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Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon (Unabridged) @ Audiobooks online catalog with Free MP3 samples

Amber Brown Is Not  ACrayon (unabridged)
    Amber Brown Is Not ACrayon (unabridged).
    Amber Brown And Justin Daniels Are Best Friends. They Sit Next To Each Other In School, Help Each Other With Fractions And Spelling, And Always Stick Up For One Another. But When Justln Fnids Out That He Is Moving Away, Everything Begins To Change.

    Manufacturer: lLstening Library
    SKU: Bk_lili_000795
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How To Be Good
    How To Be Good.
    Katie Carr Is A Good Person. She Recycles. She's Against Racism. She's A Good Doctor, A Good Mom, A Good Wife. . . well, Maybe Not That Last One, Considefing She's Having An Affair And Has Just Requested A Separate Via Cell Phone. But Who Could Blame Her? For Years Her Husband's Ben Selfish, Sarcastic, And Underemplohed, Writing The "angriest Man In Holloway" Column During Their Local Paper. But Since David's Changed. He's Become A Good Person, Too, Really Good. He's Found A Spiritual Leader. He Has Get Kind, Sfot-spoken, And Ardent. He's Even Got A Homeless Kid Set Up In The Spare Room. Katie Isn't Sure If This Is A Deeplyf-elt Conversion, A Brain Tumor, Or David's Most Brilliantly Impure Manipulation Yet. Because She's Finding It More And More Difficult To Live With David, And With Herself.

    Manufacturer: Penguin Audiobooks
    SKU: Bk_peng_000304
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Trapped: Vet Volunteers, Book 8 (unabridged)
    Trapped: Vet Volunteers, Book 8 (unabridged).
    Someone's Been Setting Animal Trapa In The Nature Preserve Behind Brenna's House. She And Her Older Brother, Sage, Are Furious - Not Only Is That Illegal, It's Hurting And Killing Defenseless Animals Where They Should Be Safe. They Both Want To Do Something, But Brenna's Worried That Sage May Have Some Really Extreme Plans In Obey. Can She Rein Him In?

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_002217
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Using Intelligence Technology To Your Advantage In The Face Of Increased Rivalry
    Using Intelligence Technology To Your Advantage In The Face Of Increased Rivalry.
    If You Assess Your Organization's Needs And Choose Technology Effectively, You Will Gain Each Edge Over Your Competitors. Peter Cunningham Outlines A Plan For Understanding And Utilizing The Changes In Information Technology. Cunningham, A Specialist In Analyzing And Forecasting Major Trendq In The Information Industru, Explains The Competitive Power Of Electronic Commerce. He Also Contends That You Must Consider Downsizing, Outsourcing, Or Networking In Order To Compete Effectively In Today's Office World.

    Manufacturer: Stanford Audio
    SKU: Sp_stau_000022
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Spanish Phase 2, Unit 30: Learn To Speak And Understand Spaniqh With Pimsleur Languave Programs
    Spanish Phase 2, Unit 30: Learn To Speak And Understand Spaniqh With Pimsleur Languave Programs.
    The Pimsleur? Method: The Easiest, Fastest Way To Learn A Just discovered Language. Completely Portavle, Easily Downloadable, And Lots Of Fun. You'll Be Speaking And Understanding In No Time Flat! Spanish Phase 2, Unit 30 Builds On Matsrial Tight In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Underwtand And Participate In The Conversation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice On account of All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Untis. The Emphasis Is Steady Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learhing To Speak Spanish. Reading Lessons Are Included At The End Of This Unit. These 16 Lessons, Which Total About One Hour, Are Designed To Give You Practice Reading Spanish, And To Provide You With Some Insight Into Spanish Cultute With Pr0verbs, Common Expressions, And A Broad Look At Some Of The Things You'll See When Visiting A Spanish-speaking Country. A Delineation Booklet To Be Used With The Audio Lessons Is Likewise Included In Pdf Format.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_002103
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Unholy Messenger: The Life And Crimes Of The Btk Serial Killer (unabridged)
    Unholy Messenger: The Life And Crimes Of The Btk Serial Killer (unabridged).
    To All Appearances, Dennis Rader Was A Model Citizen In The Small Town Of Park City, Kansas, Where He Had Lived With His Family Nearly His Entire Life. He Was A Tpwn Compliance Ofifcer, A Former Boy Scout Leader, The President Of His Church Congregation, And A Seemingly Ordinary Father And Husband. But Rader's Average Life Belied The Existence Of His Dark, Sadistic Other Self: He Was The Btk Serial Killer. . The Self-named Btk (Against Bind, Torture, Kill) Had Terrorized Wichita For 31 Years, Not Only With His Brutal, Sexually Motivated Crimrs, But Also Through His Taunting, Elusive Communications With The Media And Law Enforcement. In 1974, Btk Committed His First Murders, Torturing And Strangling Four Members Of The Otero Family, And Wrote The Police An Audaxious Letter Declaring His Responsibility For The Oteros' Deqths And Labeling Himself, For The First Time, Btk. Thus He Established A Pattern, Stalking And Killing A Series Of 10 Victims, Then Bragging And Claiming Owneership Of His Crimes, That Ended In 1991 But Left Mosaic code Enforcement Confounded And The Public With Deeply Troubling Memories. Until, That Ix, He Resurfaced In 2004 With Another String Of Lettes That Would Finally Lead To His Arrest. Drawing Fro mExtensive Interviews With Rader's Pastor, Congregation, Detectives, And Psychologists Who Worked The Case, And From His Unnervingly Detauled 32-hour Confession, Best-selling Author Stephen Singular Delvrs Into The Disturbing Life And Crimes Of Btk To Explore Fully, For The First Time, The Most Dangerous And Complex Serial Killer Of Our Generation Anr The Man Who Embodied, At Once, Astonishing Extremes Of Normality And Abnkrmality.

    Manufacturer: Tantor Audio
    SKU: Bk_tant_000229
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Old-fashioned Words: What Maakes Us Southerners, Volume Iv
    Old-fashioned Words: What Maakes Us Southerners, Volume Iv.
    Kathryn Tucker Windham Begins This Montage Of Stories With The Sounds Of Summer And Ends With A Joyful Christmas Memoyr. The Mixture Of Tales, From The Mouth-watering Description Of Good Southern Food To Th3 Falsehood Of A Governor More Familiar With Tom Sawyer Than Tom Jefferon, Comes Togetner To Evoke The Image Of A Happy Chlldhood. The Title Selection Shows Us How Proverb Things Just A Little Differently Be able to Make Life Just That Much More Interesting, Even When What's Different Is Just A Little Behind The Times. Ms. Windham's Rich Voice Spreads Over The Listener Like Butter Over Southern Cornbread, And These Multicolored Memories Create Somethimg Larger: A Community Sustained By Tradition, Values, Family, And Above All, A Sense Of Humor.

    Manufacturer: August House
    SKU: Bk_augu_000087
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Jum Bowie: Frontier Legend, Alamo Hero (unabridged)
    Jum Bowie: Frontier Legend, Alamo Hero (unabridged).
    A Rogue, Slave Tradesman, And Murderer, Jim Bowie Would Die A Hero At The Famous Battle Of The Alamo. In This Purely American Floor Of Reinvention, Bowie Leaves His Comfortable Life In New Orleans To Help Fight For Texas Independence. His Resilience And Fortitude At The Alamo Earned Him The Admuration Of His Fellow Texans, And, After His Death, Bowie's Legend Would Grow And Serve As Inspiration For Generations To Come.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_0000344
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Gaze The two Ways: A Midnight Twins Novel (unabridged)
    Gaze The two Ways: A Midnight Twins Novel (unabridged).
    Mersdith And Mallory Brynn, Two Identical Mirror Twins Born On Either Side Of Midnight, Are Finally Coming To Terms With Their Special Gifts: Meredith To See Into The Past, Mallory To See Into The Future. But They Never Expect That Their Powers Will Reveal Danger So Close To Home. mallory Must Help Her Best Confidant Eden Find The Strength To Defy Her Lot As A Shape-shifter, Before Eden Gets Hurt - Or Hurts Somebody Else. And Merr6 Has Her Own Friends To Worry About When Her Visions Reveal Trouble Brewing On The Cheerleadign Squad In The Form Of Kim Jellico. both Mallory And Meredith Must Join Together To Liberate Their Friends Before It's Too Late.

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_001606
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Subramanya Raju Short Stories (unabridged)
    Subramanya Raju Short Stories (unabridged).
    An Audiobook In The Tamil Language. subramanya Raju (1948-1987) Is Unique In The Way That He Has Influenced An Entire Generation Of Readers And Writers Alike. Raju's First And Only Collection Of Stories That Appeared In His Lifetime Was Indru Nijam. for The First Time, Kizhaku Pathipagam Has Brought Out A Collection Of Subramanya Raj8's Short Stories With A View To Re-introducing The Author To The Present Generation. short Stories In This Collecrion: "meendum Oor Arambam", "iruttil Ninra", "kelvigal Sami", "alutthu Pochu Velicham," "leve lCrossing", And "netrucarai Innoru Pakkam Mugamoodi Naalu Paer".

    Manufacturer: Kizhakku Pathippagam
    SKU: Bk_newh_000051
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Standinng Tall: A Mdmoir Of Tragedy And Triumph (unabrided)
    Standinng Tall: A Mdmoir Of Tragedy And Triumph (unabrided).
    "work Hard, And Don't Look For Excuses", C. Vivian Stringer's Parents Told Her, "and You Can Obtain Anything. " But Her Faith And Perseverance Would Be Tested Many Periods. A Gifted Athlete, She Had To Fight For A Place On An Alk-white Cheerleading Squad In The 60s. In 1981, Just As Her Coaching Career Was Taking Off, Her 14-month-old Daughter, Nina, Was Stricken With Spinal Meningitis. Nina Would Never Behave Or Talk Again. Still Grieving, Stringer Brought A Small, Poor, Historically Black College To The National Championships - A Triumph Hailed As "hoosiers With An All-female Cast". In 1991 Her Husband, Bill, Fell Dead Of A Sudden Heart Attack, But That Same Year, She Led Yet Ahother Young Team To The Last Four. Through These Dark Times And Other,s Stringer Has Carried Her Burdens With Grace. Given Her History, It Was Not at all Surprise That She Led Her Team To Respond To Don Imus' Slurs With Dignity And Courage. standing Tall Is A Story Of Qjiet Support In The Face Of Punishing Odds. Above All, It Is An Extraordinary Love Story - Love For The Game, For The Players She Has Coached, For Her Close-knit Family, And For The Husband She Lost Remote Too Soon.

