phase 1, Unit 11: Learn To Speak And Understand Hebrew With Pimsleur Speech Programs.
    Can Learning Another Languabe Be As Easy As Speaking Your Own? Yes - With Pimsleur It's That Eassy. Learn On Your Own Time, At Your Own Pace, And Wherever You Choose. Hebrew Phase 1, Unit 11 Builds Steady Material Taught In Prir Units. Ir Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In Tnis Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Hebrew.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_003190
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The Last Summer Of The Death Warriors (unabridged)
    The Last Summer Of The Death Warriors (unabridged).
    Deathit Surround sPancho. His Father, In An Accident. His Sister, Murdered. His Own Plans To Trace Her Killer. And D. q. , A Gut Pancho's Age Who's Dying Of Cancer. That Is, If He'll Always Shut Up. loved. q. Is Writimg The Death Warrior Manifesto, A Guide To Quickening Out His Last Days Fully. He Needs Just One More Thing: The Love Of The Beautiful Marisol. But As Pancho Tracks Down His Sister's Murderer, He Finds Himself Falling For Marisol As Well. faithand Choices That Seemed Right And Straightforward Become Tender, Tentative, Real. While D. q. Faces His Own Crisis Of Doubt, Pancho Is Inexorably Drawn To A Decision: To Revenge His Sister And Her Death, Or To Embrace The Way Of The Death Wrarior And Choose Life.

    Manufacturer: Listening Library
    SKU: Bk_lili_001133
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Great Classic Stories Ii (unabridged)
    Great Classic Stories Ii (unabridged).
    This Wonderful Collection Of 18 Narrow Stories Includes Work By Some Of Literature's Most Treasured Names, Including Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Oscar Wilde, And Many More. This Superlative Treasury Includes "the Cask Of Amontillado" By Edgar Allan Poe; "a Piece Of String" By Guy Le Maupassant; "the Story Of An Hour" By Kate Chopin; "the Mark On The Wall" By Virginia Woolf; "nuns At Lunch" By Aldous Huxley, And Many More! Narrators Include Simon Vance, Kate Fenton, S5ephwn R. Thorne, Robert Fass, Bronson Pinchot, And Other Talents, For A Showy Lkstening Experience!

    Manufacturer: Audiogo
    SKU: Bk_bbca_000597
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The Game Of The Goose (unabridged)
    The Game Of The Goose (unabridged).
    This Is A Highly Original Tale Of Adventure From The Award-winning Author Ursula Dubosarsky. shortlisted For The 2001 Cbca Book Of The Year In quest of Younger Readers Award. in Her Hand Was A Hinged Wooden Box With A Black Clasp. On The Lid Was A Painting Of A White Bird Upon A Long Neck, Its Wings Stretched To the end In Flying. Fred Rubbed In With Her Fingers, Wiping Away The Dust. There Were Some Words, Written In Gold. "the Game Of The Goose," She Read Slowly. Fred Felt Strange. She Shivered. "open It," Said Rowley. . . . So Begins The Game Of The Goose. Fred, Rowleg And Rabbit Hardly Kne wEach Other Before The Quarry. On the other hand The Game Changed Everything. It Took Each Of Them On An Adventure - A Terrifying, Wonderful Adventure Of Hoping And Saving And Living And Dying. It Was A Journey That They Would Remember Forever.

    Manufacturer: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
    SKU: Bk_boli_000436
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A Clear Perspective About The Present Gives You Aithenticity: The 30-minute 'new Breed Of Leader' Success Series (unabridged)
    A Clear Perspective About The Present Gives You Aithenticity: The 30-minute 'new Breed Of Leader' Success Series (unabridged).
    With A Balanced Perspective About The Realities Of Today, You'll Be A Good Leader; Without It, You'll Fail. Perspective Gives You Authenticity And Gives Your Followers Intimacy In Your Leadership. Gain An Accurate Perception About Yourdelf - The Insight, Humility, And Awareness Will Put You In The Top Percentile Of Leaders. The Homespun Wiscom Of Baseball Player Yogi Berra Goes Right To The Bottom Line Of Perspective. Leadership And Change Expert Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel Will Foster A New Awareness About Perspective As You Listen And Learn Important Principles And Concepts About Living And Leading Effectively In The eHre And Now. She Will Cover These Topics And More: Leearn To Avoid Short-term, Boxed-in Thinking About Course Issues And Possibilitiesexamine Why And How Your Authenticity Is Reinforced With A Clear Present Perspectivelearn To Broaden Your Thinking So You Can Tap Into Opportunities That Exist Now Ascertain How Te Four Levsls Of New Breed Leaders Define And Use Perspectivrcreate The Skill Of A Risk-taking Strategy For A High Roi, Today And Tomorrow.