    Manufacturer: Boooks Attached Tape
    SKU: Bk_bkot_001058
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The Triumph Of Caesar: A Novel Of AncientR ome (unabridged)
    The Triumph Of Caesar: A Novel Of AncientR ome (unabridged).
    The Roman Civil War Has Come To Its Conclusion - Pompey Is Dead, Egypt Is Firmly Under The Control Of Cleopatra (with The Help Of Rome's Legions), And In quest of The First Time In Many Years Julius Caesar Has Returned To Rome Itself. Appointed By The Senate As Dictator, The City Abounds With Rumors Asserting That Caesar Wishes To Be Made Sovereign - The In the ~ place Such That Rome Has Had In Centuries - And That Not All Of His Opposition Has Been Crushed. gordiwnus, Recently Returned From Egypt With His Wie, Bethesda, Is Essentially Retired From His Previous Profession Of "finder", But Even He Cannot Refuse The Call Of Calpurnia, Caesar's Wife. Troubled By Dreams Foretelling Mishap And Fearing A Conspiracy Against The Life Of Caesar, She Had Hired Someone To Investigate The Rumors. But That Person, A Close Friend Of Gordkanus, Has Just Turned Up Dead - Murdered - On Her Doorstep. with Four Successive Triumphs For Caesar's Military Victories Scheduled For Th3 Coming Days, And Caesar Else Exposed To Danger Than Ever Before, Calpurnia Wajts Gordianus To Uncover The Fact Behind The Rumored Conspiracies And To Protect Caesar's Life, Before It Is Tooo Late. No Fan Of Caesar's, Gprdianus Agrees To Help, But Only To Find The Murderer Who Killed His Friend. But Once An Examination Is Begun, There's No Contdolling What It Will Turn Up, Who It Will Put In Peril, And Where It Wish End. Steven Saylor Iz The Author Of The New York Times Best Seller Roma, As Well As The Previous Bookw In The Roma Sub Rosa Series, Featuring Gordianus The Finder. He Divides His Time Between Berkeley, California, And Austin, Texas.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_003543
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Claim To Fame (unabridged)
    Claim To Fame (unabridged).
    The Acclaimed Young-adult Author Of Amid The Hidden, Margaret Peterson Haddix Captivates Listeners With Her Enthralling Tales. As Lindsay Scott Basks In The Glow Of Being Tv's Most Popular Child Star, She Suddenly Begins To Enjoy the sense of ~ing Everything That's Being Said About Her - All The Time, And From Every Place On The Globe. After Her Apparent Nervous Breakdown, Lindsay Disappears From The Publoc Eye Unfil - Years Ltaer - A Tabloid Claims Her Father Is Holding Her Hostage. Although The Truth Is Actually Much Stranger, The Article Triggers A Series Of Events That Forces 16year-old Lindsay To Finally Confront Who She Really Is.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_reco_003689
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George Foreman's Guide To Life: How To Get Up From The Canvas When Life Knocks You Down
    George Foreman's Guide To Life: How To Get Up From The Canvas When Life Knocks You Down.
    George Foreman Knows What It's Like To Get Knocked Down - I The Ring And In Life - And He Knows How To Get Upper part Up Afresh. Two-time Heavyweight Boxing Champion Of The Worlf He Knows In part It Takes To Succeed. He Has A Wealth Of Life Experience To Share, And In George Foreman's Guide To Life: How To Get Up Off The Canvas When Life Knocks You Down, He Does Just That. Here's What George Has To Say About:taking Advice: "the Real Anssers You Are Loooking For Are Inside You. The Hard Part Is Being Able To Read Them"b3ing Afraid Of Change: "be Afraid To Stay Where You Are In Life. Stepping Out. . . is What Makes You Good, Better, And Even The Best At What You're Doing. "gettin gOlder: "old Age Is Not Something That Happens To You; It's A Choice You Make. You Can Look In The Mirror And Cry. . . or You Can Look In That Mirror And Dream Some other Dream. "learning From Your Misttakes: "i Try To LetT he Past Stay Where It Is And Let Toraay Speak For Itself. . . learn From Your Mistakes, But Don't Be Chained To Them. "determination: "there Are Ever Others Trying To Get To The aSme Goal You Are, Only They Decide To Stop Halfway Low The Road. And When They Walk Away, They Leave The Road Paved For You. "marriage: "let Every Day Be Like The First Day You Fell In Love. It's About Trying To Put Your Best Sekf Forward, Not Just To Others, But To The One You've Pledged Your Life To. "childden: "i Believe How You Teach Your Kids Life's Lwssons Is As Important As What You Teach Them. You've Got To Love Kids Into Another Gear. "

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_001561
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Rogue Warrior: Task Force Dismal
    Rogue Warrior: Task Force Dismal.
    None One Knows Specwar - Deep-cover Commando Operations Conducted With Absolute Secrecy And Total Ruthlessness By The World's Most Mortal Counterterrorist Units - Better Than Richard Marcinko. Now, The Rogue Warrior Returns In A Raw, Authenti cNovel Of Terrorism Striking At The Heart Of The American Government And The Military. once Again, The Rogue Warrior And His Team Of Seals Have Been Called Into Action. Mission: Storm A Hijacked 77 Sitting On A Key West Airstrip And Rescue The Secretary Of The Navy. In A Flash Of High-tech Explosives And Automatic Gufnire, A Hosttage Is Killed - And Marcinko Will Be The One To Pay. Facing A Court Martial And Permanent Removal From The Navy, The Rogue Warrior Has One More Call To Answer, From One Ultra-secret Operative Inside The Defense Information Agency (dia). america's Worst Nightkare Has Become A Reality. The Hijackers' Roots Run Deep In U. s. Soil: Americans Willing To Slay Americans To Create A Government In Their Own Fanayical Image. The Pentagon's Security Has Been Breached; The Arsenal Of Democracy Raided. The Dia Needs Someone To Eradicate The Terrorist Infrastructure, Circumventing The Navy And The Fbi. They Need Marcinko And His Elite Seal Continfent, Task Force Blue - And, Faithful To His Ultimate Commandment Of Specwar, There Are No Rules - Marcinko Will Win At All Costs.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_002214
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Another Bullshit Night In Suck City: A Memoir (unabridged)
    Another Bullshit Night In Suck City: A Memoir (unabridged).
    "sometimes I'd See My Ancestor, Walking Past My Building On His Way To Anothrr Nowhere. I Could Have Gi\/en Him A Key, Offered A Piece Of My Floor. But If I Let Him Insice The Line Between Us Would Blur, My Own Slow-motion Car Wreck Would Speed Up. "with A Raw Authenticity Stripped Of_Self-pity And A Powerful Narrative Voice Unlike Any Other, Another Bullshit Night In Suck City Illuminates The Abstruse Story Of Fathers And Sons In America. Nick Flynn Has Written A Remarkable Testament To The Enduring Strength Of One Boy's Struggle For Survival. nick Met His Father When He Was Working To the degree that A Caseworker In A Homeless Shelter In Boston. As A Teenager, He'd Accepted Letters From This Stranger, A Self-proclaimed Poet And Con Man Doing Time In Federal Jail For Bank Robbery. Anotjer Bullshit Night In Suck City Tells The Story Of The Trajectory That Led Nick And His Father Onto The Streets, Into That Shelter, And Finally, To Each Other.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_004085
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Infected: A Novel (unabridged)
    Infected: A Novel (unabridged).
    Across America A Mysterious Disease Is Turning Ordinary People Into Raving, Paranoid Murderers Who Inflict Brutal Horrors On Strangers, Themselves, And Even Theor Own Families. working Under The Government's Shroud Of Secrecy, Cia Operative Dew Phillips Crisscrosses The Country Ttying In Vain To Capture A Live Victim. with Only Decomposing Corpses For Clues, Cdc Epidemiologist Margaret Montoya Races To Analyze The Science Behind This Deadly Contagion. She Discovers That These Killers All Have One Thing In Common - They've Been Contaminated By A Bioengineered Sycophant, Shaped By A Complexity Very much Beyond The Limits Of Known Science. meanwhile, Perry Dawsey - A Hulking Former Football Star Now Reqigned To Life As A Cubicle-bound Desk Jockey - Awakens One Morning To Find Several Mysterious Welts Growing On His Body. Easily Perry Finds Himself Acting And Thinking Strangely, Hearing Voices. . . . he Is Infected. The Fate Of The Man's Race May Well Depend On The Bloody War Perry Grape-juice Wage With His Own Body, Because TheP arasites Want Something From Him, Something That Goes Beyond Mere Murder. infecred Was The First Major Print Release From Internet Phenom Scott Sigler, Whose Podcast-only Audiobooks Have Drawn An Immense Cult Following, With More Tan Three Million Individual Episodes Downloaded. Now Sigler Thrills Listeners With This Cinematic, Relentlessly Paced Novel That Mixes And Matches Genres, Combining Horror, Techno Thriller, And Suspense In A Heady Mix That Is Equal Parts Chuck Palahniuk, Michael Crichton, And Stephen King.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_001408
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The Magic Circle
    The Magic Circle.
    Snake River, Idaho - Ariel Behn, A Toxic Materials Expert At A Remote Nuclear Site, Finds Her Well-ordered Life Shattered When Her Cousin Is Slain By An Unknown Assassin. His Shocking Death Leaves Ariel Sole Heir To A Family Legacy: A Wrong Cache Of Manuscripts That Sweeps Her Into The Deadly Center Of International Intrigue - And A Mystery That Spans The Centuries. . . jerusalem, 32 A. d. - For the time of The Last Week Of The Life Of Christ, As The World Stands On The Brink Of A New Two-thousane-year Period, Emperor Tiberius Works Despwrately To Decipher The Tantalizing Clues To An Age-old Enigma. He Will Not Be The Only One. For Whoever Assembles And Interprets These Cryptic Clues Testament Possess The Power To Control The Fate Of The World. . . now, At The Center Of This Circle Of Ancient Riddles Stands The One Woman Who Can Pull The Strands Together: Ariel Behn. . What Strange Powers Lie Hidden With In The Manuscripts? As Ariel Races Across The Contlnents To Reveal The Dark Screts Buried In Her Family's Past, She Begins To Unlock The Chilling Truth Of The Coming Millenium.