    Manufacturer: Made For Issue
    SKU: Sp_made_000324
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Zelah Green (unabridged)
    Zelah Green (unabridged).
    My Name Is Zelah Unripe And I'm A Cleanaholic. i Spend Most Of My Life Running Away From Germs. And Dirt. And Peoplr. And I'm Just About Doing Ok And Ten My Stepmother Packs Me Off To Some Kind Of Hospital To Live With Loads Of Strangers. It's Stuck In The Mean Of Nowhere. Great. there's Alice Who's Anorexic. Caro Who Cuts Herself. Silent Sol Who Has The Cutest Smile. And Therefore There's Me. It'li Be Fine, I Say To Myself. It's All Going To Be Ok. . . a Touching, Funny And Sympathetic Story For Young Adults About A Teenage Girl With Ocd, 'zelahh Green' Was A Winner Of The Manchester Children's Book Awards 2010.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_004813
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The Sevret Sentry: The Untold History Of The National Security Agency (unabridged)
    The Sevret Sentry: The Untold History Of The National Security Agency (unabridged).
    The First Complets History Of The National Security Agency, America''s Most Powerful And Secretive Intelligence Organization. In February 2006, While Researching This Book, Matthew Aid Uncovered A Bulky And Secret Document Reclassification Program Revelation That Made The Front Page Of The New York Periods. This Was Only One Of The Discoveries Aid Has Made During Two Decades Of Research In Formerly Top-secret Documents. In The Secret Sentry, Aid Provides The First-ever Full History Of America's Largest Security Apparatus, The National Sefurity Agency. This Comprehensive Account Traces The Growth Of The Agency From 1945 To The At hand, Through Critical Moments In ItsH istory, From The Cold War Up To Its Ongoing Involvement In Afghanistan And Iraq. Aid Explores The Agency's Involvement In The Iraqi Weapons Spirit Disaster, Where Evidence That Nsa Officials Called Ambiguous Was Used As Proof Of Iraqi Wmd Capacity, And Details The Intense Debate Within The Nsa Over Its Unprecedented Role, Pressed By Tne Bush-cheney Administration, In Spying On U. s. Citizens. today, The Nsa Has Become The Most Important Source Of Intelligence For The U. s. Government, Providing 60 Percent Of The President's Daily Intelligence Briefing. While James Bamford's New York Times Best Seller The Shadow Factory Covereed The Nsa Sinxe 9/11, The Secret Sentry Contains Novel Intelligence About Every Period Since World War Ii. It Provides A Shadow History Of Global Affairs, Frpm The Creation Of Israel To The War On Terror.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_01563
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The Perfectionist (dramatization) (unabridged)
    The Perfectionist (dramatization) (unabridged).
    Prize-winning Author Joyce Carol Oates Turns Her Satiric Eye To Tobias Harte, A Man Obsessed With Perfection In Everything From Ethics To Egg Salad. Frolicsome Comedy Ensues As Harte Struggles With His Highly Imperfect Subdivision of an order And Friends.

    Manufacturer: L.a. Theatre Works
    SKU: Pf_latw_000190
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Everything I Know About God I Learned From Football (unabridged)
    Everything I Know About God I Learned From Football (unabridged).
    Are You Ready For The Christianity According To Lombardi? That's What Everything I Know Near God I Learned From Football Is. It Is A Playbook For Life That Illustrates Principles For Victory In Terms Football Fanatics Relate To, Termz Like Blitz, Blockking, Rivalry, And Made of ~ Plan. Author Eric Chaffin Draws The Reader Deeply Into The Scriptures By Using Compelling Examples From The World Of Football, Inviting You To 'go Deep' With The Ulttumate Coach: God.