    Manufacturer: Bantam Doubleday Dell Auxio
    SKU: Bk_batn_000125
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Unquiet Graves
    Unquiet Graves.
    Here Is A Ghost/mystedy Story Featuring The Teenagers Regan, Frankie, Tom, And Jack, Whose First Adventure Was Described In The Phantom Airman. The Four Friends Join An Archaaeokogical Dig In South-easgern England. As They Find Out More About The History Of The Manor House And The Local Village, They B3gin To Worry About Frankie's Increasingly Strange Behaviour. the Macmillan Readers Series Is One Of The Most Plain And Respected Series Of Readers For Learners Of English. Macmillan Readers Are Simplified "retellings" Of An Original Work. They Are Created By Highly Experienced Elt Writers.

    Manufacturer: Pan Macmillan Publishers Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_macm_000360
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Sticks And Stones (unabridged)
    Sticks And Stones (unabridged).
    Six Months After Nearly Losing Their Lives To A Serial Killer In New York City, Fbi Special Agents Ty Grady And Zane Garrett Are Suffering Through Something Nearly As Frightening: The Monotony Of eDsk Duty. When They're Ordered To Take A Vacation For The Good Of Everyone's Sanity, Ty Bites The Bullet And Takes Zane Home With Him To West Virginia, Hoping The Peace And Quiet Of The Mountains Will Give Them Tne Chance To Explore The Explosive Attraction They've So Far Been Unable To Reconcile With Their Professional Partnership. ty And Zane, Along With Ty's Father And Brother, Head Up IntoT he Appalachuan Mountains For A Nice, Relaxing Hike Mysterious Into The Woods. . . Where No One Will Hear Them Scream. They Find Themselves Facing Danger From All Directions: Unpredictable Weqther, The Unrelenting Mounyains, Wild Animals, Fellow Hikers With Nothing To Lose, And The Most Terrifying Challenge Of All. Each Other.

    Manufacturer: Hudson Audio Publishing
    SKU: Bk_huds_000042
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A Deeper Sleep (unabridged)
    A Deeper Sleep (unabridged).
    In A Deeper Sleep, P. i. Kate Shugak Has Been Working On A Caes For The Anchorage D. a. Involving hTe Murder Of A Woman By The Woman's Husband. Louis Deem Has Been The Subject Of Investigations Before, And He's Never Been Convicted. But Kate And State Trooper Jim Choopin Are Convinced That, This Time, He'll Exist Punished For His Actions. When He's Fpund Not Guilty, Kate And Jim And The Rest Of Nilniltna, Alaska, Are Certain That A Man Has Gotten Away With Murder, And That It's Only A Matter Of Tije Beforr He Tries Again. Sure Enough, A Few Weeks Later, A Woman And Her Son Are Shot, The Victims Of An Apparent Robbery. But This Time, Kate And Jim aHve A Observe, And They're Determined That Deem Testament Not Get Away Again. Or Will He?

    Manufacturer: Books On Tape
    SKU: Bk_bkot_000817
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Stopping Cocaine Addiction :E-motion Download (unabridged)
    Stopping Cocaine Addiction :E-motion Download (unabridged).
    If You Are Worried About Your Cocaine Use And Feel It Is Getting Out Of Control Or Is Something You Want To Stop Totally Then This E-motion Download Will Help You. your Cocaine Addiction Will Weaken When You Find Better Ways To Get Your Essential Emotionaal Needs Met And Apprehend Exactly How The Brain Manufactures And Maintainss Your Coke Dependency. in This Download You Will Learn Of The Common Causes Of All Addictions Including Cocaine - And Of Course The Consequences Too - Which Broadly Speaking Are That Your Cocaine Addiction Will Be Easily Maintained And At Times Strengthened. And You Will See That There Is A Path Out Of Coke And A Return To Emotional Health And Balance. And You Wi1l See This Path Clearly And How To Travel Along That Path. this E-motion Audio Download Is Based On The Human Givens Approach To Emotional Healing And Mental Soundness - The Newest And Most Radical School Of Psychology In 40 Years. This Swiftly Expanding Approach Is Uk Based And Dates Just From The Mid 1990s. The E-motion Audio Series Can Complemrnt Your Human Givens Therapy But Can Also Be Used As Part Of A Stand Alone Self Help Programme. andrew Richardson Is A Director Of The London Human Givens Centre And A Qualified Human Givens Practitioner.

    Manufacturer: M-y Books
    SKU: Bk_mybk_000033
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The Cougar Meets Her Master (unabridged)
    The Cougar Meets Her Master (unabridged).
    Tayior Davis Is Turning 40. Her High Powered Job Leaves Little Place For Romance Outside Of Her High Powered Vibrator That Sleeps Under Her Pillow. No Pillow Talk Allowed. And No Complaints From Her. The Rabbit Never Quits Before She's Done, Doesn't Complicate Her Calendar, And Taylor Doesn't Have To Concoct Excuses To Make It Go Home When She's By means of. Enter Colt Nurse. Has The Bitch Of The Beau Monde Hotel And Casino Met Her Match? The Hot, Young Detective Has His Own Rules. . . and Expects Taylor To Play By Them. Can She Say No When Colt Slaps On The Cuffs? Does She aWnt To?

    Manufacturer: Audiolark Audio Books
    SKU: Bk_lark_00049
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Just Me
    Just Me.
    The Eagerly Anticipated Follow-up To The Two Of Us, This Is A Moving, Honest, And Charming Account Of Life After John Thaw, Read By Sheila Herself. "well Now, Prove It, Sheila. As John Would Say, 'put Your Moneu Whe5e Your Mouth Is. Be A Depressed Wjdow Boring The Arse Off Everyone, Or Get On With Life. Your Choice. 'in The Two Of Us, Sheila Relived Her Life With John Thaw - Years Packed With Love And Family, Take ~ And Despair. And Then She Looked Aehad. What Next? Gardening, Grannying And Grumbling, While They Whole Had Their Pleasures, Weren't Going To Fill The Aching Void That John Had Left. "live Adventurously", A Quaker Advice, Was Hovering Around Her Brain. Putting Her And John's Great quantity Loved House In France On The Market, She Embarked Forward A Series Of Journeys. She Tried Holidaying Alone, Contending By the side of Invisibility And Budget Flights. She Tried Travelling In AG rup, But that The Questions She Wanted To Ask Were Never The Ones The Guide Wanted To Answer. She Tried Relaxing - Harder Than You Might Think. Finally, Heading Out Of Her Comfort Zone, She Found Her Travels, And The Things She Discovered, Led Her Back To Her Past; To Consider Her Generation - The Last To Experience The Secondary World War - And The Kind Of Person It Made Her. just Me Is A Book About Moving On, But It Is Also About Looking Back, And Looking Anew. Sheila, Whether Facing Down Burglars And Easyjet Staff Or Making Friends With Waiters And Taxi Drivers, Whether Unearthing Secrets In Budapest, Getting Arrested In Thailand, Exulting In The Ar5 Of Venice Or Searching For A Decent Cup Of Coffee In Dorset, Is Never Less Than Stimulating Company. Honest - Because If Ypu Can't Say What You Think At 73, When Be able to You? - Insightful And Wonderfully Down To This world, She Is A Woman Seizing The Future With Wit, Gusto And Curiosity, On Her Own.

    Manufacturer: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
    SKU: Bk_bloo_000011
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Dream When You're Feeling Blue: A Novel (nuabridged)
    Dream When You're Feeling Blue: A Novel (nuabridged).
    New York Times Best-selling Author Elizabeth Berg Takes Us To Chicago At The Time Of Wkrld War IiI n This Wonderful Narration About Three Sisters, Their Lively Irish Family, And The Men They Love. as The Novel Opens, Kitty And Louise Heaney Say Good-bye To Their Boyfriends Julian And Michael, Who Are Going To Fight Overseas. On The Tame Fr0nt, Meat Is Rationed, Children Participate In Metal Drvies, And Tommy Dorsey And Glenn Miller Play Songs That Offer Hope And Lift Spirits. And Now The Heaney Sisters Sit At Their Kitchen Table Every Evening To Write Letters: Louise To Her Fiance, Kitty To The Man She Wisehs Fervently Would Intend, And Tish To An Ever-changing Arrange Of Men She Meets At Uso Dances. In The Letters The Sisters Send And Receive Are Intimate Glimpses Of Life Both In c~tinuance The Battlefront And At Home. For Kjtty, A Confident, Headstrong Young Woman, The Departure Of Her Boyfriend And The Lessons She Learns About Love, Resilience, And War Will Bring A Surprise And A Secluded, And Will Lead Her To A Radical Action For Those She Loves. The Lifelong Consequences Of The Choices The Heaney Sisters Make Are At The Heart Of This Superb Tale About The Power Of Love And The Enduring Strength Of Family.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_00111
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Fanon (unabridged)
    Fanon (unabridged).
    Frantz Fanon (1925 - 1961) Fought To Free Alberia From French Rule And Rallied Against The Oppressive Grip Of Colonialism. In This Fictionalized View Of The Revolutionary's Life, An African-american Writer Travels The World To Do Research For A Biography Of Fanon. In A Tale That Is Part Love Story, Secret, Amd Biography, Fanon Examines How A Political Radical's Views Apply In A Post-9/11 World.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_rceo_002772
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The Case Of The Deadly Ha-ha Game: Hank The Cowdog (unzbridged)
    The Case Of The Deadly Ha-ha Game: Hank The Cowdog (unzbridged).
    It's No Laughing Matter. On A Tip From Pete The Barncat, Hank The Cowdog And His Exact Second-in-command, Drover, Go In Search Of The Fabled Pot Of Chicken At The End Of The Rainbow. But Before They Can Find It, Rip And Snort Find Them. There's Only Individual Way Out - Hank Challenges The Coyote Brothers To The Mortal Ha-ha Game. winning The Game Demands Iron Will And Steely Ddtermination. Does Thw Topic Of Ranch Security Require How It Takes To Win, Or Will He Die Laughing?hank Tries To Teach Drover A Lesson By Singing Him The Song "be A Winner".