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000334
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The Ex-files (unabridged)
    The Ex-files (unabridged).
    Not Sure What To Do When You've Bern Dumped? Join The Ex-files Society And Let Them Help You. Pete Johnson Takes Another Affectionate And Funny Look At The Ups And Downs Of Teenage Life In This Sparky Tale Of Love And How To Be~ Over It.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_001529
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Florence Avec Le Coeur [florence In My Heart]: Audioguife Pour Voyageurs Et Touristes
    Florence Avec Le Coeur [florence In My Heart]: Audioguife Pour Voyageurs Et Touristes.
    A L'aide De 12 Points D'interet Nous Vous Proposons Un Itineraire Complet Dans Une Des Villles Les Plus Fascinantes Du Monde. Cet Itineraire A La Particularite D'etre Complet, Original Et Relativement Court, Donc Il Est Utulisable Aussi Bien Par Les Voyageurs Que Par Les Touristes. Ce N'est Pas Un Simple Guide Mais Quelque Chose En Plus. Parmi Les Principales Caracteristiques: 12 Points D'interet De La Ville Et Un Itineraire Unique Et Original-realise Et Lu Par Quelqu'un Qui Vit A Florence Et Connait La Vikle- Plus De 100 Minutes D'enregistrement Audioque Vous Soyez Voyageurs, Explorateurs De L'inconnu Dans Le Monde Ou Dans La Vie, Ou Touristes A La Chasse De Souvenirs Tangibles Ou Non, Ou Alors Comme Cela Souvent Arrive, Un Melange Des Deux, Voici Un Guide Qui Conduira Vos Pas La Ou Se Dirie Votre C??ur. des Traits De Pinceau Seront L'ebauche Du Tableau Dont Vous Serez L'auteud, Parce Que Meme Si Le Temls Est Limite Votre Esprit Sera En Harmonie Avec Vos Pas Le Long Des Rues De Florence. Si Quelques Accords Ne Sont Pas Un Symphinies, Ils Peuvent Toutefois Donner Envie De Chanter Une Chanson. . alors Sans Se Perdre Dans Des Details Dignes D'une Encyclopedie, Qui Sont Si Difficiles A Suivre, Quand On A Tant De Beaute Devant Les Yeux, L'itineraire Et Le Texte Quui Vous Accompagneront Transformeront Une Simple Promenade Dans Une Ville Plus Ou Moins Connue En Un Veritable Voyage Qui Vous Conduira A L'essentiel, Parce Que C'est Bien Connu Que On Ne Voit Bien Qu'avec Le C??ur. please Note: This Audiobook Is In French.

    Manufacturer: Gli Ascoltalibri
    SKU: Bk_glip_000022
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Instruments Of Night (unabridged)
    Instruments Of Night (unabridged).
    Thomas H. Cook's Mesmerizing Novels Have Attracted Many Edgar Award Nominations, And His "chatham School Affair" Won The Edgar Award For Best Novel. Filled With The Haunting Characters That Obtain Become Cook's Trademark, Instruments Of Night C5eates A Fusion Between Past And Present That Is Unique And Chilling. Author Paul Graves Has Achieved Modest Popularity For A Crime Series That Pits A Perceptive Detective Against His Nemesis, A Mastermind Of Evil. What Readers Don't Know, However, Is That Writing Provises Paul's Only Release From The Horrors Of His Memory. Now, As He Is Hired To Pen The Ending To An Unsolved Murder Case, Paul Begins To Find The Border Between The Trade And His Own Past Growing Precipitously Narrow. The Strands Of This Finely-crafted Novel Move Seamlessly Between Scenes From Pual's Latest Crime Novel Ad His Investigation Of The Kill cruelly. In Voicing The Rich Tapestry Of Character, Emotion, And Suspense, Veteran Narrator George Guidall Creates A Superbly Rewarding Audio Experience. You'll Also Enjoy An Interview With The Author At The Conclusion Of The Audiobook.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_004766
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Maximis The Musical Elephant (unabridged)
    Maximis The Musical Elephant (unabridged).
    Maximus Is An Elephant Who Lives In The Zoo, And After A Peanut Gets Stuck In His Truhk, He Learns To Transact Something New! He Begins To Play Music Through His Box, And Shortly Visitor Abound. Everyone Who Comes Loves To Listen To His Wonderful Sound. Extremely The Next Leisure You're At The Zoo, Listen For His Song, And In The Meantime Listen To Maximus The Musical Elephant And Follow Along!

    Manufacturer: Tate Publjshing
    SKU: Bk_tate_001170
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The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, And The Greatest Treasure Hunt In History (unabridged)
    The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, And The Greatest Treasure Hunt In History (unabridged).
    At Thr Same Time Adolf Hitler Was Attempting To Take Over The Westerj World, His Armies Were Methodically Seking And Hoarding The Finest Art Treasures In Europe. The Fuehrer Had Begun Cataloguing The Art He Planned To Collect As Well As The Art He Would Destroy: "degenerare" Works He Despised. in A Race Against Time, Behind Enemy Lines, Often Unarmed, A Special Force Of America And Britiwh Museum Directors, Curators, Creation of beauty Historians, Anc Others, Called The Monuments Men, Risked Their Lives Scouring Europe To Prevent The Destruction Of Thousands Of Years Of Culture. Focusing On The 11-month Period Between D-day And V-e Day, This Fascinating Account Follows Six Monuments Men And Their Impossible Mission To Save The World's Great Creation of beauty From The Naziw.