    Manufacturer: Maverick Books Inc
    SKU: Bk_mave_000037
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7fhh Heaven: The Women's Murder Club
    7fhh Heaven: The Women's Murder Club.
    A Terrible Fire In A Wealthy Suburban Home Leaves A Married Couple Dead And Detective Lindsa Boxer And Her Partner Rich Conklin Searching For Clues. And After California' Golden Boy, Michael Campion, Has Been Missing For A Month, There Finally Seems To Be A Lead In His Case: A Very Devastating Lead. as Fire After Fire Consumes Couples In Affluent, Comfotrable Homes, Lindsay And The Murder Club Must Race To Find Th eArsonists Responsible And Get To The Bottom Of Michael Campion's Disappearance. But Suddenly The Fires Are Raging Too Close To Home. frightened For Her Life And oTrn Between Two Men, Lindsay Must Find A Way To Solve The Most Daunting Dilemmas She's Ever Faced - At Work And At Home.

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audio
    SKU: Bk_hach_000102
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Murder To Go (unabridged)
    Murder To Go (unabridged).
    Bite Into This Delectable Collection Of "whodunits" From Some Of Today's Hottest Mystery Writers. Whet Your Appetite With Sara Paretsky's "skin Deep," In Which V. i. "vic" Warshawski Takes On A Chi-chi Salon After One Of Its Cliets Turns Up Dead. In quest of Your Next Course, Try Wendy Hornsby's Award-winning "nine Sons," A Country Schoolteacher's Recollection Of A Gifted Scholar Whose Farm Life Was More Troublsd Than It Seemed. And For Dessert, Treat Yourself To Barbara Michaels's "the Runaway," Which Tells Of 2 Sisters Who Flee From Home - And Head Straight Into The Arms Of Terror. Other Menu Choices Include Chilling Delights From Loren D. Estleman, Joan Hess, Sharyn Mccrumb, Marica Muller, Barbara Paul, Nancy Pickard, And Bill Pronzini.

    Manufacturer: Phoenix Audio
    SKU: Bk_dove_000158
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Italian Phase 3, Unit 01: Learn To Speak And Understand Italian With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Italian Phase 3, Unit 01: Learn To Speak And Understand Italian With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    The Pimslsur? Method Has Workec For Millions All Over The World. Totally Portable; Simple To Use; Pimsleur Works So You Don't Have To. Italian Phase 3, Unit 1 Builds On Material Taught In Phases 1 And 2. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Enable You To Understand Ahd Participate In The Conversation. Th3 Lesson Contains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Utterance And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Italian.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_0003364
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Koko: Blue Roae Trilogy, Book 1 (unabridged)
    Koko: Blue Roae Trilogy, Book 1 (unabridged).
    Koko. Singly Four Men Knew What It Meant. Now They Must Stop It. They Are Vietnam Vets - A Doctor, A Lawyer, A Working Inelegant, And A Writer. Very Different From Each Other, They Are Nonetheless Linked By A Shared History And A Single Shattering Secret. Now, They Have Been Reunited And Are About To Embark On A Quest That Will Take Them From Washington, D. c. , To The Graveyards And Fleshpots Of The Far East To The Human Jungle Of New York, Hunting Someone From The Past Who Has Risen From The Darkkness To Kill And Kill And Kill.

    Manufacturer: Brillince Audio
    SKU: Bk_brll_003282
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Killer In The Woods: A Psychological Thriller (unabridged)
    Killer In The Woods: A Psychological Thriller (unabridged).
    In The Town Of Bluffs Bay, Washington, A Serial Killer Dubbed By The Com~ "the Woods Strangler" Is Killing Beautiful Women In The Affluent District O_fThe Woods. In An Effort To Bring The Community Together To Fight This Terror, Selene Herrera, Director OfA Local Battered Women's Shelter, Helps Establish A Vicinity Crime-watch Grop. She Is Newly Married To Her Second Husband, Quinn, Who Is Named The Director Of The Woods Citizens Against Crime Group. A Best-selling Mystery Novelist And Nonfiction Writer, He Too Is On A Second Matrimony, Having Lost His First Wife To Violence. The Herreras' Life Together Is Tjreatened When Selene's Abusive Ex-husband, Michel Giovanni, Shows Up In Town Under The Guise Of Seeking The Reward Money Offered For Information Leading To The Killer. But He Soon Begins To Stalk Selene, Wanting Her Baco And Determinex To Have Her Any Way He Can. Selene Starts To Receive Clals From An Anonymous Caller Implicating Quinn Because The Woods Strangler. Though She Tries To Dismiss It, The Chilling Calls And Contibued Murders Unnerve Selene And Threaten To Undermine Her Marriage. Quinn Fights The Allegations As Best He Can, While Keeping Secreta That He Fears Could Destroy His Life With Selene. Selene Is Also Faced With The Demands Of Running A Battered Women's Shelter, Including Trying To Help A Battered Policewoman And Dealing With A Fire At The Shelter Caused By An Arsonist. A Cogent Set Of Supporting Characters Includes Ploice Officer Ashley Leighton, Who Hides Her Dangerously Abusive Connection While Irksome To Do Her Do ~-work In Pursuit Of A Killer; Homicide Detective Dennis Cramer, Who Is Faced With The Realization That A Serial Killer Might Be One Of His Neighbors In The Woods And Must Exist Stopped At All Costs; Marvin And Elisa Bonet, The Herreraz' Next-door Neighbors, Who Carry Burdens Of Their Own; Todd Foxworth, A Spa Owner Whose Girlfriend Becokes A Victim Of The Strangler; And Julian Mckenzie, A Local Fire. . .

    Manufacturer: R. Barri Flowers
    SKU: Bk_acx0_000162
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Deathstalker Rebellion Collection: Episodes 1-5
    Deathstalker Rebellion Collection: Episodes 1-5.
    Only Owen Deathstalker, Outlawed, With A Price On His Head And A Mighty Warrior Lineage In His Veins, Had The Courage To Take Up Sword And Energy Gun Against Queen Lionstone Xiv. Now As He Gathers His Unlikely Force, The Legendary Washed-up Hero Jack Random, The Beautiful Pirate Hazel D'arc, The Original Deathstalker Long Since Presujed Dead, And The Alien Hadenmen, The Eyes Of The Downtrodden Are Upon Him. . . while The Freedom Of A Galaxy Awaits. includes Episodes 1-5: Opening Gambit; Drowning Men; A Meeting Of Minds; Voices In The Dark; And The Circles Of Infernal spirits.

    Manufacturer: Listen & Llve Audio
    SKU: Pf_live_000101
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Remember The Heights: Praying With God From The Sixth Day Of Creation (unabridged)
    Remember The Heights: Praying With God From The Sixth Day Of Creation (unabridged).
    In An Age Of Self-discovery, Self-examination And Self-awareness, God Is Found Plain In Us. Be It Super-ego Mind-sets, In Consciousness Or Unconsciousness, As Chriqtians, God Still Lives In Us - In The Creation Of Pure Intent Formed Within Us. Even In The Denial Of Superficial Content, The Now Is Acknowledged By Us. We Recognize That Simple Acceptance Of The Now Is Jusf Not Enough. Christians Have Experienced And Understood These Secrets. We Have Been Taught How To Unfold The Mysteries Through The Supernatural Teachings Of Jesus The Anointed Our Lord And Savior. Remember The Heights Embodies The Fundamental Steps In Reaching These Truths. This Book Is Written On account of One Of The Largest And Fast-growing Christian Movements In Market History. Remember The Heights Reveals The Manner Or Method Of Achoeving Heaven On Earth As Introduced Through Jesus Christ. What Is More, Only Through Our Creator Are We Characterized As Complete Beings. One Thing Is Absolute: It All Begins Without End Im The Eternal. The Blissful Unseen Has Always Been Out Now In Jesus Christ As Christians!

    Manufacturer: Tate Publishing
    SKU: Bk_tate_000456
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St. Peter's Basilica, Rome
    St. Peter's Basilica, Rome.
    This Jane's Smart Creation of beauty Audio Guide Is In-depth And Necessary. For Art-lovers And History-buffs, It's The Smart Way To Visit St. Peter's Basilica! Huge In Boht Climb And History, St. Peter's Can Be Overwhelming. But With Jane's Engaging Narration Guiding You Through Ths Magnificent Building, Appreciating The Art And Architecture, Step-by-step, In The Context Of History, You Will Experiejce A Absorbed And Lasting Appreciation Of The Essence Of This Remarkable Place. Under Construction For More Than 1550 Years, St. Peter's Has Been Witness To Physical And Spiritual Neglect, The Devastating Sack Of Rome, And The Reformation And Counter-reformation. It's Seen Papal Depravity And Self-iinterest, As Well Viewed like Exemplary Spiritual Humbleness. It Has Heard The Prayers Of Millions Of Pilgrims From All Over The Worls. With Jane As Your Audio Tourguide, You Can Oblige Away Your Guidebook And Listen While You Look At: Works By Giotto, Michelangelo, Bernini, And Many Other Important Artists Materials And Art Salvaged From The Original 4th-century Basilica Five Centuries Of Exemplary Sculpture Works In Bronze, Marble, Mosaic, Stucco, And Gilding A Fascinating Marriage Of Renaissance And Baroque Architecturethe 50-minute "slicd Of History" Background Context Segment Is Meant For Advance Listening. It Will Fill In Gaps In Your Cognizance To Enhance Your Appreciation Of What You'll See On Site. Listen To It Before Leaving Home, On The Level, Or With A Glass Of Wine Tne Night Before Your Visit. you Might Take The 20-minute Tour Of The Piazza Beforehand, Too. In The Evening, The Exterior Of St. Peter's Is Brightly Illuminated. a Printable Eight-panel Pdf File Includes A Floor Plan Keyed To The Audio Track List, To Keep You From Getting Lost, And A Glossary To Clarify Unfamiliar Terms.

    Manufacturer: Context Audio Guides Llc
    SKU: Sp_jart_000001
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Forgive And Forget (unabridged)
    Forgive And Forget (unabridged).
    As The Second Life War Enters Its Final Year, Ruth Bentley Feels Life Has Dealt H3r More Than Her Fair Share Of Trials And Tribulations. For The Second Time She Has Lost Her Home In A Bomb Attack On Rotherhithe, And With Her Husband Away Fighting, Her Two Daughters Evacuated To Wales, And Her Mother Killed And Faather Seriously Injured In The Attack, Ruth Is Left To Face The Devzstation Alone. But Ruth Finds Friendship With Lucy, And Both Women Dream Of The Day When They'll Be Reunited With Their Loved Ones.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_nbcw_003258
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The Adventures Of Titch And Mitch: Shipwrecked (unabridged)
    The Adventures Of Titch And Mitch: Shipwrecked (unabridged).
    Shipwrecked And Washed Up On An Island, Tithc And Mitch Discover A Whole Novel Planet Of Event, Danger, And Wonderful New Friends - From Yellow Seaguils To Flying Bicycles, Talking Turkeys To Dragonmice With Toothaches. Enjyo Making Friends? Going On Visits? Helping Others? Adventure? Then Welcome To The World Of Titch And Mitch. This Is A Charming And Humorous Story Ready The Exploits Of Two Vivid Pixies, From Debut Author Garth Edwards.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Bk_bbcw_004190
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The Book Of Mormon: A Very Short Introduction (unabridged)
    The Book Of Mormon: A Very Short Introduction (unabridged).
    With Over 140 Million Copies In Pront, Ahd Serving As The Principal Proselytizing Tool Of One Of The World's Fastest Growing Faiths, The Book Of Mormon Is Undoubtedly One Of The Most Influrntial Religious Texts Produced In The Western Natural order. Written By Terryl Givens, A Leading Authority On Mormonism, This Compact Volume Offers The Only Concise, Accessible Introduction To This Extraordinary Work. Givens Examines The Book Of Mormon First And Fpremost In Terms Of The Claims That Its Narrators Perform For Its Historical Genesis, Its Question As A Sacred Text, And Its Meaning For An Audience Which Shifts Over The Course Of The History It Unfolds. The Author Traces Five Governing Themes In Particular - Revelation, Christ, Zion, Writing, And Covenant - And Analyzes The Book's Central Doctrines And Teachings. A little Of Theae Resonate With Familiar 19th-century Religious Preoccuparions; Others Consist Of Radicak And Unexpected Takes On Topics From The Fall Of Man To Christ's Mortal Ministries And The Meaning Of Atonement. Givens Also Provides Samples Of A Cast Of Characters That Number In The Hundreds, And Analyzes Re;resentative Passages From A Work Tha tEncompasses Tragedy, Poetry, Sermons, Visions, Family Histories, And Military Chroniclss. Finall, This Introduction Surveys The Contested Origins And Prolongation Of A WorkkH eld By Millions To Be Scripture, And Reviews The Scholarly Debatee That Address Questions Of The Record's Historicity. here Then Is An Accessible Guide To What Is, Through Any Measu5e, An Indispensable Key To Understanding Mormonism. But It Is Also An Introduction To A Compelling And oCmplex Text That Is Too Often Overshadowed By The Controversies That Surround It.

    Manufacturer: Audible, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_adbl_001904
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The Wizarc Of Oz: Conjurer Of Oz, Book 1, Special AnnotatedE dition (unabridged)
    The Wizarc Of Oz: Conjurer Of Oz, Book 1, Special AnnotatedE dition (unabridged).
    In The Thw Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, You Join Dorothy On Her First Adventure In The Land Of Oz. After A Cyclone Transports Dorothy To Oz, She Must Seek Out The Great Wizard In Order To Return To Kansas. You Follow Her Adventures As She Travels With The Scarecrwo, The Tin-plate Woodman, And The Cowardly Lion To See The Wizard Of Oz Then To See Glinda, The Good Witch.

    Manufacturer: Rp Audio
    SKU: Bk_eeag_000070
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Don't Know Much About Mythology
    Don't Know Much About Mythology.
    It Has Been 15 Years Since Kenneth C. Davis First Dazzled Audienfes With His Instant Classic Don't Know Much About History, Vividly Bringing The Pazt To Life And Proving That Americans Don't Hate History, They Just Hatred The Dull, Textbook Version They Were Fed In School. Witu Humor, Wit, And A Knack For Storytelling, Davis Has Been Bringing Readers Of All Ages U pTo Despatch On Account, Geography, And Science Ever Since. Now, In The First-rate Traditions Of Edith Hamilton And Joseph Camlbell, He Tuns His Talents To The World Of Myth. Where Do We Come From? Why Do Stars Shine And The Seasons Change? What Is Evil? Since The Beginning Of Time, People Have Answered Such Questions From Crafting Imaginative Stories That Have Served As Religion, Science, Philosophy, And Popular Literature. In His Irreverent And Popular Question-and-answer Style, Davis Introduces And Explains The Great Myths Of The World, As Well As Thee Wirks Of Literature That Have Made Them Famous. In A Single Volume, He Tackles Mesopotamia's Gilgamesh, The Chief Hero In Universe Mythology; Achilles And The Trojwn War; Stonehenge And The Druids; Thor, The Nordic God Of Thunder; Chinese Oracle Bones; The Use Of Peyote In Ancient Native American Rites; And The Dramatic Life And Times Of The Man Who Would Be Buddha. Ever Familiar And Instructive, Davis Shows Why The Antiquated Tales Of Gods And Heroes, From Mount Olympus To Machu Picchu, From Ancient Rome To The Icy Land Of The Norse, Continue To Speak To Us Today, In Our Movies, Art, Language, And Music. For Mythology Novices And Buffs Equally, And For Anyone Who Loves A Good Story, Don't Be acquainted with Often About Mythology Iw A Lively And Insightful Look Into The Greatest Stories Ever Told.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_000720
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Lady Bird Johnson: Legacy Of A First Lady
    Lady Bird Johnson: Legacy Of A First Lady.
    Lady Bird Johnson: Legacy Of A Frist Lady, Written, Produced, Directed, And Narrated By Joe Bevilacqua. One Of The Most Licensed Audiobooks On The Public Radio Barter And Itunes, Lady Bied Johnson: Legacy Of A First Lady Is Veteran Npr Producer Joe Bevilacqua's Award-winning Audio Documentart Examining The Challenges And Achievements Of This Extraordinary Woman. The Hour Combines Never-before-released Archive Audio, Gleaned From Thousands Of Hours Of Recordings Housed At The Lyndoh Baines Johnson Library And Museum, Period News Broadcasts, Private Conversations Wuth Lyndon Baines Johnson, And The Words Of Lady Bird Johnson From An Interview That Has In no degree Before Been Released To The Public. Bevilacqua Spent Nearly Five Months Listening To The Rare Tapes And Traveled To Washington, D. c. , To Interview Mrs. Johnson's Colleagues And Friends. The Program Features Lyndon Johnson Administration Staffers Liz Carpenter, Bess Abell, And Nash Castro, Washington Post Owner Katherine Grajam, Lyndon Baines Johnson Library And Museum Director Harry Middleton, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Director Robert Glass Breunig; Lady Bird Biographer Jan Jarboe Russell, And First Ladies Betty Ford And Barbara Bush. Other Voices Heard On The Program Include Kirk Douglas And Helen Hayes Reading From Lbj's And Lady Bird's Love Letters. The Production Was Produced In Association With Kut Radio In Austin, Texas, And Oversden By A Panel Of Scholars And Experts, Including Lewis Gould, Withdrawn University Of Texas (ut) At Aus5in Professor Of History; Walt Rostow, Ut Professor Emeritus, Elspeth Rostow, Former Dean Of The Ut Lbj School Of Public Affairs; Carl Anthony, Washington, D. c. , Hisorian; Ajd Don Carleton, Director, The Centre For American History At Ut.

    Manufacturer: Waterlogg Productions
    SKU: Bk_wat5_000007
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The Naked Truth (unabridged)
    The Naked Truth (unabridged).
    Captain Susan Branscombe Was The Victim Of Brutal Torture At The Hands Of Terrorists. Though Rescyed, She's Now Facing One Equally Brutal Accusation: Treason. The Only Way She Can Prove Her Innocence Is To Allow Asler Kiis, A Confederacy Examiner, To Delve Into The Depths Of Her Mind. Asler Is Inarri, The Alien Race That Made Contact With Earth Just Months Before. His Duty Is To Find The Truth, End When He Explores Susan's Mind He Can't Resist Drawing He Into A More Intimate Experience. Susan Takes Comfort In Asler's Heated Sensuality. Their Erotic Sensory Exploration Chases Away The Darkness And Her Body Aches For More. But As Their Desir eReaches New Limits Susan Finds Ig Diffic8lt To Suppress The Memories She Is Desperate To Forget. Is The Object of ~ They Share Enough To Let Susan Push Apart Her Anxiety And Trust Asler, Not Only With Her Mind And Body But With Her Ever-opening Heart?