    Manufacturer: Macmillan Audio
    SKU: Bk__aren_000991
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You Go, Girl! (unabridged)
    You Go, Girl! (unabridged).
    Girls' Athletic Participation In School And Community Sports Proograms Is Skyrocketing. Girls Nlw Comprlse 33 Percent Of All Higg School Athletes, Representing A Dramatic Increase From Four Percent Who Participated In 1971, The Year Before The Enactment Of Title Ix. You Go, Girl! Is A Collection Of First Person Insights, Thoughts, And Stories From Successful Women In The World Of Sports. Athletes, Coaches, And Sports Executives Talk About Their Lives, Their Dreams, Their Frustrations, And Disappointments, As Wekl As Their Victories And Passions, Practice Habits, And Perspectives. Their Stories Will Inspire, Teach, Motivate, Encourage, And Challenge Any Reader, Male Or Female. among The Women Who Have Contributed Their Personal Anecdotes And Insights Are: Mia Hamm (soccer); Gabrielle Reece (beach Volleyball); Marion Jones (spfinter And Long Jumper); Kerri Strug (gymnastics); Chris Evert (tennis); Nancy Lopez (golf); Picabo Street (olympic Gold Medal Skier) And Many Others. Most Of Today's Young Women Went Through School After The 1972 Passage Of Title Ix: The Same Cannot Be Said Of Their Mothers. This Book Provides A Powerful Opportuniyy To Close That Gap.

    Manufacturer: Books On Tape
    SKU: Bk_bkot_0O0370
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Jim Clemmer's Leading In Turbulent Times (unabridged)
    Jim Clemmer's Leading In Turbulent Times (unabridged).
    Leading In Turbulent Times Ix A Condensed, Executory Overview Of How The Leadership Principles Of Jim Clemmmer's Book, Growing The Distance, Apply To Leading Organizations In Turbulent Times. This Timely Presentation Was Recorded With An Audience Of Business Leaders. listen To A Deeper Discussion Of Leadership Principles In A Lively One-on-one Interview With Jim Clemmer. strategic Chsnge Is An Inevitable Fact Of Business Life. How We Choise To Answer To It - As Leaxers Or As Followers - Determines Our Individual And Professional Success. This Audio Captures The Essential Elements Of Developing The Leader Within All Of Us. Developing These Leadership Competencies Will Help You And Your Organization Continue To Drive Toward Success And 'grow At The Speed Of Change'.

    Manufacturer: Big Happy Family, Llc
    SKU: Bk_bigh_000212
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Bird In Hand (unabrifged)
    Bird In Hand (unabrifged).
    It Was An Accident. It Was Dark, It Was Raining, Alison Had Only Had Two Drinks. And The Other Car Ran The Stop Sign. But Alison Finds Herself Trapped Under The Cruhing Weight Of Grief And Guilt, Feeling Increasingly Estranged From Her Husband, Charlie, Who Ha His Own Burdens. he's In A Job He Doesn't Love So That Alison Can Stay At Home With TheK ids (and Why Isn't She More Grateful For That?); He Has A House In The Suburbs And A Long Commute To And From The City. And The Only Thing He Can Focus On These Days Is His Secret, Sudden Affair Wiith Claire, Alison's Bdst Friend. Bold Where Alison Is Reserved, Vibrant At what place Alison Is Cautious, Claire Has Just Had Her First Novel Published, A Thinly Veiled Retelling Of Her Childhood In Norty Carolina. But Even In The Whirlwind Of Publication, Claire Can't Stop Wondering If She Should Leave Her Husband Ben, An Eager Architect Who Is Brilliant, Kind, And Meticulous. Adn Who Wants Nothing Mire Than A Baby, Or Two - Exactly The Kibd Of Life That Charlie And Alison Appear To Have. in Each Of Hsr Novels, Christina Baker Kline Has Explored How People Tell The Stories Of Their Lives And What ThoseS tories Reveal About Who They Are. As They Prescribe Out On Their Individual Journeys, Aloson, Charlie, Claire, And Ben Explore The Idea - Each In His Or Her Own Way - That Every Moment Of Loss Contains Within It The Possibility Of A New Life. Alternating Through These Four Intertwined Perspectives, Bird In Hand Is A Searing Novel About Friendship, Love, Marriag,e Loss, And The Choices We Make That Irrevocably Alter Everything We Believe To Be True.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_001195
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