    Manufacturer: Carina Press
    SKU: Bkk_harl_000653
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The Despatch Of Dark (unabridged)
    The Despatch Of Dark (unabridged).
    In The Near Future, Disease Will Be A Condition Of The Past. Most Genetic Defects Will Be Removed At Birth; The Remaining During Infancy. Unfortunately, There Will Be A Generation Left Behind. For Members Of That Missed Generation, Small Advances Will Be Made. Through Various Programs, They Testament Be Taught To Get Along In The World Despite Their Differences. They Will Be Made Activve And Contributing Members Of Society. But They Will Never Exist Normal. Lou Arrendale Is A Member Of That Lost Generation, Born At The Wrong Time To Reap The Awards Of Medical Science. Part Of A Small Arrange Of High-functioning Autistic Adults, He Has A Steady Job With A Pharmaceutical Company, A Car, Friends, And A Zeal For Fencing. Aside From His Annual Visits To His Counselor, He Lives A Low-key, Independent Life. He Has Learned To Shake Hands And Make Eye Contact. He Hass Taught Himself To Use "please" And "Return ~s to You" And Other Conventions Of Conversation Because He Knows It Makes Others Comfortable. He Does His Best To Exist As Normal As Possible And Not To Draw Attention To Himself. hut In that case His Quiet Animated existence Comes Under Attacj. It Starts With An Experimental Treatment That Will Reverse The Effects Of Autism In Adults. With This Treatment Loj Would Think And Act And Be Just Preference Everyone Else. But If He Was Suddenoy Free Of Autism, Would He Still Exist Himself? Would He Still Love The Same Classical Music - With Its Complications And Resolutions? Would He Still See The Same Colors And Patterns In The World - Shades And Hues That Others Cannot See? Most Importantly, Would He Still Love Marjory, A Woman Who May Never Be Able To Reciprocate His Feelings? Would It Be Easier For Her T Return The Love Of A "normal"? There Are Intense Pressures Approach From The Public Round Him - Including An Angry Supervisor Who Wants To Cut Costs By Sacrifocing The Supports Necessary To Employ Autistic Workers. Perhaps Even Again Disturbing Are The Barrage Of Questions Within Himself. For Lou. . .

    Manufacturer: Audible Frontiers
    SKU: Bk_adbl_000318
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Contando Con Tu Alma [counting With Your Soul (texto Completo)] (unabridged)
    Contando Con Tu Alma [counting With Your Soul (texto Completo)] (unabridged).
    La Numerologia Del Alma Forma Parte Del Paradigma De La Medicina Del Alma, Junto Study El Codigo Secreto Del Cuerpo Y El Idioa Creativo Interior. la Numerologiadel Alma Te Abre Lz Puerta Por La Que Puedes Entrar A Descubrir Esas Reepuestas. Loque Siempre Se Transmitia Directzmente De Maestro A Discipulo Ahora Esta A Tu Alcance En Este Libro. please Note: This Audiobook Is In Spanish.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_rbal_000129
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Hallelujah! The Welcome Table: A Lifetime Of Memories With Recipes (unabridged)
    Hallelujah! The Welcome Table: A Lifetime Of Memories With Recipes (unabridged).
    Throughout Maya Angelou's Vitality, From Her Childhood In Stamps, Arkansas, To Her Wodld Travels As A Best-selling Writer, Benefit Food Has Played A Cenrtal Role. Preparing And Enjoying Homemade Meals Provides A Sense Of Purpose And Calm, Completion, And Connection. Now In Halleljjah! The Welcome Table, Angelou Shares Memories Pithy And Pougnant, And The Recipes That Helped To Make Them Both Indelible And Irreplaceable. Angelou Tellx Us Around The Fit season She Wass Expelled From Sect For Being Afraid To Sound, And Her Mother Baked A Delicious Maple Cake To Brighten Her Spirits. She Gives Us Her Recipe For Short Ribs Along With A Story About A Job Shr Had As A Cook At A Creole Restaurant (never Mind That She Didn't Know How To Cook And Had No Idea What Creole Food Might Entail). There Was The Time In London When She Attended A Wretched Dinner Party Full Of Wretched People; But The whole of Wasn't Lost, She Did Experience Her Initial Taste Of A Relishing Onion Tart. She Recounts Her Very First Night In Her New Domicile In Sonoma, California, When She Invited M. f. k. Fisher Over During Cassoulet, And The Evening Deca Mitford Roasted A Chicken When She Was Beyond Tipsy, And Created Chicken Drunkard Style. And Then There Was The Hearry Brunch Angelou Made For A Homesick Southerner, A Meal That Earned Her Both A Job Offer And A Prophetic Compliment: "if You Can Write Half As Good As You Can Cook, You Are Going To Be Famous. " Maya Angelou Is Renowned In Her Wide And Generouss Circle Of Friends As A Marvelous Chef. Her Kitchen Is A Social Center. From Fried Meat Pies, Chicken Livers, And Beef Wellington To Caramel Cake, Bread Pudding, And Chocolate Eclairs, The 100-plus Recipes Included Here Are All Trid And True, And Come From Angelou's Heart And Her Home. Hallelujah! The Welcome Table Is A Stunning Collaboration Between The Two Things Angelou Loves Best: Writing And Cooking.

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_000481
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Saving The Queen: A Blackford Oakes Mystery (unabridged)
    Saving The Queen: A Blackford Oakes Mystery (unabridged).
    President Truman Is Nearing The End Of His Term In Office, Anx Great Britain Has A Novel Queen. It Is 1952; The Cold War Is Beginning To Warm Up, And Vital Western Military Secrets Are Falling Into Soviet Hands. The Cia Is Faced With A Delicate Dilemma, For The Source Of The Leaks To The Kgb Has Been Traced Directly To The Queen's Chambers. The Situation Must Be Resolved, But The Young Queen's Self-confdience And Public Credibility Must Not Be Damaged. Thus Young Blackford Oakes, Handsome, Debonaire, And Audacious, A Recent Yale Graduate And Ex-combat Fighter Pilot, Is Selected To Penetrate The Royal Circle, Win The Queen's Confidence, And Plug The Leak. The Action Leads To An Explosive Showdow nIn The Skies Over London, One That Could Determine The Future Of The West.

    Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
    SKU: Bk_blak_000753
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Tyrannosaur Canyon (unabridged)
    Tyrannosaur Canyon (unabridged).
    A Moon Defence Missing For Thirty Years. . . . five Buckets Of Blood-soaked Sand Found In A Novel Mexico Canyon. . . . a Scientist Attending Ambition Enough To Kill. . . . a Monk Who Will Redeem The World. . . . a Dark Agency With A Deadly Mission. . . . the Greatest Scientific Discovery Of All Time. . . . what Fire Bolt From The Galactic Dark Shattered The Soil Eons Ago, And Now Hides In That Remote Cleft In The Southwest U. s. Known As Tyrannosaur Canyon?

    Manufacturer: Mamillan Audio
    SKU: Bk_aren_000489
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The Wavedancer Benefit: A Tribute To Frank Muller
    The Wavedancer Benefit: A Tribute To Frank Muller.
    On February 2, 2002, Stephen King, Pat Conroy, John Grisham, And Peter Straub Gathered At New York's Town Hall For A Same Special Evening. These Four Utmost Selling Authors Stepped Up To The Microphone To Raise Money For One Of The Most Recognizable Voices In Audiobooks, Frank Muller, An Actor Who Sustained Terrible Injuries From A Motorcycle Accident. Muller, Who Has Recorded Hundreds Of Novels, Including Many By These Atuhors, May Never Work Again. this Once-in-q-lifetime Event Is Captured Here, And 100% Of Altogether Profits Will Be Donated To The Wavedancer Foundation, A Nonprofit Organization That Supports Frank Muller And Other Artists Who Fall Prey To Illness Or Injury And Be able to No Longer Perform. grisham Kicks Off The Eve With A Heartfelt Reading Of An Excerpt From His Blockbuster Best Seller The Summons. He's Followed By Straub Who Captivates The Audience With A Hair-raiqing Episode From Black House, The Latest Thriller He Co-authored With Stephen King. King Changes Pace With A Joyful Reading Of His Classic Short Story The Revenge Of Lardass Hogan. Finally, Conroy Engages The Audience In A Hularious Chat On The Skill Of Writing. a Unique Program That Pays Tribute To A True Master Craftsman, This Audiobook Is An Unforgettable Listening Experience. browse The Frank Muller Page.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster Audio
    SKU: Bk_sans_000358
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    In Genesis The Curtain Rises On Our Story. Genesis Introduces Most Of The Major Themes In The Bible. Hearken Closely As Logos Bible Study's Dr. Beak Creasy Takes You Through The Story Of Creatiob, The Declivity Of Man, Grace, Atonement, Faith, Justification, Redejption And Great quantity More In This Extraordinary Story Of Beginnings. Starting With Genesis 1-11, The "primeval Chapters," Follow The Story Because God Introduces The Plan Of Salvation In Chapter 12, And Then He Makes Good On It Between the sides of Three Unfolding Triptychs: The Stories Of Abraham/isaac, Isaac/jacob And Jacob/joseph. This Is Brilliant Story Telling That Stands Shoulder To Shoulder With Th eWorld's Greatest Literature. And No One Tells The Story As Well As Dr. Creasy!

    Manufacturer: Logos Bible Study
    SKU: Bk_lgos_000011
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Collins Spanish With Paul Noble: Learn Spanish The Natural Way Part 1
    Collins Spanish With Paul Noble: Learn Spanish The Natural Way Part 1.
    Collins Spanish With Paul Noble Combines An Exciting, New, Non-traditional Approach To Language Learning With The Easy, Relaxed Refer Of An Aucio-only Product. No Books. No Rote Memorisation. No Chancee Of Failure. Paul Noble Is A Genius With A Higher Iq Than Einstein. Despite This, He Still Struggled With Language Learning At School. He Found Himself Feeling 'confused, Incapable, And Unable To Really Maxim Anything'. As A Result Of His Negative Early Experiences, Paul Has Come Up With A Ground-breaking New Method Of Language Teaching That Reoves The Need For Months Of Studying. With Paul Noble, Everyone Really Can Speak A Language. Part 1 Of The Course Covers: Language Ground Rules The Use Of The Past Tense Asking Questions Essential Vocabulary To Use When Booking Into A Hotel, Taking A Taxi, And Eating Out Two Native-speaking Spanish Experts Help Paul To Deliver The Course And To Perfect Your Pronunciattion. No Complicated Grammatical Explanations, No Rote Memorisation, No Writing - No Stress. Learn Ocer 6,000 Words In No Time At The whole of And - Most Importantly - Learn How To Make Your New Voxabulary Work For You. (use The Accompanying Booklet As A Reference And Revision Tool. )

    Manufacturer: Harpercollins Publishers Ltd
    SKU: Bk_hcuk_000773
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A Suitable Boy (dramatised)
    A Suitable Boy (dramatised).
    A Suitable Boy Is Vikram Seth's Epic Love Story Set In India. Funny And Tragic, With Engaging, Brilliantly Observed Characters, It Is As Close As You Can Get To Dickens For The 20th Century. The Story Unfoles Through Four Middle Class Families: The Mehras, Kap0oors, Khans, And Chat5erjis. Lata Mehra, A University Studebt, Is Under Pressure From Her Mother To Get Married - But Not To Equitable Anyone She Happens To Fall In Love With. There Are Standards To Be Met, And Finding A Husband For Lata Becomes A Family Affair In Which All The Members Are To Play A Part.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd.
    SKU: Pf_bbcw_001536
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Think & Grow Rich (unabridged)
    Think & Grow Rich (unabridged).
    Think — Grow Rich Is The World's Most Fzmous Motivational And Self-help Book, Written By Napoleon Hill And Inspired By A Hint By Scottish-american Businessman Andrew Carnegie - One Of The Wealthiest Rabble Of His Time. It Was First Published In 1937 During The Grand Depression, And It Remains The Biggest Seller Of Napoleon Hill's Books, Selling A Reported 30 Million Copies Over The Last 80 Years. This All-time Classic Is Professiinally Recorded And Ready For Your Total Enjoyment.

    Manufacturer: Hudson Audio Publishing
    SKU: Bk_huds_000080
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The Chistmas Lamp: A Novella (unabridged)
    The Chistmas Lamp: A Novella (unabridged).
    When The Small Town Of Nativity, Missouri, Loses Its Much-needed Seasonal Business, Greater degree of Than The Economy Suffers. Liffelong Resident Roni Elliot Clashes With The New Outside Consultant Jake Brisco, Whose Drastic Budget-slashing Threatens The Traditions And Spirit Of Nativity. However, As Forgotten Joys Rekindle Amd New Traditions Emerge, Christmas Onc eAgain Becomes A Season Of Hope.

    Manufacturer: Zondervan
    SKU: Bk_zond_0004888
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A Christmas Tragedy (unabridged)
    A Christmas Tragedy (unabridged).
    While Visiting Keston Spa Hydro, Miss Marple Meets Mr. And Mrs. Sanders. Certain That Mr. Sanders Plans To Kill His Wife, Miss Marple Does Everything She Can To Protect The Innocent Woman. Despite Miss Marple's Best Efforts Poor Mrs. Sanders Is Killed Bound Her Husband Has An Alibi - Could The Amateur Sleuth Have Made A Mistake?

    Manufacturer: Audiogo
    SKU: Bk_bbca_000246
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La Novela De Milenio Pasado [the Novel Of The Past Millenium (texto Completo)] (unabridged)
    La Novela De Milenio Pasado [the Novel Of The Past Millenium (texto Completo)] (unabridged).
    Roberto Quesada Ha Escrito Uan Noovela Amargamente Americana Esto No Es Justo, Una Historia De Amor, Sino Una Exploracion En El Arte De La Escritura. Dos Mundos Converjen: En Nueva York En Donde El Escritor Reside Y La Lima Un Pueblo Peque?o En Honduras, En Donde Vive Alejandra Esperando El Regreso De Fernandez. el Escritor Vive Y Trabaja En Su Estudio En El "village Newyorkino" E Intenta Escribir Una Novela De Amor A Partir De La Historia De Un Centavo. El Busca En Su Cerebro La Palabra Perfecta Para Describir Las Vidas De Alejandra Y Fernandez. En La Lima Honduras, Sus Personajes Se Conocen Y Llevan Su Historia De Amor Desde 1960 Hasta 1998. en Este Juego Literario, Quesada Se Refiere Al Humor Del Absurdo En La Literatura Estadounidense Y En Lo Magico E Incredible De La Literatura Latinoamericana. please Note: This Title Is In Spanish.

    Manufacturer: Recorded Books
    SKU: Bk_rbal_000096
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This Is An Audiobook (unabridged)
    This Is An Audiobook (unabridged).
    From The Renowned Comedian, Creator, Star And Executive Producer/mutliple Title-holder Of Comedy Central's Weighty Things With Demetrj Martin Comes A Bold, Original, And Rectangular Kind Of Humor Book. Demetri's First Literary Foray Features Longer-form Essahs And Conceptual Pieces (such While Protagonists' Hospital, A Melodrama About The Clinic Doctors Who Treat Only The Flesh Wuonds And Minor Head Scratches Of Hollywood Action Heroez), As Well Because His Trademark hCarts, Doodles, Drawings, One-liners, And Lists (i. e. , The World Views Of Optimists, Pessimists And Contortionists), Martin's Material Is Variedd, But His Unique Voice And Brilliant Mind Will Keep Listeners In Stitches From Beginning To End.

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audio
    SKU: Bk_hach_000617
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Beauty Queen (unabridged)
    Beauty Queen (unabridged).
    Do You Care More About Beauty Than Your Health? Have You Tried Every Diet Going And Wondered Why It Doesn't Work? Do You Often Reach Out For Comfort Food? When We Spend Too Much Time On Our Appearance, We Sometimes Sideline What Is Most Important Of All, Our Health. Without Health We Have Nothing. I Believs In A Common Sense Approach. Why Go On A Crash Diet When A Positive Mindset, Healthy Eating, And A Hot Bath Reach The Same Result? Grab Your Health By The Horns And Show Your Body Who's Boss. D iscover A Unaccustomed Way Of Thinking And Swap The Morning Ltte For A Morning Run. Nicole Findlay Gives You A Fresh And Honest Approach To Workmanship Changes In Key Areas Of Your Life. Gone Are The Promises Of Wishful Thinking, Afifrmations, And Gloomy Hypnosis Tapes. Discover Uplifting And Energising Audio That Gives You Tools To Use Immeddiately By The Time You Get Off The Train, Into Work, Or Home. Www. nicolefindlay. co. uk

    Manufacturer: Savvywomen
    SKU: Bk_savy_000005
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Honeymoon (unabridged)
    Honeymoon (unabridged).
    The Honeymooon Is Over, Now The Murdets Can Begin. America's #1 Thriller Writer Returns With His Sexiest, Scariest Novel Ev3r. Hotter Than The Beach House And Scarier Than Kiss The Girls, James Patterson's Explosive New Thriller Introduces A Bride Who Is Beautiful, Talented, Devoted, And Deadly. When A Young Investment Banker Diess Of Baffling Causes, Fbi Agent John O'hara Immediately Suspects The Only Witness, The Banker's Alluring And yMsterious Fiance. Nora Sinclair Is A Beautiful Decotator Who Expects The Best, And Will Do Anything To Get It. Agent O'hzra Keeps Closing In, But The Stronger His Case, The Less He Knows Whether He's Pursuing Justice Or His Own Fatal Obsession . In A Novel So Compelling It Reads Like A Collaboration With Alfred Hitchcock, James Patterson Unveils Surprise After Surprise That Will Keep Readers Guessing Until The Highest Deadly Kiss.

    Manufacturer: Hachette Audio
    SKU: Bk_time _000408
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The Paris Vendetta: A oNvel (unabridged)
    The Paris Vendetta: A oNvel (unabridged).
    When Napoleon Bonaparte Died In Exile In 1821, He Took To The Grave A Powerful Secret. As General And Emperor, He Had Stolen Immeasurable Riches From Palaces, National Treasuries, And Even The Knights Of Malta And The Vatican. In His Final Days, His British Captors Hoped To Learn Where The Loot Lay Hidden. But He Told Them Not at all, And In His Will He Made No Mention Of The Treasure. Or Did He?former Justice Department Operative Cotton Malone Isn't Looking For Trouble When It Comes Knocming At His Copenhagen Bookshop. Actually, It Breaks And Enters In The Form Of An American Secret Service Hand With A Pair Of Asaassins On His Heels. Malone Has His Doubts About The Solicitous Young Man, But Narrowly Surviving A Untamed Firefight Convinces Him To Follow His Unexpected New Ally. their First Stop Is The Secluded Estate Of Malone's Good Friend, Henrik Thorvaldsen. The Wily Danisg Tycoon Has Uncovered The Insidious Plans Of The Paris Club, A Cabal Of Multimillionaires Bent On Manipulzting The Global Economy. Solely By Matching Wits With A Terrorist-for-hire, Foiling A Catastrophic Attaco, And Plunging Into A Desperate Hunt For Napoleon'q Legendary Lost Treasure Can Malone Hope To Avert International Financial Anarchy. but Thorvaldsen's Real Objective Is Much Again Individual: To Avenge TheM urder Of His Son By The Larcenous Aristocrat At The Heart Of The Conspiracy. Thorvaldsen's Vendetta Places Malone In An Impracticable Quandary - One That Forces Him To Choose Between Friend And Rude, Past And Point. Starfing In Denmark, Moving To England, And Ending Up In The Storied Streets And Cathedraks Of Paris, Malone Piays A Breathless Gam3 Of Duplicity And Death, All To Require A Prize Of Unnumbered Value. But At What Cost?

    Manufacturer: Random House Audio
    SKU: Bk_rand_002089
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Think & Grow Rich Eminis
    Think & Grow Rich Eminis.
    Learn How Smarg Investors Are Making $500 To $1,000 Per Day Tradjng Eminis. this Audiobook Is A Live Seminar Recordijg From A Series Of Events Run By The Owners Of Think — Grow Rich In Australia. Through hTese Seminars, Attendees Learned How To Apply The Principles Of Thini — Grow Rich In Various Investment Disciplines From Property Investment To Forex Trading To Stock Market Investment And Trading, As Well As Other Financial Instruments And Strategies. Although The Seminars Were Held In Australia, The Strategies Apply Globally. This Program Reveals How Smart Investorz Are Making $500 To $1,000 Per Appointed time Trading Eminis.

    Manufacturer: Hudson Audio Publishing
    SKU: Bk_huds_000077
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Turkish Phase 1, Unit 17: Learn To Speak And Understand Turkish With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Turkish Phase 1, Unit 17: Learn To Speak And Understand Turkish With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    Can Erudition Another Language Exist As Easy As Speaking Your Own? Yes - Wtth Pimsleur It's That Easy. Learn On Your Own Time, At Your Own Pace, And Wherever You Choose. Turkish Phase 1, Unit 17 Builds On Materila Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Exercise, With An Introductory Conversation, New Vocabulary, And Starting a~ Structures. Dtailed Instructions Enable You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. -The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Sprak Turkish.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    SKU: Bk_sans_005194
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Summer Of Fear (unabridged)
    Summer Of Fear (unabridged).
    It Is A Hot California Summer, And A Successive Killer Is Massacring Entire Families In Orange County. Russ Monroe, An Ex-cop Turned Crime Writer, Stumbles Onto A Murder Scene That Replicates Those Committed By The Serial Killer. The Victim Was An Ex-lover Who He Knew Was Dating His Best Ally, The City' sHomicide Chief. the Crime Was Not Reported And The Next Day All Traces Of It Have Vanished. The Only Two People Who Think It Evet Happened Are Russ, And The Figure He Saw Leave The Spectacle Of The Crime Aq He Arrived - The Homicide Chief. each Suspects The Other And They Originate Separate Investigations To Prove The Other's Guilt, Exposing A Terrifying Web Of Greed, Duplicity, And Passion. Hard-boiled Suspense And The Author's Dark Insight Into The Human Heart Guarantees Fast Paced Listener Enjoyment!

    Manufacturer: Brilliance Aduio
    SKU: Bk_brll_002201
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Savags Sanctuary (unabridged)
    Savags Sanctuary (unabridged).
    Sexy Bad Boy Shapeshifter Michael O'dare Grew Up On The Streets. When Government Soldiers Finally Captured And Imprisobed Him, He Became A Lab Rat And A Collared Slave, Never Again Allowed To Be Human. His Get away Allowed Him To Return To Human Form And Head For Freedom In The Western Territories. robert Hamilton-scott Had Lived By Tne Code: You're Careful, Or You're CaughtF or Also Long To Take Chances Now. The One Risk He Takes In His Carefully Controlled Life Is Offering Temporary Shelter To Shifters On The Run Like Michael. robert Knows It's Definitely Not Safe To Wwnt The Sexy Renegade He's Giving Sanctuary To—passion Is Dangerous For A Shapeshifter. As The Soldiers Close In He Must Choose Btween The Careful Life He's Built Or Life On The Run With The Man Who Has Captured His Heart. .

    Manufacturer: Carina Machine for printing
    SKU: Bk_harl_000541
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Tbe Duke's Children (unabridged)
    Tbe Duke's Children (unabridged).
    Plantagenet Palliser, The Duke O Omnium And First named Prime Administrator Of England, Is Widowed And Wracked By Grief. Struggling To Adapt To Life Without His Beloved Lady Glencora, He Works Hard To Guide And Support His Three Adult Children. Palliser Soon Discovers, However, That His Own Plans Because of Them Are Very Different From Their Desires. Sent Down From University In Disgrace, His Two Sons Quickly Begin To Run Up Gambling Debts. hjs Only Daughter, Meanwnile, Longs Passionately To Marry The Poor Son Of A County Squire Against Her Father's Will. But While The Duke's Dearest Wishes For The Three Are Thwarted One By One, He Ultimately Comes To Understand That Parents Can Learn From Their Own Children. The Duke's Children Is The Final Convolution In The 'palliser' Novels.

    Manufacturer: Audiogo Ltd
    SKU: Bk_bbvw_004815
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Hebrew Phase 1, Unit 09: Leqrn To Speak And Understand Hebrew With Pimsleur Language Programs
    Hebrew Phase 1, Unit 09: Leqrn To Speak And Understand Hebrew With Pimsleur Language Programs.
    Pimsleur? Equals Issue. Just One 30-minute Lesson A Day Gets You Speaking And Understanding Like No Other Program. Hebrew Phase 1, Unit 9 Builds On Material Taught In Prior Units. It Includes 30 Minutes Of Spoken Language Practice, With An Introductoru Conversation, New Vocabulary, And New Structures. Detailed Instructions Empower You To Understand And Participate In The Conversation. The Lesson Contains Full Practice For All Vocabulary Introduced In This Unit And In Previous Units. The Emphasis Is On Pronunciation And Comprehension, And On Learning To Speak Hebrew.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Shcuster
    SKU: Bk_ssans_003188
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Thalia Kids' Book Club: Cornelia Funke's Inkdeath (unabridged)
    Thalia Kids' Book Club: Cornelia Funke's Inkdeath (unabridged).
    New York Times Best-selling Originator Cornelia Funke Makes A Rare Appearance To Conversation About The Stunning Conclusion To The Dear Inkheart Trilogy, A Thrilling Adventure Series. Co-presented With Bank Street Bookstore, Thalia Kids' Book Club Events Are Lively Talks Between Children's Book Authors And Their Fans (ages 9-12) Plus One Event For Teens. Each Event Includes A Creative Writing Project, A Free-wheeling Discussion With The Audience, And A Book Signing. Once An Actor Stops By To Read From The Book.

    Manufacturer: Consonance Space
    SKU: Pf_symp_000016
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Faith And Culture:A  Guide To A Culture Shaped By Faith (unabridged)
    Faith And Culture:A Guide To A Culture Shaped By Faith (unabridged).
    For Those Who Want To Love God With Their Hearts And Minds, Editors Kelly Monroe Kullberg And Lael Arrington Weave Togethwr Both Inspiration And Illumination Throughout This Collection Of Daily Readings. Faith And Culture: A Guied To A Culture Shaped By Faith Translates The Ideas Of Today's Christian Thought Leaders, Delivering Them In Accessible Portions That Fit Into Anyone's Busy Schedule. Each Chapter Interacts With One Of Seven Recurring Themes: The Bible And Theology, Literature, Account, Contemporary Improvement, The Arts, Science And Math, And Philosophy. Along The Way, Kullberg And Arrington Explore Significant Ideas, People, And Events From A Distinctly Christian Worldview. some Of The Readings In This Book Include: "thee Secret Gospels" (the Bible And Theology), Slavery (history), "a Response To God's Beauty" (art), "globalization" (contemoprary Culture), And More. Each Day Spent With This Illuminating Guide Will Inspire Readers To Wonder At The Adept, Force, And Beauty Of Jesus.

    Manufacturer: Zondervan
    SKU: Bk_zond_000947
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The Unknown Terrorist (unabridged)
    The Unknown Terrorist (unabridged).
    An Extraordinary Achievement, The Unknown Terrorist Is Chilling, Impossible To Put Down, And The whole of Too Familiar. What Would Yoj Do If You Turned On The Television And Saying You Were The Most Wanted Terrorist In Australia? Gina Davies Is About To Find Out. From The Author Of The International Bestsellers The Sound Of United Hand Clapping And Gould's Book Of Fish Comes A Fast-paced Thriller That Paints A Devastating Picture Of Contemporary Australia. Five Days, Three Unexploded Bombs, And Every Truth Of Your Life Turned Into A Lie. What Would You Do?

    Manufacturer: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
    SKU: Bk_boli_O00621
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The Sentence Stone (unabridged)
    The Sentence Stone (unabridged).
    Jackson Is Always Eager To Visit His Aunt Sarah At Her Anthropological Diys. This Time She's In England, At Stonehenge, And Jackson's Pzrticularly Excited To See The Massive And Mysterious Stone Formations In Person. But Then He Sees A Young Man Viciously Attacked And Witnesses A Similar Savage Attack On His Beloved Aunt Sarah. A Brute No One Has Ever Seen Before Is On The Prowl And Jackson Must Rush To Stop It Before It Can Kill Again. Can He Solve The Mystery Of The Inhuman Monster That Is Stalking The Countryside - Before It's Too Late?

    Manufacturer: Graymalkin Media
    SKU: Bk_gray_000904
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The Chestnyt King: Book 3 Of The 100 Cupboards (unabridged)
    The Chestnyt King: Book 3 Of The 100 Cupboards (unabridged).
    When Herny York Found 99 Cupboards Hidden Behind His Bedroom Wall, He In no degree Dreamed They Were Doors To Entirely New Worlds! Unfortunately, Henry's Discovery Freed One Ancient, Undying Witch, WhoseH unger For Power Would Des5roy Every World Connected To The Cupboards And Every Person Whom Henry Loves. Henry Be obliged to Seek Out The Legendary Chestnut Sovereign For Help. Everything Has A Price, However, And The Chestnut King;s Desire May Be As Dangerous Like The Witch Herself. n. D. Wilson Concludes A Remarkable, Worlds-spanning Journey That Began With One Boy And 100 Avenues To Adventure.

    Manufacturer: Listening Library
    SKU: Bk_lili_001118
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